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Sweat, Slick and Stone

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Zhongli’s bare hands pushed against Ningguang's thighs, forcing her legs up and out to expose her slick cunt. His tongue drew a long, fat strip between her lips, her breath catching in her throat. Ningguang rippled around him when he dipped inside, tongue barely breaching her inner muscles. The ghost sensation had her gasping out, hands gripping the blankets below them both as she rolled against him.

He groaned, swallowing down her thick taste of slick, the lingering sweetness of his tongue.

“Sir, please Master…” Ningguang’s head tipped back as he moved up to softly suckle her clit, lips wrapping around the sensitive bud. She moaned out, high pitched and loud as her thighs shook, stomach rolling with the haywire nerves. He groaned when her hands came to knot in his almost black, amber tipped hair, her thighs jerking, rolling up into him.

Zhongli’s hands moved from under her knees to the most inner part of her thighs, gripping the fat to spread her apart. Her heels came to lock under his skull, giving herself leverage to grind him closer.

“Zhongli- Master- please, more please please pleaghhhhhaaa-!” Ningguang moaned, high and long when he forced two fingers inside her rippling hole, pressing deep inside against her shifting urethra, her G spot. He thrusts his digits into her, again and again, her voice jumping higher, louder with each spark of deep, bruising pleasure.

Zhongli groaned, feeling his belly boil with arousal, scissoring into her as he gave a particularly hard suck. Ningguang's back arched beautifully, her head rolling aside as her eyes squeezed shut, jaw falling open to spill profanities.

He pulled away, one hand coming aside her waist to support himself, the other grinding against her G.

“You like that, do you?” Zhongli asked, his lips and chin coated in her slick.

She nodded feverishly, body trembling as his ring and middle fingers drove into her, again and again.

“Master you feel so good- Please Master Zhongli- It’s too much too much-” She cried, gloved hands tearing into the sheets.

He smiled as she begged, using his natural, elemental energy to warm the pads of his fingers, punching out a filthy, whore like moan. He leaned forward, coming up to kiss her neck, breathing into her ear.

“That feel good, hey?” Zhongli asked, nibbling her lobe. “You like the way I just- mess you up down here?”

He shifted so that his other hand could come down to her heat, his thumb swiping around the hood of her sensitive clit.

“Master Zhongli- please please- I’m so close, Sir-!” Ningguang began to cry, her body trembling as she edged an overwhelming orgasm.

“Then cum for me,” Zhongli changed to two fingers to slide directly over her clit, “cum on my fingers.”

Ningguang’s climbing moans broke as her orgasm slammed through her, her body convulsing as her back arched deeper into the mattress again. The knot deep in her belly came loose, clenching and rippling around his fingers, cum and slick rolling down her taint to soak into the sheets.

“Good girl, good girl.. You sound so sweet..” He groaned, slowing down around her clit.

“H-Hah-!” She cried out, voice breaking as she rode out her high for almost a minute, bucking up into his soothing fingers.

Long, drawn out moans dissolved into soft, panting sighs as she began to come down from her high. Her legs fell lax around Zhongli’s waist, her arms relaxing as she collapsed back into the mattress with a heavy breath, her heart racing.

“Master, slow down- Zhongli Sir,” she gasped, his fingers driving against her urethra, milking her for everything she had, “Too- sensitive!”

Ningguang rippled around him, clenching down as she buzzed with stimulation, her stomach convulsing as she writhed into the sheets. Her hands shot from the bed to his forearm, gripping him still.

“Too much, or not enough?” Zhongli asked, his fingers slowed inside her, taking to run soft, tantalizing circles into the delicate skin.

She choked on her breath, nerves rolling deep in her stomach as she tightened up around him.

“Nnngghhmmm,” her head rolled aside as her orgasm finally came to an end, the sensitive skin calming to a pleasant buzz.

“Strip. Take everything off.” He hummed, pulling his fingers from her hole to watch her slick cling to his digits.

Ningguang busied herself with tugging her dress from her chest, the collar coming loose around her neck to expose her soft skin, her tits heavy and full. Zhongli helped in pulling her long gloves off, tugging the pin from her hair to watch pale blond fall around her narrow shoulders.

“I’ve seen your body, many times to count,” he began, hands trailing her to stomach and around her hips, “and yet you still manage to blow me away with your beauty.. Every single time.”

Ningguang took hold of his tie and pulled him down to her level, pulling him into a deep kiss. Zhongli groaned into the kiss, sucking her tongue into his mouth to feel her moan against him.

He shifted so that he stood by the end of the bed, her legs tangled around his waist, her heat exposed to his groin.

“Master Zhongli, please-” She gasped as she broke the kiss, shifting onto her elbows. “Inside, Sir- I need you inside me..”

Zhongli offered her a sympathetic smile, hands coming to tug off his belt, wasting no time in forcing open the crotch of his trousers. He sighed in relief, eyes coming to flutter shut as he delicately pulled his hard cock from his confinements.

He jerked his pulsing length, his foreskin winking over his slit as he dragged the velvety skin in his palm.

“The way you look at it, you want me that badly?” He asked, taking himself by the base to his cock between her lips, her slick coating the underside.

“I do, I do please, Master Zhongli.” Ningguang begged, spreading her legs further, one hand sliding down to her heat to scissor open her lips, exposing her cunt. She gasped, “Sir-”, shuddering each time the head of his cock slipped over her hard clit, before dipping back down to her slicked hole, ready and waiting to be used.

“You do?” He rubbed his crown in slow circles into her heat, feeling her clench and pulse around nothing.

“Yes! Sir, please-” She cried, locking her ankles around the small of his waist to pull him closer.

Zhongli took hold of her hips with one supporting hand, the other keeping firm around his length as she presented herself to him, shifting and bucking against his tip.

“Master Zhongli- please, I want you inside..” She offered, head falling against her shoulder as she begged.

“I love how pretty you sound, Ningguang.” Zhongli lined himself up once more, before- “Ohh-ohgghh-”, he slowly sank inside.

Ningguang’s head fell back, eyes fluttering shut as her brows perked, a deep, relieving moan coming from her chest.

“Good girl, take all of me- take all of me to the base.” He groaned as he pushed deeper into her, his eyes rolling shut as she clenched around him, and he sighed in satisfaction when his pelvis pressed against her ass.

“Move- please move- I need to feel you-” She begged, rolling into him desperately.

Zhongli stood straight, pulling one of her legs to rest the underside of her knee over his shoulder. He tugged her so that her ass slightly hung off the edge of the bed, spreading her cunt wide to expose her stuffed hole.

“Oh my..” He cursed, slowly pulling out to sink back in.

The slide was disgustingly wet, her slick clinging to his thick, black pubes. She fucked back into him with each slow, deep thrust, sighing praises in his name.

Zhongli took firm hold on her waist, holding her still as he shifted in slow, small circles, his cock splitting her deepest parts open, his crown kissing her cervix. Ningguang gasped, clenching down almost painfully tight around him.

“Every time I push into you, you thank me. Understood?” He asked, steadying his legs.

She nodded, “Yes- Please, I understand-”,

He adjusted his posture for a moment, sliding out so the tip of his cock breached her inner walls, before slamming inside.

Ningguang let out a filthy moan, “Thank you-!”, she cried out, head falling back.

Zhongli kept a slow, strong pace, his thrusts deep and firm rather than quick and rushed. Each time he bottomed out, she sighed his praises, thanking him almost desperately. He allowed the utter sensation to boil deep in his belly, to run up his spine. He groaned deep and low, the shuddering sound rumbling in his chest, feeling her to the core.

He picked up his pace, Ningguang’s ‘Thank you’s becoming muffled, and mumbled together. Her elbows gave out below her, collapsing back into the sheets with a gasping cry. The drag of his cock head over her G was a tantalising sensation, feeling him slam inside was on a whole other level. How the lubed up skin of his cock slid along her sensitive opening, the simply disgusting sounds of her slick being pushed around, the wet smack of their skin.

“How my name sounds on your lips,” Zhongli pushed Ningguang flat into the bed, before leaning down over her, her leg falling aside, “makes me want to spoil you rotten…”

One hand gripped her hip, the other firm in the mattress to support himself. He jerks into Ningguang, pace becoming faster, more rough and desperate even. He feels his belly boil with arousal when she chokes on her own moaning ‘Thank you’s.

“You like what I do to you?” Zhongli asked, close to panting right into her ear.

She nodded in response, her voice switching for audible words to cries of pleasure.

“Good girl, just like that.” He praised, stilling to adjust his angle. “Touch yourself, I want you to cum on my cock.”

Ningguang’s hand jerked to her heat, her middle finger making nimble slides up and down, over her clit.

She gasped, fucking back into him as he rolled into her.

“I- I’m gonna cum again- Please Master Zhongli- Please I’m so close-” She cried, feeling her body lock up and jerk with lightning nerves. Her head fell aside as Zongli kissed along her throat, teeth pulling at sensitive skin. Her finger ran faster, stronger circles into her clit, and before she knew it, the knot came loose with overwhelming relief, dropping into her climax.

Her legs locked around Zhongli, one hand tugging into the sheets, the other on her clit, as she jerked in overstimulation, crying out as she rode out her high.

Zhongli wrapped his arms behind her back, pulling her up into him as he stood straight. With an awkward shuffle, he stepped back from the mattress and turned to the closest wall, slamming Ningguang against the dry wood, who in turn held onto him for dear life.

The different angle had his cock reaching newer parts of her inner walls, desperate for stimulation through her orgasm. She near screamed out as the intensity of her high suddenly became stronger, tears now clinging to her lashes, threatening to fall. She cried his name as he slammed into her with each thrust, his hands digging bruises into her thighs. Her hands balled in his uniform jacket, arms shaking with strain. Ningguangs thighs trembled as he gripped them tight.

“God, I love the sounds you make when I just throw you around like a toy.” He groaned, voice straining with the effort of each thrust.

“Harder- please Sir! I- I need- Master please!” She cried, tears now running down her cheeks as she begged into his shoulder.

Zhongli held her legs firm as he fucked into her, her upper half holding him tight. Ningguang sobbed into the crevice of his neck, her orgasm never quite ending. Her body buzzed with energy as her cunt rippled around him, clenching down with each thrust. She felt her heartbeat echo in her clit as the stimulation was almost overwhelming.

“Ningguang-” He took one step further against the wall, forcing her to fall back against it, pressing her back flat against the hardwood. “Stay like that- I’m close.” he panted out, pace becoming faster, thrusts becoming weaker.

His arms shook with the strain, muscles pulling tight to keep her at waist height.

Ningguang’s high became more and more stimulating, the ebbing pressure under her clit had her eyes rolling into her skull, breath catching in her chest before she was pulled from the wall again. Zhongli turned and took two hastful steps right, pushing her onto her own desk, her back hitting the timber with a cry.

Paper flew from the desk, a set of scales and a pot of ink falling to the ground with a clatter as Zhongli fucked her into the desk. Her hands jumped above her head, gripping onto the firm wood to ground herself. He jerked her legs apart, exposing her twitching cunt as he ploughed into her, slick rolling in waves over his cock, down her taint and onto the desk. The slap of their skin became simply disgusting, the wet clap became faster and louder as he neared his orgasm.

Ningguang took a sudden wave of sensitivity, ripping tight suddenly as she came on his cock. It was the backhanded sensation of it all that had Zhongli teetering on the edge, his cock twitching deep inside her as she tightened around him.

“Touch your clit-” He gasped, brows knotting, his belly boiling hot. “Touch yourself.”

Through tears, a stabilizing hand shot down to her heat to flick over her swollen clit. She cried out high and loud, clenching down almost painfully tight as-

“Cumming-!” Zhongli dropped into his orgasm, moaning out deep and loud, eyes squeezing shut as his cock jerked desperately.

Ningguang's head fell back, panting high pitched moans and cries as he buried himself deep inside, shooting rope after rope of thick, hot cum against her cervix, drooling into her womb. He stuttered against her, cock filling her with his seed as he moaned into the open air.

Each time he pulled back to slam back inside, cum oozed out with him, rolling down his heavy balls, twitching and sensitive with his climax. He bit his tongue when she rippled tight with the aftershock of her orgasm, splitting the skin to taste copper. Zhongli rode out his high for a long minute, grinding into her deeply. His thrusts became less erratic, and began to slow as his high eased out into a content buzz, thrumming through his body. He felt his adeptal form shift and flicker under his uniform, hidden away from Ningguang’s eyes. Dust of geo hung heavy in the air, settling on his coat, clinging to bed sheets and carpet.

His chest bristled with heavy breaths, panting heavily, jaw coming lax. Ningguang pulsed down tight around, forcing another spurt of cum from his cock, a hitch from his throat.

“Dear Celestia..” Zhongli sighed, head falling back. “God, I feel light headed..”

Ningguang writhed underneath himself, crying and gasping.

“One more time, please Master let me cum one more time!” She begged, legs wrapping around his waist to pull him against herself.

Zhongli groaned, his sensitive, softening cock becoming seethed in her heat.

He took a deep breath, feeling himself pulse before slowly shifting back, length sliding out.

She whined in disapproval, trying to lock her heels around him once more. He gripped her shins tight and forced them out.

“Try that one more time, and I lock your hands behind your back. Understood?” He spoke down his nose to her, glaring into her tear stained eyes. “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will not hesitate to bind you down, and edge you for hours, and hours.. and hours..” He added, leaning down to whisper into her ear.

Ningguang gave in, instead taking to lift and wrap her arms around his neck, pulling him down and into a deep kiss. She desperately licked into his mouth, tugging down on his lower lip. Zhongli made no effort to reciprocate this action, holding still. It was when she began to tug his uniform open that his gloved hand shot to her jaw, holding her still. She whined, arms dropping to support herself, propping up onto her elbows.

His thumb and index dug in to hinge open her jaw, holding her still below him. He took a moment to collect his saliva before he spat into her open mouth. A long string of it connected the two of them, before he did it a second time.

Ningguang sputtered, jaw locked open by Zhongli’s fingers as his spit rolled down the back of her tongue.

“Swallow that, and you’ll regret it.”

He moved away from her jaw, pushing her back onto the desk. She closed her mouth, holding his saliva on her tongue as he gripped her waist. He moved her ass onto the edge of the desk, placing both of her thighs on his shoulders as he leant down.

“You want to cum again?” He asked, kissing the inside skin of her thigh, gleaming in slick and sweat.

She nodded, legs crossing over Zhongli’s back.

“Mmm, good girl.” He began.

Zhongli pulled her close, tongue sliding over her puffy lips, dipping into her gaping hole. His nose pressed into her hot skin, coated in slick and cum. Her clit pulsed as he licked into her, tongue sliding inside to press against her sensitive opening. She hummed contently, the slow build of stimulation.

He took his time in eating her out, drawing out and swallowing down their mixed cum. He groaned into her, gloved thumbs spreading her apart to better his access inside. Zhongli groaned at the taste, Ningguang’s hands coming to bury in his hair to tug him down further.

“Hold yourself open-” He gasped out, lapping into her cunt.

One hand jumped to hold herself open, her middle and index finger sliding under her outer lips. Zhongli wasted no time, his own middle finger coming to run long, soft strokes over the hood of her clit, right down onto her sensitive bud. Her back arched, thighs trembling under the stimulation. She cried out through her teeth, lips staying sealed shut.

With one hand running over her clit, the other dropped down to his own heat, feeling the arousal slowly fill his cock, slowly filling with blood. Having just cum, the sensitivity had him swelling up much faster than intended, his foreskin winking over his head with each slow, lazy thrust into his palm.

“Touch yourself, play with your chest.” Zhongli instructed, moving to suckle down onto her clit once more, two fingers sliding back into her abused heat. Her thighs jump at the sudden overwhelming stimulation on her clit, locking under his skull once more.

Ningguang's head falls onto her shoulder, her other hand coming to twist and tug at her supple breast, her flushed nipples hard and perked with the cool surrounding air. She sobs through her clenched jaw, back arching off of the wood as she pants through her nose.

“Good girl, just like that.” His own rhythm on his cock picked up, gloved hand tight fist jerking over his slick length as he suckles her clit, two fingers thrusting into her G.

It was then when Ningguang’s voice became clear, open mouthed and broken.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Sir I’m sorry I- I didn’t mean to-”

“I don’t want to hear it.” He passed off, lips wrapped around her clit, his tongue flicked over the bud as he suckled it between his lips.

Ningguang screamed, upper half seizing as her orgasm suddenly slammed through her with overwhelming force. She tried to jerk away from his mouth, from his lips, and yet there was no escape in her position, forcing her through the waves of her high. Her muscles tensed up, elbows slamming into the desk as her head rolled back, eyes disappearing into her skull as she wailed out through her long, torturous climax.

“Stoh-Stop stop please- no more Master- too- sensitive!” She stuttered out between moans and cries, chest hammering, throat burning.

His pace picked up, fingers running frantic, unruly circles into her G.

“Stop- I’m gonna pee- I’m gonna pee I’m gonna pee I-” Ningguang cried as an unfamiliar sensation wracked through her and-

“Good girl!” Zhongli pulled back, his fingers sliding from her rippling cunt to her throbbing clit as he forced her into overdrive.

She felt it wash over her in four waves, her eyes squeezing shut as she bucked into him. It lasted tortuously long, voice hoarse as she moaned deep and loud, hands clenched aside her head.

The force of it- whatever it was- came to a slow, pleasant decline, her body buzzing as her core throbbed. It took a moment as her hearing came back to her, and over her own racing blood, her shallow breaths, Zhongli panted between her legs.

“Ohhhh my God- fuck!” He groaned out.

She felt his sweat matted forehead touch her inner thigh as she stared at the ceiling, vision blurry and hazed. He seethed through his teeth, and above it, Ningguang could make out the slick sounds of his hand over his cock.

They both stayed like that for long, long minutes, hearts racing, heads spinning as they slowly fell from their high. She felt like a stone in a river, no energy left, no choice but to sink deeper and deeper as her heart slowly began to calm. It wasn’t too long later, that Zhongli stumbled to his feet, leaning over her to pull her into a deep, lazy kiss, slow and firm.

“Do you taste that?” He asked, voice hoarse, rough like gravel. “Can you taste yourself on my tongue?” He peeled the gloves from his hands, his skin now his natural, pale tone, having gained control of himself. Zhongli tugged open his jacket, his vest (soaked with god knows what fluids), making quick work of his uniform. His abdomen gleamed in sweat, his chest bristelling as he stepped back and out of his pants.

“Hold onto me.” He instructed as he leant over Ningguang again. Her arms, trembling, found their way around his neck, shaking hands digging into his hair. He gripped her waist and lower back, pulling her into him as he stepped back toward the bed. He threw the covers aside, dropping into the mattress with shaking legs. She draped herself over him as he pulled the covers over them both, shielding them from the cold.

Ningguang's face buried into the crook of his neck, tear stained cheeks resting against his shoulder.

“You alright?” He asked, hand running slow circles into the small of her back. “That wasn’t too much, was it?”

She hummed quietly, eyes having fallen shut with exhaustion.

Ningguang shifted, sliding deeper under the cover when-

“Oh-! Watch it-” Zhongli seized up, gripping her hips tight to hold her still.

“Oh God, Master Zhongli!” She gasped, having accidently rolled into his softening cock.

He chuckled, pushing her onto her side.

“It’s alright, just very sensitive.” He smiled, pulling her into a slow kiss. “You’ve never squirted like that before..” He began, peppering kisses into her lips. “Feel good?”

Ningguang gasped.

“Mmmm, you got it all over my chin and neck. Soaked my vest, too.”

Ningguang squeaked in embarrassment, hands coming to cover her face as she pulled away.

Zhongli smiled, his chest filling with laughter.

“You’re always so shy afterwards.” He stated, shifting to pull her back against his chest. “Don’t be embarrassed, Lady Ningguang. Besides…” His hand trailed over her hip, up between her breasts to take a soft grip on her throat, fingers barely pressing into the skin. “We’re not done yet.”


He felt her chest well up, a grin tugging at his cheeks.

“I gave you one simple instruction, and you couldn’t obey.” Zhongli continued, pushing her into her front to climb over her. “If you couldn’t handle that, you’ve got no chance of making it through this.”