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John was sunk deep inside Claire’s hot, slippery core, his head hung low over her body, sweat dripping from the tendrils of hair that had fallen out of his usually neatly-tied ribbon. His arms were braced either side of Claire’s head, holding him up from crushing her with a duel weight. Behind him, Jamie’s huge frame rose up, arm muscles flexing and glistening with tension, a halo of fiery red curls outlining his head.

Their rhythm had, by this stage in the proceedings, been firmly established: as John thrust into Claire, Jamie pulled out of John, as John withdrew from Claire, Jamie pounded back into John. Their bodies undulated together, three joined in passion. Claire had moved her free hand down to massage her clit, visual stimulation already satisfied with the two beautiful specimens of men towering over her.

Jamie’s groans were loud, fierce Gaelic shouts of pleasure, as his cock was encompassed in John’s tight arse.
“Ah dhia, man, it feels sae good inside ye.”

John, being surrounded by both Frasers’, was overwhelmed with the sensations, barely holding on from shooting his seed too quickly. He could feel Jamie’s fingertips pressing into his hip bones; he thought there might be red marks left behind from the pressure and didn’t care one bit. All sense of his usual reserve had long been lost as he yelled out their names into the heat of the room.
“Fuck, Jamie, Claire.”

Jamie reached a huge hand out round John and grabbed Claire’s breast, squeezing the full roundness then pinching the nipple. Claire yelped and grabbed his hand, pulling his fingers to her mouth to bite down. A guttural moan left her throat and she took two of his fingers in her mouth, sucking hard.

“Christ Sassenach,” Jamie growled and thrust harder into John’s rear. His rhythm was faltering as he neared completion, a few more stuttered flexes of his hips and he roared, collapsing onto John’s back as he released, thick and deep in John’s arse. It took all of John’s strength to hold the two of them up off of Claire. Her face screwed up and John felt her tighten around his cock as she met her own climax, screaming both their names. Then John could finally allow himself to come, exhausted and spent from their activities.

He collapsed to the side of Claire, Jamie rolling off his back. The three of them lying and panting in unison, each trying to get their breath back.

They were soon cleaned up and lying back on the bed, Jamie in his favourite place: laying on his back, one of his loves on each side, his arms wrapped tight around them, Claire’s head resting on his chest, John’s on his other shoulder.

“What does it feel like?” Jamie asked them.

Claire looked up, meeting John’s eyes as he looked down across Jamie’s chest, a query passing between them.

“What does what feel like?” Claire replied.

“Well both of ye have had it, two of us I mean. Ye’ve been surrounded by two of us. Claire, ye’ve had both me and John inside ye at once, and John ye’ve been in Claire when I’ve been in ye. But, I havena. I mean, I’ve been with both of ye but I’ve nae been the one who has been, well, surrounded.”

Claire stifled a smile and buried her face in Jamie’s chest briefly, pressing a kiss in the short, tufted hairs sprouting out. She shifted up slightly and raised herself, head resting on one hand.

“Well, I imagine it feels slightly different for me. You two are so much bigger, I am the smallest after all.” Twin smirks from Jamie and John as they mentally congratulated themselves on their size caused Claire to deliver a swift poke into each man’s ribs. “And when you’re both with me, well, you’re both in me. And that feels incredible. Sometimes almost too overwhelming, all consuming. My mind gets lost in the sensations and I can barely control myself, it feels animalistic in the most wonderful, primal way.”

John smiled and nodded in acknowledgment as he said, “And for my part, I can only say that it is the most complete I have ever felt, when I have you inside me, Jamie, and I am inside Claire. I feel whole and satisfied as I never have before, surrounded by both my Frasers.” He grinned at them both, his hand absentmindedly stroking Jamie’s chest.

Jamie growled deep in his throat and emitted a low grunt. “Aye, weel, I want it tae.”

Claire’s head snapped up to look at John, her eyes open wide.

“But Jamie, you do know that would mean...”

“Aye, I ken what it would mean. And I want it.” Jamie scowled slightly, his eyebrows furrowing down and his bottom lip pouting out briefly. Claire smiled to herself as she recognised the look from their daughter, Brianna, who as a child had pouted in just such a way if she didn’t get something she wanted. She may not have been born in Scotland, but she was as stubborn as any Scot, particularly a Fraser, had ever been.


They had spoken no more of Jamie’s desire and life on the Ridge had continued as normal for the next few days. Jamie was gone from dawn to dusk, working in the fields and with the beasts. John had been helping as much as he could, sometimes tending the garden with Claire and sometimes helping Jamie in the fields. On one particularly sultry evening, both men came back to the Big House hot and sweating, dust sticking to their skin everywhere, hair matted and filthy.

“Good God, look at you two – you’re not coming anywhere near me or our bed like that”, Claire exclaimed.

“Keep yer voice down Sassenach, do ye want the whole Ridge tae ken we’ve taken Lord John tae our bed with us?”

Claire’s mouth quirked up on one side and a devilish glint appeared in her eyes as one eyebrow shot up. “There’s no one here but us, everyone else has either gone visiting or are back at their own cabins. I suggest we take advantage of a rare evening of solitude.”

John and Jamie looked at each other with impish smiles then both turned to grab Claire. She squealed and turned on her heel, running for the house before they could catch her.

Once inside, Claire drew a shallow bath in the kitchen in front of the hearth and made each man strip and stand in the wooden tub as she washed them down in turn, briskly rubbing the dust out of every crevice. Despite the matter-of-fact way she approached the proceedings, both men were becoming aroused with their naked states and Claire’s vigorous rubbing. Claire raised her eyebrows, muttering “Oh for goodness sakes” as she continued until they were finally clean, throwing them each a linen towel to dry themselves with before she began to walk out of the room.

Turning back to look at them over her shoulder, her tongue snuck out to lick her top lip as she said to them, “Well, are you coming?”

“Aye Sassenach, we all will be soon” said Jamie, as he grabbed John’s shoulder and pushed him ahead of him, slapping him on the rear as they walked up the stairs.

They entered the bedroom to find Claire standing by the window, looking out over the Ridge. Jamie began to walk over to her, feet treading lightly as if a wolf stalking his prey, and John gently closed the door behind them, sliding the latch across. They might be alone now but he would rather they weren’t disturbed later – who knew how long this evening’s events could go on for?!

“Ye have got entirely tae many clothes on for my liking” said Jamie, taking hold of Claire’s hips and pulling her back towards him. His mouth claimed the side of her neck and his fingers began to quickly work the laces at the back of her skirts, layers falling to the floor at her feet. John circled round to her front and began untying her bodice, her breasts bursting free as she took a sharp intake of breath. John plunged his head to her chest as Jamie slipped the loose shift off her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor and for all three to finally be naked.

Claire could feel Jamie, his hard erection pressing into her back, insistently pushing against her. She reached back and ran her hand up his outer thigh and around to grab his arse. He growled and thrust against her again, pushing her stomach into John’s hardness at her front. With her other hand, she grabbed it, stroking up to the sensitive tip, causing a long moan from the usually reserved Englishman.

“Christ, I need ye, both of ye”, Jamie groaned, one hand reaching around Claire to grab John’s arse, pressing the three of them closer together. He squeezed them tightly, practically lifting them off the ground as he dragged them backwards and pulled them on top of him as he collapsed down on the bed. They were a tangle of limbs as they frantically arranged themselves for what was about to happen.

Claire found herself on her back with Jamie looming over her and John to her side. She had one hand round Jamie’s waist, pulling him down towards her throbbing core, and the other hand stroking John’s hard length. John leaned up, placing his hand around the Scot’s strong neck, fingers twining in the red curls skimming his neck. He pulled him to his mouth, teeth nipping at Jamie’s lip, as he said into him, “Are you sure, Jamie?”

“Yes, tis what I want,” he replied.

John emitted a short sigh as he closed his eyes; he could never have imagined he would have been granted this pleasure, not in these earthly realms. “Very well,” he smiled against his huge Highlander, staring briefly into his oceanic depths. He reached for the bottle of oil and began drizzling it into his hands.

“Sassenach”, Jamie looked down at Claire. Claire took his face in both her hands, cupping his cheeks as she stroked a thumb gently over his high cheekbone.

“It’s ok, I’m here, we’re both here.” She leaned up and closed her mouth over his, one hand moving down to palm his huge erection. He groaned into her mouth and began to slowly undulate into her hand. John had moved behind and was gently massaging Jamie’s buttocks, gradually working his way in to the crease. His finger found it’s target and with a firm but gentle pressure, began pressing in. A grunt escaped from Jamie as he stilled his movements. Claire reached her hand down and grasped Jamie’s arse, urging him into her. John kept his hand where it was as Jamie slid into Claire’s hot core, a long moan coming from his throat as he did.
John began to work his finger in and out, loosening him up as Jamie slowly thrust in and out of Claire. He added a second finger, this time eliciting a groan from Jamie as he thrust his arse back against John’s hand. “Christ man, just shove it in.”

John raised his eyebrows briefly at Claire over Jamie’s shoulders before bending his head to kiss and bite Jamie’s buttocks, hard and firm underneath him. He quickly added a third finger with more oil and worked them in increasing circles, opening Jamie up.

Sliding his fingers out and wiping them on a cloth, he moved himself between Jamie’s legs, his straining tip touching the entrance to Jamie’s arse. Jamie stilled completely within Claire. He looked down into her whisky eyes as she once again clasped his face. “I love you”, she whispered, then gave the slightest nod of her head to John over Jamie’s shoulder.

John took Jamie’s strong hips in his hands, holding him firm as he pushed against his entrance. It seemed as if the resistance would be too great and then the muscle gave, allowing John’s cock to start sliding in. He drizzled more oil onto his length as it met Jamie’s entrance as Jamie moaned, bucking himself back, his eyes closed.
“Oh God Jamie, it feels incredible. Oh God, I love you.” John found himself buried within Jamie, his balls resting against Jamie’s buttocks. He gritted his teeth to stop himself from thrusting, allowing Jamie to get used to the feeling of being filled. Jamie snapped his hips into Claire and growled as he felt John’s cock move within him. He began thrusting himself between the two of them, feeling himself move in and out of Claire as John moved in and out of him.

“Jesus, Mary and Bride, I canna, ah dhia,” he sputtered, his eyes clenched shut and his head thrown back in wild abandon.

Claire moaned to see her husband above her lost in the throes of passion. She arched her back off the bed and found her clit with her hand, rubbing furiously. John was lost to desire, barely conscious to the exquisite realities of what was happening. Passion swirled around his brain like a storm as he tensed his thighs, thrusting himself in and out.

As Jamie came, he roared, sounding like an animal claiming his territory. Claire followed swiftly after, in tandem with John who immediately collapsed onto Jamie’s back. Jamie twisted round as he collapsed onto the bed, barely avoiding Claire, catching John in his arms. Claire leaned up over Jamie, stroking John’s face.

“John, are you ok? John?” The Englishman was almost unconscious, Jamie’s long fingers clasping his head to his chest.

“Hmmm, yes, I, hmm,” John managed to say.

Claire smiled to herself as she rose to get wet cloths to clean them up with. Jamie’s eyes had almost closed, the two men clasped in a messy embrace, thoroughly spent from their new activities. She wiped them down then kissed them each on the forehead as she lay down next to Jamie, tucking into his side as she pulled up a sheet over the three of them. It was a warm night and they were safe in bed, the three of them together.

Just before Jamie drifted into sweet oblivion, he murmured, “So that’s what it feels like.”

“Hmm?” replied John.

“Surrounded,” he smiled, his eyes closed, already asleep.