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Gimme your liberty (and I'll give you mine)

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A loud bang of the door wakes you up. You realize you fell asleep at your desk, and the battery of your laptop has run out. Fuck! You plug the charger in and reboot it.

Yep, your work is gone.

You are so pissed you quickly find something else to blame. Why has Sharon come home so loud, again? And hello, it’s fucking 2 in the morning! Your roommate has absolutely no respect for you.

Sharon has been living with you for two months and you’re already too sick to put up with all her bad habits: eating your things in the fridge, bringing people back to have loud sex, borrowing your stuff without telling you, leaving and coming home in weird hours, scattering empty bottles and takeout boxes in your living room, just to name a few.

You storm out of your room and barge into Sharon’s, and seeing her make you even angrier—she’s all dressed up in a tight black dress, and her makeup is so perfect that you want to smudge it all up.


“What the fuck?”

“Excuse me?”

“Do you know how to close the door properly?”


Ignoring you, Sharon keeps on taking her earrings off. You are livid as you grab the door of her room and slam it close. It’s probably going to wake up half of the people in this building.


“It’s is how you close it. Every. Single. Time. You need me to write you a fucking manual on how to close a door?”

“Cut it out.” Sharon huffs, stepping out of her heels, still a lot taller than you, another thing for you to get angry. Why does she have to wear heels if she already looks like a supermodel?

“You’re fucking bitch, you know?” There, you said it. To your satisfaction, Sharon scowls.

“What’s your problem? Coming here and yelling at me—”

“Oh, you are the one to talk! You’ve been stealing from me!”


Sharon strips, still glaring at you, but you find yourself more distracted than you’d admit. Under those clothes Sharon has a very nice body. Voluptuous. Her skin is olive-toned, less pale than you thought. She must be planning to get laid tonight because her bra and underwear match in red. What a slut.

“Are you just gonna stand there and watch?” Sharon cocks her head.

You remember what you come here for and forget it all as soon as she unhooks her bra, dropping it carelessly on the floor.

You gulp.

Sharon has amazing breasts, and you wonder if they’re as soft and delicious as they look.

She walks closer to you, and her perfume makes you so dizzy that your knees turn to jelly when she backs you against the door. You can feel her breasts pressing on your chest. She’s warm and smells really expansive.

Unsmiling, she purrs, “Like what you see so far?”

You school your expression and try to push Sharon away. But she knows you’re going to do that; conveniently, Sharon catches both of your hands and pins you down. She’s strong. You wriggle and squirm, realizing in horror—you are getting turned on.

Feeling your face grow hot, you stare at Sharon defiantly and after one last try to throw her off, you say, “Let me go.”

Sharon leans closer and husks “Or what?”; you can feel her breath against your lips. You shiver.

“Just let me go you crazy—”

The rest of your words are muffled by lips crashing into yours, and you screech into Sharon’s mouth. But she’s not worried at all when all it takes are two seconds for you to kiss back.

Sharon withdraws immediately and you’re left dazed and confused.

“Why’d you stop?” You’re breathless. Sharon bites her bottom lip.


“I’ve been wanting to do this the moment I walked into this apartment.”


Her eyes are now a softer brown. You want to tell her the feeling is actually mutual and it all makes sense now, because it totally explains your love-hate relationship with each other.

“Well, then. What are you waiting for?” You raise a brow. Sharon let go of you.

The next minute your hands are in Sharon’s hair, pressing her to you so you can taste more of that mouth. You kiss her deeper and she tastes faintly of wine. Her hands are in your shirt, exploring your upper body. You make sure you’re ruining her perfect hairdo, then you grab her waist and her skin is so smooth you can’t help but run your hand over her curves.

Sharon impatiently grabs your collar and drags you to bed. Your heart is pounding in your ears, and your lips sting as you fall onto the mattress. Sharon straddles you. As you struggle to sit up and take your shirt off she shoves a hand into your pants, cupping your pussy. You moan in surprise; apparently, you’re more than ready.

“Jesus, you’re wet.” She smirks.

You glower and do the same thing to her, jamming a hand into her underwear and brush along her opening. She rocks forward, her core slick.

“Looks like I’m not the only one.” You grin. Sharon rolls her eyes and kisses you. You let her take the lead, feel her tongue tease your upper lip then she sucks your lower lip, nibbling it before letting go and at the same time, her hand gathers the juice and smears it over your clit. You could feel yourself pulsing in her palm. You buck into her hand but you don’t want to lose. You grab her breast and pinch her nipple, while you start rubbing her clit in random patterns. Sharon mewls and you wish you can save that as your ringtone.


Your rhythm matches up. You don’t care how ungraceful you look with your sweatpants bundled between your ass and your thighs, and Sharon can’t care less when she can have her fingers in your pussy while pulling your hair, sucking hickeys on your neck. To think the others will see those marks make your stomach drop with lust. You crane your neck for more. She bites, nips, and licks your earlobe; you double everything back, expecting her to like it rough. The room is filled with the rustles of fabric, groans and whimpers. No one knows who’s noisier. No one is willing to surrender first.

“How close are you?”

Sharon curls her fingers inside of you and you throw your head back, slack-jawed. The sight of you makes Sharon wetter, when you can feel a gush of liquid onto your palm.

“So…fuck don't stop! close.” You gasp, rolling your hips to chase that high. You’re getting sore for being so fucking aroused. Both of your hands are pleasuring Sharon, one hand fucking her with three fingers and the other kneading her clit in tight, rapid circles.

“Come with me.” Growls Sharon and her pussy winds up so tight you could barely move your digits. Just like that, you follow her lead, your hands working in her cunt. Lights explode into your vision as you wait…one…two…three…then that wave crashes so violently that you scream, your body jolting with the orgasm. Sharon has laid her head on your shoulder and when she comes, she shouts into your skin, her teeth sinking in your shoulder and you can feel that vibration running through your bodies, bringing you into one.

You blackout a little after and when you come back, you find yourself lying on the bed with Sharon burying her head in the crook of your neck.


“Are we cuddling or something?”



You laugh. This is not in your plan at all.

You press a kiss on Sharon’s hair.

“Are we up for another round?” Sharon asks.

“Maybe.” You push her away only to climb on top of her.

Her face tells you that it won’t be the last time this happens.