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intertwine our souls

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“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, 
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.”

– Hans Christian Anderson




Her brother's cry is loud and she hears a distinct thump before the door flies open and her aunt comes rushing out, "Dong Kyung!"


Both bodies clash against her, arms wrapping around her figure tightly. It is difficult to make out their individual words as they babble on, talking over the other but she doesn't interrupt.


Instead she relaxes her body and leans into the warm, tight hug. "I missed you."


The two quiet down at her murmured words. There is a second of silence in which she relishes in the comfort of their love before her brother starts sniffing.


"Yah, are you crying?", she pulls back to look at him and her aunt smacks her in the shoulder, looking teary-eyed herself.


"What did you expect?! You ran away without a word and do you know how worried we were?"


"Noona!" Sun Kyung continues bawling into her shoulder and she shifts awkwardly before raising her hand to pat him. The red thread circling her wrist seems even brighter under the sunlight.


"I'm sorry for leaving."



"So you went to Jeju Island?" Her aunt questions curiously as Jina pours her another glass of juice wordlessly. 


She hums and swallows down the rice, "Among other places, yeah."


"Are you even gonna elaborate?" Jina mutters petulantly. Beside her, Sun Kyung looks to be in a similar mood, both their faces puffed up after the crying session.


"Tomorrow. I will tell you guys tomorrow, you guys need sleep." Dong Kyung answers after carefully considering their bloodshot eyes.


"I'm sleeping over", Jina declares, her brother following suit, scrambling up and claiming the couch.


She looks over at her aunt in despair, who offers no sympathy. "I'll call Kevin and tell him not to wait for me."


Later, near almost midnight, Jina cuddles upto her in the small bed, "Dong Kyung?"


She hums in acknowledgement, shifting her body to face the other female. "What is it?"


"What did you do while you were away?"


A bit taken back by the question, Dong Kyung stays silent as her eyes unconsciously move down to her wrist.


"Dong Kyung?" Jina whispers after glancing down at the red bracelet and looking back up. 


She smiles mischievously, her voice fond as she answers the question in her friend's eyes.


"Holiday romance."