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We're Only Built to Spill

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“You promised you wouldn’t do that anymore,” she admonishes. The words hang heavy in the space between them, even though her voice was small. She takes a few steps away from the door and stops in front of him, lifts her arms. Her hands cradle his face delicately between them.

He looks up at her in awe and pain. “It’s what I do, Parker.” His voice is low, gruff, scratchy. In the back of his mind he remembers, but he doesn’t let himself go there.

Parker picks up her right hand, traces a line down his nose. She repeats the path, as if she can smooth away the memory of a fist in his face. “You didn’t have to let him hit you. You were clear. And you know how much we worry about this.” She pushes her finger into the space between his eyebrows for emphasis. Then she smooths over the spot with her thumb. The expression on her face is contemplative. “It’s not just us, either. Imagine what Sophie would say. Or Nate.” That last name stings and they both flinch at his memory.

“I’m fine,” he repeats for the hundredth time. He can’t look away from her eyes.

“We wouldn’t be the same if you left, too,” she whispers. Her thumb has changed course during their conversation, now following a horizontal path across his cheek. Over new and old scars.

Eliot settles his hands on her waist and pulls her closer. They way he’s sitting on the tabletop gives her a slight height advantage, but she still looks so small standing between his legs. His breath catches in his throat despite himself. “Nothing could ever take me away from you.” He means it, deep within his soul. “You and Hardison would be lost.”

“No more, El,” the sound of his nickname makes him want to give her everything she asks for, “ok? We need you.” She leans over him, slides her hand back into his hair to tilt his head back. “I need you.”

How could he ever say no to her? “Ok. I promise.”

She leans down into the space between them and kisses him.

The kiss is slow and deep, full of everything that’s built between them over these years. They hold each other tightly, Parker’s hands high in his hair and on his shoulder, Eliot’s hands low on her hips but gripping tightly as if to say “I’m still here.”

Parker pulls away but stays close, her words felt against his lips as much as heard. “Come to bed.” It’s an order Eliot follows easily.

He slides his hands down as he stands and picks her up. Parker wraps her legs around him and lets him carry her down the hallway, into the bedroom they all share. She presses light kisses across his cheek and down his throat and knows the second Eliot’s eyes meet Hardison’s. “Oh,” Eliot breathes out.

Hardison looks exhausted, like he’s been worrying for hours, and Eliot just feels guiltier. Parker drops to the bed when he places her there, scoots back against Hardison’s chest, reaches out for Eliot.

They crash into each other so easily it’s like they have their own gravity. Eliot leans down and kisses Alec, claiming his lips, licking into his mouth. Alec’s hands settle on his hips, pull him down to straddle his lap. Eliot goes where he’s beckoned, pliable and eager.

Parker watches them undress each other slowly. They’re too caught up in the press of lips and teeth and tongues to mind much what their hands do. Alec gets his arm caught in his shirt three times before Eliot rips it free out of frustration.

The guys are down to their boxers before Parker leans over to the night stand, pulls out the half-used bottle of lube. Alec winks at her over Eliot’s shoulder when she presses the tube into his hand. Eliot’s hips stutter to a stop on Alec’s when he hears the latch parting and the liquid pouring out onto Hardison’s fingers.

Alec takes his time opening Eliot up, despite the grunts being pressed into every other kiss. Eliot can’t help but roll his hips back insistently, wantonly. Parker shifts back on the bed, adjusts the underwear sticking wetly to her entrance.

Alec slips his fingers free and in the same breath scoops Eliot into his arms, flips them over. His arms bracket Eliot’s head, their hips press tightly together between the boxers half-shoved down Eliot’s legs. Alec holds Eliot’s gaze as he adjusts them, lines up, presses into him in one smooth stroke. Eliot’s back arches beautifully into Hardison. Parker thinks she may sketch them later with this memory bright in her mind.

Finally, for the first time that night, Alec addresses Eliot. “You can put that burden down.” He knows this is unfair but it’s the time that feels right for them. Eliot’s hands rest on his hips, fingers digging into the skin above Hardison’s ass. “We’ve got you, El. We love you.” And isn’t it fitting that Alec is the one who says what they’re all thinking. What they’re all always thinking.

Elliot leans up and kisses Alec in response. Their bodies move slowly at first, building up the pleasure, but soon Parker watches Alec’s thrusts get harder. He presses his palms to the bed, gets the leverage he’s seeking, changes the angle. Elliot closed his eyes and tilts his head back as Alec drives into the beautiful spot inside of him.

Parker leans over and pulls Alec into a deep kiss. It’s short, cut off by Alec so he can pull in a deep breath. He loses his rhythm as his orgasm hits him and he thrusts shallowly against Eliot’s hips as he comes down.

Elliot groans at his denied release but he knows why, knows what she wants. Alec slides out of him slowly and is quickly replaced with a grinning Parker. She shows off the plug in her hands before sliding the lubed silicone between his legs, sealing Hardison’s come inside him.

Parker shifts over his hips and curls up against Hardinson’s body, letting him spoon her from behind. She wiggles her hips a little and reaches for Eliot, who rolls closer instantly. His hand finds Alec’s on Parker’s hip. Their fingers entwine.

Parker wraps her arms around Elliot’s shoulders and lifts her leg onto his hips. Somewhere in the time Alec was taking Eliot apart, she’d pulled off all of her clothes. Eliot kisses her slowly while he lines himself up and slides into her.

Alec kisses her shoulder, sucks marks into her neck that she’d have to cover up if only for the sake of Breanna. Eliot sucks on her lower lip, pulls it between his teeth, teases and taunts her while he fucks her slowly back into Alec’s waiting arms.

Alec pulls his hand away from Eliot’s to slide his hand between them and press his finger against Parker’s clit. The angle is awkward at times but the brush of Alec’s knuckles against his cock as he pumps it in and out of their Parker more than made up for it. He holds his orgasm back as Hardison works Parker closer and closer to her climax. Finally, Parker breaks the kiss to sigh deeply as she climaxes. She looked over at Eliot through hooded lids as he pumps into her twice more and then spills inside of her. Alec smiles at Eliot over her shoulder.

“I’m glad the family is back together,” Parker whispers into the night around them.

Eliot slides slowly out of her and rolls onto his stomach so she can slide the toy gently out of him. He deposits it over the edge of the bed along with the lube. Then he crawls under the blankets and waits for them to join him.

They both hold Parker tightly between them. “I’m sorry I made you worry,” Eliot apologizes.

“It’s what we do. We worry and we steal things.”

Parker laughs at Alec but doesn’t contradict him. Eliot leans over her and kisses Alec softly. “Sweet dreams,” he whispers. Then he kisses Parker too. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

Parker smiles and tilts her head to kiss Alec. “I love you two,” she replies.

“Goodnight,” Alec finishes. “Don’t let the unpromising bad guys bite.”

Parker and Eliot both groan at the terrible joke but Alec doesn’t care. He just pulls his people closer to him and holds on tight.