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The Ultimate Detective and The Ultimate Hope Gaiden: Miu Iruma's First Child!

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“And…done!”  Miu announced, beaming proudly as she wiped the sweat off her brow.  “Thanks for the help, Kazu!”

“Oh, it was nothing…”  Kazuichi replied as he smiled bashfully at his wife before he looked down at their new invention.  “So, you really created a living robot?”

“That’s right, thanks to my golden brain, that Idabashi’s preliminary blueprints, Fujisaki’s open-source strong AI, and your help with the mechanics, I’ve managed to create the Ultimate Hope Robot, K1-B0!”

“Is that why you based his design off Headmaster Naegi’s appearance?”  Kazuichi asked before Miu nodded.

“That’s right, believe it or not I actually offered to fuck the guy during my interview.”

“Whoa, seriously?!”  Kazuichi exclaimed as his eyes widened.  “Are you telling me that you sexually harassed your boss?”

Miu sighed and confirmed “Yes, as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I tried to use my luscious boobs to ensure my employment.  It didn’t work though; his wife gave me a serious chewing out.”  She shuddered “I still have nightmares about the verbal torture she put me through!”  

…I won’t even ask…  Kazuichi decided before Miu continued.

“Anyway, since he’s the Ultimate Hope, I figured his appearance was the best template for K1-B0’s design.  Look, I even included the ahoge!”

Kazuichi nodded as he looked down at the metallic white hair that adorned the robot’s head, its ahoge looking much more like an antenna than Makoto’s or Hajime’s.

“So…should we turn him on and give him a spin?”  Kazuichi suggested, only for Miu to glare at him.

“Don’t say that, Kazu!  Would you say that to your child?!”

“Whoa, take it easy, Miu!”  Kazuichi tried to placate her by assuring her “K1-B0’s not a kid, he’s a robot.”

“Says who, Kazu?!  He’s our invention, and he has a strong AI, so, he’s our first child!  And I didn’t even have to go through the pain of childbirth!  Ahaha!”

…I think you’re getting too attached to it.  A robot isn’t the same as a baby…  Kazuichi deadpanned as he sweatdropped before he rephrased his question “So, should we activate him?”

“Of course we’re gonna activate him!  I wanna meet my baby!”  Miu exclaimed, leaving Kazuichi to sigh as she fiddled with some knobs and dials on his metallic body before she pressed a big red button on his behind.

As she stepped away from her creation, K1-B0’s blue eyes started to glow as the gears inside of him started to roar to life.  Within seconds, his limbs started to twitch before he slowly sat up and stared at his creators.

“Greetings.  I am K1-B0, the Ultimate Hope Robot.  But please, call me Keebo.”

“He came up with his own nickname?”  Kazuichi asked incredulously.

“Of course he did!”  Miu boasted “He has a strong AI, so he can think for himself.  Coming up with a nickname is no brainer for a child of the gorgeous girl genius, Miu Iruma!”

“Miu…Iruma…?”  Keebo asked, making his creators turn their attentions to him.

Miu smiled and replied “That’s right, I’m your mother, Miu Iruma.  And the pink-haired guy over there is your father, Kazuichi Iruma.”

Hey, if you want him to call you Mom, that’s fine, but don’t go telling him to call me Dad without my consent!  Kazuichi exclaimed in his mind before Keebo nodded.

“Mother…Father…”  Keebo smiled and said “This feeling…it feels warm and fuzzy in my CPU.  Is this what it’s like to have loving parents?”

“That’s right!”  Miu confirmed “I’m your mother, and I love you, Keebo!”

“Mother…”  Keebo muttered as he felt Miu hug his metallic body.  “Mother…Father…thank you for bringing me into this world!” 

Kazuichi smiled and waved awkwardly, still unsure of how to feel about Keebo’s affections before he let go of Miu and furrowed his metallic brows.

“Mother, Father, what is my purpose in this world?  How am I supposed to make an impact as a robot?”

You got me, this was all her idea!  Kazuichi deadpanned before his wife answered Keebo.

“Keebo, my son, you have two main functions in the world.  One is to be a loving son to me and your father.  The second is to never give into despair and be a source of hope for all, just like the person we based your design on, Headmaster Makoto Naegi.”

“I see…”  Keebo smiled and nodded before he replied “Very well, I shall commit my lifespan to fulfilling my mission protocols!”

“Thank you, Keebo!  You’re the best son two inventors could ask for!”  Miu gushed before she grimaced.  “Alright, I’m going off to bed now.”

“Now?  But Mother, it’s only six hours after noon.  Are my internal clocks in need of recalibration?”  Keebo asked in concern.

“Nah, I’m just tired, and my stomach’s feeling all nauseous.  I probably just need to get some beauty sleep.  You two can bond until bedtime, alright?”

“Understood, Mother.  I will use this time to efficiently bond with Father.”

Don’t I get a say in this?!  Kazuichi protested in his mind, but to no avail.

“Alright, Kazuichi, when you come to bed, be sure to put Kiibo in sleep mode.  Night.”  Miu yawned before she got up and walked out, resting her hand over her stomach as she hoped it would settle.

“So, Father…”  Keebo asked as he turned his head to face his remaining creator.  “Tell me about where you work!  I want to know everything about what you do for a living so I can describe you to others with pride.  And please, tell me about this Makoto Naegi.  If I’m to live up to his image, I must know everything about him that’s public record.”

Why me…?


“Okay, Keebo, your father and I are going to work now.”  Miu announced.  “Be good until we get back home, okay?”

Keebo nodded and replied “I understand, Mother.  I won’t cause trouble while you and Father are away.”

“That’s my boy!”  Miu gushed before she called “Come on, Kazu!  We don’t want to be late for work, do we?”

As Kazuichi nodded and began to follow her, Keebo called “Goodbye Mother, Father.”

“Bye, Keebo!”  Miu called out cheerfully as Kazuichi awkwardly nodded his head before they walked out the door.

Keebo listened intently as they drove off until the sound of the car’s motor could no longer be heard.


“There.”  Keebo muttered as he closed the book.  “I’ve read all of Mother and Father’s books on inventing and mechanics, and I’ve stored every piece of information in my data banks.  But still, how will I fulfill my prime directives when this is all the knowledge I have to work with?  Mother and Father get to work in a school with a near boundless pool of knowledge, run by the man who was the basis for my design!”

Keebo’s eyes flashed as he stood up and clenched his fist in determination.

“I have to learn more, both in terms of academics, and about the man who I’ve been programmed to emulate.  That means, in order to fulfill my programming…I must go to Hope’s Peak Academy!”


“Alright, I’m here at last.”  Keebo uttered as he stared up at Hope’s Peak Academy, already feeling intimidated.  “So this is where the world’s elite once came to study, the school that has served as a beacon of hope for the world.”  Keebo smiled in nervous excitement as he exclaimed “There must be so much I can learn here.  So many teachers to impart their wisdom, so many facilities to help me expand my skillset…but no, if I go into too many places, then I will cause trouble for my parents, and I promised them I wouldn’t do that.”

Keebo hummed and closed his eyes as he tried to temper his excitement.

“For now, I should restrain myself to the library.  That should be fine; it is a public accommodation after all, and if I make no disruptions, I should be able to pass as a student.  Alright, I’ve got this!”

His goal determined, Keebo took his first steps into Hope’s Peak Academy, eager to begin his journey of knowledge.


Knock Knock!

“Hm?”  Makoto and Kyoko looked up from their paperwork at the door before Makoto called “It’s open, come in.”

The two administrators raised their eyebrows in surprise as Komaru, Hina, Hiro, and Porkfeet entered the office, closing the door behind them.

“Can I…help you guys?”  Makoto asked.  “I know you’re on your lunch breaks, but wouldn’t you rather spend them eating…well…lunch?”

“Normally, yes.”  Porkfeet explained “However, we’ve recently spotted something that demands your attention.”

Makoto furrowed his brow in confusion before he folded his hands and sighed “Very well, what’s so urgent that requires your attention.”

“Well…it’s…”  Hina began nervously before Komaru finished her sentence.

“Something’s been walking through this school, Makoto, and it looks kind of like you, only metallic.”

“…Metallic…?”  Makoto wondered as he and his wife looked at each other in confusion.

“It’s from an alternate future!”  Hiro wailed “It’s going to kill Makoto and take his place among us so that robots can rule the world!”

Makoto and Kyoko sweatdropped before Kyoko sighed and told the former clairvoyant “Hagakure, I think you’ve been watching too many movies.”

“Yeah, I don’t put any stock in what Hiro says, but I know I saw some metal version of you peeking into my classroom earlier.  In fact, we all saw it.  So…what do we do?”

“…Perhaps we should check this out, just to see if this isn’t some bizarre hallucination.”  Kyoko suggested before she asked “Where was the last place you spotted this…copy?”

Porkfeet spoke up, explaining “Just before we came, I passed by the library and saw it sitting in a chair, reading a book.  It might still be there.”

Makoto nodded and stood up, instructing “Alright, Kyoko and I will check out this rumor.  The rest of you, go and eat lunch before you get back to your classes.”

Kyoko nodded and replied “Indeed, there’s the possibility this could just be a shared hallucination, but we should investigate, just to make sure.”

With that, the two administrators walked out of the office, leaving the four disturbed teachers alone.


“Well, I’ll be, there is a robot in the school…”  Makoto muttered under his breath as he and Kyoko peered into the library’s entrance and spotted Keebo in plain sight.

“Indeed.  There are physical similarities to you, to be sure, but it’s not an exact match.”  Kyoko observed.  “It’s likely someone used your physical characteristics as an initial guide, then made their own alterations.  The real question is…is it dangerous?”

“Amazing!”  They nearly jumped out of their hiding spot as they heard Keebo exclaim “I never knew that stand-up comedy had such a fascinating history!”

Makoto looked at his wife and commented “I don’t think it’s particularly dangerous.  Why don’t we go and talk to it?”

“A little straightforward, but I suppose it’s worth a shot.”  Kyoko replied before Makoto nodded and they walked over to Keebo.

“Um…excuse me…?”

Keebo jumped as he lowered his book and exclaimed “Oh, forgive me, I must not have seen you come in.  I was so enthralled in studying the art of stand-up comedy.”

“It’s fine, really…”  I kinda wish the rest of the students were this enthusiastic about learning…  “So, what’s your name?”

Keebo smiled and introduced “Oh, forgive my manners, I should have introduced myself earlier.  My name is K1-B0, but please, call me Keebo.”

“Keebo?”  Kyoko asked “Like the word for hope?”

“Exactly.  My parents created me to be the Ultimate Hope Robot, so that’s what they named me.  Though I came up with the nickname myself.  You see, I was given a strong AI, so I can learn and develop preferences.”

“I see…”  Well, if the Ultimate talent system still existed, it’d definitely qualify…  Makoto thought.

“Anyways, you never introduced yourselves, either.  So, can you please tell me who I am speaking to?”  Keebo asked.

“Oh, sorry, of course.”  Makoto apologized before he introduced “My name is Makoto Naegi, and this is my wife, Kyoko Naegi.  We’re the headmaster and vice-headmistress of Hope’s Peak Academy.”

“Makoto…Naegi…”  Keebo’s eyes widened as he shot up from his seat and eagerly shook the dumbfounded Makoto’s hand before he exclaimed “Oh, what an honor it is to meet the person who I was programmed to emulate.  You must tell me all about yourself!  Your upbringing, your lifestyle, how you came to run Hope’s Peak…”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down, slow down!”  Makoto interjected gently, allowing Keebo to stop rambling before the headmaster asked “Sorry, but what do you mean when you said you were programmed to emulate me?”

“Oh, my apologies, Headmaster Naegi.  You see, when I was created, my mother gave me two prime directives.  The first was that I stay their loving son.”

“I…see…”  A dumbfounded Kyoko asked “…And the second?”

“My second directive was to never give into despair and to use my potential to be a symbol of hope.”

“I see…so, who did create you anyway?”  As Keebo frowned and bit his lip, Makoto pressed “Keebo, I’m only curious.  Besides, your parents must be worried about you, right?”

“…I’m sorry, I only wanted to learn.  I never meant to cause trouble for them.”

Makoto smiled and assured him “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get them in trouble or anything.  I just want to make sure that they don’t worry about you.”

“I…I didn’t think my actions would have such consequences…”  Keebo sighed “I just wanted to complete my programming.”

“That’s very admirable of you, Keebo, but I still need to notify your parents where you are.  I know that if my children went missing, I’d be upset too.  So, as a father, let me make sure your parents don’t worry about you.”

“Indeed.  So, who are your parents?”  Kyoko asked.

“…Miu and Kazuichi Iruma.”


“KEEBO!”  Miu shrieked as she and Kazuichi burst into Makoto’s office.  “What are you doing here?!”  She demanded as she kneeled in front of the embarrassed robot.

“I’m sorry, Mother…I just wanted to learn and achieve my programming, and I determined that the best place to achieve my prime directives would be Hope’s Peak Academy.”

“Keebo…”  Miu hugged her son and gently scolded him “You should have called my phone.  One of us could have come and gotten you some more books to read.”

“I…didn’t think of that function.  I’m sorry, Mother.  I don’t deserve to be called the Ultimate Hope Robot…”

“Don’t say that!”  Miu wailed “You’re my son; I created you, so no matter what, you’ll always be the Ultimate Hope Robot, at least to me!”

“Mother…”  Keebo gasped as he wrapped his arms around his wailing mother, the two of them engaged in a tender moment as Makoto and Kyoko smiled at them.

“Um…”  Miu and Keebo turned their heads to look at Kazuichi, who rubbed the back of his head as he told Keebo awkwardly “…You…really worried your…mother, Keebo.  So…don’t do that again, alright…?”

Keebo smiled and nodded as he replied “I won’t, Father.  I’m sorry for worrying you.”

Makoto coughed into his fist, drawing everyone’s attention before he offered “If I may…perhaps I can offer a…solution.  I can’t make him a student at present…”

“…Why?”  Keebo interjected “Is it because I’m a robot?  Are you robophobic, Makoto?”

“Oh, no, no, it’s not like that at all!”  Makoto assured him.  “It’s just the application window has already passed and classes are already in session for the year.”

“Oh…”  Keebo’s eyes lowered in shame as he apologized “Forgive me…for jumping to conclusions.”

“Don’t worry about it.  Anyway…”  Makoto explained “I can’t officially make Keebo a student yet, but if he’s willing, the librarian was talking about how it would be helpful to have an assistant.  Someone to put books back on their proper shelves and stuff.  It would be a perfect environment for Keebo to learn as much as he wants, and he’ll be in close proximity in case he needs either of you.  So, what do you say?”

“Well…”  Miu began.  “It would be nice to have Keebo somewhere that will allow him to grow his talents…what do you think, Kazu?”

“Me?  I mean…I don’t have a real problem with it if you don’t.”

Miu nodded before she turned back to Keebo and agreed “…Alright, you can work in the library.  But you tell me if something’s wrong, okay Keebo?”

Keebo grinned and nodded as he replied “Don’t worry, I will, Mother.  I promise, I’ll make you proud as the Ultimate Hope Robot!”

Miu smiled and stood up as she replied “I know you will.  Alright, Kazu, can you take Keebo home for today?  I need to…”

“Miu?  You okay?”  Kazuichi asked, concerned as Miu trailed off.

“Mother?  Are you well?”  Keebo asked as Miu slowly brought her hand to her mouth.  “Mother!”  The robot exclaimed as she ran over to the nearby trash can and threw up.

He and Kazuichi ran over to her and knelt at her side as she continued to heave up her breakfast, rubbing her back in soothing comfort.


“Ugh…my breath smells awful…thanks for bringing me to the Nurse’s Office, you two.”  Miu muttered as she looked gratefully at her husband and son.

“Oh, no problem.”  Kazuichi replied.

“Agreed.  After all, you programmed me to be a loving son, and what son wouldn’t help his mother in distress?”

“Keebo…”  Miu uttered, joyous pride bleeding through her voice as she held back tears.

“Still, I wonder why you got sick like that.”  Makoto wondered.

“Indeed.  Did you eat anything raw or undercooked?”  Kyoko inquired.

“Uh, no, not really.  I mean, I’ve had an upset stomach recently, but that’s just because I haven’t been eating as regularly while Kazuichi and I built Keebo.”

Makoto and Kyoko furrowed their brows in contemplation before the nurse came back and asked “Iruma-sensei?”

“Yeah, I’m here.  So, what’s the diagnosis?”

The nurse smiled and informed them “Congratulations, you’re pregnant, Iruma-sensei.”

The Irumas’ eyes widened in shock as they processed the news while Keebo interjected “Ah, pregnancy.  I remember reading about that in the library earlier.  That’s the natural gestation of a human, caused when…”

“Okay, we get it Keebo!”  An embarrassed Miu shouted, which caused her son’s eyes to lower in shame.

“I apologize.  I just wanted to impress you with my newfound knowledge, Mother…”

Miu sighed and apologized “No, I didn’t need to shout.  It’s just…”

Kazuichi sighed and explained “Keebo…the thing is…there are some things…like sex and pregnancy…that most people don’t like to talk about publicly.”

“So…I should keep this type of knowledge to myself?”  As his parents nodded, Keebo replied “I see…I’ll keep that in mind when I absorb new information into my data banks.  But still…”  Keebo turned to his mother excitedly and exclaimed “This means that I’ll be a big brother!  Now I have a new prime directive; to be a good role model for my baby brother or sister!”

The Irumas sweatdropped before they sighed and Miu admitted “Yes, I suppose that’s true.”  She laid her hands on her belly and mused “I’ll be honest…I didn’t think I wanted to be a mother, at least not in the natural sense of the word.  But…I think I’m starting to warm up to the idea.  Just…promise you’ll both be there to help me through it?  Taking care of Keebo is one thing, but I need help taking care of a baby.”

“Do not worry, Mother!”  Keebo vowed “I promise to research proper parenting techniques so you may be prepared for the day my baby sibling is birthed into the world!”

“Yeah!”  Kazuichi exclaimed “I’m not sure I’m gonna be ready to be a good dad either, but I’ll do my best to support my family!”

Makoto and Kyoko smiled at the scene before the headmaster suggested “Why don’t you all head home for today?  I’ll cancel your class.”

“Really?  Thanks, Headmaster!”  Kazuichi thanked as Keebo helped Miu stand up.

“Come on, let’s go home.  I’ve got to start planning an invention that lets me sleep through the birth.”  Miu announced before the family of three left the Nurse’s Office, caught off guard but starting to warm up to the unexpected expansion of their tight-knit family.