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The one where Bradford and The Buzzard Brothers didn't die.

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Phooey Duck broke away from his family to run up the edge of the deactivated volcano. He screamed with more rage than anyone who knew him personally thought him capable of, "You were supposed to kill them! Why didn't you kill them?!" The villains floated in silence, some looking at each other with awkwardness or guilt, but the certain point of it all was the one most responsible. Magica De Spell. Magica seemed confused mostly by this reaction from this person. Phooey shouted with frustration, "They hurt me, they hurt my brothers, they almost destroyed my family, they almost destroyed everything!!"

De Spell floated backwards and away from him. He yelled at her more, "Why!? Why didn't you kill them!?!" Then he fell to his knees and sobbed into his hands. "They were supposed to die..." The Duck-McDuck family surrounded the child and embraced him. They held him as he sobbed harder. It was justified how he felt. Hardly a person out there who wouldn't support having three old, controlling, murderous, manipulative, pedophiles killed, especially when when the victims demanded the same. However, nobody expected the innocent who had been personally been on the side of Lady Justice to be so bloodlusting for anyone ever.

If anyone should have been demanding blood, it would have been the future serial killer and supervillain Kablooie Duck. Known for revenge, Arson, hyper violence, murder, using bombs, and claiming his hero was Negaduck. If someone else had to, it should have been Huey Duck. If only in a temporary fit of anger. He'd also been lied to, manipulated, made to work against his family, and preyed upon by the vultures. He would have just as much reason even if he'd never been "touched" in same way Phooey and Kablooie were.

Still, here sobbing with the people he spoke of only feet away, Phooey cried, "They were supposed to die."

The "they" in question laid unconscious in a pile at the bottom of the stairs. Three fledgling vultures that were barely the same age as the triplets lay in oversized suit asleep. When once they were older than Scrooge, now they were preteens. Mere children. Unknowing to their crimes. Unknowing to the death threat against them. Just sleeping in a pile of clothes. They even cuddled to each other. Not even knowing who they held.

Kablooie Duck looked at his innocent brother, heard his cries, and broke off from the group. Kablooie calmly walked over, dragging a metal rod that had broken off, watching the sleeping forms. He thought about if it was wrong to kill them given they were now children. He justified it in his mind that, they'd die so quickly that it wouldn't matter and they had done terrible things to everyone. Once he was less than a foot away, he raised the rod above his head and didn't say anything. Webbigal Vanderquack grabbed the metal piece and yanked it away.

She glared at him with judgment. He looked at her and used his webbed, clawed, feet to roll the fledglings into their suits. At first, Webby just stood there in puzzlement. Then she noticed that he was rolling them into the volcano. He was going to use a rock or hide them to die slowly, or something. She couldn't let that happen no matter what their previous selves did. Vanderquack dragged him away, back into the group.

The scuffle drew attention to them and the targets. The adults grew grim as they pondered what they would do with six more children. How could they care for three little girls and three child versions of the monsters who caused all this?

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Phooey Duck crossed his arms as he glared off to the side. Della Duck smiled to offer a kindness to him, petting his head as she spoke gently, "It's going to be OK, they'll only be here until we find a new home for them." He frowned angrily but remained silent. She kissed his forehead and exited, hoping that he would get better and understood her words. Kablooie Duck waited a little bit for her to walk far enough away to not hear him. Kablooie then turned to Phooey and commented, "They hurt us, Phooey, we should kill them."

Phooey laid in his bed, turned over, and dismissed him, "Kablooie, I don't want to talk about them ever again. Let us just hope that they leave us alone forever." The silence burned something cold. So Kablooie laid down and turned over as well. The two alone in the room closed their eyes and tried to sleep. Kablooie Duck was asleep sooner than he thought he would be. Phooey Duck laid there with his eyes closed, but he went to sleep later than he thought he would. So it was a hour later, he was fast asleep.

Yet, a minute later, Phooey Duck was awake again. He was still asleep yet awake, opened his eyes but found it difficult to keep them up. Someone in front of him requested politely, "Can we share the bed with you? It's cold. We can't sleep." Phooey opened his blanket and allowed them in. Three people entered the blanket and quickly cuddled up to him. They did, indeed, feel rather cold so he closed the blanket and cuddled them back. It felt good to not be alone during this time. Especially after everything that happened. He nuzzled into the each of the three with care.

It was almost a kiss.

Moreso when the tips of their beaks touched briefly.

It almost caused a blush, yet he didn't flush a blush.

They four held, embraced closely as the warmth came over them all.

The next day,

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck rubbed their eyes and walked to brush their teeth. They passed by their other brothers bedroom. Then they stopped. Huey Duck went wide eyes as his second and third born brothers stood in surprise. He moved in closer to confirm what his eyes saw. There on the Phooey's bed was Bradford Buzzard, Bentley Buzzard, and Buford Buzzard. They hugged him, were all over him. All in the first night. How could it be? Hadn't Phooey suffered worse of all? Was it Stockholm Syndrome or Lima Syndrome? In the realization, he shouted in surprise, "Phooey, what are you doing!?"

Kablooie Duck awoke to see his nightmare right there. Phooey Duck awoke to his nightmare to his in that moment.

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Phooey Duck sat on the couch and stared between his legs. Besided him sat Bradford, Bentley, and Buford Buzzard who all appeared similarly nervous and worried. In front of them, standing in front of the the television with hands on hips was Della Duck whose face was one more of concern than of judgment. Still, all the boys felt judgment upon them. Della spoke patiently, "You aren't in trouble, just tell me why you were sleeping together late night." Bradford began, "We were just cold and!..." Phooey put a hand up to show he'd explain, which he did, "They were cold and scared. I didn't know it was them. But I did the right thing anyway."

Scrooge McDuck should have been here, helping Della. Yet, he was avoiding this. He was uncomfortable. He couldn't deal with the fact that his trusted ally betrayed him too well before and he wasn't acknowledging it after. It was unlikely this would all be swept away so quickly, despite his efforts. No one in the world resented this more than one person.

In a chair away from the couch, Kablooie Duck disagreed, "The right thing? The right thing!? THE RIGHT THING WOULD BE TO KILL THEM!!" The fledglings recoiled with fear from Kablooie, resulting in Phooey holding them. The innocent glared at the murderer and huffed out, "Kablooie! They aren't the people who hurt us anymore, they are kids like us." Kablooie stood on the chair and raged, "What the Fuck are you talking about!?! You wanted to kill them too, and now what!? Are you in love with them or something!?!!" The Pilot walked over to her son and made him sit down.

She requested, "Kablooie sweetheart, we talked about this. Yelling makes Phooey scared." Phooey was hugging the smaller birds, but he still agrued despite, "I don't have to be in love to want people to not die. I've changed my mind, they don't deserve to die. I'm giving redemption." The preteen vultures were deeply confused by this conversation, but all they knew is they were scared and the only person in the world that cared about them was Phooey Duck. So they hugged back with fright. Kablooie Duck watched the affection and broiled hatefully.

The memory of being strapped to a chair and three old suited vultures taking turns rubbing his legs as their leader threatened to kill his entire family replayed on loop in the background. Of the tears that he cried during it. The memory of Phooey crying as he pleaded him to save him from "The Scary Vultures" would pop up in this background noise of his mind. Of being told what happened during the Christmas party before they were born. He broiled in his hate some more. Didn't Phooey remember? Hadn't his suffering mattered at all? Why was his favorite brother so set on defending these scumbags? What did matter if these versions of them didn't do it when he only wanted for bloody revenge?

He snarled steam in his words quietly, "You do love them. You were tricked by them, no just Bradford. Bradford convenienced you that you wanted to fuck him and all of them, it's Stockholm Syndrome. I see it now."

The Lightning Bolt backed into the couch with fear, he whimpered nervously, "What are you talking about? They didn’t convenience me, I'm just a good person." The Astronaut attempted again to calm down the problem child, "Honey, you shouldn't..." The Firebug cut her off, pointing at his brother and accused harshly, "Mark my words, traitor, you will become their pawn. They are going to fuck you and then everyone will see I'm right, they were always going to use you."

Everyone was silent now. An uncomfortable feeling set in as the words were acknowledged. It couldn’t be proven or disproven until the future came.


Phooey Duck sat in the grass, looking at a yellow flower. Bradford Buzzard questioned, "Why are we out here? Isn't it dangerous and chaotic outside?" Bentley Buzzard and Buford Buzzard were huddled around him in unfamiliarity. While all of them had been Woodchucks, they didn't like the outside much. Phooey assured them, "Sometimes, people on the internet tell me to drink water and touch grass. I think they just want me not to have opinions but I find that doing either can help me feel better. So I brought you out here so you can feel better too."

They seemed unconvinced but sat down by him and felt the grass. However Buford pulled back his hand and screamed as there was a spider on it. The other vultures started screaming and panicking but Phooey just calmly went over and took the spider away. They held each other and watched. The yellow triplet put the spider elsewhere, explaining to them, "Don't panic. The spider is more afraid of you than you are of it. It'll get scared if you scream and panic, then bite." The spider ran away into the grass. The group eased up a little bit on seeing the spider leave them alone. The yellow one gave an assuring smile and took a hand from each to hold, confirming, "See? I'll help you, so you won't have to be afraid anymore."

They looked into his golden eyes then looked away. He let go of their hand at the idea they looked stressed. Something about them reminded him of himself and his brothers. Maybe because they never left each other's sides and did everything together in a strange unison... But something unnerved him about they way they looked at him. How they looked away when he held their hand. He was worried, what if they wanted something he couldn't give? What if they hadn't changed?

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Phooey Duck put the band aid on Buford Buzzard, then kissed his forehead and apologized, "I'm so sorry. I thought going on an adventure would be okay..." Buford sniffed as he wiped his eyes before putting back on his glasses. Phooey moved on to Bentley Buzzard, rubbing some burn cream on him. While it was only a sunburn, the vulture flinched then eased into it. The yellow triplet sighed then continued to rub more burn cream on the skin, he apologized on, "I thought it would be fun. It was supposed to be something fun we could share. I'm sorry, Unca Scrooge was mean." He kissed the tip of the beak.

The Lightning Bolt went to Bradford Buzzard, putting a disinfectant on the cut. Bradford looked away from him, moving away slightly from the sting of pain. The Lightning gently pulled him back in, apologizing more, "I shouldn't have brought you into this. I'm so sorry for everything that happened." As the disinfectant dried, a bandage was wrapped around the cut. A bill kissed the cut above the bandage. Their eyes met and held a moment. Bradford questioned, "Why did you kiss us?" Phooey gave a small smile and answered, "My mommy kisses our boo boos to make us feel better, I thought it'd make you feel better too."

The yellow one began to frown, crawling into his lap. He asked sadly, "Did I do something wrong? How can I make you feel better?" The fledglings recoiled slightly as they blushed in embarrassment. As they had been grouped together, so when he got into one of their laps he was basically in all of their laps. The yellow duckling asked, "Am I embarrassing you?" Now they were a blushing, babbling, mess, trying to play it off as they fumbled assurance that he wasn't embarrassing so please don't leave.

Just then a scream rang out. Dewey Duck came in, screaming, "I'm GOING BALD!!" In each hand was piles of feathers, he continued to scream and show the feathers as more trailed behind him. Huey Duck, who was also losing feathers, was following him, explaining, "Dewey, it's just puberty molting! You'll grow new ones!!" Louie Duck was completely wrapped in a blanket which hid his entire body. He wailed (I apologize if that's not how it's spelled) dramatically, "DON'T LOOK AT ME, I'M DISGUSTING!" Kablooie Duck, who was seemingly further along than his brothers, was sobbing as he tried to grab Louie into a hug, "I'm turning into Daffy Duck!! Please dear God, don't turn me into that deadbeat not dad!"

As this parade of preteen angst passed the open door, Phooey Duck remarked curiously, "So that's why they didn't join us on our adventure. Huh." Buford Buzzard studied the paradox a bit then pointed out, "It's happened to you too." Everyone in the room turned their attention to this. There was feathers just scattered around. They hadn't come off in patches yet like Huey, Dewey, or Louie. There wasn't little black feathers popping up like Kablooie yet. Still, tiny feathers gently fell as he moved. Phooey looked up to the fledglings studying this change with vested curiosity and pointed out to them, "You are growing feathers!"

They looked to another in surprise. He was right. Barely there white, tiny, feathers grew from their pink skin. The feathers had probably been growing for a while but only now became seen, even if hard to see. It was on the place where their eyebrows should be, on their heads, some even grew on their neck. Bentley wondered aloud to himself, "I wonder... Do you think these are growing everywhere? Is Phooey losing feathers everywhere?" Everyone looked at each other for a while. Phooey Duck shrugged and guessed, "Well there's only one way to find out. We'll all have to take off our clothes."

The vultures went wide eyed. Bradford panicked, "We can't take off our clothes!! That's... naughty. It would be bad and would tempt us to sin with immoral thoughts of other men." Phooey cocked his head at him in confusion for a moment. The innocent puzzled naively and cutely, "Why would it be naughty? Me and my big bwuddas would bath together all the time and it never tempted us." The scavengers boiled in a particular kind of frustration I've been told comes with puberty. Although I felt it well before then, yet I'm told it's strange to.

Bentley and Buford Buzzard starting silently preying to God that they would have the strength to avoid temptation. Bradford Buzzard just raged to himself, "Jesus's Hooks, you are so innocent. It'll damn my soul to Hell one day!" Phooey Duck paused taking off his yellow beanie hat, looked at them and asked, "Did you say something?" They shaked their heads no in panic. So he turned around and continued to undress. Collectively, the convids turned around and huddled around each another. They whispered to each other. Bradford insisted on, "He's too innocent. It's driving me mad."

"It's absolutely maddening." Bentley agreed, "I feel like I'm going explode." Buford shaked and trembled as he worried, "I don't think I can take seeing him naked. I'm going to faint, I can feel my body turning to stone just thinking about it."

Just as then, the error called out, "I'm done! Do you need more time to undress?" His paradoxical behavior proved him as chaotic. Just last year he'd been so scared they would assault him and now he regarded them as brothers, trusting so that he was willing to be unclothed near them. Then again, it had been a year so prehaps he grew comfortable since nothing happened? Who can say? Quickly as they could, the wake of vultures unclothed themselves. They finished and answered in unison, "We're done!" It appears they weren't as reluctant as they insisted.

Wonder what that could mean for the future given this is a bunch of preteen boys going through puberty.

They turned to meet each other. For a moment or two, they gazed on another. Phooey requested, "Try raised your arms up like this." He raised both arms as hight as they could go. The other boys followed suit. After a second of watching, Phooey Duck commented, "You are growing feathers out of your arm pits! That's kinda funny." They looked and it was true. There was feathers there. It was as if he didn't care about between their legs. It was strange, the feathers above their shoulders were white while almost everything below that was darker.

Bradford Buzzard, taking as the leader of his brothers even at this age, saw an opportunity and took it. He put down his arms, everyone else followed. He tested his luck to Phooey's wits, "You requested something of us, now may we request something of you?" Phooey Duck sat down on a chair where he put he clothes and stared in curiosity. He tested this unsurely, "That sounds reasonable but what exactly do you want me to do?" Bradford attempted to play it off casually, "Well, we should k-kis-kiss e-each other to-to-to make sure we're good at it for girls."

Phooey cocked an eye at him and doubted his intentions, "You sure? You aren't trying to kiss me because because you want to kiss me, right?" Bradford panicked as he insisted upon his innocence, "No no no!! That'd be a sin and I wouldn't be a good God fearing boy if I did something so immoral!" The Glitch agrued against this reasoning, "By that logic, it's wrong to kiss me at all." The manipulator agrued back with something weak, "It's not wrong if we both think about girls when we kiss each other."

The fair and square one glared at him with judging doubt but ultimately allowed it with cheer, "Okay, Bradford~☆ I trust and believe you!" The liar breathed out a sigh of relief and walked over on shaking knees. His brothers stayed behind. Awkwardly, he closed his eyes and made a kissing face when he was close enough. Without hesitations, he gently closed his eyes and kissed him. They kissed another back then a little deeper. Slowly the corpse eater pulled away and spoke as if it a daze, "I wish we could kiss forever~♡"

The display of emotion was unusual for the bookish omen of death. So the electricity quizzed carefully, "Is something wrong? Are you okay?" The fledgling snapped out of his hazy dazy spin and denied anything to incriminate himself, "Oh! It was nothing. I thought I should say that to a girl if I kissed one because that's sounds romantic. I was working on it right then, did it sound good?" Bentley butted in, "I want to kiss Phooey next!... so I can see if I'm good at it for girls. Yeahhhhhh, for girls."

Buford pushed him aside and demanded, "I should kiss Phooey next!!... Because I'm thinking about kissing a girl on my wedding day. Yeah, that's it." He was shoved aside by Bentley. Then they started wrestling but they were both weaklings so they stopped because they had hurt themselves by falling over. Moreover because they still had wounds healing from the adventure earlier. Phooey went over and helped them both up. He cooed over them, "Awwww, you hurt yourselves. Let me kiss it better. I'll give that special kiss too if you behave yourself~◇☆!"

Immediately they both quit trying to fight and tried to seem as polite as possible. Phooey Duck kissed Bentley Buzzard on the forehead then the elbow, the knee, and the shoulder, seeing his patient behave himself he kissed the beak deeply but not very deep. After that was finished, Bentley laughed in a dazed way before hiding in embarrassment to be heard laughing. Phooey Duck kissed Buford Buzzard on the cheek and hand, then kissed his beak for a short time. After this, Buford stared in shock, looked down, and went to find his clothes to hide his shame.

Upon seeing that reaction, the other two hesitantly looked down then went quickly to find their own clothing in shame. They hadn't realized that their... Ahem, "manhoods" were showing due to their "excitement." Thankfully, neither did the cute one. The fair one innocently questioned this, "Is something wrong?" They were making excuses as they put on their clothes but it couldn't be understood as they were all talking at the same time. Suddenly they rushed off for the bathroom without another word.

Inside the bathroom,

The door slammed shut. Bradford Buzzard yelled angrily, "I swear to God above, just shut up and never talk while I'm talking! Just let me do all the talking." They quickly agreed upon this and shaked hands before dashing off to their spots for... Listen, I'm not going to be coy about this. They are preteen boys who just kissed a boy they like, they are jacking off. Bentley Buzzard went to the shower, turned on high enough that nobody could hear what was happening entered it and closed the curtain to not be seen. Buford Buzzard went to a closet and closed the door. Bradford Buzzard didn't have anywhere to hide so hoped nobody would enter the bathroom and went to the toilet.

I'm not going to describe what happened but I will describe vaguely what they each imagined until the point where it gets. You know. Anyways, So Buford imagined Phooey entered his room late at night. Phooey gets into his bed, pinned him down roughly, and whispered into his ear hole... Yep, stopping there. Bentley imagined he was bathing with Phooey when... Huh, that was faster than expected compared to the last one. Still, I'm not surprised at all given the context. Bradford imagined he was in the scenario he was certainly in but Phooey came up behind him and "helped." Strange, I managed to describe the last one without...

Wait a second, where's the real Phooey Duck!?


Phooey Duck sat putting on his clothes. He wondered to him. They were acting unlike themselves. I hope they are okay. What if I did something bad? What if they don't like me because I did something bad? Maybe I should check on them! So Phooey adjusted his oversized, yellow, sweater, and put on his yellow beanie before exiting the room to find them. Maybe apologize if he did something wrong.

Oh no.

In the bathroom.

The door cracked open. The glitchy duckling spoke, "You were acting weird earlier. Are you three okay in there? You aren't upset with me, right? You aren't hurt, right?" The door slammed shut. Bradford shouted nervously, "OH DEAR MERCIFUL GOD DO NOT COME IN, WE ARE ABSOLUTELY FINE. EVERYTHING IS FINE. JUST PLEASE DON'T COME IN." The printing error open it a little bit and looked inside and wanted to make sure everything was fine as that sounded suspicious, "That sounded very much like something is very not fine. Do you need help? It's okay if you want help with something, I won't judge you."

"Why are you so considerate and blindingly naive!?!" Bradford fumed in frustration, "You are a damnedable nightmare that tempts me at every turn!!" Phooey went silent as he pondered what any of that meant. It sounded angry but it sounded like a complement at the same time. Was it sarcasm? Were they upset but just trying to not admit it because it would be rude? He decided to back off to give them space. Sometimes he was smothering in his kindness and didn't realize it. So they probably just needed time alone to think over what happened. Sometimes it just be like that.

So he was walking away to respect their privacy when he hurt a moan. "Oh God, Phooey I need you." The tone didn't sound like pain. It sounded like something else. Not wanting to disrespect their right to be alone but afraid something bad happened, he peered in the crack in the door. At first, the cutie couldn't see anything so he reluctantly pushed open the door. Unfortunately, he was expecting someone pushing the door in from last time so he accidentally used too much force to open it. Which caused him to fall into the bathroom. Instantly, everyone was panicking.

Phooey scrambled backwards out and ran off, hoping to never think or remember that ever again. There were zero people happy at the end of this scenario. Everyone left deeply uncomfortable.

Later that night,

Phooey Duck laid awake at night, thinking about the events of the day. First, he wished to find out more about his body and the body of others so asked his friends to get naked. Second, his trusted friends requested he kiss them. Third, he found them "doing a thing" while moaning that they needed him. It seemed like they were becoming more and more like the monsters he feared everyday. Yet, all he could feel was shame and guilt for not doing enough for them. Clearly, he'd been in the wrong to assume that it was okay to ask them to get naked and to be naked near them.

They had expressed discomfort with nakedness and he insisted anyway. It must have been his fault. It was all his fault. He didn’t do enough to make them better people. He had been selfish. He had forced them into it. He had allowed them to think those things by kissing them so much. He had looked inside the bathroom when they asked him not to. It was his fault they were turning into the adults he feared so much. The crybaby teared up as he was flooded with shame, guilt, and regret. Clearly, somewhere he wanted them and his selfishness infected them.

Well, that's what he thought.

He had given the idea of getting undressed but because he trusted them to not abuse it. He had kissed them but first to be caring and then to because he was lied to. He had looked inside the bathroom without their permission because he cared about their well being. It was partly his fault but in the end it was their fault far more. They took acts too and willingly manipulated to get what they wanted.

Of Course, he didn't know that. He didn’t have all the context and couldn't read their minds so had no idea of their intentions. They had felt this way for a while by this point but he only found out now.

The door to Phooey and Kablooie's room opened with a creak. Someone with a long hooked beak poked their head inside. "Phooey? Can I come inside?" The vulture asked. The duckling sniffled, "No, I'll corrupt you with my selfishness." The big, round, glasses shined in the hallway light. The eyes behind the glasses watched the tail of the duck. The mind behind the eyes imagined the owner of that tail pounding away at him. That tail bobbing up and down quickly as he was reduced to a mess on the sheets. A smile unseen formed. The tone of the voice was falsely sweet, "You aren't selfish, you are so helpful, Phooey."

The voice dripped with faux honey and artificial sweeteners as it spoke on, "You are so very helpful and innocent and adorable. You are so very dear to me. I just need you to help me with something." The golden duckling poked his head out of his blankets and sniffed again. The tears were fading now. A little cautious, the electric tested, "What do you want me to do?" The fellow preteen faked sadness, "I'm so very lonely, Phooey. I want to sleep in your bed. I need you so very badly."

The young boy backed into his covers and was unsure, "I don't know. I don't think we should after today." The other young boy played more into his heartbreak, "But Phooey, I'm so lonely. I need you so much. You would simply break my heart if I didn't have our cuddles tonight. Would you really break my heart like that?" The room was silent. The preteen boy was conflicted. He knew if he said yes, they might try to do something. Yet if he said no, he would hurt them more and he was already so ashamed. He felt so guilty about today but how could he trust them not make it worse?

He hide in the blankets. The paradox questioned despite his regrets, "How can I trust you? You were doing naughty things and saying you need me. I'm not stupid, I know that people only do that when they want to do kissy things with someone." The other preteen boy shifted gears, "You want me to and you know it. You want all three of us. That's why you got undressed. You are begging for it because you want it so badly."

Phooey trembled hard as he refused this idea, "No! That's not right. You are just a meanie weenie beans!" The door opened more with a chilling creaking. The footfalls were quite but could be heard in the silence of the night. The foot steps got closer and closer until they were right next to him. Phooey shaked like a leaf in the winter. He was so scared but he couldn't scream or run or anything. His brain was a soup of emotions, so many all fighting for the top flavor. The person continued on, "You love me, you love all three of us. If I went into your bed right now, you wouldn't even fight me and I could do whatever I wanted."

The electronic duckling thought over the words. He probably wouldn't fight back and he did care deeply for all three. Yet the idea sickened him to the core. He denied this, "It doesn't matter if I like you that way or if I fight you! I said no and no means no!" The bed dipped down as a weight was placed on it. Something crawled on the bed, not touching him but he could feel it. The individual had an odd flirtation that sounded so horrifying, "That sounded so forceful, I wish you were so dominant with me. I dream that you would do bad things to me in the dead of night. Yet when I wake up, you are lily livered and spineless."

The dip left the bed. Footfalls exited the room. The voice parted, "Good night, sleep tight." The door closed. The duckling laid awake.

Chapter Text

Phooey Duck sat in front of his brother, Kablooie Duck. Phooey requested with fear, "Kablooie, I need your help with someone but you have to agree not to murder them." Kablooie uncrossed his legs and arms, walking off. The Yellow Triplet grabbed the sleeve of his leather jacket and pulled him back, worrying, "Where are you going?" The Orange Triplet pulled away his arm, informing harshly, "I'm not promising Shit, Goodie Two Shoes, I'm going to kill whoever hurt you!" The Lightning Bolt grabbed his jacket again, managing to pull him back to his sitting position as he pointed out firmly, "I haven't told you who yet!"

The Firebug sat down in his original spot and crossed his arms with a sigh, "It's Bradford, isn't it?" The Electricity sighed back in defeat, "It's probably Bradford... I still want you not to kill him." The Flammable Fireproof just stared in judgment and crossed his legs. The time traveler looked back and waited for him to say something. He didn’t say anything. Phooey insisted, "Come on! You can't kill him, he can change I just know it. I can change him." Kablooie rolled his eyes and judged, "You were Fucking Groomed, Sweetie Pie. He's done this before and he'll always be the same."

The Goodie Two Shoes pleaded, "Please you can't, I..." He looked down and thought about this. Why did he care? The answer was difficult to wrap his hands around. He felt he cared for them, but saying it aloud seemed risky. As the silence grew, The Bomb grew more unnerved. The Atomic Bomb grew wide eyed and finally spoke, "Oh God no... You love him. No, all three of them." The Electric agrued, "I just want to help them, I s... I can't lie to you. Lying is bad."

The younger brother went over and patted his back while holding him. His brother cried and hugged back. He assured, "It's not your fault, you just need help." The slightly older brother sobbed into the orange tank top, clinging closely. The slightly younger brother comforted on, "It's going to be alright."

"Please, they are the only ones who'll have me anymore. " Phooey sniffled. Kablooie cradled him as a form of comfort. He breathed out, "Don't say that, there'll be someone else." Phooey Duck pushed him away, glaring now. Kablooie Duck frowned in this and tried to read how this better version of himself felt. He didn’t need to before he told it himself, "Webby has Lena, Violet and B.O.Y.D love Huey. Louie and Boyd love each other. I had Boyd and Lena and Violet but they chose everyone else. Nobody ever wants me, everyone says I'm so nice but they prefer my siblings."

The Carnivorous Duckling attempted to calm him down, "Oh Come on, You had a crush on Vi and Lena for a week. You caused BOYD to glitch because of your powers. You are 14, there's time." The Glitchy Duckling disagreed, "I'm lonely, darn it. Nobody my age wants to hold hands or kissy or anything. Nobody until them, they want me for me and they aren't the Scary Vultures they were. They are just kids our age." The mutant put a hand on the bill. The talking stopped. The mutanted duckling explained carefully, "And so is Doofus Drake but he isn't that goodie goodie Junior Woodchuck fan anymore. He's a monster. They can be monsters too."

Somehow the logic clicked right then.

The hands took the clawed hands away. The Sweetie Pie spoke calmly, "But I still care about them, Kablooie. Help me but let me try to help them." The Villain-Coded queer saw only one solution, "Tell the rest of the family you are in danger. I can't reform people, I murder people but maybe one of so called Heroes can." The just one nodded with a smile put his head against hills own before parting.

Phooey Duck sat in front of Huey Duck, he explained, "I'm having problems with The Buzzard Brothers. Can you help?" Huey Duck was careful and cautious with his words, "What happened with them, Phooey?" Phooey answered reluctantly, "Ummmm, One of them... came into my room last night and threatened to do bad things to me." His oldest brother was horrified by this. He grabbed him by the arm and started walking. The Red Duckling assured, "It's going to be okay! We just need to get an adult." His tone wasn't reassuring.

Della Duck, Donald Duck, and Scrooge McDuck were collected in a semi circle. Huey Duck gently suggested, "Tell them what you told me, if you can't then I'll tell them." Phooey Duck paused a moment, before awkwardly trying, "Um uh oh okay, So... One of The Buzzard Brothers came into my room at night and. And he threatened touch me even when I said no." Scrooge immediately got up and grumbled loudly, "I should have known! I'll end that traitor with my bare hands!" Phooey grabbed on to him and begged, "But Unca Scrooge, I loved them!!"

By that point, Della and Donald were losing their minds. How could they have let this happen? How could they let the same group of predators hurt their children again? In the background, Kablooie noted, "This went a lot worse than I expected." Louie remarked, "Are you honestly surprised?"

Chapter Text

Phooey Duck walked into the darkness of the room. It was probably a large closet so not exactly a room. He spoke afraid, "Bradford? Bentley? Buford!?" Suddenly a hand clapped over his bill and he was yanked deeper into the darkness. The closet door slammed shut then locked. A light clicked on and Phooey was in a chair under the bulb. He sat there, blinking, trying to adjust to the light yet couldn't see the figures. The figures in the darkness held him down to the chair. One of them questioned him, "Why did you tell on us, Phooey? I thought you loved us." The voice drippedhoney sweet but it was artificial honey, completely fake.

The Innocent pleaded of them, "I do love you, I thought I could help you all!" The leader glared at him then ordered, "Begin." The hands began feeling his knees then moved to his thighs and hips. The reaction was unexpected. Phooey Duck blushed and nervously asked innocently, "Does this mean you like me?" The one who spoke told them, "Stop!" They stopped, taking away their hands. Their victim didn't run, instead just sitting there patiently and awaiting them. The vulture doubted this a moment, "You have been completely convinced? It was more difficult last time..."

His voice sounded like it used to, like it wasn’t a child but a very old adult. Still the cutie refused this doubt that his beloveds were anything other than what he saw them. Kids his age, who were scared and needed help. The sweetie insisted, "I love you three, but we need talk about Us. We can't be together if you don't respect me and my boundaries." The buzzard ordered flatly, "Go further. He needs to understand who's in control." The hands began feeling his thighs and hips. However they didn't stop, they groped at his behind and forced their way under his clothes.

Yet still, the victim didn't refused them. He grew conflicted, he wanted this but didn't want this. It felt good but he was uncomfortable. He wanted them to continue but also for it to stop. The sweetheart tested again, "Are you doing this because you love me? Is this love?" They didn’t answer, they just keep touching. He couldn't do this if they didn't care for him. But he couldn't say no if it meant they would leave him alone. He'd be alone forever then. Nobody could ever love him, they were the only ones. The blush came back and something else happened.

Phooey looked down to see his corkscrew coming out. Phooey Duck slurred his speech a little bit more, "Why won't you answer me? Don't my feelings matter to you?" The hands seemed reluctant to touch it, moving around it. The leader seemed distracted by it, "We... Um. I. Oh dear merciful God." Their breathing grew heavy, all of them. The blameless victim bent his legs gripped the chair with his arms straight to support him, he breathed out the words breathlessly, "Don't you love me?" Their faces were now visible in the light as they had accidentally gotten too close.

Phooey didn't look at their faces, for fear they would be monsters again.

The one who actually talked was breathing hard and heavy and appeared as if on the edge of a panic attack. It was all spiraling out of control. He rambled in his panic, "This must be a trick. It's the chaos and discord taking over me. It's you! You evil little boy, always tempting me. Getting under my skin! You are the personification of everything I've known to fear! Chaos, thrill, adventure, the unknowable!! You've been using your powers to control my mind ever since we met at that Christmas party! You've ruined my life!!!" Their perfect victim teared up and sniffled, "Don't yell at me! I didn't do anything, I hasn't the fact I've given myself to every want you have right now meant anything!!"

For the sin of putting up the barest of resistance, the chair was shoved over. The leader forced himself upon the innocent and began to have his way. The sweetie pie looked away from him yet found himself forced to look at him. He closed his eyes tightly in fear that someone he cared for was now the nightmare looming he feared. The abuser raged at the the abused, forcing his eyes open and fuming with rage, "Look at me, look at me God dammit!!" So he looked up and wept for his fears were true. There wasn't a boy, there was a old man.

Phooey Duck denied this reality to himself, "No! NO! IT CAN'T BE TRUE, YOU WERE MY FRIEND! I TRUSTED YOU, I BELIEVED IN YOU, I LOVED YOU!!" Bradford Buzzard confirmed the truth, "I've been pretending this entire time. The magic has disappeared but I been as I was the whole time." The preteen boy shoved the hands away and sobbed hard, "Everyone was right, you couldn't ever change! You had the chance and you only wanted to use me!!" The old man raged, "You ruined everything!! I destroyed my plan, my organization, the only woman I loved, for YOU and you have the selfishness to play victim!"

The closet door busted open. It was the adults! All that yelling made it easy to find the crime. Before they knew what was going on, Donald, Della, and Scrooge wrestled the vultures away and on the ground. While he hadn't been entered during this, Phooey Duck still sobbed on the floor.

He'd always remember this and how he was used. He hadn't lied, he did care. Even when they were being dragged away to rot in a cell, he couldn't bare to watch for he still cared.

The moral of this story is you shouldn't try to reform your abusers because they might use your sympathy to hurt you. Also don't assume whoever you are with is the only person who is capable of loving you, even if you are never loved again it's better that than being used and abused by someone you love.

Sometimes you are better off alone.

The End.