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Going to Comic Con

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“Dean come on! We’re gonna be late!” Sam yelled as he waited by the door of the motel room. He looked at his watch, they had thirty minutes. “Dean!”

“Hold your horses,” Dean replied in an annoyed tone. “So what do you think?” Dean asked as he stopped and turned so Sam could get a full view.

“I think you look great.”

Dean looked down at himself then back up at his brother. “Really?”

Sam smirked as he walked towards him. He grabbed the shorter man by the belt and pulled him flush against him. “Really. Shows you off nice.”

Dean moaned as Sam started to palm him, pressing the heel of his hand with just the right pressure. “Easy boy,” Dean laughed breathlessly as he backed away. “Like you said, we’re gonna be late.”

The trip only took a few minutes and soon they were surrounded by people dressed up just like them. Dean was having the most fun though. Even though he always called his Sam the geek they both knew it was really Dean.

They took pictures with different stars from their favorite shows and more than once Dean had to stop himself from freaking out.

People loved their costumes as well. Sam was dressed as the Winter Soldier, complete with the metal arm, and more than once he was asked for photos.

Dean loved the attention they were getting. He was dressed as Deadpool, one of the most popular Marvel characters, and everyone kept coming up to him. Dean had to admit he felt good. The skin tight leather really showed off his body, letting him look muscular and strong. He wore the mask for the photos but opted to leave it off the rest of the time.

More than once he felt a hand on his ass or close to his dick from guys and girls alike. He knew it was driving Sam crazy, watching them touch him like that. And honestly it made Dean get a little bolder. He’d get into certain poses or hold someone a little closer, all the while keeping his eyes on Sam. Finally his brother snapped, pulling him away from the crowds and into a dark corner.

“Sam come on, it was just a bit of- -” Dean’s words were cut off as Sam kissed him.

He was rough and strong, his mouth commanding as he pulled Dean close to him. Dean sank into it, letting his brother have the control. He felt so good, his adrenaline pumping from the excitement and his arousal.

When they pulled away for air Dean could swear he was seeing stars as his erection pressed painfully against his leather pants. “Wow, if I knew you’d act like that…” Dean said jokingly. Sam laughed and pulled him closer again, this time kissing him more gently.

Dean heard something and turned to see a small group of people watching them. They weren’t happy, seeing two men kiss and be that close and Sam worried it would throw Dean off. He knew his brother hated that kind of attention.

“You want to go somewhere else?” He asked Dean quietly as he looked over at them.

Dean shook his head and looked back at his brother. “No, screw them. I’m having fun.” He smiled at his brother, grabbing the hem of his pants as he stepped closer, this time taking control of the kiss himself. Dean was having fun, and he wasn’t about to let it stop.