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Anne & Big Bertha

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Chapter 21

They had decided to spend the next few days exploring Paris. Ann had said she wanted to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower to take some photos of the surrounding city. Paris was huge with a population exceeding just over 11 million it could be seen as a mega city. Ann was in still amazed that she was here with Anne Lister. They were able to leave Bertha’s trailer behind safe in the knowledge that no one would steal it. Anne had found a sturdy pole to attach the chain that was attached to Bertha’s trailer.

Anne and Ann climbed on to Bertha. ‘Would you like to check out the sights of Paris before we take the lift to the top of the tower?’ Ann nodded. She had been longing to see the sights of Paris with Anne and this was the only way to do it. Anne was able to weaving Bertha in and out of traffic. The Arc de Triiomphe was the first place Anne stopped. Ann looked up in awe as they sat on Bertha so close to it that it seemed to overpower them. Ann took a couple of photos of it and returned her camera to the saddlebag. She smiled as she put her helmet back on. They rode off to their next destination.

Ann was enjoying their ride around Paris and seeing the places they would visit later. The Louvre; the tower, which seemed to extended so far into the heavens she was in a way feeling a bit of regret for having suggested they take the lift to the top. She didn’t know why Anne had suddenly brought Bertha to a standstill. ‘Are you okay? I felt you shake just a moment ago. She’s big. Isn’t she?’ Anne said as she pointed the tower. ‘You’re having second thoughts about going to the top?’

‘Yes, I suppose I am but the view from the top would be amazing. I don’t want my fears to over take me as they have done in the past. I know with you there with me I am sure we can navigate this together. Can’t we?’ Anne looked at Ann and smiled. ‘Yes, we can certainly do that. I think we all allow our fears to stop us from doing what we want to do and that makes life harder. Doesn’t it?’ Ann knew that was true. She had stepped outside her comfort zone when she married Anne against her family’s wishes. She knew Anne loved her and would do whatever she needed to do to keep her safe.

As they rode around Paris Ann was awestruck by the number of historical buildings and landmarks. Then her stomach rumbled. Anne could feel it before she heard it. ‘Do you want to go get something to eat, Ann?’

‘Yes please, Anne.’ Anne wondered where Ann would like to go to eat. She had a couple of restaurants in mind but they were expensive and even though they had the extra 500 English pounds for her family  gave them as what Anne and Ann imagined was a wedding present.  ‘Are you right, Anne?’ She could see Anne was trying to find a place which had good food but at a decent price. ‘I’m just wondering where we should go to eat.’ Anne said. Ann smiled. ‘How about we just go to the nearest supermarket and take it back to the hotel to eat. That would be fine by me.’ Anne looked at Ann and wondered if she was sure. Ann nodded as if she could read Anne’s mind.

They had stopped when Anne felt Ann’s stomach rumbled. Ann had snuggled so close. Anne. Anne loved the feel of Ann’s body against her back. It was so soft and supple. Every time Ann pressed her front against Anne’s back it made her core clench. Anne smiled. It seemed like an eternity since they had had intimacy and Anne couldn’t wait to get Ann back to the hotel to ravish her.

Anne seemed to hurry Ann back up to their hotel room. It wasn’t until Anne had closed the door and pushed Ann against it that she could see the desire in Anne’s eyes. Then Anne’s lips crashed against hers. They were soft and tender yet Anne was pushing herself against Ann. ‘I need you, Ann. I need you inside me now.’ Ann knew how impossible that was until Anne began to remove her leather jacket and pants. Ann follow suit. Knickers and bras were nearly torn to shreds. Ann didn’t mind if this was what Anne wanted she was willing to comply.

‘Hurry up, Ann. I am desperate.’ Ann inserted her fingers inside Anne. She was so wet and so ready for this. ‘If you hadn’t pressed so close to me while we were out on Bertha I wouldn’t feel this way.’ Ann wondered if she had overstepped the mark. She pulled away from Anne removing her fingers as she moved. Anne groaned. She was desperate. Ann knew this but why blame her. She was feeling the same way but for some reason she couldn’t explain how she had been able to damp it down.

Yet, right now her desire for Anne was raging inside her. She could feel her core clench. Her gut twisted in a way she had never felt before. Was it possible that one touch to her clit from Anne would send her over the edge? ‘Adney, are you okay?’ Anne looked at her wife with concern. ‘Did I overstep the mark when I sat close to you on Bertha? Was it too much?’

‘Adney, it is never too much. I am sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I want you. I need you inside please.’ It was more a plea than a wish. Ann inserted her fingers back inside Anne and began pumping furiously. She crashed her lips into Anne’s and they kissed for what seemed an eternity. She rubbed Anne’s clit with her thumb making ever smaller circles around it until Anne screamed out her name.

This was heaven to Anne having her wife make love to her. Anne’s hips were rising to meet each thrust of Ann’s fingers inside her and the movement of her thumb on Anne’s clit. It was only moments until Anne felt her body fall into the deep pleasure of her arousal and into warm pool of her orgasm. Ann held her until her body stilled. ‘Hi Dearest. How was that?’ Anne smiled. She didn’t have to words to explain how she was feeling. Ann crawled down beside her wife and they hugged. ‘That was amazing.’ Anne said after a few moments. ‘Are you ready?’

‘When have I never been ready for you?’ Anne had to think about that one. She could remember at time when Ann had really rejected her advances. ‘Anne, I need you inside me now.’ Ann said as her hips rose to meet the air. ‘Come on, let’s get on with it.’ Ann said impatiently. ‘Why are you in such a hurry, Miss Walker? I think I will take my time with you and enjoy it so much.’ Ann squirmed. She knew her wife would make her beg for it. She would go so painfully slow it would make her crazy.

Ann could do very little to entice Anne to go faster even though she tried. Anne crashed her lips against Ann’s while she ghosted her fingers over Ann’s clit. They were so close she could feel them and so far. Ann tried to put her hand between their bodies so she could give herself some relief only Anne grabbed it and tutted her. ‘Miss Walker, keep your hands where I can see them or I will tie your wrists together we both know you don’t want that.’

Ann did as she was told. It was hard because Anne’s mouth was now trailing kisses down her body. She felt Anne’s mouth on her breasts and Anne’s fingers deep inside her. She moaned as she was pummelled and sucked on. Ann loved every minute but she still felt Anne was dragging it out just to frustrate her. She moaned loudly until Anne crashed their lips again. ‘You need to be quiet. We don’t want the people next door complaining to the front desk that the people in the next room can’t be quiet.’

‘I will do my best. Okay!!’ Anne resumed sucking Ann’s nipples. It was heavenly. Anne had never tasted anything so divine. She continued trailing kisses down Ann’s body until she rested her head on Ann’s belly. Ann groaned in frustration. Anne ignored her. This was her punishment for demanding Anne speed up.  It wasn’t going to happen. Anne rested there for what seemed to Ann a very long time. She still had her fingers inside Ann. Now she was teasing her clit with her thumb making ever smaller and annoying circles around it and not touch it. Ann moaned and groaned. Her hips rose urgently in time with the movement of Anne’s fingers and thumb. This felt like torture to Ann. She was needed to come. ‘Anne, I am about to come. Please give me some release. Anne hadn’t really ignored Ann’s request. She had only teased her and it couldn’t go on any longer because she could see Ann was desperate. Anne rubbed Ann’s clit faster and faster. Ann’s hips met every movement of Ann’s thumb. Then it was all over. Ann came in a shuddering heap. Anne held her close until her body stilled. Their lips met of a gentle loving kiss. ‘How can you tease a girl like that, Miss Lister. You knew what I wanted.’ Ann said with more anger than she intended. ‘Well, you got what you wanted in the end. Didn’t you?’ Anne said with the same amount of venom. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you. Yes, that was lovely.’ Ann said softly almost too softly because Anne didn’t think she heard what she said. ‘Sorry! What did you say?’

‘I didn’t mean to snap at you. Sorry, that was lovely.’ Ann said smiling at her wife. ‘I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have made you wait so long.’

I shouldn’t be so demanding, Anne.’ Ann said with sorrow in her voice. Here they were on their honeymoon yelling at each other after sex. ‘Let’s not let this ruin our night. Are you hungry?’ Anne said.

‘I think I have already eaten.’ She said as she licked her own arousal off Anne’s fingers which did nothing to quell Anne’s burning desire to go again. She whispered in Ann’s softly in Ann’s ear. ‘I’m ready if you’re willing.’

‘If I’m willing, you do ask strange questions, Anne Lister. I’m always willing.’ Ann said as she crashed their lips together again. They kissed passionately. Anne grabbed Ann’s hand and tried to push it down to where her need was the most. Ann resisted. ‘I have something else in mind for you this time, Miss Lister.’ Ann said as she trailed kisses down Anne’s body until she found Anne’s hard and throbbing clit. She wrapped her lips around it sucking it gently to begin with. She could feel Anne’s hips rising up to meet her gently suck. Ann inserted two fingers into Anne’s centre which caused Anne to moan loudly. Ann looked up at her. ‘Now, who needs to be quiet?’ Then she resumed what she was doing. She could hear muffled sounds from above. It seemed Anne had put her hand over her mouth. Ann continued sucking on Anne’s clit.  Now, she sucked harder and faster. She pushed her fingers inside Ann faster too. Then Anne’s hips rose higher. She screamed and came. Her body shuddered violently. Ann pulled her fingers from Anne’s centre and crawled up beside her. She peppered kissed over her neck and face. They wrapped their arms around each other.

When they did that Ann could feel her desire rising inside her again. It was only a few moments since she had come for Anne but it felt like weeks since they had been this close. Anne mewed in her ear. She licked it gentle. That gave Ann goose bumps. ‘I need you again, Dearest. I want you inside me again. This time with your tongue, please go down on me. I would love that.’ Anne began again trailing kisses down Ann’s body this time faster than before but just as gently. Anne sucked on her nipples until they were hard and erect. When she inspected them they looked so good.

Anne found Ann’s clit was hard and throbbing when she wrapped her lips around it to suck it gently. Then Ann reminded her that she wanted Anne’s tongue inside her.  Ann seemed desperate so Anne complied with her wish. She rolled her tongue in her mouth then pushed it inside Ann’s centre. Ann let out a loud moan then covered her mouth. She did her best to stay quiet while Anne’s tongue entered and exited her centre but it was beginning to be impossible when Anne sped up. Then Anne rubbed Ann’s clit with her fingers. That was too much. Ann’s hips thrust up and her body shuddered then she exploded and Anne relished the tasted of Ann’s arousal on her lips. She ate greedily then crawled up beside her wife.

They kissed softly and gently.  They wrapped their arms around each other and stayed like that for a few minutes until Ann’s stomach growled loudly. ‘I think we need to eat, Adney before your stomach flies out of your mouth and eats me.’ Ann laughed but she could see Anne’s point. She was ravenous. Anne rose from their bed and collected two bottles of water from the bar fridge in their room. She knew Ann should rehydrate after her intense orgasm. Ann drank thirstily. When her thirst was quenched she sat the bottle on her bedside table and moved over close to Anne who was still drinking. ‘Where would you like to go for a meal, Dearest? Do you know any great places near here so we can walk there?’ Anne had to think. It was impossible after what they had just done. She put her water bottle on her bedside table and grabbed her phone. She did a quick search and found a small restaurant only a couple of blocks away. They showered separately and dressed.