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Fucking the Enemy

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Elliot Stabler wasn’t entirely sure how he found himself in Richard Wheatley’s wine cellar with his dick in his hand, but here he was. The slightly younger man eagerly watched him, as he slowly stroked his cock, swiping the beads of pre-cum off the tip every few stroke.

After a few minutes, the two of them locked eyes, and Elliot couldn’t help the grin that spread.

“On your fucking knees, mouth open.” Elliot demanded. He wasn’t sure Wheatley would do it, thinking this was going to be a fight for dominance like all their previous interactions. Surprisingly Richard dropped where he had been standing, and did exactly as ordered. This earned a low, sinister chuckle from Elliot.

Elliot walked over to where Wheatley was waiting. Once in front of him, Elliot pushed his boxer briefs and jeans down to the middle of his thigh. He took Richard’s jaw in his hand, and snapped his head up so that they were looking at each other.

“I’m gonna fuck your mouth, and you’re gonna take it like the good little cocksucker you are, isn’t that right?” Richard visibly swallowed before nodding. Elliot moved his hand to Richard’s hair, grasping and giving it a tug. “You even think about disobeying,” he growled “I’ll snap your fucking neck without hesitation.”

Elliot had been with a few guys during his time in the Marines. They had been a bunch of young men with high sex drives, working out all the time, and pumped full of testosterone. After a while, cold showers and jerking off got old, and almost stopped working entirely. A few of his buddies had suggested they help each other out, it didn’t really mean anything. Elliot had been reluctant at first, but it wasn’t long before he agreed. He wasn’t a fan of sucking other guys off, and he never bottomed, but Richard Wheatley was not the first man to get to intimately know Elliot's dick.

Before anything else could be done, Elliot shoved his cock into Richard’s mouth and half was down his throat. He felt the other man gag around his tip, and moaned. He would alternate between short, fast thrusts, and slower, deeper thrusts, hitting the back of Richard’s throat multiple times in a row.

Elliot leaned his head back, moaning in between grunts. The submissive look of the man in front him, who was his enemy, was so satisfying. “Does your wife and ex know just how good of a little cocksucking whore you are? Do they know you like to get on your knees for men and take their dicks down. your. throat.” Elliot punctuated those last few words with deep hard thrusts. Elliot fucked Richard’s mouth for a few more minutes, his moans getting increasingly louder. “I’m gonna cum in your little whore mouth, and you better fucking swallow it all.” Several more thrusts, and Elliot was cumming. Richard wrapped his lips around Elliot’s dick, and swallowed every drop, continuing to suck until Elliot was too sensitive.

Elliot pulled his dick out of Wheatley’s mouth, and took a couple deep breaths. He was going to need a moment, but could see Wheatley was hard and there was a small damp spot on his pants. “Oh that made you excited, huh?”

“Yes,” Richard said, the first thing since this part of their interaction began.

“Yes, what?” Elliot asked. He watched as Richard searched his eyes, looking for what Elliot wanted to hear.

“Yes sir.” Wheatley choked out.

“Get naked,” Elliot’s voice conveyed that it wasn’t an option. Elliot watched as the younger man stripped down. After Wheatley was completely naked, Elliot took a moment to slowly rake his eyes over the other man's body. His dick wasn’t bad, in fact Elliot would call it nice. He was slightly above average, cut, overall a good looking penis. He was already leaking pre-cum and Elliot felt pride.

“Where do you keep the lube?” Elliot asked as he pulled his socks and shoes off, before getting completely undressed.

Richard gulped before jutting his chin towards the island. “Top drawer nearest the wine racks on the left side.” His voice was filled with lust, and Elliot was starting to get hard again already, thankful he still had plenty of stamina at his age.

Elliot grabbed the bottle, and looked at Wheatley. “Come.” Elliot demanded, pointing to the spot next to him. Richard was next to him in a flash, and Elliot shot him an evil smile.

Elliot walked behind him, and pushed him forward so he was bent over the island causing Richard to moan. Elliot opened the bottle and squirted some lube in his hand before setting the bottle down, and using the available hand to spread Richard’s cheeks. Elliot applied a liberal amount of lube around and over Wheatley’s hole before pushing his finger in, just to the first knuckle.

Elliot knew he had thick fingers, and he was provided a bit of a stretch for just the beginning, but the delicious sounds his submissive little bottom was making proved he was doing the right thing. Elliot then pushed it up to the second knuckle, before pulling out. He squirted some more lube into his hand, before pushing his finger all the way in. Elliot pumped in and out several times before moving his finger in circles, helping to loosen Wheatley up. After several minutes, Elliot added a second finger.

“You like that don't you, you little whore.” Elliot started to move his fingers faster. “You like my fingers in your tight ass, stretching your hole.”

He was completely hard now, and Richard’s dick was throbbing. Elliot could tell he wanted a release. Too bad, he thought, he was going to have to earn his right to cum.

He saw Richard’s hand move towards his cock, and Elliot grabbed his wrist, slamming it back into place, earning a yelp from Wheatley. “Do that again, and I’m tying you down. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.” Richard whimpered.

“God, you’re a needy fucking mess.” Elliot just chuckled and shook his head. “Haven’t even stuck my dick in you and you’re whimpering and leaking like a faucet”.

Elliot grabbed a little more lube, and added a third finger, knowing that should be enough to prepare for his dick. Since he’d already cum once, he was good to go for a while. The pace of his fingers fucking in and out of Wheatley was almost unforgiving, making sure the man below him would be able to take what he was determined to give.

“Please, fuck me.” Richard choked out.

“Oh, we’ve resorted to begging now?” Elliot taunted, slowing the movement of his fingers, but pressing on Wheatley’s prostate just enough when he was inside. “You really are just a needy little bottom. All that big dog posturing you do is just show. If everyone could see what you look like now. Begging to be railed by another man. A man who can and will assert dominance over you.”
Richard once again starts to move his hand to his aching cock that is begging for attention.

Elliot quickly pulls his fingers out, leaving Richard crying out, both at the friction created, and the sudden loss of being filled. Elliot looked around and laughed when he spotted exactly what he wanted. A piece of raw rope weaving through one of the rack as though it was supposed to be decorative, grabbing it. Elliot then strode over and stood on the other side of the island. He started by tying a knot that was very difficult to get out of, another thing he’d learned during his time in the Marines that was helpful in this situation, before wrapping the it around the center bar of the island several times, leaving just enough to tie around Wheatley’s other wrist.

Elliot then walked his way back around so he was positioned behind Wheatley again. Elliot squirted some lube on his fingers once more, and reentered Richard’s ass. As he moved, he raised his hand into the air before slamming it down onto Wheatley’s ass, squeezing the area he’d just hit.

Richard yelped and dropped his head onto the table, his wrists involuntarily jerking up against the rope and let out a ragged moan that sounded like he was in pain.

“Maybe next time I should invite some buddies over, and we can run a train on you. Would you like that?” Elliot cooed in a taunting manner.

“Yes.” Richard seethed out quietly.

“What was that?” Elliot asked, genuinely surprised, though not letting his voice betray him.

“Yes, I want that.” Richard nearly sobbed.

Elliot’s mind started turning as to who he could invite over. He knew this little cum slut would take everything that was given to him.

Elliot pulled his fingers out, and squirted some more lube into his hand. He stroked his dick, making sure there was enough on him, and then applied a bit more to Richard’s now not so tight hole.

Elliot placed on hand in the middle of the man’s back, and used his other to line himself up. Slowly his pushed himself into Richard. The feeling of having his dick inside of another man’s ass always took a moment to adjust to, mainly mentally. Overall an ass was an ass, though he’d never brought up trying anal with Kathy. She didn’t like giving head, so he definitely figured anal would have been so far out of the question.

Elliot slowly started moving in and out, and Richard was begging below him.

“Faster and harder, please.” He could hear tears in his voice.

“My buddies and I are gonna absolutely wreck you and your tight little hole. Though, I may just wreck you here, right now. Your ass is never going to be tight again after I’m finished.”

Elliot started slamming into Richard, though not speeding up his movements any. He was going to be sore, and likely bruised tomorrow, but as long as the man below him got pounded by the one guy he hated to lose to, it didn’t matter.

Elliot reached down and started stroking Richard’s cock, knowing it was going to take just a few strokes before the man was spilling out.

Sure enough, Elliot stroked him twice before Richard came hard all over the island and Elliot’s hand. Elliot felt the clenching of Richard’s hole around him, and moaned so slightly.

Elliot continued to pound into him. “I’m not fucking done with you yet.”

Richard was slumped over the cold surface in front of him, exhausted. Elliot continued to stroke the man’s cock, and would swipe and gently squeeze the tip, knowing just how sensitive Wheatley would be, especially after having held out for so long. The pain would be excruciating, and Elliot fucking laughed, before letting go of Wheatley’s dick.

Elliot switched to slow, shallow thrusts when he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. He watched as Pilar Wheatley descended down the stairs, but made no move to stop or hide what he was doing. She stopped and looked at him, then down at her husband, who had his eyes closed, and then back at the man fucking him. The two shared a knowing glance, and she smirked at Elliot before turning around and sauntering back up the stairs.

“Your wife just watched you getting fucked.” Elliot whispered. Richard’s head snapped up, and he looked to the see-through door, not seeing anyone there. “Oh, I promise she was there, and she seemed to enjoy watching you get railed. Maybe this will put some thoughts into her head.”

Elliot started thrusting hard once again. He picked up the bottle of lube, and squirted some onto his dick as he moved in and out.

Elliot watched as Richard’s erection once again stood proud, and started to ramp up the pace of his movements. Elliot was now hitting deep into him at a quick pace, and he was starting to lose his own battle as Richard’s hole was tightening and loosening around his slowly aching cock.

Elliot reached around and gave Richard a few strokes while hitting that spot just right within him. Elliot could feel Wheatley swelling in his hand. “Cum for me you little bitch. Cum for Sir like the little whore you are.”

Richard came violently; thick ropes of semen shooting out and Richard was completely spent.

Elliot felt Richard’s ass clench and tighten around his cock, and couldn’t stop himself. “I’m cumming inside of you, and you’re gonna enjoy every moment of it, are you, you fucking useless bottom.”

Elliot came inside of Richard with several loud grunts, still for a moment in Richard’s ass when he was finished. After catching his breath, he pulled out and watched as his cum was dripping from Wheatley’s hole.

Elliot patted the other man’s ass, and scooped a little onto two of his fingers, before walking around and bringing it to Richard’s mouth. “Lick it off.”

Richard did as he was told, taking Elliot’s fingers into his mouth and swirling his tongue around them.

Elliot untied Richard from the island, and Richard practically collapsed on the ground. Elliot grabbed his clothes, and got dressed before picking up Wheatley’s clothes and throwing them at the form on the ground.

“Pathetic.” Elliot sneered. “You’d never be able to handle several men.”

Before Richard could say anything else, Elliot walked out of the wine cellar, not even giving a glance back.