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Anne & Big Bertha

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Chapter 16


‘Now, where were we?’ Anne said as she pulled Ann gently towards their bed and flopped her down on her back. She climbed on top of Ann. She leaned down and kissed her passionate. When Anne came up for air Ann asked. ‘How are we going to pack all our gear in the saddlebags on Bertha? I have so much I want to take but I don’t think we are going to have space.’

‘Ann Walker, why are you so concerned about that right now? I have it all under control. I forgot to tell you. I have a motorcycle trailer in the barn. I think that will have enough room in it for your gear and my gear.’

‘Okay, Dearest. Now, where were we?’

‘If you interrupt me again, Ann Walker I will spank your butt.’ Ann smiled. She wanted Anne to do that. As if reading Ann’s mind Anne gave her a light slap on her bottom. ’Is that the best you can do, Miss Lister?’ Ann said smiling cheekily at Anne. Anne smacked her butt again. ‘Oh come on, you can do better than that. You want me to come. So, just hit me harder.’ Anne smirked at Ann and then she smacked her a few times, harder each time. Ann’s butt was red and warm when Anne had finished. Only Ann wanted more and more. ‘You are insatiable, Miss Walker.’ Anne said as she put her hand between Ann’s legs. Ann was so wet it was pooling on Anne’s hand and dripping down Ann’s leg. ‘Adney, you are so wet. Is it all for me?’

‘Always all for you, Dearest.’ Ann said as Anne inserted two fingers into Ann’s centre. It was a warm and lovely sensation. Ann rolled her hips into each thrust of Anne’s fingers. ‘T T Touch mmmy cccclit pppplease, Anne.’ Ann said with a shaky voice. She was about to come and when she did her body shuddered. Anne extracted every drop of arousal from her. She pulled her fingers out and licked them. ‘God, you taste so good, Adney. I could do this all day with you. Only we need to sleep we are going to have a big day tomorrow.’ Ann’s bottom lip curled up in a pout. She had wanted to please her wife. ‘Anne Lister, let me give you pleasure, dearest.’ Anne nodded. She often finds herself speechless when Ann Walker offered to give her pleasure. She has never had someone who was remotely interested in giving her what she gave them.

Ann rolls Anne onto her back. She pulls Anne into a deep and passionate kiss. It only lasts for a moment. Anne gasps. She wants more. Then Ann trails kisses down her neck, between her breasts. She takes her nipples between her teeth and sucks on them gently until they are hard and Anne is moaning beneath her.

Ann continues to trail kisses down her body to her belly then to her clit. It is hard and throbbing, waiting for Ann. She wraps her lips around Anne’s clit. Oh yes, Anne tastes so good. Ann inserts two then three fingers inside Anne. Anne’s hips rise up to meet the thrust of Ann’s fingers and the suck of Ann’s lips on her clit. She cries out, Ann, yes, there, right there. Yes! Oh, it feels good. Yes, Ann, Adney darling. Yes…then Anne’s speech becomes just mumbles and groans. She is racing towards the edge of the cliff. She will fall over the edge into the river of her orgasm. Ann, hold me…I ammm about to….’ Then she goes falling. She can’t feel herself. Her orgasm has taken control. Her body shudders. She comes on Ann’s face. Ann slurps it up. Then crawls up beside her wife and holds her. They lay together until Anne speaks. ‘Adney, that was so beautiful. I am so happy that you did that for me. I know our life together won’t be perfect but it will be amazing. Won’t it?’ Ann smiles at her. She knows that no matter what the future holds Anne will always be there with her. ‘Yes, dearest I know nothing is certain but we can do our best to ensure that our love endures. I love you, dearest. I’m in love with you. I always have been.’

Then Ann looked at Anne. She could see tears rolling down Anne’s cheek. She reached down with her thumb and wiped them away. ‘Anne dearest. Remember this I can promise you that I will always love and respect you. I cannot promise a future. I can only promise now. This moment we have now which has stretched behind us and will stretch ahead of us. This moment is all we really have. Isn’t it?’

‘Yes, it surely is and in this moment, Ann Walker, I am glad I am here with you. Thank you for allowing me into your life.’ then they hugged and kissed gently. It was really time to sleep now. Tomorrow they will be preparing for their honeymoon to the continent. Anne smiled as she snuggled behind Ann. There was nowhere in the world she wanted to be.

Anne and Ann woke with their arms around each other. Anne leaned over and kissed her wife. She was so happy to be there in the moment. Anne was usually up and dress way before this moment. Only here she was taking in Ann Walker’s scent as if her life depended on it. ‘Anne, you are still her with me.’ Ann said tentatively. She couldn’t understand why Anne hadn’t risen and dressed for her morning walk. ‘I want to enjoy this moment with you before we rise and start packing for our trip on the continent.’ Anne said looking at Ann to make sure it was okay. ‘Don’t worry, dearest. I love having you in our bed. Let’s enjoy this moment while we can.’ Ann wrapped her arms around Anne’s waist. They stayed there until Anne began to get antsy. She wanted to get doing. Ann could feel her body movements. ‘Let’s get up and pack. You need to get the trailer connected to Bertha and bring it around the front so we can pack our gear into it.’

‘Good, Good, excellent idea.’ Anne said as she stood up and dressed. Ann did the same. They would pack them have breakfast with the family and leave. Ann had already packed some of her gear. Yet, it seemed as though she would have to remove some of her gear and replace it with what she really needed to take, her medication which they had collected from Crow Nest the day after Ann had moved into Shibden plus a couple of books Ann wanted to read. She thought that she might get to read at night. Anne just smiled at her when she said that.

Anne walked to the barn and hitched the trailer to Bertha. She smiled. She had decided to buy the trailer when she got Bertha 2 and even though she hadn’t used it until now she felt confident that it would be easy to tow. She rode Bertha around to the front door. Ann was waiting there with her gear. She was surprised at how much space there was in the trailer. She helped Anne pack her gear. She didn’t seem to be taking as much as Ann. She explained that they could buy clothes if they need to while they were away. Ann thought that was a good idea. She opened the second bag she had already packed to see if there was anything in there which she had to take. There was nothing her medication was in her other bag. So, Ann decided to return it to their bedroom. One less bag to load into the trailer meant she could buy more stuff while they were away.

They walked back into the hall after they had packed their gear into Bertha’s trailer. Ann was pleased they were going today. They walked into the dining room where everyone was waiting to share breakfast with them their last meal at Shibden for at least one month. Anne was hoping it would be longer but until they were there she wouldn’t know. She wondered if Ann could stand a month travelling around on the back of Bertha. It wasn’t a picnic in the rain and wind.

‘Do you have an itinerary written up so we know where you will be?’ Father asked. ‘Not really. It was all last minute. I can only say we will keep in touch and when we move from one place to the next we will let you know. How’s that’s?’ Anne asked as she eyed everyone who looked at her with fear in their eyes. No one wanted to mention how dangerous it was on a motorcycle. Ann was feeling brave. ‘We will be fine. I trust Anne to be careful on the road and I am sure she will take care of us.’

‘How long will you be in London before you cross the water?’ Aunt Anne asked. ‘I want you to visit a friend of mine. I have something I want to send to her if you have time.’ Aunt Anne looked at Anne and Ann. ‘Yes, Aunt. We will make time for you. We were going to be in London for at least two days. So, we can do that.’

‘Thank you. I will give it to you as you go to leave.’

They ate in silence. Anne could see her wife was a bit nervous. She placed her hand on Ann’s knee to calm her. There wasn’t much she could say. Ann smiled. It was enough for Anne.

It wasn’t long before they were donning their leather gear and giving everyone hugs. Aunt Anne held her hankie in her hand. She had been drying her eyes. They put on their helmets and climbed on to Bertha. With a last wave they were off. Ann looked back she could see Marian giving Aunt Anne a hug and father walking briskly inside to avoid being seen by the others. She knew he was worried about them but would never tell anyone how worried.

They rode in silence for a while. Anne worried Ann would be sick of being on the back of Bertha before they reached London. It was going to take them three hours and 47 minutes if they didn’t stop. She had planned one rest stop for them to get something to eat, something to drink and pee. Grantham seemed to be the logical place. It was about half way between Halifax and London.

Ann tapped Anne on her shoulder. She had forgotten to turn on her microphone and wondered if Anne would stop so they could do that and talk. Anne stopped. They talked for a minute. Anne turned on her mic and so did Ann. They tested them to make sure their headsets were working. Then they were off again chatting away amiably. Anne telling Ann where they would stay tonight and for the next few nights and Ann listening intently they had put the parcel Aunt Anne gave them into one of the saddlebags for safe keeping. They had planned to deliver it tomorrow for Aunt Anne and would call her when they had done so.

When they arrived in London nearly four hours later Anne rode to their hotel which was located near the Thames. Anne wanted to take Ann to the top of the London eye. ‘I have booked us three nights at the Clermont Charing Cross. It is close to the Victoria Embankment Gardens. Hopefully close to the London eye. Have you ever been for a ride on it, Adney?’ Anne asked tentatively. She had wanted to take Ann on the eye but she wasn’t sure if Ann was willing. ‘No, but I would love to give it a go.’ Anne said. ‘And the London eye is only a short walk from where we are staying. Isn’t that cool?’

‘Yes!’ Ann said. ‘Now, let’s go there. I would love to see parts of London before this day is over.’ Ann said tentatively and Anne nodded hastily. They were off again weaving in and out if the traffic. Big Bertha was much better than a car. Room for two with ease and she could go anywhere Anne pointed her. Ann smiled and even though her bum was sore she was enjoying every minute.

When they arrived at the Clermont Anne wondered where she could park Bertha. She was directed to an underground car park. She guided Bertha into a spot. They climbed off and grabbed their bags from the trailer then walked to reception and signed in. Ann held out her credit card for Anne. She was paying for their three nights and Anne was paying for their meals. They would split their sightseeing costs. Ann didn’t think it was fair that Anne paid for everything even though Anne didn’t see a problem with that.