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And Now For Something Completely Different

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Commaders Group Chat

T-Rex - Rex

Kote is gay - Kote

Feral Sith Fucker- Wolffe

Furry - Fox

Jessica - Jessie

Ramones - Blitz

Dr. Doom - Doom

Thor - Thorn

Horny Jail - Bly

Omega - Alpha 17

Badass - Fordo

Bacon - Gree

water - Ponds

new wave - Neyo

water: wolffe is fucking ventress

Badass: no way

Bacon: LMAO
Dr. Doom charged A Wolf’s name to Feral Sith Fucker

Feral Sith Fucker: DOOM YOU BITCH


T-Rex: Blitz Really

Ramones: what

new wave: guys is it just me or is Colt having sex with shaak ti

Ramones: that’s a fact dude

Thor: ummmmmmmmm

Kote is gay: I know your secret 

Furry: I also know it

Thor: FUCK


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Thor - Thorn

Utter Badass - Satine Kryze

Thor: Satine ummmm

Utter Badass: Thorn what happened 

Thor: I am pretty sure the Kote and Fox know

Utter Badass: well not surprised for Kote knows since he is Kenobi’s commander 

Thor: I love you 

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Commander Group Chat

T-Rex - Rex

Prick - Vaughan 

GAY - Cody

Skyguy - Anakin

Snips - Ahsoka 

Relvolver - Colt

9 - O’Niner

Jessica - Jesse

5,4,3,2,1 - Fives

Soundcheck - Echo

Russian Dude - Hevy

Fish - DroidBait

Kitchen - Cutup

Kanooooooohhhhhhhh: Kano

Snips: Anakin we all know you are 1. Married to Padme 2. Your fucking here

Russian Dude: LMAO

Skyguy: FUCK

Revolver: 😳 

Fish: colt what is 

GAY: I think he is having sex with shaak ti

SoundCheck: Jesse you won the bet

5,4,3,2,1: crud

Jessica: YES

Skyguy: yes I am married to padme and yes she is now pregnant 

Prick: simp

9: Vaughn shut up

Prick: no

9: ok your mother was a hampster

Prick: dude we don’t have mums

9: I know

Kanooooooohhhhhh: Why am I here

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Wax Figure: so that was you guys moaning

Snips: yes dumbass

coffee bean: will shut it ahsoka

oX: ah yes arguing like an old married couple 

Badass 2: I will delete your kneecaps do not test me bitch

badass 1: bo will do not test here

idiot: run

oX: I think I will

Defenty NOT Not banging a senator: so snips your a lesbian 

snips: yes

Appa: Rex won that bet

T-Rex: yep