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Drunken Confessions

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Raya is drunk off her ass. She had gotten a little too into the dance party and lost count of how many drinks she’d had. Now Namaari is carrying Raya bridal style up a freaking flight of steps in Heart castle to get her to her room.



Raya is giggling and swatting Namaari’s ear cuff so it swings back and forth.

Namaari sighs. “Please don’t yank that out of my ear.”

“Pfffft you’re so *hiccup* silly…”

“You’re going to be so fun to be around tomorrow,” Namaari mumbles, shaking her head.


Namaari practically drops her. “Dragons! Can you not flail like that?”

Raya wraps her arms around Namaari’s neck and snuggles into her. “This better?”

Namaari swallows. “Sure.”

Raya sighs. “Mmmm you smell so good. Do you *hiccup* like snuggles? Cuz I do.”

Namaari rounds the corner leading to Raya’s quarters. “That’s nice,” she says.

Raya nuzzles her face into Namaari’s hair. “It’s wayyy better than nice,” she adds, hiccuping again.

Namaari is unable to keep from chuckling at how funny Raya is behaving. “Oh yeah?”

Raya tosses her hand into the air. “FuCk yeah dude!”

Namaari laughs despite herself. “Raya, there’s people trying to sleep.”

Raya wipes her nose. “That’s cool. I’m gonna go sleep.”

“Yes, that’s a good idea.”

Raya starts tracing Namaari’s collarbone with her finger. Namaari tries not to blush but fails miserably.

“‘Maari, one time Snisu suggled with me and that was so cool.”

Namaari nods. “Mmhm.”

“She is the fluffiest Sisu ever,” Raya says.

Namaari chuckles. “Oh really.”

Raya hiccups, “Uh-huh,” then begins counting on her fingers. “She snuggles me, Tuk Tuk snuggles me…” Raya pokes Namaari’s nose. “Boop! Do you like snuggles?”

Namaari blinks. “Umm sure.”

Raya giggles drunkenly. “Fang princess likes snuggles.”

Namaari frowns at her. “I will drop you.”

Raya gasps and clings to her. “No!”

Namaari coughs. “Okay, stop. You’re choking.”

Raya loosens her grip. “Hehe you like it.”

“Raya.” Namaari goes beet red while Raya just giggles.

Then Raya bursts into tears.

Namaari stops at Raya’s door and sets her down. “What? What’s wrong, dep la?”

Raya collapses against her and Namaari caresses her back, hoping she’s offering some comfort.

Raya sniffles. “You snuggle.”

Namaari squints. “Is that... bad?”

Raya nods into the crook of Namaari’s neck. “Mmhm. No. But yeah.”

Namaari gently pulls her back so she can see her face. “Dep la, I don’t know what you mean, how about we go get you tucked in.”

Raya slumps against Namaari as she is practically carried into the room and over to her bed.

Raya hiccups. “How come you teld— didn’t tell me you had a human?”

Namaari looks down at her. “A human? What—”

Raya flails her arms up. “A human. Y’know. To snuggle!”

Namaari watches as Raya flops onto the bed face first. “Raya.”

“What,” she says, her voice muffled.

“I snuggle with my serlot, okay? Now let’s get you into bed—”

Raya starts crying again, flipping over onto her back and wiping her eyes.

Namaari crosses to the bed. “What??”

Raya whimpers. “That’s so precious…”

Namaari sighs and takes Raya’s cape off for her. “Come on, lightweight. Sleep time.”

Raya smirks and sidles up to Namaari. “Taking my clothes off and *hiccup* everything, dep la?”

Namaari flushes. “Raya, you’re drunk.”

“Pffft. Not.. drunk.”


Raya begins to unwrap her top. “You missed a couples layers dep la—”

Namaari grabs her wrists and puts the loose part of the shirt back. “No no no, let’s—why don’t you just sleep in your clothes?”

Raya pulls Namaari against her and brings her lips within inches of hers. “But I don’t want to…”

Namaari clears her throat and gently pushes Raya away. “O-okay, well, let’s change into your night clothes over there then.” She inclines her head toward the changing shade.

Raya slumps against Namaari and exhales. “You’re no fun, binturi!”

Namaari rolls her eyes. “I know. So cruel of me.”

Raya looks up at her suddenly. “We should dance.”


Raya pulls Namaari close and starts swaying. “C’monnn jus a lil dance?”

Namaari gently pushes her back. “Raya, you need to rest. We just finished dancing.”

Raya pouts. “I knowww but I wanna dance moreee…”

Namaari shakes her head. “Maybe tomorrow.”

Raya scowls. “Yer NO FUN!” She then proceeds to mumble all manners of expletives.

Namaari rolls her eyes again. “Okay, bed time.”

Raya swats her hand away. “But I didn’t change!”

Namaari sighs. “Okay. Fine. Go change.”

Raya shuffles to her changing screen and nearly topples over halfway there. Namaari pinches her nose as Raya finds the fall incredibly funny.

Namaari waits as clothes are thrown all over the place—Raya also seems to find this hilarious—and then Raya says, “Ok ready?”

Namaari squints. “Ready for wha—”

Raya steps out with a smirk from behind the screen in very provocative sleep-ware and Namaari would swear her neck cracked with how fast she stared at the opposite wall.

“Damn it Raya!” she exclaims, her face a deep red. “What are you doing?? And where the hell did you even...” Namaari shakes her head at that. “Never mind. Just..get into bed okay?”

And then Raya is behind her, wrapping her arms around her abdomen. “What’s the matter, dep la?”

Raya’s breath tickles the back of her neck.

Namaari gulps and makes to gently pry her hands away when she feels soft lips press where Raya’s breath was a moment before.

Namaari manages to turn in Raya’s arms. “Raya, no. We can’t. You are drunk. It’s time for bed.”

Namaari goes to push her back but the look Raya gives her then makes her heart constrict.

“You don’t want me?” she asks, clumsily caressing Namaari’s cheek.

Namaari huffs. “No I—” She stops. “I— it’s not that…” She huffs again. “You’re drunk. I’ll be happy to talk about this with you later. Another time. When you’re not drunk. Okay?”

Raya is softly crying again. Namaari pulls her into a hug and murmurs, “Hey, hey, it’s okay. It’s not that I don’t want you, dep la. Don’t think that.”

“Just wanna kiss you…” she slurs against Namaari’s neck. “I keep telling me.. to tell you that. And I never do.”

Namaari freezes, telling herself over and over that everything Raya is saying and doing means absolutely nothing.

The Heart princess snuggles her head against Namaari. “Please don’t leave. Stay and snuggle, please?”



Namaari sighs. Why does she have to give those damned puppy-dog eyes? “Okay, but just for a minute.”

Raya grins and sprints to the bed to dive onto it. Namaari can’t believe she doesn’t fall on her way there with how wobbly she was.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wear something more comfy, dep la?” Namaari asks. She doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea when she wakes up. The last thing she wants is for Raya to not be able to trust her again.

Raya is already burrowing into the covers. “Nah I’m too sleepy.” *hiccup*

Namaari shakes her head, smirking despite herself. “Okay.”

Raya pokes her arms out and beckons Namaari over. The latter chuckles and climes in beside her. Raya immediately puts her arm over Namaari’s torso and snuggles into her neck. Namaari reminds herself to breathe. She gently brushes Raya’s hair out of her face and her hand lingers, softly combing through silken locks.

“Thet fels nice,” Raya mumbles, barely awake.

“Good,” Namaari whispers back. “Sleep well, dep la.”

“You too binturi,” Raya whispers.

Namaari laughs softly then stops altogether as Raya kisses her cheek.

“I love you,” she says.

Namaari’s eyes well with tears as Raya drifts to sleep. She continues to massage her scalp until her breathing evens out and she begins to snore lightly.

“I love you too,” Namaari whispers.

The Fang warrior slowly worms her way out of Raya’s embrace, careful not to wake her as she replaces the covers and brushes a strand of hair behind her ear.

She smiles at how peaceful Raya looks, still breathtaking even with a little trail of drool pooling onto the pillow. Namaari scoffs in amusement. That woman is going to have the worst hangover in the morning and be a literal gremlin. Namaari wouldn’t have it any other way, though. She loves that gremlin.

She retrieves a blanket from the end of the bed and curls up on the little seating area that Raya has in the corner of her room. It’s surprisingly comfy due to the millions of pillows that all smell like the soap Raya uses on her hair. Namaari falls asleep quickly, trying not to worry about what today might mean for their friendship.