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“Gahyeon,” Yoohyeon called rather loudly even though she was laying down on the girls lap.

“Yes?” Gahyeon asked. She kept her gaze to the sky which was full with puffs of clouds.

“What do you like so much about the clouds?” Yoohyeon asked.

Gahyeon thought for a second. “I don’t know. I guess I just like how fluffy they look. Really how they look in general. I once read a story of a boy who lived in the clouds and I guess it’s stuck with me.”

“Oh?” Yoohyeon questioned. She wasn’t aware that Gahyeon read books.

“Yes, Yoohyeon.” Gahyeon said with a knowing smile. “You forget that I can go to land whenever I please.”

“Right.” Yoohyeon nodded to herself. How could she forget when Gahyeon was doing it right now? Silly her. “How did the boy live in the clouds?”

“He was special,” Gahyeon paused, trying to remember the story. It had been a while since she thought about it and even longer since she had read it. “Or was it that he had a special gadget? Anyways, he shaped some clouds into a house, others into a pool, and finally, he made a colosseum.”

“Do you want a colosseum?” Yoohyeon noticed the smile that had spread over Gahyeon’s lips when she mentioned it. Gahyeon nodded, her smile widening.

“I do! I want one carved into the side of a cavern where no one will ever come across it. Not by accident at least.”

“I can visit though, right?”

“Sure, Yoohyeon.” Gahyeon lowered her gaze from the sky to Yoohyeon. “You might drown though.”

“I’ll be okay! I’ll bring a lot of oxygen tanks so you don’t have to worry about me!”

Gahyeon hummed and turned her gaze upwards again. Yoohyeon turned on her lap so that she could better face the girl.

“Or…” She trailed off. “You could just turn me and I could help you build it as well.”

Gahyeon snorted. “Fat chance, love. You’re staying right here on land where you belong.”

Yoohyeon whined. She propped herself up, the motion forcing Gahyeon to look at her once more.

“There’s nothing left for me here.”

Gahyeon gazed at Yoohyeon with sadness in her eyes. It weighed down on her.

“You shouldn’t say that so easily. Bora and Jiu would be sad to hear it.”

“Screw them. They want you dead.”

“For good reason, Yoohyeon.”

“What reason is good enough?”

“I’ve stolen you away from them, haven’t I? I’ve gotten you hating your life which is far more better than it could ever be under the sea.”

Yoohyeon shook her head. “You would be there. That’s what would make it a hundred times better!”

Now it was Gahyeon’s turn to shake her head. “You don’t understand, Yoohyeon. If I were to turn you then you would have no one. That’s how it works. It’s a curse placed on you and it’s burden shouldn’t be taken so lightly.”

“So you’re saying you’re only with me because I’m human and not a siren?” Yoohyeon questioned, feeling anger creep up on her. Gahyeon shook her head again.

“If I cursed you then you would forget everything. Bora, Jiu… even me. I can’t protect your memories and they won’t stay no matter how much you love me.”

Yoohyeon remained silent as she thought it over.

“I could fall in love with you again.” She said, her voice barely above a whisper. “I know I would.”

“Perhaps. But it’s not happening. Let’s just enjoy the time we have, yeah?” Gahyeon urged her with a soft smile that Yoohyeon couldn’t refuse. She gave in and lowered herself back onto Gahyeon’s lap.

“What if you were to live with me?” Yoohyeon suddenly asked. Gahyeon’s brow furrowed deeply. Yoohyeon had never proposed such a thing before. “I could get a house by the beach so not being near the water wouldn’t be an issue. It would also be out of the hunters jurisdiction like it is here which mean-”

“It means they couldn’t touch us.” Gahyeon finished for her.

“Exactly!” Yoohyeon was sitting up once again. Gahyeon licked her lips as she thought it over.

“But wouldn’t it get you fired? Moving in with a siren? And what if Bora and Jiu were to stop talking to you over this?” While Yoohyeon had earlier claimed that she wouldn’t care to go on without them, Gahyeon also knows how much they mean to Yoohyeon. How much they actually mean and it’s a lot.

“They would have to come around to it. If not then it was never meant to be and I can find new friends. They don’t call me a golden retriever for nothing.” Yoohyeon grinned.

Gahyeon was at a loss for words. It was actually a plausible idea. It could work.

“How about this? I’ll let you think about it and in the meantime I’ll look into some of the things that would need to happen. How does that sound?”

When Gahyeon shook her head, Yoohyeon felt her heart sink.

“No, I don’t need time to think.” Gahyeon looked Yoohyeon deeply in the eyes. “I’m in.”

“Y-your in?” Truthfully, Yoohyeon hadn’t been expecting that.

“Of course! That is the best idea you’ve ever had, Yoohyeon!” Gahyeon cheered. She was practically jumping with joy at the thought of being able to move in with Yoohyeon. She just wonders why they hadn’t thought of it sooner.

“Alright!” Yoohyeon cheered with her.

The two of them were jumping up and down on the pier like little kids. They only stopped because one of the rotting planks gave way beneath Yoohyeon’s feet and she almost fell through.

The clouds were especially beautiful that day.