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Anne & Big Bertha

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Chapter 17


They were given the key card to their room and directions on how to get there. Anne and Ann took the lift to the fifth floor. They had room 509. it was spacious and not too shabby for the price. Anne plopped her bag on the king size bed they would be sleeping in for three nights. Not that Anne had any thoughts of sleeping. ‘Hey Dearest. Where is your mind going right now?’

‘Nowhere.’ Anne answered with a silly grin on her face. ‘I was watching you eyeing that bed as if you were thinking about shagging me in it. Anne blushed. She rarely did that. ‘No!’ Anne said sheepishly. ‘I don’t believe you. I think you’re fibbing.’ Anne smiled. Ann knew she was. They decided to unpack later.

Then Anne remembered she had left her Aunt’s parcel in the saddlebag. She told Ann then went down to collect it. When she returned to the room she flipped it over to check the address and realised it was for her and Ann. Why did she say it was for her friend? Anne pondered. ‘

‘What’s the matter, dearest?’ Ann asked looking at Anne, who was frowning. ‘This parcel is address to you and me. I wonder what it is in it?’ Anne tentatively opened the parcel. It was wrapped so well she had to find a sharp knife to open it with. When they finally had it opened Anne was surprised. Ann didn’t seem surprised.

‘Did you know about this, Adney?’ Anne asked. She could see Ann smiled. ‘Well, kinda,’ Ann said sheepishly. ‘She told me she was buying us something I didn’t know what.’ Then they could see what it was. Travellers cheques  to the value of 500 pounds with a note to our lovely Anne and Ann. This is our contribution towards your honeymoon. Marian says spend it wisely. Your father says buy yourselves something you want. I say I know this will help you out. Take care and stay safe. Remember to call me when you deliver it. Then there was a smiley photo of all three. Anne grunted. ‘She didn’t need to include the photo.’

‘Anne Lister, she only wants us to remember them while we are away. It’s not illegal. Isn’t it?’ Anne smiled she guessed Ann was right. She reached in her pocket for her phone and called her Aunt. ‘Hi Anne. I guess you have opened the parcel to my friend.’

‘Yeah, I think we like your friend. Good one, Aunt. It seems I was the only one not in on the joke.’ Anne said with mocked humour. ‘So, you are in London?’

‘Yes, we are staying at the Clermont Charing Cross only a short walk from the London eye. Ann wants to see it. Then we might go to the Victoria Embankment Gardens. She seems to want to get photos. We will be here for three days then we get the ferry to Europe. The view from our room is amazing. I wish you were here to see it.’

‘I don’t think your wife would like that. Anyway, I will let you go. Ignore what Marian said about the money. Spend it however you like. She only contributed 100 your father and I put in the rest.’

‘Thanks again, Aunt. Of course, you didn’t need to but it was a lovely gesture. Talk to you soon. Bye!!’

‘Yes, talk to you soon. Love you. Bye!!!’ Anne disconnected the call.

‘Aren’t they thoughtful, Dearest. I didn’t imagine that would happen.’

‘Neither did I, Adney. We shall have some fun and maybe we can stay away a bit longer. Would you like to do that?’ Anne said sheepishly. All Ann could do was nod. She was here in London with her wife who just happened to be Anne Lister the bikie. ‘What do you want to do now?’ Ann asked.

‘Eat. I’m hungry. Are you hungry?’

‘Yes.’ Ann said as her stomach rumbled as if agreeing with her. What else should they do but find somewhere to eat? Anne did a quick Google search on her phone then decided to just call room service. She could see her wife was sleepy and probably didn’t wish to go anywhere whether they walked or rode Bertha.

It was the best hotel food they had eaten in a long time. Anne couldn’t remember if they had ever had hotel food. She was with Ann and nothing else mattered. There was a two seater love seat in their room. They adjourned to it and talked about what they would do over the next three days. Ann was excited to be in London. She couldn’t remember if she had ever visited London with anyone other than.her parents had brought her to London when she was a child. She doesn’t remember the visit that well because it seemed to be too painful a memory after they died. So, she had blocked it out. Anne could see something was bothering her. ’Ann, are you okay?’ Ann looked surprised and wondered why. ’Adney, you were frowning something fearsome.’

‘I was just thinking about mother and father. Our family had come to London when I was a kid. Only I don’t remember the trip because it wasn’t long after that trip my parents passed away.’

‘Ann, you haven’t told me about that.’ Anne said worried Ann was going to feel blue the whole time they were there. As if reading Anne’s mind she said. ’I’ll be fine I have been looking forward to this trip with you. Our honeymoon! Can you believe that? I am still pinching myself.’

‘Believe it, Anne. We are married. I only hope this trip is going to open up a new world to you.’ Ann smiled. She was hoping for the same. ‘I think it will. I am looking forward to being in Paris and Rome. Going to Venice and taking a trip in a Gondola. That will be fun.’

‘Yes, it will, Adney. Would you like to watch tv for awhile. Then we can retire to bed.’ Anne said tentatively. She had other ideas but was wondering if Ann was on the same page. ‘Oh, I don’t think watching tv on our honeymoon will satisfy our needs. What do you think?’

‘I think I should like to take a shower and clean the road dust off. I feel so dirty. Would you like to join me?’ Would I like to join you, Ann thought. Then she wondered if that was a good idea. They had been on Bertha for over four hours and she could feel a twinge in her back. She had forgotten to tell Anne about that. She didn’t want to bore her with her aches and pains. It was enough that she  knew about her anxiety and depression. They had had to make a trip over to Crow Nest to collect them. Thankfully no one was there to ask her how her back was fairing since she was riding around on Bertha.

‘I think I will wait until you have showered. Then I will shower.’ Ann said she could see Anne looked at her gravely. ‘Is there something wrong, Adney?’ Ann asked. She was sure Ann wasn’t telling her everything. ‘I’m fine.’

‘Well, come shower with me. I promise I won’t do anything.’ Anne said she was nearly in tears when Ann refused her for the second time. ‘Please, Ann. Tell me what is going on. I would have thought that sharing a shower with your wife would be fun.’

‘I j j just have this problem.’

‘What problem?’ Anne said as she wondered what her wife would reveal to her now. She realised it wasn’t her anxiety or depression. She knew about that and how she had gone over with her to Crow Nest to collect her medication. ‘You did remember to pack your medication.

’Yes Dearest. It’s not that.’ Ann said as she looked down on the floor to avoid looking into her wife’s eyes. Anne looked angry. This would be hard enough to talk about without having to deal with an angry wife or maybe an angry ex wife. Ann had to find some courage. She had to tell Anne in case her back did go out. That wouldn’t be a good way for Anne to find out Ann had a weak spine.

‘I have this problem with my spine. There are times when it. Well, when it goes out on me. I can’t do anything but take painkillers and sleep. When I wake I usually feel better.’ Anne looked at Ann for more minutes than Ann wanted her to. She took her time to process what Ann was saying then she spoke. ‘Ann, why didn’t you tell me? I would have brought the car instead of Bertha. This trip would have been more comfortable for you if you had told me. I could have done that.’

‘Anne Lister, I wanted you to bring Bertha. That’s one of the reasons I never told you. I love being on the back of your motorcycle. It’s fun.’

‘But Ann, it could also be painful. We have lots of trips I want to take you on while we are in Europe.’ Anne said exasperated. She looked at Ann and wondered what the hell they were going to do. Bugger, she had married Ann without knowing her full history. Yet, she could have asked.  Couldn’t she? ‘Hey, do you still want me to shower with you, dearest? I just need to be careful. My back is good now but one jolt and it could go out.’

‘I would like that but do you think you will be okay.’ Anne said looking at her wife as if she would break. ‘Please don’t look at me as if I am going to break. That won’t happen. I will tell you when my back is hurt.’

‘Good. Yes, I still want you to shower with me. Will you?’

‘Yes!’ Ann said as she quickly removed her clothes. She had shorts and a t-shirt on under her leather jacket and pants which she had taken off when they arrived at their hotel room. Anne had done the same.

Anne turned on the shower and they both climbed in. Ann turned to face Anne as the warm water gently hit her back. It felt so good. Maybe what she really needed was a good massage from her wife. ‘Would you mind giving me a gentle massage after our shower? That might help keep my back from acting up.’

‘I think I might be able to do that.’ Anne said smiling broadly at Ann. She felt she knew there would be a solution only she had no idea what it was but she liked the idea of giving her wife a massage. She thought it would help them bond more and relax Ann so much she would sleep well.

They rummaged through their bags to find their pjs after they had dried off. Anne wore her boxer briefs and a t-shirt. Ann wore a pj bottom and a t-shirt which was so old and faded they could hardly recognise the picture on the front. ‘Who are they?’ Anne asked when Ann pulled the t-shirt over her heard. ‘Oh, that’s ABBA. You do remember them. This was my mum’s and I wear it to remember her.’  Ann said with a hint of sadness in her voice. Anne was surprised she could do that. She had imagined Ann would shy away from things or events that reminded Ann of her mum. ‘Would you like me to give you a massage tonight?’ Anne said unsure if she was asking the right question. Ann seemed so sleepy after their long ride on Bertha. ‘Yes, I would love that. I have some baby oil in my toiletry bag.. It’s in the bathroom. You could use that if you wish.’ Ann said as Anne wandered into the bathroom to get it. ‘Oh, you can’t miss it. It’s in a pink bottle.’

‘Found it, Adney.’ When Anne returned to their bedroom Ann was spread out on their bed topless. She had her arms by her side with facing towards the door. ‘I might need to warm it up before I pour some onto your back because it is bloody cold.’ Anne did that then poured a thin line down Ann’s back and began massaging it gently. Ann was laying with her face into the pillows now. Anne could just hear her moaning. This was like foreplay, Anne thought. She wondered if Ann would allow her to make love to her after she had massaged her back. Anne kept up the rhythm massaging gently then running two fingers down Ann’s spine which elicited a long low moan from Ann. She discretely felt between Ann’s legs. Well, she tried to be discrete. Ann was so wet it was dripping down her thighs. ‘Anne, I thought you were giving me a massage.’ Came a muffled sound from Ann. ‘I am, I was. Oh dear. I get so worked up when I am around you.’ Anne said as she resumed massaging Ann. Then she had to stop because Ann was trying to roll over. ‘You know my back feels fine now. Thank you, Dearest.’ Ann said as she pulled Anne down into a searing kiss. ‘You are great at looking after me. Let me look after you now.’ Anne smiled. She didn’t know what Ann had in mind. Then Ann kissed her again. I wonder if you would lay on your stomach on the bed please, dearest.’ Anne did as Ann asked her. She still didn’t know what Ann was going to do.