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Horny Bastards

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Maybe, it was because he was a horny bastard. After all, they weren’t at fault of his perverted mind and dirty thoughts.


Who would blamed him?


Having this two hot guys acting all flirty with each other and kissing right in front of him, was something else.  And really hot, specially hot.


It could be that they were acting a lot more open about their relationship, which was sexy but it still affected him in various ways . And made him feel things .

Things he wasn’t allowed to feel.


But still made him look out for more. His touch deprived body pleading for more.

Even if the filtratious remarks weren’t directed to him but the other person in their relationship.

Even if they were his best friends, which only reminded him of how wrong it was for him to feel this way.


He couldn’t stop himself from growing hotter and that itchy feeling in his abdomen not helping at all. He salivated imagining the sensations he would never be able to feel: warm and burning at the same time.


He looked at them one last time. And then, looked away. Fighting back the impulse of turning towards them again.  His body itching to just throw himself at them, he knew he couldn’t .

He should leave them alone, so they could enjoy their time together as a couple, without him.


So decided to get wasted. Probably not the most smart choice but there was no possible way he was going to continue through his night in this state. So better being unconscious than having to deal with his internal struggle and his unreciprocated love toward his best friends.


He wouldn’t let this bring him down. Not tonight.

The lovers, too lost in their own world, hadn’t notice their friend acting
 strange. Not that he didn’t usually acted strange but tonight it was more than usual.


Heechul, already too drunk to even identify who was sitting in front of him, was sitting at the bar, a few meters away from his two friends.

Heechul notoriously drunk, was talking a bit too excitedly with a guy who was most likely twice his size in height. The man didn’t seem annoyed by his presence, even showing interest on him.


But then Jungsoo noticed them, something about the whole situation troubling him and settling a strange feeling in his gut. He stared at them suspiciously, something about that stranger guy seemed really odd. So he waited.


However, something did happen.


The tall guy, noticing how Heechul had been looking at the people in the dance floor for a while, too distracted to notice him. So the stranger guy decided to make his move. He leaned forward, getting near the younger’s drink and casually dropping something  inside of it.


Too bad, he was being observed.


Heechul jumped when suddenly he felt his arm being pulled making him stand up. He had been sitting quietly, talking to this nice stranger and having found some mental peace. So if he was starting to get mad for being interrupted from the little moment of quietness in his mind; it was totally justified. He wasn’t given enough time to get mad, when he felt warm, as two arms circled protectively around him. It felt so comfortable and safe so he leaned into the touch and buried himself in the warmth of whoever’s body was these.


He could heard people speaking, mumbling. Something bad might had happened. And honestly, he couldn’t care less at the moment. Every turning fuzzy as he tightened his grip around this body, holding onto it for dear life.


He smiled, happily at the cozy sensation he felt all over him as he was dragged out of the club by the strong arms still around him.


Kyunghoon noticed his boyfriend suddenly tensing up and looked at him worriedly. Not understanding what was happening to the older man, he followed the direction his eyes were looking at.


He furrowed his browns when he noticed his other hyung acting way too comfortable around this strange and really tall man. He noticed the stranger moving, the man leaned forward, getting near his hyung and something falling in Heechul’s glass; at his side he could hear his boyfriend gasp. And when he brain finally processed what was happening; he saw red.  


They both stood up in almost in synch. In a blink of a eye, they were both in front of the pair. Kyunghoon couldn’t stop himself from grabbing the stranger man from the collar as range burned inside of him.


“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!” Kyunghoon   tightened his grip on the other man as he was trying to pry his hands away.


“Stay away from him, you piece of shit. Or else,” he lowered his voice making sure no one else in the spacious room would hear him and continued with his threat “I’ll make sure you regret even thinking about doing anything to him for the rest of your life.” He throw him away onto the floor and stepped on his knee, pressing down on the joint “You’ve been warned.” Turning around to face his boyfriend how was hugging Heechul in a protective way, his eyes throwing daggers at the man on the floor.


“You are disgusting.” Jungsoo spat. Sighing, he looked down at the man in his arms, who seemingly hadn’t noticed the descontrol they’ve caused. “Let’s go.” He ordered and started walking out pulling the two men along with him.



“Hyung,” Kyunghoon called the older, looking a little distraught “Sorry about earlier, I got carried away and made a mess...”

“Hey…” He patted Kyunghoon’s shoulder reassuringly “Don’t worry too much about it. He deserved it. If it had been me in your place I would had killed the guy right there.”


He ruffled the younger’s hair and then became aware of their current situation.

Kyunghoon was breathing harshly, still very much affected by the commotion. Heechul was clutching onto him , he was also putting half of his weight on top of him, making it a difficult task to move too much.


At the moment, Heechul didn’t seem particularly able to walk, or do anything on his own without falling straight ahead onto the floor. And Jungsoo just wanted to get home.

“I don’t think we’ll be getting anywhere like this.”

“Maybe, we could carry him or something?” The younger man asked not sounding too convinced.

“Yes, I think we should.”


They looked at each other for a little while, not really doing much. And shouted at the same time “You do it!” .



“ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!” They shouted once again.  

Kyunghoon gave rock, Jungsoo gave paper.

“I win!”  

“But Hyung-“ the younger started complaining.

“I don’t care. Do it.”

“There must be some other way...”

“Yes, if you wanna reach the house a little later than anticipated, we could wait until he is sufficiently aware of his surrounding to walk on his own. Maybe, 30 minutes standing in cold outside -because everything is closed at this hour- if we are lucky enough and if he doesn’t fall asleep in the process.”  The older declared, the sarcasm dropping sharply out of his mouth.  And then added, teasingly as Kyunghoon’s face contorted with resignation knowing what was coming next as he spoke “He drunk a lot tonight, didn’t he?” Kyunghoon simply looked away.


“So… you’re carrying him .” Jungsoo finally declared.

“Whyyyy meee? I’m tired…” He complained, pouting. “And he’s heavy...”

“Not my problem.” He smiled at him brightly, showing his dimples and started walking away leaving the younger to handle this problem on his own.


After walking for a few minutes, Kyunghoon had already started looking tired, having to carry the older man in his back wasn’t exactly an easy task but he knew that Heechul wasn’t going to be able to do much on his own, so he would have to deal with the pain on his back and the fatigue he was feeling later.


The constant moving, rubbing with Kyunghoon’s back against his area had his body growing hotter and he could barely repress the sound trying to come out of his mouth. Letting out a shaky breath, his respiration speeding up by the second and his mind getting more and more dizzy.


“Finally.” The younger said letting the body on his back fall limply onto the bed. Internally, considering throwing himself onto his hyung’s bed and falling sleep right then and there.

“Don’t get too excited we stil have to walk all of the way back home.”

Kyunghoon growled and Jungsoo simply laughed at him.


“It’s okay, you can stay at home all day tomorrow, if you want to.” He comforted the younger, ruffling his hair.



Then, Jungsoo looked towards Heechul and frowned when he noticed he was clutching his eyes shut and sweating a little too much.

“Do you think he is just drunk?” Kyunghoon asked concerned as he also watched his beloved Hyung seemingly struggling. “Also…” he frowned as he noticed something else “He seems pretty excited.”

The older curiously turned to look at Kyunghoon, not really understand what he meant ; until he did.

“Why are you looking at his-“ he cut himself. Taking a second to process what the younger had said and said “Perhaps we should leave him alone to solve this problem on his own. He’s drunk , it’s probably because of that…”



“But what if he’s not just drunk, what if...?” Kyunghoon’s eyes widened with horror at the realization “WHAT IF HE DRUNK IT?!”

“Drunk what?” He looked at the younger with confusion all over his expression.

“His drink, with whatever that fucker put in there.” Clarified, his anger growing.

“Oh shit.”



With raged breathing, Jungsoo run towards his same age friend, in the verge of tears, panic starting to set in as he stared at his best friend not knowing what to do. He was probably dying or something and he couldn’t do anything to help him and now everything was his fault because he didn’t check on him sooner.


“Get your self together, he is the one suffering not you.” he thought and internally slapped himself.

He needed to focus.


The older quickly checked on him and noticed he was breathing, it wasn’t steady but it was something.


“Well, at least he’s alive…”


Jungsoo then put his hand on the younger’s neck, and gasping at how warm it was and turned to Kyunghoon who hadn’t move for his position just staring at him worriedly and rapidly demanded “Bring some water, and if you find a thermometer, just to make sure…” The younger didn’t have to be told twice and rushed out.

“Here.” The younger came back and passed Jungsoo the glass of water, the older brought the glass of water to Heechul’s mouth and gave it to him, some of it falling out of his mouth but at least it helped Heechul noticeable relax.


The older man extended his hand towards Kyunghoon, silently asking him for the thermometer, he didn’t even bother to turn around, his eyes focused on Heechul as he squirmed. Jungsoo gently brushed some hair out of his face.

And maybe -just maybe-, it was because Kyunghoon wasn’t that good at communicating with other people and he also wasn’t good at reading the atmosphere. Or simply because he was a jerk.

“What’s this?” asked the older man, frowning at the distinctive object that was put on his hand.

“A cock ring.”

“What?!” Jungsoo let the object fall out of his hands, his frown deepened and he finally looked at the younger with a questioning look on his face “Why would we need that?!

“So then he can’t come.” He smiled amused as if what he was saying was obvious and not weird at all.



Jungsoo could already feel the wrinkles forming on his forehead, as his frown deepened even more and he squinted his eyes “What…?” He asked having trouble following the train of thought of the younger man.


“Look at him, he drinked that shit.” He affirmed looking a little disgusted at the thought of anything bad happening to his hyung. “So he’s probably experiencing some kind of frustration right now. You know what I mean?” he gave the older a small wink and continued “As I said before,” he cleared his throat, expression changing and seriousness showed on his face as he looked at the older man straight in the eye, as if he wasn’t talking about putting a cock ring on their best friend “He is hard, maybe this will help-“

He didn’t have enough time to finish his sentence as he was abruptly interrupted by the older who was still feeling confused. “It’ll also make this whole thing longer.” Reasoned Jungsoo.

“Yeah…” he went silent for a minute and he looked as he was thinking “Put it on him.”

“What?! No!” He sighed “Even if what you say is true, and he did, in fact, drink that… I don’t think this is the right way to do solve things, we aren’t gonna fix anything like this.”

“You’re right, hyung.” Kyunghoon pouted and worriedly looked at Heechul who was still squirming on the bed and having to somehow taken his pants off. “At least I didn’t brought the the vibrator.” He murmured to himself.

“THE WHAT NOW?!” The older’s eyes widened and then he cleared his throat.

“Anyways,” He looked at the younger and then at the object, curiosity growing inside of him “Where did you find it?”

“In a drawer.” The younger answered casually.

“And you decided to take it because...?” He inquired.

“I already told you…” biting back a smile as the older rolled his eyes “I was looking for the thermometer and I found it.” Clarified Kyunghoon.

“Did you at least found the thermometer, I need to check his temperature.” Jungsoo crossed his arms and waited as the younger started rummaging his pockets, until he finally pulled out the damn thing.“Ta-Da!” He excitedly showed the other the object and teasingly added “Your wish is my comand.” He winked and smirked as the other simply ignored him.


“Okay, Chullie. Come here.” He made the younger sit down on the bed. Heechul, tried to squirm away, fighting back and panting heavily for the slightest effort.


Kyunghoon noticing how they were both struggling, got closer and tried his best to help “It’s okay, hyungie. We won’t do anything bad.” This didn’t seem to calm him down at all but it was good to try.


Jungsoo and Kyunghoon looked at each other considering. Then, they smirked while nodding approvingly at their new formed plan. Se

Some may say that it was a little basic, but it always worked. With no more doubts, they jumped into action.


Jungsoo sat on the bed against the bed head and brought his hands around Heechul’s waist, pulling him into his lap successfully.

Meanwhile, Kyunghoon grabbed the thermometer and positioned himself in between their spread legs. They smiled triumphantly at each other.


Heechul whined, as he was now trapped between them trying to squirm his way out.


The older of three was quick to notice his intentions and efficiency take ahold of him pressing Heechul’s arms against his sides and preventing him for making any wide movement.


“Put it in his mouth.” 

“W-What?” The younger reddened at the double meaning.

“You, horny bastard…” Jungsoo rolled his eyes and exasperatedly clarified “The thermometer, of course.” 

The younger chuckled embarrassed and then did as he was told.



It would had been a lot of an easier task if Heechul wasn’t so stubborn.

“Hyung, please, open your mouth...”

“N-No. I don’t wanna.” He said whimpering, still trying to get away.

Jungsoo pressed him firmly against his chest, tightening his grip around him “Come on, open up”.

Struggling, Heechul tried to free his arms and miserably failed. He muffled a noise which sounded a little too much like a moan and keep on moving his hips and shoulders as the rest of his body had been restricted by the other two men.

Jungsoo’s tone hardened as Heechul didn’t seem very cooperative “Stay put and open your mouth.” He ordered sharply, noticing the younger man visibly tense before relaxing onto his chest and slowly opening his mouth.


Kyunghoon didn’t waste the chance and shoved the thermometer inside. He brought his hand to the older’s jaw and pressed onto it, this way, keeping his mouth closed.


The three of them stayed quiet, in what felt like hours as they waited.


“Oh, look. His temperature is so high...” The younger’s gasped after withdrawing the thermometer out of the older’s mouth “What should we do, Hyung?

“Honestly, I don’t know.” The older bit his lower lip worriedly.




“I KNOW!” The older almost jumped out of the bed dragging Heechul along onto the floor with him at the younger’s sudden outburst. Kyunghoon rushed out of the room, shortly after coming back with his phone. He sat on the bed, unlocked it and started furiously typing something.


Jungsoo still dumbfounded, asked carefully “What is it?” He didn’t get response as the younger was intensely focusing on his phone. The older frustrated, tried to ask again, this time a little louder “I said, WHAT-“

“Yes, I heard you the first time, hyung…” 



Kyunghoon put the phone away, looking at him again, a strange glint in his eyes.

Concerned and a little confused Jungsoo asked “What did you do?”


“I asked in yahoo answers what to do if your friend has been drugged with aphrodisiacs.” He smiled feeling proud of himself.

The older took a few seconds, minutes to process. His eyes widened “YOU DID WHAT?!” Feeling even more frustrated for not knowing how his boyfriend’s brain worked he suspired tiredly.


He frowned when he started noticing a strangely repetitive pattern in the way Heechul moved on his lap, he didn’t give it too much thought.

And instead, he decided to wisely advised the younger man “You shouldn’t be looking for answers in there. Even less, when it’s your friend’s health the one that could be in possible danger. You should search in scientific websites or consult in a safe place, like an hospital, where people with actual knowledge inform-“

“Oh, look! Someone answered!” He exclaimed enthusiastically.

The older repressed a growl as he noticed the younger wasn’t even paying attention to him.


“Let’s see…” Grinning brightly the younger looked for the answer and started reading out loud. “Hi!that’s a good question… blah, blah, blah… Oh! There. It says… to help him feel  relived you could fuck-“ he automatically stopped himself “Nevermind.” Kyunghoon flopped down on the bed, already giving up.

Jungsoo simply rolled his eyes, tightening his grip on Heechul so he would stop moving.


The older then frowned. As the minutes passed, the constant movement becoming slightly annoying “Chullie, please stop moving so much.”

He tighten his jaw and repressing a growl as he realized he had a new problem forming.

But he wouldn’t be able to handle that right now “If you don’t stop moving I’m gonna tie you to the bed…” He warned Heechul.

This, did neither help fix the situation nor stopped the movement but it worsened it. What he said having somehow actived something inside the younger man who had started moving a lot more aggressively on top of him and arched his back dramatically. Making Jungsoo grunt for the pressure applied onto his now increasingly hard bulge.


A gasp was heard from somewhere in the room.

“You are getting hard because of this? I didn’t know you were such a horny-“

The older quickly interrupted trying to save himself from the embarrassment “You are talking like you aren’t also hard.”

“I don’t know… you are making it look like you don’t want to, but you look very excited down there.”

“Look who is talking.” He snarked back “He was dry humping my dick, you were just watching.” He coughed, clearing his throat “What should we do then?”



Kyunghoon holded his breath, gathering courage to finally look at Heechul in his pitiful state. They had been busy trying to think about ways to help him or how to solve this problem and ended up not paying attention to the older man as he had been struggling all along.


What met him was the sight of Heechul; watering livid eyes looking up straight at him, mouth hang wide open drool coming out, falling onto his chin and his chest, wet and sticky for the sweat, stood out as he heavily breathed.


Kyunghoon gasped when he felt the older grabbed him by his shirt pulling him down, he leaned forward whispering into his ear “Please, please...” the younger gently brought his hand towards Heechul’s wirst, tugging softly so the older would let go.


He didn’t let go. Instead, leaning even closer to him and pressing his open mouth against the younger’s ear and pantingly begged once again “Please, Oppa.”


In that moment, Kyunghoon seriously considered jumping out of the window, running away and never coming out of his house ever again. He simply gulped and looked away feeling his ears starting to burn and noticing Jungsoo smiling cheeckly at him seemingly aware of how much it affected him.


The Kyunghoon tried pulling away, this time successfully and stared at his boyfriend considering their options and finally spoke again “There must be a way...” He clutched his eyes close in frustration “Maybe we could help him...” He finally suggested, not sure if it was the right thing to do.


Furrowing his browns, Jungsoo decided to take a minute to think and then, he nodded, consenting the idea “We’ll have to try at least.” 



The whole street was able to hear the moan that was heard from Kim Heechul’s house at early morning. The next day, some neighbors would go around complaining about loud noises. But for now none of that mattered.


Kyunghoon didn’t give neither of them time to react. Having taken the initiative, while the other two men stayed still, shocked.


Neither Jungsoo nor Heechul had expected the younger man to just throw himself at it. And right away going down on Heechul. Throwing the older’s leg over his shoulders.


Kyunghoon was confident.


This situation kind of reminded him of that one time where he and the older man had been getting to know each other and Jungsoo gave him an advice while he was drunk:

“You always gotta be ready to suck some dick.”


Heechul, having been left unattended for so long, was feeling quite sensitive.  Precum already leaking everywhere. Heechul’s underwear had been anything but dry when Kyunghoon had junk it off of him.


Jungsoo let out a dry short laugh still shocked and then smirked when he felt how Heechul’s back arched and letting his head fall back against his shoulder. 


Not wanting to be left out, he started gently caressing the younger’s body, exploring his chest and appreciating a lot the sweet sounds Heechul was making.


He didn’t last much. However, his  awaited release didn’t disappoint, as his back arched even more, his hands on Kyunghoon’s hair clutching onto it as if his life depended on it, his legs circling around the younger’s neck, his chest heaving, eyes shut down and his mouth agape.


The peaceful moment didn’t last long as Heechul could feel himself growing hard again. He could feel the shame slowly kicking in as he regained some of his consciousness.

While trying to cover himself up, he became aware that he was being severely restricted. Jungsoo, seemingly having noted his intentions was quick to grab his wirst putting them behind his back, leaving him even more exposed and vulnerable.


Kyunghoon having already recovered from his little sucking session, sat up adjusting Heechul’s legs around his waist.


Looking at the older in the eye and smiling softly when he noticed his embarrassment “Isn’t it a little late to feel shy now, hyungie?”


“That’s right.” The older man one seconded. “A few moments ago your were begging your Oppa to keep going-“He teasingly added.


Feeling the increasing humillation inside of him, Heechul attempted to hit or kick him to shut him up but yet again his current position didn’t allow much mobility. So he simply slumped back against the older, don’t wanting to embarrass himself any longer.


Carefully, to not scare him away, Kyunghoon grabbed the older by the chin, gently lifting it up so he would look at him in the eye “Do you want us to take care of you?” And clarified “To help you?”


Heechul didn’t respond, bitting his lip and tightly closed his eyes so he wouldn’t have to look at any of them, wanting to hide from the world.

“Look at me.” The younger gently commanded and so did Heechul “We are not going to do anything you don’t want us to.”

“You won’t want us to stop. Begging on your knees-“

“Okay, enough of your dirty talk.” Quickly interrupted the younger man as Heechul noticeably squirmed, feeling small trapped between them “Hyung, don’t worry. We’ll take care of everything.”

“But I-“

“It wasn’t a question.” Jungsoo growled against Heechul’s nape.

“Hyung!” Reprimanded Kyunghoon “Stop talking, you’re going to scare him off!”


Shaking his head, Kyunghoon returned his attention to other man. Kyunghoon asked again, this time a soothing smile on his face “Do you want us to help you?”

Heechul nodded still feeling doubtful.

The younger reassuringly said “It’s alright. Hyungie and...” he stopped for a second and shyly added “…Oppa, are going to take care of everything, okay?”


Heechul was about to nod again, feeling a little more confident when Jungsoo interrupted him “Speak. We aren’t going to fuck with a rag doll.”

This only made Heechul moan softly, which he instantly regretted, making him blush. We the last ounce of self respect thrown out of the window, he said, a little too quickly, sounding desperated “Yes, please.”



Who could refuse that kind of opportunity?

Surely not them.


They didn’t even let him breathe as they were attacking him again. The younger going directly towards his mouth, ravishing it and making the older taste his own come. Kyunghoon’s hand gently caressing delicately his member; as if he hadn’t been deep throating it a few moments ago.


Jungsoo, not wasting his time, took off Heechul’s shirt, leaving him completely naked. Then he gave Kyunghoon’s shirt a tug in a silent request, before taking off his own.


Heechul’s breath hitched when he felt the older leaving very visible hickeys all over his neck “You are going to leave a mark-“

“Yes, I know.” He growled annoyed “That’s the point.”

Kyunghoon giggled at the interaction “Excuse him,” and cheeckly clarified “He always gets a little aggressive during sex. Demanding, also could fit.”


Tired of the chitchatting, Jungsoo took the lead, easily manhandling Heechul and changing their current position.


Kneeling behind Heechul who was on in hands and knees. Kyunghoon sat in front of the older, stunned by the sudden change but not mad about it.


“I’ll take care of things from behind.” Jungsoo declared not taking a no for answer “I’m older. So naturally, I have more experience than you,” he cleared his throat pretending he had any shame left “you know, topping.”

“You saying that as if riding my dick wasn’t your most favorite thing in the world.” The younger rolled his eyes, not surprised.

“I am not denying that. I won’t admit it either.” He said matter of factor.

Wanting to tease him even more, Kyunghoon added “You have to hear him moaning when I-“


“Enough talking.” The older man interrupted abruptly making Kyunghoon laugh “Let’s get into it.”

“Or rather...” he stayed silent for a few moments adding a bit of tension to the mood. And then, he smoothly completed his sentence “Into him.”

“You didn’t just said that.” He muttered, indignation clear in his voice “After all of this is over, I’m breaking up with you.” The older informes dryly.

Kyunghoon couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud “Yeah, sure. If you say so.” 



In the middle of all this was Heechul, who was trying to get comfortable as he could in this awkward and really revealing new position. He had tried to speak for at least three times but his current state didn’t give him much room to thoughts as these were all focused on finding release. He felt warm, hot, his entire body burning with need and seeking for the minimum contact. The pleasure never reaching him and the desire for something more still very much present inside of him.


Having been left unsupervised, his arousal not having gone anywhere and his mind getting more and more dizzy. 


He decided he had to do something about it.


But he didn’t exactly know what.


So after contemplating his options and, occasionally, having to surpress the instinct of just rubbing himself off against the sheets beneath him. He internally thought: “what else could I do in this position?“


He then, smiled satisfied, proud he had been able to think straight for a minute.

With a goal in mind, he put his body to work.

“Because, why rub himself off against a boring sheet when he could do it against his sexy and hard hyung?”



It was a brilliant plan!


Well, maybe no. But it was all of what he could think of at the moment.



Jungsoo grunted, taken aback, when suddenly felt something soft press against his clothed member. His hands instinctively going to the younger’s hips, keeping him in place.


“Someone seems a little desperated.” He then leaned foward, pressing his chest against the younger’s back and whispered in his ear “Are you that hungry for cock?” Scoffing the older asked, thrusting his hips foward so Heechul would get better taste of what was coming.

“Yes, hyung...” He answer panting heavily.


“Oh, it’s that so?” Kyunghoon meddled and chuckled lowly. Bringing his hand towards the older’s face, softly stroking his cheek, then his jaw, his chin and then his lips. Pressing onto them with his thumb, asking for permission and slowly thrusting in when given. He explored the older’s cavern, playing with tongue for a bit and then pulling out “Only good boys get rewards. Have you been a good boy?”

Gulping and visibly squirming he answered “Yes, Kyung-“ he cleared his throat “Oppa.” He rapidly corrected himself, his face growing hotter.

“Good boy.” He smiled, showing his dimples and playfully ruffling his hair.

However, his expression abruptly shifted and so did his grip on the older’s hair, tightening.


Heechul tensed and grunted at the sudden change of actitud, feeling something in between surprise and arousal.


Kyunghoon tugged onto his hair, pulling him down and pressing his face right into his crotch.

After having shoved Heechul’s face into his bulge and enjoying the feeling of the older’s warm breath, he loosened his grip on the older’s hair, giving him permission to continue.

Almost shyly, Heechul reached for the younger’s belt, unclasping it and unzipping his jeans, his boxer not really hiding anything away. The bulge was clearly visible his size not going unnoticed for the older man. Kyunghoon pulled his boxers down freeing his hard cock.


Heechul not knowing what exactly to do as the dizziness had came back and his head felt like it was spinning around, decided to comment something. And he did. But it was one of those things that probably sounded better in your head.

“Those are some big balls.”

A coin would be heard falling with the silence that followed his statement. Being just broke by Jungsoo who couldn’t help himself throwing his head back as he laughed out loud.

Kyunghoon simply stiffened, his body turning hot red.

Heechul, who was still feeling lost didn’t seem to comprehend the reason behind the older man’s laugh and didn’t gave too much thought to it; as he rapidly downed himself and went for the younger’s member, wantonly sucking it and making sure he didn’t leave his balls out. The younger could only grunt and gasp for the unexpected attack, grabbing a little too tight onto Heechul’s hair causing him to whimper from the pain and excitation that brought to his body.


Unnoticed by the youngers, Jungsoo had moved, reaching for a drawer and being lucky enough to find there everything he needed now.


He grabbed lube and hesitantly was about to grab condom, only being stopped by the sight in front of him as he finally realized that the two younger men had started doing lustful things without proper protection and as much as he had been someone that liked playing safe; he realized it was also a little late for that already. The idea of using a condom didn’t even pass through neither of Heechul nor Kyunghoon minds.

So he shrugged it off. 


Calmly returning to his previous position and taking a minute to appreciate the sight before him. 

The younger’s quivering red muscle, although it hadn’t even been touched, was clutching onto nothing, asking to we filled up. Jungsoo wasn’t about to reject that chance.


Quickly lubing his fingers, he proceeded to gently massage the spaming muscle, feeling the younger trying to squirm away. 


A sharp noise was heard as the older slapped Heechul’s ass, the younger man tensed and whined.


“Calm the fucking down and stay still if you don’t want it to hurt when I shove my dick inside you.” The older said, sounding almost like a growling animal..

“How very calming.” The younger of the three men teased, Jungsoo rolled his eyes.


Patience was one of Jungsoo’s virtues but he didn’t have time for that now.



Not feeling like waiting any longer the older thrusted his fingers inside Heechul making him arch leg at the sudden intrusion. Stiffening and clutching onto Kyunghoon’s leg.


“Ouch!” Was heard loud and clear in the room as Heechul wasn’t the only one affected by the intrusion. 

Kyunghoon, whose dick was still inside the older’s mouth had also suffered the consequences of Jungsoo’s actions when the older’s teeth had come in contact with his erection causing intense pain.


Jungsoo rolled his eyes and decided to prepare the younger properly. He didn’t want to be the reason his boyfriend’s dick got chopped off. This time, he moved his fingers gently feeling the wall clutching around him.

Heechul jerked and flinched, making the older smirk as he realized he had found his prostate. Then, he noticed Heechul arching and pushing back against him, seeking for more pleasure and decided to tease him even more.

Not that he couldn’t ask him but his mouth was pretty occupied at the moment. 


With his free hand he reached for the lube again, somehow opening it and dropping some of its content in his own shaft, hissing with the cold sensation.


While scissoring his fingers, he heard Heechul choke around the younger’s dick and couldn’t help but chuckle as he finally pulled out.

Jungsoo positioned his throbbing member in the younger’s entrance, delighting himself with the sight of the pink muscle grasping around his tip. 


He would had stayed like that longer if he wasn’t starting to feel a little desperate too. 


So he slowly made his way in. Grunting at the feeling Heechul’s walls clenching deliciously around him. Moaning when he was all in.


Heechul tried not to tense as the older entered him which wasn’t particularly easy, considering Jungsoo’s size. He could only whine at the intrusion, his body experiencing too much sensations at the same and becoming hard to even move as he felt himself being opened and filled deliciously. This caused him to forget about Kyunghoon’s dick, that was still in his mouth. Kyunghoon didn’t seem to mind, gently caressing his hair in a soothing manner.


They all stayed in silence for a moment, enjoying each other presence and, of course, waiting for Heechul’s body to adjust around the older man.


Taking the younger’s dick out of his mouth, for the sake of speaking, Heechul said weakly “You can move.” Sounding mostly like a plead.


“I don’t want to.” The older said pouting. That pout was anything but innocent.

“You really chose this moment to play hard to get?” Kyunhoon smiled with amusement “You are unbelievable, hyung.” He only received a wink from the older.

“Please, Hyung.” Heechul said, a whine coming out of his mouth when he felt the Jungsoo twitch inside him in a sign of interest “Please, please, please.” He mumbled desperately.


He almost cried when the older man finally started moving, purring and pushing his hips back asking for more.


Kyunghoon smiled down to him cheekily and brought his hand to the older’s nape, pulling him in for a kiss. Attacking his mouth and starting a tongue battle, saliva falling off their mouth. In the end, Heechul moaned allowing Kyunghoon to explore Heechul’s mouth and taking control of the kiss. 


Kyunghoon pulled away not wanting to suffocate the older man, who was breathing hastily and as air filled both their lungs, heat burned in their eyes.

The older was already leaning foward for another kiss when the younger tugged onto his hair, making him abruptly stop right were he was, gulping. His hair pulling kink getting the best of him.


“How about you help Oppa with that pretty mouth of yours? I’m sure we can put it to good use.“

Kyunghoon wasn’t that good at dirty talking, Heechul noticed amused. But even if Kyunghoon’s ears and cheecks were burning hot red, Heechul wasn’t going to say anything, knowing he himself was as red or worst than him.


With Jungsoo still moving inside him thinking about anything else had became a difficult task. “I-“ he was about to answer the younger when he felt the older man hit something making him throw his head back as his breath itched “Oh fuck...” he gasped out.

Kyunghoon grinned at his reaction, stroking his hair calmly as he watched the older trying to recompose himself.

Heechul looked down at the younger’s cock with hunger and move forward putting it all in his mouth in one go, making him gag. 

“Hey, relax. There’s no need to rush.” He said comfortingly “After all, we have all night.”



“Fuck this. I can’t do it anymore.” Kyunghoon whined annoyed, as he looked over, from the other end of the bed, at the two older men who were panting as they just cummed for what felt like the millionth time, their bodies hurting and restless.


After, what feel like days but had probably just a few hours, Kyunghoon and Jungsoo found themselves exhausted. The mysterious substance Heechul had ingested had proved to be very effective. His excitement seemingly not ceasing easy. They’ve passed the last hours trying to satisfy the other man; and they did but it never lasted too long, as a matter of fact, they were still stucked in that tortuous cycle.


“Good god, hyung. I know we said we would help you but isn’t this a little too much?” The tiredness mix up with the frustration he was feeling only made him angrier.

Heechul,!whose condition hadn’t improved at all but worsened, wasn’t even able answer something coherent. He had to add to the arousal he had been feeling through all the night the fatigue now growing in his body.


The younger man turned his head towards Jungsoo when he heard him sigh exasperatedly. 




“Maybe, it would be easier if you bring-“ Jungsoo didn’t even have the energy to complain when he was interrupted by the younger man.


“What?” He smirked, gladly taking the opportunity to tease his boyfriend “Do you want me to bring the cock ring?” 


“No, bring me a knife so I can chop his dick off.”


When he noticed Kyunghoon eyes widening, exaggeratedly bigger that usual, he couldn’t help rolling his eyes “It was a joke.” he said shrugging it off, making the younger sigh in relief.



“So, as I was saying, we know...we could tie him to the bed, put the vibrator in him, the cock ring. And then...BOOM!” His mind clearly not processing anything he was thinking before saying it “And then we let him to enjoy his sexuality...”

“And then I’m the horny bastard in the relationship?” He asked offended, hitting the older man in the shoulder teasingly.