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A berry delicious dessert, honey?

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“Bella, are you seeing anyone else right now?”

The naked witch with untidy black hair paused as she reached for another strawberry. Since the bushy haired brunette was laying on her stomach, she didn’t see everything about the other woman’s demeanor tense. Bellatrix kept her voice even as she continued reaching for the fruit, “Why do you ask, love?”

“Well, I just - ow! Was curious,” the younger witch squeaked as a pinch of pain ignited the different sensory receptors in her system.

The older witch casually leaned over the brunettes bare arse, elbow hitting the bed on the opposite side. Her fingers that held the fruit started tracing delicate lines with the strawberry juice as she propped her head up on her other hand. She was elegantly messy as she took a loud bite of the strawberry, purposefully letting the juice dribble from her lips onto the lower back of her lover.

“You think too much.”

Hermione scoffed. She tried to play along with Bellatrix’s ask of allowing her to be the plate that she could eat off of. But the slowness of this scene combined with the blindfold only served to deepen her relationship with her mind as it tossed and turned with questions. This is why she never stayed long after shagging. Sometimes it seemed like they had such opposite interests that Hermione just wanted a good fuck and get out of there. The lack of Bellatrix’s emotional intelligence as well as depth of conversation made her feel thirsty in more ways than one. The thing that scared her the most was that her feelings were twisting around this dark witch, and she couldn’t understand the attraction. Her surprising nature, spontaneity, and at times childlike humor had grown on her. Normally with things she couldn’t understand, she studied more until she could. But Bellatrix had proven that this subject was difficult to study. Anytime she had asked something too intimate, the dark witch went cold. It made conversations hard until it switched to something more physical. This ignited a deep curiosity within the young witch to the point where she wanted to understand the conundrum of this older woman.

Bellatrix reached for the bottle on the nightstand with her feet. Like a petulant child that didn’t want to get up, she delighted in grabbing it with both of her feet and bringing it closer while her tongue stuck out in concentration. She let out a triumphant giggle when she achieved her goal, and Hermione twisted her head to figure out what was happening. Bellatrix fumbled the bottle and the brunette let out another little squeak since the bottle was unexpected as it fell on her.

“Hey! Watch it!”

Now it was Bellatrix’s time to scoff, “Are you not enjoying this, Bushy?”

A sharp gasp sounded out of surprise. The sensation of a thick liquid being poured on the back was interesting while blindfolded. Brain cells tried to process both the sounds and sensations happening. Even more unsuspecting was the tongue after the click of the lid closed and the tossing of said bottle over one's shoulder. Thoughts seemed to stutter to a halt while Bellatrix clearly enjoyed eating off of the younger witch. The enjoyment transferred to the one being eaten off of as Hermione purred deep in her throat while arching her back.

“I never thought strawberries would taste so good. So sweet and innocent, like you.”

After another bite of strawberry, she dipped it in the honey now smeared across the brunettes back. More than the strawberries, Bella was taking in the sight of the young woman beneath her. She ran her fingers gently down the back in front of her, tasting her lover with her touch. Hermione was not expecting that and arched her again while letting out a surprised moan. She was starting to like food play after all.

“If it were up to me… I wouldn’t choose to be so innocent…” whispered Hermione in a husky tone.

A smirk crawled itself onto the dark witches face. “Oh really, love? What would you choose to be?”

Hermione flicked her hair and looked over her shoulder in the direction of Bella’s voice. “Dirty.”

There was a dark chuckle deep in Bellatrix’s chest. “Well that you are. Dirty and sweet. Want to taste?”

Hermione knew she was coming in for a kiss, because she felt the older witch slide up her back, breasts skimming across the sticky surface. What she was not expecting was an open-mouthed-strawberry-covered-with-honey kiss. The bushy haired Gryffindor couldn’t help but squeak at the surprise. It was moments like these that were so endearing. Her heart swelled as she fought off the urge to whisper, “I love you”. Just when she thought Bellatrix was some sort of sex obsessed lover, she finds these sweet moments like this that catch her off guard. Never in a million years would she have guessed she would have shared a bed with someone she perceived was her enemy less than 4 months ago.

After she finished chewing the strawberry, she smiled wider because the older witch didn’t move. She felt her presence as slow, delectable and sticky as the honey on her back. Little did she know that Bellatrix was smiling so broadly at her blindfolded lover with such adoration and longing dancing in her eyes. The dark witch was waiting for her kiss, and Hermione knew it.

The younger woman brought out her hand from underneath the pillow she propped herself up on and reached in the direction where she knew Bella’s face to be. That smile grew wider, crinkling the dark witch's eyes as she felt that exploring hand find her cheek. The dark witch wanted Hermione to be blindfolded for this, so that she could wear any expression she wanted to without the fear of being truly seen. Combined with the physical eating of strawberries, she also ate this current moment and how it fed her soul. She soaked in the beauty of what was before her and allowed her body language to relax into that which scared her most. Someone who cared for her, no strings attached, just because she liked her company. Oh… and well, the blood vow too.

But beyond the blood vow, she sensed something about Hermione's presence that she never felt with any of the death eaters. The blind devotion she gave to the Dark Lord seemed hollow and empty compared to this. The young witch brought forward different feelings that made her question how she looked at the world. Most of it scared her, but she had enough people to take it out on. Truth be told, Bellatrix wanted to talk to Hermione but didn’t know how to talk to her. All she knew was that she wanted to be around her more, but didn’t know how to ask for it. She knew she couldn’t keep up with how smart she was or engage her intellectually in conversation. She noticed that when she did start talking about things that were of interest to her, she got the impression that Hermione thought she was shallow and only thought about herself and her interests. Flustered to want to bridge the gap of distance between their vastly different worlds, she offered the only thing she knew she could potentially offer that Hermione might like. New experiences.

Chuckling to herself and smiling at her lover with such appreciation, she basked in the fact that she got to eat off of this gorgeous body, slowly coming back to the moment instead of drifting in her thoughts of death eaters and scary things that took her heart (and reconciling the fact that she had a heart). Hermione was still giggling over the surprise strawberry instead of a kiss.

After the brunette finished chewing, she finally pulled the dark witch into a real kiss. The traces of smiles still on their lips as they pulled apart. They chuckled, and kissed again. Their foreheads touched as Bellatrix slid childishly across Hermione’s slick back like a sticky slip and slide.

Wrapping her arms around the younger witches midsection, she nuzzled her face into that bushy brown hair and whispered in her baby voice, “Only two more strawberries left!”

Okay… maybe this isn’t so bad, thought the young witch to herself.


“Ow! Why do you have to pinch?” protested the younger witch.

“Helps take you off guard so you get out of your head and more in the moment,” responded the dark witch as if it was no big deal.

It took a moment for Hermione to process it, but it did make sense. “Oh…” she said aloud as she noticed mentally how when Bellatrix pinched her, the questions tended to fade from her mind as she focused again on the sensations. Wow, she’s right…

The strawberry slid across the skin, followed by a lovely wet tongue. A few nibbles of skin mixed with a few timely moans until it was replaced by the last strawberry.

“Do you want this one?”

Before she could respond, Hermione smelled a fresh strawberry mingled with honey directly under her nose. She paused with her response in her throat. Bellatrix seized the moment of hesitation and traced the wet, dripping strawberry along the chin. She painted a line of honey along the jaw line until it curled behind the ear. Too shocked to respond, Hermione just bit her bottom lip as she ground her hips involuntarily into the bed when a wet mouth trailed the same path the strawberry just trail blazed. Who knew a human tongue could pulse along a jaw line and eradicate such a womanly purr? Hermione was even shocked at herself for the orchestra that came out of her vocal chords for the past 20 minutes. By the time that pulsating tongue reached her ear, her moans went up an octave. This fed dark the witch’s desire, echoing the moans of pleasure as she enjoyed the different tastes on her tongue.

Right as the younger witch involuntarily arched her back, somehow the dark witch that was straddling her back managed to tuck her elbow in, and effortlessly roll both of them over so that Hermione now laid face up cradled in Bellatrix’s lap. With a practiced grace that came with experience, the older witch brushed the brown bushy hair out of the way to expose a supple skinned neck. Pre-licking the nape of her lover's neck, she curled her strawberry filled hand around Hermione's neck, to the other side. She gently rested her forearm on her lovers collarbone while she traced lovely swirls with the strawberry.

The honey now long gone, the dark witch wished she didn’t throw the bottle away. More honey would have been delightful. She purred as she drank in the sight of the body before licking the traces of strawberry off of the neck. Small nibbles on the neck combined with small bites of the strawberry made Hermione squirm. Bellatrix’s other hand curled itself around her torso to play with the brunette’s nipples. Sensations heightened to a crescendo as the pinching and slight pulling was replaced with a wet strawberry smearing itself across the sensitive nub. Another surprised gasp involuntarily shuddered through the Gryffindor.

Lips found their way to a preoccupied ear. Another gasp escaped from surprised lips as the freshly licked hair around Hermione's ear perked from the soft voice being whispered across it, “I guess you don’t get no strawberry. Looks like you’re getting jam. I gave you a chance.”

Before she knew it, the flesh of moist fruit was dancing across her lips. As she tried to bite it, it was abruptly pulled away. An indignant huff with furrowed eyebrows.

“Bella, that is not fair! You’re not giving me a chance to respond!”

A smile crossed curved lips as the dark witch savored the last bite. “Mmm, tastes like you.”

Right as the brunette was about to protest hotly, her ear was sucked into a strawberry scented mouth, toying with the sensitive flesh. “I like the taste of you.” The whisper grew dangerously quiet as Hermione’s stomach clenched with desire. “Especially on my tongue.”

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as Hermione savored those words, biting her lip and crossing her legs. She placed her hands over Bellatrix’s and squeezed them tight.

“Oh no, darling, you’re not going to stimulate yourself without me. Get those legs apart.”

A frustrated grumble came out of the woman beneath her as she spread her legs apart. As a reward, the dark witch toyed with her lover's ear some more with her tongue while one of her hands drifted down the long torso. Before it reached that tuft of curly hair, it trailed its way back up. Bellatrix could tell from the brunette's squirming and whimpers that she wanted more.

“Patience, my love… patience…” whispered Bellatrix so softly that it again sent shivers down the brunette's spine. “We are going to do something different.”

“And… what’s that?”

“First of all, lick my fingers clean, you dirty, dirty, girl.”

Bellatrix cackled as she felt Hermione’s grip loosen. The dark witch was curious about the brunette gripping her hands more, even when not in the heat of passion. How touching. It reminded her of holding hands. She loved how there was a spark of possessiveness in the younger witch whenever speaking or in her touch.

The light taste of strawberry and some droplets of honey still coated those fingers as Hermione sucked each and every one of them clean. Bellatrix’s heat between her legs grew more damp, feeling that hungry tongue on her fingers.

“Ohhh, yes. That’s right,” purred the dark witch. “You have to be careful with some food because it could cause trouble for the lady parts. Especially the sweet stuff.”

Hermione was only half listening. She just liked it when Bellatrix spoke in that low tone against her neck. She nodded absentmindedly and continued to suck extra fingers that she knew weren’t going to go inside her anyway. She didn’t know why she desired the taste of Bellatrix so much.

There was a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Thank you, love. Now open your legs, feet as close as you can to your bum.”

It was killing Hermione not being able to see, but she had a new-found enjoyment at being ordered around. She had been asking so many questions lately that Bellatrix had stopped allowing her to top her. Hermione thought it had to do with Bellatrix growing cold and not liking answering personal questions, so in punishment the dark witch had always won the fight of who dominates who in the bedroom. Little did Hermione know that whenever Bellatrix got triggered by some of those personal questions or thought too much, she couldn’t orgasm. The dark witch knew this about herself, and found other ways to keep her young lover engaged regardless. Even though she wouldn’t be able to get off herself, she still lived vicariously through the one she got off.

“Good,” said Bellatrix in one of those affirmative child-like tones. “Now this little game is a wee bit different.”

Reluctantly she pulled her fingers out of her lover's mouth, kissing her cheek slowly this time. She started running her fingers gently down Hermione’s front like she was strumming a delicate instrument.

“You are going to put your arms above your head and around my neck.”

Intrigued, Hermione did as she was told. She was immediately rewarded with gentle touches down her sides. She arched her back as shivers graced her spine and straight to her groin.

“Good. You listen well and this will be quick. If not, this will be as long and drawn out as needed.”

There was a slight whimper as Hermione mulled over the prospect of an elongated pleasure process. She was ready to cum now. Even though Bellatrix was behind her and couldn’t see her face, she knew her lover well enough the indecision that was written all over it. The dark witch closed her eyes and simmered her own orgasm on low, feeling that familiar high of control and enjoying every moment of it.

Both experienced hands ran gingerly down the length of the younger witch, coming back up and cupping her breasts. Hermione tightened her arms around Bellatrix, burying her hands in untidy black hair.

Right as nipples rolled between fingers, more whispers made the hair stand up all over her spine, sending goose bumps across flesh, “Excellent. Now. Rules of the game. You are not to tense up at all. I can feel you as you lay against me, and also underneath my fingers. I want you to relax.”

“R….r….relax?” stuttered the young witch slowly. “What do you mean?”

Nipples were pinched so abruptly that a yelp with a moan escaped lips and Hermione arched her torso forward a few inches. The pleasure fanned out, tingling being sent all over her body. She wanted to relax but it took a few moments to calm her increased breathing. As she lay back against Bellatrix, her hands not gripping onto that black mane of hair as tightly, she took notice at how her lover's hands had gone completely still. Curiosity peaked, because normally hands would not stay idle. Remembering what the dark witch had ordered, she remembered to relax and release tension. This took some concentration because she didn’t realize how much she tensed.

She felt more then heard the smile that was delicately pressed against the side of her cheek. “You learn quickly, love.”

But then panic started to settle in, “But Bella… how could I not tense?”

There was a menacing chuckle, “I thought that too when I first met you. You seemed so wound tight, like a wand was stuck up your arse or something.”

“Excuse me?!?”

There was a pinch, a jump, followed by a chuckle. “You’re much better now, deary, but you still got a way to go. Focus on your breath. Here, let me help.”

Bellatrix slowly squeezed Hermione’s breasts together, breathing in audibly. As she breathed out, she blew a concentrated breath across the brunette's ear and slid her hands down until they both cupped that aching center. Hermione’s breath caught in her throat and she straightened up, gut clenching with desire.

Clucking lightly as a reprimand, Bellatrix shook her head, “Deary, you’re not focusing on your breath. Remember…. Relax…”

A tongue tickled the ear again as Hermione tried her hand at breathing long and slow. She took note at how everything in her body was so tense, and breathed to relax her shoulders, neck, arms, and gut. With a dark smile of appreciation, one of Bella’s hands moved to explore what was beneath her fingers. As soon as the Gryffindor tensed, she paused. They continued this dance, Hermione chiding herself every time this happened.

“Don’t get so frustrated with yourself. It’s normal for the human body to tense. I’m trying to teach you to go beyond your true nature.”

Very quickly, Hermione realized how much Bellatrix’s advice of focusing on her breath helped her to relax. The more she audibly breathed and lengthened it, the easier it was for her muscles to let go. It was especially hard when Bellatrix started rubbing her fingers in circles against a particular spot, but eventually they both got the hang of it.

“Oh, this is just so wonderful. You listen so well. You are such a good student,” whispered the dark witch as the other hand that wasn’t moving and was cupped over her lover's womanhood stirred to life and explored those now drenched and wet folds. Of course everything stuttered to a halt when the brunette got excited and started hyperventilating, “Shhhhhh…”

That seductive whisper was like a balm that soothed her heaving chest. Hermione consciously slowed down her breath and opened her legs a little wider to communicate she desperately wanted those fingers inside her. Bellatrix knew it. She could smell it in the air. Hermione felt as if she could cum just by those fingers sliding in. She had no fucking clue how to not tense up at that point. She already felt like she was on the edge with the however long-ish time they took playing with food.

The older witch knew how far she could push. She waited until she felt her breathing continue. “You know… sometimes a long moan might help. Especially as you feel me slide in.”

Hermione bit her lip, having to consciously try hard not to tense. Her inner thigh involuntarily twitched but she slowly nodded her head. When the elder witch complied and slid those fingers in as deep as she could at this angle, the brunette drew out a long moan and relaxed everything in her body. A smile of satisfaction spread from ear to ear as Bellatrix felt the body in her arms go limp. That lucious moan brushed her own desire and longing in the pit of her stomach.

“My, my, full marks on that one.”

The fingers inside stayed positioned where they were, while the other hand kept moving in slow, lazy circles. There were still moments where Hermione would forget to breathe and she would tense her lower back, thighs, or pelvic area. The circles would slow until she remembered to focus on her breath and relax every muscle in her body. The climax she thought would have already exploded was still climbing beyond what she thought was possible.

“Quick learner. No wonder you do so well in school. Want to know why I placed my fingers in you, even though I’m not fingering you?”

Hermione’s audible breathing suddenly got louder. She knew that if she would stop to respond that she would have tensed some muscle. It was harder since she felt like she was so close to going over that edge.

The sultry whispers continued in her ear. Seductive, thick, and decadent. “I did that because I don’t even want to feel the muscles in your quim tense. I want you to completely relax as I slowly fuck you.”

Tears teased the corners of the brunette's eyes. This was the sweetest torture she had ever experienced and she wasn’t sure how to respond to it. So instead, she focused on her breathing.

“I can feel you, so hot and bothered. Just wanting me to ram my fingers so hard and deep into your quim that you beg me to stop. I know how you are. I can feel your temperature rise against my body. Can you feel how wet that’s making me?”

She took this moment to moan and nibble gently on her ear lobe. Breath caught in her throat, and fingers paused in their ministrations.

“Please, Bella…. I’m so close… I don’t know what to do.”

The hushing sounds came again. “Shhh, just focus on your breath, and on my voice.”

Bellatrix delighted in how she felt Hermione loosen her muscles around her fingers. It was twitchy at first, but soon it relaxed more. She purred as she nuzzled that neck and brought the fingers that were rubbing her clit up to tease her nipples. The audible breathing came back, slow and methodical.

“That’s right. I want you to focus on my voice. And my hands.” Bellatrix lazily dragged her fingers to place her palm over the brunette's lower abdomen. “Focus here. When you breathe here, I want you to imagine that this is a cup or a bowl. Allow yourself to let your breath take up this space. Concentrate your breath here. Let your orgasm fill up your whole body and not force it to happen. Breathe until you can feel it in your tippy tippy toes.”

Hermione had no words to respond, only enough concentration to comply. It took all of her energy to relax every muscle and focus her breathing on her belly until her eyes crossed.

“Good. Now you control the pace. The more you relax, the faster my fingers will go.” Fingers moved to that delicate and swollen nub that was hypersensitive to touch. “The more you tense, trying to force yourself to orgasm without my permission, the more I slow them down.”

“You…. Bitch….” was the only thing Hermione could muster.

That cheeky grin couldn’t have been any wider. A long line was licked from collarbone to cheek, and the dark witch was surprised that Hermione didn’t tense. She was serious about wanting to cum.

“Mmm, good girl.”

And so the real game began. There were still moments where involuntarily Hermione would tense because she was so close, but the pausing of those fingers made her concentrate on her breathing again. Sometimes it was her arms wrapped above her head and behind Bellatrix’s neck, other times it was her quim or thighs. It was rough, like learning to ride a bicycle rough, but the younger witch felt herself climbing higher and higher until her breathing just turned into long moans. It still worked, nothing was tensing and those fingers were moving faster.

Bellatrix knew she was close because she felt her quim starting to spasm around her fingers as her other hand shook and rubbed furiously. Knowing that moment was now, before that moment could fully happen, Bellatrix sat up even straighter, altering her position so that she could finger fuck Hermione so deep that her knuckles were drenched in the juices of her lover. Hands clenched tight in Bellatrix’s hair as Hermione screamed her name, being pounded furiously as she clenched everything so tight she saw stars dance behind her eyes. Bellatrix came with her as she loved having her hair pulled, and hearing her name being screamed from her lover's lips. She bit down hard on that fleshy spot where the neck met the shoulder, and Hermione closed her eyes even tighter, not knowing she could be pushed that far into orgasm infested waters.

Screaming didn’t stop until the younger witch grew hoarse. She turned her head and panted, growing limp in her lover's arms again. Feeling the power of the orgasm subside, Bellatrix licked the fresh pink bite and slowed her fingers. She felt her lover tremble in her arms while she chuckled and guided her safely to her side so she could lay down. The dark witch cuddled against her, being big spoon and wrapping her arms lovingly against her stomach, pulling her in tight.

“Dear Merlins library on the third floor… where the fuck did you take me?” Hermione gasped between pants.

Taking a deep breath and sighing, Bellatrix buried her face in bushy brown hair, nuzzling gently. “Somewhere where you’ve always wanted to go but didn’t know how to get there.”

Somehow her teeth ended up pulling out the knot that tied the blindfold together. The brunette still kept her eyes closed and instead wrapped her arms tighter around where Bellatrix was holding her.

“I want to keep you,” grumbled Hermione in a scratchy voice.

“You better. There’s nothing like a blood vow.”

“Well just… Don’t run away from me.”

That comment took the older witch by surprise. “What do you mean by that?”

Puzzled herself, she didn’t even know why she said that. She brought one of her lovers hands up to her lips and kissed it gently. “Nothing. Just ignore me.”

The older witch was about to protest when she felt her fingers get sucked into a warm mouth. The mood changed from embers to crackling fire within moments. “Watch it, girly. Or you might meet round two of that game.”

Now it was Hermione’s turn to pause. “Round two? There’s a round two?”

Lips dangerously close to an ear listening intently whispered, “If that was just my fingers, think about what would happen if we played that game with my tongue.”

Eyes crossed as an aftershock of the previous orgasm rumbled through the younger witches body. Bellatrix licked her lips as Hermione turned around in her arms. She was shocked at what she found.

For once, when Hermione looked into her eyes, she didn’t find the usual desire filled lust that normally was there when she gazed at her. This time it seemed like the lust was packed away, for all she saw when she looked in her eyes was adoration. Not the obsessive kind of adoration, but a gentle kind of adoration that really made the young witch feel seen. She blushed at the intensity in which the dark witch normally held her unpredictable emotions, for she knew this adoration was just for her. It was an unspoken message that landed right in her chest until she felt that spark of connection blossom in her heart. Confused feelings spilled into her, vying for her attention.

Unable to be the object of her intense gaze any longer, her coy eyes darted downward as she raised a leg uncomfortably, trying to hide even though she was naked and in plain sight. The gryffindor bit her lip until she felt a gentle finger curl under her chin to pull her gaze back up. Again she met those eyes, but instead of a cocky, self assured smile, there was appreciation that graced those thin lips. The type of appreciation that made her feel even more naked then she had ever felt before.

“I like it when you blush like that,” whispered Bellatrix. “Dare I say, you look cute when that happens. I like making you blush.”

Words caught in her throat. Before Hermione could say anything, Bellatrix kissed her with the grace of how a bee would land on a flower. Her hand moved back to cup the brunette's face and pull her closer. An almost imperceptible moan left the younger witches throat, but that heightened sense of a well trained witch honed in on it like a hawk. Her hand graced that daft neck line to wrap her arm around the brunettes back when-

“Ugh… something must be done about this mess you made,” said Bellatrix abruptly, pulling her face away with a disgusted look as she examined her sticky hand.

It took a while for the young woman’s mind to comprehend, but when she fluttered her eyes open and saw the look on her lover's face, she proverbially stomped her foot.

“Excuse me? Mess I made? You made the mess,” she retorted haughtily with one of her fists now firmly on her waist.

The look that the bushy haired witch gave her was too much to handle, and she tried to hold back a laugh but couldn’t. Bellatrix sputtered then flat out cackled like a mad woman. Hermione tried to keep a stern face but hearing the piercing shrieks of joy coming from her lover gave a slight tilt to her lips until she finally gave in to a smirk.

“You bet your arse you’re cleaning up this mess,” said Hermione in a bossy tone, propping herself up on one arm and experimentally placing her hand on Bellatrix’s chest covered in a thin layer of honey. It peeled away with an interesting noise and both witches giggled. The stern demeanor of the Gryfindor fading as Bellatrix licked her lover's hand.

There was a snort followed by, “Oh love, I’m horrible at those household cleaning charms.”

The brunette rolled her eyes, “As evident by every time I visit and there’s more rubbish everywhere. I swear, woman…”

Hermione made to get up to get her wand on the nightstand when Bellatrix pulled her back down on top of her, now officially getting her front side covered in a thin coating of stickiness. The younger witch squealed in protest, smacking away the hands of her lover. The laughing, cackling, and wrestling happened until a satisfied Hermione lay against a content dark witch who gave up when the wand was in hand.

As the young witch curled up contently in her arms, the dark witch asked innocently, “Round two?”