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The one where Bradford and The Buzzard Brothers didn't die.

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Phooey Duck broke away from his family to run up the edge of the deactivated volcano. He screamed with more rage than anyone who knew him personally thought him capable of, "You were supposed to kill them! Why didn't you kill them?!" The villains floated in silence, some looking at each other with awkwardness or guilt, but the certain point of it all was the one most responsible. Magica De Spell. Magica seemed confused mostly by this reaction from this person. Phooey shouted with frustration, "They hurt me, they hurt my brothers, they almost destroyed my family, they almost destroyed everything!!"

De Spell floated backwards and away from him. He yelled at her more, "Why!? Why didn't you kill them!?!" Then he fell to his knees and sobbed into his hands. "They were supposed to die..." The Duck-McDuck family surrounded the child and embraced him. They held him as he sobbed harder. It was justified how he felt. Hardly a person out there who wouldn't support having three old, controlling, murderous, manipulative, pedophiles killed, especially when when the victims demanded the same. However, nobody expected the innocent who had been personally been on the side of Lady Justice to be so bloodlusting for anyone ever.

If anyone should have been demanding blood, it would have been the future serial killer and supervillain Kablooie Duck. Known for revenge, Arson, hyper violence, murder, using bombs, and claiming his hero was Negaduck. If someone else had to, it should have been Huey Duck. If only in a temporary fit of anger. He'd also been lied to, manipulated, made to work against his family, and preyed upon by the vultures. He would have just as much reason even if he'd never been "touched" in same way Phooey and Kablooie were.

Still, here sobbing with the people he spoke of only feet away, Phooey cried, "They were supposed to die."

The "they" in question laid unconscious in a pile at the bottom of the stairs. Three fledgling vultures that were barely the same age as the triplets lay in oversized suit asleep. When once they were older than Scrooge, now they were preteens. Mere children. Unknowing to their crimes. Unknowing to the death threat against them. Just sleeping in a pile of clothes. They even cuddled to each other. Not even knowing who they held.

Kablooie Duck looked at his innocent brother, heard his cries, and broke off from the group. Kablooie calmly walked over, dragging a metal rod that had broken off, watching the sleeping forms. He thought about if it was wrong to kill them given they were now children. He justified it in his mind that, they'd die so quickly that it wouldn't matter and they had done terrible things to everyone. Once he was less than a foot away, he raised the rod above his head and didn't say anything. Webbigal Vanderquack grabbed the metal piece and yanked it away.

She glared at him with judgment. He looked at her and used his webbed, clawed, feet to roll the fledglings into their suits. At first, Webby just stood there in puzzlement. Then she noticed that he was rolling them into the volcano. He was going to use a rock or hide them to die slowly, or something. She couldn't let that happen no matter what their previous selves did. Vanderquack dragged him away, back into the group.

The scuffle drew attention to them and the targets. The adults grew grim as they pondered what they would do with six more children. How could they care for three little girls and three child versions of the monsters who caused all this?