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Anne & Big Bertha

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Chapter 13


They grabbed Anne’s family and the members of Ann’s family who had bothered to turn up. They were getting photos taken. Mrs Rawson loved the idea of being a part of the family. She liked Anne even though Anne was an oddity to her. Why would a respectable young lady go riding a bloody big motorcycle like Big Bertha. Catherine and Delia thought it was an easy way to get a free meal. No work necessary and they could do whatever they wanted to do. Anne had invited Christopher and Jeremiah but they didn’t even reply to the invitations Anne sent them. Ann was glad the Rawson brothers hadn’t turned up.

They tended to maker her life more miserable than what it had been before she had met Anne again and If, the Rawsons brothers did come to their wedding, she knew her wife would deal with them if they try to cause trouble. Aunt Anne loved having her photo taken. Father was a bit put off by the whole thing but went along with it to keep his daughters happy. After all it was their special day not his. Marian had asked Ann if she could get a photo with her. Anne didn’t like the idea but as Marian said. ‘I already have one of us two together.’

‘But Marian, that was taken ten years ago. Don’t you want another one.’ And Marian complied but insisted it was with Ann too which Anne didn’t mind.

After what seemed like hour and seemed as though. hundreds of photos were taken they all sat down to eat in the courtyard. Anne had borrowed tables and chairs from the local knitters group which Aunt Anne was a member. Only she rarely went to any of their  knitting sessions. She said all they talked about were their aches and pains and if she wanted to her that she only had to sit in her doctor’s waiting room.

Cordingley and Hemingway had decorated the tables with pastels that Ann loved. Anne would have preferred darker, more subdued colours but she was happy that her wife was happy.  She smiled at Ann and reached down to give her a peck on the cheek. Ann was feeling better than she had for a long time.

Their meals were served by Cordingley and a few of her friends whom she had asked to help out. She said Anne promised them a gift voucher.

‘Are you enjoying your meal, Adney?’ Anne asked tentatively when their meals had been delivered. ‘Yes, dearest. I am having a wonderful time. I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now. Are you enjoying yourself, dearest?’ Anne looked at her wife. ‘I think so. Sometimes, I wondered what being married would be like. It’s not something that took up too much of my time but I did wonder.’ Anne said shyly. She wondered how Ann would take her comment.’And how do you feel now we have said I will?’

‘I am wearing a ring. I am sitting with the woman I love who is now my wife. I am imagining a future with someone which I couldn’t do years ago. I feel amazing.’ Ann smiled. She knew her wife would have to explain in great detail how she felt. ‘And you, Adney. How do you feel?

‘This is a dream come true. A dream that has been years in the making. Thank you for making my dream my wonderful reality, dearest.’

‘I didn’t know I did that. Ann Walker, you always seem to make me feel good. Thank you.’ Then they fell into a comfortable silence while they ate. Anne watched Ann with delight. Her aunt seated on her left.. Ann’s Aunt was seated on Ann’s right. They were comfortable chatting again between bites of the delicious meal which Cordingley and Hemingway had created.

When everyone had finished eating there were the speeches. Tib acted as MC. So , she made the first speech. It was brief since Tib rarely made speeches. ‘On behalf of the brides I would love to thank you all for coming. It has been a wonderful occasion to be here to not only witness it but to be a apart of it. Anne Lister and I have been friends of eternity and I am proud to say she has chosen for herself someone who loves her for who she is, my big bikie friend may your future be exciting for you and your lovely wife. Raise your glasses to the brides. To Ann and Anne.’ Everyone raised their glasses. Ann looked at Anne and they smiled. It was a moment they would never forget.

It was Anne’s turn to reply.’Thanks, Tib. That was a beautiful speech. On behalf of me and the misses.’ Ann kicked her shin. Anne just ignored her. ‘I would like to thank you all for coming. This was sudden but Ann and I realised we were meant for each other even though you all think we don’t have anything in common. Anyway, again thank you for coming to celebrate with  us as we begin new life together.’ Ann smiled at Anne. They had decided to forgo a DJ and had Marian download some songs onto a USB drive which they played through Anne’s laptop and a couple of speakers they borrow from Tib.

Marian put herself in charge of the music. Anne didn’t know what to think. Was she going to be made to listen to grunge music or something more appropriate for a wedding. ‘The first song is for Anne and Ann.’ Anne stood up and took Ann’s hand. ‘Would you like to dance with your wife tonight?’

‘Yes, dearest. I have been waiting for this moment for years.’ They walked onto the makeshift dance floor. Ann put her arm around Anne’s waist as Anne lead her in a slow dance. The music was Anne Murray’s Could I have this dance. It was appropriate for this moment. Anne smiled at her wife. Ann was holding her close. It was as if she would never let her go.

They stayed like that for the next four or five dances. Ann had lost count. She always felt safe in her wife’s arms. Then they both happened to look up to see Mariana coming towards them. Where was Charles? ‘Can I cut in?’ She asked. Ann looked at Anne hoping what they had said to each other earlier that day would stick. ‘No!!’ Anne said. ‘This is our day and you aren’t going to spoil it.’

‘Just one dance, Freddy.’ Ann looked at Anne. ‘She still calls you that and you let her.’ Ann said with a hint of anger. Why was this bitch trying to ruin their day. ‘I think you need to leave them alone.’ Tib said.’Because if you don’t I must ask you to leave.’ Mariana looked at Tib. ‘She let you down too. Didn’t she?’

‘Don’t come the raw prawn with me, Bitch. Maybe you should leave. She left me for you and you only treated her as a plaything. Now, she is happily married to someone who accepts her you’re jealous. Charming, isn’t it?’ Mariana stormed off. She found her husband and they left. Anne and Ann continued dancing as if nothing happened.

They were happy in each others’ arms. Ann was sure she could stay like this forever but life was destined to get in the way. She was sure that’s how it wold be when they returned from their honeymoon. Anne had a few things she needed to organise before they left for their honeymoon which Anne said would only take a day or two. She smiled thinking that they would be ride around Europe on Bertha. Ann couldn’t wait for it to be just Anne and her. ‘Adney, are you okay? You seem far away.’ Anne said as she moved from Ann’s embrace.. I was just thinking about our honeymoon. Our trip to Europe on Bertha. It’s going to be fun. Isn’t it?’

‘Yes.’ Anne said with a smile. ‘Are you ready to cut the cake I had Cordingley bake especially for this occasion.’

‘Is it a fruit cake?’ Ann asked. Then realised it would be.’Yes, dearest.’ Anne called Cordingley  to bring the cake out. It was beautifully decorated and on top stood two brides.They said the cake was being cut and everyone stood around it the table they had brought out just for this purpose.. Anne and Ann stood in front of the table. The two tiered cake was brought to them by Cordingley who passed them a knife. Ann put her hands over the knife’s handle. Anne put her hands over Ann’s. They made a wish and cut the cake. Then the cake was taken to the kitchen to cut  the bottom tier so everyone there could take a piece home.

’Do you know Cordingley said she had to search the whole country to find the two brides to put on top of our cake. Isn’t she a marvel?’ Anne said smiling again and again until her face ached. ‘It is lovely. Did you promise her and Hemingway a bonus for all the work they  have done for us today?’ Ann asked. If Anne hadn’t. Ann was going to make sure they got one. She was wondering if a trip or a massage would be a good gift to give. ‘Well, I hadn’t thought about that, Ann.’ Anne said sheepishly. ‘Do you have any ideas you will tell me about?’

‘i was just wondering and this is just a thought. We could send them on a holiday or give them a gift certificate for a massage. What do you think?’

‘I think either would do but we could give them both. You one and me the other. What do you think, Adney?’ Ann just smiled and pulled her wife in for a passionate kiss. Was it possible they would have a great life together.

The party seemed to be winding down. Everyone was heading home. Then Ann wondered what they were doing with the top tier of their cake. ‘Adney, that’s for our future just in case we have children. That will be their christening cake.’

‘Anne Lister, when have you been waiting to be a mum?’ Ann asked sincerely.’Not until I met you. I could visualise our children looking like their birth mum.’ Anne said tentatively. ‘Slow down we just got married. We need time to get to know one another. Don’t we?’

‘Adney, I don’t mean now.’

‘Okay, dearest.’ Ann said as they ushered the last of the guests out the door. They wanted to go to bed. It had been a long day. Ann seemed so tired. It looked like she didn’t have enough energy to climb the stairs to their bedroom. She flopped herself onto their bed. Anne stood back and smiled. ‘Are you that sleepy, Adney?’

‘Come over here and I will tell you.’ Ann scooted to  Anne’s side of the bed. Anne sat down next to her. ‘Now, ask me again, dearest.’

‘Are you that sleepy?’ Anne asked again feeling slightly silly. Ann pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss. It was all Anne needed to know her wife wasn’t sleepy at all. They both undressed and climbed into bed. Between the worry about Mariana and the worry about how well their day would go Ann was tired. She couldn’t find it in herself to do anymore than roll over and kiss Anne again.

‘Dearest, I know you will be disappointed when I say I am really tired. All I want to do is sleep. I know you wanted to consummate our marriage. Can that wait?’ Ann said shyly. ‘I need to sleep.’

‘Adney, it isn’t important we do that now. I want you to get as much sleep as possible. I know we can do that later.’  Tomorrow, Anne thought and without another word Ann was snoring softly next to her with her arm wrapped around Anne’s waist. It was so nice to be in this beautiful bubble. Anne wondered how long it would last.

It seemed to take Anne hours to fall asleep. She would close her eyes and feel as though she wanted to sleep. Then she would open them just to gaze at the sleeping form next to her. It still seemed like a dream. So, Anne kept pinch herself. It was hard for this big old bikie to understand the depth of the love Ann Walker had for her. It was while she was deep in thought that she felt kisses on her face and down her neck. Anne peeked over to see the time. It was just after 6AM. Ann opened her eyes. ‘Did we really say I will yesterday, dearest?’ Ann said her voice still rough with sleep. ‘Yes, Adney, we did.’ Ann smiled. They had done a lot of that yesterday. Now, there was more smiling. ‘And no one stopped us?’

‘No one tried to stop us. I think Charles arrived just in time.’

‘We need to call and thank him from that, Anne.’ Anne hadn’t thought about that not since yesterday.’And Tib, too. I think she is still here. She stopped Mariana from spoiling our dance. Didn’t she?’

‘Yes, she sure did.’ Which meant that Tib had their backs when they needed her to be there for them. ‘Have you thought about what we will give Tib for what she did for us yesterday?’

‘She said that was here wedding present for us, Ann.’

‘I know, dearest. She did organise our hen’s night. That was fun. Wasn’t it.’

‘Yes, more fun than I had had in a long time. You have brought light into my life, darling Adney Thank you!!’

‘Thank you for talking to me in the pub that night. I am finally where I want to be here with you for the rest of my life.’ Anne felt a tear roll down her cheek. Ann wiped it away with her thumb. ‘Dearest, you such a softie. Yet, you always want to show people how tough you are.’ Then another and another fell. Ann held her tight in her arms and kissed her softly on her cheek, her neck, her sternum. She had raised herself up on her elbow. Then she leaned onto Anne. She trailed kisses down to her centre. Anne smelt so delicious. ‘I want to eat you now. Can I?’ Anne smiled she could feel her arousal building up inside. She nodded.  For once Anne was speechless.

Ann put her head between Anne’s legs. She breathed in her arousal and lick her clit gently. She inserted two fingers inside Anne’s centre. Oh she was so wet for Ann and Ann loved it. She could hear Anne moaning above her. This was the best place in the world  for her. She would stay there all day if Anne would let her. ‘Adney, stop teasing me. I am going to explode and die if you don’t do something soon.’ Ann was there sucking on her clit and fucking her with her fingers. Anne was moaning and groaning. Screaming out her name. Adney darling, right there. Yes, right there. Fuck……..fuck…. do .that …..fuck …so  well.’ Then Anne came over Ann’s face. Ann licked up Anne’s arousal. She pulled her fingers and crawled up to lay beside her spent wife. ‘Anne Lister, that was amazing. I love making love to you, Mrs Anne Lister.’ Then laid like that for a beat then Anne pushed Ann gently onto their bed. ‘Mrs Ann Walker, let me make love to you. Let me praise your beautiful body and make my come all over my face.’

‘I would love you to do that, dearest Anne. What are  you waiting for?’

‘Little miss bossy boots.’ Anne said as she mirrored what Anne had done to her. Ann was sopping wet when Anne reached her centre. It was more than Anne expected. ‘You are so wet, darling.’

‘Only for you, dearest.’ Ann said. ‘There is no one else for me. Only you.’ Anne sucked her clit and pushed three fingers inside, pumping inside Ann furiously while licking and sucking Ann’s clit. Ann was screaming out her name. ‘Anne, Anne, dearest, fuck that…fuck… feels….so …fucking….amazing. Go….faster, dearest.’ Anne complied. Ann kept screaming out her name until she came with a flood into Anne’s mouth. Anne pulled her fingers from Ann’s centre. She crawled up to Ann who had her eyes closed. They kissed passionately. Anne leaning in on Ann who was totally exhausted but so happy. ‘I think I need to rise and begin my day, Adney. I have so much to do before we go on our honeymoon.’ Anne said.

‘Dearest, it’s too early. Stay here with me for a while longer. I want to fall asleep in your arms.’ How could Anne refuse her wife. She wrapped her arms around Ann who was asleep in minutes. After half an hour Anne prized her arm gently from under her wife. She didn’t want to wake her. She got up and strolled into the bathroom. She showered and dressed. Ann was still sleeping when she walked back into their bedroom. She smiled. She kissed Ann on her cheek and went downstairs.