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Fixing A Hole

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Entering the cabin, it was a surprise, causing the two Beatles to gasp. Outside it looked like a simple wooden structure. Soundly built, but had a rugged appearance. As George Harrison opened the door, he and John Lennon discovered a grand bar, with top shelf liquor, along with bar stools neatly in a row under the counter. Crystal glasses dangling above on a ceiling rack above the bar itself, arranged so skillfully, it was clearly a centerpiece to behold.
In the living room, a large colored television stood in the center, which was the room just past the bar. There were reclining chairs in front of it, which had drink holders built-in each of the arm rest. Large speakers connected to the television, radio and record player, giving ample sound throughout the house.
Lennon darted to the record collection and eagerly pulled out an old Elvis record. He smiled as he slid the black disk out of it’s dress and laid it on the bed of the record player, pinning it gently on the intended song. Soon the rich voice of the King penetrated every room, “Heart Break Hotel.” George went to the bar and poured himself a drink.
“Do you want anything?” asked Harrison.
“I’ll have whatever you’re having.” Answered Lennon still exploring the cabin and admiring it’s décor. It was modern, with all the amenities one could need for a vacation or to simply entertain. George approached John in the loft, up a narrow spiral staircase, where a king size bed laid. The bedframe was rough, made of wooden logs. It looked like something a lumberjack would build. Despite the rough appearance, the large bed was adorned with a thick feather quilt, satin sheets and numerous pillows. The younger man handed over a glass of whiskey to his friend, who eagerly took a swig.
“Thank you.” Lennon stated after his face stopped wincing. “Beautiful place you got here.”
“Yeah Barry keeps a nice place. You should see his beach home.”
“Is there any chance of Barry or someone coming over?” the older of the two inquired, looking at the attractive man who joined his side.
“Nawwwww… the maid comes once a week for maintenance and Barry doesn’t use the cabin except in the fall.” Assured the thinner man taking a drink from his glass. In the background Elvis’s rich voice serenaded the moment. John looked out from the barrier of the loft, viewing the living room and entrance. Then noticing a pine needle in his hair, he untangled it from the brown strands and dropped it carelessly to the lower level. He chugged his drink quickly.
“Now where’s that bathroom?” John asked turning sharply. “I smell like wildlife and whiskey.” This made George laugh a little, as he guided his friend down the narrow winding stairs to the bathroom in the back of the house. It was a large bathroom covered in a variance array of green tile and a matching green toilet. There was a large circular tub seated for two, on a platform, with two steps to climb into it. There were two sinks in the vanity with two small oval mirrors above the water spouts and a door in the wall that led to a narrow shower room.
George walked in ahead to show off the shower to his friend, when John was suddenly pulling him close from behind. He felt warm lips grace his neck, then nibbles on his throat, George was compelled to turn around and face his lover. The two locked lips, holding each other up against their bodies. John instantly began to pull at George’s shirt. The t-shirt the youngest man was wearing was tossed on the floor soon afterwards. Harrison unbuttoned the plaid shirt of his companion and it too joined the t-shirt below.
Bare chested, the two men meld together, inhaling the musty odder of the sweaty bodies. The sent of Lennon’s natural state and unclean smells, penetrated Harrison’s nose. The sweaty aroma reminded the younger man of the night John convinced him to perform oral sex on a man for the first time. They were both heavily intoxicated from a combination of drugs and alcohol when this occurred, but this act was part of the trauma George suffered. The memory of John carelessly cumming in his mouth without warning replayed in his mind and he gasped suddenly.
John who was nibbling George’s neck at that moment, misread the reaction and increased the intensity of the pleasure he was disbursing. He pushed his lover against the wall, shocking Harrison. It felt similar to when John tossed him on the vanity after Lennon jumped out of the shower overwhelming him. This led to the extreme trauma the man needed to recover. Trying not to dwell on the past, the blow job in the forest was supposed to end this drift between the two and the beginning of a mutual affair. Still anxiety crept it’s ugly head and the thinner man began to shiver out of control.
John noticed this immediately and looked his lover in the face
“Are you alright?” John asked in his sweetest voice. It began to dawn on him that he might be being too rough, especially after what transpired between them. George sheepishly nodded.
“I’m having flashes of that night and the morning after.” George not just referring to the blow job, but the bathroom instant which happened the following morning. George was in the bathroom nude when John jumped out from behind the shower curtain, scaring him nearly to death. Then the older man tossed him by the sink and gave him the best head of his life. This was the trauma mixed with intense pleasure had conflicted in his mind which drove him mad.
“I want you to relive that moment in the bathroom.” John said gently. “I leaped at you and you were naked.” John began to undo his lovers pants. “Tell me what happened next.” George was a little taken back by the mere thought of reliving that moment, as it was still painful to recall.
“Do I have to John?” George asked as the last of his clothes were being removed.
“Trust me,” assured his lover who petted him so gracefully.
“You brought up the night before.” George paused. He was recalling John’s determine face, like a wild animal than of a man on that frightening morning. Though now his face was warm, soft and understanding, he couldn’t deny his internal conflict. “Then you grabbed me and lifted me onto the vanity.”
“Then what happened?”
“I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Then you clamped down on my cock with your mouth…” George was gasping as he relived the memory.
“shhhh…” John soothed. “It’s okay, tell me how you felt when I was giving you head.”
“Freaked out. I didn’t want to like it. I didn’t want it to feel so good…” George looked in John’s eyes. “…but it did. I’m not lying that it was the best blowjob I ever had.” John then engulfed the emotional man’s lips with his mouth. The kiss was deep and passionate
“And here is where it changes.” Lennon explained. “Instead of being a careless insecure asshole and run away, I’m going to join you in that shower.” He slid his denim trousers down along with his undergarments in one sweep. George was reliving the moment. John whisked his lover to the shower, adjusted the water and the two stepped in. George remembered entering the shower alone after the attack and receiving the unexpected blow job. He had cried uncontrollably, alone. He was confused about what had happened and the thought of being queer was a terrifying concept.
Now he was being held by John as the rain of hot water clouded vapors around them. George cuddled into John’s chest, feeling the larger arms circumference him. He relived his pain and broke down in tears. John stroked the younger man’s hair, kissing the top of the head of the man folded in his chest.
“It’s okay,” Lennon rocked his companion. “I saw you checking out my cock that night. I had no idea until then you might be curious. I’m sorry I didn’t warn you I was cumming. I wasn’t trying to humiliate you. I want you to know, you’re wonderful and a handsome man and what you are feeling is natural.” John was giving George the talk he should have given the lead guitarists on that fateful morning when all of this transpired. “I’m sorry I scared you. I was trying to be playful and got carried away.”
George was nestled in the protective chest holding him. He found John’s words comforting and healing. John grabbed a bar of soap and bathed George affectionately. He would kiss and gently caress the newly washed area’s. He even washed the younger mans hair, massaging the scalp with long delicate fingers. George not wanting to neglect his partner, took the soap and lathered bubbly layers across the bigger chest.
They both bathed one another, working their way down. George tugged on Lennon’s cock a bit, but when rinsing off, John knelt before the younger man and gave him the amazing head he so enjoyed. George moaned and shuttered and his knees gave out. John had to catch him before he fell.
“Easy,” whispered John. “Look, let’s dry off, I’ll go pick up some dinner, you go upstairs and rest.” He reached in for a deep kiss. “I want you rested and fed before we continue.” He stroked the beautiful young face. “I want nothing to distract you from what I’m going to do.” George stared submissively at his friend and bandmate. He agreed food and rest were good ideas.
As Harrison laid down on the bed in loft, he heard the sound of John driving off in the car. He then looked up at the ceiling and realized there was a skylight up above. The twilight sky displayed before him gave the lead guitarist a sense of peace and calm. Suddenly a white owl appeared at the edge of the skylight. The beautiful creature looked down at the Beatle as Harrison nodded off for a brief nap, while he waited for John to wake him.