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Hot in Hurrr


Sterling really couldn’t be having it any more worse, until it does. For God it wasn’t enough to just completely, traumatically uproot all of Sterling’s life upside down. It wasn’t enough for her to have her whole family dynamics be scrutinized by her therapist every week. It wasn’t enough to see her cry and have her not be able to meet Debbie’s eyes anytime she walked in the door of her own home. It wasn’t even enough for her own home to turn into some unknown space that no longer belonged to her. No, God truly was putting her through the wringer when He allowed John Stevens to tell his daughter the truth of who brought him in. 


The Holy Spirit himself must have descended with the amount of yelling, and spit takes she was getting from April right this second. It was horrible to have the object of your total affection completely hate you.


But it was also relieving, because that’s about it right. What else could God possibly touch now? 


“It’s like Job. That guy got his whole life wrecked except him. That’s got to be me right now,” she tells her therapist.


School ends. Summer starts. Blair, ever the wise one, pushes her to consider her old adage. 


“Remember Sterl, jizz oyster,” her sister waves to the rest of the club recipients on the annual 4th of July barbecue.


She supposed this could be a fresh start for her. Sterling flirts with a few guys here and there, and tries her best to avoid a certain family. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that as much as she tries to avoid said person, the more she feels eyes on her. 


It only emboldens her to flirt more furiously. Wink with more intention, sway her hips as she walks. 


Hot girl summer, as Blair had stated, really could work in her favor.


Eventually, Sterling couldn’t take it anymore and she excused herself to go hide in the men’s club back room. She totally needed to get off and no one would be there at the moment. 


The closer she brought herself the more she kept thinking of April angrily yelling at her, but she also caught glimpses of April whimpering beneath her. Oh fuck.


“Well, thanks Jim. I think my little girl will do great on your firm,” John Stevens voice filters in.


Sterling literally had to cover her mouth so as to stop herself from moaning loudly but also stopped because Ew, John Stevens is here.


“No problem John, your girl is a bright one. We got to get her ready for the big leagues, plus we got a few young men who are paralegals while doing law school. Might be some good eye candy.”


John scoffs, “Yeah. Creswell’s kid has been trynna bark at her tree, but she’s too smart for him.”


No, she’s too gay for him.


Sterling exits quietly. So much for cumming, but she’ll savor that later in the comfort of her bed. 


When she rejoins Blair it’s the sparkler ceremony. Everyone gets one and the all light up theirs at the same time to count down the real fireworks display over the golf field. 


They all light up, and under the soft glow of her own sparkler, she senses a pair of eyes on her again. Sterling is bold and she looks up. In the glow of her sparkler, April’s eyes look hungry.


Oh yes, hot girl summer indeed.

i. summer job

It doesn’t take much convincing from her for Bowsert to let them bounty Hunter again. Just one look from her and they’re both back. Blair is a bit jealous because if it was her who asked she would have gotten a straight no.


Besides, Sterling also promises to do more. Like help with the paperwork to ‘book’ the skip, or court-mandated skips that didn’t come from Yolanda herself, those where free-for-alls provided by the court. It truly was like the internship Bowser wanted it to be. She wanted to be there. No, needed to be there.


April in her school uniform: hot, but she sat taught almost everyday.


April in a preppy, overachiever, blazer and skirt, with heels: Superrrrr hot


So hot she almost crashes her car while parking it at the court when she caught a glimpse. 


That night she has take a literal cold shower and she cums twice just fantasizing about how it’ll be to unbutton her collared shirt just to press kisses above her breasts.


She falls asleep with a smile on her face.

ii. water slide

Did she also forget to mention that Fellowship also had a series of summer experiences?


Blair really didn’t want to participate but Sterling guilt-tripped her by saying she couldn’t really stay in the house with her ‘fake’ parents. It’s sort of has some truth.


Their first outing is a water park. And if she thought April in her little sexy ‘litigate me’ outfit was hot; then woah, nelly, she didn’t think of how April in a bikini really would have short-circuited her brain.


She’s only standing on top of one of the water slides, where April has just slid on and made it out of the pool. She’s laughing on the side with Hannah B, wringing out her hair in the process, and adjusting her bikini.


Her fingers ghost against her own bottom, thumbs hooking on to it, just like she’d do hers in the locker room if Sterling had the chance. 


Stupid Blair and her stupid impulsivity catches her staring, only to push her. Her bad footing makes her fall right into the tube and she screams her way down until she messily dives into the pool below. 


Sterling can already tell how stupid she probably looks when she pulls up gasping like a fish. She can feel her hair in a disarray, and her hands instinctively hang onto her breasts making sure they’re covered.


April is still there, standing alongside Hannah B. All she knows is that she took a glance at her and smirks back at Hannah B until they’re both giggling. 


Blair laughs at her for most of the day too.

iii. tourist

In late July, their cousin from Canada comes over to spend two weeks with them. They never really met him, he’s like a second cousin twice removed from Debbie’s side of the family. Sterling would have thought he was going to be some hick but he’s actually pretty cool. A year older than them.


Neither one of them mess around with the concept of incest, because fucking gross but Nick is very cute. 


“I’m bi,” he whispers to her one night while they’re watching some movie, and then their relationship shifts. Sterling shares her truth too and its so refreshing to have someone who completely understands her. He also likes messing around a lot with Blair. So in the middle of the two weeks, both girls realize that Nick is like the brother they never had. 


They go to church on Sunday, because “no matter where you come from or how you were raised in this house we worship the Lord on Sunday,” according to Debbie. And they sit together and just laugh under the breath about the most absurd things they see. They weren’t distracting, or so Sterling thought.


April literally hasn’t spoken two words to her since she yelled at her and now she’s front and center with her hand extended out and her head held with superiority. “April Stevens, and you are?”


“Nick, Sterling and Blair’s cousin.”


The shorter girl falters a bit and stares at her slightly. “Oh really and here I thought Sterling had picked up some wayward tourist or something. I hope you are enjoying the Atlanta weather.”


“Get a hobby that doesn’t involve stalking my sister, bitch,” Blair seethes. 


Again she falters but quickly gathers herself into fake shock. “Oh my, Blair. That language in the house of the Lord.”


She moves away and only then does Nick laugh. “What the fuck was that?”


Sterling stares longingly at April’s retreating form. She knows exactly what that is. It’s called jealousy (and it lowkey is super hot).

iv. hiking

In the beginning of August, Ellen has them go on a hike. It’s a really hot, humid day and they are trudging along. Her and Blair are all the way in the back because they hate hiking but honestly it’s also because  the back has the best view….to April’s ass. And April’s calves and thighs. Ugh she just wants to bite into them. 


Eventually they stop for a quick 5 min break before they continue trudging along, but Sterling thinks this is what seeing a mirage must feel like because April takes a large swig of water and her throat bobs a certain way that is truly mind-blowing. 


Suddenly she feels someone poke her with a stick.




“Quit staring,” Blair whispers. 


There really is no rest for the wicked. 

v. popsicle

Every year the Willingham alumni board, (chaired by Ellen), plans a special outing for the incoming senior class two weeks before class starts. They’re mostly pretty lame but surprisingly this excursion is sort of fun. They’re out sailing on a big boat in Savannah and it’s almost like a yacht party but not really. The boys are fishing out in the bow of the boat, and the girls are lounging at the stern. Mostly tanning. 


They were supposed to be learning how to sail, but then April stands up and says that her “daddy” paid for the boat and he has qualified men who are sailing it. So yeah they’re tanning. Which is fine really because it gives Sterling ample space to take a peek at April’s tight, firm ass. In a bikini again, no less. 


Surprisingly, she’s in much more control of her hormones. Blair has been reminding her and teaching her the art of reigning it in. 


“You just need to shift your mind from thinking about coochie, to…,” Blair says one afternoon as she opens the cupboards to look for potential snacks.


“You mean charcuterie,” Sterling replies pulling out cheese.


“Yeah! Atta girl, you’re starting to get it.”


But now here in this sun, the ocean, the mood is just so unbearably nice. She’s slowly loosing her grip. 


“Hey girls I brought my favorite summer treat. Do y’all want some popsicles?!”


They all nod. Blair immediately sits up from where she was tanning and goes to get their popsicles.


Blair brings back a purple one and a green one. 


She goes for the purple, which Blair sort of frowns on as she mutters, “But green means horny.”


Grape has always been her favorite even if it’s messier and leaves stains. 


They both lick and nibble at their popsicle. Sterling does her best to shift her attention to the sea, when Blair suddenly jabs her ribs. 


“Dude your girl is going ham with that popsicle.”


She’s about to retort that April is not “her girl” but then she looks up right when April’s lips wrap around the popsicle.


Even more tantalizing is how the popsicle rapidly melts leaving a single dribble slide down the corner of her mouth down her chin, and underneath it past her throat until it’s right at the crevice of the valley of her breasts. Oh to be that drop.


April notices the drop and quickly gathers it with the back of her hand, bringing it to her mouth licking it up. 


Gosh, Sterling has to look away for it’s just too sinful.


“You totally want to be that popsicle huh?”


“Yes,” she grits out. “I thought you were supposed to help me not think about…that.”


Blair laughs, “Yeah but it’s funnier to watch you struggle. Plus I just scored you spank bank material.”



Eventually summer comes to an end. It’s Thursday and school starts Monday. 


Her and Blair have just passed their bounty hunter certification exam so she proudly has her badge around her neck. She takes it everywhere as if it’ll mean anything to the anyone who’s watching. Sterling knows that’s not the case but she’s proud of it. 


Blair is off at lacrosse tryouts. (“To test the noobs” who are trying out, according to her) but Bowser had arranged for them both to bring in a skip to court. It’s a celebratory bringing-in. One, because the skip was hard to catch and they finally got him, but also as a celebratory first skip in with-the-badge ceremony.


So Sterling pulls him out of the Volt, her badge around her neck, aviators on, her holster with her gun and pepper spray attached, and her hands pushing the skips shoulder as he walks with his arms behind his back restrained by handcuffs. 


She’s practically bursting at the seams but she remains stoic, the badass bitch who busts baddies (4Bs as Blair calls it) that she is. What she doesn’t expect, but really low-key wishes, is to run into April. April who almost drops all the files in her hand when she sees her walk into the admin office. April, whose eyes widen alongside her mouth. She gapes like a fish for a hot second before she simply looks another direction, swinging her hair towards Sterling. Her smell is intoxicating enough to just follow her out but she reminds herself why she is there in the first place. 


She signs to process in the skip, gets the payment. Signed, Sealed, and Delivered! If Blair were here they’d do a little dance but instead she walks out into the hall and whips out her phone. Trying to find a celebratory but funny gif to send in the group chat takes up her mind but she still wills herself forward.


One step, two step, three step, and then suddenly an arm grabs her hard and shoves her into a dark room. Sterling gasps at the same time that the door locks. She’s about to scream because time has passed and therapy has helped, but she still has PTSD of that fateful night. 


Except a dim light is turned on, soft fingers land against her lips, and April’s eyes shine wildly. Oh.


When it clicks for both of them, multiple things occur. For one, April’s fingers are replaced with her lips. One would think that having gone so long, one could forget, but how can Sterling forget? The minute their lips join together they meld in unison so knowingly. Sterling’s hands also land on April’s hips and she grips hard, pushing her against the very door she locked. 


April gasps when her back smacks softly against the door, which only serves Sterling the purpose to kiss her a bit more aggressively. Sterling gasps back when April bites on her lower lip hard. She should have known it wasn’t going to be this easy. They have this energy that not any ounce near of passive, no, its borderline competitive and animalistic. The Holy Spirit must have descended again with how much tongue April is giving her right now.


Sterling never notices how April’s hands are on her face until she pulls back gasping for air, only to scrape her fingernails against her chin and down to her neck. The hairs on the back of her neck stand and Sterling’s grip loosens a bit just because she can suddenly feel a summer’s worth of desire pool between her legs. 


Shuddering, she lowers her head again, only to drop a much slower kiss. Despite her desire Sterling slows herself down because at the center of all this, she still cares too much. And she would be much too scared to admit it but its something very close to love, if isn’t plainly that already. 


“You’ve been driving me crazy all summer,” April whispers against her lips.


“Wait, what?” Sterling’s head shoots up and her eyes widen. And if any of the just unexpected events that are happening right now didn’t spring around butterflies in her stomach, she’d say this one statement has a whole zoo stampeding in there.


April grabs her both cheeks and kisses her again more hungrily. But Sterling pulls back again wanting more clarity.


“I think you’re the one who has been driving me crazy all summer,” she says exasperatedly. To which April simply breathes out a half laugh. 


“I want you,” April whispers out a beat later. Maybe Sterling record just to keep this very moment with her forever, just so she can reply these exact words in this exact tone again and again.


“I want you too.” Sterling grins and they kiss again. She grinds her hips against April and she feels the soft moans just wanting to erupt from them.


And then Sterling thinks of something else she has to say, “What about your dad?”


“What about him?”


Sterling looks at her surprisingly, which makes April rolls her eyes. “I have a fantasy where I see you bring him in, and that fantasy totally took flight right now when I saw you bring that other guy in.”


Still deer-in-the-headlights look.


“Ugh, Sterl, I’ll help you bring him in soon, but let’s not talk about my dad right now.”




Sterling’s whole body shifts, and April must feel bad because she grabs at Sterling’s chin bringing it down to meet her eyes. “Hey. I want to be with you, in every sense of the word but I still can’t be out if my dad is around. We just have to be careful. We can be together…if you still want me? That’s all I can offer.”


Sterling stares at her but then she can’t help but smile back. 


“I’ve been waiting so long, this whole summer has been too long.”


“Too long and too hot,” April whispers, her hands playing with the hem of her shirt. “We shouldn’t deprive ourselves.”


“Definitely shouldn’t,” she smirks. Off goes April’s blazer. “And yes,” Sterling says, her shirt also joining the blazer on the floor, “it is getting a bit hot in here.”