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of dark hair and azure eyes

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After a hectic week of overdue assignments and labs, Yuuji finally had the weekend to relax and unwind. Surprisingly, after a long period of absence, his older brothers, Choso and Sukuna had dropped by for the weekend, gifting him with them too many souvenirs than he knew what to do with. Yuuji knew they were definitely involved in something sketchy, their long-term absences and the suspicious rapid increase in wealth, a testament to that, and no amount of gifts could make him overlook that. Questioning them, however, just led to half-hearted answers and steered conversations. So Yuuji let it go, preferring to enjoy the warmth and little time he had with them.


For now anyway.


And so, Yuuji spent the rest of the weekend catching up on the latest chapters of his favourite manga’s and watching cheap comedy and thriller movies together with his brothers, cuddled on the couch as Sukuna complained about shitty plots while throwing popcorn at the tv as Choso watched in stony silence. Watching them brought back fond memories of his childhood, warmth, and affection filling his heart at his siblings' antics. 


It was one of the best weekends Yuuji had in a long time and even the loneliness that usually accompanied him after his brothers left back for Kyoto or whatever destination they had in mind was lacking. Therefore, it was no surprise that Yuuji was refreshed and ready for the following week, feeling far better than he had in weeks. It was hard not to be, the weather was great, with the sun shining and a light breeze drifted through the air, rustling through his hair. 


Yuuji had mostly afternoon classes and therefore had most of the morning shifts at his new part-time job at the local campus bakery and coffee house. It was a quaint little cafe, cool hues, and potted plants decorated the place. Newly opened but already has a reputation for great coffee and its soft fresh pastries. 


Yuuji really hadn’t anticipated a part-time job this semester, he was already quite busy enough with the unending assignments and projects but had finally relented after Kugisaki’s continuous pestering. Apparently, not many people were willing to work weekday shifts starting at six a.m and the hiring and training process took too long so Yuuji was recommended for the job, having prior experience working in a cafe back in Sendai.


Although he hadn’t asked for the job, after careful (read: obvious) snooping he realized Kugisaki was trying to woo the cafe’s owner, an older woman who went by the name Maki Zenin, her quick recruitment of Yuuji an attempt to show she was capable and responsible and could solve Maki’s problem like some knight in shining armor. Not that Maki Zenin needed saving, Yuuji had seen the woman before and was absolutely convinced that she could snap his spine in half. But Yuuji was, if not, a great wingman and would help Kugisaki pursue the woman of her dreams.       


Other than the slightly busier schedule Yuuji was quite content with everything. It gave him an escape from the busier, everyday life of a university student.


At work Yuuji often talked to customers, engaging in small talks of daily life in between orders. Yuko Ozawa, a literature major, and Junpei Yoshino, a film production and animation major, were both regulars who attended the same university. They were friendly, with gentle smiles and soft voices and Yuuji liked to think of them as friends.


The university Yuuji attended was like any other average large city university. Which meant large numbers of students from all walks of life, with all sorts of interests and talents. But even in a university with large populations of students and diverse backgrounds, there would always be a few people everyone would always be aware of.


Gojo Satoru was one of those people.


Surprisingly, unlike many on the list, Gojo Satoru was a professor. A young prodigy with a well-established status in the field of academia. He was highly intelligent, apparently publishing and obtaining his first doctorate degree only in his teens. He caused quite the stir after receiving his doctorate when he openly told Yoshinobu Gakuganji, a dean from one of Kyoto’s top universities, to fuck off and cursing him with a variety of colorful language when the elder had questioned if the research was entirely his or not.

Apparently, the Gojo family was highly influential in the field of business, and their wealth, endless and so vast that it was questioned whether it was obtained from reputable resources and profits or more underhanded dealings.


Intelligence aside, he was notorious for being handsome and with a gifted model-like visage but Yuuji wasn’t too sure. Yuuji wasn’t one to believe in rumors. Simply being told Gojo Satoru was ‘gorgeous’ and ‘seductive' and ‘out of this world' wasn't very descriptive and Yuuji believed that looks were mostly subjective anyways.   


And so, Yuuji's first meeting with local campus celebrity and professor Gojo Satoru was at the local bakery and coffee house where he worked part-time. 


It was three hours into his morning shift when he came in. And yes, Yuuji would later come to realize that maybe some rumours had some merit to them since the man in question was absolutely stunning. He was tall, probably taller than most people Yuuji knew aside from his brothers, with soft snowy-styled hair, a teasing grin, and eyes hidden behind dark shades. He was pale and lean, his shirt stretched taut against his arms and chest. He had the first two buttons of his shirt opened and no, Yuuji was not staring at those collarbones. 


But staring was rude and Yuuji was at work and so he’d treat him as he would treat everyone else. He smiled cheerfully at the man, “Hi, what can I get for you today?”


The taller man grinned at Yuuji, his voice steady but light-hearted as he stated his order, “Can I have one iced coffee with 12 pumps vanilla, 12 pumps hazelnut, 12 pumps caramel, 5 pumps chocolate, 5 pumps skinny mocha, a splash of soy, double-blended!" 


Whatever Yuuji was expecting, it wasn’t this. He hurried to note down everything and well, this was certainly unexpected. This wasn’t a Starbucks so he was slightly confused because although they did do customizable drink orders, no one customized to such an extent. And frankly speaking, the concoction sounded disgusting but who was Yuuji to judge?  


Also, Yuuji was newly employed so he wasn’t familiar with all the regulars and the ease and confidence this man oozed spoke of someone who frequented this place often. Or ordered this ridiculous drink often enough to speak with such self-assurance. He’d give them man the benefit of the doubt. 


So Yuuji did the only thing an eager, newly employed university student would do, he gave his best customer smile and nodded along as he confirmed the order and charged the man. 


The drink itself took a while to make, and although Yuuji doubted the man could tell the difference if he missed a pump-of-whatever with his fried taste buds, he did not want to deceive any customers, nose scrunched in concentration as he was extra cautious measuring out everything. Better safe than sorry. And he was aiming for the employee of the month award too. He needed those ratings to beat Kugisaki goddammit. 


He walks over to the counter where the man was waiting and hands it over with a small grin. The silver-haired man inspects the drink as if checking for poison before he levels Yuuji with a hard stare, “Aren’t you going to ask for my name or draw anything?”




Thoroughly confused, Yuuji asks, “I’m sorry but I don’t understand?”


Sighing as if Yuuji failed him, he points to the drink, “The previous baristas always drew something.”


Yuuji flushes and stammers out an apology as he reaches back out for the drink, and picks up a marker beside the counter. He never knew they had to draw pictures or write the names of customers. He’d always just go and carry the drink over, forgoing aesthetics and designs. It made sense though, small cute images drawn to fit the vibe of a small niche city coffee house. Something picture-worthy or instagramable or whatever. So much for his great customer service. Dammit, there went his hopes on winning the award. Kugisaki would brag for days. 


He focuses on drawing a small cat, staring at it for a second before deciding to add small round shades, matching the owner.  


“Your name sir?” 


“Gojo Satoru.”


Yuuji looks up in surprise and Satoru lifts an eyebrow in question, “You know me?”


“No-, well yes but no, I attend Tokyo University as well,” Yuuji explains, “And I uhh have heard of you before from other students.”


A playful smile now graced Satoru’s lips as he leaned forward, elbow up resting on the counter and chin propped in his upturned palm, “Tell me Yuuji, what have you heard hmm?” his tone light and teasing. 


Yuuji, now much more relaxed, huffs out a laugh as he hands the drink back, “All good things don’t worry.” Three-quarters of the student population wants to fuck you or have you fuck them , Yuuji frowns, “Although no one mentioned your sweet tooth though, can you even taste this?”


Satoru barks out a laugh as he walks away from the counter to the little station full of napkins and extra straws where he then proceeds to pour five packets of sugar directly into his drink, stirring before taking a long sip. He walks to the exit before throwing one last look in Yuuji’s direction, shades lowered, bright azure eyes on full display as he winks, “It tastes almost as sweet as the man who made it,” and walks out.


Yuuji is then left alone in the cafe, thinking about the man who, in his mind, will undoubtedly get diabetes one day. He hopes that Gojo Satoru has good dental insurance.





Maybe due to wishful thinking, Yuuji had jinxed his good fortune as not even two days later he was running late for class. He was running to campus, backpack slung over one shoulder, feet stomping loudly on the ground. He was a mess this morning, having overslept, dressed quickly in ripped jeans and a t-shirt, not even having enough time for breakfast. 


A quick glance at the watch on his wrist, once his grandfather's, indicates he has about ten minutes before class starts and Yuuji light run has now become a full sprint as he’s frantically running down the hallway, shoes squeaking across the floor. 


Yuuji lets out a sigh of relief as he gets closer to the lecture hall, with only a single rounded corner to go. But once more, life loves to play with him at the most critical of timings as he runs headfirst into someone passing by in the other direction. 


As Murphy’s law indicates, anything that could go wrong would go wrong, and today everything is falling to shit. Yuuji lets out a yelp of pain as his elbow hits the hard floor as he falls flat on his ass. Stacks of once meticulously organized papers, now strewn messily across the floor, ready to be trampled on by passing students and staff.  


“I’m so sorry,” Yuuji wheezes out, his voice high-pitched and slightly winded, as he picks himself up, reaching out to pick up the scattered papers. He winces at some of the once pristine papers now laid in crinkled piles, squished under his weight. 


It's only when he attempts to hand them back, that Yuuji looks at the unfortunate person who had the shitty luck of crashing into him. And fuck. The man’s once, crisp white shirt was now covered in a coffee stain, spanning the entirety of his left side. Looking more closely Yuuji could now identify the small droplets of coffee staining some of the papers nearby. 


Yuuji stared in horror at the other man before apologizing profusely. “Shit man, I'm so sorry, shit-,” Yuuji's brain scrambled for words, and his hands shook slightly as he balanced papers in one hand and rummaged through his backpack for some tissue with the other. He only had Takada-sponsored tissues, gifted to him by Todo but he pushed his embarrassment aside as he handed them to the man. 


“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” he felt awful. Not only did he ruin some poor students' papers but he also ruined the man's shirt. His stupid actions not only affected him but also caught some poor person in its trap. It was common sense not to run in hallways, especially when there were blind spots. Apparently this morning Yuuji forgo all common sense.


He hears a low laugh, “Calm down, it's okay, relax.”


Yuuji’s head snaps up and stares at the man, only now getting a good look at the man whose’ morning he ruined. He was young, only a few years older than Yuuji, maybe a TA or RA judging by the scattered papers. He was absolutely gorgeous. Tall, dark, and handsome pretty much fit the bill for the appearance of said man. Dark hair tied half up in a bun, the rest resting loosely across his shoulders, broad-shouldered and long-limbed. His eyes were dark and hooded, a set of eye-catching black plug earrings and pretty pink lips Yuuji should not have stared at for as long as he did. And toned abs too, if the now-soaked shirt was of any indication.  


The man pulls himself to his feet, one hand reaching out to Yuuji, who now knelt on the floor. Yuuji tears his eyes off the man, before reaching out, gripping the strong hand offered, warmth seeping through. 


He takes the papers from Yuuji, tucking them under one side, “Are you okay? You seem like you’re in a hurry.” Oh yeah, Yuuji was now definitely horribly, horribly late.  


Yuuji chuckles awkwardly, hand brushing through pink locks, “Yeah sorry man, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” He expects the man to mock him, maybe complain at him for foolishly running in a hallway, about the destroyed papers or the soaked shirt. Instead, Yuuji sees an amused smile upon the man's face and he flushes, gaze dropping to the floor, because wow, the man really was handsome. 


There’s an awkward silence between them before Yuuji remembers what just happened, and his head snaps back up, eyes wide, concern written all over his face, “Dude, your shirt, shit, I’m so sorry. It wasn’t hot was it?” Yuuji felt like an idiot, of course he wasn’t okay, some stupid first-year kid just ruined his morning. 


The man waves him off, trying to lessen Yuuji’s guilt; he tells him his place is near and has enough time to make it back in time for his class. He denies all of Yuuji’s attempts at compensation. Yuuji, just as stubborn, refuses to let the man go without any reimbursement. The shirt looked expensive and coffee stains were hard to get out, iced or not. 


Yuuji spoke more confidently, voice unwavering, as he offered the man a free drink and pastry, arguing it was only fair because not only did he ruin the man’s shirt but also damaged some of the papers. 


Realizing that Yuuji would not give in, the man finally relented and agreed to come down tomorrow during Yuuji’s work shift. Yuuji beamed up at him with crescent eyes and small dimples and the man blinked, eyes flashing with an unknown emotion.  


“Great! I’ll see you there and uhh, sorry again for running into you, uh...?”


“Call me Suguru.” There’s an expression of amusement on Suguru’s face, a teasing smile, and Yuuji’s confused until he realizes he hadn’t introduced himself. He blushes, embarrassment written all over his face, “Y-Yuuji. Itadori Yuuji. Uhh, call me Yuuji or Itadori, I don’t mind.”


There's a squeeze to his hand and Yuuji looks down. 


And oh. He’s still holding Suguru’s hand. 


He stares and their clasped hands before letting go with a yelp. If Yuuji was embarrassed before he was utterly mortified by now. Before Suguru could say anything, Yuuji apologies once more with a brief one-sided confirmation for Suguru to drop by tomorrow before Yuuji dashes off. 


Suguru, now alone, stares at the space once occupied by one Itadori Yuuji, warmth lingering on his hand, before breaking out into a loud chuckle, “Cute.”





In high school Yuuji adored sports, whether it was basketball, baseball, or track and field, Yuuji did them all. He was gifted with incredible athletic abilities and every year, various coaches and captains would seek him out even before school started in an attempt to recruit him before the others got to him.


The competition between various teams became so competitive and fierce that Yuuji ended up signing up for all three teams and was even given a customized timetable. His brothers were not amused, with Sukuna even threatening to ‘beat the shit out of those annoying and pesky captains’ if they attempted to force Yuuji to join. Not that Yuuji minded, he got leniency on missed homework and made plenty of friends, and was quite popular with the rest of the school as a result. The trophies and medals of gold littering his room were just an added bonus. 


Not that Sukuna would ever admit it, but Yuuji knew he enjoyed attending every one of his games accompanied by Choso. After each game he’d ruffle Yuuji’s hair, ‘good job’ muttered low. Choso on the other hand was much more open with his affections, often giving him congratulatory hugs and cooking his favourite dishes for dinner. It was these moments that Yuuji missed the most. 


His love for sports continued into his university life and unlike many first-year students, he had already decided to major in physiotherapy and sports medicine. Although Yuuji did not play for any teams, he kept himself active and regularly hit the gym. 


The closest gym was situated only ten minutes from where he lived, right beside a recreational park and across from the local library. It had a decently sized swimming pool, a diving area, and a tennis court. It's where Yuuji had met Todo Aoi, now one of his closest friends and self-proclaimed ‘brother.’


Unfortunately, Todo couldn’t join him for today's session as he had some group meeting for an upcoming presentation to attend so Yuuji was alone as sweat dripped down his brow as he ran on the treadmill, his calves burning with exertion.  


Finally taking a break, Yuuji sat on a nearby bench, eyes closed, head leaned back, and tried to regain his breath. 


A cold press of a bottle against his cheek led to Yuuji opening his eyes, surprise coloring his features as he came face to face with one Geto Suguru. 


“Eh? Suguru-senpai? What are you doing here?” Okay. Stupid question, maybe all that exercise fried Yuuji’s remaining brain cells. 


Yuuji wasn’t complaining though, in fact, he was quite pleasantly surprised, not expecting to see Suguru again after he had taken up Yuuji’s offer for free lunch as compensation for his ruined clothing. He had enjoyed their time together. Initially, he believed Suguru would leave once he got his drink but surprisingly, had stayed, sitting close by the counter as he listened to Yuuji ramble about anything and everything, giving his input whenever needed and cracking light-hearted jokes. The man was easy to talk to and only had left when he realized he was almost late for his next class.  


Ignoring his question, Suguru asked, “You come to the gym alone?”


“Nope, one of my friends, Todo, joins me but had a group project meeting or something.” 


Letting out a hum of understanding, Suguru pushes the water bottle into Yuuji's hand, offering him a much-needed drink.


“Ooh, thanks Suguru-senpai, I was just about to refill my bottle.” Yuuji uncaps the bottle, downing almost half of the bottle in one gulp. He hadn't realized just how thirsty he was. 


Unbeknownst to him, Suguru's eyes trailed the small bead of water that leaked from the corner of Yuuji’s lips, trailing down his chin and neck before disappearing under the round collar of his tight fitness tee.


Finally having quenched his thirst, Yuuji turns to Suguru with a grinning smile, “Senpai, do you visit the gym often? Are you done with your workout? You could join me if you want.” Suguru’s eyes wander from Yuuji’s glistening wet lips to Yuuji’s arms and chest as he playfully flexes his arms, the material of his shirt stretching tight across his chest and biceps. 


Suguru lets out a laugh, sly smile on his face as he brings one hand up to trace the lines of muscles on Yuuji’s arm, “Are you teasing me Yuuji? Or are you showing off?”


Yuuji's face turns a deep red and sputters, “Of course not senpai! I wouldn’t show off to you.” He adds, “You have nicer muscles than me anyways.”


“Is that so?” Suguru continues to run his fingers up and down Yuuji’s arms before leaning in, “Well I think Yuuji has much nicer muscles than I do.” And as if to support his claim, he lightly squeezes Yuuji’s biceps before letting go and leaning back. “Now don’t stop me from completing your workout,” Suguru motions to the machinery behind him. 


Yuuji shivers from the touch, Suguru’s touch was cool leaving him shy and a want for more, he stutters out thanks for the drink once more before awkwardly walking towards a cross-trainer wanting a change from the treadmill. 


Yuuji bends down and stretches his legs and hips before getting on the cross trainer and eventually losing himself in its rhythm, mind completely ignoring his surroundings. 


Suguru wondered if Yuuji was ignoring or oblivious to the stares and hungry gazes pointed at him. The ogling from fellow gym-goers wasn’t surprising though, not when Yuuji activewear fit him snugly, showing off his strong thighs, small waist, and stretching tightly across his chest and arms.  


Suguru remained in his spot, content on watching Yuuji work out, to see the ripples of his muscles, the trailing sweat, and the motions of heavy breaths as his face coloured with exertion. By the time Yuuji was done, Suguru was still in the same spot.


“Senpai you haven’t left? Aren’t you bored? Are you waiting for anyone?”


Suguru holds back a snort at his question. How could he leave when he was given a free show like that. “No it’s fine, I was texting some friends.” A lie. 


“Anyways Yuuji why don’t you give me your number so next time if you're alone we can go to the gym together?”


“Ehh? Really senpai? Are you sure?”


“I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn't.”


Yuuji was pleasantly surprised. Todo had become increasingly busier and had cancelled on Yuuji more than once. Yuuji understood, of course, the student life was a busy life, but still, Yuuji liked to have some form of company while he worked out. Megumi and Kugisaki having declined previously as they didn’t want to workout with a so-called gym junkie which Yuuji, wholeheartedly took offence to. Therefore, there was no hesitation as he typed out his number in Suguru’s phone, a thrilled smile on his face as he handed it back. 


Suguru suppresses the sly smile threatening to overtake his features as he offers, “If you're free why don't we go somewhere to eat? You must be hungry right? My treat.”


“No way Senpai, you're not paying for me I can pay for myself. You're just trying to pay me back for the coffee aren’t you?”


Suguru snickers, “You caught me but the offer still stands, let's go eat. I'll wait for you to clean up and change.” 


Yuuji giggled and agreed. He really was lucky to have found such a great senpai.





It was late and Yuuji was freezing. Having spent the entire day in a quieter library on the outskirts of the busy city, he had lost track of time completing a lab required for one of his classes. He barely caught the last train and now was rushing to get home.


A cloudy darkened sky with a cool breeze rustling through his thin t-shirt, goosebumps now arising on his arms as he shivered. The weather forecast had mentioned rain at around this time and Yuuji, not wanting to get caught in it with chances of catching a cold, decided to take a shortcut. 


He rounded off to a darkened alleyway, his steps the only sound disturbing the quiet peace. That was until Yuuji heard a voice directed at him as a group of men slicked out of the shadows. 


Yuuji couldn’t see the others too clearly but the man in the center was clearly the leader. Pale blue hair, an almost gray hue framed a handsome face, accompanied by a charming smile and heterochromatic eyes. But despite the inviting smile, Yuuji took a step back feeling an odd revulsion. 


He's not sure if the small group of men are just some delinquents or gang members. But he's confident he could take them on if they tried anything but the nervousness of fighting men of unknown origins was still there. 


“What do you want?” Yuuji’s voice was steady and confident. 


Mahito’s smile widened at the boy's attempt to remain calm as he silently thought, you, bent over at hip height. He suppressed the urge to lick his lips, not wanting to scare off the pretty little thing too badly. 


“It’s pretty dark late out, are you lost? I could help you if you want.” Mahito takes a step forward, eyes focused a bit too intently on Yuuji’s form. 


The offer was innocent enough but something about this man set Yuuji’s teeth on edge and a shiver, nothing to do with the cold, down his back.


“No. It's fine, I’m almost home anyway.” Yuuji tries to walk past the man before a sudden hand reaches out, grabbing his wrist, and Yuuji freezes.


There’s something very wrong with this situation and Yuuji’s not sure what’s exactly happening. The man had a disturbing vibe, and Yuuji has never felt more creeped out. His behavior screamed "stay away," and Yuuji was more than ready to heed the warning. He was always told to trust his gut feeling. 


Just before Yuuji could decide whether to throw a punch or not, a loud voice rang out, “What’s going on here?” 


Yuuji turns towards the face and lo and behold, there stood his unwitting savior, Gojo Satoru, head tilted, questioning gaze and cold arctic eyes, having ditched his iconic shades. 


Mahiro turns to the unwanted intruder, a genial smile forming on his lips, “Just offering some help here. Nothing serious.”


“Ohh, is that Yuuji-kun I see?” Pushing past Mahito and intentionally bumping into his shoulder, Satoru walks towards Yuuji, wrapping an arm towards his waist and tugging him close.


Satoru smiles cheerily but his eyes were dark and narrowed and Mahito was suddenly hit with the thought that this man was dangerous. “Yuuji-kun has me now, so no need for your unwanted assistance!” 


Not wanting to induce the wrath of this older man, he laughs it off before he disappears into the shadows of the alleyway once more, bitter and ugly feeling arising in his heart of the stolen prey by such an ostentatiously obnoxious man. Well, there’s always next time, right?


Feeling far more at ease, Yuuji tugs himself out of Gojo’s grip and bows, thanking the older man, grateful for his intervention. 


A loud rumbling cuts Yuuji off in the middle of his thanks as they both blink up in surprise and Yuuji breaks into small giggles while, for the first time, Gojo breaks his cool persona. 


Yuuji’s eyes are twinkling in amusement as he asks, “Gojo-sensei, do you want to come over for some food?” He’s not too worried about his words coming off the wrong way, as Gojo wasn’t his professor, in fact, they were in completely different departments. Also, he was just repaying the favour now owned by him. 


“Oh? Already inviting me over? Aren’t you moving too fast Yuuji-kun~”


Yuuji rolled his eyes at the man's teasing before grabbing a hold of an arm and dragging him. “Don’t worry sensei, your virtue is safe with me! You're not my type anyway.”


“Ehh? I’m everyone’s type,” eyes scrutinizing, “What’s Yuuji-kun’s type then?”


Yuuji gives a blank stare in Gojo’s direction, “A tall girl with a big butt.” He pauses before adding, “Like Jennifer Lawrence.”


Gojo sputters and wheezes, which Yuuji continues to ignore him, walking in comfortable silence as they neared his apartment. 


Like many of his things, his apartment was paid in full by his brothers. This again confirmed many of Yuuji’s suspicions and inkling ideas that they were involved in something illegal or shady at the least. Yuuji, although wouldn't say aloud, but accepting Kugisaki’s offer was influenced by his want for financial independence from his brothers. Not that he particularly minded and was eternally grateful for their continuous support, but having everything under their payroll left Yuuji feeling like he was still in his teens, once more under the constant supervision of his older brothers as they took care of his every need like doting parents. 


He let Gojo in and led him to the living room area and pointed out the washroom in case he wanted to refresh himself as Yuuji got himself busy preparing their dinner. 


Satoru lets out a sigh as he leaves the washroom. Itadori Yuuji was far more trusting than he should be, having invited a practical stranger, professor or not, into his home. Not knowing the more indecent designs some people had towards him. Like that filthy bastard from earlier. 


He walks quietly over to the kitchen, leaning against the doorframe, watching Yuuji milling about, a pale yellow apron tied tightly around his trim waist, attention solely focused on his cooking. Smirking, Satoru continues to stare in silence before fishing out his phone and snapping a picture to show off to a certain dark-haired man, while Yuuji remains completely oblivious to his devious actions. 


Hah, take that Suguru. 





Tapping his foot to a rhythmic beat, Yuuji waited for Megumi by the entrance of the cinema. They had planned on watching one of the recent blockbusters together. But as time ticked by with no sign of his best friend, Yuuji was increasingly getting worried. 


He tried calling once or twice but was directed to the monotonous voicemail and the few texts he sent garnered no reply. It wasn’t like Megumi to not answer his phone and just as Yuuji decided to head over to Megumi’s place, concerned that something terrible happened to him, his phone rang with Megumi’s contact lighting the screen as he picked it up.  


Some of the concern and uneasiness eased on Yuuji’s face as they talked. Ending the call, Yuuji sighed in relief as Megumi was okay but apparently his dogs were not.


He offered to come over and help in anything required but was declined as Megumi had already brought them to the nearby vet with Tsumiki, who had dropped by too. Megumi apologized for cancelling but Yuuji waved him off. What kind of person would he have to be to be angry or upset in this kind of situation? An asshole definitely. 


Just as he was about to head back, a tap against his shoulder led him to turn around only to be cornered by both sides as Satoru and Suguru crowd in, sly smiles on their faces. Surprise was written all over Yuuji's face, he hadn’t known Gojo-sensei and Suguru-senpai were friends. 


They both looked really handsome, styled hair and accessorized, both dressed in dark jeans and stylish shirts, like models directly from a high-end magazine or runaway. It wasn’t fair. 


“Well, well, well, what do we have here? Is Yuuji on a date?” Satoru mocked, “Already moving on, even though we just had dinner the other day. You’re such a player Yuuji-kun!”


Yuuji blushed because really, Gojo-sensei was too much. Well, two could play at the game. Yuuji sniffed, “Not my fault Gojo-sensei was such a boring date.”


At Satoru's indignant squawk, Suguru laughs. Yuuji really was too cute.


Clearing up the misunderstanding, “I was waiting for one of my friends but his dogs got sick and now he’s at the vet.” 


At that Satoru and Suguru exchanged quiet looks before turning back to Yuuji’s questioning look. “Why don’t you join us?”


“Ehh? Won’t I be intruding?”


Gojo leans in close, lips unusually glossy, hot breath brushing against Yuuji’s ear, “Yuuji-kun can intrude any time he wants~” 


Yuuji, although was dense sometimes, knew when he was being toyed. Letting out a disgruntled sound, he huffs out, “Please don’t tease me anymore.” But before he could decline their offer, arms wrap around him as he’s dragged by the duo inside. 


They ignore his voiced protests as they buy his ticket and load his arms with a large popcorn and drink, sweets of various kinds stuffed in between the pockets of his hoodie and arms. 


Sighing in defeat, Yuuji follows the men, seated in between them as they exchange victorious smug expressions waiting for the opening credits.


He eyes the men between his sides, Suguru-senpai attention focused solely on the screen. He turns to his left and sees Gojo-sensei throwing sweet after sweet into his mouth, uncaring of the mixed flavours, and remembers the god-awful drink he had ordered. Yuuji’s mouth is set in a straight line as he’s left thinking, gross.


In the middle of the movie, Yuuji has his arms reclined on the armrests when he feels a light weight upon his arm. Trying his best not to be obvious, he looks out from the corner of his eye only to see Suguru-senpai’s hand resting upon his own, and just like previously eyes completely glued to the screen, unaware of the skin contact that made Yuuji’s heart skip a beat. Shrugging it off as an accident on Suguru’s part who was too absorbed into the fictional story playing out in front of him to notice his actions, Yuuji continued to blissfully watch the movie. 


That was until another incident made Yuuji’s heart thump in a frenzy. Halfway through, and right before the climax, Yuuji was munching on popcorn, anticipation in his bones as he watched the male lead hang off a connecting pole to a broken bridge, while his best friend was looming over him. He watched in enraptured excitement, only for his concentration to be ruined when he felt a brush against his cheek. Startled, Yuuji turned to his side only to be met with gleaming sapphire eyes staring with enough intensity to leave Yuuji feeling oddly vulnerable. 


“Gojo-sensei?”, he whispered, not wanting to distract the others from the movie, especially not the dark-haired man sitting on his other side, hand warm atop of Yuuji’s. 


“Shh Yuuji-kun, you’ve just got some popcorn on your cheek, let me brush it off.” His hand was gentle as it caressed Yuuji’s cheek dangerously close to his lips, pressing his thumb to the corner, lingering for a few brief seconds before dropping off, a piece of popcorn held in between his fingers. 


Yuuji was sure his heart actually stopped beating when Gojo stuck out his tongue in between plush lips and directly dropped the butter flavoured popcorn on his awaiting tongue. 


“You shouldn’t waste food,” his voice was a low hum, as he gave Yuuji one final look, unknown emotion flickering through his eyes and then finally returning his attention to the movies as if he didn’t just cause Yuuji a mini-heart attack. These men were odd, to say the least, and not good for his poor heart. Maybe they were just ignorant in their actions and everyone had their personal collection of peculiar behaviors and bizarre ticks. 


Yuuji left the cinema in a daze, excitement thrumming under his skin. The odd incidents in the darkened cinema room were completely forgotten as his mind was only filled with the exhilaration one got after leaving the movies- one filled with too much elation and enthusiasm, as if the person in question could do anything and everything. The movie was bloody brilliant, all action and fast-paced. The casting was great and the plot even more so with a diverse cast. Yuuji made no effort to conceal his joy once regaining his senses. His amber eyes were wide and sparkling, gesticulating wildly with his hands in an effort to express his emotions. He was rambling, lost in his own world, unaware of the amused but soft expressions directed towards him.


Regaining his bearings, with cheeks still flushed and bright eyes Yuuji turned towards the men inviting them over for dinner, because how else was he supposed to repay them for their kind gesture? Whether it was out of pity or not of his cancelled plans. He had already gone grocery shopping the previous day and so his pantry was fully stocked and he could definitely treat them to some delicious homemade food. Not that he was showing off or anything but he was always told he was a great cook and who could fault him for taking pride and relishing in those compliments? 


Expecting to be declined or brushed off, Suguru and Satoru agree enthusiastically, wicked coy smiles lighting their faces as if they’ve won the lottery. 


“Offering a taste of your delicious cooking again? Oh, sweetheart, where have you been all my life?” Satoru croons and Yuuji tries his best to act normal while embarrassment blooms across his ears and neck, his pace quickening as he hears snickers behind him.





It was now safe to say, after that fateful day spent together at the cinema and dinner afterwards, that Yuuji was now friends with Gojo-sensei and Suguru-senpai. 


Despite both men being older they were fun to be around, playful and teasing, and yet had this air of maturity that could only have come from age and experience. They’d drop by all the time during his shifts, ordering countless drinks and pastries in the guise of keeping Yuuji company. Yuuji was simply charmed. 


Sometimes they’d drop by for dinner, catch up together for lunch and go on little trips all throughout the city whenever they were free. Amusement parks, sightseeing tours, and beach trips, they’ve done it all. They’d even buy Yuuji small souvenirs and whatever trinket that caught their fancy and despite Yuuji’s protest, they’d say no to any form of repayment claiming they were older and it was perfectly okay for them to treat Yuuji. Like how good seniors would treat their juniors. Not entirely convinced, Yuuji let it go and tried his best to repay them in whatever sneaky way he could, from paying for food before they could get a chance to or prepaid tickets or snacks from the countless little stalls and markets. 


In the following weeks, as Yuuji continued to spend more and more time with Satoru and Suguru, he realized that they were affectionate. Yuuji himself had always been a rather touchy person but Gojo and Geto really notched it up to another level. They continuously draped themselves over Yuuji, their long limbs over his small body, sometimes even throwing him off his steady balance, they’d wrap their arms around his waist, sit too close together, with either one laying their head in Yuuji’s lap and the other leaning against his shoulder as he worked on assignments or read his mangas. Although Yuuji found this behaviour to be slightly odd, Yuuji didn’t mind, in fact, he appreciated it. None of his friends were physical or huge on the touch thing and although at home he was always showered with hugs and pats and cuddles from his brothers, he hadn’t seen them in a while leaving him starving for some touch.  


They had even gone through the rite of passage of friendship as they gifted Yuuji with two keychains, one a small white snow leopard and the other a soft chibi black fox. They were cute as hell and so Yuuji was only a little embarrassed when he gifted them two Kirby keychains. Megumi had given him a pointed look when he saw the additional keychains alongside the small black sea urchin, huffing as he ignored Yuuji for the rest of the day. Jealousy was cute on Megumi, although he had to spend the day placating him that no, he had not found new best friends and no, Megumi could not burn the keychains.  


It wasn’t until a while later that Yuuji was delivered some startling news. When questioned by Gojo-sensei on why he gifted Suguru with the title of senpai rather than sensei, Yuuji finds out that, unlike what he believed, Suguru-senpai wasn’t a RA or even a TA but rather, much like Gojo, a highly esteemed professor. Yuuji was absolutely mortified when he found out, remembering their first encounter and his casual treatment of him. He could only bury his head into his hands in embarrassment as the two men laughed boisterously at his expense. Yuuji would continue to call him senpai, feeling too awkward to change it to anything else when he was already so comfortable with the title. Despite the pout on Gojo-sensei’s face, pestering him to call him Satoru-senpai, Yuuji refused to budge. He was already humiliated enough. 


But what really shocked him was when he found out Satoru and Suguru were actually partners, having been together for years. It led Yuuji to see everything from a different perspective, how close they stood to each other, the way their fingers would brush by, the silent looks of understanding exchanged between them. The way they’d lean into each other, soft whispers, and even softer gazes. The shared wardrobe, the arms wrapped around each other's waists. The faint but similar smell of their cologne. 


He felt happy for them of course, despite the throb of his chest whenever he caught them lost within their own world. Yuuji knew he stood no chance with either of them, let alone both of them. They were far out of his league. But it hurt and Yuuji didn’t have the right to be hurt, to involve himself in their relationship. It wasn’t fair to them if he was expecting more out of their growing friendship, to take their generous kindness and touch and twist it into something gross and exploitative. So Yuuji would try his best to get rid of his growing feelings and would ignore them until they dulled over time. 


( But it still hurt. )





Yuuji is busy setting up the projector when Junpei comes over for their bi-monthly movie night and sleepover, a plethora of snacks and drinks shoved into his tiny blue bag. 


Initially, Junpei was surprised that Yuuji and he shared the same taste in movies, afterward proposing to watch one together. One became two, which became three and then they completely lost all sense of time, night and day blended together as they huddled close on the couch munching on snacks, with the occasional muttered commentary. That’s how their tradition was born. 


However today, they hadn’t anticipated their chosen movie to be so dull. It was mind-bogglingly boring, plot cliche, the shitty acting with cheap CGI further putting them off from finishing it.


They both decided to take a break as they got up and stretched their numb legs, cracking shoulders and fingers. Taking one look at the oblivious Junpei, who was lost in his own thoughts, Yuuji snickered to himself as he grabbed one of the many pillows decorating the couch used in their makeshift blanket fort, chunked it straight at Junpei, who emitted a muffled shriek after it hit him dead in the face. 


Not wanting to lose at whatever Yuuji had in mind, Junpei stole a cushion from the side, slamming it into Yuuji’s face, unsympathetic as he moaned in pain. This back and forth continued, both uncaring as they spilled bowls of popcorn and cans of soda leaving a sticky mess on the wooden floor and various blankets piled around as they laughed in obvious joy and wheezing breaths.


Yuuji attempted to duck at an incoming pillow, only for his foot to be caught between one of the blankets and twisting as he tripped and fell on his side, groaning in obvious pain. 


Junpei being the great friend he is, started laughing at Yuuji’s failure and before striding over to help. Thankfully Yuuji’s ankle wasn’t sprained but he had a slight limp as he walked due to discomfort since he had landed on his side going down. It would probably take a day or two for the stiffness to disappear and fortunately, Yuuji didn’t have any strenuous activities planned in the upcoming days.  


“Okay that’s enough fun for today, lets just go to sleep.”


Junpei cackled, “Is it because you’re tired, or is it because you're just a sore loser?” 


In retaliation, Yuuji flung pieces of popcorn at him. “Dude, I'm in pain here and yet you have no sympathy. You're such a jerk. Megumi would never treat me like this.” 


Junpei snorted, “Yeah you're right, Megumi would never, instead he’d leave you all alone, writhing in pain.” He got up walking towards the bathroom, “Dibs on bathroom first,” ignoring Yuuji’s scandalized complaints.


Half an hour later, they lay there cuddled in Yuuji’s bedroom, the living room and couch too much of a mess to be able to properly sleep there, having gone overboard with their impromptu pillow fight, no energy left to clean and tidy up.


Yuuji had always been a morning person. As a child he was always the first to awaken among his brothers and grandpa, eagerly trampling down the stairs like a tornado, to the living room with the tv to catch on morning cartoons, no regard for the others who slept much to the apparent annoyance of his family. He knew that despite their grumblings, Choso would be the first to then join Yuuji, blanket hung across his shoulders as he laid on the couch snuggled beside Yuuji. Sukuna would then come down, complaining about the loud volume, before he too would plop down on Yuuji’s other side, cocooned in blankets as he closed his eyes.  


His grandpa, who was still able-bodied at that time, would yell at them to come for breakfast, threatening to throw the tv out the window if they didn’t join him at the table. Yuuji recalled all these memories with a fond heart. He was grateful for his friends, grateful for his brothers, and most of all, grateful for these happy memories. 


Today was no different. Yuuji got up, took one look at Junpei’s half-smushed face into the pillow, a slip of drool in the corner of lips, giggled to himself as he snapped a picture. This would be great for blackmail. 


Yuuji walked towards the kitchen with a slight limp, having slept squished together with someone else, not helping the discomfort in his leg. Ignoring the slight throb of pain, Yuuji decided to make American-style pancakes and waffles for their breakfast today. 


Setting out the ingredients needed, Yuuji began measuring. In the middle of whisking, the doorbell of his apartment rang, startling Yuuji who almost dropped the bowl held in his arm. He wasn’t expecting any guests at this time and certainly had no prior plans as he wandered towards the door.


Behind the door stood Gojo-sensei and Suguru-senpai, with dazzling smiles looking unfairly attractive with fitted high-end brands that probably cost more than all of Yuuji’s hard-earned wage since he started his job.


“Hello Yuuji-kun~, did you miss me~” and Satoru was obnoxious as ever as Suguru rolled his eyes before greeting Yuuji with a warm smile, “Yuuji, how are you? Not busy I hope.” He emphasized the paper bags in their hands, filled with fresh pastries from a specialized bakery.


Yuuji stepped aside letting them in, scratching his cheek, “I have some—”


“Oi Yuuji, who’s there?”




Junpei walked out from Yuuji’s bedroom, rumpled shirt and messy bed hair as he blinked at the two new guests standing in the hallway. 


Both, now rooted in their place, Satoru and Suguru slowly turn to Yuuji, questioning looks and Yuuji averts his gaze, feeling an odd sense of silent judgement and disappointment. Shaking off the odd feelings, Yuuji responds, “This is Junpei and Junpei, this is Gojo-sensei and Suguru-senpai.” 


Neither party attempted to greet each other, both seizing each other up before Yuuji, puzzled, addressing Gojo and Geto once more, “Wanna join me and Junpei for breakfast? I’m making pancakes and waffles and there's even extra maple syrup. And sprinkles. And fruit too.”


The duo, not tearing their gaze away from Junpei who looked more and more uncomfortable with each passing second let out hums of agreement as Yuuji clapped his hands heading back towards the kitchen and his batter. Yuuji, now completely unaware as he walked back, that his slight limp and short sleeping shorts had now caught the complete attention of Geto and Gojo, their eyes darkening in irritation and displeasure. 


Breakfast was an awkward affair, to say the least. An air of palpable tension as they sat around on the kitchen table. The restlessness only increased when Geto suggested moving to the living room, where they could sit more freely only to be declined after Yuuji and Junpei exchanged nervous looks remembering the absolute mess they left it last night. They couldn’t let professors look at the absolute pigsty of a room.


This only further chilled the air in the room as Satoru and Suguru now ate expressionlessly, utensils tight within their grip. Suguru sighed before turning to Junpei with an amiable smile, “Junpei, was it? Why don’t you tell us about yourself? We’d love to know more about Yuuji’s friends .” And so, an uncomfortable, one-sided game of twenty questions began as Suguru questioned Junpei on anything and everything all the while Satoru watched in blank silence, dining knife spinning loosely between his fingers. Yuuji was unsure of what to do as he watched the back and forth between them, with no room in the conversation for his input, forceful or not. This continued for the next hour without stop.


Finally watching Gojo and Geto leave, Junpei turned to Yuuji, “They hate me.”


“They don't hate you. They're just awkward because it's the first time you guys met.” Even Yuuji knew he was slightly pushing it. 


“Yuuji, they asked me where I lived, if I had any roommates and the company that made my door lock! If looks could kill, I’d be dead by now!” 


“Your exaggerating”







Yuuji nervously eyed the door in front of him. For the first time ever he had been invited over to Gojo-sensei and Suguru-senpai place for dinner. They had joked that they couldn’t cook as well as Yuuji and he shouldn’t be too disappointed but Yuuji was there to quickly reassure them that he’d eat anything they offered. Or if it really was that terrible, Yuuji joked he wouldn’t mind becoming their personal chef, invoking laughter from both of them. 


Truth to be told, Yuuji had always been curious about their home but refrained from asking believing it to be too much of a personal question. Questions about their home had always swum in the back of their mind. How big would it be? Would it be spacious? Knowing Gojo-sensei, it would be both specious and expensive. Would it be littered with personal items or would it exude the modern trend of minimalism? 


Yuuji steeled his heart and mind before hardly even knocking on the door before it was yanked open by a dazzling Gojo Satoru with an equally handsome Geto Suguru right behind him. They wore loose-fitted clothing and Satoru had ditched his rounded shades, showing off his incredibly blue eyes and Yuuji could see the sprawled edges of a tattoo curving across Suguru’s bicep. Yuuji could feel his heart stutter and freeze as he entered, too caught up in how comfortable they looked. But his initial assumption was correct. The place was ridiculously spacious and definitely expensive given it was situated in one of the more affluent districts in the city. Muted gray and cool tones seemed to be the overall color scheme as he entered the living room, with glass wall windows covering the entirety of one side. Yuuji was kinda jealous of how cool the place looked. 


“Yuuji-kun~, don’t be shy. Come on in” Gojo dragged Yuuji by the hand into the dining area and wow.


Much like the rest of the home, the walls are a cool muted gray but unlike the latter rooms, the dining area was lowly lit, setting a warm ambience. The dining table was decorated with fancy cutlery and candles with even pale flowers in ornate vases. It looked romantic and Yuuji quickly shook the ridiculous thought away, despite his heart tingling with delicate affection.    


Yuuji approached Suguru, who pulled out a seat for Yuuji to be seated and Yuuji could only continue to disregard the flutter in his heart. He was then handed a laminated menu.


Yuuji blinked. “Uhh, what’s this?” The laminated menu had a dozen or so listed dishes with a variety of drinks ranging from soda to cocktails. On the back was a small listing of desserts. He thought Gojo and Geto would be cooking— not ordering takeout. Not that he minded on any other occasion but he really was looking forward to trying their cooking. 


The disappointment must have been obvious as Gojo chaffed, draping himself over the back of Yuuji's chair, “Aww, is someone disappointed? Were you really that eager to taste our cooking? Yuuji, you really are too cute.” 


“Don’t annoy him, Satoru.” Rolling his eyes, Suguru pushed Satoru out of the way before turning to Yuuji. “Ignore that idiot. We’re still cooking but had disagreements on the dishes and since it's your first time here, we decided to let you decide. Just choose whatever you like and leave the rest to us.”


“Yeah what Suguru said. All you have to do is sit still and look pretty.”


Yuuji could feel his cheeks and ears redden but tried to ignore Satoru’s remark while browsing the menu. The overall atmosphere, the dim lights, and just the mere thought that he was alone with Suguru-senpai and Gojo-sensei in their home wasn’t good for his heart. Turning it over to the desserts he held back a snort eyeing the absurd amount of desserts listed. Cakes, custards, and ice-cream cakes offered in dozens of flavors, topped with sides of cream and chocolate. Yup, definitely Gojo-sensei.


Dinner was a noisy but comfortable affair. Yuuji had only requested two of the dishes not wanting to burden either of them but when it was time to eat dozens upon dozens of dishes came out much to Yuuji's utter shock. Ignoring Yuuji’s protest, Satoru winked, “Can’t have you hold back on us now.”


He piled food on Yuuji’s plate, demanding Yuuji try each dish, basking in Yuuji’s praise until Suguru pointed out Gojo had not cooked a single dish but rather it was Suguru who cooked everything. Supposedly Gojo-sensei was prone to accidental kitchen fires and an absolute disaster in the kitchen. The only thing Satoru was remotely good at was making brownies and that was after years of disasters and misshapen, almost grotesque attempts. 


Yuuji now lay on the couch in the living room, content and hunger satisfied. Suguru was a good cook, to the point where Yuuji wondered why they even bothered to mooch off his cooking. Was it because he was tired of cooking and Yuuji was a suitable replacement? Yuuji didn’t want to think any further and the implications it may imply. 


His gaze wandered around the room until one particular frame caught his eye. Encased in a dark wooden frame, held a picture, slightly faded from exposure, of a pretty woman with Gojo and Geto, mischief faced, flanking each side. A taller and much older man stood stiffly in the back, each hand clasping a top of the shoulders of the, then, two teenagers


A pair of arms wrap around his waist as he’s held against a strong chest. “What are you looking at?” A hot breath against his ear and Yuuji staggers, startled to find Gojo-sensei right behind him. Yuuji stuttered out something incoherent and tried to tug himself out of the hug only for the arms to tighten around him. 


“G-Gojo-sensei can you let go?” Yuuji could only mumble out as he struggled against the hold. 


“What if I don't want to, hmm? What will you do then Yuuji-kun?”


Yuuji closes his eyes, unable to think properly, his mind a jumbled, awkward mess. Evidently, he took too long as he felt another body come in and press flush against his. Suguru grips his hips, leaning down, and presses his face into the crook of Yuuji’s neck and breathes in.


Yuuji is completely still in between the embrace of the two men, unable to move, his heart pounding loud as a rush of blood flushes his entire face a deep red. He’s not sure what either of them is up, why they’re so close, so tightly pressed together. If just one of them could overwhelm him, then the two of them together were enough to make him lose his damn mind. His head now filled with nothing but static. 


And when he feels a pair of lips brush against his ear and another press against his neck, Yuuji’s brain short circuits. There’s a pause, an almost interlude before a hand tugs at his hair, craning his head before hot, wet lips press against Yuuji’s parted lips. 


It's frantic and messy, spit and teeth clanking as hot tongues slip and curl around each other. Then Yuuji’s nape is bitten and he moans into Suguru’s mouth. There’s a hand under his shirt, moving higher and higher until it reaches his chest and squeezes, and Yuuji whimpers. He feels so hot and dizzy, the touches roaming across his body leaving him burning and aching for more. Teeth are tugging at his lips, exploring his mouth, hot tongue brushing over his teeth as Yuuji is now pliant, his entire weight pressed into Gojo behind him as his arms loop around Suguru, hands yanking at the soft locks and loosening the bun as the Suguru groans low into Yuuji’s mouth. 


The mouth on his neck is equally unrelenting, trailing kisses down, licking a strip down his neck before coming back to leave more kisses with nips and hard sucks. Yuuji is panting hard now, breathless and lightheaded as he breaks off the kiss. 


The two men, understanding that he was wholly overwhelmed, stop their movements but are unwilling to let go as Suguru rests his forehead against Yuuji's clavicle and Satoru against his shoulder. Not that Yuuji wanted them to, as his knees no longer supported him, all jelly and body mush, and could only rely on them lest he wanted to collapse on the ground. 


Yuuji’s vocal cords were refusing to cooperate, questions stuck on the tip of his tongue, unable to be voiced as he tried to ask, what the hell was that? And countless why’s. But he doesn’t need to as they answer him first. 


“We like you.”

A brush of a hand through his hair.


“We really like you.”

A kiss against his throat.  


“Yuuji, won't you become ours?”

A soft press of lips against his temple and a tightening of the arms around him. 


Yuuji's heart was pounding against his ribcage, his ears ringing with the words repeating on a loop. Trembling in their grip as he tries to comprehend their words. Was it a confession? Or was this an offer for sex? To be their third? It was an oddly sweet way to express their intentions but Yuuji knew both Satoru and Suguru had a way with words and misinterpretation was entirely possible. Was this because he was convenient? The closest person?


With this, Yuuij’s heart grew heavy with pain and ache. He knew that with his already growing feelings of attachment and he couldn’t take up their offer. Not when he was risking his heart, not when it wasn’t fair on Gojo and Geto, who were probably only looking for an additional sex partner due to their compatible personalities, not knowing that Yuuji’s feelings had already gone past the simple domain of platonic love. He couldn’t risk the friendship he had now for a brief delusion of love due to lust and desire. 


With a heavy heart and tight throat Yuuji whispers out a low rejection, “No, I can’t. I’m sorry.”


Not expecting a rejection, their faces drop as their eyes darken in rage and jealousy, dark possessiveness flicker through their eyes as Suguru leans low, his voice now merely a low mutter, “It’s not because of Junpei is it? Or that Megumi? Are you fucking someone else? What do they have that we don’t?” The hand on his hip tightens as this time Satoru grazes his teeth against Yuuji’s ear, voice husky “We’ll give you anything you want Yuuji. Anything and everything. Our hearts and bodies, they’re all yours. All you have to do is say yes, sweetheart .”


Clearly, there had been a misunderstanding and Yuuji feels hope bloom in his chest, yearning and desire unfurling from their rigid confines, spreading through his body and leaving him light as he asks, breath hitched and hopeful, “Is this a proposition?” 


A pause. Sighs of relief. 


“No,” A hand trailed up his waist, another cradled his face, “It's a confession.”


“Oh.” And Yuuji felt like he was hit with a thousand volts.


“You’re right though, we want to fuck you, yes, but we also want to go on dates and hold your hand.”


“We want to cuddle with you and hold you close.” 


“We want to make you laugh, to see joy light up your face, to see you happy. We want to stay by your side.”


“We want you, all of you, in every shape and form. If you’d have us of course.”


And Yuuji, hopelessly enamoured, could only choke out, “Yes.” Satoru and Suguru let out laughs of utter happiness, wide smiles lighting their handsome faces and the next thing Yuuji knew was the sudden onslaught of soft kisses peppered all over his face and neck and across his collarbones and Yuuji felt absolute bliss.


Out of the three of them, Yuuji was the first to wake up that morning, shirtless in between the two older men, with Suguru spooning him from behind and Satoru squished at his side with an arm thrown possessively over his waist. Dark splotchy marks were left all over Yuuji’s neck and shoulder and across his chest but no further.


They didn’t do anything last night, just kissed and cuddled after the confession wanting to just enjoy each other’s presence, although it didn’t stop wandering mischievous hands from roaming Yuuji’s body, an effort to map his body into their memory. Yuuji smiles, giddy joy and love filling him to the brim as he lays back down, warm and content, in between their tangled limbs as the morning passes.





It was Suguru who caught him first.


In hindsight it was pretty obvious what his ulterior motives were as he led Yuuji into the bedroom, hand warped around his wrist with a coy smile. Yuuji, completely oblivious to Suguru's salacious thoughts, followed him wordlessly. 


It was Suguru who pushed him against the wall and kissed him. 


And Yuuji could only take what he was given as he kissed Suguru back. He could feel Suguru’s wandering hands on his body as he was pulled closer, could only whimper into the hot mouth when roaming hands trailed and teased along the sensitive part of his back and finding their way under his hoodie and gripping roughly at his hips. Yuuji’s hands tangled themselves in Suguru’s hair, pulling him closer as the man groaned when Yuuji pulled at the loose strands.  


Yuuji made a shuddering sound, melting into the kisses once more as Suguru pushed his tongue past his lips with a wet slide kissing him deeper. Suguru’s hands were everywhere, tracing along Yuuji’s sides, rubbing across sensitive nipples through his hoodie and palming at his cock. Yuuji shudders and moans into the kiss, his grip tight on Suguru’s hair, deft fingers scratching and twisting pleasantly. When Suguru pulled away, he was looking at Yuuji’s glistening wet lips, “You’re so pretty like this.” The grip on his hips tightened, the nails digging in before they lowered to grab at the back of Yuuji’s thighs to hoist him up as Yuuji squeaked in surprise. Carrying him over to the bed, Suguru maneuvered himself and Yuuji until he was resting against the headboard with Yuuji secured in his lap. 


Yuuji’s hands were wrapped around Suguru’s shoulders as they kissed before Suguru pulled back only for Yuuji to blindly chase after those lips but to no avail. Suguru’s hot mouth trailed open-mouthed kisses down his neck, pushing the collar of the hoodie down to get access to his clavicle, attempting to leave small nips and bites only to be obstructed. Growling in annoyance, Suguru brings his hands up to tug at Yuuji’s hoodie and pulls it off in one smooth motion.


Now shirtless, Yuuji could only hold onto the older man as he brought his lips down and almost seemed to devour Yuuji, his mouth all over him, teeth sinking into his collarbone, sucking harshly on his neck and fingers twisting and pulling at his nipples. He detaches from Yuuji’s neck, trailing down to pepper kisses along his chest before his mouth latched on a nipple and licked and sucked with the tip of his tongue forming circles around the hardened nub. Suguru’s eyes were dark and heavy as he stared at the pretty sight of Yuuji clinging onto him, mewling into his touch with perked pink nipples, and his chest, neck, and face flushed red all the way to the tips of his ears. 


Yuuji could feel Suguru’s cock, hot and heavy in his sweatpants, pressing in between his legs. Wanting Suguru to feel as good as he felt, Yuuji widened his trembling thighs before pressing down slowly and rolling his hips to feel more of the heavy thickness against him. Suguru instinctively thrusts his hips up to match the motion, moaning.  


“Wanna make you feel good too,” Yuuji’s voice is hoarse and needy, a shiver travelling through his spine as Suguru’s clothed erection surges with agreement. With shaking thighs Yuuji gets off Suguru before crawling further and further, making himself home in between Suguru’s thighs.  


Yuuji clumsily pulls at the sweatpants before lowering the elastic of his boxers and Suguru’s cock springs up, leaking heavily with precum. It's long and curved with thick girth and Yuuji gives tentative licks and Suguru groans above him, his hand coming to simply rest in Yuuji’s hair. Gaining more confidence, Yuuji licks the head, lapping up the precum with a soft whine as the taste explodes across his tongue, before moving down to work his tongue on the underside of his dick before coming back up.


Then, once more Yuuji leans forward and this time licks a strip from the base of the cock to the tip, tongue circling the head before taking it into his mouth and sucking. His cheeks are hollowed as he tries his best to move his tongue along the shaft.  He wants to be good. To make Suguru feel good. To be good for him. 


Suguru is holding back, had been holding back in fear of hurting Yuuji but seeing him in between his thighs, misty-eyed with swollen pink lips stretched around his cock as Yuuji took him in whole, Suguru forgets all reasoning as he thrusts into Yuuji’s mouth. 


He fucks Yuuji’s face fast and rough, hips thrusting in hard and he finds out that Yuuji has no gag reflex and then he's balls deep with the head of his cock pressed down into Yuuji’s throat. It's wet, hot, and tight in Yuuji's mouth. There are tears swimming in Yuuji’s eyes, saliva dripping down his chin and Suguru does not care as his grip on pink hair tightens as he chases his own pleasure. With one final rough stroke and a loud obscene moan, Suguru comes down Yuuji’s throat heavy and full as Yuuji makes a muffled whine, swallowing Suguru for all he was worth. 


He eases his grip on Yuuji when he finishes, cock plopping out of swollen lips. Suguru lazily grins at the sight of Yuuji’s glazed and teary-eyed expression before smearing some of the cum on his cock over Yuuji’s lips and cheeks. He wishes he could capture this image and have it imprinted on his mind forever. 


Oh , isn’t this such a pretty sight?” Satoru coos, leaning against the doorframe, arctic eyes practically glowing as they focus on the debauched sight of Yuuji sprawled on their bed, in between Suguru’s legs. 


Yuuji froze, embarrassment rushing through him, heat further reddening his already flushed skin. He tried to move back, only to be obstructed by Suguru’s thighs which held him in place. 


“Oh no,” Satoru murmured low, striding over and sitting on the edge of the bed, “I never said stop, did I?” Suguru hummed in agreement, “He’s such a pretty thing, isn't he? So good for us.” 


Yuuji could only hopelessly moan as Satoru brought one hand and palmed his dick. He shut his eyes and tried to stifle his whimper with a hand only for it to be peeled away by Satoru.


“We want to see you,” Satoru whispered low, as he leaned down brushing his lips by Yuuji's ear, breath hot and heavy before pressing a kiss against Yuuji’s neck. “We want to hear you. Yuuji, you’re so fucking pretty. Makes me wanna eat you right up.”


“No ‘m not,” Yuuji slurs, delirious and whimpers when Satoru shoves a pair of fingers into his abused mouth. Yuuji sucks on them, groaning as he wraps his tongue on each digit. The fingers swirl around Yuuji's mouth, and a trail of saliva leaks down his chin as Yuuji lets Satoru do as he pleases.


Cooing at Yuuji's shy antics, Satoru cuts in, “Yes you are,” before pulling his fingers out, soft murmur into Yuuji’s ear, “You're perfect for us.”


They tug Yuuji out of his clothes as he lies in between both men, his head resting on Satoru’s naked lap with Suguru between his legs. Yuuji’s body had grown more sensitive as time passed on, panting heavily as his entire body was now hot with a seemingly permanent flush and his nerves on fire. The smiles on Satoru and Suguru's faces only widen as they take in the sight of Yuuji squirming and moaning in their hold. 


Suguru takes Yuuji’s dick in his hand, already slicked heavily with precum. Yuuji’s hips buck up into the hand, panting hard as the hand squeezes and swipes a thump along the slit before sweeping up and down along the underside. The pace increases and with it, so do Yuuji’s moans, now long and loud. His back arches as he finally spills into Suguru’s hands, who strokes him through his orgasm. Maintaining eye contact, Suguru brings his ruined hand up to his lips before licking off the cum. Yuuji, pupils blown wide, made a strangled sound as he watched Suguru suck on his own fingers to taste Yuuji. 


Satoru, not wanting to be left out, leans down to kiss Yuuji, his tongue easily pushing past plump lips and licking into Yuuji’s mouth and sucking on his tongue, drinking in the small noises he made. One hand brushing through Yuuji’s hair as he whimpered into Satoru’s mouth, desperately trying to match the pace of the kiss. Yuuji lightly tugged on Satoru’s bottom lip, before letting his teeth sink in, this time drawing a moan from Satoru.


Finally letting go of Yuuji’s pink-bitten lips, Satoru playfully teases, “Can’t have you forget about Sensei now Yuuji~,” and brings one hand to get ahold of his dick and nudges it in between Yuuji’s open lips.


Yuuji cranes his head as he tries to suck Satoru. Much like Suguru’s, Satoru’s cock is long and curved with a thick girth and pink head, a protruding vein along the side. He swipes his tongue across the slit, the familiar taste of precum on his tongue. Yuuji then runs his tongue along the underside of the cock, his neck craned uncomfortably but he could hardly bring himself to care. Yuuji slowly trails kisses up and down the shaft and then without any warning, the grip on Yuuji’s hair tightens almost painfully before Satoru shoves his entire dick into Yuuji’s mouth where it hits the back of his throat. Yuuji makes a muffled whine as his mouth is stuffed full once more.


Meanwhile, Suguru’s, now lube-coated hand traveled up Yuuji’s thigh, kneading the soft flesh of his ass before, sliding down to the soft entrance of his rim and Yuuji’s back arches and choking around Satoru’s dick, as Suguru continues to trace the puckered hole slowly before pushing through the tight ring of muscle slowly. Desperate for more friction, Yuuji tried to rock his hips back into the touch. 


Satoru’s pace is much slower than Suguru’s but equally as hard. He fucks Yuuji’s mouth and along with Suguru’s fingers slowly working themselves in and out is enough to completely overwhelm Yuuji. He attempts to hollow his cheeks but to no avail, so he lets his mouth slacken and lets Satoru have his way with him. 


Satoru must have enjoyed it because he grips Yuuji’s neck and whispers out, “Good boy,” and Yuuji’s back arches further. 


He’s awarded by Suguru who, with two fingers in, hits his prostate. Yuuji sobs around the dick in his mouth, his fingers twisting around the sheets as he desperately tries to move his hips back to feel the sensation again. 


Suguru smirks, his eyes wild and hungry. 


Satoru pulls his dick free from the mouth and Yuuji whines at the loss. He was hypersensitive to every touch and yet nothing helped him to reach fullness or completion. As if finally merciful, Suguru slips three fingers inside, curling and  hitting his prostate dead-on as Yuuji lets out gasps with twitching hips with each hit. 


Yuuji was now lost in a daze, his hips bucking into Suguru as Satoru brushed a hand through his sweat-soaked hair, “You're so cute Yuuji,” Satoru purrs, his dick still hard and leaking against Yuuji’s cheek, “So fucking cute. Makes me wanna eat you right up.” Yuuji mewled at Satoru’s words, who only leaned down to kiss him sweetly, before plundering his mouth harshly. 


“What do you want Yuuji?” Satoru asks as he finally lets go of Yuuji’s mouth.


“M-more,” Yuuji begged as he felt a fourth finger added, “P-please, I want more.” He tried to jerk back with each hit on his prostate now finding it not enough.  


“You hear that Suguru? He wants more. If you don’t want to fuck him first then I will.”


Suguru rolls his eyes at Satoru’s devilish look and sly smile as he egged Suguru on. 


"P-please, I'm- I'm ready, Senpai," Yuuji continues to beg breathlessly in between whines, his thighs now shaking. "Fuck me, please." Above him, Suguru moans and Satoru growls at his desperate pleas. 


Suguru lifts Yuuji’s hips back as he slides behind him and coats his dick in lube. Dragging the head of his cock over the swollen rim of his ass, Suguru continues to tease Yuuji, wanting to see Yuuji shake and tremble some more. Then finally, he begins to push in slowly until he is buried completely at the hilt in Yuuji’s ass. It’s far tighter than Suguru had been expecting, far better than he expected, much better than any dreams he had of this moment, panting hard, the heat overwhelming. He lets Yuuji adjust for a second, before shifting his hips hitting the bundle of nerves and Yuuji wails as he grips Satoru’s thighs, his fingers digging in so hard it’d surely leave bruises.  


“Oh, sweetheart, look at you,” Satoru’s voice is teasing and playful, “Look at how well you take Suguru in, such a good boy.” Yuuji cries out, eyes squeezing shut against the sudden overload of pleasure. 


He clenches tight around Suguru, who moans as he starts moving in and out of Yuuji. Yuuji sobs as Suguru continues to pound into him, rough and hard. And when Suguru pulls out, only for the head to be caught in tight between Yuuji’s clenched rim, Suguru gasps, voice raspy as his nails dig into Yuuji’s hips.


“Y-yes,” Yuuji cries breathlessly, his hips rocking back to further encourage Suguru to move again. With a roll of his hips, Suguru pushes in a little deeper. “M-more.”


Satoru watched, content on seeing his lovers fall apart and crying out in pleasure, fulfilling his voyeuristic tendencies. He watched in rapt attention as Yuuji came apart on Suguru’s dick, whining and wailing as he was fucked within an inch of his life, thighs quivering and tear-streaked face. Suguru was no better, grunting every time Yuuji squeezed and spasmed around him, his voice equally breathless.   


Yuuji, not satisfied with Satoru excluded, in his delirious and muddled state, sloppily kisses Satoru’s cock and rolls his tongue around the head before taking in as much of it into his mouth. It’s sloppy and messy as hell and Satoru has never been so turned on as he watches Yuuji stuff himself on both ends like a fucking slut. He bucks into Yuuji’s mouth, sliding in and out of the warmth. 


Fuck,” Suguru moans in awe as he stares down at Yuuji. He turns to Satoru, a feral look in his eyes as Satoru follows his gaze, whose gaze widens before his hand reaches out. 


He lays his hand upon Yuuji’s cum stained stomach and Satoru can feel it . Yuuji’s stomach is bulging out in the shape of Suguru’s cock. It slightly protrudes every time Suguru rams in rough and deep. They two exchanged heated stares, pupils blown wide. A beat. And then Suguru’s pace slows down as Satoru pulls his cock free from Yuuji’s mouth, ignoring his whimpering protest. 


Suguru’s pace is now unbearably slow as Satoru brings one hand to rub at the swollen pink rim of Yuuji’s entrance. They both ignore Yuuji’s pleas to go faster and harder , ignore his begging for more stimulation, and focus entirely on their next actions. Satoru’s fingers rub around Yuuji’s rim before coaxing it to open and sliding a lube-coated finger alongside Suguru’s cock and Yuuji cries out at the intrusion. Then, ever so slowly another finger joins in and Yuuji’s hands were white from the grip they had on the sheets, his moans like music to their ears. The third finger was added and Yuuji spasmed, his thighs shaking as Satoru muttered words of encouragement, “You’re so good, baby, so fucking good.” 


The fingers worked inside of him, moving in and out along with Suguru's cock, reaching deeper and deeper. Then, without warning, Satoru pulled his fingers out before lining his dick to Yuuji’s entrance.


Satoru moves slowly, sinking bit by bit until, he too, was buried at the hilt along with Suguru. At this point, Yuuji was sobbing as his entire body twitched as it was stretched tight to accommodate both their sizes but Yuuji felt equally as good as he was stuffed so full, his surrounding no longer mattered. All Yuuji could focus on was Satoru and Suguru and the way their cocks felt around him, the way they filled and shaped him.


Yuuji’s ass clenched down on the two cocks buried deep inside him and the two men moaned before they started thrusting. They set a steady pace, working together to bring Yuuji to new heights of pleasure, taking in his sobs and cries and relishing in each whimper and tremble of his body. 


They rocked inside him, shallow pacing before moving faster and then slowing down to deeper but rougher movements. They switch paces often, Satoru fucks him with quick and rough strokes with Suguru who stops all movement before dragging his dick out, catching it at the rim, before slamming into his prostate, fucking him with the single-minded goal of seeing him unravel and undone beneath their skillful movements. And Yuuji could only take. His dick was hard, leaking profusely as it lay useless in between his legs, neglected. 


Whines and the sound of skin against skin filled the room. Yuuji could only babble incoherently, broken moans and pleads for more spilling from his lips as they continued to fuck and stretch his body, their touch burning. 


Hands held a tight grip on his waist while the other moved up and down his back, scratching and scraping, before Yuuji feels a sharp sting of a slap against his ass, “Look at you take us so well Yuuji. Like you were made of this.”


“On your hands and knees like a whore to be taken by us.”


“Look at your twitching hole, pulling us deeper and deeper. Greedy little slut.”


Yuuji sobbed as the men threw more and more demeaning words at him, relishing in their insults, thoroughly enjoying it as his ass clenched around them with each hit of his prostate. Again, again, again.


Finally Yuuji neared on edge as he writhed in between the men, his body shaking as he opened his mouth in a wail, coming harder than he ever has before, his mind completely blank. His entire body shook with pleasure, the grip on his hips and waist the only thing keeping him steady as the two older men fucked him through his orgasm. 


Satoru and Suguru, also nearing their limits with sweat dripping down their brows, their movements stuttering, come together after a few more thrusts with loud moans and whines, directly into Yuuji’s tight hole, pumping him full of their cum as his ass twitched around them.


Yuuji lays there exhausted as both men finally pulled out, chests heaving before they both drop down to pepper Yuuji’s tear-streaked face with kisses. Although loving Yuuji’s current debauched and sinful appearance with blooming marks, bruises, and a leaking hole, they shift and move around, smiling softly at Yuuji’s blissed-out expression, walking to the bathroom to grab washcloths. They clean him, movements gentle and careful as if handling glass, whispering praises each time Yuuji whines in discomfort. 


And finally, when Yuuji’s clean, they lay on each side of him with arms thrown over his waist, joining Yuuji in his slumber with content smiles. 





They’ve been dating for a few weeks now and currently Satoru and Suguru are both over at Yuuji’s place, laying squished on either side of the couch with Yuuji in between.


The three of them are dozing off, and then there’s a knock and the sound of rattling keys before the door opens and heavy pairs of footsteps walk in. 


There was a thump as souvenir bags fell, their content’s spilling all over the floor as Choso and Sukuna stood in complete shock, murderous eyes, horror and disgust lining their faces as they stared at Satoru and Suguru and their filthy fucking hands touching their baby brother. 


“What the fuck.”