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Tensei turned the key in the lock before opening the front door of the house. He’d come back from Hosu City earlier than he’d told his brother in hopes of surprising him. He knew that both his parents would be working away from home now and that Tenya would already be home from school by now, no doubt studying or working hard on whatever homework he’d been assigned today. Tensei let out a soft laugh at the thought, shutting the door behind him as quietly as possible before making his way down the hall. Tenya had always been academically gifted, ever since he was a little boy, and studying seemed to be his way of relaxing at the end of the day. Tensei couldn’t really understand why himself, but, then again, there were many habits and mannerisms his little bro had that would be left a mystery to the older Iida.


Tensei crept down the hall carefully, reminding himself with every step not to make too much noise. The last thing he wanted to do was to alert Tenya and spoil the surprise for him. It had been nearly nine months since he’d last saw his brother in person and he knew that Tenya had always treasured the time that they shared together, no matter how short. A fond smile crept onto Tensei’s face as he neared his brother’s bedroom door. The blue-haired man listened intently for any footsteps, pressing his ear against the pale wood. When he was satisfied that he hadn’t been making too much noise, Tensei reached for the doorknob, ready to open the door and surprise his younger brother until…




The older Iida stopped in his tracks, going deathly silent. Was that a moan? The first thought that popped into Tensei’s mind was that it was a pained noise, that something must’ve happened to Tenya and he could’ve been hurt. But it didn’t make any sense for his brother to be hurt. If Tenya had gotten injured while he was at home alone, then the first thing he would’ve done, depending on the severity of the injury, was call their parents. So, that ruled that idea out. Tensei was just going to knock on the door to see if he was alright, but scrapped the thought when another, more breathy noise reached his ears.




The blue-haired man was at a loss for words. That was definitely his little brother’s voice. That was definitely his brother’s voice and he was moaning Tensei’s name. Tensei could feel his blood rushing south at the thought that his usually reserved brother was moaning for him. Fuck.


A wicked thought flooded Tensei’s mind despite himself and despite all the willpower that the older Iida brother had, he didn’t have it in him not to go through with it. He couldn’t believe it. So, Tenya wasn’t as strait-laced as everyone thought. As carefully and quietly as he possibly could, Tensei twisted the doorknob and opened the door, sucking in a breath at the sight in front of him.


Tenya was sprawled out on his bed, a half-empty bottle of lube thrown carelessly beside him. His head was thrown back in bliss, glasses askew on his flushed face as he worked his slick cock with his hand, pumping at a steady rhythm. Tensei’s eyes travelled from the hand on his cock downwards to where his other hand lay between is spread thighs, fingers gripping the base of a sizeable dildo and thrusting it in and out of his already stretched hole. Tensei felt himself harden even more at the sight, tongue darting out to swipe at his lower lip. Well, he’s not studying, that’s for sure.


Tensei leaned against the doorway, blue eyes raking over his brother’s undeniably muscular body. He’d never really noticed before, but his little brother had really grown into his looks. He couldn’t deny that he was pretty, even more so when he was like this; head thrown back with his big brother’s name on his lips while shoving a toy into his slutty hole. Tenya really was a sight to behold like this, such a pretty picture that Tensei didn’t want to share with anyone.


A smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he continued to stare at his little brother, unmoving. Tenya’s breathing had sped up, chest rising and falling with every breath and gasp that left him, the moans of Tensei’s name getting louder and louder until they were practically echoing off the walls, loud enough that it made the older man glad that their parents weren’t home. Tensei slipped his hand under the waistband of his sweats as he watched, palming his rapidly growing erection through his boxers. He decided that he couldn’t just stand there and allow Tenya to go on without him. He was calling for his big brother after all, and who was he to deny such a pretty plea?


“Thinking about me, Tenya? Such a naughty boy, getting off to your big brother when you think no one’s home”, Tensei huffed out a laugh as he watched his brother’s reaction. Tenya had stopped his movements, frozen still and looking utterly mortified that Tensei had just seen everything. His eyes were as wide as saucers as he took in his brother’s form in the doorway. “T…Tensei! I-I…what are you-…why are you-”. The older man chuckled lightly at his brother’s misfortune, holding up his hands and gesturing to Tenya. “Shh…little bro. You don’t have to explain anything, okay? Just let me take care of you”.


It seemed as though Tenya was at a loss for words this time, stumbling over what could’ve been an excuse or an apology. After a few seconds of struggling for an answer, he gave up and just nodded instead. Blue eyes travelled back down to where his brother was sliding the toy out of himself, leaving him clenching around nothing. Seeing just how greedy his little brother was for something to stuff him full made the older Iida impossibly harder and he felt his cock twitch in interest.


Tensei’s hands immediately went to the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head before ridding himself of the rest of his clothes. He climbed onto the bed and between Tenya’s spread legs. He couldn’t resist reaching out to run his thumbs over the younger man’s sensitive nipples, eliciting a pleasured gasp from his brother. Now that he was here, Tensei thought it appropriate to say what was on his mind earlier.


“You looked so pretty like that, Tenya, like this. Ready and willing to spread your legs for your big bro so he can fill that greedy hole of yours with his cock. Do you want that, Tenya? Do you want your big brother to fuck you until you cry?”, Tensei’s voice was soft, even despite the filth that he was saying into his brother’s ear as he reached over him for the lube. The younger man let out a high-pitched whine at his words. Whether it was from the praise or the filthy words, Tensei didn’t care to know. All he cared about was keeping that lust-filled look in his brother’s eyes as he popped the cap on the lube, pouring a generous amount on his fingers and began slicking up his cock.


“You like the praise, don’t you little bro? You like it when I call you pretty or tell you that I know you’ll be so good for me when I finally get inside you”, Tensei continued as he positioned his cock at Tenya’s stretched entrance. The younger Iida moaned when he felt the blunt head of Tensei’s cock catch on the ring of muscle. He couldn’t take this! He’d already been so close when Tensei had interrupted him and now he was taking his sweet time. “Please…”, Tenya whined, pushing his hips down in an attempt to urge his brother to hurry up. Tensei just smiled wickedly at that as he began to circle the rim with his cockhead, teasing.


“Please what…little brother? You know that you won’t get something unless you ask for it properly”, Tenya nodded vigorously, “so, what is it that you want, hmm?”. Blue met blue as he locked eyes with the younger man, enjoying the look of embarrassment on his face as well as the violent blush that had spread all the way down to his chest. Poor thing. Tenya must be so pent up. “P-please…”, a pause, “please fuck me, Tensei! I need it! Please, big brother…”, Tenya finally gave in, averting his eyes from Tensei’s as he spoke. Tensei chuckled again. “That’s all you had to say”.


Tensei realigned himself with Tenya’s hole before pushing inside, watching as inch after inch of his thick cock was swallowed by his brother’s hole. As soon as Tensei knew that Tenya had gotten used to the intrusion, he wasted no time in setting a rough pace, grinning at the choked moan that his brother let out. Tensei couldn’t think about anything other than the tight heat around his cock and how good it felt. He was in heaven. Tenya had long since forgotten his glasses that had managed to fall off his face and onto the mattress beside them. He threw an arm over his eyes as Tensei continued to fuck into him, gasping and moaning at the pleasure coursing through him.


Tensei hooked his hand around Tenya’s ankle and brought his leg over his shoulder so that he could thrust deeper into him. Tenya wailed when Tensei hit his prostate, the arm over his eyes flying down to cover his mouth in an attempt to stifle the noises pouring from him. The older man couldn’t make out much but most of it, he could tell, were moans of his name, spilling out from between his little brother’s lips like a prayer.


The roughness of the thrusts made Tenya’s entire body jolt forward with each one and he had to be careful that he didn’t hit the headboard. Tensei’s grip on his hips was like iron as he dragged him back onto his cock over and over again, continuing to hit his sweet spot dead on and earning a pleasured shout from him every time. Tenya could tell that he wasn’t going to last much longer, not that it was surprising. One of his biggest fantasies was coming true.


“Ten…Tensei! I’m gon-…’m gonna cum”, Tenya breathed out, eyes screwed shut in pleasure.


“Cum then, Tenya. Cum for your big brother”. That’s all Tenya needed and he was coming with a hoarse cry of Tensei’s name, body shuddering with the force of his orgasm. Tensei continued to fuck into his brother through his orgasm as he watched tears form at the corners of his eyes, chasing his own pleasure, his thrusts becoming sloppy the closer he got to release. Tensei came with a loud groan, emptying himself inside of his little brother.


They both stayed like that for some time, neither one making a move to get off the bed or untangle themselves from each other. Their parents wouldn’t be back for another while so Tensei knew that it was safe to stay like this, that no one would catch them. He held his brother close as they came down from their high, leaning forward to press a kiss on his lips. “Surprise”.