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Mistakes Were Made

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The room was barely lit, loud and crowded. Normally, Victoria Chase would be used to this kind of atmosphere; she was typically the life of the party. But, today was different. Today she’d retreated to this piss pot bar that smelled of cheap cigarettes and cheaper beer for one reason. To hide. She knew every Alpha in the rust bucket bar could smell her, her scent would be blaring louder than the shitty scream-o band that was attempting to make music. She couldn’t stay at Blackwell right now. The ball-kicking, throat-slashing, dominating Victoria Chase couldn’t be seen as some quivering little Omega, bending to her biological whims at any Alpha that crossed her path. It would ruin everything she’d worked for, everything she’d built.

So, for now, she’d hide out all over Arcadia Bay. Keeping her status a secret was growing harder and harder. Jumping from one unknown shithole to another. How long could she keep this up?

This place was getting on her nerves. The sounds of crashing and banging these hicks called ‘music’, the stink of conflicting Alpha’s, the sights of said Alphas lingering all over her like crawling, wriggling worms. All of this was disgusting. Fuck all of this. This was a mistake.

She pushed herself off the beaten and busted wooden shelf of a bar, ignoring the catcalls from the drunk Alphas ogling her at the bar. Bastards. Her head hung low, her arms bound around her chest, Victoria had one goal. The door. The fresh air away from this piss hole. The freedom of loneliness. Why did she come here? No Blackwell kids came here, so, no one would see her. No one who matters, anyway. Her thoughts were broken as she ran into a wall. Not a wall, but it might as well have been.

“Ugh!” Victoria grunted, “Watch where you’re fucking going you fucking idiot-!” her barking halted as she looked up into this dimwitted idiot’s eyes. Why did she look so familiar?

“Holy shit.” The wall smirked, “I can’t fucking believe this. This is absolutely perfect.” The small laugh that lilted in those words made Victoria’s spine shiver and her gut burn. Damned smelly Alpha. She didn’t have time for—

“Victoria Chase. Coming down here in the shit with the peasantry tonight, huh?” how did she know her name? Wait. There was something about the way this gangly punk said her name…

Price?” Victoria asked, her brow furrowed and eyes narrow. The frame, the height, that cocky smirk, that sharp jawline, those soft lips—

“Price. Chloe Price.” The punk smirked, “Surprised you remember me.” Victoria was shocked, Price had a total makeover. She looked like a totally different person from the last time she saw her skulking around Blackwell Academy. Blue hair fell out of a gray beanie, wiry arms bedecked in various bracelets and tattoos, broad shoulders covered by a denim vest and sleek black tank top. Victoria was disgusted by the growing fire in her stomach. Chloe Price of all people? She should be ashamed.

“Yeah, whatever, Kari.” Victoria said, attempting to strangle her blaring signals; Price couldn’t be so dense as to not notice. In fact, she didn’t. Chloe raised her nose slightly, and gave Victoria a wide smile.

“Ooooh,” Chloe purred, “That’s why you’re here. Looking for some girl-knot, huh?” the tall girl laughed softly. “You’ll find somebody down here to scratch your itch, Vic. All manner of drooling dogs around here to take a bite.” Chloe squared her shoulders slightly, looking down at Victoria with an arrogant smile.

Victoria snarled, tightening her grip around her chest and turned her eyes from Chloe. Fucking bitch. Arrogant shit. Fucking—

Her nostrils flared, a scent raising down her throat to ignite an intense blazing fire in her gut. Fuck, it was amazing. So enticing. Delicious, even. Victoria turned and sneered at the grinning Alpha. Of course. Tall, arrogant, broad shoulders, wiry muscle. Chloe goddamn Price fit every stereotype of an Alpha. And Victoria hated how her body was betraying her. She’d need to leave before her biology would force her to make a horrible mistake.

Victoria moved forward, attempting to shoulder Price out of her way and make way towards the exit. She pushed Chloe, a feat much harder than she would have initially thought, but didn’t get far before a powerful grip snatched up her bicep and held her in place. She wheeled back and growled at Chloe, who was not at all intimidated by a mewling Omega’s threat. The punk raised an eyebrow, and Victoria settled slightly.

“Best not to go that way.” Chloe said, a much more serious tone in her voice.

“And why not?” Victoria snarled.

“There’s a group that just walked in. Bad Alphas. Criminal shit, ya know?” Victoria turned her head to see a gaggle of rough looking people. A few women with shaved heads and piercings and some men with tattoos and bruised knuckles. A group that wouldn’t be kind to a signaling Omega, she thought. Shit, was Victoria trapped here?

“I can get you out. I know another exit. A safer one, in the back.” Chloe said, giving Victoria a gentle tug and the blonde followed along. Victoria kept close to Price, moving with her through the dancing crowd. A few Alphas would stare at Victoria, giving her lusty eyes and broken grins. The blonde shivered and found herself moving closer to Chloe, who didn’t seem to mind dragging an Omega along. As they breached the sea of sweating bodies, Chloe pulled Victoria forward, using her tall frame as a shield to the gawking Alphas behind them as they walked.

“Watch the hands, Kari.” Victoria growled as Chloe placed her hands on Victoria’s arms and guided the smaller Omega along a few small and dingy looking hallways. Where were they going? Victoria’s blood ran cold. Was she being lead to some dark corner for Chloe to--?

“Fuck, you’re an idiot.” Chloe growled, “Can’t believe some Omega would wander out to this piss-pot bar in their heat like this.” Victoria’s eyes widened and she stomped a foot down, jerking her arms out of Chloe’s grip. She whirled on Chloe, surprising the taller punk with a steel laden spine and a jabbing finger in her face.

“Shut your fucking mouth, Price.” Victoria snarled, baring her teeth. “I’m not some weak-willed, spineless little Omega who bends over for any Alpha that swaggers her way!” Victoria took a step forward and Chloe gave ground. “You fucking Alphas are all the same. You think with your cocks and can’t even fucking fathom that an Omega would be able to control themselves. Turn your eyes on yourself, Alpha! You’re the ones who stare, who sneer and grope whatever you can get your grubby little hands on!” Victoria continued her rants, but Chloe furrowed her brows and glared down at Victoria. “You animals need to keep your shit in check!”

“Hey, fuck you, Vic!” Chloe snarled, leaning over Victoria, using her height advantage over the Omega. “I’m here to help you, don’t fucking bark your bullshit up at me!” the Alpha snarled, “I wouldn’t touch your skinny, bitchy ass with a ten-foot pole even if you fucking paid me.”

“Sure seems like you were willing to get handsy earlier, Kari.”

“Fuck off, Vic. Like your heat-raddled brain could follow me without me having to haul you around!” They were mere inches from each other. Eyes wide, nostrils flared, fists tight and snarling at each other. Victoria knew this was only going to end one way…


She hated how fucking soft those lips were. Even as she dug her fingers into that messy blue mop of hair, Victoria fucking hated herself. The logical part of her mind, being pushed further and further into the dark recesses of her skull, was screaming for her to stop. She could do better than Chloe fucking Price. But, she was losing that fight with herself, and losing it fast.

The kisses were all anger, hate, desperation and flashing teeth. Fingers clawing at hair, clothing, skin, marking one another with hateful red lines. Ricocheting off the walls of the tiny hallways, Victoria hardly knew what was happening, but knew she needed what Chloe had, what Chloe was intent to give her. She wasn’t sure where her top had gone to, but she knew Chloe was eager to grope and claw at Victoria’s bare flesh. The dumb ape was even struggling with Victoria’s bra, so the blonde removed her fingers from Chloe’s firm stomach and unbuckled her bra, tossing it aside.

Even though she tasted of ash and cheap beer, the thought of pulling her lips away from Chloe for even a second was unthinkable. Disgusting. She was disgusting, but fuck did Victoria need this unwashed punk. With a fierce gasping jerk, Chloe pulled from Victoria and the blonde despised the mewling whine that left her lips as Chloe took a few steps away from her and closed the door.

Door? When did they leave the hallway?

Who the fuck cares? Chloe’d stomped back and with a simple motion swept Victoria up into her arms. She carried her a few steps, teeth and lips hardly apart from the Omega’s collarbone and throat. Victoria’s guts were on fire, her body begging for Chloe. They nearly collided against some kind of table, and in an instant Chloe bent forward, wiping her arm across the surface and knocking all manner of things to the floor. A paint can, of all things, some papers, a folder and a lamp came crashing down and Victoria gasped, her body tense and fire rushing through her blood. Such a simple, yet barbaric action sent flares of instinct jolting through Victoria’s mind.

“F-Fuck me,” Victoria gasped, which just released a growl from Chloe’s chest.

Shut up, Tori.” Chloe hissed before pushing Victoria down flat onto the table. The Alpha loomed over the blonde and Victoria spread her legs on instinct. Chloe moved into position and forced her hips against Victoria, releasing a gasping moan from the Omega. She wanted this so bad, she needed this. She needed Chloe.

‘Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.’

A raspy gasp forced itself from Victoria’s throat as she felt Chloe grind against her eager flower. She felt it. Felt all of it. And she wanted it. More than anything in the world.

After a fierce bite, Chloe tore herself from Victoria and began to unfasten her jeans. Victoria pushed herself up onto her elbows and bent her gaze downward. Her mind was clouded, so foggy with hormones and an animalistic need that burned throughout her body. A firm hand brought her back to reality, and forced her back onto the table. She gasped as the fingers dragged red claw marks down her bare stomach, leaving trails of scathing lust that just hungrily fed the inferno raging within her.

Victoria felt Chloe against her, felt the Alpha beginning to enter her. She craved it, mewling loudly as she eagerly awaited to feel the Alpha inside her. Chloe was cruel, teasing Victoria’s entrance, pressing herself forward enough for Victoria to feel her, but preventing the sweet release of entrance. Victoria hated Chloe Price with every taut fiber of her being right now. Depriving her of the one thing she ever wanted, when they were both so crazy for this.

“Alpha.” She whined, “P-Please, I—I need this…”

Victoria shivered as she heard the growl in Chloe’s throat, “Begging now, Chase? It suits you.”

‘Fuck you, KARI PRICE. You stupid, empty-headed, macho-brained, knuckle dragging--!’

“Please, I-I’m begging you.”

“Well, shit, when you put it like that-“ Chloe growled, her smile splitting to a grin.

Victoria released a throaty groan as she felt the big Alpha pressed herself deep inside. She didn’t have a minute to recover before Chloe was withdrawing herself and forcing herself back inside again. This brutal rhythm sent jolting fire along Victoria’s spine, and her mind fizzled out at the sudden, savage release. Her body tightened, flexing every muscle as a network of electric shocks shot down her entire body, her mind exploding with the sweet euphoria of a pent-up, much needed release. She felt herself tighten around Chloe, and the Alpha paused and did the only thing that could ruin this moment for Victoria.

She laughed.

“Jesus Christ. You’re cumming already? Damn, you really needed a good dick, huh?”

“Sh-Shut up--!” what Victoria had hoped would be a scathing growling retort only fumbled from her lips as a pitiful whine. Damn biology to hell!

“Trust me, Vic. We’re not done yet.” Chloe growled and Victoria couldn’t help but take that as a threat, more than anything. The blonde grunted as she felt long fingers slide through her mop of blonde hair, grip a handful and give her a tug. The feeling of pain on her scalp mingled with the ecstatic pain she felt as the gangly punk thrust forward once more. Her mind was having trouble processing the sensations as the rhythm of Chloe’s thrusts increased in speed and ferocity. Even as Victoria visibly struggled to keep up with Chloe, the punk ignored the Omega’s struggle and just barreled forward.

The table shook, rattling against the back wall with each of Chloe’s aggravated thrusts. Banging louder and louder against the wall, the sound of the table crashing together was in direct competition with Victoria’s increasingly loud shrieks and moans. Those moans only seemed to encourage the lanky Alpha, as with each of Victoria’s spastic moans, Chloe forced another rough, powerful thrust inside the pleading Omega. Victoria’s nails moved up along Chloe’s back, scaring deep red lines along the punk’s back; trenches carved in the midst of ecstatic pleasure.

Chloe’s rutting seemed perfect for Victoria, as much as the blonde despised that fact in the dark parts of her shuttered logical mind. Her primal needs were being fulfilled, filled to the brim by the hung Alpha who was clawing at her flesh and battering her guts. The blonde’s stomach had several claw marks, mimicking the markings Victoria had made onto Chloe’s back.

Another surge, another violent jerk. Victoria’s body tightened, her muscles flexing as another jolt of electricity melted her nerves in ecstatic bliss. Her vision blurred, eyes rolling back into her skull as Chloe pounded through Victoria’s orgasm. Each thrust, each battering of her limits drove more shocks, more jolts of bliss through her body. Her hands clawed pathetically against Chloe’s biceps, small croaks of pleasure forced from her lips with each of the alpha’s grinding thursts.

So lost in her bliss, Victoria hardly even notice the powerful pounding at her entrance. Her eyes fluttered, gaze moving down to see the rim of a thick knot battering for entrance. If anything, Chloe’s short, brutal pace increased in speed; she was trying to get in…

‘Shit!’ Victoria screamed to herself, ‘Don’t let her do this! Stop!’

No amount of mental protesting helped, Victoria’s body never stopped begging for Chloe to finish. To knot her. To breed her.

With an aggressive growl, teeth clenching in a fierce grimace, Chloe forced her hips forward with a powerful jerk. The blonde’s eyes widened, growing to the size of dinner plates, her throat ragged and sputtering gentle gasping moans. She wanted this, craved this, needed this. Needed to be filled, needed to be bred.

Despite her instincts screaming at her, she would be denied.

The emptiness was painful, physically crippling. Her limbs felt like dead weight that sagged limp and helpless as she felt the alpha’s weight moving away from her. Shew anted to beg, pleased for Chloe to return, to knot her and finish the job. Victoria was disgusted at the pitiful mewling that fell from her throat, it was pathetic; she was pathetic. Through herculean strength of will, Victoria forced her head up, her blurry eyes attempting to make out the alphas retreated form.

She could make out Chloe’s fit, lanky form, and after she’d fluttered her eyes, she could see her more clearly. The tall alpha stood a handful of inches from her, her face twisted in a grimace and small gasps exiting her lips. Victoria’s eyes trailed down the alpha’s form and she felt her stomach blaze as she noticed Chloe’s lean, tight ab muscles; she shivered as Chloe seemed to inadvertently flex them with each pant. After a moment, she dropped further downward to see Chloe clenching her member in a tight fist, she was jerking it with quick and rapid movements. Victoria’s gaze lingered on the alpha’s excitement, her eyes widening slightly as she ogled the alpha.

Victoria loathed how she stared at Chloe, stared at her broad shoulders, her taught muscles and endowed length. But, she couldn’t pull her eyes away. Couldn’t stop staring. Chloe pumped her length furiously, her other hand laced through her hair and her chest heaving in quick gasps. So enchanted by the primal action of an alpha pleasuring themselves, Victoria didn’t begin to notice as Chloe let out a final gasp and her length pulsed. Long ropes of seed jetted forth, coating Victoria’s exposed stomach and thighs. It felt so degrading being coated by an alpha, her flesh painted with hot, thick seed. But she couldn’t look away.

With a few more pumps, Chloe finished, her long ropes splattered about Victoria. The blonde looked down and had to use all of her willpower to fight back the urge to wipe up some ropes with her fingers and—

‘S-Stop. Stop.’ She forced herself, jerking her gaze away from Chloe. She tried catching her breath, the fog of her heat slowly beginning to dissipate in her mind. Her logic was returning, her instincts pushed back into their cage; for now. She gave her head another small shake, knocking out the malaise that had gripped her mind with a vice-like grip.

“You—“ Victoria said, pausing only to take a few deep breathes, “You had better not say anything about this, Price.” She tilted her head to look at the Alpha. Chloe seemed far more interested in pulling her jeans up and stuffing her member back inside them than listening to Victoria’s words. Victoria furrowed her brow, “Hey! I’m talking to you, idiot.”

Chloe groaned and rolled her eyes, “Or what, Vic?” she asked, her tone seeming to reflect her disinterest. “What’re you gonna do, huh?” Chloe shook her head and continued stuffing herself back into her jeans. Victoria had been nothing but a pawn this whole time, willingly submitting to her urges, and to Chloe. It was time to turn the tables, to get her power back.

“You wouldn’t want your precious Omega, Caulfield to learn you’ve been fucking around behind her back.” Victoria sneered, bringing up Chloe’s close ties to her best friend. Victoria smiled a small smile, knowing how close Max and Chloe were. Hanging the devastation of a cheated Max Caulfield over Price’s head would be just the ticket to swing things in her favor again. She’d played a swift trump card to put Price back in her place. This was a gamble she was sure she was going to win.

But, she didn’t get the reaction she would have assumed. Chloe turned to look at Victoria and began to chuckle loudly, with swift barks of laughter.

“What the fuck?” Chloe said with a wide smile, shrugging her shoulders and squinting her eyes at Victoria. “Max isn’t an Omega.” Victoria’s eyes widened as Chloe continued her irritating bark of a laugh.

“Wha-What’re you talking about?” Victoria stammered, pushing herself up on her elbows “How could she not be?” the rug seemingly pulled out from under her. Again. How could Caulfield not be an omega? She was submissive, quiet, always just buckled under the smallest pressures. And she was small! A scrawny, bony little hipster with big doe eyes; she screamed omega.

“Max’s an Alpha, and I ain’t into Alphas.” Chloe began to fasten her belt back up, turning and taking a step closer to Victoria. “So, go ahead and tell her. I don’t give a shit.”

Her threat extinguished, Victoria just stared at Chloe, her eyes intent and brow furrowed. The two kept their gazes on one another, Victoria’s anger battling Chloe’s arrogance. Seeing as she had nothing on Chloe, couldn’t hold her in some kind of contempt, Victoria backed off. She reluctantly pulled her gaze from Chloe and growled in her throat as Chloe gave another light chuckle. All her plans and schemes were tossed aside, her gamble played and failed…

“Need an escort to your car, Victoria?” Chloe asked, turning away from Victoria and reaching for her discarded jacket. Reaching inside, she gripped a slightly crumpled cigarette and started to light it. Victoria was silent, and didn’t say anything as she got off the table gathered up all of her discarded clothes and began to get dressed. She felt so humiliated, even if Chloe Price was the only one who knew about the deed they’d done. When she finished getting dressed, she turned to see Chloe leaning against the doorframe of their little back room hideaway, idly smoking a cigarette and looking at Victoria with disinterest. The blonde narrowed her eyes towards Chloe, attempting to throw as much hate the punk’s way as she could.


Chloe shrugged, “Gonna answer me?”

Right. Escort. To her car. Away from all this regret.

“Fine. Whatever. I don’t care.” She says, clinging her arms around her chest and took a few steps towards the doorway. Chloe pulled the cigarette from her lips and puffed a cloud of smoke away from Victoria as she pushed the door open and allowed Victoria through. The trip back to the front of the club was uneventful, with the exception of a new series of screaming losers on stage. Victoria noticed the roughneck Alphas had left their hang out, and she breathed a sigh of relief as she and Chloe pushed the door to the bar open and went outside.

As the two approached Victoria’s car, the blonde retrieved her keys and opened her car door. Before she could fully enter her car, she turned to see Chloe who was lingering a lazy gaze at the blonde.

“I’m not saying ‘thank you’.” she snarled, and Chloe just shrugged, still indifferent. Victoria sat in the driver’s seat and before she could close the door, she found it stuck. Jerking her eyes up to see Chloe keeping a hand on the door and using her strength to keep the door open. Victoria halted her attempt to close it, she knew she couldn’t out-muscle the alpha. Chloe leaned in and grinned a lopsided smile down at Victoria.

You’re welcome.” Chloe beamed, her words dripping in so much sarcasm that Victoria nearly drowned in it. Chloe closed the door before turning on her heels and heading off into the parking lot. Victoria snarled and started her car before peeling out of the gravel laden parking lot and heading out onto the road. White knuckles on the steering wheel, Victoria stared a hard gaze down the dark road, heading back to Blackwell Academy.

She hated how she couldn’t stop thinking about that stupid Alpha. The way her fingers laced through her hair, her growling voice and her teeth on her throat. Damnit. Damnit. God fucking damnit. She was so pathetic, even after getting fucked she couldn’t stop thinking of some stupid, lanky, smelly Alpha. This couldn’t happen again. Never again. But, then, something hit her. Something Price had said. Something that began to rattle along in her brain as she neared the Blackwell campus. Something that could be a solution to her little ‘problem’ in the future.

“Max’s an Alpha, and I ain’t into Alphas.”

Max Caulfield.

As Victoria pulled her car into Blackwell’s parking lot, she turned the engine off and stared out into the lot. She leaned back into her seat and began to chew her lip as she pondered Chloe’s words. Could she have been lying about it? That would seem like something Price would do, lie to piss Victoria off. But, maybe she was right about this…

Max. Caulfield.

Hmmm. Something to think about, for sure. And, maybe, worth investigating…