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Sweet Morning

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The sunlight was the first thing to wake him rather than his alarm as he shifted to sit up with a tired groan; too long since he’d last woken naturally. Slowly red eyes opened to take in the, now familiar, room as he stretched and carefully balanced into standing. Awkwardly he shuffled to get his other leg under him and settled in properly.

Now he could smell the coffee and his eyes rolled back a little.
“That would explain the empty bed” he muttered, padding out to the kitchen.

He was prepared to see Toshinori in the kitchen, however, he was not ready for just how beautiful he looked in nothing but boxers and an apron. Aizawa leaned against the doorway, just to watch and admire as Toshi listened to something on the radio, swaying as he prepared what the ravenette assumed was supposed to be surprise breakfast in bed.

As the music became something he recognized he decided to walk closer, taking Toshis' hand in his and moving the tall blonde into a soft embrace. The simple action caused the former number one to blush and actually giggle.

“Sho… I.” He tried to hide his face but that was impossible. “I was hoping to surprise you.” He admitted as he moved with the swaying younger man.

Shouta looked up and smiled adoringly to his love. “Well, I got to surprise you instead.” He said as he tipped onto the limits of his mis-matched feet, kissing the others cheek. “So, ol’man. What’s the occassion?” He’d ask with a wry smile.

Toshi shuffled out of Sho’s gentle grasp “Because you don’t get treated to nice things often enough.” He explained as he went to make sure things weren’t burning. “So, I though omurice and peaches and green tea smoothie.” The older man had started learning how to take better care of himself; motivated mostly by his partners unwillingness to care for himself mostly.

Aizawa smiled and got down dishes and cups, setting things out to help. “Sound perfect, Sunflower” The rarely used nickname caused the desired blush to crawl over Yagi’s cheek.

“you…” Toshi flustered out as he served up the rice and egg omelet over it. “i love you.” He managed out finally, pouring the smoothies into glasses.

Shouta smiled and set the small dining table for them both and sat down to await his tall sweetheart. “I love you too” He answered with a smile, happy that he and Toshi could have mornings like this.