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The one where Bradford and The Buzzard Brothers didn't die.

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Phooey Duck walked into the darkness of the room. It was probably a large closet so not exactly a room. He spoke afraid, "Bradford? Bentley? Buford!?" Suddenly a hand clapped over his bill and he was yanked deeper into the darkness. The closet door slammed shut then locked. A light clicked on and Phooey was in a chair under the bulb. He sat there, blinking, trying to adjust to the light yet couldn't see the figures. The figures in the darkness held him down to the chair. One of them questioned him, "Why did you tell on us, Phooey? I thought you loved us." The voice drippedhoney sweet but it was artificial honey, completely fake.

The Innocent pleaded of them, "I do love you, I thought I could help you all!" The leader glared at him then ordered, "Begin." The hands began feeling his knees then moved to his thighs and hips. The reaction was unexpected. Phooey Duck blushed and nervously asked innocently, "Does this mean you like me?" The one who spoke told them, "Stop!" They stopped, taking away their hands. Their victim didn't run, instead just sitting there patiently and awaiting them. The vulture doubted this a moment, "You have been completely convinced? It was more difficult last time..."

His voice sounded like it used to, like it wasn’t a child but a very old adult. Still the cutie refused this doubt that his beloveds were anything other than what he saw them. Kids his age, who were scared and needed help. The sweetie insisted, "I love you three, but we need talk about Us. We can't be together if you don't respect me and my boundaries." The buzzard ordered flatly, "Go further. He needs to understand who's in control." The hands began feeling his thighs and hips. However they didn't stop, they groped at his behind and forced their way under his clothes.

Yet still, the victim didn't refused them. He grew conflicted, he wanted this but didn't want this. It felt good but he was uncomfortable. He wanted them to continue but also for it to stop. The sweetheart tested again, "Are you doing this because you love me? Is this love?" They didn’t answer, they just keep touching. He couldn't do this if they didn't care for him. But he couldn't say no if it meant they would leave him alone. He'd be alone forever then. Nobody could ever love him, they were the only ones. The blush came back and something else happened.

Phooey looked down to see his corkscrew coming out. Phooey Duck slurred his speech a little bit more, "Why won't you answer me? Don't my feelings matter to you?" The hands seemed reluctant to touch it, moving around it. The leader seemed distracted by it, "We... Um. I. Oh dear merciful God." Their breathing grew heavy, all of them. The blameless victim bent his legs gripped the chair with his arms straight to support him, he breathed out the words breathlessly, "Don't you love me?" Their faces were now visible in the light as they had accidentally gotten too close.

Phooey didn't look at their faces, for fear they would be monsters again.

The one who actually talked was breathing hard and heavy and appeared as if on the edge of a panic attack. It was all spiraling out of control. He rambled in his panic, "This must be a trick. It's the chaos and discord taking over me. It's you! You evil little boy, always tempting me. Getting under my skin! You are the personification of everything I've known to fear! Chaos, thrill, adventure, the unknowable!! You've been using your powers to control my mind ever since we met at that Christmas party! You've ruined my life!!!" Their perfect victim teared up and sniffled, "Don't yell at me! I didn't do anything, I hasn't the fact I've given myself to every want you have right now meant anything!!"

For the sin of putting up the barest of resistance, the chair was shoved over. The leader forced himself upon the innocent and began to have his way. The sweetie pie looked away from him yet found himself forced to look at him. He closed his eyes tightly in fear that someone he cared for was now the nightmare looming he feared. The abuser raged at the the abused, forcing his eyes open and fuming with rage, "Look at me, look at me God dammit!!" So he looked up and wept for his fears were true. There wasn't a boy, there was a old man.

Phooey Duck denied this reality to himself, "No! NO! IT CAN'T BE TRUE, YOU WERE MY FRIEND! I TRUSTED YOU, I BELIEVED IN YOU, I LOVED YOU!!" Bradford Buzzard confirmed the truth, "I've been pretending this entire time. The magic has disappeared but I been as I was the whole time." The preteen boy shoved the hands away and sobbed hard, "Everyone was right, you couldn't ever change! You had the chance and you only wanted to use me!!" The old man raged, "You ruined everything!! I destroyed my plan, my organization, the only woman I loved, for YOU and you have the selfishness to play victim!"

The closet door busted open. It was the adults! All that yelling made it easy to find the crime. Before they knew what was going on, Donald, Della, and Scrooge wrestled the vultures away and on the ground. While he hadn't been entered during this, Phooey Duck still sobbed on the floor.

He'd always remember this and how he was used. He hadn't lied, he did care. Even when they were being dragged away to rot in a cell, he couldn't bare to watch for he still cared.

The moral of this story is you shouldn't try to reform your abusers because they might use your sympathy to hurt you. Also don't assume whoever you are with is the only person who is capable of loving you, even if you are never loved again it's better that than being used and abused by someone you love.

Sometimes you are better off alone.

The End.