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"Home," Tissaia thought as the interior of her office came into view through the opened portal. A small smile turned the corners of her lips upwards at the sight and it widened when a hand found her own, squeezing reassuringly.
She looked over at her companion. Yennefer.

She marveled at herself sometimes, how easy it had been to open up to Yennefer already during their first meeting, to trust her and let herself fall headlong into this intense connection they shared. It was rather unusual behaviour for her. Apparently not when it came to Yennefer, though. Everything was different where Yennefer was concerned and Tissaia couldn’t find it in herself to care.
Looking back, she remembered countless nights of yearning for the raven haired woman’s forgiveness, and wishing for their relationship to change. Even if it was just to be of a platonic sort - although she had preferred a romantic one, even decades ago - she had been pining after Yennefer and had always berated herself for it. She was too old for such foolishness, for these shenanigans.
But everything had changed that one night, not too long ago. Had it only been two weeks? Barely, if that. But it felt like eternity already, and not enough at the same time.

Side by side they stepped from the dark, cold alley behind the inn in Vizima where they’d dropped off Jaskier, and through the portal she had created for them into the warmth of her office.

She could feel Yennefer’s gaze on her as the portal collapsed behind them and they were truly alone for the first time in six days.
Her posture slackened a bit in relaxation and realisation, just as Yennefer’s breathy chuckle caressed her ear. It hadn’t been a terribly long journey, but it had felt longer than it had been due to the fact that for one, there had been lingering gazes and touches, then also the thoughts they had exchanged, and the prospect of coming back, finally free of the forced connection the Witcher had put upon Yennefer against her will.

A soft sigh escaped her mouth as she felt lips grace the shell of her ear, bringing her out of her thoughts and back to the present rather abruptly. The lips started ghosting over her cheekbone and settling shortly on the tip of her nose in a soft touch, before finally pressing firmly, lovingly, against her lips.
Yennefer had moved to stand in front of her without Tissaia even noticing. She had been distracted by those magical lips against her own.

“Magical lips, how original,” she thought to herself with a slight irritation. But then all thought was lost when she felt Yennefer’s fingertips traveling up her neck and into her hair.

“Hmm.. I don’t know about you,” she interrupted their kiss, “but I need a bath.” Her eyes glimmered mischievously as she watched Yennefer’s violet eyes darken considerably.
“Care to join me?” she whispered as she leaned up a little to bring them close again, their mouths brushing as she spoke.

Yennefer gave a whimper and bit her lip. Tissaia wanted to sink her own teeth into that luscious lip, so she closed the remaining distance and captured Yennefer’s mouth with her own again, sucking on her bottom lip and biting down gently.
At that, a moan escaped one of them, but neither could’ve said from whom it had originated.
Releasing it with a quiet “pop”, Tissaia pulled back, watching Yennefer intently, as she raised an eyebrow, waiting for a reaction.
She wouldn’t be disappointed if Yennefer said no. Because as much as she wanted Yennefer, and for as long as she had been craving for them to connect in such an intimate and decidedly sexual way, she’d wait until the younger woman was ready, no matter how long it would take. It didn’t diminish her want for the woman, but patience was something she had learned to have, especially where Yennefer was concerned.

They had talked at length about Yennefer’s reasoning to wait with that aspect of their relationship in the first place. It was a decision Tissaia had understood and fully supported. Yennefer had wanted to wait until the Witcher would no longer be a factor. Tissaia wholeheartedly agreed.
A growl worked its way up her throat. She knew she often was being ridiculously jealous and a tad too possessive of Yennefer, but the younger woman hadn’t complained too much so far and Tissaia was certain those feelings would calm down once her heart had caught up to the fact that Yennefer was now hers and there was no longer a threat of anyone else showing up and laying claim to what was hers.

Of course Yennefer was her own person and knew her own mind. That was something they had talked about shortly after the words of possession had fallen between them the first time.
They both understood that while they both were strong-minded individuals, they felt a sense of belonging with each other. Yennefer was as much hers, as she was Yennefer’s.

She took a tiny and almost reluctant step away from the warm body pressed against hers and then, after another long suggestive look at Yennefer’s lips, she turned and headed towards the door leading into her bed chambers. She felt Yennefer’s eyes following her, but didn’t falter in her steps.
From there, she strode quickly into the bathroom, where she twirled her hands and focused for a few seconds to fill her bathtub with steaming water. She left the door open in clear invitation for Yennefer.
Instead of adding her usual lavender scent to the water, she summoned a bottle of white lilac extract and poured a little into the tub.

Carefully, Tissaia pulled the chain of her ever-present necklace over her head and placed it on the vanity. Just as she was starting to unbutton her dress, she heard the door close behind her and only a few seconds later, her hands were covered by the other woman’s.

“Let me?” was asked in a hushed voice. Violet eyes studied her own intently and what Tissaia saw in their depth took her breath away. There was a swirl of emotion in her eyes, longing and love, and an apparent hunger.

She swallowed roughly and nodded. The anticipation was building low in her belly, something she hadn’t felt in far too long, she realised.
Not breaking eye contact with the other woman, she pulled her own hands out from underneath Yennefer’s and nodded at her to proceed.

The smile she received in return did nothing to quell the excitement still building inside her. Taking a deep breath, she settled her own hands on Yennefer’s hips to steady herself.
She had been undressed by other people in her life before, but never had she felt so precious, so worshipped.
The way Yennefer’s eyes travelled over each inch of skin that was being revealed felt different from anyone else laying eyes on her before.
She took in a sharp breath when Yennefer’s hands finally pushed the dress down and her hands settled on the bare skin of her hips. When her thumbs caressed lightly, Tissaia couldn’t stop the shiver running down her spine. She bit her lip and looked up at Yennefer through her lashes.

“May I?” she asked, wanting to return the favour, and feeling desperate to feel Yennefer’s skin against her own.

Yennefer swallowed and nodded, her eyes never leaving Tissaia’s own eyes either, as she watched the brunette starting to reach around her, blindly finding the fastening of her dress.
Within seconds, the dress pooled around her feet and Tissaia couldn’t keep her eyes from roaming over Yennefer’s exposed body any longer.
She could feel her heart rate speed up, could feel wetness pooling between her legs. The brunette could feel Yennefer tremble, whether from arousal or the cool air she couldn’t say.
Slowly she let her fingertips trail up from Yennefer’s hips to right underneath her breasts, not daring to go any further yet, and then back down.

Without words, they simultaneously moved forward, closing the little distance left between them and pressing bare skin on bare skin for the very first time.
Tissaia couldn’t stop the gasp from escaping, and neither could she stop the sigh that followed immediately after. Yennefer’s skin against hers, her arms around her felt… like coming home. It was everything.
Tissaia felt lightheaded from arousal by now and she shivered in Yennefer’s arms.

She buried her face against the other woman’s neck, inhaling her, pressing tiny kisses against her throat at first, before biting down and sucking on the skin, bruisingly, marking her.
Yennefer inhaled sharply, her hand coming up and gently cupping the back of Tissaia’s head to keep her in place, threading her fingers into her hair that was still in a loose bun at the base of her neck from their travels.
Pushing Yennefer gently towards the tub, she started trailing kisses up her neck, along her jaw and, standing on her toes, pressed a tender kiss to her lips.
It quickly turned into a heated exchange, when Yennefer’s tongue begged for entry.
Moaning into the kiss, Tissaia brought one of her hands up between them, letting her fingertips trail ever so lightly against the underside of Yennefer’s breast. It made the raven haired woman moan in anticipation.

They broke their kiss, heavily panting. Tissaia smirked and pulled away slightly but not far, taking hold of the other woman’s hands instead, as neither of them wanted to lose contact for even a second. They stepped carefully into the tub holding onto each other.
The brunette hissed in pleasure at the first touch of the warm and soothing water against her skin.
She noticed how Yennefer avoided looking down, and how she instead didn’t take her eyes off of Tissaia. She knew why, or at least could imagine several reasons - the form of her body before her ascension being one of them - and decided to distract the younger mage from any kind of negative thoughts that could pass through her mind.
She pulled Yennefer close and hugged her taller frame against her smaller one tightly.

“Let’s bathe quickly and move this to our bed instead, hm?” she said in a gentle voice, realising that their first time shouldn’t be in a place where Yennefer felt uncomfortable.
“Let me take care of you, Yenna,” she added in a whisper.

It wasn’t suggestive and it wasn’t meant that way. Not yet, Tissaia thought, and smiled lovingly up at the other woman. She would be taking care of Yennefer in whichever way the mage needed. Right now, that was cleaning them both up after several days of sleeping outside. Later though, she knew, a different kind of “taking care” would follow. Finally.

Yennefer swallowed and nodded. Her eyes were open and trusting, and her lips curled up into a hesitant smile.

“You’re safe with me, dear,” Tissaia whispered and guided her down into the water by her shoulders, making sure to kneel in front of her and keeping their gazes locked.

“I know. I trust you implicitly, Tissaia,” Yennefer replied, her smile more genuine now, albeit still small.

The brunette leaned forward and captured her lips in a tender, soothing kiss, before caringly but methodically washing Yennefer’s body and hair, washing away the dust and sweat from travelling.
The dark haired woman closed her eyes and Tissaia could feel the muscles relax under her ministrations, the tension of the situation and the past few days finally falling off of the younger woman.

Once she was finished, she pressed a kiss to her forehead and left the decision to Yennefer of whether she wanted to stay in the fragrant, warm and gently steaming water to wait for Tissaia finishing her own bath or to get out and wait in the bedroom.
But Yennefer leaned back in the tub, and, keeping her eyes on Tissaia, said nothing, just watched her, letting her violet eyes follow Tissaia’s every movement.

The brunette smiled at her briefly before going about her business. She disentangled her hair that had still been in the bun and started the process of washing it with her lavender soap, before cleaning the rest of her own body quickly.
While the arousal had turned into more of a low simmering heat, it was still very much present in the back of her mind and she desperately wanted to finish their bath to get Yennefer comfortable. Comfortable enough to have her way with her, now that she finally was free.
When she met Yennefer’s gaze again, she could see the heat in the violet orbs. Watching her clean herself must’ve done nothing to quell the other woman’s own desire. She smirked and stood up, water droplets running down the length of her body, dripping from her breasts, her hair, her shoulders.

Without any prompting and faster than Tissaia had expected, Yennefer stood as well and stepped closer to her, making the bath water swash over the edge of the tub and onto the floor. Tissaia couldn’t help the small glare at the younger woman’s actions, but then she became aware of how close Yennefer’s body was to her own now. Close enough that they were touching again. As the glare faded away and turned into a look of pure hunger, hands found their ways over wet skin, exploring unhindered and curiously, their gaze never breaking.

“I..” Yennefer brought out breathlessly, “I need you, Tissaia… please, take me to bed.”

With a determined look in her eyes and a smirk still on her lips, Tissaia guided them out of the tub, grabbed towels for both of them to dry their bodies off quickly, and then dried both their hair with a swirl of her hand. Until finally, naked as they were, they made their way towards her bed.
Pushing Yennefer to sit at the edge of it, she pecked her lovingly on the lips once, twice, before taking a deep, calming breath. She didn’t want to rush too much, but they were both desperate by now. Desperate to touch and feel and explore each other. So she motioned for the younger woman to move up on the bed and lie down. Yennefer complied instantly and scooted herself backwards, situating herself in the middle of the bed, on her back.
Violet eyes that were shining with hunger then watched as Tissaia moved onto the bed on all fours, stalking towards her with an almost predatory gleam in her eyes.

Hovering above Yennefer, finally, still on her knees between Yennefer’s legs, she leaned down and kissed her deeply, swallowing a moan of approval. One hand came to rest on the younger woman’s stomach, but it didn’t stay there for long, caressing the skin there at first, before moving up to cup one of her breasts.
Yennefer arched into the contact, making a pleased sound in the back of her throat.
Tissaia squeezed the soft flesh underneath her hand and felt the woman’s nipple pebble under her touch and into the palm of her hand.
Feeling a little smug, she moved to pinch it. It made the younger woman gasp into the kiss and arch up again, bucking her hips in the process.

Taking advantage of Yennefer’s reaction, Tissaia entered the other woman’s mouth with her tongue, seeking Yennefer’s own tongue out. At the first touch, it felt like lightning shooting through her and she knew she’d never get enough of Yennefer, of kissing her, feeling her body and skin against her own. She couldn’t wait to be even closer, couldn’t wait to feel Yennefer come around her fingers or against her mouth.
Her heart sped up at the thought and she felt a shot of arousal going through her and settling hotly between her own legs.
She moaned into the kiss as she moved her hand onto the other breast. Giving it the same treatment of squeezing, pinching and massaging, Yennefer moaned even louder.
Breaking the kiss, the raven haired woman whispered, “Please.”
It was a desperate and needy sound.

Kissing along her jawline and down her neck, Tissaia hummed against her skin and then let her hand travel over a flat stomach further down.
She moved one of her legs so she was straddling Yennefer’s right leg and carefully lowered herself down. When her own sex came into contact with a toned thigh, they both gasped.

“You’re so wet,” Yennefer whispered in wonder, staring at the woman above her.

Tissaia bit her lower lip and let her hand move further down, right to where she wanted to go. Skimming the fingertips of two fingers along the length of the apex of her thighs, she shuddered in anticipation and felt an answering tremor go through the body underneath her. She smirked at Yennefer before bowing her head down, letting her lips close over one taut nipple, sucking on it and letting the flat of her tongue play with it, while her fingers easily found her clit.
She moved her fingers in tight circles around it, more than happy at the wetness she found there already, once, twice and a third time. The motions of her tongue around the nipple matching those of her fingers a few times before switching over to the other breast, repeating her actions.
Yennefer moaned loudly and her body arched again, hips bucking every time Tissaia brushed her clit.

The brunette loved how responsive the younger woman was.
She moved her head up a little and kissed and licked a trail back to Yennefer’s neck before biting down into soft skin, right where her shoulder and neck met, sucking and leaving a dark bruise; matching the one she left on the other side of Yennefer’s neck earlier.
And just as Tissaia released the skin under her mouth, she let her fingers find Yennefer’s entrance and pushed deep inside.
She barely heard the gasp that turned into a moan when she started moving her fingers in and out in a steady and slow rhythm, but Tissaia was distracted by the sensations and in so much awe at how Yennefer felt around her fingers. Hot and slick and tight. Her heartbeat was thundering in her own ears.

“Mine,” she growled and picked up speed. Her mouth found Yennefer’s breast again, hungrily lapping, sucking and biting, making sure not to hurt, but to pleasure, making sure to listen to Yennefer’s responses, to what she liked most.

“Yours,” she heard the whisper before the gasping and moaning returned.
Moving her thumb to now brush against her clit every time she pushed her fingers deep inside, Yennefer gave a cry of pleasure.

“Oh! Tissaia… Tiss…” she gasped breathlessly and Tissaia could feel she was close, so she put a bit more pressure on her clit, rubbing back and forth without taking her thumb off of it again and then she felt it; back arching, muscles tightening, gripping her fingers firmly.
“Tissaia!” Yennefer came with a shout.

The brunette slowed her movements inside the other woman, but kept languid movements up to draw out the pleasant aftershocks a little.
She smiled down at the younger woman serenely. Gods, she was in love with this creature and thankful she was finally hers, not just in heart and mind and soul.

Yennefer blinked her eyes open slowly, her gaze hazy, she was still trying to catch her breath, but her face was glowing. She saw Tissaia’s smile and returned it.
“I love you, Tissaia,” she brought out, still trying to catch her breath.

“And I love you,” Tissaia whispered back, leaning down to kiss her softly.

Yennefer’s hands found their way to her hips, kneading them in a way that made Tissaia rock against Yennefer’s thigh involuntarily at first.
It made the brunette gasp and push down instinctually to seek more solid contact. She was about to pull out her fingers to balance herself more easily, as the angle turned a bit awkward for her wrist now, but a shaky “No, please, stay” reached her ears. She felt muscles squeeze her fingers tightly once, as Yennefer guided her hips over her thigh.
Tissaia felt her own wetness against Yennefer’s skin and she couldn’t find it in herself to be embarrassed at the amount of it.
She moaned loudly when Yennefer guided her forward again and more pressure was put on her clit.
Not being in control of her own movements made her arousal spike even more. She hadn’t thought it possible, but it did. And feeling her fingers move inside Yennefer, against the hot and slick walls, feeling her inner muscles contract around her fingers, brought her even closer to her own orgasm.

“I…” she gasped out as her hips ground down hard and fast on Yennefer’s thigh, guided by her lover, “ close. Yenna… Come… come with me…”

Yennefer moaned and urged her to move even quicker. Tissaia’s breathing sped up as she could feel her own climax building, her movements turning more and more frantic.

“Yenna…” she moaned as she fell over the edge, seeing stars dancing in front of her eyes at the intensity.
The sensation of Yennefer coming around her fingers a second time, of hearing her come again while she herself was experiencing pleasure, was almost too much.
She collapsed on top of the younger woman, unable to think about whether or not she’d be too heavy for Yennefer, as she felt like she was nothing more but a boneless mass, still quivering from aftershocks.
She did pull her fingers out this time, though, and quickly cleaned them with her magic before letting her fingers draw lazy circles over Yennefer’s stomach while trying to calm her own breathing.
The soft form underneath her shuddered at the loss, at least she assumed that was the reason. She chuckled, but it still sounded breathless.

“Gods, woman,” Yennefer breathed, “you’re something else.”

“Am I?” Tissaia asked slyly, grinning to herself. She couldn’t deny the pride surging through her at Yennefer’s words.

“I’m glad we waited, but I’m glad we finally.. did it.”

Did it? Excuse me?” Tissaia sounded incredulous at Yennefer’s choice of words.

Yennefer’s deep chuckle reverberated pleasantly through Tissaia’s whole body.

“I’m glad we finally made love,” Yennefer conceded, deep affection clearly colouring her voice.

Tissaia hummed in agreement and pleasure, feeling mollified now. “Indeed.”

“Now, the rest of our lives can start. Our future…” Yennefer’s voice was bubbling with happiness.

“A future together,” Tissaia whispered.

She hadn’t thought it would be possible. Just a few weeks ago she had felt lonelier than ever, cut off from Yennefer, and hopeless. She was amazed at how quickly life could change and turn out for the better, if only one took a leap of faith, a step into the unknown, knowing that whatever was lying ahead may as well be unsure, unsteady and end up hurting you.
Yennefer had taken that leap, had bravely conquered the unsteadiness and she, in turn, hadn’t been able to do anything but respond in kind, as it had been everything she had ever hoped for.
The younger mage was everything she had longed and wished for.

And now, that the bond with the Witcher had been transferred and Yennefer was free to spend the rest of her life however she pleased - which seemed to be with her and Tissaia was more than glad and relieved at that fact - and without the looming presence of the White Wolf, everything seemed so much brighter.

Of course Tissaia wasn’t blind to the fact that they still had a lot of issues to work out, and that there were aspects of herself that Yennefer didn’t know about yet, just as Yennefer had sides to herself Tissaia didn’t know about yet. They needed to get to know each other, but Tissaia would gladly spend the rest of her life doing just that.

Their life together had only just begun, after all.