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hold me tighter (pull me closer)

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“Fuck, Kae, no more teasing, please...”

Breathy noises escaped Albedo’s mouth as he writhed on the mattress. It was obvious that he had never been the subject of so much feeling at once. Kaeya nipped and sucked at the man’s neck, leaving red-purple marks all over. His hand teased at Albedo’s thighs, every now and then brushing right over the insides. He couldn’t help but appreciate Albedo’s legs, especially when he wore his stockings. Both men were already completely naked, but Kaeya had requested Albedo keep the stockings.

Kaeya sat up and looked down at his partner, admiring the lovebites he had left on his shoulders. Albedo fluttered his lashes back up at Kaeya, a silent plea for more.

“What is it, Bedo?” Kaeya purred with a sultry look. “You look like you want something from me.”

“You know what I want, Kaeya,” Albedo huffed, trying to regain his composure. It was a futile attempt, Kaeya thought. He would have Albedo squirming again in moments. 

“Oho, I’m not sure I do,” Kaeya teased. He ran his hands up and down the smooth flat of Albedo’s chest, pausing to tweak at his already puffy nipples. An indignant squeak was heard above him, but Kaeya chose to ignore it. He leaned down to lick at Albedo’s left nipple while rolling the other in between his fingers. 

Albedo gripped Kaeya’s shoulder needily. “Please, need more,” he gasped out. 

Kaeya drew back with a line of saliva connecting his lips to Albedo’s abused nipple. “What do you need?” he asked sweetly. “Beg nice and pretty, and I’ll think about giving you what you want.”

A pout formed on Albedo’s face, to which Kaeya could only laugh. He traced his finger in a heart along Albedo’s chest. “Come on, don’t be shy now. You wanna be good for me, don’t you?” 

Albedo couldn’t help but nod eagerly. His mind clouded at the thought of Kaeya fingering him, fucking him, doing anything to him. His thighs clenched, and he could feel himself dripping at the idea. “Touch me, Kaeya, my pussy, please,” he cried out needily. He rocked his hips up in an attempt to entice Kaeya further.

An excited shiver ran up Kaeya’s spine at the plea. He had Albedo wrapped around his finger, and he was going to ravish him. He laughed wickedly with a smirk. “Since you asked so nicely.”

In a flash, Albedo’s thighs were spread apart and Kaeya’s breath was hot against Albedo. Albedo thrusted his hips forward in anticipation. Kaeya laughed softly, but silenced himself by pressing his tongue flat against Albedo’s folds. A sharp intake of breath told Kaeya that Albedo was already enjoying himself. Kaeya lapped at Albedo, savouring the tangy taste of Albedo flooding his senses. He could sit there between Albedo’s thighs all day getting drunk off of just the other man. 

Kaeya swiped his tongue against Albedo’s hole up to his clit, beginning to finally please him there. He sucked on the bud eagerly, dragging moans out of Albedo’s mouth. Albedo fisted his hand into Kaeya’s hair with a groan and threw his legs around Kaeya’s head. 

“A-ah, Kaeya, you feel so good,” he puffed. “I love how your mouth feels around me.” Albedo’s face scrunched up as he rolled his hips against Kaeya’s face.

The captain didn’t seem to mind. Instead, he seemed to enjoy it even more. He inhaled deeply, loving the scent of Albedo.  He hummed slightly, which caused Albedo to jolt and moan out. Smirking against his partner, Kaeya continued to lap at Albedo passionately. He reached a hand up and nudged his finger into Albedo, fucking him down to his knuckle. Another desperate moan fell from Albedo’s lips. Kaeya was getting off just on the sounds alone. He rocked his hips against the mattress to try and get some friction of his own as he fucked his finger into his boyfriend. Albedo tugged at Kaeya’s hair and kept grinding against his face and fingers. 

“Hng, c’mon, Kae, so close,” Albedo whimpered. He was watching Kaeya with a lust-filled gaze, craving just the last few pushes over the edge. Kaeya slipped another finger in and thrusted his fingers rapidly. He moved his head back and used his other hand to rub Albedo’s clit needily. 

Albedo’s pitch grew higher, his thighs tensing as he felt his release building up. The coil in his stomach tightened as his thighs clenched. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, Kaeya!” Albedo shouted as he squirted. Liquid dripped down onto the mattress and coated Kaeya’s fingers, pulling a satisfied hum from Kaeya.

“Aww, did my pretty boy just squirt from my fingers and mouth? How cute,” Kaeya teased with a grin. A debauched expression was already on Albedo’s face as he panted, looking at his partner through half-lidded eyes. “You don’t think we’re done here, do you? You wouldn’t want to leave me without anything. A good boy would want to do that for me.”

Albedo let out a soft whine and nodded. “Ngh, uh huh,” he agreed breathlessly. He watched as Kaeya straddled Albedo’s lap and spread his folds with glistening fingers, giving Albedo an eyeful. 

“You’ll eat me out after I fuck you, alright, sweetheart? Spread your pretty legs for me,” Kaeya hummed as he got up. He fitted the strap snugly against him as Albedo lay spread out on the mattress. Albedo reached down, sliding his fingers between his folds and shivering at the slick noise. Kaeya almost turned around at the noise, but instead just smirked. He loved knowing how desperate he made Albedo. 

As Albedo toyed with himself, Kaeya returned and positioned himself between Albedo’s thighs. He pressed the pseudo-cock against Albedo’s hole and glanced at the shorter man. “Are you ready?” he taunted.

Albedo wriggled his hips to try and get Kaeya to get on with it already. “Yes, Kae.”

“Hmm, alright then.”

With his words, Kaeya pushed in. He placed a hand on Albedo’s waist, barely giving him time before he started to rut into Albedo. 

Albedo’s stomach fluttered as he clenched around Kaeya’s cock. He moaned out as waves of overstimulation hit him. He hadn’t fully recovered from the first orgasm Kaeya had ripped from him, and he could tell he wouldn’t last long with Kaeya at this rate. Kaeya was too good at fucking him just the right way, whether it was his hands, mouth, or cock. 

“Hah! Kaeya, too much, fuck!” Albedo sobbed out, hands flailing out to grab the sheets. Kaeya huffed and held onto Albedo’s hips tighter, only fucking into him harder. 

“You can take it,” Kaeya cooed in between thrusts. “Such a good little cocksleeve for me. Hugging my cock like it’s all you know.” He held onto Albedo’s waist, hard enough that it was sure to bruise, but Albedo couldn’t care. His mind was focused on the cock pounding into him. Kaeya angled his hips just slightly, trying to adjust and find Albedo’s sweet spot. Once a particularly loud moan was elicited from Albedo’s mouth, Kaeya knew he had found it. Without hesitation, he repeatedly thrusted to hit that same spot over and over again, driving Albedo insane.

“Kae, Kae, Kae, so close!” Albedo cried out, rocking his hips in time to meet Kaeya’s thrusts. Slick, obscene noises filled the entire room. It was a shock Kaeya dipped down and enveloped Albedo into a deep kiss, sucking on his bottom lip. Albedo couldn’t help but moan into his mouth. The coiling feeling was returning to his stomach, and he could feel himself tensing up. Just as he was reaching his peak, the cock inside him started to vibrate. It was enough to send Albedo tumbling over the edge, legs spasming as his hole desperately fluttered around the dildo.

“Fuck, Kaeya!” Albedo cried out with his toes curling. Kaeya pounded into Albedo just a few more times before pulling out, panting slightly himself. He could feel himself throbbing as wetness dripped between his thighs. Albedo’s moans truly sparked something in him. He took off the strap and set it aside, giving Albedo a few moments to recover before he came over again.

Kaeya ran his fingers through Albedo’s hair gently. “What a good boy, taking my cock so nice. Your pretty little hole is so greedy for me,” he praised. “Do you think you can get me off now, hmm?” 

Albedo nodded, too fucked out to give a proper reply. He opened his mouth obediently.

“That’s my good boy,” Kaeya purred. He straddled the sides of Albedo’s head and spread his folds with his pointer and middle finger. He knew he was already pulsing just at the thought of Albedo.  He eased himself down onto Albedo’s face, and Albedo eagerly got to lapping at him, as if he had been starving. He sucked Kaeya’s engorged clit desperately and licked at his folds. Kaeya’s back arched, and he let out a long string of curses. 

“Ah, yeah, just like that, Albedo,” Kaeya praised. “So good, so good for me.” 

Albedo hummed in content. He pressed his tongue to Kaeya’s hole and pushed it in just enough for Kaeya to enjoy it. He put his hands on Kaeya’s thighs to keep him steady as he ate him out. 

“Fuck, Bedo, gonna cum soon if you keep that up,” Kaeya breathed out. His hips rocked forward, and he grinded against Albedo’s tongue. He moaned out loudly, tossing his head back. “So cute between my thighs. Your pretty lips wrapped around my cock is a sight to behold.”

Another hum was Kaeya’s only reply. Kaeya continued to rut against his boyfriend’s face in a desperate attempt for pleasure. He wanted to cum, and he wanted to do it now

“Come on, give me all you’ve got,” Kaeya encouraged. The alchemist greedily dug his nails into Kaeya’s thighs, now more eager to bring him to his release. He twisted his tongue and suckled on Kaeya hungirly. 

It only took a few more moments for Kaeya to feel himself getting closer to his release. He swallowed harshly and desperately grinded against Albedo’s face.

“Nnh, hah, Bedo, so close, give it to me,” Kaeya whined out. Albedo made no sign of moving. Instead, he indulged deeper and dragged a much long awaited orgasm from Kaeya.

The captain’s legs spasmed as he came. His entire body shook as his thighs squeezed the side of Albedo’s head.  Flavor burst on Albedo’s tongue, but he didn’t complain. He just licked it up, drawing a long whine from Kaeya.

Kaeya let himself sit for a few moments to regain himself before rolling off of Albedo. He threw an arm over Albedo’s chest lazily with a content hum. “Well, I found that I quite enjoyed myself,” he stated after a minute or so. 

Albedo made a noise of agreement. His eyes were already falling shut, but Kaeya couldn’t say he was far behind him. A perfectly timed yawn just happened to prove his point.

“Perhaps we should have a round two when we wake up. What do you say?”

A beat of silence passed.

“We’ll see.”