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The high school of Dreams? Or nightmares

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Omega walks into school, sighing. It’s their first day and they were wishing they never left their old school. As they were nervously walking they walk past a group of three people. They look nice, Omega plucked up the courage to walk over and introduce themselves.

“Hi, I’m Omega!” They said trying to smile and not look like they were terrified.

The people turn around to look for the source of the voice. They have confused expressions but then they soften.

“Hi,” says one, reaching out her hand, “I’m Rue.” She has dark brown skin and eyes. She looks young, about the same age as Omega. They shake hands.

Rue points to the girl beside her. “This is Prim,” she then points to the boy, “and this is Chuck. Are you new here?”

Omega nods nervously. “Yeah, I am.”

Prim also holds out her hand. “Us too. Glad you could join us,” she smiles. She has blond hair and blue eyes. Omega notes the ducktail formed from her tucked in clothes.

Chuck chimed in. “We’re going to be late for class. Come on,” he gestures to them.

Omega’s nerves fade. Maybe this school won’t be so bad after all.

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Rue walks over to the front desk with her three new friends, Prim, Chuck, and Omega. They pick up their timetables only to find out they weren’t all in the same class.

Rue was relieved to find out she was in all her classes with Prim, there was something about her that just made Rue want to hug her and never let her go.

Chuck and Omega set off to their registration room, leaving Rue and Prim alone together.

“We should probably get going,” Prim whispers, breaking the silence that had fallen upon them.

“Yeah,” Rue said, wishing she wasn’t as awkward as she was.

The girls walk in silence, their hands occasionally brushing. Rue couldn’t be happier when Prim grabs onto Rue’s hand. But still, the girls stay silent, not wanting to ruin the beautiful moment.

Eventually they reach the classroom of their first lesson (technology). They sit down in their assigned seats which were right next to each other. Rue was very happy at this coincidence.

Rue spends most of the lesson staring at Prim, taking in her beauty, wishing she could hug her every second of every day, wondering why she feels this way.

At the end of the lesson Rue has a sudden thought that shocks her. “Am I in love?” she asks herself, hoping that she was wrong and all these feelings were just platonic.

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“That class was crazy, wasn’t it?” laughs Omega.

Chuck sniggers. “Yeah, it was.”

They keep talking about the class. They’re so immersed in the conversation that they don’t see the group of boys walking towards them.

Omega crashes into one of them. They look scared. “S-sorry! I-I didn’t see you,” Omega stammers as they frantically grab their books and stuffs them in their bag.

They look and see the boy sitting up. Another kid with silver hair holds out his hand to help him up. Omega picks up his books and holds them out to him. “H-here you go.”

He looks older, about 17. He has a red bandana wrapped around his head with a skull on the side. He takes the books off them.

He takes the books off them. “Thanks, uhh,” he looks at them questionably, “what’s your name?”


“Hunter. Nice to meet you, Omega.” He pats them on the back. “Watch out next time, ok?” He says with a smirk.

He gestures to the group. “Come on, we don’t want to miss the pizza.” One of the boys punches the air. “Yes! Pizza!” They all burst out laughing as they walk away. “Calm down, Wrecker,” says the silver haired boy.

Chuck looks at them with a worried expression. “You alright? Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m ok.” They rub their head. “We’d better follow them. We promised Prim and Rue we’d meet them there anyway.”

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Rue had just finished her last class before lunch and was exhused. The only thing that kept her going was having Prim there next to her.

The two girls walked to the canteen to meet up with Chuck and Omega. They said they would meet at the far table in the corner.

When they finally made it to the canteen, Prim spotted her sister and all her friends," of course my sister has to be the most popular" she said rolling her eyes at the table of girls.

After a few minutes of walking they found the table that they arranged to meet at (Table 98).

Next to them sat a group of boys that looked really scary and Rue didn’t really want to sit next to them.

The boys were loud and from what Rue heard, their names were Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, Tech, and Echo. Along with two boys who looked so in love Rue wished someone would look at her the way this blonde boy, whose name appeared to be Newt, looked at the brunette, whose name appeared to be Thomas. Rue wasn’t sure about the names and only picked them up from all the yelling that was happening.

Finally, after around five minutes of waiting, Chuck and Omega arrived at the table laughing and talking about their first few classes.

They sat down and then started telling a story about some guys they crashed into. But Rue wasn't really listening as she was staring at Prim for the whole time chuck was talking. Omega then looked around, as if they were taking in the surroundings for the first time, their eyes then landed on the table next to them (Table 99) and they whisper shouted to the group "Wait those are the guys I bumped in to" their eyes growing wide.

"They seem terrifying," Prim shuddered, it was heartbreaking for Rue to see Prim so scared of a few boys, although they did look intimidating as hell.

Before Rue had any time to think about it she pulled Prim into a hug and whispered in her ear "You're fine, I won't let them hurt you" then she realized what she had done.

Rue picked up her bag and ran from the canteen heading for the bathroom, feeling herself going red.

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Omega looks at the swinging canteen door where Rue ran out. There’s obviously something going on between Rue and Prim but they don’t pry.

They stand up with her food after three minutes of silence. “I’m going over to table 99 if that’s ok with you two.” Prim nods, poking at her food.

“Hi,” they say as they sit down beside Hunter. They do an awkward wave at the rest of them. A boy with yellow tinted glasses (Tech, she heard someone refer him as) looks up from his phone and looked at her with a confused expression.

“Omega, from earlier,” they say, hoping they remember them. They show no recognition. “In the corridor?” They falter.

“Yeah, we remember,” Hunter finally replies.

Tech speaks up. “You want to sit with us?” Omega nods. His expression becomes even more confused as he looks at the other boys. “That’s never happened before.”

They continue eating lunch, with occasional glances at this odd child.

Two people, a boy and a girl, walk towards the table. The silver haired boy, who was with Hunter in the corridor, murmurs something to Wrecker and nods over in their direction. Wrecker cracks his knuckles.

“Ah,” the boy sneers, “I see you have a new recruit. Another member added to the Sad Batch,” they laugh. “Good one, Cato,” the girl sniggers.

Omega looks at them angrily. They stand up and walk over to them. They prod at the duo’s shoulders. They ignore her. Omega walks away. Then they have an idea. They pick up a can of Coke and chuck it at the duo. The contents spill all over them. “Hey, I would like it if you stopped annoying us,” they fume. “Now apologise to my friends.”

They turn round, soaking wet. “What are you going to do about it,” Cato pushes her to the ground.

Hunter reacts suddenly. “Woah, back off.” He holds out a hand to help Omega up. They take it gratefully. “I suggest you keep moving.”

Clove stares at Hunter. If looks could kill. She looks like she’s going to start an argument but Cato intervenes. “Come on, Clove,” He snaps. “We have better things to do.” They flounce away.

A whole tray of food flies past Hunter and Omega and hits Cato. Omega whips their head around to see Wrecker standing up with a smug expression on his face. “Oops,” he provokes.

“That’s it!” yells Cato. He grabs some food and chucks it at them. “Come on, Clove,” he passes food to her, “let’s get these jerks.”

The whole canteen dissolves into chaos. Slices of pizza and bowls of soup fly across tables.

In all the mayhem, Omega sees that boy with silver hair still eating his lunch calmly.

Wrecker notices too. “Come on, Crosshair,” he shouts as he ducks, “join the fun!”

Crosshair sighs and rolls his eyes. He picks up an empty tray and flings it frisbee style at an unsuspecting Clove. It meets its mark. She falls to the ground.

Omega stays by Hunter’s side in all of this. They use a tray as a shield and throws food at Cato occasionally. He dodges the majority of them but a few hit him in the stomach.

This goes on for about 10 minutes until the teachers come in. Omega throws one last bowl at Cato which hits him on the head and sends him to the ground.

The teacher calls everyone to stop what they were doing and go to their next class.

“That was so cool!” Omega whispers to Hunter, buzzing with excitement. “I’ve never been in a food fight before!”

He laughs. “Glad you enjoyed it, kid. Stay away from Cato and Clove, though,” he warns, “they’re bad news.”

They nod. “I will.” They spot Prim and Chuck. They say a quick goodbye to Hunter and then runs over to their friends.

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Rue spent most of lunch sitting in a bathroom cubical crying her eyes out, wondering why she feels the way she does.

Once she finally plucks up the courage to leave she bumps into the two boys, Newt and Thomas it appeared they had been waiting for her as when they saw her they walked over and asked "are you okay, you seemed quite upset back there so we came to check" said the blond one, he then added "I'm Newt, by the way, it's nice to meet you" he said smiling.

"oh," Rue said "yeah I'm fine just made a fool of myself in front of my new friends" Thomas then said "if you want we can be friends with you"

Rue was so happy that she was at a loss for words so she just nodded her head and smiled.

"You probably have to go to class now little one," Newt said grinning. "We have to get to class now don't we Tommy?" and with that, the two boys were gone.

Rue looked at her watch and realized if she left any later then she would most definitely be late for class, it was chemistry.

As she arrived in class she remembered how much she had been crying and her face was probably tear stained but she had no time to clean her face. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and walked in, imminently everyone started staring at her.

The teacher pointed to a seat next to Prim and said "here is your seat Rue, dear" she then said in a softer tone "come and see me after class"

Rue sat down and moved her seat as far away from Prim as possible, which hurt her so much but she was doing it for her own good.

The teacher announced they were doing partner work and they were working with the person sitting next to them, "oh great" Rue thought "I have to work with Prim"

Prim turned to face Rue and said "guess we are working together" with a smile.

Chemistry was like a nightmare to Rue, she had to resist the urge to get up and sprint out of the room and it didn't help that she was worried about what the teacher was going to say to her after class.

When chemistry ended Rue got up and walked over to the teacher's desk "you wanted to see me?" she said in a small voice.

"You looked a bit worried when you entered class today and I just wanted to let you know that you can talk to me if anything is bothering you" the teacher, Miss Mary said in a kind voice. Rue wanted to tell her everything but she just couldn't. So she settled with "I'm fine thank you" and then she picked up her bad and walked out of the room.

Prim was waiting for her anxiously looking at the time.

"I just wanted to say bye," Prim said. Rue then realized it was the end of the day, she had survived her first day, barley.

"Bye Prim, have a nice night I'll text you later" Rue sighed.

Why did she have to be awkward around Prim.

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Hello, people of ao3, I'm very sorry to say that this story will be discontinued. My friend who was writing it with me has decided to quit ao3 for personal reasons. I am terribly sorry I did not get the chance to finish this. I might make a different one but I'm not sure. Feel free to comment if you would like another story like this.

I hope you enjoyed the story while it lasted.

The Gender Lord

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Hi again, it's been ages. My friend and the co-creator of this story (Star_Wars_Fan) have decided we are going to continue the story!!


please be excited...


But yeah I'm quite excited, hope you enjoy the suspenseful wait until the next chapter *evil laughter*


-The Gender Lord-

Chapter Text

Omega walks into the form room, and takes a seat beside Chuck. They talk before the teacher comes in and gives the usual announcements: “Lunch today is sweet and sour curry, students are reminded that…”

Omega zones out, thinking it’s just the usual. But their ears prick up at the last announcement.

“And finally, you will be getting an injection today at 11:30.”

Oh no. Oh no. Their heart starts thudding in their chests. Omega’s breath gets faster.

Their sleeve is rolled up, and the needle goes through the shoulder. Their mother pulls it out after a few seconds and the blood that was taken is poured into a flask.

Omega looks at their shoulder. A bruise starting to form (number 8 on that arm) and already the limb is starting to feel heavy.

Their mother comes up again unexpectedly and injects something onto their system. Their eyes droop. Before they pass out, they look into the cold eyes of their mother as everything goes dark.

Someone calling their name bring Omega back to the present.

“Meg, you alright?” Chuck asks, with a confused expression. “We’ve gotta go to class now.”

They stand up slowly and correct their breathing. “Right, let’s go.”

The day goes by fast. Omega looks away from the clock for what seems like a minute or so and guess what, ten minutes have passed when they look back.

10:57. 11:13. 11:28.

“Alright class, you need to go to the assembly hall now for your injections.”

Omega tenses. Their hand flies to Chuck’s arm. He looks over in a flash with a worried expression. “Omega, seriously, are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah, yeah,” they say, more reassuring themselves rather than Chuck, “I’m fine, let’s go.”

The class lines up and they walk to the assembly hall.

“Omega Se.” A nurse gestures for her to come up.

They stay frozen in the seat. The blood pounds in their ears. Their heart thuds in their chest. Their hands shake and feet tingle. Their vision disfigures, as if they were looking through a fish-eye lens.

They have to get away. They can’t do this.
Someone is clutching their throat, stopping them from taking full breaths. Yet there’s nothing around their neck. Tears start trickling down their face.


Mother’s voice echoes through their brain as they stir. Their arm hurts so, so much. Tears well up.

“Stop crying. You’re fine. Calm down.”

She grabs their arm, right where the bruise is—

“Omega.” Chuck’s voice brings them back to the present. He holds their hand. “It’s okay. It’ll take a few seconds, you don’t even feel anything, I promise.”

They shake their head. “I- I can’t.”

“You can. I know you can. I’ll stay with you.”

Omega nods.

“Try and copy my breathing.” Chuck breathes in slowly. Omega copies, albeit a little shakily. He then breathes out, which Omega does too. They both repeat this for a while. Omega’s tears stop after a while and their breathing returns to normal.

Chuck helps them up and leads them to the seat for the injection. The nurse gestures for Chuck to leave but he looks at her with such defiance. “I’m staying.” The nurse leaves it.

The nurse is called Mags, Omega finds out. They have a small conversation, about what they like doing and stuff like that. Chuck never leaves their side throughout this.

He rubs soothing circles on their palm as Mags rolls up their shirt sleeve and puts the needle in. Omega clenches their eyes shut as it goes through. Before they know it, a small circular plaster is placed on their arm.

Chuck and Omega exchange a smile. “It’s over now!”

They have to wait 15 minutes before going back to class.

As they walk down the hall, Omega turns to Chuck. “Thanks,” they say timidly. “I was being stupid.”

“No you weren’t.” Chuck reassures them. “It happens to quite a few people, believe it or not.”

He reaches into his bag and pulls out a bar of chocolate. He splits it and gives half to Omega. “Chocolate helps, honestly.”

Omega takes a small bite, letting the flavour burst on their tongue. “That’s such good chocolate,” they say in awe.

“You feel better now?” Omega nods.

They have such good friends.

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Rue slowly walked into school, it had been a few weeks of her attending this school but she was still terrified of everything, everyone was so tall, she was so short.

The only few things keeping her going were her friends (Omega, Newt, Chuck, and Tommy) and Prim. Prim was so kind and caring, every time Rue looked at her she instantly felt safe and happy.

Rue walked into the registration room and was greeted by the sight of all the boys throwing a tennis ball around the room, there was a huddle of girls in the corner trying to catch the boys' attention so they would throw the ball to her.

Rue walked over to her seat and calmly sat down trying not to look scared of the tennis ball being chucked around the room.

Prim suddenly walked into the room and sat down next to Rue, smiling she said “hi, how are you”

Rue felt herself going red, stuttering she said “oh uh I’m good”

Suddenly, Rue felt herself falling out of her chair, instantly she held her hand over her eye, her eye stung painfully.

She heard Prim scream “OH ARE YOU OK RUE?!”

That was the last thing Rue heard before everything went black and she passed out.

Breathing heavily Rue sat up and looked around her.

She saw a white ceiling and a blue curtain surrounding her, she looked down and found that she was lying on a white bed, the cover was as white as snow, it was quite unsettling to Rue, she smelt the strong smell of roses and looked over to the nightstand to see a vase with white roses.

As she was trying to remember what happened the curtain slid open to reveal an oldish looking man, he was wearing a nametag that read “Dr. Snow”

Dr. Snow had white hair with a matching beard, Rue wondered how he wasn’t already retired, he looked at least 80.

Looking down on the girl below him Dr. Snow said in a cold tone “lie back down” his voice sounded cold and distant, he was wearing a suit which Rue thought was a bit strange, his teeth had a yellow tinge on them and his lips were cracked and old looking.

Dr. Snow wrapped a bandage around Rue's eye but then Rue realized something.

“What had happened?” she thought.

As if reading her mind Dr. Snow said sounding bored “you got hit in the eye by a tennis ball that some kid called Aris was throwing around, he got detention.”

“Prim,” Rue whispered.

“What” Snow questioned.

“Prim, is Prim okay?”

“Who is Prim,” Dr. Snow said sounding annoyed.

“Prim, the girl who sits next to me, is she ok, did she get hit?”

Snow glared at her looking disgusted.

“She is the sister of Katniss right? She didn’t get hit but wouldn’t stop crying so we had to send her home. Why is that important to you?”

He then added “Are you two together or something”

At this Rue felt herself going red, as she always does when someone mentions Prim.

“I uh no, we aren’t shes just my best friend. When can I leave?” Rue managed to stutter.

“You can leave when I say so” Dr. Snow hissed, somehow managing to sound exactly like a snake.


The next day Rue had a very sore black eye, it was covered by a bandage which did not help the fact that Rue wore glasses.

When she walked into her registration room she saw Chuck and Omega laughing about something, she decided to go over and ask what happened while she was in the nurse's office the day before.

“Hey guys, what did you guys do yesterday, I was knocked out by a tennis ball that some idiot called Aris threw at my eye”

Suddenly a kid walked up to them, he had dark brown hair which was barely visible underneath the hood of his jacket. His jacket looked quite cool, Rue thought, it was light grey with darker grey stips going down the arms of it.

“Hi, I'm Aris, I just wanted to apologize for accidentally hitting you in the eye, I really didn’t mean to and I hope that you'll forgive me and forget that it ever happened, I truly didn’t mean to and it was an accident and I uh I I’m so so so so sorry” Aris rambled quickly, not meeting Rue’s eyes.

Rue felt bad for the guy, he seemed like an ok person, they could be friends.

She held out her hand for Aris to shake, she then said, “You are forgiven. Friends?”

He shook her hand and mumbled “friends”, smiling he then walked away.

“So,” Rue started, talking to Omega and Chuck, “what happened yesterday”

Chuck and Omega looked at each other and laughed before saying “you missed a lot” but refused to tell Rue anything else.

Prim then walked into the room, she noticed Rue and ran over to her and hugged her tight.

“I’m so glad you’re ok” she kept repeating, smiling.

Rue hugged her back, lost for words.

Maybe this day would be better than the day before.

Chapter Text

A knock at the door startles Omega out of sleep.

They look at the small clock beside their bed on a tiny wooden table. 06:46. Why would someone be here now?

They get out of bed and, avoiding the floorboards that creak, get to the bedroom door.

They walk along the hallway and look down the stairs. They see Mother staring at a man in a blue sweatshirt and jeans, with a curly haired boy slightly older than Omega (they note his honey brown eyes and that look very similar to their own).

They hear Mother say in a shrill tone to the man, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see my kid.”

His kid? What?

Omega walks down the stairs and announces their presence by saying, “Who’s that?” The man’s head is in full view now, he has the same eyes as Omega and the boy. There are small scars on his face, barely noticeable that you’d think they’re wrinkles at first glance, and his hair is dark brown and quite short.

They exchange glances. “I’m your father, Omega.”

Their mouth opens slightly and then closes. Omega glares at Mother accusingly. “You told me he was dead. You told me he joined the army and died when I was born.” They then point a finger at the kid. “You told me I was the only child. He’s my brother, isn’t he?” There was no answer. There wasn’t meant to be. It was obvious what the truth was.

Mother sighs. “Maybe you should go in the living room.” This wasn’t a suggestion. Ever obedient, Omega trudges into the living room and sits on the scarred chair. They sit in silence for a bit until the boy – their brother – comes in as well. He sits on the chair across from Omega.

“What’s your name?” Omega asks. Might as well ask. “Boba,” was the gruff response. Boba brings his knees up to his chest and sits in that position, his legs moving slightly with each breath. Omega meanwhile, crosses their legs and tries to listen to the conversation happening mere metres away.

“You leave as soon as I’m pregnant… now you’re back?!” Mother somehow manages to shriek this quietly.

Father sighs. “I know, I know. I just—”

“You just what, Jango? You come back after years of no contact with me, expecting to be welcomed warmly? You make me sick.”

Father – Jango – says, full of emotion, “After Fives died, I realised I’ve been a terrible father.” Mother scoffs. “When I went to the funeral, I saw all of my kids. I had never been there for them, heck some of them might not even know of my existence.”

Jango continues talking but Omega stops listening. They look back at Boba, who’s still in the same position. They attempt a bit of conversation. “There’s more kids?” Boba looks up at them and nods. “There’s loads. They’re all old, though, they’re mainly in their 20’s. Never talked to them. I wasn’t allowed. And anyways, after the funeral, I’m pretty sure the ones that are old enough are in the army so they have ‘duties’ or whatever.” Boba sighs. “There’s so many brothers. How many people has Dad-” he stops himself from swearing “you know.” Omega hums in response. Neither of them want to think about that.

Moving on, Omega tries to engage in small talk. “How old are you?”

“14, you?”


They begin to talk about more simple things, as the voices become raised. They both try to ignore them, then the swearing starts, almost in every sentence.

Suddenly, everything is quiet. Jango barges in. “Boba, we’re leaving. Now.” He gestures for him to come. Boba obeys, looking back at Omega.

Mother retreats to the kitchen, her face showing no emotion. Omega watches Jango and Boba get into the grey and blue van that they arrived in. With a rumble, the van starts and begins to drive away. Omega waves a goodbye to Boba, which he returns.

Omega and Boba probably would have been best friends if it weren’t for this family.

This broken family.