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You're the only star I need

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Siyeon kneeled in front of Gahyeon. Her head was lowered and her gaze on the feet in front of her.

“I swear on my life-” A loud sigh cut over Siyeons words.

“You swore your life to me last time as well. What are you, a cat? You don’t have so many lives, Siyeon.”

“I swear on my life to never betray you.” Siyeon began again only for Gahyeon to sigh again.

“Get up. You’re embarrassing me.”

Siyeon stayed kneeling.

“I said-Get up!” Gahyeon tried to pull the knight to her feet but Siyeon wouldn’t let her. “Please.”

“Not until you accept my oath, M’lady.”

“Your oath is not of pure heart, knight.” Gahyeon punctuated. Siyeon’s head fell ever so slightly.

“It is. I swear it's so.”

“Stop,” Gahyeon forced herself to take a deep breath. “Stop making promises you’re not going to keep. I cannot accept your oath so there is no point in you kneeling. Stop it at once”

“Cannot or will not?”

“Will not.”

Silence befell them as Gahyeon waited for Siyeon to rise but she did not. The knight stayed perfectly still.

“Why not?” Came Siyeons question. Gahyeon couldn’t stand how Siyeons voice cracked.

“You already know why,” Gahyeon said, turning her gaze away from the pitiful knight. “It cannot be.”

“Cannot or will not?” Siyeon asked again, only she looked up this time. There were tears streaming down her cheeks as there were down Gahyeons. Neither of them spoke of it. Instead, they held each other's gaze.

Gahyeon’s lips parted but a response didn’t fall from them as easily. Siyeon took it as a good sign.

“If you give me one more chance, I will not let M’lady down. I’ll be damned to go back to those greedy thieves in the castle that call themselves royalty.”

“Oh Siyeon..,” Gahyeon shut her eyes for but a moment. “Do you really mean it this time?”

Siyeon nodded eagerly. She had learned her lesson and would not dare to make the same mistake. Losing Gahyeon's trust had been a costly price to Siyeon.

“I wouldn’t betray you even if it would put all of the stars into my hands.” Gahyeon smiled and nodded slowly.


“Okay?” Gahyeon nodded again, a small chuckle escaping her lips. “M’lady, I swear on my life to never put you in harm's way nor allow any harm to come to you. I swear to love you as long as the universe is wide.”

“Dear knight, I accept your oath.” Gahyeon tapped each of Siyeons shoulders with her hand, seeing as she didn’t have a sword.

Siyeon stood, her armour clinking against itself and she took Gahyeons hands and held them firmly. She didn’t let another second pass before pulling Gahyeon into a tight hug.

“Please don’t leave me again.” Gahyeon asked, her voice muffled against Siyeons chest plate.

“Never.” Siyeon promised.