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"You really need to stop telling Natasha what to do," Bucky said, arms folded over his chest.

Tony looked over at him with an internal sigh. He didn't feel like having this conversation, in large part because there was no good way to have it. Everything Natasha told him had been in confidence. He couldn't blab about it to Bucky-- or anyone else-- just because he wanted to. He understood that Bucky was concerned about his friend, but Bucky had no idea he was infringing on an understanding that Natasha had asked him for; he thought he was doing a good thing here. 

He couldn't say 'hey, by the way, Natasha asked me to not give her options when we're doing something' because she'd specifically asked for him to keep it between the two of them. He couldn't say 'fuck off' because he didn't want for Bucky to be mad at him and think that there was a deeper problem in their relationship.

"Don't you think that if she had a problem with it, she'd tell me to stop?" Tony ended up saying.

"No," Bucky said bluntly. "She cares about you, and she's afraid she'll lose you if she doesn't act perfect."

"An interesting theory, but it's not true. I can assure you that when she has an issue with me, she says it. Afraid of losing me or not. And shouldn't you have talked to her about this first, to make sure that it bothered her?"

Bucky hesitated.

"You already talked to her," Tony stated, and he nodded. "And she said?"

"To keep my nose out of her business."

"Do I get to know why you ignored that?"

"I don't want her to be hurt. Not that I think you're hurting her," Bucky added. "But- for fuck's sake, Tony, would it kill you to ask her where she wants to eat dinner instead of deciding for her every fuckin' time? Or let her pick what she wants to wear to an event?"

"Again, I'm going to come back to: if she wanted me to stop, she would've said something."

For a minute, it looked like Bucky was going to keep pushing. "I don't want to think you're being controlling," he said slowly, "but I don't see how this is good."

"Good is highly variable," was Tony's immediate response. What had been good for Pepper wasn't good for Natasha, and vice versa.

"If you say so," he muttered, then left.

Tony sighed and reached for his phone and texted Natasha.

From Tony: Bucky doesn't like that I make decisions for you.

From Natasha: Ugh he doesn't know how to let things go. I'll tell him to leave it. Again. If he keeps talking about it, I'll get Clint involved.

That sounded entertaining. Tony was tempted to tell her that Clint should get involved now, but he kept it to himself.

From Tony: Dinner tonight at seven. Italian, because there's a horrible lack of garlic in Steve's cooking. We need to double up on it tonight if we want to survive.

From Natasha: Yum! Looking forward to it <3