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The History of Art and Other Things

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For the life of her, Lindsey Horan still has not figured out how to prepare herself for a party. 

It was bad enough when Mal invited her to some house party and wouldn’t let her say no because Lindsey needed to “replace the bad memories of her last party with something good”. Just because now Lindsey knows Sonny likes her and isn’t going to end the night on the dance floor with someone else, doesn’t mean she needs to go to another party. But, after a lot of nagging from Mal and a little push (okay, maybe more like a big push) from Kelley, Lindsey reluctantly agreed to go and invited Sonny to come with them. 

But then, throughout the week, she’s spent more and more time doubting her decision, wondering why she can’t just spend another quiet night at Sonny’s house, playing card games with her roomates, watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the couch, and then migrating upstairs together to make-out. That’s all Lindsey really needs in her life. It would probably be nice to have sex again instead of just make-out—and there isn’t a real reason why they haven’t, it just gets late and they have homework to do and classes early in the morning—and if they just skipped the party, there’d be plenty of time for sex. But Mal and Kelley won’t let her skip now that she’s agreed, so it looks like her Friday night will be much louder than she would like it to be. 

So now, the day has come, and Lindsey’s standing in the middle of her room, surrounded by piles of discarded clothes and she simply cannot figure out what to wear—again. She used her one really good outfit last weekend, which means that she has to come up with something new. Lindsey desperately needs a newer, hotter wardrobe. A wardrobe fit for the girlfriend of someone as hot as Sonny. 

In a last, desperate attempt, Lindsey marches over to her closet and starts flipping through hangers again, pushing past her collection of hoodies and pullovers to get to the very back of her closet where she finds—

That red top. The one Kelley forced her to buy. The one she wouldn’t wear for the last party. The one she’s never found the confidence to wear. With its thin straps and deep-V of a neckline and tie back, there were multiple elements that were too much for her before. That she felt like highlighted the wrong parts of her body—didn’t cover her shoulders up enough. But…

But she can’t help but wonder what Sonny would think of this top. Sonny, who has mentioned multiple times how much she likes Lindsey’s shoulders. Sonny, who spent multiple hours over their time in Seattle lavishing her neck and chest with kisses and bites and marks (some of which are still faintly there). Sonny, who Lindsey had finally taken up on her offer for a back massage after a particularly rough practice on Tuesday, and then had spent half an hour working her hands into Lindsey’s back from her perch straddled over the taller girl’s ass. 

And Lindsey thinks getting to see her girlfriend’s reaction to the top would be worth it, even if Lindsey herself still had some reservations about it. 

Maybe this party might not be so bad after all. 

So, she pulls out her favorite pair of black, high-waisted jeans and wiggles into them, then takes a deep breath and loops her arms into the top’s slender straps. 

“Kell!“ Lindsey shouts down the hallway, “can you come help me?”

The door to Kelley’s room clicks open and Kelley steps out, halfway to getting ready herself with only the bottom layer of her hair curled and the rest pulled up into a clip on the top of her head, but the brunette stops in her tracks when she sees Lindsey.  “Oh my God you’re wearing it!”

Lindsey rolls her eyes playfully, pretending like she wishes Kelley wouldn’t sound so shocked. “Yeah, I am, but I can’t tie the back of it,” Lindsey gestures over her shoulder and then turns around to present the loose ribbons on the back for Kelley to tie. 

“Ugh, I have such good taste!” Kelley remarks as she pulls at the back straps to make sure they’re tight enough, “seriously Linds, you look hot.”

Lindsey huffs out a nervous laugh, “You don’t think it’s, like, too much, right?”

Kelley pulls the bow tight and lightly taps at Lindsey’s shoulder to let her know she’s finished. “Not at all, Linds. There’s no such thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to how you look and how you feel and how you act, and if anyone ever tells you you’re ‘too much’ , then you should drop them like a hot potato. But this?” Kelley gestures at Lindsey’s upper body, “is literal perfection and if Sonny weren’t dating you, I certainly would shoot my shot.”

“Kell! You also literally have your own girlfriend!”

“Okay. And? We would be a cute throuple!”

Lindsey rolls her eyes for real this time. “Kelley, thank you for the help, but I’m going to go finish getting ready to go out now, mostly so I no longer have to listen to you speak.”

“You could add a necklace!” Kelley calls as Lindsey slams the door behind her.

(Lindsey does find a cute little pendant necklace that draws focus nicely to her boobs, and she curses Kelley in her head for being right again.)



“Liiindsss!” Alex calls from downstairs, “Your girlfriend’s here!”

Lindsey gives herself one more look in the mirror. It’s a little strange, still, to see herself in this color and silhouette and actually kind of like it, especially now that she’s added a bit more to her eye makeup and curled her hair. She grabs her little purse off the bed and heads downstairs, increasing her pace as soon as she realizes Kelley’s already in the kitchen and talking to Sonny.

“...and, I’m sure you know this because you’re the one dating her, but Lindsey’s not exactly–” 

Lindsey doesn’t need to know the next word in that sentence to know that Kelley is unhinged and Lindsey absolutely needs to step in and stop her from saying anything more.

“What’s Kelley saying about me?” She interrupts, addressing generally the group of people gathered in her kitchen. There’s Alex and Allie–who aren’t actually going out with them tonight, just seemingly wanting to be included in this conversation—and Kelley, and Sonny, and Rose–who’s tagging along with them to go out. Lindsey slides her arm around her girlfriend’s waist and leans in for a quick kiss, “Hi, babe.” (Behind them, Rose gags dramatically.)

“Um, hi.” Sonny greets her back, “You look so good . I feel almost like a little stupid standing next to you.” Sonny gestures down at her loose, cropped white t-shirt and ripped blue jeans. Lindsey thinks she looks great, but Lindsey always thinks she looks great. Plus her hair is up in a ponytail, which means her tattoo would be on full display if she turned around, and Lindsey really can’t wait to stare at that tonight.

“I picked out the shirt!” Kelley declares excitedly, just after Rose huffs out a laugh and mutters under her breath, “Son’s batting way out of her league.” That earns her a smack in the arm from Sonny, and Lindsey—feeling like she needs to diffuse the tension from this situation before it gets more awkward for both of them—latches her fingers around Sonny’s wrist and starts pulling her towards the door. 

“I think it’s probably time to get going. We gotta pick up Mal on the way over.”

Kelley seems to sense the strained embarrassment in Lindsey’s voice and luckily doesn’t try to argue, just picks up her phone off the counter and tucks it into her back pocket before following Rose and the couple out the door. 

“Have fun, girlies!” Alex yells after them, followed by Allie shouting, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

Honestly, Lindsey’s pretty sure Allie wouldn’t lust after a woman with a tattoo on the back of her neck, so she’s already past making that promise to her housemate. 




The house party’s being thrown by one of the girls Mal knows from her major, at one of those huge houses that has probably, like, twelve people living in it, and there’s a giant backyard where it seems most people are gathering—holding cans of White Claw and red Solo cups that slosh out beer as people dance around to the music that’s booming out from the speakers set up on the porch. 

They go in through the side gate, and Sonny keeps a hand on the small of Lindsey’s back as the frat boy standing guard smiles greasily at her and gives her a once over—and Lindsey can’t help but amusedly notice the absolute death glare her girlfriend gives him as she walks through the gate behind Lindsey. 

Instead of following their friends to the coolers for drinks, Lindsey pulls at Sonny’s arm until they’re out of the path from the entrance and up against the side of the house. “I like it when you get kinda possessive,” she purrs as she pulls her girlfriend up against her. Sonny knits her eyebrows together as if she has no idea what Lindsey’s talking about, and Lindsey leans in to peck her cheek before whispering, “If looks could kill, that frat boy would be dead, babe.”

Sonny scoffs, “Yeah, well, he was looking at you. Not that you don’t deserve it, because, like, who wouldn’t want to look at you?” She rambles, “But his gaze seemed, like, very objectifying and I—”

Lindsey kisses her mostly to shut her up. “See? Possessive. It’s hot.” 

Sonny smirks up at Lindsey as she traces her fingers along the strip of bare skin above Lindsey’s jeans, then hooks her fingers into her belt loops and closes the distance between them again. “We should probably go find our friends, babe. Maybe get some drinks,” she whispers against Lindsey’s lips.

“Lead the way,” Lindsey coaxes, interlocking their fingers and biting at her bottom lip as Sonny pulls Lindsey through the crowd, her gaze falling on the tattoo beneath the swish of blonde hair in front of her, tiny and black and just as sexy as it’s ever been. 

She wants Sonny so badly right now.

She wants Sonny when they get to the drink coolers, as she leans down to rummage for beers and her shirt rises up just slightly, exposing the soft, freckled skin just above her waistband.

She wants Sonny when she pops the tabs of both their drinks, staring at her fingers and remembering what those fingers felt like as they pressed into her last weekend—making her feel both full and like she needed more at the same time.

She wants Sonny when she tips her head back to take her first sip, her neck pulling taut so Lindsey can see the faintest mark that still exists below her ear, the last trace of Lindsey’s mouth left on Sonny’s body. Lindsey wants to leave new marks—wants everyone to know that Sonny’s taken.

Who’s the possessive one now, Linds? She can’t help but think to herself.



Lindsey’s tipsy when Mal pulls her out onto the dance floor. She probably couldn’t go out there without being tipsy—she doesn’t think of herself as particularly gifted at dancing. But she finds herself letting go, dancing with Mal and with Kelley, who had followed them out to the edge of the dance floor, draping her arms lightly around Kelley’s shoulders from behind and bumping her elbows sideways into Mal’s. Kelley grabs one of Lindsey’s hands and spins her around, and Lindsey makes quick eye contact with Sonny as she stands against the fence talking to Rose and some random girl Rose met at the drink coolers. 

Even with just a short glance, Lindsey knows that Sonny’s been watching her dance, and her heart flutters at the sensation of having her girlfriend’s eyes on her. She wants to chase that sensation, so she turns herself around again and finds Sonny’s eyes. She doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing, but she tries to sway her hips sensually and move her shoulders in a way that shows off her neck, flicking her gaze up to Sonny flirtatiously every so often. It feels very intimate, even within this very public space—like her and Sonny are the only two people in this chaos, as all the other people and the sounds and the commotion around them fade out. 

It’s so surreal—like something out of a dream, or a romance movie—when Sonny pushes herself off the fence and starts to make her way towards Lindsey. She stops dancing so she can reach her hand out to her girlfriend and invite her in, pull her close and feel the way her body fits up against her as Sonny starts to move with her to the beat. They dance like that for a minute, just holding each other, focusing on each other. Lindsey leans her head into Sonny’s neck and breathes in the mix of citrus shampoo and lightly spicy perfume, the smell that she’s come to associate with her girlfriend. Lindsey loves that smell and how it can make her feel so calm. Lindsey loves how calm Sonny can make her feel, just by simply being close to her. Lindsey loves that she can be so close to Sonny, both physically and emotionally. Lindsey loves—

Well, Lindsey loves Sonny.

It’s not a particularly shocking discovery that Lindsey’s just uncovered within her mind. Because it’s not really a discovery. Yes, it’s the first time she’s thought those exact words, but it feels as if she’s known them for a while now, maybe even since Sonny took her hiking. She wonders if Sonny feels the same.

She doesn’t ask her though, fearing that it’s too soon to be thinking about love, much less talking about it, and instead just tilts her head forward a little to press a kiss into her girlfriend’s neck, and she feels Sonny shiver against her at the sensation. Lindsey lifts her head and looks with questioning eyes at the woman pressed up against her.

Sonny tilts her chin up and presses her lips into Lindsey’s ear, “You have absolutely no idea what you were doing to me, dancing out here like that, baby.”

In all honesty, Lindsey’s train of thought just a moment ago had been distracting her from the very horny headspace she had been in earlier, but hearing Sonny’s raspy voice brings her right back. 

“Actually, I think I might have a bit of an idea,” she teases, pushing a strand of hair behind Sonny’s ear. “It’s probably about the same as how I felt with your eyes on me.” It still feels like it’s just them in this giant crowd of people, so Lindsey can’t help but to lean in and kiss her girlfriend, using the hand still resting behind Sonny’s ear to stroke down her jaw and coax her deeper into the kiss.

And they’re truly in their own little world until—

“Get a room!” Kelley yells crassly from behind them, and Lindsey pulls away from Sonny smiling.

She facetiously flips her middle finger in Kelley’s direction and retorts, “You know what, Kel? I think we will.” Then she’s pushing just hard enough at one of Sonny’s hips to get her to turn around and make her way out of the crowd with Lindsey following closely behind, guiding her girlfriend out of the party with a hand splayed out on her lower back.



Sonny presses Lindsey back against the door of her room as soon as she can get the door closed. Lindsey had tried to make out with her right when they got into the house, but fearing another awkward run-in with Sam, Sonny had ushered her quickly up the stairs. 

“Linds,” Sonny pants, trailing her finger down the neckline of her top, “this was so unfair.” She watches her own thumb as it rubs delicate circles into the silky fabric, then leans her head down to kiss the exposed swell of Lindsey’s breast—the skin just above her fingers. “Baby, I’m so wet right now,” her voice has dropped down to a whisper as she tilts her head back up to meet Lindsey’s gaze. 

Lindsey groans and drops her head back against the door. “Son—”

Sonny’s kissing her way up Lindsey’s neck now, and Lindsey tangles her hand into her girlfriend’s hair, messing up her ponytail and brushing her fingers along the back of Sonny’s neck where she knows that tattoo is. “Babe, turn around,” Lindsey rasps, the words coming out of her mouth on instinct alone—on her aching desire to finally have something she’s wanted for two months now. Sonny’s grey-blue eyes are clouded with confusion as she tilts her head up to meet Lindsey’s gaze. “Please,” Lindsey adds desperately.

Very slowly, Sonny does as she’s told, Lindsey’s hand dropping to her lower back and skimming her waistline as she turns, eventually splaying out on her stomach as Lindsey pulls her girlfriend flush against her. She parts Sonny’s legs with her knee, propping it up so Sonny can grind down into it, and then she gets her mouth right where she’s wanted it for hours. When she licks up the back of Sonny’s neck and then blows lightly onto the wet trail she just made, the blonde in front of her shivers and rocks her hips down into Lindsey’s well-muscled thigh, sighing a little at the relief she gets from the pressure. 

She trails her hands up the front of Sonny’s shirt, skimming over her bare stomach to discover that her girlfriend hasn’t been wearing a bra all night, settling her hands over Sonny’s breasts and exhaling at the feeling of pert nipples against her palms. Sonny gasps when Lindsey rolls them both between her fingers at the same time, her ass stuttering back into Lindsey’s hips before she grinds down again. Lindsey loves how she feels both in control and like she’s being pinned back against the wall at the same time—can feel wetness pooling in her underwear because of this position. 

She kisses up the back of Sonny’s neck again, taking a moment to bite at that little bit of inked skin, feeling hungry as her girlfriend squirms against her. “Linds,” Sonny whimpers, “I—I need more, baby pl—please.”

As much as she’s enjoying exactly where they are right now, she’s also not in the mood to deny her girlfriend anything, especially when she’s this much of a mess. So, she loosens her grip and straightens out her knee, causing Sonny to sigh at the loss of pressure, and suddenly, Lindsey feels nervous. She doesn’t actually know how to take control of this situation, even if she wants to. 

“Um,” Lindsey says meekly as Sonny turns around to face her. Seeing the tenuous look in Lindsey’s eyes, she softens immediately.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Sonny whispers.

“I—I don’t know how to do this. Like, how to—um, be in charge?”

In a completely unexpected reaction, Sonny chuckles. “Yes you do,” she says gently, “You were just doing it, and, may I just say, it was working really well for you. And me.”

Lindsey huffs out a laugh as well at that, “Really? I don’t know, I just feel silly, I guess.” She looks down at where her girlfriend is clasping Lindsey’s hands between their torsos. 

“You don’t have to feel silly when you do anything with me, Linds. I promise.” Sonny pulls their clasped hands up and kisses Lindsey’s knuckles. “We don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t want to.”

“No,” Lindsey shakes her head over-exaggeratedly. “I want this. So badly. You just—” she strokes her thumb over the back of Sonny’s hand. “You just might have to, um, help me out just a little bit here.”

“Okay,” Sonny leans forward and presses a sincere kiss into Lindsey’s lips. Then, she takes a step back from Lindsey and grabs at the hem of her own shirt, pulling it over her head in one fluid motion. “Helpful?” Sonny raises her eyebrows at her girlfriend, and Lindsey nods. “Would you like to come over here and help me take these off?” She continues, hooking her fingers under the waistband of her jeans.

Lindsey pushes herself off from the door and advances toward Sonny, clutching at her girlfriend’s hips and walking her back towards the bed. “I can certainly do that.” Her hands work at the button on Sonny’s jeans, pressing them down over her hips with enough eager force that Sonny loses her balance and topples backwards onto the bed, giggling. With Sonny laying down, Lindsey gives one last tug at the ankles of Sonny’s pants until they’re finally off and she can discard them onto the floor. She surges up the bed to capture Sonny’s lips, much more hungrily this time, letting her hands roam over the newly revealed skin—the sculpted abs, the strong biceps, the toned thighs—until she finds her hands resting at the waistband of Sonny’s underwear. 

“Can I?” She asks Sonny from under her lashes.

“Yeah. Yes. Please.” Sonny’s words come out breathlessly. 

Lindsey discards the underwear quickly, and then repositions herself back on the bed with her elbow propping her up next to Sonny's head, her fingers tracing delicate patterns on Sonny’s low stomach, her knee nudging Sonny’s thighs open. Lindsey lets her hand drift lower, skimming across her girlfriend’s inner thighs, and Sonny makes a desperate noise below her.

“Linds. Please—”

The word’s barely out of Sonny’s mouth before Lindsey’s dragging two fingers through the sticky wetness between her legs, drawing a quick circular motion around her clit when her fingertips get there.

“Fuck, baby…” Sonny gasps out as Lindsey bares down on her neck, finding that faint spot she had been admiring earlier and biting down, soothing it with her tongue right afterwards. She works Sonny up with her fingers on her clit and her mouth on her neck and then, remembering something Sonny did for her last weekend, she pulls her hand back, eliciting a sigh from Sonny’s lips. Lindsey kisses her mouth before she can protest the loss of pressure, letting her fingers roam Sonny’s inner thighs again, only refocusing her efforts on working Sonny up once her signs against Lindsey’s mouth have become a little less desperate. The second time, she lets Sonny get to the point where her kisses are becoming hazy and unfocused, her hips trying to grind against the weight of Lindsey’s pelvis, and then she backs off the pressure.

Sonny lets out a helpless groan, “Linds, fuck—please.”

Lindsey hums from where her mouth is now tucked into Sonny’s neck, buzzing her lips against the delicate skin there. “Do you need something, babe?” She teases, pushing herself up onto her elbow so she can look at her girlfriend—her once-neat ponytail now a dishevelled mess, her lips red and kiss-swollen, her eyes only half open but still pleading.

“Y—yes. So badly. N—need you, so ba—”

Lindsey’s fingers find her center before she can even finish, and her head bends down so her mouth can latch on to one of Sonny’s nipples, and this time she doesn’t let up. When she can sense Sonny getting close, she lifts her head so she can watch—can see her girlfriend arch her back and squeeze her eyes shut and open her mouth on a sigh. 

Sonny comes with a loud, “Fuck!” and then a rambling string of, “oh, my god—fuck, Lindsey, oh, fuck, oh my god—I love you!”

The world around Lindsey goes silent for a moment, the only sound an echoing sensation in her ears, I love you, I love you, I love you , until she’s pulled back into the present by a tapping on her wrist—her girlfriend asking her to let up on the pressure as stream-of-consciousness words start pouring out of her mouth.

“Linds? I—I, didn’t mean to say—I mean, I meant it, but that was the worst time to—I’m so sorry I—”

“I love you, too,” Lindsey’s world finally comes back into focus as she finds her girlfriend’s eyes, watches the crinkles form as the most genuine smile spreads across Sonny’s face.

“Really?” It’s an adorably pure and hopeful question, encompassing so many of the things she loves about her girlfriend in just one simple word.

“Yeah, I really do.”

So much for it being too early in the relationship to talk about love.