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where you belong

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I'm in control, when you give me your body, 
I feel our souls burnin' up when
I'm inside of you 


Carlos rubs at his tired eyes, looking without really seeing the computer screen before him. It’s been a long day and while Carlos is glad to be seated at his desk now, having time to catch his breath, his work is hardly holding his attention.


His phone buzzes on his desk, the push notification alerting him to a text from TK. It’s a welcomed break from logging in his report.


TK is lucky enough to have the day off but Carlos has no doubt that his boyfriend must be bored at home without him for company.


Carlos unlocks the phone and goes straight to his messages, almost dropping his phone when he sees the text his boyfriend has sent him.


TK is in bed, arm outstretched to angle the phone’s camera to his whole body. Carlos can’t think or breathe for a moment as he takes in the image of TK in a black thong that peeks out over a pair of sweats, hip cocked to the camera to show off a bit of his ass.


Carlos curses under his breath and looks up to find his partner eyeing him.


Mitchell raises her brow in question. He tosses her a quick smile though he’s certain it’s not very convincing. His mind is already spiraling, that picture of TK taking up every square inch of his thoughts.


Carlos swallows hard and clears his throat before responding.


Carlos: Are you trying to kill me? 

TK: *entice you 

TK: i miss you. your shift is taking forever 

Carlos: I wish I were there now but I’ll be home sooner than you think. And then, you’re mine, okay?


Carlos sighs and puts his phone down, getting back to the report in front of him. It’s little more than data entry. It would be easy to lose himself in the monotony of it but his thoughts keep circling back to that picture.


His phone buzzes once again with a message from TK about twenty minutes later. It’s a video bookended with messages for him to only watch when he’s alone. Behind the play symbol, the image is of TK’s legs pushed up with a hand on his thigh.


Carlos knows he ought to wait, that this video is going to start something within him that he can’t finish while at work but he needs to see it immediately.


He gets up from his desk, trying his best not to all-out sprint to the bathroom. He’s already managed to get Mitchell looking at him funny earlier.


Carlos goes into the stall and lowers the volume on his phone completely before pressing play.


On screen he watches as TK rubs against his thigh before slipping a hand into the crotch of the thong and pulling himself out. TK is hard, cock already leaking as he begins to jerk himself off.


Carlos can feel himself hardening as TK masterbates and Carlos loathes the fact that he can’t listen to this at full volume, just imagining the sinful noises his boyfriend must be letting out as his hand twists and turns along his length.


Carlos continues to watch, TK’s shaft moving so quickly and Carlos can just picture his hand in place there, feeling TK throbbing against his palm. It gets Carlos’ cock twitching, back resting against the wall. TK’s wrist flicks back and forth hurriedly, little white beads pearling on his tip.


Carlos bites back a moan, easily picturing himself taking a swipe and tasting him.


TK comes on screen, his release pooling over his fist. The camera switches from his spent cock to TK’s blissful face giving him a wink before the video ends.


Carlos squeezes himself over the fabric of his pants, willing his erection to go away. His eyes close and it takes every bit of his strength not to picture himself fucking TK right now. That would hardly help his case at this moment.


Carlos’ grip on his phone tightens and he focuses on his breathing. After a few moments he calms himself down. He licks his lips and unlocks his phone again, firing off a quick text to TK.


Carlos: You’re gonna pay for that when I get home


TK: counting on it…



It’s a miracle Carlos is able to get through his shift. He hurriedly packs his things and gets out, practically racing for his car with his phone already in hand. 


Carlos closes the door and instantly clicks on the video again, this time blasting the sound as high as he can.


Even though he’s already seen the clip, it still arouses him greatly. On screen, TK tells him how badly he misses him, how much he wants Carlos to be touching him.


TK’s dirty talk leaves him hard and breathless, the video only managing to get even hotter now with TK’s moans and whimpers accompanying.


Carlos’ cock is heavy between his legs as he rewatches the last few seconds of TK masterbating, watching with awe at just how hard his orgasm was. It’s enough to bring Carlos close to his own end right then and there.


Carlos undoes the button on his pants and pulls down the zipper to release some pressure. The pit of his stomach is tight and he clutches the steering wheel to collect himself. His cock is hard against his thigh, leaving a prominent imprint. He snaps a picture and sends it to TK who quickly responds.


TK: come home

TK: now


Carlos grins at his screen before starting the car and making his way home, every bit as anxious.


As he steps into the condo, the first thing he notes is how quiet it is. He toes off his shoes and makes his way up the stairs to their bedroom, hearing soft sounds from inside.


Carlos pushes back the door and stops in the threshold, eyes feasting on the sight before him.


“Fucking hell, TK,” Carlos mutters as he leans against the door frame.


In the center of their bed, TK is half-naked, his torso exposed. Gone now are the sweatpants from before; TK is sprawled out with his hand inside the delicate underwear, stroking himself.


He turns his face to the door, not a drop of shame or shyness to be seen.


“Evening, Officer Reyes,” TK greets with a lazy smile.


Carlos stands back and watches him for a moment before daring to come closer. 


TK sits up on his knees in bed, giving Carlos an even better view of his body now, removing his hand. Carlos drinks him in, eyes roaming all over his frame  and down to his hips, the black fabric in stark contrast to his skin.


“Once again I say, you’re trying to kill me. There’s no other explanation for this.”


TK smiles demurely, running a hand down his own chest and to his cock over the thin material.


“I’m trying to get you to fuck me senseless tonight.”


Carlos watches him hungrily. “You’re so horny. What’s gotten into you? Not that I’m complaining, mind you,” he says, taking off his work belt.


He unlocks the safe in the closet to stow away his gun. Before he closes it, Carlos takes the cuffs and keys off their tabs and sets them down on the nightstand.


He turns back to TK who reaches out for his hand and Carlos lets him take it and tug him close. TK pulls back the band on his underwear and guides Carlos’ hand to his bare cock.


Carlos sighs, swallowing hard. TK guides him to squeeze, his mouth falling open. TK’s cock is slick against his palm. 


TK rests his forehead against Carlos’, his breathing heavy, one hand slipping into Carlos’ hair at the nape of his neck.


“I just want it so bad tonight. I’ve been driving myself crazy all evening. I can’t think about anything else but you.”


Carlos grins at this and begins stroking his boyfriend, hearing the shift in TK’s breathing already. 


“What exactly do you want, TK? Hmm?”


Carlos rubs the pad of his thumb against the tip of his boyfriend’s cock. TK lets out a high pitched whimper, his eyes squeezing shut.


“Use your words, babe,” Carlos teases, kissing TK’s cheek and moving to whisper in his ear. “How do you want me to wreck you?”


TK trembles, his head coming to rest on Carlos’ shoulder. 


“I want...oh god,” he pants, gripping his back. “I want you the filthiest things to me. Don’t take it easy on me. I don’t deserve it.”


Carlos smiles to himself, easily falling into this desire. 


“You definitely don’t and I’m glad you know that. I shouldn’t even be touching you right now, not after what you did tonight.”


With that Carlos removes his hand abruptly and pushes TK back against the bed. His boyfriend trembles and looks up at him helplessly.


“I’m sorry,” TK says quietly, his voice catching.


Carlos shakes his head. “No, I don’t think you are. Don’t lie to me. You knew exactly what you were doing.”


TK shifts on the bed, his head at the very top. Carlos straddles him and instantly TK runs his hands up Carlos’ thighs slowly. Carlos grinds down over him tauntingly.


“Do you know how badly I wanted to get myself off? I barely got through the rest of my shift thanks to you.”


There’s a mischievous glint in TK’s eyes, clearly unapologetic.


“But you liked it, right? Knowing I was at home just waiting for you? Touching myself, pretending it was you?” he says, hands moving to Carlos’ ass.


Carlos smirks at this. “You pictured me?”


TK scoffs and rolls his eyes. “Always. Who else would I want? But you’re here now and I’m yours to do whatever you want,” he stresses. “Anything goes. I want it rough tonight.”


“Is that so?”


TK nods, body still shaking under him. Carlos settles his hands on TK’s hips, fingering the straps of the thong before snapping them against TK’s hips.


“So sexy.” Carlos brushes a hand teasingly between TK’s legs before snatching it back.


TK whimpers. “Carlos, babe, please I need it.”


“I’ll tell you what you need and when.” TK’s mouth snaps shut, his chest rising and falling heavily.


Carlos watches him for a moment, moving his hands up TK’s torso, thumbs encircling his nipples.


“Here’s what’s going to happen tonight,” he starts out, feeling TK twitch under him.


TK’s erection makes his mouth water. All Carlos wants to do is get his mouth on his cock, to go down on him for hours and feel TK come in his mouth but he stays on task.


“You say you want it rough, we can do just that,” he agrees, pinching TK’s nipples. “But if it gets too rough, I need you to let me know. Color code.” 


This is hardly the first time they’ve been down this road but Carlos is always adamant about reaffirming the rules.


“Do you understand?”


TK nods, his eyes closing as he squirms against the bed, squeezing Carlos’ ass.


“I need to hear you say it, TK. Look at me. Do you understand me?”


TK’s eyes flutter back open.


“Yes, I do. I promise, I’ll let you know.”


Carlos nods to himself. “Good.” He leans in and kisses TK for a moment, nipping his bottom lip as he pulls away.


“Secondly, you aren’t allowed to come until I say so.”


TK groans and Carlos simply shrugs, looking right into his eyes.


“Fair is fair. I watched you get yourself off. You already came once tonight meanwhile I was at work just dying to get off. Now you’ll have to get a taste of what that was like. If I see you touching yourself, you will be punished. Third, I’m the boss tonight. No back talk, no telling me how to handle you. Don’t rush me. I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready. Am I making myself clear?”


“Yes, sir.”


Carlos feels his cock twitch at the title. 


“Learning already. Good boy.”


TK’s eyes practically light up at the acknowledgement. By far his boyfriend has the biggest praise kink he’s ever seen before.


Carlos leans in slowly to TK, watching the man’s eyes darken and widen as he encroaches on his space. Carlos takes his time in kissing him, starting slowly, their breaths catching. Carlos thrusts forward, his hard on pressed against TK’s. Carlos slips his tongue into his mouth, ensnaring it.


Carlos settles a hand in TK’s hair, grabbing a fistful as he deepens their kiss.


He soon kisses along the length of TK’s neck, sinking his teeth in at his collarbone and sucking down hard. TK moans his name, clawing at his back.


The sting makes Carlos’ hips snap forward instinctively. Carlos runs his tongue soothingly over the bite he’s made as TK undoes the buttons on his shirt. Carlos slips out of it and tosses it aside before kissing TK intently again. 


Carlos pulls back and looks at TK, his boyfriend’s lips bruised.


TK runs his hands across Carlos’ chest. Carlos lets him explore his body for a moment before getting off him.


TK pouts but seems to remember the rules enough not to question him.


“Turn over.”


TK doesn’t need to be told twice. He quickly lies on his stomach and Carlos can’t keep his hands off his ass. He massages his flesh, squeezing the mounds before delivering a sharp slap to TK’s right cheek. His boyfriend cries out in pleasure, back arching. 


“Of course you liked that,” he mutters, smoothing his hand over where he just struck. 


“Yes,” TK rasps. “Very much.”


Carlos licks his lips and slaps his ass two more times, leaving a mark on TK’s skin.


TK turns his head to look back at him. Carlos smirks and takes a hold of TK’s wrists, pulling his arms gently behind his back. He pins them in place as he reaches to the nightstand for the cuffs. TK’s eyes trail along but he doesn’t say a word. Carlos can see the excitement in his eyes nonetheless.


“This isn’t about to be a group activity. I don’t want you touching me or yourself with what I’m about to do to you,” he says, slapping his cuffs onto TK’s wrists and fastening them.


“I know how tempted you’d get. Best to eliminate the chances of you touching either of us all together.”


TK shudders against the mattress.


“Can you guess what I’m going to do?” Carlos asks, index finger skimming down TK’s back.


Carlos can hear TK let out a muffled breath against the pillow.


“You’re gonna eat me out,” he hiccups.


Carlos laughs, wedging his knee between TK’s legs and spreading him wide.


“Close,” he says, running his hands up TK’s thighs and to his ass once more. “I’m going to devour you.”


TK whimpers helplessly and Carlos smiles to himself as he leans in and kisses down the length of TK’s spine, letting his tongue caress his skin as well. TK is shaking and Carlos decides to take mercy on him.


He pulls down the thong low enough to free TK’s entrance. He presses his thumb against TK’s hole, rubbing a slow circle. TK twitches, his hands balling into fists behind his back.


“Fuck, that feels so good,” he murmurs.


Carlos grips him, giving his ass a rough squeeze before spreading him further. TK lets loose a curse at the feel of Carlos’ lips against his ass.


Carlos slips his tongue between his cheeks slowly, circling his hole just as he did with his thumb a moment ago. He takes his time, licking tantalizingly slow into him. 


He’s relentless even as TK’s body thrashes against the bed. TK is a mess, as is he, but it’s not enough to get Carlos to hurry. TK deserves this for the torture he put him through down at the station. 


His tongue plunges in deeper, lapping against his taint as TK’s back dips and he cries out. TK is opening up to him so beautifully that Carlos can’t resist slipping a finger inside him as well. TK thrusts backwards against his mouth and finger. Carlos curls the digit inside him, earning yet another deep moan to rip from his boyfriend.


TK lowers himself down to the mattress and grinds against it. For a moment Carlos gets so aroused by the sounds he makes that he doesn’t act immediately. It isn’t until he hears the different pitch in TK’s voice that he snaps out of it. Carlos snarls behind him, wrapping an arm around TK’s waist and getting him up on his knees.


TK whimpers shakily, his head lobbing to one side as Carlos holds him back against his body, growling in his ear.


“What do you think you’re doing?”


“I didn’t touch myself.”


“A technicality, really? You’re not supposed to be getting yourself off. You think that mattress can make you come better than me?” 


“Of course not, sir. I’m sorry. I just needed it.”


“You don’t need it. You want it. There’s a difference, TK.”


Carlos pushes him down to his stomach once again. TK buries his cheek against the pillow.


“I’ll be good.”


“You’d better. Naughty boys don’t get to come. Remember that,” Carlos hisses in his ear. “That's strike one.”


TK rests his forehead against the pillows. Carlos can hear him mumbling something against them.


“What did you say?”


TK sighs heavily and looks over his shoulder. 


“I want to ride your tongue again. Please, babe.”


Carlos sighs. “You had that and then you went and misbehaved. I don’t reward bad behavior. You know that, TK.”


TK spreads his legs and dips his back further, putting himself on full display. Carlos has to put a hand over his cock to keep himself in check. He could easily eat TK out all night but not with his boyfriend trying to dictate it.


“Seriously?” Carlos reprimands, smacking his ass again. 


“Don’t you want it? Don’t you love the taste?”


“Slutty behavior won’t get rewarded either. What part of I’m in charge do you not get?” he asks, gripping TK’s hair and pulling his head back gently to look at him.


TK’s pupils are completely blown. TK is so far gone and it’s the sexiest thing in the world  to him but Carlos has to remain firm in his convictions, no matter how difficult TK is making it for him now.


“You gonna punish me, Officer? Spank me again?”


Carlos growls and lets him go roughly. He gets off the bed, TK turning to look at him.


“Carlos,” he pleads desperately.


“Did you think I was joking?” Carlos says, folding his arms over his chest. “Strike two. We’ve barely even started here, TK.” 


TK buries his head in the pillows again.


“I can’t think straight.”




“Green. So green. I just want you so badly, Carlos. God, you’re driving me fucking crazy.”


Carlos smiles to himself for a moment and shakes his head.


“How about we switch gears? Hmm? See if we can’t get you to calm down and start listening again. I know you want to be good for me. I know you can be. So I’m going to give you a chance to prove yourself again.”


He takes off his belt and drops it to the floor, undoing the button and zipper. TK sits up in bed quickly, eyes zeroing in on Carlos’ hard on.


“You’re so desperate for my cock. Look at you. Get up.”


TK scrambles on his knees and gets out of bed, lowering himself at Carlos' feet.


“You’re gonna let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours. You’re gonna show me how deep you can take it. Keep that mouth nice and busy. No time for back talking, right?


TK nods as Carlos cups his face and puts his index finger in TK’s mouth. 


TK sucks on it, his eyes never leaving Carlos’. His tongue wraps around as he would a cock and Carlos watches him hungrily, his dick growing harder. He works his pants and boxer briefs off his hips, letting them pool on the floor before stepping out of them.


He stands naked in front of him now, letting TK suck his finger. TK’s eyes are so hungry, so desperate it makes Carlos breathless knowing it’s all because of him.


He squeezes himself and lets out a choked sound as he stifles the orgasm he feels building. Carlos slips his finger out of TK’s mouth. TK frowns but doesn’t say anything, just remains obediently on his knees before him.


“God, look at you” Carlos sighs, taking hold of his cock. He rubs the tip against TK’s bottom lip and feels himself stiffen even more at the look on TK’s face, the way his boyfriend’s lips part as he chases after it.


Carlos licks his lips, rubbing his dick on TK’s face, running it along his jaw and lightly tapping it against his cheeks.


TK bites back on his lower lip but Carlos can see him warring with himself; it’s obvious he wants to say something.


“Sir, please,” TK begs. “May I?”


Carlos chuckles and stands up straighter.


“Look who found some manners. I’m impressed. May you what?”


“May I suck your dick, please?”


TK looks up at him demurely through his lashes, the prettiest face Carlos has ever seen. Carlos wants to make a mess of that mouth.


“Yes, you may.”


TK draws in a breath and doesn’t hesitate once given the greenlight. His lips wrap firmly around Carlos’ length. He swallows him down, Carlos gasping at TK’s boldness. 


“It’s like you were made for it,” Carlos says, brushing TK’s hair back.


Bit by bit TK works him out of his mouth until he’s sucking just the tip. Carlos bites back on his lower lip as he watches TK work. 


TK’s tongue is the most skilled thing in the world as he rolls it flatly against Carlos’ slit before swirling around the head completely. TK works him for a few moments before carefully taking him in as far back as he can.


“Goddammit,” Carlos mutters, gripping firmly on TK's hair.


TK looks up at him then and stares as he contracts the back of his throat. Carlos’ eyes roll shut for a moment. He’s seconds away from his end, he can feel it.


“I want you to swallow every drop,” he says to TK who smiles around his length.


Carlos holds his gaze, thrusting forward and letting out a cry as he comes. His body shakes with his orgasm but below him, TK is undeterred. He stays on as Carlos works through the wave.


TK pulls off then, twisting his head to wipe his mouth off on his shoulder. Carlos lets out a staggered breath.


“Was I good for you this time?” TK asks.


Carlos pulls him up for a kiss in answer. It’s a heated, messy thing. Carlos can taste himself on TK’s lips but it does nothing to stop him from kissing him deeply, his tongue working its way into TK’s mouth. 


He walks them back towards the bed, letting TK fall back. TK is so hard; Carlos knows he must be dying for relief. He flips him over to settle on his knees.


“You were very good. So good in fact that I think you deserve a treat.”


“I thought sucking your dick was already a reward,” TK says.


Carlos laughs and lightly smacks his ass. “Such a kiss-ass but I like it,” he says, reaching over and taking out lube and a condom from their bedside table.




TK shivers as Carlos opens the bottle. “Green.”


Carlos kisses the side of his head. “Good,” he says against TK’s ear. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard. Make you take every inch of me.”


TK’s eyes flash with want and relief. “Thank you,” he rasps.


Carlos coats his fingers with the substance, lowering his hand to TK’s ass. He takes his time, curling his finger inside him, lightly striking his prostate every now and then before adding another finger.


“Carlos, please. Sir—I’ve been so good. Don’t tease me. Fuck me. Please.”


Carlos leans in and kisses TK as he rolls the condom over his length. He lines himself up and sinks into the man slowly. TK breaks their kiss, head turning to the side as he lets out a moan.


Carlos kisses his cheek, the shell of his ear, his temple as he buries himself to the hilt. TK kisses him once more as he bottoms out, hips rolling forward.


Carlos pins TK’s hands against his back as he fucks him hard into the mattress. TK buries his face in the pillow, his sounds dulled but that simply won’t do for Carlos. 


“I want to hear you,” Carlos calls out.


TK turns his face away from the pillow, his pants and moans streaming unfiltered.


Carlos wraps a hand around and jerks him off. TK lets out a choked sound and Carlos presses up against him, chin resting on his shoulder. 


“Fuck right into my fist and come for me. Nice and hard, TK.”


It doesn’t take any prompting after that for TK break. He makes a complete mess of Carlos’ hand, chasing his high. His hips move hurriedly and between the feel of TK’s release on his hand and the sounds coming out of him, Carlos feels his second orgasm of the night seeping in.


Carlos pulls out and removes the condom, the urge to mark TK so strong.


“Turn over,” he grunts, jerking himself off roughly.


TK quickly does so, eyes wide as he looks up at Carlos getting himself off like this.


“Let it out, babe,” TK says. “Right on me.”


Carlos eyes squeeze shut and his orgasm hits hard at the urging. His hand continues pumping along his shaft as he works through it.


He opens his eyes and looks at TK, the man striped with his release and looking thoroughly pleased by the fact. 


Carlos exhales heavily, shoulders sagging. 


“Was that too much?”


TK scoffs and shakes his head. “Not at all, no. That was so fucking hot, Carlos.”




TK nods and leans in. Carlos meets him halfway and kisses him. 


“You really like that?”


TK nods again and kisses at his jaw.


“It’s like you were marking your territory. I like being yours.”


Carlos looks him over. “You look so good like this,” he says, skimming a finger down TK’s body, through the sticky white coating.


TK leans forward, sucks his fingertip and moans.


“Jesus, TK.”


His boyfriend smiles and shrugs innocently but the glint in his eyes makes it very obvious that he feels no shame over it.


“You taste good. Sue me.”


“Let’s get cleaned up. These sheets are ruined,” he laughs.


“The true mark of a night well spent.”


Carlos grabs the key from off the nightstand and uncuffs TK, gingerly taking his wrists into his hands, rubbing and kissing them.


“Are you okay? Do you feel alright?” Carlos asks, searching TK’s eyes and taking stock of him.


TK nods, shaking out his arms a little.


“I feel amazing. Thank you. I really needed this tonight.”


Carlos smiles and presses a kiss to TK’s forehead.


“Always happy to help.” 


Carlos searches his face for a moment, tracing the pads of his index and middle fingers along the curve of TK’s bottom lip.


His boyfriend smiles softly at him as if the two of them now share some kind of secret.


“You know I love you right?” Carlos says.


TK leans forward, letting their foreheads touch.


TK leans forward, letting their foreheads touch.


“That’s the one thing I never have to doubt. It’s why I know I can always trust you this much.”