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Bare My Soul for the Taking

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The first time Chris Argent let Stiles Stilinski into his bed had been right before him and Allison had left for Paris for the summer, and if it went the way he wanted, they'd never come back.

Allison had gone to say goodbye to all of her friends, probably mainly Scott, and he would finish packing everything that would be needed. He hadn't expected the knock on the door, it's not like he had any friends here, no one should come to see him.

So he was surprised to see Stiles at his door, hands shoved in her hoodie pockets as she stared at him with curious eyes. His eyes were drawn to the injuries visible on her face; a split lip, a black eye and a long gash across her cheek bone. He doubted it was the only injuries she had, Allison had told her that Gerard had taken her as a message to Scott. They were healing well, luckily.

He didn't know why she would come and see him, she should hate him along with the rest of his family, they had all played a part in the torturing of an innocent human, even if he hadn't known till after the fact.

"Miss Stilinski." He greeted, opening the door wider, holding onto it as he looked at her, both curious and on guard. Should he be expecting her dad to pop out, arrest him for the kidnapping of his teenage daughter?

"Mr. Argent." She nodded. "Do you mind if I come in?" She asked, head tilted slightly to the side.

He almost said no, ready to slam the door in her face because Stiles was a special type of crazy and was hard to deal with on a good day from what he witnessed and she shouldn't even fucking be here to begin with. He then remembered how after the funeral for Victoria she was the only one who came over, carrying a gift basket with what she said were all the essentials and said it was everything that made her feel better after her mother died.

She never said she was sorry for their loss, never gave them pitying smiles or looked at them like they might fall apart or avoided the mention of death like it was the plague.

She hugged Allison firmly, putting her chin on top of the girl's head because despite Allison being tall for a girl, she had nothing on Stiles. He had heard her whisper against Allison's head "If anyone knows how you feel it's me. So if you ever want to talk, you know my number."

She gave her a smile, wide and bright and caused Allison to give one of her own. She turned and gave Chris one too, a little softer and as she walked past him, she gave his arm a small squeeze before leaving the house quietly.

Allison had held on tightly to the basket of things, all wrapped together in a purple bow and filled to the brim, it all felt like it could be better. Eventually.

So he opened the door for her, allowing her to slip past him before he could regret his decision.

"Is there something you need?" He asked.

"Would you believe me if I said you were my favorite Argent at this point?" She asked, already heading for his kitchen.

"I thought you and my daughter got along well?" He questioned, ignoring the small grin that tried to grow on his face.

"Yeah before, but now you are so." She glanced back at him before sitting at the kitchen table. "But I wanted to talk, see how you're doing."

"Why?" He stopped in the doorway, raising an eyebrow.

"Because you're the only person around who knows what happened to me and I believe would care. Plus, I have a feeling people don't ask you often how you are doing." She smirked, leaning forward and placing her chin in her palm, elbows on the table. She grinned, the cut on her lip reopening and blood swelled to the surface before being licked away.

Chris found it interesting how delicate her features were while coming off so striking. She reminded him a little of an elf, something unnatural about the way she looked, eyes large and shiny with sharp cheekbones with slightly down turned lips, little moles creating a pattern across her face, his eyes being drawn to one right under her bottom lip.

"Would you like something to drink?" He asked, moving his eyes to focus on a patch of white wall.

"Yes please, anything is fine." Her smile softened slightly, eyes still intense on him.

He turned and headed to the kitchen, grabbing two glasses and hesitating before taking a bottle of whiskey down along with a can of soda. He didn't know why he thought about putting it back before he walked back out there.

"You want to talk, let's talk." He sat down in front of her, placing down everything between them.

"Gladly. You know how much of a blabber mouth I am." She smirked, sliding a cup in front of her and taking the can, opening it and pouring half into the cup.

"How's your injuries?" He couldn't help but ask first, opening the bottle and pouring some into his cup, placing it down beside him.

"Alright. Told my dad I got jumped by the other team because of the goals I made. Worst is some bruised ribs but I'll live." She shrugged slightly, wincing slightly before placing her hands on the table. "He's pushing me to make a statement but it's useless so I tell him I just want to forget about it."

He nodded slightly, pursing his lips as he imagined how the sheriff reacted to that, it was no secret how protective the man was of his only child.

"What about the wolves? Should I expect to have to make a formal apology for the injuries to their pack? Especially a human one at that. It's considered a personal insult to the alpha and the pack as a whole to target their most vulnerable." He wondered aloud, taking a sip from his glass, relaxing with the burn that came with it sliding down his throat.

He wasn't expecting the scoff that Stiles let out, reaching up and running a hand over her buzzed head as she pushed her tongue against her cheek. "Yeah, right. They didn't even notice, or they didn't care enough to ask. Scott is still being stupid over Allison, no offence, Derek doesn't like or care for me and the betas fall behind him, Erica and Boyd might care but they're missing, probably ran as soon as you let them out." She sighed out, before reaching across and wrapping a hand around the whiskey bottle.

Chris considered stopping her, knowing as an adult he shouldn't be letting someone underage drink but knew the girl needed it, so he finished what was in his own cup as she poured the whiskey into the cup, mixing it with her soda.

"Does that even taste good?" He asked, putting down the glass and letting her pour more into his cup before bringing it to his mouth again.

"Like I give a shit." She mumbled, face scrunching as she tasted it.


"Oh fuck off, Mr. Argent." She laughed, drinking more, before leaning back in the chair.

He rolled his eyes, ignoring the disrespect and he continued drinking from his cup. He just enjoyed the company, no point driving it away by the reminder that he was the adult and she was the child.

"So, no worries of puppies coming to you and defending my honor. Not important though, how are you doing after everything?" She asked, lifting her eyes to look at him, seeming to stare into the very fiber of his being as she stared into icy eyes.

"Nothing I can't handle. Gerard is out of commission and won't be causing any issues. The Kanima is dealt with. Allison is… coping." He trailed off, circling the rim of his class. "So I couldn't really ask for much more."

"Your daughter went batshit crazy after losing her mother and started to resemble your grandfather and sister a little too much but hey at least no one else is in immediate danger of dying, so let's be happy. That's what you're saying?" She tilted her head, condescending tone contradicting the tilt of her head, something innocent and puppy-like in the gestures.

He opened his mouth, maybe to defend Allison because that's his daughter but that logic caused more harm than good so he sighed and slumped in his chair not saying anything more.

Stiles stared and nodded, not speaking as she grabbed the bottle and refilled his glass and her own.

It was silent between them for a while, just finishing off their glasses slowly, letting the tense atmosphere grow steadily. Chris was starting to regret letting her in, this only made him feel bad, loud little Stiles Stilinski silenced as she called him out.


He lifted his head seeing her staring at him, a soft flush on her cheeks from the alcohol, he was starting to regret giving it to her, she drove over here. He nodded at her to speak, sitting up slightly.

"You're not a bad dad. I didn't mean to make it sound like it was your fault or anything because it's not. Don't blame yourself too much. You're a good guy, Allison and this town is lucky to have someone watching what goes bump in the night. Even though you shoved your gun in Scott's face, you were just trying to protect your daughter. You did your best. You're usually pretty stoic but I can tell you're upset so perk up, yeah?" She gave him a little grin before standing up, swaying a little before pouring the rest of her soda in her cup before heading towards the kitchen.

He sighed, burying his face in his hands as her mini speech washed over him. The girl was pretty good at reading people, able to pick out what to say to get him to listen. For a second, he truly felt his age and the loss he endured and the guilt he shouldered. He grabbed his glass, seeing it was empty before grabbing the bottle and following her into the kitchen.

He found her leaning against the sink, swirling the last dregs of soda in her glass before looking up as he approached her. He placed them on either side of her, before looking at her, taking in all the facial features that put her apart from the rest, from the bruises on her face to the warm color of her eyes. He took notice of her doing the exact same thing.

He's not sure which one of them moved first but in the next tangible moment, his hands were gripping the sides of her hoodie and arms were wrapped around his neck and their lips collided.

It was too easy, too good. The way her chapped lips dragged against his, the way their bodies pressed together, slotting together as he pressed her back against the sink. He should care, fuck he should really care, but he couldn't, not when she let him step closer, hand coming up to cup her jaw as he slid his tongue into her mouth.

He could taste the alcohol on her tongue, the slight metallic taste of blood and for some reason it only made him press closer, desperate to taste all the wrong he could in her mouth. At least she didn't seem to mind, hand stroking the back of his neck as she allowed access, tongue hesitantly returning every caress and flick.

She eventually pulled away for air, head tilted back with her eyes closed as she took in deep lungfuls of air, chest heaving against his. He leaned down, pressing a kiss to the curve of her neck before dragging his nose up her neck, pressing another right under her ear before digging his teeth into the spot.

She hissed at the feeling, blunt teeth digging into fragile skin, her hand dropping to hold tight onto his shoulder. She didn't fight though, relaxing slightly as he licked at the spot he watched darken against her skin. The rest of the family left a mark on her, why couldn't he, especially if she liked it?

"Stiles…" He mumbled, grazing his lips against the mark before lifting his head looking at her.

"Chris." She mumbled, hand squeezing at his shoulder again.

"Forgive me." He whispered, hand slipping underneath her hoodie.

That smile was back, soft and warm and for a second he felt like she was seeing every crack in his exterior, every chip in the paint that was his facade. He hated it and he couldn't help but bask in the feeling of exposure.

"I can't forgive you if you're not sorry, Chris." She whispered back, hand sliding from his shoulder and down his chest, blunt nails lightly scratching. "But, I hope you forgive me too."

He stilled for a second, taking in her words before he was moving forward and taking her lips for himself, and he took again and again until they stumbled upstairs and into one of the guestrooms. Things had gotten heated, filthy as Stiles sucked at the tongue that invaded her mouth, a large, calloused hand coming down to grab her ass, causing her to let go and moan, sound echoing through the empty house.

He allowed them to disconnect, lips tingling and slick from the kissing they went through before he was shoving her onto the bed, gasp leaving her.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked, standing in front of the bed, keeping an eye open for any sign of regret.

She rolled her eyes slightly and reached out, tugging him down on top of her, back to kissing him as her hands slid down his back, putting as much eagerness into the kiss which was a lot considering this was her first make out session and it was obvious the man knew what he was doing.

He rolled his eyes at her, responding similarly as he was tugging up her hoodie, sliding his palms up torso, wanting to touch as much skin as possible on the young woman underneath him.

"Do you have condoms?" She mumbled once her hoodie was off, leaving her completely exposed up too and he almost missed the question with how his eyes were focused on the small perky breasts in front of him, nipples dark and hard and it was so cute and perfect for her that he leaned down and flicked his tongue against it, hearing her squeal.

"Yes, of course I do." He mumbled looking at her from under half lidded eyes.

She mocked his words slightly and for a second he was annoyed but soon enough he couldn't think of anything but her, her, her .

She wrapped around him so perfectly, took him like she made for it despite complaining about being a virgin. Her arms were around his shoulders with one of her legs over his hips, heel pressed into his back, soft cries and mewls leaving her with every forward press of his hips.

She was perfect, from the faint sting of her nails down his back and the little 'o' that formed when her mouth dropped into a moan and he didn't think it could get any better.

He leaned down to kiss her, tongue darting down and dragging along the crevices of her mouth, causing her to let out a deep whine as she rocked into the bed.

"Fuck, didn't know a man your age could have so much stamina." She stuttered out, voice breathy and losing it's bite but it caused Chris's hips to jerk forward harshly, causing her to scramble against him, yelping.

He couldn't help himself, wanting to keep her mouth shut and polite and he hated everything that made her talkative and mouthy in the same way that he hated everything that drew him to her in the first place. He hated the confidence, the cunningness, the intelligence and loyalty and protectiveness that was rolled up along with the add on of being a leader, he saw how she glared at Jackson in the hospital, urging him to say the right thing, eyes dark and probing and he recognized that look.

Fuck, she would've made a perfect Argent.

His grip tightened in the sheets on either side of her body as he rutted into her, the sounds of her cries rising as she was left at the mercy of the body on top of hers. Both of them were stuck, in the wet, dirty sound that their bodies made when they came together, in the musk that filled the room along with the heat from their bodies.

He moved and shoved his hand between their bodies because he was greedy and wanted to see her fall apart because she was beautiful like this, with a flush that covered her all the way to her chest and brought a glaze to her eye. She got so much louder when he started using his hand, squirming and gasping out begs and pleads as he fucked her in time with the little circles he rubbed into her clit.

She came so easily after that, covering his cock in her creamy fluids as he kept rolling into her, removing his hand and sliding it under her back to keep her close, both ignoring the bruises that his hands slid against, her sounds bordering on screaming as she twitched and whined as he continued pushing into her, the slide only easier with her juices already on him.

By the time he finished, grunting as he rutted into her, filling the condom, she had already come again, groaning loudly as it happened again and it only helped push him over the edge. The face she made, one of pure ecstasy, brought a warmth to his chest that he wasn't familiar with.

By the time they both came down, back in the moment, they were pressed together, legs tangled together and her head against his collarbone. They were both still basking in whatever leftover sparks of pleasure and content they felt, seen in the way neither pulled away, Chris's knuckles dragging up and down her spine, Stiles' hand lightly passing through the light hair on his chest, seeming interested by it.

"Where are you going?" She whispered, voice soft and sounding tired, likely from their previous activities.

He looked down at her, raising an eyebrow because his mind was still moving a bit slower than it usually would. He was comfortable and defenses down, something he didn't get to experience often.

She pointed over to the luggage bags in the corner, before bringing her hand back to his chest, drawing circles into the area, trailing over his chest.

So she was clingy after sex, noted.

"We're going to France for the summer. Let Allison learn about her family a little more, get away from everything and let her settle herself away from this town." He turned his head, glancing at the clock to see the time, aware that his daughter would probably be back by six for dinner. He should have enough time to clean up…

"That sounds nice. I hear France is nice, I always wanted to see it for myself." She said thoughtfully, sighing wistfully.

"Have you ever left California?" He was curious, admittedly, people in small towns either always wanted to leave or never wanted to. Stiles fit the former perfectly, really, something about her seemed like she was meant for big things.

"My dad did something similar when I was 11, took me to Poland to meet my mom's side of the family and give my mom a proper burial. He was there for two weeks and then left me there for two months. I didn't find it funny." She laughed lightly.

"Did it help?"

"Yes. I mean I learned Polish, met family, learned more about mom and our family. Did so well, dad considered moving me there for longer." She grinned before placing her chin on his chest, looking up at him. "I think France is going to be great." She said softly.

He nodded, gaze fond as he knew she understood his worries. She had offered an ear a month ago and though he doubted this is what she meant when she said she was willing to talk, he was still thankful for her.

He reached down, curling a hand around the back of her head and pulled her head, drawing her into a slow gentle kiss. She pressed up into him, a smile felt against his lips. They kiss was almost lazy, lips moving languidly together, tongue making an appearance briefly as Chris slid his hand down to rest at the bottom of her back.

She eventually pulled away, smile still on her face, still hovering right in front of him, still breathing the same air.

"That reminds me, I have a favor to ask you." She whispered, pecking his lips.

"Depends on the favor, but I'm listening." His eyes narrowed, mind flitting through everything she could ask of him and what it could mean for him.

"I want you to train me in self defense." She said, sitting up further, face tightening.

"Self defense?" He almost asked why but he saw the answer on her face, in the tenderness of her lip, the light bruising of her eye, the cut that still looked painful despite being a week old.

"Sure. I'd be happy too. I thought you would ask for weapons training since that's what I'm known for." He looked away, not wanting to look at her battered face anymore.

"My dad's the Sheriff and is protective. He's been teaching me how to use a gun since I could hold it correctly. I can use multiple. I would love one of those shocky sticks you guys use." She beamed.

He rolled his eyes ignoring her last comment as the information about her gun knowledge moved through him. So she could protect herself, but she wasn't allowed to carry a gun around, maybe he could give her something so she could defend herself.

"Once I'm back, I'll teach you about self defense. Also, I'm not giving you one of our tasers." He hid a grin at the pout that came over her face.

She opened her mouth, probably to try to talk her way into getting one when her phone rang, causing them both to jump. She pulled away from him, leaning over the edge of the bed and grabbing her pants, fishing out her phone.

"Dad?" She said, answering the phone, causing Chris to tense.

"Oh, I was with Scott, we were playing a game, I didn't see your text. Mhm, yeah that makes sense. I'll get it done, don't worry. Yeah, love you too." She nodded, hanging up the phone, putting it back in her pants.

"Everything okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, I just gotta get home and do something for my dad." She reasoned, climbing out of the bed and gathering all her clothes from where they were scattered.

"Are you gonna be able to drive?" The question caused him to frown, knowing he had given her alcohol.

"Yeah, I'm all good now, I didn't have too much. Don't worry." She waved off his concerns, hopping to get her pants on.

He figured he should get out of bed too so he got up and put on his clothes, quiet stretching between them.

"Walk me downstairs?" She asked once he finished, having just finished tying her shoes.

"Yeah. Of course." He followed behind her, seeing her tap away at her phone, checking something.

Once they reached the door, he stopped as she spun around to face him. They stared at each other for a second before Stiles moved forward, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek.

"Thanks for everything." She whispered, taking a step back and grabbing the doorknob.

"Thank you."

She smiled at him one last time before walking out of the house, leaving Chris staring at the door, wondering when he did his life come to this.

He found he couldn't really complain at this point. Especially when he found Stiles' number at his bedside table with the request to talk while he's away.