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Dead Weight

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The same dull paperwork stared back at him with little interest. His fingers paused on the typewriter’s keys, reading over legal term after legal term. Hell, he was impressed -- he had barely kept enough attention to draft up the contract for the BSI lawyers to pick up first thing Monday morning. This looked nearly ready to go.

Truth be told, Felix would much rather spend his Friday night doing something more interesting than work. The closer they got to securing their first location, the more boring work bogged him down. Practically drowning him in late nights spent at the warehouse alone, hunched over his trusty typewriter or crunching out numbers on his desktop calculator. A man can only take so much work before needing some time to relax.

Felix jumped, his watch needlessly beeping at him. 8 o’clock -- his nightly break. Thank God.

He quickly grabbed his keys to his private breakroom he shared with Jack. Already making a beeline to his first -- and well deserved -- coffee of the night.


Felix’s fingers moved slower on the typewriter as he wrote. Eyes drooping after each pretentious legal term found it’s way onto the snow white paper. The hum of the LED lights above his desk may as well have been his own lullaby.

He sat back. His coffee was little to no help, his drowsy boredom becoming more and more of a hindrance than an annoyance.

Felix pushed away from the typewriter and desk altogether. His head falling back against the soft leather of his chair, groaning in an effort to keep any part of himself awake.

He picks his head up, the warehouse and office practically quiet enough to hear his heart beating slow and steady. His eyes wandering around the various desks and stacks of paperwork, finally landing on the neat desk of his best friend.

God. Was Jack lucky.

At least he had a wife that loved him. At least he was greeted at home with kisses and hugs and not another argument that awaited Felix more nights than not. At least he had someone to help take all of his daily stress away; emotionally, mentally, physically--

Felix felt his eyelids droop. An all familiar heat blossoming into his lower half, his heartbeats picking up speed.

He groaned, trying to push those thoughts away.

The thoughts of Jack, lewd and obscene. The thoughts of Jack in between his thighs, handling him like a spouse would. The thoughts of Jack and his body, his simple caresses over his body. The thoughts of Jack above him, moaning his name like a spouse should.

“Goddamn it.” he says to nobody but the open air of the office.

He thought these thoughts would go away once he was sobered up. Being able to chalk them up to one too many shots of warm rum was too easy of an answer than to explain why he still felt so strongly for his best friend.

His married best friend.

Felix would be a liar if he didn’t admit he longly looks towards his best friend some days in the busy office and warehouse rush. Or the rush of excitement filling him when their hands touch while reviewing blueprints for the restaurant. Or the fact he’s spent many drunken nights in the shower at home, warm water hitting his nude body as his mind fills with dirty pictures of the man he calls a best friend -- his other hand drifting down his belly, to the dull throbbing in between his legs.

The same dull throbbing now nagging at him. Pulling him from his sulking -- tenting the front of his brown slacks, mocking him as he groans. Those damned thoughts of Jack filling him.

Maybe he was as pathetic as Linda painted him out to be.


It took little time for Felix to decide to deal with his problem the same way he always did.

Simply ignoring his hard-on only hindered his work more. Trying to throw himself in the midst of boring legal terms and contracts caused him to only think more of Jack.

Of Jack pulling him by the tie, those deep brown eyes seductive and alluring. Thoughts of Jack pulling him close enough to smell his cologne, feel the soft curls of his wavy hair.

This time, he allowed his mind to create those pretty pictures he always buried in the back of his mind. Sitting back in the leather chair, thighs and legs spread open, shamefully unzipping his slacks, finally freeing his hard cock to the cold air of the office. The last place he thought he would ever be doing this pathetic act alone.

Felix spits in his right hand, just barely enough to get the job done. Slight hesitation fills him as he grips the base of his throbbing hard-on, soon followed by relief as he closes his eyes. Glasses skewed off the bridge of his nose, trying to focus on the fantasies of Jack that plagued him nearly everyday.

Even behind his eyelids, he swears his fantasies play out before him as his palm moves along his now leaking cock.

Jack slides down his body, his soft lips kissing each bit of skin he can. The soft chuckle he usually gives after a joke echoes in his ears. “You’ve been overworked, Felix. All work and no play makes Felix a dull boy, doesn’t it?”

Felix groans deep in his throat. Heat overriding his body, his hand stroking himself from base to tip, teasing at the leaking slit of his uncut cock. The foreskin pulled back naturally, revealing the soft pink head, jerking hard in his hand as he touches the spots he knows will make him cum faster.

“I have--” he hisses, answering his own fantasy outloud.

Jack is down in between his thighs, soft long curls tickling along his thighs. His hands reach out to drum along his inner thighs, working their way up. As if putting on a show before getting on with it, his fingers glide up Felix’s thighs ever so slowly, panting at a quiet volume, just loud enough for the other to hear.

Finally, Jack grips his thick cock, his palms so irresistibly warm as they cradle Felix. His gaze is a mix of seduction and comfort. “You don’t have to worry about it, Felix, I love you. You’re my best friend in this whole goddamn world.”

“I love you too, Jack--” Felix huffs. The heat from before returning, intensifying to his very core. “I always loved you--”

His cock leaks more as he finally grips at the base, using his own pre-cum as lubrication, and strokes up to the tip. Waves of pleasure rush through him as he sits back in his chair. God, God did he need this. Sexual and emotional release, something he convinced himself he was too much of a scumbag to ask for -- even from his wife.

At least here, alone with his obscene thoughts of the closest person he’s had to being in love with, can satisfy his needs.

Even if in the end, it’s all his own doing.

Jack pulls himself forward, that wide smile of his charming as ever as he strokes Felix. Running his finger along the thick vein on the side of his cock, pulling back to give him a moment to relax. “God, you’re already close to losing it and I’ve barely touched you. You’re downright lovestruck with me.”

“I am, Jack -- oh God am I in love with you.” Felix moans, small shivers run up his spine, impossibly hard as he strokes, picking up his speed as he loosens his tie. He’s nearly there, each gentle swipe along his slit only makes his noises much harder to control.

”You look so handsome coming undone for me. You need to unwind more, Felix, you need to let me take care of you.” Jack sighs, moaning finally as he leans forward, kissing along the underside of Felix’s cock. Working his way up to the tip, his soft lips and tongue gliding along the head.

”You do so much for me and the company, you need to let me take care of you. What better person than me to make you finally catch that release you’ve been chasing, Felix?” Jack looks up, taking the thick head into his mouth. Cheeks hollowing as he sucks along the oversensitive shaft, taking down as much as he can.

Absolutely filthy noises echo around them, Jack’s drool running down towards the base, his once busy hands stroke what little he couldn’t fit down his throat, moving in just the right way that leaves Felix no choice but to look down. Using everything he’s got to push Felix over that edge he’s been at for so long.

Even with his eyes closed, he can see his fantasy of Jack so clearly. His own hand moving faster than before, the heat swelling in his belly too much to bear, knowing it’ll be worth it soon. Felix lets his head fall back against the chair much like before. Pleasure clouding his mind, unable to keep any noises to himself in the quiet office. His low moans fill the room, added with the slick noises of his actions, it’s almost comforting in it’s own way.

It’s the comfort of letting go.

The comfort of finally getting the anxieties and stress he carried in his everyday life to go away. Even if it’s just until the afterglow of his orgasm washed away.

Jack looks up at Felix with half-lidded eyes. A few strands of hair bouncing in front of his face as he moans around his cock. His lips stretched beautifully around his shaft, moving himself up slow. An obscene popping noise leaving his lips as he pulls off the head, looking up once more.

”Cum for me, Felix. Let it all out, I got you--” Jack moans. His hand gliding along his cock, coaxing what he can out of him. The same damn chuckle that fills Felix’s stomach with butterflies leaves his lips. His hand teasing at the head, staying in place as the other thrusts his hips into his hold.

”I love you, Felix. Let me take care of you, let me help you finally feel pleasure.” Jack moans, stroking fast, just the right amount of pressure applied to his cock. Those alluring deep brown eyes staring up at Felix. “Please, Felix,” he breathlessly begs, “please--”

That does it.

That breathless whine he imagines in Jack’s voice. The mental image of Jack looking up at him with pure lust and longing. The way his own fingers manipulate over his own heated skin.

It all throws him completely over the edge. Felix cumming with a sudden gasp and groan. Curling in on himself, shivering in his seat as he spurts into his own hand, each soft noise he makes more pathetic than the last.

“Jack -- fuck,” he repeats to himself. The other man’s name repeated on his lips like a prayer. His glasses nearly slide off his nose as he slowly works himself through his orgasm. Letting the waves of pleasure wash over him before the tsunami of his shame and regret crash down.

“God, I love you, Jack--” he shudders.

Completely and utterly alone in the office. Only his fast pacing heartbeats, his own soft moans, and the hum of the LED lights above him echo around him.


“Hey Felix,” Jack waves from his desk. The busy hustle of the office is an all too familiar sight to the other. Each employee living in their own separate world of busywork and errands. The warehouse is no different, employees scrambling to get the materials in place for the busy day ahead.

“Hey, Jack.” Felix sighs. Damn his weekend binge. Of course he’d be paying the price for it in the case of a nasty hangover not even Tylenol could break. “How was your weekend?”

“Couldn’t have gone better! Rosie and I took the weekend up north for some hiking. As soon as I left here Friday I got to unwind and relax with her.” Jack chuckles. Crossing his arms as he pulls away from his own typewriter. “What about you? Do anything to unwind?”

Felix feels like he’s been punched in the face with a question like that. Those damned thoughts running through his mind. Shame filling him as he sits at the very desk he did that deed those nights ago.

“Uh, nothing. Just...drank a bit and watched some TV.” he lies through his teeth.

“Well, hey, anything that isn’t about writing out documents or punching out figures is good enough relaxation!” the other man returns back to his own desk. Wide smile on his face, waving hi to anyone who would give one back.

Completely missing the shade of red riding up Felix’s cheeks.