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Send you my love on a wire (lift you up, every time)

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Sabina woke up to the sun seeping through the curtains of the bedroom she shared with her girlfriend, Elena. She turned around to speak to her but she was met with an empty space. She noticed that the bathroom door had been left ajar and the light was on, so she got up to take a look.

Sabina entered the bathroom to find Elena hanging over the toilet, face pale and sweaty as she puked into the bowl.

“Hey, what happened?” Sabina asked, not knowing what to do.

“Uh, didn’t feel well, and then, well, you can probably guess the rest” Elena replied in between groans and gags.

“Do you want me to get you anything?” Sabina was at a total loss, she didn’t know how to take care of sick people. The closest she had ever come to looking after someone was Janes little cousin who came to visit a couple months before. It had gone well but the kid also hadn’t been puking his guts up, so that might’ve contributed to the success.

“Ugh yeah, I think there are some pills on the nightstand?” Elena told her, sounding exhausted.

“You got it” Sabina said as she hurried back into the room to grab the pills. She also went into the kitchen to pour out some water for Elena, thinking that she might not want to dry swallow a pill right now.

When she went back to the bathroom Elena had sat up, leaning on the bath, head in her hands. Sabina went over to her and rubbed her back, trying to give her space.

“It’s just stress. I’m fine” Elena sounded like she was trying to convince herself.

“You don’t seem fine. Is this normal for you?” Sabina asked, her concern growing.

“Not normal but if I get too stressed then I get a bit sick, yeah. Look, I’ll be okay. Come on we’ve got stuff to do, I need to go grocery shopping and-“ Elena tried to get up but fell into Sabina’s arms.

“Oh no. Nu-uh. You are gonna stay here and I’m gonna look after you because I love you and I’ve gotta take care of the people I love. Okay? Now come on you’re gonna get on the couch” Sabina said as she gently lifted Elena on to her feet, holding her up as she walked her to the living room of their apartment.

Sabina turned the television on and sat Elena down, throwing their warmest blanket on her as she shivered on the couch.

“You don’t have to do all this you know” Elena told Sabina as she hurried around making tea for her.

“Yeah I know. But I want to, and you need it” Sabina said as she handed Elena her tea, planting a kiss on her head.

“What do you wanna watch?” Sabina asked after they had sat staring at Netflix for a decent ten minutes. “This thing is so jank, there’s never any good movies on it!” she complained.

“But you never give anything a chance. You just watch the same stuff over and over again” Elena said with a smirk. She knew Sabina better than anyone besides Bosley, Saint and Jane.

“That’s not helpful! I bet we have some DVDs!” Sabina lunged towards the cabinet and rifled through the disks.

“Jaws?” Sabina asked hopefully.

“No, you know I hate sharks!” Elena said defensively.

“Yeah yeah yeah. Die hard?”

“No! Too gritty!” Elena complained.

“Fine. Karate Kid? Come on, it’s Ralph Macchio!” Sabina then launched into a croaky rendition of ‘You’re the Best’ which made Elena giggle.

“No, I’ve still got bad memories from when I went through my Macchio phase! I can’t sink that low again Sabina!”

“Oh, right! Sorry. Oooh! Scott Pilgrim vs The World!” Sabina thrusted her fists in the air triumphantly, like Elena had already said yes.

“We haven’t watched that in ages! Do you remember when we first went to the movies together and this was the one you took me to?”

“How could I forget! And you bitched all the way there about how it was a terrible movie and you were disgusted that I was into this stuff? Then by the end of the night you had bought the DVD and a vinyl of the soundtrack!” Sabina laughed at the memory...

Two years before

Sabina and Elena had been to dinner a few times and they were officially dating, but they still hadn’t done the iconic ‘Movie Date’ that was almost like a worldwide initiation for couples. Sabina had decided that this was something that needed to happen, so she had booked to go to the small theatre in their village. It only played re-runs, but that was part of the charm. She had gone right ahead and chosen one of her favourite movies ever to watch, but Elena hadn’t been happy about it...

“This movie is absolute trash, you know that right?” she had complained as they walked to the theatre.

“It’s not! And can’t you just see if you like it? For me? Come on! I think you’ll like it!” Sabina had no idea whether Elena would like it or not, it was pretty much pot luck.

“Fine! Only because I want to spend time with you though” Elena gave in.

“That’s very sweet” Sabina said as she rolled her eyes at the other woman. She had never felt this way about anyone before Elena, and she was sure that this was it. This was the way you were supposed to feel when you saw the person that made you happy. The one that you could trust with anything. The one that made you smile even when they were doing nothing. Sabina was finally comfortable and fully herself in a relationship, and it was all so new. But she was confident that this was the one.


“So what did you think?” Sabina asked after the movie had finished.

“It was good” Elena replied, avoiding Sabina’s gaze and staring at the wet pavement.

“Shut up you loved it!” Sabina laughed. She saw the way Elena cooed when Scott had told Ramona that he was in lesbians with her, and how pumped she got at every fight scene.

“I did! I’m sorry and I was wrong, but it was amazing!” said Elena, feeling like she’d justified her previous doubts.

“I told you it was good” Sabina said, slipping her hand into Elena’s as they walked back to the compound that they were staying at after their last mission.


They talked about the movie all the way there, Elena breaking down her favourite bits as she declared it was the best thing she had ever seen.

“Ley, I wouldn’t go that far” said an amused Sabina. She had listened to Elena babble on for the past half hour but wouldn’t trade any second of it for the world.

“I would. I really loved it. Thanks, for, you know... taking me and stuff”

“Oh no problem. I loved it to” Sabina replied as they reached Elena’s room.

“Well, night I guess. And thanks again” Elena said as she turned to go into her room, slowly, as if she was waiting for Sabina to say something.

“Wait. Elena, I have something to tell you. Uh, okay, look I- I’m in lesbians with you” Sabina said, wishing she would curl up and die right there on the spot. But Elena laughed. She hoped it was at the reference and not the fact that she was in love with her.

“Sabina. I love you too” Elena answered honestly. She cupped her hands around Sabina’s face and kissed her. “Do you wanna come in?” she asked with a seductful smile.

Sabina, who looked like a kid who had just arrived at Disney Land, grinned at Elena and pushed her through the door, following close behind.

Present day

Elena had fallen asleep halfway through, supposedly exhausted from her lack of sleep the night before. She was curled into Sabina’s side when she woke up to Brie Larson’s Black Sheep performance.

“This was my favourite bit” she declared sleepily before closing her eyes.

Sabina looked down at Elena and smirked. “Wow. I’m a little offended. I know it’s Brie Larson but come on!” she joked.

“You love her! You insisted we buy that signed Captain Marvel poster on eBay!” Elena replied, looking over to the framed poster on their living room wall.

“That’s different. It’s a good movie!”

“Yeah right” they squabbled for a couple minutes before Sabina shushed Elena and got up to go to the kitchen.

“Do you want anything for dinner, or leave it?” Sabina asked as she searched the fridge.

“I’m not bothered” Elena replied as she went to get up from the couch. Sabina stopped her before she toppled over.

“Oh no. Look, I’ll help you” she said, going over to her aid.

“I don’t need you to help me you know” Elena protested as Sabina helped her up.

“Believe me, I know you don’t need my help. I’m here though” she chuckled.

“Don’t talk to me about needing help. You’re like the most stubborn person I know, and I know a lot of people” Elena said matter-of-factly.

“Well Miss Popular, I think you are very grouchy and you need a nap” Sabina said as she lifted Elena into her arms, opening their bedroom door and carrying her in honeymoon style.

She went back into the living room, smiling at the Captain Marvel poster as she cleared the couch. The movie had finished and she took it out of the player, thinking about that night which was so special to her.

It was around ten at night and Sabina hadn’t eaten all day, so she made herself toast before taking up residence on the couch. It wasn’t long before she was asleep herself, toast in one hand and her other arm slung over the edge of the coffee table. That was how Elena found her when she got up to get a drink early that morning, grinning at the blonde’s strange sleeping habits. She could fall asleep anywhere, much to Elena’s amusement.

“Hey you” Sabina stretched out, startling Elena, who had been absent-mindedly humming to herself.

“Hey. Are you coming to bed or camping out here?” she asked as she stirred her tea.

“I’ll come with you, this couch messed with my back last time” Sabina said as she got up sleepily.

“You’re such a grandma, and take it up with Ikea not me” she replied, laughing at Sabina’s grumpy face.

“You feeling better?” Sabina asked her, folding the blanket and chucking it in the basket.

“Yeah. It felt good to just do nothing all day. I think you were right, I needed to just take a breather” Elena responded, hating the thought of admiting Sabina was right.

“Elena, honey, one thing you and everyone else needs to learn,” Sabina said, cupping Elena’s face in her hands, “I’m always right” she then tapped her temple as if to prove a point before leaving towards their room, still holding her now cold, half-eaten toast.

Elena scoffed before following her into the room, pushing the door closed behind her.