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“Saegusa-kun is Hiyori-kun okay..?” Tsumugi asked his roommate who was sitting on his bed with his tablet in hand. It was only the both of them alone in the room, Mitsuru and Midori had work to do today. 

“Ah, His Highness? He seems okay to me, he has been attending practice and meetings as usual! Is anything wrong…?” Ibara answered, asking the blue haired a question back.

Tsumugi sighs, “He’s been avoiding me… I don’t know if I had done anything to make him mad…” Ibara pauses before breaking out into a small chuckle as he hears Tsumugi’s troubles. It was true that Hiyori has been avoiding him, but it seems that he was the only one clueless on the reason why.

“Maybe you should ask His Highness? He should be in the dorm's common room,” Ibara informs him as Tsumugi thanks him before leaving. 

Hiyori grumbles as he continues knitting, Mika and Arashi are sitting beside him watching the blonde knit a blanket. “Yer doin’ great Hiyori-kun! It’s takes a while t’get used ta,” Mika compliments as Arashi hums and nods.

“I’m sure Aoba-senpai will like it~! When Mika-chan makes me handmade gifts it makes me so happy~” Arashi beams as Mika’s face turns a light shade of red. “Yer bein’ t’kind Naru-chan…” Mika chuckles as Arashi gives him a kiss on the cheek.

“You love-birds are cute and all but we have to focus! I’m so close to finishing!” Hiyori smiles as he does the last few touches. For someone who never sewed or knitted before he was pretty good. A little too ambitious when he first suggested his idea.

In his hands was a beautiful cotton blue blanket with daisy patterns on it. It was a soft and pretty aesthetic that Hiyori aimed to achieve, he knew Tsumugi would love it. He had asked Mika and Arashi for help, with them being in the Pretty Five and having experience in sewing. He was really proud of his work.

“Hiyori-kun…?” Tsumugi called out, walking into the common room to find Hiyori. “Tsuum-Tsuum?!” Hiyori quickly hid the blanket behind him but not before Tsumugi had seen it. 


“It seems that this is our queue to leave! Bye bye~!” Arashi grabs Mika’s hand as they walk out of the common room, leaving Hiyori and Tsumugi alone. Tsumugi made his way to sit in front of the blonde who was avoiding eye contact with him.

“Is this the reason why you’ve been ignoring me…?” Tsumugi asked as his mouth shifted into a small smile. Hiyori looked a little embarrassed at being found out before he could finish the gift.

“Aaaah…! It was supposed to be a present…” Hiyori frowns as he pulls it from behind his back to reveal the blank. He could see Tsumugi’s eyes light up as he slowly grabbed the nearly finished blanket.

“It’s beautiful Hiyori-kun~!” Tsumugi sang as he wrapped Hiyori in a hug. The blonde smiled proudly knowing that his boyfriend loved the blanket despite it being unfinished. “Why did you make me a blanket though?” Tsumugi asked, sitting down beside Hiyori.

“You’re always sleeping in the NewDi office and it’s cold so I decided you could bring a blanket around with you… and I’d be more meaningful if it was handmade!” Hiyori hums as he takes back the blanket to finish it.

Tsumugi places a kiss on Hiyori’s cheek and chuckles. “You’re really thoughtful Hiyori-kun!” He compliments as Hiyori nods. “Of course I am~! What kind of boyfriend am I if I don’t spoil you~” He says in a proud manner.


“Then I’ll wait here with you until you finish!” Tsumugi smiles as Hiyori nods.