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Lady of the Night

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Childe must be dreaming.

Yes, he must be dreaming. Or drunk, maybe, from the wine he had with Zhongli just a few hours ago during their dinner. The wine was delicious, as expected of Zhongli’s recommendation, but he must have drunk a little too much.

Or he must have entered the wrong room. Unlikely, because Master Hu and the ferrylady live somewhere else, and the only person living in the parlor is Zhongli.

Must be a new hire then, Childe says to himself, which is rare because Zhongli usually likes to tell him about these things, but that must be it.

There is no reason otherwise, in the other end of the door that was supposed to be Zhongli’s room, instead of coming into the usual, relaxed brown-haired man with the loose soft hanfu Childe got him for 800.000 mora, ready for bed, a lady so eerily similar to him stands in the middle of the room, wearing a tight-fitting qipao so beautifully Childe might have gawked at her for a bit.

Not like Zhongli is losing out in terms of beauty, Childe defends silently.

“Ah,” The lady starts with a surprised squeak and continues with his name, “Childe..”

Childe? That’s quite a fond name to call him with, considering the rest of Liyue is stamping him as the ‘Fatui scum’ or 'the Harbinger’. And Childe is sure to remember if he ever met a lady so gorgeous that she rivals Zhongli’s beauty.

But the lady is just too similar to Zhongli. Her elegance, the way she moves, and how she tucks a stray bang into her ears.

It's as if she's Zhongli himself.

Childe blinks. The unique, golden eyes of the lady twinkle with amusement.

No way.

No fucking way.

“Please tell me I’m dreaming, Mr. Zhongli.”

Zhongli laughs, his usual soft chuckles now a pitch higher and Childe doesn’t like how his heart thumps at that.

Of course, Childe says to himself, Zhongli is a God. 

He’s still pissed off at him for deceiving him, but he knows that he can’t stay angry for long at the man. One flutter of his pretty eyelash and Childe is back to being his personal wallet. He just can’t win against him.

Still, Childe has always known him as Zhongli , the mortal. 

“I apologize, Childe.” She says with a bashful smile, “I wasn’t expecting you at this hour.”

She’s pretty, the female form of Rex Lapis. Lush lips and fair skin, her golden eyes complementing her dark hair, and her dress fitting her body a little too tightly Childe is having a hard time finding where to look.

The usual Zhongli is already attracting all sorts of weird people that want him for his body, and Childe is already having a terrible time trying to swat the flies. He can’t imagine how it would go once this Zhongli leaves the room.

“What are you doing, Mr. Zhongli? Or should I call you Lady Zhongli now?”

Zhongli frowns and tilts her hair to the left, in deep thought.

“You can call me whatever you want, Childe.” She says, giving him the sweetest smile, and coming from the usually stoic Zhongli, his heart feels like it’s going to burst out from his chest, “For the record, this is also a job.”

Childe tries to calm his heart, and maybe something else between his legs. To his knowledge, Zhongli is still working with the pesky little prankster Hu Tao, and the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor is closed for service at this time of the day.

“A job?” He asks, raising an eyebrow, “The parlor’s closed for the day, isn’t it?”

Childe tries to ignore how her chest bounces at her every move, or how her hips sway so enticingly that he wants to beg her to stop moving, things that he noticed the usual Zhongli always does habitually but now 10 times even worse (or better? ) in his female form.

“Yes, my job as a consultant is done for today.” She says, “It’s another special job from Master Hu in exchange of the parlor footing my bills.”

A special job? He already doesn’t like where this is going. 

In the Fatui, anything with the ‘special’ in it never ends up being anything good, and Childe can already feel that it's true this time as well.

“Are you still heading out after this?” He pries, hopefully not coming off too curious or obsessive, “It’s not like I’m doubting your competency, but it’s a little too late for a lady to be going out.”

Zhongli laughs, her smile as beautiful as ever, “Thank you, Childe. But worry not, it’s not a hard job.” But then tilts her head downwards, “Perhaps a little troubling sometimes, but it’s nothing terrible.”

He sighs a little in relief, “If that’s the case then. Where are you heading now? I’ll escort you on the way.”

The lady chuckles, “Thank you. But it’s quite far from your apartment.” She says kindly. Childe nods, prompting her to continue, “It’s the Pearl Galley, off shore from the Harbor. I’ve gone there multiple times so there’s no need to worry.”

If Childe was holding unto something he might have already dropped it.


Childe must have heard it wrong. There’s no way Zhongli is going to the Pearl Galley alone, this time of the night with that appearance.  

Not like he has ever gone into those kinds of establishments, but even Childe knows that the Pearl Galley is the luxurious ship offshore the harbor that doubles as a brothel and a casino, a perfect place for the rich to flaunt their money and indulge in the beautiful hostesses and pleasure. He would sometimes get invitations to the ship from his business partners, but he never bothered because brothels aren’t exactly his thing and he’d rather spend his time sparring with the traveler or dining with Zhongli instead.

Zhongli would fit perfectly into it, no one in Liyue can rival her beauty, but it’s also exactly the type of place he wants her far away from, and now she’s telling him that she has been going there periodically.

“I think my ears are failing me, where did you say you’re going again?” Childe asks again, his smile twitching dangerously. 

He has no idea if Zhongli is actually this oblivious or just toying with him, but she answers him so nonchalantly, without a care in the world, “The Pearl Galley.”

Oh. It wasn’t Childe’s ears that were failing.

“Mr-, No. Zhongli.” He says, as patiently as possible, “You do know that the Pearl Galley isn’t a place a lady, and definitely not a lady like you, can waltz into defenselessly, right?”

Zhongli nods slowly, her hair fluttering along with her movements and Childe wills himself to stop ogling at the lady and focus on the matters at hand.

“Zhongli. Are you being serious?” He sighs, “You know that the people going to the Pearl Galley is looking for sex. And Master Hu is letting you go there like this ?”

Her cheeks are tinted with pink, perhaps at his straightforwardness but Zhongli cuts him before he begins to nag.

“No. I was just sent there to accompany a few archeologists interested in Liyue’s relic and history.” She continues, “It’s somewhat similar to my former arrangements with you, Childe.”

Their arrangements don’t include Zhongli in a female form in a skimpy outfit going to the infamous pleasure quarters of the city though. 

But a contract is a contract, he says.

Knowing Zhongli, a contract is absolute. So absolute that Zhongli willingly exchanged his gnosis, his heart with his Queen. Childe has no clue why the hell Hu Tao ever let a consultant do such a dangerous job, but it's not like Childe’s a good boss either. Not like anything in Liyue can harm a single hair of hers, logically, it still doesn’t sit well in his mind to imagine men of all ages making moves and harassing her. 

But Zhongli made up his mind, and once he does, nothing is changing his mind, the stubborn mule.

And there’s only one thing left for him to do.



The receptionist definitely isn’t happy to see the Fatui, especially the infamous 11th Harbinger, suddenly crashing into the ship without any invitation, but the amount of money he hands her is apparently enough to shut her up for the night.

Zhongli nods at him with her usual, polite smile and runs off to someone who is supposedly her client for the night, an older man with a bigger stature than him, and while the man is dressed simply it’s quite obvious that he is filthy rich

Not as rich as him though, he brags silently.

“Mr. Li, it’s been a while.” 

“My lady, it’s been a while.” The man says eloquently and Childe already doesn’t like him, “You look as beautiful as ever.”

The man’s hand wanders to her waist as he escorts her to their table, and Zhongli shifts somewhat uncomfortably at the gesture. It takes Childe his everything to not cut the man’s hand right here and right now, but he’d rather not cause any more trouble and anger the Liyue Qixing even more, after whatever happened between the two of them.

Zhongli smiles at the man sweetly and Childe breaks the chopsticks in his fist. He still can't use the damned thing properly, but the receptionist tending to him flinches so hard at his actions that the cup of tea in her tray spills over. 

It’s not like Childe is going to kill an innocent bystander...well, not now at least.

Mr. Li is a different case. He desperately wants to throw him off the ship and into the ocean and drag Zhongli home as soon as possible. Maybe he should do that.

Zhongli smiles politely at the man in her service, her smile thinning every time the man goes a little overboard with his advances. Mr. Li doesn’t seem to care about it and brings her close enough to him, his hand going over her shoulders and resting closer to her chest.

“How about we go inside, for a private service, my lady.” He whispers disgustingly to her and something in Childe’s mind breaks.




The entire ship quiets down immediately at the sound of his palm hitting the table so hard that the table breaks, sparks of elemental energy mixing in the air dangerously. 

Mr. Li too, is not a man easily intimidated, but Zhongli quickly cuts in between them and breaks the fight.

“Childe, stop.” She says, cupping his cheeks and looking straight at his eyes, “Calm down.”

He stares at her, her eyes gleaming dangerously but he finds a sliver of emotion he can’t read from the lady. 

“Mr. Li. I think it’s best to leave for today.” She says, not even looking at the man, “Master Hu will accommodate you for the necessary compensation.”

Her words are final, and Mr. Li knows that too. “No fun playing with a lady that doesn’t want to.” He says with a light tone, before glancing at him with the goofiest smile, “Also no fun playing with a lady that already has a man.” He whispers to him.

Childe blinks.

It’s a great thing that the man relented easily but Childe has no idea what has happened. Was Mr. Li toying around with him, or was he the one taking the whole thing too seriously?

Either way, he doesn’t like people touching what is his.

Zhongli heaves a relieved sigh, resting her temple to his chest. The usual Zhongli has a similar stature to him, but his female form is a head shorter than him and Childe knows that she’ll fit perfectly into his arms.

Not like the usual Zhongli won’t.

“You know that’s dangerous, right?” Zhongli scolds him, “Mr. Li is quite easygoing, but you might have some trouble with the Liyue Qixing if you did anything flashy.”

Childe nods, like a puppy, scolded for its disobedience.

“Now, what should I be telling Master Hu about this..” She sighs, “She’s going to be the biggest nuisance until she gets her money's worth, that’s for sure.”

Maybe Childe was a bit rash and he probably caused a bigger scene than he intended to. He glares at the rest of the customers, curiously glancing in their direction, but Zhongli taps his arm and brings him back to attention.

For now, Childe is successful at driving out Mr. Li, but it doesn’t matter if Zhongli is still going to do these kinds of jobs because Master Hu asks her to.


“I’ll pay for you 10 fold, so you can service me instead of the random men Hu Tao asks you to deal with.” He says, probably a little carried away, and Zhongli flushes so prettily at his statement.

Even Zhongli understands what a private service in a private room means, and Childe seethes at the fact that she knows, and yet she still so willingly followed the older man. 

Childe understands that Zhongli takes her contracts seriously, but he just can't accept that. He will happily eat a wrath of the rock as long as Zhongli stays safe and untouched.

"Childe, please calm down." She says, touching his arm, "The contract specifically stated that no sexual intercourse is allowed. I would have interfered if things got a little too risque."

Not a single word from her calms his anger.

He pulls her into his lap, a lovely squeak leaving her mouth.

The receptionist beside him groans loud enough that he can hear it, but with another pouch of Mora, she leaves them alone in the middle of the luxurious hall.

“Childe, what are you doing?” She whispers hastily, her ears red and Childe nips at her open neck, “Childe, we’re...we’re in public.”

Yes. Yes, they are. Doesn’t stop Childe from slipping a hand into her dress to fondle an ample mound, and Zhongli screeches at how bold he’s being. 

Her thighs are open for the world to see and Childe is groping her in a public space. Zhongli is probably close to her limit and Childe braces himself for a punch to his stomach.

And a punch from the Geo Archon means a lot of pain.

He waits for another minute.

“...Zhongli?” He peeks at her lovely face, flushed with red and her eyes unfocused and Childe feels something wet from the middle of her legs, rubbing the bulge in his pants.

“Mh..” She whines softly, and Childe almost wants to faint.

“Zhongli?” He calls her, but she doesn’t look at him.

Childe doesn’t know what to feel. How sexy of her to be so wet just with some light foreplay, or how dangerous for the lady to be so weak against pleasure.

He wonders if the usual Zhongli is the same. It would be a pretty sight to see the usually stoic man to be wrecked and broken under his hands.

Zhongli opts to hide her face into his neck and Childe peppers her cheeks with soft kisses.

With a surge of confidence, Childe slips a hand under her panties, skimpy, string-like underwear that reminds him to question Hu Tao seriously about what she’s doing to her precious consultant.

Nice taste, though, he begrudgingly admits. Zhongli looks beautiful in them. 

Childe dips a finger inside the sloppy, wet heat, and Zhongli promptly cries out, stifling her voice as much as possible.

She’s tight, tighter than he’d imagined it to be. A little too tight that he feels resistance even with a single finger.

It’s as if Zhongli’s a...

“Zhongli, are you a virgin?”

Zhongli flushes red and tightens her arms around his neck, not answering him but Childe already gets it from her movements.

Childe is going to deflower a six thousand years old God and he would be lying to say that it doesn't give him a sense of accomplishment.

It doesn’t matter much though. All it matters is that Zhongli is going to be his and his alone.

Childe nudges his fingers around, feeling along the wall and loosening it up before slipping the second in. It’s a lot tighter than any woman he has slept with, and Childe’s size isn’t exactly small either.

Better to be sure and thorough. The first time is a precious occasion, after all. 

Not like a first time in front of so many audiences is a great start anyway, but Childe tries.

He spreads his fingers, opening her up for his patiently waiting dick and Zhongli moans every time his fingers thrust deeper and deeper, trying to loosen her up for what’s coming next.

It’s insane how sensitive she is for the first time. The way Zhongli twitches and quivers at his every move is borderline illegal and Mr. Ajax Junior in the middle of his legs are crying for some screen time.

“Childe.” She squeaks out, “Put it in.”

Childe gives her a peck on the lips and plays with a strand of her loose hair.

“If you want it, you’ll have to do it yourself, Zhongli.”

Zhongli groans in exasperation, his two fingers still inside, spreading her open and reaching deep inside her, but not deep enough for the release she wants.

She glares at him angrily, and Childe gives her another kiss.

"So? Are you going to do anything, my lady?" He prompts her, hands on her tiny waist.

Zhongli nudges his hip hard enough for it to sting, but Childe laughs and pulls her into another messy kiss.

“Mmnh- Ah, ngh-,” Zhongli smells really nice, her soft, mild scent of silk flower perfume and her natural body scent arouses him even more, “Childe, it feels good.”

It does. Everything about Zhongli feels so good, her plump breast pressing against his chest and her thighs locked on his lap.

“Mhm-m.” Childe pulls away, cupping her cheek. The expression on Zhongli’s face is beautiful, her cheeks red and her lips bruised, and her golden eyes filled with so much lust for him.

For him .

“Are you okay?” 

Childe watches as she forces herself open with two fingers, leaving her hole gaping and the fluids trickling to his hard, standing cock, acting as lube. It’s definitely not something a virgin does, he glances at her skeptically, but he enjoys the show anyway.

Zhongli uses both of her hands to lather his entire length somewhat clumsily and with a face as red as a ripe apple, making sure that it’s hard enough. Which there’s no need for because Childe is probably the hardest he has ever been in his entire life.

Her ears burn even redder seeing the size of his cock, and the lady glances back at him worriedly.

A snort leaves his lips and Zhongli kicks him. 

Why is it that everything she does, both as the usual Mr. Zhongli and the female Zhongli, is so cute? It’s like the world is testing his patience.

But as much as Childe wants to just ram his dick in and fuck her senseless, one look at her face and Childe's rational mind comes back and he knows that Zhongli deserves to be treated preciously.

Zhongli raises her hips, her legs wet and slippery from her own fluids and positions herself right to his cock and drops down on his lap gently, probably trying to ease up herself from the sheer girth of his cock, her walls slowly but surely accommodating the foreign object filling her up. He wipes the tears trickling down her cheeks as her arms tighten around his neck and moans and gasps leave her mouth at every inch of his entry.

But the ever mischievous Childe flicks a nipple with his tongue and she slips, the strength in her leg giving out and burying his entire length in one go. 

To Childe’s defense, he was just planning to tease her a little.

“Fuck, Zhongli-,” Childe groans out as she bottoms, broken gasps and cries spilling from her pretty mouth and Childe swears he saw the outline of his cock on her stomach. 

"Ahngh, mhm, ah- Childe, I-,” She tries stifling her mouth with her hand, trying her best to stay silent but moans spill from her mouth and her face reddening with shame and pleasure. Who would expect the esteemed consultant from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor would enjoy being fucked in public, where the eyes of the rest of the people can easily see how his cock is buried inside her wet, slippery hole. 

He glares at the random man sitting across them, a different lady sitting beside him pissed off from being ignored the whole night, but Childe can understand. His Zhongli is a godly, beautiful creature and it’s almost impossible to not be attracted to her.

Especially like this when she’s spilling her moans in his lap, legs spread between his and her supple, perky breasts wide open for anyone to see.

But Childe doesn't like to share, even more with people he doesn't know.

He wants her lovely moans all for himself, and to taste the soft, milky skin all by himself without the pesky disgusting eyes around him lusting for his lady.

He snaps his hip upward impatiently and Zhongli chokes out a broken sob. 

“Mhng..Ah-,” She whimpers, “You're too big-”


“Zhongli, what the fuck.” 

Zhongli ignores him as she raises her hips again, before dropping down and Childe’s hips meet her, going even deeper and deeper at every thrust. The lewd sound of their skin slapping and the beautiful sound of her moans echo throughout the hall, and Childe knows that everyone’s eyes are on them.

He can see clearly how Zhongli’s pink entrance is eating up his cock, leaving streaks of white every time he pulls out, but not far enough before she pushes him back in forcefully. 

The man watching them is almost salivating, and Childe can see the tent in his slacks. Zhongli tilts her head, curiously tracing his line of sight before meeting the eyes of the man across them, and she flushes so beautifully Childe grabs her back into his arms.

He can feel her tightening inside and it feels like she was going to rip his dick off, but Childe still gives her a peck on the lips.

“Look at me, Zhongli.” He says, moving his hips along with her rhythm, “The one fucking you now is me, so look at me.”

“Childe.” She moans out his name prettily, “Childe, mhn, Childe.”

“Look at you taking in my cock so well.” He says, maybe a little too loud and Zhongli’s face turns even redder, “You’re so beautiful and everyone is watching you getting fucked by me.”

Zhongli clings to him even harder, and Childe smiles at how easily she breaks with pleasure.

“Childe, ah, ahn-,” She calls him, “Slow, ngh! Slow down, Childe!”

“Nope.” Childe kisses her cheek lovingly but fastens his thrusts, and Zhongli mewls even louder and he can hear the receptionist cough at them. Not like he cares, because the money he gave them is probably more than the Galley’s income for a full week.

He thrusts even harder, his hands helping her as his cock slides up and down along her walls, pulling out as far as possible before plunging back into the warmth.

The marks of his hand on her waist are deep red, lining along her curvy hips and so perfect for breeding.

"If I came into you deep enough, will you get pregnant?" Childe whispers into her ears, his hips slamming hard and deep into her in precise movements, "You'll look so beautiful, carrying my child."

"Childe-," Her mouth splutters with moans and gasps of pleasure and his cock reaches deep into her, hitting the right spot every single time. He doesn’t even know if she’s listening to him. "Don't stop-,” She continues.

Not like he plans to, but Childe kisses the top of her head so tenderly that Zhongli forgot that it's the same man that is snapping his hips relentlessly into her cunt.

Maybe unsafe sex is a hasty decision by him. As a man, he should have proper manners and procedures about this, and while it’s not like Childe is the sanest man out there but every time Zhongli is involved he finds himself going crazy.

His parents are going to kill him if he actually knocked up someone out of marriage, and the Tsaritsa is going to hang his body from the castle gates if she knew that he's fucking the Geo Archon deep enough that he can feel her womb.

But his mind wanders to a Zhongli, heavily pregnant with his child as she sits on the soft sofa he has in his veranda. She would play with the birds and sing songs to their child, protected by the warmth and safety of Childe's house.

She would look so beautiful that Childe might die just from the happiness it brings him.

Decision-making has never been his forte, he thinks as he snaps his hips for the final time, aiming for the deepest parts of her and forcing her womb to open before spilling his seed inside, and Zhongli cries in ecstasy as she comes together with him.

"Childe, Childe, Childe-," She calls his name over and over again, still high from the pleasure as her inner walls squeeze every drop of cum hungrily.

Zhongli doesn't let him go, keeping his thick cock plugged tightly with whatever he spilled inside, not wasting a single drop. 

Fuck, Zhongli is going to be the end of him .

Childe is pretty sure that if she could really get pregnant, they definitely have a child coming soon with the sheer amount of come he is pumping inside her. 

“Zhongli,” Childe calls her name, tapping her cheeks gently, “Zhongli. Are you okay?”

She’s still propped up sitting on his lap as she tries to catch her breath, gasping for as much air as possible and Childe presses a cold hand to her temple.

“Zhongli, it’s very hard to say this, but..” He tries to bring her attention to him, and Zhongli nods, leaning into his hand, “I think it’s best if I pull out now, but you’re sucking me in.”

“It needs to be inside for a little more.” She says softly, her voice raspy and airy from exertion.

For what? Childe thinks curiously but decides to let the lady do whatever she wants to do. Zhongli seems spent, her face flushed red and somewhat in the clouds, and Childe might have gone too far this time.

"Zhongli?" He whispers to her ears, gathering her in his arms. He has no idea why Zhongli is so persistent about keeping poor mini Ajax inside, but maybe it's an adepti thing, "Should I call for someone to get some water?"

Childe felt a punch on his rib, this time a lot harder and he croaks in pain. There’s no reason for her to be embarrassed considering how the entirety of the Pearl Galley most probably heard her moans, but he stays silent anyway. A lady is hard to understand, even more so when it’s the lady that was supposed to be the beautiful, oblivious man Childe is trying to woo for months now.

“Are you okay?” He asks again, “I should pull out, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Wait.” She says, somewhat a little too determinedly that Childe is getting suspicious of her, “It needs some time for the seed to settle.”




“Zhongli.” Childe grabs her shoulders, “...What are you trying to do here?”

The lady, looking very tired, tilts her head in confusion, “You said you’re going to get me pregnant.”



It’s then a lofty afternoon, accompanied by the cool breeze of autumn. As a ferrylady, she doesn’t like the chilly weather.

She doesn’t like Master Hu’s unexpected mood swings as well.

And for some reason, Master Hu has been moping around with an annoyed face for the whole morning. It was shortly after the 11th Harbinger came for a visit, so maybe he had something to do with it.

“Master Hu.” The ferrylady asks her, “What is the matter?”


“.....I don’t think it works like that, Master Hu.”