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Two Psychs Are Better Than One

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1986 Santa Barbara, CA

A young Shawn and Jackie Spencer are in a dinner sitting across from their father, Henry Spencer, an officer in the Santa Barbara police department.

"Did you do your homework?" He asked them.

"Uh-huh," Jackie and Shawn replied.

"Finish those beets?" He asked Shawn.

"Yep," He answered as he looked down at his plate before glancing at the dessert tray, "Can I have the fudge cake?"

"Me too?" Jackie asked.

"Close your eyes," Henry told them.

"Dad, I don't want to..."

"Now," He interrupted Shawn before looking over at Jackie.

"But dad..." Jackie began.

"Now, Jackie."

Jackie sighed and closed her eyes like her brother.

"Which letter is out in the exit sign?" He asked.

"The X," Shawn and Jackie answered.

"What color is the vinyl?"

"What's vinyl?" Shawn asked.

"It's the stuff these seats are covered in."

"Purple," Shawn answered.

"Maroon," Jackie answered correctly.

"Jackie's right. Manager's name."

"Who?" Shawn asked.

"She's wearing a name tag. The woman standing at the front door when we first walked in. You saw her," Henry explained.

"Marie," Jackie and Shawn answered before they ask, "Can I have the cake now?"

Henry leans forward and asks, "How many hats?

"Come on, dad!" The two groaned.

"Shawn, Jackie, you want a piece of cake? How many hats are in the room?"

"Does a beanie count?" Shawn asked.

"What do you think?"

"Three," Shawn and Jackie answered.

"You didn't describe them," Henry told them.

"That's not fair," Shawn complained.

"Time's almost up, Shawn," He warned him.

"Let's just get it over with Shawn," Jackie said, "One has a flower... the one the lady's wearing."

"One has a picture of some kind of lion on the weird guy with the crooked tooth. The last one is...on the chef," Shawn finished.

"What about the beanie?" Henry asked.

"A beanie's a cap, not a hat," He stated.

"All right, open your eyes."

"Thank you," Shawn and Jackie said as they opened their eyes.

A waitress comes over to them after witnessing their 'exercise' and says, "Wow. That's amazing."

Shawn and Jackie smile at her.

"It's adequate," Shawn and Jackie's smiles fade from what their father said, "Get them their cakes."

"I guess I know what you two are going to be when you grow up," The waitress said to them.

"Oh, I'm never gonna grow up, ma'am," Shawn said smiling.

"That's an understatement," Jackie told him.

2006... Still Santa Barbara.

After a day of solving cases and having Head Detective Carlton Lassiter breathing down her neck to solve the robbery case, Detective Jackie Spencer wanted nothing more than to kick off her shoes, order a pizza, and relax before finishing her work.

When she unlocked and opened the door to her apartment, she saw her brother and some woman making out on her couch.

"What the hell, Shawn?!"

The woman and Shawn stopped kissing and looked what her, and his face turned red with embarrassment.

"Jackie! I can explain," Shawn told her.

"Who is she?" The woman asked Shawn.

"I'm his sister, this is my apartment that he's been crashing at for almost the entire time he's been back, and I'm a Detective," Jackie replied, showing her badge.

"I'm so, so, so sorry, Detective, I'll- I'll just leave. It was nice hanging out with you, Shawn," The woman said as she left the apartment.

Jackie over to the couch and sat next to her brother, "You know Shawn, the next time you want to have a girl over in my apartment, call me or something, so I won't walk in the middle of you and some girl making out."

She then notices that Shawn wasn't paying any attention to what she was saying, but, instead, paying attention to the news on Tv.

Shawn picks up the phone and waits for someone to answer, and Jackie waits to see what he is doing.

"Hello?" Shawn said.

"Santa Barbra Police Department," She heard a female voice in the other line responded.

"It's the store manager. He did it," He told the woman on the other line.

"Pardon me?" She questioned.

"The stereo robberies at the Visions chain store," Shawn said. Jackie looks at the Tv and sees the owner of the store talking to a reporter and acting nervous, and Jackie was investigating the robbery, before listening to her brother's conversation," He's on the Channel 8 news right now. Uh, his hands. Nervous tic-dead giveaway. And he won't look at the reporter in the eyes."

"And your name is?"

"My name? My name is Shawn Spencer."

"And is there anything else today?"

"No. That's gonna do it! Actually, the tags on the news van have expired, but that's completely unrelated," Shawn hangs up.

"Oh. My. God," Jackie said in realization, "You're the guy who's been calling the precinct with tips."

"Yes, yes, I am."

"Shawn, I have been working on that case for days. The head detective has been a pain and wanted me to solve it by lunch, and you solved it 5 seconds by watching the news."

"And you're welcome. I just stopped a man from possibly taking more innocent stereos from their families," Shawn told her, "And maybe you would have solved it sooner if you had used all that training dad put us through."

"I do, Shawn, but if I use it too much, people will think that something is up," Jackie explained. She stood up from the couch and pulled the ordering menu for the pizza place from a drawer in the kitchen," Now, do you want me to order half pepperoni and half pineapple or not?"


Jackie called the pizza place and told them what she wants. When she hanged up, Jackie sat back on the couch with Shawn.

"You do know that with the rate you've been calling tips in someone's going to be suspicious, right?" She said.

"Nah. They'll never figure it out," Shawn replied with complete confidence.

Jackie walks into the Santa Barbra Police Department and went to her desk, which was not far from Head Detective Carlton Lassiter's, but she arrived at her desk Lassiter wasn't there like he usually is. She just shrugged it off and went to check something out from the evidence room for a case, but stopped when she saw Buzz standing outside the door of an interrogation room.

"Hey, Buzz," She greeted him.

"Morning, Detective," Buzz returned.

"What are you doing here?" Jackie asked.

"Detective Lassiter is in the interrogation room with Detective Barry," He replied, "They're interrogating a suspect in the robberies."

"But I thought the guy already confessed?"

"Oh, he did, but he said that he had a partner and Detective Lassiter thinks it was the guy who called in about the robbery," Buzz explained.

"Wait, what guy who called in?" Jackie asked.

"The guy who called in the tip about the stereo robberies," Buzz replied.

A mix of realization and horror dawn on Jackie's face, "Buzz, I need you to let me in the interrogation room."

"Uh, I'm not sure that Detective Lassiter would like-"

"Just let me in there, Buzz!" Jackie interrupted.

Just then the door opens, revealing Shawn with Lassiter and Lucinda not that far behind him. Buzz stops leaning against the wall and stands up straight and blocks Shawn from leaving.

"A few hours in a holding cell might jog your memory," Lassiter told Shawn.

Shawn gulps as he looks down the hall into the holding cell at the men inside and the public toilet.

"Just give us a reason, Mr. Spencer. That's all we need. How did you get this information?" Barry asked as she walked over.

"No. It is too late for that," Lassiter walks over, "Officer Allen, book him."

Allen walks up behind Shawn and pulls his arms behind his back as she reaches for her cuffs.

"Book him? Oh, come on. Cuffs? What, for the walk back to the lobby?" Shawn questioned.

"Or you could give us a plausible explanation," Lucinda told him.

Shawn turns his head and sees the crystal pendant Allen is wearing as well as her mystical earrings. He puts his hands up.

"Okay. Okay. Fine. You win. I got the information because... I am a psychic," Shawn confessed. Causing Allen to drop her cuffs.

"Get him out of here!" Lassiter yelled thr order.

"Oh, boy!" Shawn exclaims as he falls back against the door, hand to his head, and says to Allen, "Your grandma would be so proud."

"You spoke to her?" She asked as she stood up from picking up her cuffs.

"I did. She's... safe, comfortable. She wants you to stop spending all your money on those charlatans," He told her.

Shawn cups her face, "The palm readers."

"The palm readers," Shawn repeated.

"Okay, just to be clear, um, you're claiming to be a psychic, Mr. Spencer," Lucinda said.

Shawn faces Lassiter and Lucinda, his arms outstretched, palms facing the two detectives.

"How else would I know that you two are sleeping together?" He responded. Allen, Jackie, and McNab share a knowing glance.

"One, two, three... One, two, three... One, two, three... One…" Shawn said as he swayed his hands as if he was conducting before pointing to McNab, "When's the wedding?"

"May 3rd," He answered before asking, "Wait. How... how did you know?"

"I'm getting dance lessons for a wedding reception. And you are getting good," Shawn told him.

"Wow. That's amazing," McNab commented.

"Oh, come on. Who's buying this?" Lassiter asked, not believing Shawn.

Allen smiles at him and McNab raises his hand. One of the men in the holding cell raises a hand as well.

"She can prove that I am a psychic," Shawn points to Jackie.

"Oh, yeah? How?" Lassiter questioned Shawn, skeptically.

"Because we share a psychic power that has been with us since birth and has only grown more powerful as we have grown, isn't that right, Sis?"

"What!?" Lassiter exclaimed in disbelief," Detective Spencer, please tell me that you are not actually related to this fake psychic and that you are not a psychic."

"Lassiter, my brother Shawn is right," Jackie confessed," As if my last name wasn't enough of a clue that we're related."

"I got it!" Shawn exclaims, "Go to detention room number two. Shakedown your vandal. You'll find all the evidence you need…" He shakes his left foot, "all the evidence is in his left shoe."

"We'll be back here in three minutes," Lassiter said before turning to Allen, "With my own cuffs."

Lassiter left to check if what Shawn had said about the vandal was true.

"Whoa," Shawn said.

A while later, at the front desk, Jackie stood, with her back against the wall, by her brother as he was giving Allen a psychic reading. Jackie saw Lassiter and another police officer leading the vandal away in cuffs before Lassiter leaves and talks to Lucinda.

"I'm getting... I am getting... the letter L," Shawn said.

"Lulu, her dog. Is there anything else she said?" Allen asked him.

Shawn looks over his shoulder and sees the detectives, "Uh, there's suddenly a very, very negative presence here. It's blocking me. Question. Do I pay taxes on reward money?"

"I'll find out. Please feel free to call anytime," Allen told Shawn.

"You know I will. Magic Touch," Shawn said. They touch fingertips through the hole in the plexiglass before Shawn and Jackie leave.

Shawn and Jackie exit the building, Shawn with a smile, and walk down the steps.

"After this Shawn, I want you to lay low and never pretend to be a psychic, got it?" Jackie whispered to him in an authoritative tone.

A pregnant woman, Interim Police Chief Vick, follows him out.

"Not so fast, Mr. and Detective Spencer," Interim Police Chief Vick, also Jackie's boss, ordered.

Shawn and Jackie stop before turning around to Chief Vick.

"Karen Vick, interim police chief," She introduced herself to Shawn.

"I know," Shawn said.

"Heard about what you did in there," Chief Vick told him.

"Oh, you're welcome."

"That wasn't the phrase I was going to use. I was going to say improbable. Possible, yet unlikely," She informed him.

"Look, it's hard to explain. My sister and I are gifted. We were born that way," Shawn told her.

"I knew your father. He was a good cop. You're nothing like him," Chief Vick told Shawn.

"I take that as a compliment, ma'am," Shawn responded.

"Don't ever call me "ma'am"," Chief Vick told him.

"Am I still free to go?" He asked.

"Not exactly," She answered, "You familiar with the McCallum family?"

"McCallum. Yeah, they own half the hill," Shawn replied.

"Well, there's been a kidnapping," Chief Vick informed.

"Oh, come on. I had nothing to do with that," He responded.

"She isn't pointing fingers at you, dimwit," Jackie muttered.

"Would you like to?" Chief Vick asked Shawn, "The feds are itching to jump in on this case, and I need to make some progress. What I need is a miracle. Or a facsimile of one."

"I see, I see. Well, I make $1,200 a day," Shawn said causing Jackie to lightly elbow him.

"It's a try-out."

"That's what I meant to say. This is pro bono, something for you."

"And if this psychic thing is a scam... we will prosecute. You know hindering a police investigation is a criminal offense. Detective, I want to see you in my office after this," Chief Vick said before she turns around and heads back inside.

"Sounds good. We're on the same team now. Kidnappers beware!" Shawn yelled. He turns around, exhales, and then smiles as he walks back to his motorcycle.

Jackie just shakes her head at her brother before going back inside and into Chief Vick's office, where she was waiting for her.

"Hello, Chief," Jackie greeted.

"Detective Spencer, I called you in here to discuss you and your brother. I have heard that you both have psychic abilities, but your brother is a bit more theatrical according to Detectives Lassiter and Barry," Chief Vick informed her.

"Ah, well, the reason for that is because my brother practiced his psychic abilities while I did not and therefore his abilities are more powerful than mine," She explained, "I prefer not to use it as much as possible while on duty, Chief."

"Very well," Chief Vick responded, "I want you to keep an eye on your brother during this try-out, and should things go well I want you to watch him on cases that we hire him for."

"Of course, Chief," Jackie nodded before leaving the office and went back to her desk. A while later, Jackie was sitting at her desk going over some case files when her phone ringed and she picked it up, "Detective Jackie Spencer speaking."

"Hey, Jackie, I need you to meet me and Gus at the McCallum's house," Shawn spoke.

"Wait, you dragged Gus into this and why would you need me?" Jackie asked.

"Because we need to do the wonder twin psychic thing," He replied.

"Shawn, we are not psychics."

"Just please get here," Shawn said before he hung up. Jackie rubbed her temples for a minute before leaving her desk and going to her car to drive to the McCallum residence and no doubt save her brother and Gus.

Jackie soon arrives at the McCallum residence and finds Gus before walking into the den where a sketch artist and Shawn.

"Shawn," Gus and Jackie call out.

"Yeah? Hey, Jackie, when did you get here?" Shawn asked.

"Can we talk to you for a second?" Gus asked.

"Yeah, yeah," Shawn answered before saying to the artist, "So just more to the left, and I think we're there. All right," He stands and walks to Gus and Jackie, "What's up?"

"What are you doing?" Gus asked him.

"Just... just work with me," He responded.

"Tell them your blocked or something," Gus suggested.

"I'm gonna have to use that later. And Jackie, you gotta step in at some point," Shawn told them before asking the artist, "Uh, how we looking over there?"

The artist shows Shawn the sketch, a young man wearing a jacket and knitted cap.

"Oh, that's great. Now, look how good that is," Shawn complemented. Gus and Jackie see a photograph on a table that shows the man in that exact pose, "See how he's looking off to the left like he's seeing something? As far as the hair goes, can we get the bangs wispier like he's trying to compensate for like maybe he's thinning in the back and sort of got a swoop?"

An older woman, Mrs. McCallum, who is talking with Lucinda sees the sketch and screams. A young, Katatrina the sister of Camden, enters the room behind Gus, Jackie, and Shawn.

"Oh, my gosh! It's Bill! Oh, it's Bill! Oh, honey, come here quick. Bill's the kidnapper!" Mrs. MacCallum exclaimed.

Katarina looks at the sketch, "That's the exact cap I gave him."

Gus walks over and blocks the photo from view.

"Okay, everybody. Stop," Shawn closes his eyes as if having a vision, "No, no! I'm sorry. Bill is not the kidnapper."

Jackie subtly points to her jacket. Gus notices and picks up the photo and tucks it under his jacket.

"Not the kidnapper. Bill is just a horrible human being. Who is "Bill"? I'm getting, uh, multiple women. Is he a bigamist? Pimp? Does he sell children on the black market?" Shawn asked.

Jackie chuckles nervously before saying, "I am sorry about that Mrs. MacCallum. My brother had merely seen Bill in a vision and the both of us can assure you that he is not the kidnapper."

"Who are you?" Mrs. MacCallum asked.

"I'm Detective Jackie Spencer, Ma'am. I am a psychic as well, but my abilities are not as powerful as my Brother's. Please, excuse us, Ma'am, but we have to leave," Jackie grabbed ahold of her bother's arm and dragged him to the door.

Shawn, Jackie, and Gus are leaving just as Mr. MacCallum arrives.

"Mr. McCallum, I'm Shawn Spencer, the psychic," Shawn introduced.

"Well, thank you for coming. If there's anything I can do," Mr. MacCallum said.

"I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you, sir," Shawn said with empathy.

"Nothing can prepare you for something like this knowing you can't do anything. Call me any time with any questions," Mr. MacCallum starts to go inside but stopped when Shawn continued.

"Uh, actually, I do have one question, sir. How did he feel about the dog?" He asked.

"Well, he loved that damn thing. Didn't do anything without it," Mr. McCallum answered.

"Yeah. That'll do it. Thank you, sir," Shawn said.

Mr. MacCallum goes inside and Shawn, Jackie, and Gus head for the car.

"Does he like his dog? That's how you investigate?" Gus questioned.

"I think we're making progress," Shawn voiced.

"Since you've been here, all you've done is dig through the trash, hit on the victim's sister, and falsely accuse her boyfriend," Gus listed.

"You went through their trash?" Jackie questioned.

"Gus, he is not her boyfriend. She made a point to say they're free to see other people," Shawn told him, ignoring Jackie.

"Whatever you say, Shawn. Have a blast. I quit," Gus told him.

"You can't quit. We just got started," Shawn stops as Gus keeps walking.

"Watch me," Gus puts his case in the car's backseat.

"It's gonna be fun! Gus, get back here!" Shawn yelled. Gus gets in the car and starts the engine before backing out of the driveway," Fine. I'll solve this case by myself," Shawn turns to Jackie, "Can you drive me to Gus' work? I left my motorcycle there."

"You got yourself into this mess, Shawn, you can get yourself out," Jackie told him before she walked away to her car.

The next morning, after dragging Jackie out of bed, Shawn and Jackie are in the kitchen of Gus' apartment. Shawn is calmly pouring himself a cup of coffee while Jackie is leaning against the fridge. Gus walks into the kitchen holding his sample case before rolling his eyes at Shawn and Jackie.

"Gus, I hate to imagine what the rest of your plan was," Shawn said.

"How did you get in?" Gus asked.

Shawn picks up a fake stone off the counter and flips it open to reveal a key, "Far less effective on a second-floor landing."

Gus puts down the case, "What do you want, Shawn?"

"Can I ask you something about the case, please?" Shawn asked.

"No," Gus replied.

"I was right."

"Gus, just do this with us," Jackie pleaded.

"I'm done, Shawn. I don't want to commit felonies and perjury and pretend to be…" Gus began before Shawn interrupted him.

"You're dying to know who kidnapped him. I know you are."

"No. No, I'm not. Because I don't believe that you can solve a crime the cops can't by simply walking through a house," Gus told him.

"Fine," Shawn said.

"Fine," Gus picks up the case and leaves the kitchen. Shawn leans against the counter and blows on his coffee. Gus slowly walks back and stops in the doorway. Jackie and Shawn smile, "All right, whatever. Who kidnapped him?"

"Nobody," Shawn and Jackie answered.

"Nobody! Excellent. Call the chief at home. Tell her the crime is solved. Because apparently, we just imagined the whole thing," Gus said in a sarcastic tone.

"Gus, nobody kidnapped him because he did it himself," Shawn informed him. He motions to the kitchen table, "Come on. See for yourself."

They sit at the table where photos are spread out and Shawn gives Gus a coffee.

"Here's what have. Camden wasn't going to clean his act up voluntarily. So, his father decided to cut him off permanently and this was about 18 months ago," Jackie explained.

"18 months?" Gus questioned.

"But wait. There's more. He had help," Shawn told him.

"Who?" He asked.

Shawn points to a man in a group photo, "This guy on the end. Malcolm Orso. Only member of this crew that didn't go on to fame or fortune or rehab."

"The cops must've talked to him," Gus said.

"Actually, we didn't because Malcolm has not been seen with Camden for a while," Jackie told him, "To be exact…"

"18 months," Gus finished.

"Almost to the day. Gus, he has been planning this thing for over a year," Shawn said.

"Shawn, Jackie, this is good."


"Where did you get this?" Gus asked about the picture.

"Katarina McCallum's room," Shawn answered.

"You didn't go in her room!" Gus exclaimed.

"Gus, I needed a ride. She hadn't eaten yet. One thing led to another, and we ended up sharing a milkshake," He explained.

"Whoa, wait a second. Wait a second. You're dating her?" Gus questioned.

"No. I'm not "dating"," Shawn denied.

"Yes, you are."

"It's not exclusive," Gus stands and walks away, "What? Gus, come on! Put some clothes on. This is gonna be fun. Let's go! I'm driving. Where are your keys?" Shawn finds the keys, "Never mind. I got 'em. Ooh," He holds up pineapple, "Should I slice this up for the road?"

Jackie was driving ahead of Shawn and Gus when she noticed in her review mirror that they had gotten pulled over, but continued driving. Jackie leans against her car waiting for Shawn and Gus to show up.

"I told you a million times not to speed, Shawn," Jackie scolded him.

"Did you know that Dad was back?" Shawn asked her.

Jackie looked down for a moment before looking back up at her brother, "I did, but to be fair you never asked me if he was."

Shawn hurries along the path as Gus and Jackie follow.

"Dude, I'm so excited. This is my first use of spy technology," Shawn peers through binoculars.

"Yeah, it would seem much cooler if it didn't have Sports Illustrated pasted on the side," Gus pointed out.

Shawn looks at the logo, "Came with the subscription."

Shawn resumes, and Jackie takes out her binoculars, looking through the binoculars at the cabin across the lake from them. They can see a couple of kayaks and a red sports car.

"Are you going to tell me why we're here?" Gus asked.

"This is the Orso family cabin where young Malcolm and young Camden spent all their summers growing up," Shawn answered.

"Wouldn't the police have checked this out?" He asked Jackie.

"We would, but Malcolm had been out of Camden's life for a long time. He wasn't on the witness list or anyone's list," Jackie explained.

"This is a great plan. Camden McCallum deserves to be commended," Shawn commented as he looks through binoculars.

"Maybe you should date him too," Gus suggested with sarcasm in his voice.

Shawn lowers binoculars and gives his response, "Maybe I will."

Gus grabs binoculars, "Let me see," He looks through binoculars, "Let's see here."

Through the binoculars, Gus sees Camden MacCallum's dog trotting along the shore of the lake, "Oh no way."

"What?" Shawn and Jackie asked.

"It's Camden's dog," He answered.

"Get... dude! Dude!" Shawn exclaimed.

"Oh, my gosh," Gus said as he lowered the binoculars, "I can't believe we did this. This is unbelievable. What?"

Three of them start jumping in excitement.

Gus continues, "Okay, okay, okay. Wait. Okay, wait. Let's call the cops. No, no, no. Let's call the chief. That's what we're gonna do. Call the chief. Yeah."

"No, no, no. No, no, no. Gus, Gus," Shawn told him.

"What?" He asked.

"We don't call anyone."

Gus lowers binoculars, "What?"

"My brother wants us to keep the whole psychic act up and want us to use this to prove it," Jackie explained.

"Then later at headquarters, Jackie and I suddenly and miraculously have a vision," Shawn added.

"A vision?" Gus questioned.

"A vision of stuff we saw. Like, uh, like Jackie is vaguely seeing the road sign with the two bullet holes. Like the red kayak, the yellow kayak. And the highway with numbers. Oh, I'm seeing... what am I seeing? 8-3-1."

"We're on Highway 138."

"Exactly. In the spirit world, things get jumbled and out of sequence. But my premonition becomes clear when we all jump in the squad car together," Shawn explained, "By the way, let me sit next to that junior detective."

"Shawn, please," Gus pleaded.

"And, at last, we lead them here. Then finally, we all put on our surprise faces as I guide them to the cabin for the "first time". This is mine," Shawn gasps and shows his surprised face, "What do you guys got?"

Gus' and Jackie's expressions don't change as Gus tosses the binoculars at Shawn and the two walk away.

"Gus, Jackie, that's horrible. It doesn't convey surprise at all. Jackie! Gus!" Shawn runs after them.

Shawn, Jackie, and Gus park the car and walk along the street.

"All right, let me do the talking," Shawn said.

"Is there even an option?" Gus asked.

"I want... I want a lot of witnesses for my miraculous vision."

"Absolutely not," Jackie told Shawn.

Gus sees Lassiter and Lucinda walking along the sidewalk, "Yeah, yeah. There they go. Detectives!"

Shawn, Jackie, and Gus run up to them.

"Lassiter. Barry. My brother, Gus, and I have made a breakthrough in the McCallum kidnapping case," Jackie told them.

"It is very important," Shawn added.

"I also have something important. I call it lunch. Make an appointment," Lassiter said.

"But this is…" Gus began.

"You don't have my interest. You don't have my ear. Find a beat cop. Tell your story. Maybe I'll read the report. Good day, gentlemen. Detective," Lassiter told them before saying to Lucinda, "After you."

"Detective!" Shawn called out and pretends to have a vision, "Don't eat the chicken."

Lassiter and Lucinda enter the restaurant.

"Don't eat the chicken?" Gus questioned Shawn, but Jackie knew what Shawn meant.

Shawn jerks his head and they cross the road. Shawn, Gus, and Jackie are leaning against a rail and watching the detectives inside.

"So the plan was to annoy them into believing you," Gus said.

"Billy Camp's working the grill," Shawn told him.


"Billy Camp has the worst hay fever that Shawn and I have ever seen," Jackie told Gus.

"Feel this wind? Feel it?" Shawn asked Gus as a breeze blew past them and into the restaurant. A moment later, the three saw Lassiter get up from the table and leave the restaurant.

"Here we go. Act natural," Shawn told Jackie and Gus. The three lean against the guard rail.

Lassiter steps onto the sidewalk, "Okay. What is it?"

While driving on the country road, Lassiter and Lucinda are in the front, Lassiter behind the wheel. In the back seat, Shawn practices his surprise face while Gus and Jackie glare at him and Gus then slaps him. After arriving where they need to be, Lassiter parks the car and they all get out.

"This is great," Lassiter said, "Now what?"

"Does anyone have any binoculars?" Shawn asked as he starts down the trail.

"No. No. You see, we don't carry binoculars," Lassiter told Shawn, slightly annoyed.

Shawn takes his binoculars from his back pocket, "Ooh, never mind. I found some here in my pocket," He stops and looks through binoculars, "There it is! Just like I saw it."

They continue to where Shawn, Gus, and Jackie were earlier. Lassiter takes the binoculars.

"Want to tell me what I'm looking for, please?"

"Uh, I'm... I'm not sure exactly," Shawn answered Lassiter, "I see a bone?"

"What, a human bone?" He asked.

"No. No. Rawhide? And a ball."

"Holy crap," Lassiter said as he spotted the dog. He lowers binoculars, "Call for backup."

Lucinda heads back to the car to get back up.

"What? What do you see, detective?" Shawn asked in a feigned surprise. Jackie rolled her eyes in annoyance at her brother.

The SWAT team rushes the cabin. An ambulance and police cars line the road to the cabin. Shawn, Jackie, and Gus follow Lassiter and Lucinda up the road.

"I can't believe they won't let us in. This is lame," Shawn said.

"And you were so polite when you asked the S.W.A.T. Team to issue you the Luger," Gus said.

"Just make sure you act in awe of me when they come to say I was completely right. Oh, and maybe a little afraid like my powers could possibly be used for evil."

Camden's dog comes running up to them and Gus puts his hands up and goes into a crouch.

"Oh, watch out! Watch out!" Gus exclaimed.

"Whoa! Whoa!" Shawn kneels to pet the dog, "For what, it's tongue?"

"That thing could be vicious!"

"Oh yeah, this big handsome boy is diabolical with its calculated decoy tail-wagging," Jackie said as she kneeled to the ground.

"There's blood on its whiskers," Gus pointed out.

"That's not blood, it's Snausages," She told him.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Either that or he just mauled a mountain lion," Shawn added, "C'mon, Gus."

An officer walks up to them, "Mr. Spencer, follow me."

Shawn stands, gives Gus a double thumbs-up and they follow the officer to the cabin. The dog trots after them.

"Now if there's any press, make sure you mention our agency," Shawn told Jackie and Gus.

"We don't have an agency," Gus said.

"Yes, we do. I applied for a DBA online, which reminds me, we're going to need a name. "Mindmasters"?" He suggested, "Already taken. Make sure you tell them that we do private cases, 'cause I bet the department's only going to be good for one or two months."

"You tell them."

"I can't," Shawn said, "I'm secretive, mysterious, enigmatic."

"Delusional," Gus and Jackie added.

"Remember, act surprised," Shawn told them, "And Jackie make sure to say something along the lines of a familiar feeling or any kind of sense of deja vu."

"Shut it, Shawn," Jackie said.

Shawn, Jackie, and Gus enter the cabin. The police are working in the cabin and Chief Vick holds a handkerchief to her nose. Lassiter and Lucinda look at Shawn and Jackie as they walk in.

"Wow. It is just like I saw before," Shawn said.

There are two dead bodies in the room; one lying on the floor, blood around the head, and the other sitting in a chair, bloody chest, gun in his hand. Shawn and Jackie also see a tipped-over coffee cup on the floor and the coffee pot on the stove looked like it had boiled over. He also sees blood and some hair on the corner of the table. The detectives watch Shawn and Jackie.

"Pardon me, ladies, gentlemen," Gus excuses himself before he runs from the cabin screaming.