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Love on the Rocks

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Kara, Alex and their mother were sitting on their childhood sofa watching TV along with the rest of the world. Lex’s trial had been going on for days. Even though it dragged on, people were still more invested in it than the Olympics.

They had just wrapped up an incredibly sobering testimony by one of the mini witnesses to Lex’s insanity. She was an employee who Lex had kidnapped to experiment on. Even with the horrors the woman told, Lex had a ruthless lawyer who had all but outright declared the poor woman crazy. Once she had left the stand in tears, the courtroom, and likely the rest of the world, froze. That was their final witness.

“Wait... you don’t think?” Alex asked turning with large eyes to her family. She rapidly looked between Kara and her mother.

“I don’t know Alex. He really might win. We need to be prepared to face that” her mother said reaching her arm around Kara’s shoulders.

The government defense attorney, Clemens, could be seen whispering intensely to a man and woman behind him before standing and telling the judge they would like to call one last witness.

“YOUR HONOR.” Yelled Lex’s lawyer as he jumped up from his seat. “We have not been informed of this before now and therefore do not have the proper amount of time to build our cross examination!”

“Mr. Clemens, why should I allow this last witness?” The judge asked turning and raising an eyebrow at him.

Clearing his throat he responded “Your honor, this witness has only just informed us of their willingness to testify. We believe the information they can provide is of the upmost importance for the jury and the public. They deserve to be made aware of what she has witnessed”

“Holy shit. Look at Lex’s face.” Alex said scooting to the edge of the couch in anticipation.

Lex was staring to his right at something with a look of fury. The look only last a few seconds but the impact of it sent chills down the spines of the Danvers family.

The judge looked between the two lawyers before turning to Clemens. “Very well. You may proceed.” He said with a nod of his head.

“The People call Lena Luthor to the stand.” The entire court room bust into noise as the woman sitting behind him slowly stood and walked forward.

“Silence!” Yelled the judge slamming his gavel down.

Lena stood before the judge and was sworn in before being brought to take the stand.

“Wow, I can’t image having to testify against family... even if it was someone like Lex.” Kara said. Her leg was bouncing on the floor so rapidly that Alex put her hand on it from fear of Kara starting a fire.

“She has some serious bravery.” Their mother said solemnly as she nodded her head.

“Ms. Luthor, would you tell the jury what you were made aware of on August 16th of this past year?” Clemens asked.

“I was visiting my mother and broth-“ Kara let out a gasp and immediately stopped bouncy her ever insistent leg.

Both of her family members whipped around to look at the blonde woman in the middle.

“Kara what’s wrong?!” Alex asked as she moved her hand from Kara’s knee to her shoulder squeezing it tightly.

Kara sat still staring at the screen with her mouth open. “I... she...” she said in choked words sounding like she was picking up something incredibly heavy. “I can’t believe it.” Her face turned from shock to wonder.

The words coming from Lena were completely forgotten as her mother and sister looked up at the tv and back to Kara.

“Kara dear, talk to us.” Their mother said as she rubbed circles on Kara’s back.

“She is my soulmate.” Was Kara’s reply.

Alex and their mother both looked at each other in fear and worry. “Kara... are you sure?” The older woman asked as Alex’s grip on Kara’s shoulder tightened.

“Yes, her voice... it’s her.” Kara said as she looked to her sister with tears running down her face.

“Kara you can’t be serious. She is a Luthor!” Alex exclaimed standing. And throwing her hands out as if that settled everything.

Kara stood up as well with her fist clenched at her sides. “I’m incredibly serious and she is literally trying to put her brother way! She obviously doesn’t support him!” She said. Each word got louder until she was yelling at the end.

“GIRLS.” Their mother yelled pushing herself into the over the small gap between the two sisters. “You are two grown women and you will talk to each other as such. Now Alex, if Lena Luthor is Kara’s soulmate-“

“She is!” Kara cut in stopping at the look her mother threw over her shoulder at her.

“As I was saying, we WILL support Kara and Lena’s relationship. We do not mess with fate and we must believe the universe has made the perfect choice for her.” Their mother finished as she turned to put a hand on each of her daughters shoulders.

They both looked at each other red faced. Kara’s looked angry and Alex’s embarrassed. Looking the blonde in the eyes Alex’s voice was gentle “I’m sorry Kara. I just love you and worry about you. If you got hurt... I just need some time to think and process.” She finished looking down again.

Kara’s shoulder dropped at the words her sister said. “I understand Alex. Just please, try to not get in the way of this.”

“ORDER IN THE COURT ROOM” boomed from the TV. Three heads whipped around. “I WILL HAVE ORDER.” The entire court room was in shambles. Lex was being yanked from the room as he all but foamed at the mouth.

“You stupid fucking cunt! You will fucking pay for this you hear me?!” He screamed before the door was shut in his face.

Lena was being escorted out by at least 8 men in black suits.

“The jury has spoken” the judge said slammed the gavel once more. “DISMISSED.” He finished.

Kara was shaking in anger while the other two stood stock still.

“Oh my god... they won the case... did anyone catch his sentencing?!” Their mother said quickly turning again to her daughters.

“Life with no bail or probation...” Alex said look at her phone.

“See? That wouldn’t have happened without Lena! Ugh! Can you believe what he just said?! He threatened her on national tv! Oh Rao... I need to get to Metropolis! What if he sends one of his goons after her?! I can fly and be there in less th-“ Alex pushed around their mother grabbing Kara’s arm and stopping her from talking.

“Listen to yourself! You can’t expose just expose that you were an alien to the whole world! You are already being irrational. Lena has more money than most countries do. She Likely already has protection set up. Besides, what would you do? What would you say? ‘Hi my name is Kara Danvers, I’m your soulmate and oh yeah, I’m Kryptonian! I know soulmates work differently here but saying ‘I swear I knew from your voice broadcasted on tv!’ She would think you are trying to get close to her to kill her or something!” Alex stopped as she saw her words sink into Kara.

“Well... what do I do then?” Kara asked as tears fell down her face. “I can’t do nothing?”

“I’m afraid your sister is right on this one Kara.” their mother said as she pulled her youngest in to hold her as she sniffled back tears. “You have to bide your time sweetheart. Wait until you meet organically. Fate has a plan. Trust it.” She finished as Kara took a deep breath trying to keep calm.

“Okay.” Kara said in defeat.


“Okay Kara, you got this. It’s just the moment you have been waiting on. It’s just your true soulmate. Everything is going to be fine. It’s totally not a big deal... oh Rao.” The blonde said staring at herself in the mirror of an empty L-Corp bathroom. A sudden knock on the door caused her to jump. “Coming!” She said looking in the mirror to adjust her shirt for the millionth time that day.

Opening the door she came face to face with the tall brunette man on the other side.

“Are you okay?” Clarke asked with a hesitant smile. “I remember finally meeting Lois. I was shaking in my shoes.” He said as he guided her by the elbow towards the large and incredibly ominous glass doors. “Will you inform Ms. Luthor that Clarke Kent and Kara Danvers are here for her interview?” Clarke asked the woman behind the desk.

“Right away.” She replied picking up a phone “Ms. Luthor, your two o’clock is here from the daily Planet and CatCo.” She said.

Kara heard a “let them in” from the phone. Before the younger woman motion for them to head to the scary doors. The two reports walked headed the way they were directed. The secretary noticed that one was obviously more confident than the other.

Letting themselves in through the towering doors, Clarke stepped forward to the woman seated behind a very expensive looking desk “Hello Ms. Luthor. It’s a pleasure to see you again, especially under better circumstances” he said as he took in the massive office around him. The Florida ceiling windows looked out over the entire cityscape of National City.

Raising one perfect brow the beautiful Ms. Luthor stood wearing a knee length royal blue dress that hugged her curves perfectly. She walked around her desk and took the offered hand in hers. “Can’t recall you ever being pleased to see me Mr. Kent” she said. Her eyes shifted to crystal blue behind him. She knew that he had brought someone with him, from CatCo, though she did not expect to find this person so ridiculously beautiful.

She broke eye contact with the woman as she looked up and down. This beautiful blonde war a very attractive blue shirt tucked into a pair of very flattering trousers. Snapping her eyes back up, she felt bewitched by what she saw.

Coughing Clarke drew her attention back to him causing her to release his hand that she had held for entirely to long.

“I owe you an apology Ms. Luthor. I have been unjustly cold to you in the past. You are not your brother and my actions were not warranted.” Clarke said shocking the brunette in front of him. At her silence he continued “this is my friend and fellow reporter, Kara Danvers.” He gave an expectant look between the two woman before quickly scanning the exposed skin on Lena for something. He then frowned and turned his attention to Kara.

“Um... hi Ms. Luthor” Kara squeaked out taking a shaky step forward to reach a hand towards Lena.

“Hello”. Lena replied before taking the hand that she then very quickly released as if she had been shocked by sticking a knife into an electrical socket. This caused a similar frown to appear on Kara’s face as her cousin. The blonde quickly did a once over as well before deflating having not found what she was looking for.

With an awkward silence in the air Lena shifted her eyes between them giving away her own nerves brought on by the looks of her guests faces.

“Well, I don’t necessarily think being weary of me is completely unwarranted. My brother wronged you. You were his best friend. But, having said that, thank you. Now, Mr. Kent and Ms. Danvers, why don’t we sit and move along with this interview.” Lena said as she gained back some confidence and guided the other two to the couches laid out in front of her desk.




Putting her face into her hands, Lena groaned into a, finally, empty office. Between constant meetings and her vary odd/awkward interview, she was absolutely exhausted.

Checking her watch she let out another groan realizing it was seven in the evening.

She grabbed her bag and downed the last of her scotch. Walking towards the elevator she called for her driver to be ready downstairs. She found herself standing in the elevator while her mind wondered back to the interview for the millionth time that day. It was so odd, not only had Clarke Kent actually apologized but then he and Kara Danvers were incredibly awkward. At one point she thought she saw tears rising in the beautiful blue eyes of the blonde. She was shocked at how upsetting she found that.

“So odd...” she said quietly to herself.

Shaking herself from her thoughts at the ding of the elevator she walked forward to her awaiting ride.


Once she arrived home Lena promptly poured herself another glass and went into her closet to change into something more comfortable.

As she started to take off her CEO attire, she saw it. At least half of the rooms air was taken into her lungs as she then let out a gasp. Immediately she ran to her mirror looking in shock, horror and amazement at the name now on her skin. ‘Kara Zor-El Danvers’ sat in stark contrast to her pale skin.

“Oh my...” she gasped running a shaking finger over the mark. She let out a breath at the tingles that flew through her body at the feeling.

She met her soulmate and that soulmate was the beautiful, timid and sad looking blonde from CatCo.

“Wait” she said aloud. “What kind of last name is Zor-El?”




That evening across National City, a blonde sat holding back tears with a tub of ice cream in her lap waiting on her sister.

Hearing the distinct sound of Alex’s gate, Kara jumped up and threw open the door before her sister could even knock.

With her hand raised to wrap on the door stood a surprised Alex Danvers. Alex looked down taking in that Kara was wearing her baggiest most comfy clothes and looked like she had been crying.

“Oh Kara.” She said grabbing her sister and wrapping her into a tight hug. Kara took her hand and led her into the apartment closing the door behind them. Once they were seated on the coach with a second spoon for Alex, Kara started in one how Lena didn’t realize Kara was her soulmate.

“Kara, she will know as soon as she sees it”. Alex said while squeezing her sister’s hand.

Almost in hysterics Kara replied “I know but think about it Alex! She could not see it for months! What if it’s some place hidden like the bottom of her foot?!”

At this Alex snorted before quickly trying to cover her smile by shoving ice scream into her mouth.

Looking deeply unimpressed Kara continued. “You never know! It could happen...” she said turning red with embarrassment after thinking about it.

“True...” Alex replied slowly while still trying not to smile. “But, it’s more likely to not be on the bottom of her foot. Wait, why didn’t you use your X-ray vision?” She asked.

“Alex!” Kara exclaimed seeming scandalized. “I would never do that to Lena! Or anyone... I wouldn’t be able to only see her skeleton if I was looking for a tattoo...” she finished turning impossibly redder.

“Oh” Alex said while failing to hide back her smirk anymore. “I doubt Lena would mind. Especially considering she will probably jump your bones the second she reali- oomph” she said as she found herself knocked off the couch and onto the ground. “What the fuck Kara?!” Alex said while rubbing her chest and glaring at the offending pillow. “That kinda hurt!”

“Eh. Whatever you have had worse” Kara grumbled folding her arms and trying to act stubborn.

Alex resisted another snort from her new place on the ground. Kara looked like a puppy trying to hold a grudge at their owner after having a toy taken away.

“Okay fine! I’m sorry.” Kara said unfolding her arms “but that’s embarrassing! And anyway, she probably never will want to... ya know... do THAT because she will never find out I’m her soulmate!”

Sighing in exasperation Alex raised herself back up onto the couch “Okay Kara, seriously? She will find it and know soon enough. Just wait a little longer or suck it up and tell her. She will be sending you flowers or something in no time”.




“Woah” Kara said as she stood at the door to her office the next day.

“Damn Kara! What millionaire’s life did you save?” Winn asked stepping up beside her.

Kara’s entire office was stuffed with flowers with not a single surface left uncovered. “I have absolutely no idea...” she said as she took a note off the closest bouquet. She let out an “eep!” Dropping the note card.

Swooping down to pick it up Winn whistled. “Who is L? And when did you start seeing someone? This has scandal written all over it” He giggled handing it back over to his now embraced and flustered friend.

“OKAYGOTTAGOBYYYEEEE” Kara said shoving him out of her office and shutting the door in his face. She leaned back against it while sliding down to the ground.

Staring down at the note card that read “Guessing your’s was not so easily visible either - L” followed by “P.S. Feel free to stop by when convenient”.

A slow smile spread across her face before a very loud “EEEEK!!!! SHE KNOWS!” Could be heard throughout the entire top floor of CatCo.




At noon on the dot Lena’s receptionist buzzed her.

“Ms. Luthor, Ms Danvers from CatCo is back to see you. She says you were expecting her? However, I do not having her on the books” she finished.

“She is correct, let her in” Lena replied as she stood and wiped her now sweaty palms down her dress.

The door was promptly opened with so much force that a breeze hit Lena. Standing there in the doorway was a very frazzled looking Kara Danvers. Supposedly her frazzled state was so severe that the blonde did not notice the door swinging with the same amount of force back at her until it was too late. A loud THWACK sounded out as the door slammed into Kara. Lena stared frozen in horror when she realized that Kara had not moved and the door that hit her now had spider web like cracks covering it.

“Oh my goodness! Kara!” Lena said running forward to grab her arm “Are you okay? Come here sit down.” Lena said while scanning the blondes body for any damage.

“I’m so sorry!” Kara exclaimed going from frazzled to looking like she may pass out.

Lane ignored the apology and all but forced the blonde to sit down on her couch before she could fall out on the ground. “Again, are you okay? Let me check you for a concussion” Lena said grabbing her phone and turning on the light to shine it into each of Kara’s eyes.

She tried not to get distracted by Kara’s stunning set of sky blues before she realized how close their faces were to each other.

Kara swallowed thickly as she looked from Lena’s lips to her eyes. Both women started to grown closer to each other before Lena’s door was once again thrown open. The two flew apart before looking up at Lena’s shocked secretary.

“Miss Luthor! Are you all okay?!” She asked frantically.

Feeling heat rise up her neck Lena quickly replied “Um, I’m fine but I was just checking on Ms. Danve-“

“Kara” the blonde said before realizing she had interrupted “Sorry! I am really bad about about interrupting sometimes but it’s just that you should call me Kara because... ya know... and I am fine really!”

Lena smiled endearingly at Kara before realizing the latter part of what she said. “Kara, no one would be okay after that. You are probably just riding on adrenaline. I have medical equipment here” Turning back to her assistant she continued “Please clear my schedule for the rest of the day. If something is urgent I will be in my lab.” She finished before gently taking Kara’s hand and standing with her as if she was worried Kara might fall over.

“Of course Ms. Luthor” said her secretary immediately excusing herself.

“Wait, no! Really I’m just fine!” Kara said acting panicked.

“Kara.” Lena said causing the other woman to freeze and look her in the eye. “Please.”

For a moment Kara opened and closed her mouth, almost resembling a fish out of water. The blonde finally let out a quiet “okay” allowing Lena to lead her out of the room and into a private elevator.

Lena tried to ignore her racing heart at being alone in an elevator with her incredibly attractive soulmate. The woman was obviously not okay given that she was sweating and looked even more on the verge of passing out. This was NOT the time for her hormone induced thoughts.

“Um, are there cameras in here?” Kara asked as she looked to Lena.

Lena felt she may pass out herself at the suggestions behind Kara’s words before she realized the woman looked terrified.

“Yes. But not in my lab. If being alone with me scares you I can ask my assistant to join us” at Kara’s now confused look she continued. “I assure you I am not my brother and I would never hurt you.”

“Oh Rao Lena! No! That’s not why I asked at all! I know you’d never hurt me!” Kara quickly replied looking panicked once again.

Lena tried to push her nerves back down. While she didn’t think Kara seemed the type to lie to her, her reply still left Lena reeling over why she would ask about cameras... did Kara mean she wanted to?... surely not... Lena thought before the elevator dinged to let them know that had reached the very bottom floor.

When the doors opened into Lena’s massive lab Kara zoomed quickly in front of Lena with her hands up to block Lena from moving forward.

“Kara! You just got slammed by a very heavy door you should not be moving quickly right now.” Lena said as calmly as she could.

“Okay, Lena hold on. I... well you see... The thing is... okay, let me start over. I am not exactly human.” Kara finished looking down and fidgeting with one of the buttons on her shirt.

“Oh.” Lena said lamely.

Kara looked up at her then down again at Lena’s short reply.

Realizing her error Lena quickly recovered. “I mean, I should have guessed.” At that Kara’s eyes snapped to Lena’s with a furrowed brow. “Zor-El isn’t a name I could find in any language that Google could provide. I am so sorry for forging you into telling me that. I was just worried you may be hurt... of course I don’t blame you for being hesitant to tell me.” Lena finished as she now was the one looking down in shame.

“Lena.” Kara said softly before stepping forward into Lena’s personal space. “I was going to tell you today in your office. Everything happened so quickly. I didn’t get the chance. Again, I trust you Lena.”

Lena thought her heart was racing before. Now it was at a full on sprint to some unknown finish line.

Kara continued “there is a bit more...” at this Kara started to unbutton her shirt. Lena thought she may actually pass out. Kara being so close to her was proving to be enough by itself and now she is taking off her clothes? Lena was done for. She found her brain going completely blank as she realized she was face to face with the red and blue iconic S.

Lena’s eyes widened as she slowly looked back up to Kara “you’r-“.

“Supergirl” Kara finished. “I’m sorry. I know this is a lot to take in and so much has happened in the last 15 minutes. That being said, I’d kind of like to try something else if that’s okay?” Kara asked, her voice getting a bit raspy at the end.

“What is it?” Lena said once she had found her voice. She already knew that there was very little she would not give Kara when asked.

“May I kiss you?” Kara asked as she looked from Lena’s lips to her eyes again.

Lena let out a breath before nodding.

Kara slowly brought her hand to the side of Lena’s face before pausing a moment. Her eyes never left Lena’s as she let her hand lower. Kara ran her hand down Lena’s neck and then back to grasp behind her neck. Lena let out a whimper as Kara pulled her in until there was only an inch between their lips.

Unable to take it any longer, Lena surged forward connecting with Kara’s impossibly soft lips. The kiss started to grow in passion as Lena felt Kara’s tongue slide against her bottom lip. As she opened her mouth Kara suddenly had Lena pushed up against the cool concrete wall of her lab. Taking advantage Lena opening her mouth to let out a surprised noise, Kara pushed her tongue forward. Lena let out a noise she would inevitably find embarrassing later.

Suddenly Kara pulled back causing Lena to protest before Kara asked quietly “Is this okay?”

“Gods yes” Lena said before grabbing a fistful of the blue and red suit to crash her lips back onto Kara’s.

“Wait” Kara said after a moment causing Lena to let out another groan of protest.

Lena dropped her forehead onto Kara’s shoulder asking “Yes Kara?” Between her panting breath.

“Where is your soulmark?” Kara asked.

“The bottom of my damn foot.” Lena replied no longer trying to hold back the annoyance from her voice.

“I KNEW IT” Kara yelled causing Lena to jump in surprise and lean back to look at Kara’s face in bewilderment.

“Excuse me?” Lena asked raising one perfect brow.

“Alex owes me potstickers. A lot of them” Kara said grinning before she brought her lips back to Lena’s.

“Hold on” Lena said as she pushed Kara back after her lips were good and bruised. She squinted her eyes at the Kryptonian. “Who is Alex?”