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Let's make the scary, weird adult cute!

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Diluc was standing behind the counter at the Angel’s Share as he was watching Kaeya with Klee. Klee was in need of a babysitter and it was Kaeya’s turn to watch over the girl, but because he knew that Diluc would be tending at the tavern he couldn’t miss out on such an opportunity. That was why Klee and Kaeya were there; it was only one of another Kaeya’s plans how he was going to piss off Diluc. It didn’t really come as a surprise to the other one, but the pyro user still wished that Diluc would take Klee somewhere else. Far away from his tavern. 

Diluc wouldn’t really worry if Klee was there with Jean or Lisa, but since she was there with Kaeya he felt uneasy. Both of them were a recipe for a disaster in the making and if something happened to his tavern, Diluc was going to flip completely. Diluc sighed and then glanced away when he saw Kaeya sending him a wink from the other side of the tavern. At least he wasn’t sitting at the counter - that was a plus. Diluc could easily focus on his work and successfully ignore the other one. Klee didn’t really like him anyway, so Diluc didn’t really worry too much about that. She wouldn’t approach him on her own. 

Kaeya was flirting along with Diluc as he was watching over the girl. It was a nice day in particular and he grinned when he saw the eye roll and the annoying expression coming from Diluc. Was that going to stop him and make him feel bad? Of course not. All that Kaeya did was blow a kiss to the pyro user, who quickly looked away and Kaeya grinned when he saw a little flush spreading across the other's cheeks. How cute. So stubborn, but easy to get flustered. It was Kaeya's favourite combination and then he glanced down at Klee again, who was sipping on her juice, feeling pretty bored. She didn't want to be stuck inside on such a sunny day.

"Why don't we go out to play?" asked Klee and Kaeya smiled as he glanced towards Diluc, who was now cleaning the counter and he hummed along.

"It's nice in here, no?"

"Klee is bored," whined the girl and saw that big brother Kaeya was again looking at the weird adult. It wasn't like Klee didn't like Diluc, he just made her uneasy. He never smiled or wanted to play with her. That was why she prefered Kaeya. He was a lot more fun and he liked playing with her! "Let's go outside to play, pretty please?"

"In a minute," said Kaeya and Klee pouted.

"You keep staring at the weird adult while Klee's bored," she said and crossed her arms on top of her chest and Kaeya grinned when Klee called Diluc a weird adult. He quite liked that nickname, it gave him more content to make fun of Diluc. Well, not really make fun of, but tease. Just a little bit. It was always fun to tease Diluc - his reactions were always the best. “Pay attention to Klee too, let’s do something fun,” whined Klee and Kaeya sighed with a smile. Diluc looked over to the two and then he shook his head. “Come on, big brother Kaeya!”

“Yes, big brother Kaeya, pay attention to her,” said Diluc, scowling at the cryo user and Kaeya only giggled and glanced at Klee. Perhaps he was staring a bit too much. That was why he decided to stop staring at Diluc for the time being and pay attention to the other pyro user.

“So, what do you wanna do?”

“Hmm,” said Klee, her eyes glowing and Diluc was holding in his breath. If his tavern was getting destroyed, then he was going to- “Klee is going to see Albedo later, so Klee wants a makeover,” announced the girl and Kaeya felt his smile faltering a little bit. How was he giving her a makeover? Kaeya felt the annoyance kicking in when he heard Diluc’s chuckle and he glared at him. Diluc quickly turned away and pretended that he was cleaning the counter. Which was already clean by then. 

Diluc, too, could be a little shit. 

Kaeya grumbled and decided that he wasn’t going to let Diluc win. For he was too stubborn. “Klee, what kind of a makeover would you like?” asked Kaeya and Diluc narrowed his eyes. Kaeya looked way too calm about it. Diluc thought that he would get more of a reaction from Kaeya, but he should have known that he would need more than that. 

“Klee wants braids.”

“Fun,” deadpanned Kaeya.

“Braid Klee's hair,” she said and clasped her hands together. Now, how could Kaeya say no to that face? Klee was way too adorable for Kaeya to say no and in the end he nodded. It wouldn’t be the first time that he would be braiding Klee’s hair, so he knew how to do it. But he knew for a fact that Diluc was enjoying this, so he was going to pay him back for this. Luckily Kaeya already knew how he was going to achieve that.

“Okay,” said Kaeya.


“Turn around for me?” asked Kaeya and Klee did just that, happily taking off her hat as well. He was going to be all pretty once Kaeya was going to braid her hair. She wanted Jean to do it earlier, but she was busy with some boring adult paperwork. Lisa also didn’t have the time, so now Kaeya finally was going to braid her hair and it didn’t take too long before Klee didn’t have two pigtails anymore, but two little braids and she happily looked at herself in the window’s reflection.

“Klee is so pretty,” said Klee and Kaeya nodded.

“Very,” said Kaeya and placed his hand on top of Klee’s head. 

Diluc was watching the two, feeling his heart warm up. Kaeya was very good with children, he had to admit that. Unlike him, Diluc was awkward. Never knew what to talk to them about. It came so naturally for Kaeya. 

“Now, don’t you think that the weird adult also needs a makeover?” asked Kaeya and Diluc flinched. Klee’s eyes lit up, but she glanced at Diluc and there was a scary expression on his face. “Ah, he’s making such a scary face again,” said Kaeya and Diluc was already planning the way he was going to strangle Kaeya later. “A nice braid is going to make him much cuter and less scary… don’t you think?”

“Yes!” said the girl and Kaeya smiled. There, he won. 

Kaeya knew how Diluc was and even he would never say no to a child. Out of principle. That was exactly why Kaeya knew that things were about to get interesting. A lot more interesting. Diluc flinched when he saw the look on Klee's face. Unfortunately, they were the only ones at the Angel's Share. It wasn't a busy day and most of the knights were out on their missions. That was why Diluc groaned and looked over at the door. Usually he was happy when days weren't busy, but he wished that the tavern would be full of people. Diluc gulped. Kaeya smiled. Klee clapped. Diluc looked at the door again and then again at Klee, who was now nervously standing next to the counter and Diluc sighed, scowling at Kaeya, who only waved and waggled his eyebrows.


"U-um," said Klee and Diluc stopped talking. The girl was kind of nervous and she fidgeted when Diluc looked down at her. "Big brother Kaeya and Klee have an idea," said Klee and Diluc narrowed his eyes and looked at Kaeya, whose grin was again way too wide for Diluc's liking.

"Yes, I've heard," deadpanned Diluc and then arched his brow. 

"Oh," said Klee, now feeling discouraged because the weird adult was in a bad mood. Klee didn't like the frown on his face and she just decided that she was going to blurt out everything that was on her mind. Because why not? "Klee and Kaeya decided to give you a makeover. A nice braid will make scary weird adult cute and Klee won't be afraid anymore," said Klee. 

Diluc's eyes widened and Kaeya started laughing. The look on Diluc’s face was even more priceless than Kaeya anticipated. “Scary adult?” asked Diluc and then shuddered. Klee thought he was scary? Diluc pressed his lips together and Kaeya was now pointing in between his eyebrows.

“‘Luc, it’s your frown. You scare kids away,” said Kaeya.

“I wish I could scare you away,” said Diluc under his breath and Kaeya snorted. Ah, the childish comeback? Kind of cute and unlike Diluc. But he liked it. 


“You idio-”

“Language, ‘Luc,” said Kaeya. He was now over by Klee, holding her ears covered and the girl was curiously looking up at them. “C’mon, what do you say? Doesn’t the scary adult want to become adorable?”

Diluc’s cheeks reddened and he looked away. “No.”

“So you will crush this young lady’s heart?” asked Kaeya and pouted, shaking his head. “How cruel can you get?” asked Kaeya and Diluc grumbled under his breath because he knew exactly what was going to happen - he was going to give in and Kaeya was never going to let him forget it. 

Still all that Diluc could say was-

“Fine,” was what Diluc said in the end just in time when Kaeya removed his hands away from Klee’s ears and the girl happily giggled. Diluc wasn’t going to be scary anymore. “Just make it quick,” said Diluc and allowed Kaeya to step behind the counter. 

Kaeya leaned closer, whispering into Diluc’s ear. “Let me enjoy it, ‘Luc.”

“Kae, shut up,” whispered Diluc. Kaeya was too close; Klee was just there! Klee then turned over to them and with the help of Kaeya climbed up on the stool and Diluc narrowed his eyes; now what? 

Diluc didn’t really have the time to think as he felt Kaeya’s fingers slowly sliding the hair tie down and letting his hair fall down. Diluc was always wearing his hair in the ponytail, but Kaeya has always liked it more when Diluc would let his hair down. He was beyond stunning with his hair let loose. Diluc pressed his lips together when he felt Kaeya’s fingers combing through his thick, red locks and he sighed. He didn’t let anyone touch his hair - Kaeya has always been special though. He liked the feeling of Kaeya’s fingers gently tugging on his hair as he was combing through it with his fingers.

“So pretty,” said Klee.

“That’s what I keep telling him, yet he insists on wearing his hair up,” said Kaeya with a pout. “Klee, how many braids should we go for?” asked Kaeya and Klee was thinking about it for a minute. Diluc pursed his lips - if someone was to walk in on Kaeya braiding his hair, he would-

“One pretty braid!”

And so it was decided. Diluc stood there in silence as Kaeya braided his hair, his heart beating a bit faster. So was Kaeya’s. Diluc’s hair was thick, yet soft. He made one thick, loose braid and he grinned all the way up to his ears. “Adorable,” said Kaeya as Diluc turned to him. He was itching to stomp on Kaeya’s foot but then he remembered that Klee was still there and he forced on a smile.

“Thank you, Kaeya,” forced out Diluc. Kaeya was holding back his laughter.

“You’re welcome,” he replied with a wink.

“Klee is no longer afraid,” announced the girl. “Big brother Kaeya, is it okay if Klee goes show off her pretty hair outside?” she asked, already over the whole makeover thing and Kaeya nodded. He was smiling as he watched the girl run out of the tavern and Diluc scowled at him.

“You’ll just let her leave?”

“It really suits you well, Master Diluc,” teased Kaeya and grabbed Diluc’s braid, giving it a little kiss. As he pulled back he had a little sly smirk on his face. Diluc made that smirk disappear quickly - he leaned in and pressed his lips upon Kaeya’s and then grinned himself when he saw a bright blush spreading across the other’s face.

“Why the blush, Captain Kaeya?”

“I’ll… go check up on Klee,” said Kaeya and Diluc laughed, shaking his head. Kaeya was as always weak to his kisses. There was a little victorious smile on Diluc’s face as he watched Kaeya disappear through the door and he sighed again, glancing down at the brain and he bit his lip. 

When the people of Mondstadt found out that Master Diluc was sporting a new hairstyle that day, the place suddenly got very crowded. Everyone came to visit the tavern to behold the beauty of Diluc.