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as sweet as wine

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Xiao doesn’t know where he is, but he’s definitely far from home. The wetlands of Dihua Marsh have long given way to towering cliffs, then to the sparse beginnings of woodlands. At least this area is greener than Dihua Marsh. 

Wandering around in the wilderness without any direction is not Xiao’s definition of fun. He’s always been one of the fastest in their family -- Xiao can outpace a pack of wild boars and bring them down in the blink of an eye, or sneak up on a duo of cranes and spear them before they can take to the sky. That's why when their family fell into hardship, Xiao was the one who moved to Dihua Marsh to make a living as a hunter. Every week, he sells his catch to Wangshu Inn, then mails the money to his family in Liyue Harbor. It’s not much, but it’s enough to get by. Though his sister, Ganyu, would never write anything in her letters to worry Xiao, he knows they can’t live without the money he sends their family. But in the last few weeks, the hunt around Dihua Marsh has been sparse, to the point where Xiao is lucky if he can track down a single fox. He’s forced to travel farther and farther north to find enough catch to eat, let alone sell.  

The best Xiao can do is to continue walking through the edge of the forest, follow the coastline just beyond the trees, and pray to Morax that he’ll eventually find a boar, a crane, anything that he can sell to feed his family for a few days. High above his head, the sun casts a shimmering glitter onto the water. The breeze is refreshingly cool on his face, bringing the faint scent of berries and grapes, while the earth under his feet is springy and damp, nothing like the familiar rock surrounding the lands of Dihua Marsh and Liyue Harbor. 

Xiao’s stomach rumbles. He checks his bag, but the lack of successful hunting has drained his supplies and Xiao finds nothing to eat. Sighing, he draws his spear. He has no choice but to make a brief stop and scavenge something for lunch. Afterwards, he can continue his journey.

Around him, the forest is eerily quiet. There are no chirps from wandering birds, no rustle of small creatures in the bushes. Nothing, but the whisper of the breeze. It sets Xiao on edge, and he holds his polearm close as he walks through the trees. He is no fool, and if there is something in these woods that has scared all the wildlife away, then Xiao will not let it catch him unprepared.

It’s only because of Xiao’s vigilance that he picks up the faint trill of a birdsong just ahead. Silently, Xiao follows the bird’s haunting melody until he reaches a clearing within the woods. Instantly, Xiao’s instincts tingle with warning. He hesitates, but his stomach gurgles again and he knows he can’t continue his journey on an empty stomach. As soon as he catches this bird, he can leave this ominous forest behind. 

Across the clearing, a single dove sits on a tree branch. It’s deathly still, save for the faint rise and fall of its chest as it coos mournfully. Xiao flexes his grip on his polearm and takes careful aim. He can’t afford to miss. As he exhales, he throws the polearm, watching it fly true towards the bird’s chest...then suddenly veer right over its head. 

A shiver runs down Xiao’s spine. It’s impossible for a spear to change directions mid-flight.

The dove stops cooing and snaps its head in Xiao’s direction, its beady eyes boring into Xiao’s. 

Something in Xiao pulls him forward, and he steps into the clearing. The bird doesn’t look away from Xiao as the hunter draws closer. He shivers again, but he doesn’t stop until he stands right in front of the bird. This close, Xiao notices a drop of red on its chest, stark against the bird’s white plumage. The unsettling feeling in his gut grows. The dove cocks its head and coos. Once. Twice. The splash of red spreads looks like blood. 

It opens its beak and shrieks.

Xiao moves purely on instinct. He grabs the dove and with a quick twist, he breaks its neck. Shuddering, he struggles to catch the breath he didn’t know he was holding. The dove’s body hangs limply in his hands. That...that wasn’t normal. No bird lets anything get that close without fluttering away. No one looks a killer in the eye and challenges him to death, and no prey allows a predator to simply walk up to it. No creature screeches like that without trying to warn something. It only confirms Xiao’s fears of something dangerous in these woods. Something that can turn a hunter into the hunted, something that now knows where Xiao is and will be coming for him. 

Xiao shoves the dove into his bag and runs. He scoops his fallen spear from the ground as he tears through the trees, uncaring of where he’s headed as long as it’s far away from this forest.

Twigs scrape at his ankles and branches whip at his face but Xiao doesn’t even register the pain as he flees. He hates the unnatural stillness of this silent forest. He’s tired, he’s hungry, he’s more afraid than he’s ever been in his life, he-

Suddenly, a woman’s scream pierces through the air. Startled, Xiao loses his footing and trips over a stray root. He lands on the ground, just as a boar bursts into view, squealing as it runs towards him. Xiao ducks behind a tree, his hand flying to his polearm. Another chilling howl echoes in the air, followed by footsteps growing increasingly louder, and Xiao freezes. Slowly, he presses himself against the tree’s trunk, slinking into the shadows. Leaves block his vision and the angle is awkward, but it’s enough to see the boar approach his tree and-

There’s a blur of movement as a body throws itself onto the boar and tackles it to the ground. It -- no, that’s a she , the body belongs to a woman dressed in simple fawn skins -- grasps handfuls of the boar’s hair to keep from being thrown off. The woman throws back her head, her wild, wine-red hair nestled under a circlet made of ivy branches. 

Xiao’s eyes grow wide as four more women appear. They’re similarly dressed in deerskins and an assortment of ivy wreaths, but Xiao’s gaze falls on the red, red, red that stains their faces and hands. Three of them -- one with dark pigtails, one with icy-blue hair, and one with wavy brown curls -- circle around the boar and wine-haired woman, then hold down the boar’s flailing legs. The last woman steps forward, her long blonde hair pulled into a wild ponytail. From her commanding presence alone, Xiao can immediately tell that she’s the leader. The blonde woman raises her hands and starts to sing. As the others join in, their voices rise in a hysterical cacophony, louder and louder, until they reach a climax in their song -- and rip the boar’s limbs from its body. 

Xiao claps a hand over his mouth to muffle his yell of surprise. On the forest floor, the boar twitches and stills, blood flowing from the mass of torn muscle, bone, and sinew. Xiao takes a trembling step back. It takes incredible strength to hold down a wild animal, let alone tear it apart limb by limb with one’s bare hands .  

No human should be able to do that .

The women howl in delight, dancing around the corpse and ripping pieces of flesh from the body. Their leader pulls a bottle of wine from gods-know-where and pours it over the mangled boar. 

Xiao….Xiao needs to get out of here. He backs away slowly, ready to run-


Xiao freezes. He shifts his weight off of the snapped twig under his heel, but it’s too late. The women all stare in his direction, their hungry eyes searching the forest until they land on him.


For the second time in less than an hour, Xiao runs for his life. Desperately, he dashes around a cluster of trees, swerving in zigzags to throw off his pursuers. The women are not just strong, they’re also fast , and Xiao’s hunger and exhaustion weigh him down. They’re right behind him, crashing through the trees and letting out frenzied screams. He pushes himself to run faster, to put just a little more distance between him and the women’s outstretched claws. Xiao can barely feel the burn in his lungs or the ache in his feet -- he only registers the adrenaline pumping through his veins and the frantic rhythm of his heartbeat ringing in his ears. He prays to Morax, any of the Archons that may be listening -- dear Gods, if you’re listening, please save me, I’ll do anything, please- 

A warm breeze caresses his face, ruffling his bangs. Then, a hand shoots out from behind a tree and snatches Xiao’s wrist. The hunter grunts as he’s yanked behind a thick cedar tree. He spins, polearm in hand, ready to impale his assailant. Instead of the bloodthirsty, crazed woman he expects to see, he finds a young man about his age. The man presses Xiao against the tree and places a hand over Xiao’s mouth to muffle his heavy breaths. Vaguely, Xiao registers that the man smells like apples and wine.

“Shhh,” The young man whispers. Just behind their tree, Xiao can hear the women slowing down, trying to sniff out their lost prey. From the sound of their footsteps, Xiao knows they’re spreading out, slowly closing in for the kill. He closes his eyes, and braces himself for death. 

The wind picks up again, rustling loudly through the leaves in a way that sounds eerily like a fleeing animal. One of the women shouts an order, then Xiao hears them racing away, chasing the sound of the wind. 

It takes Xiao a few minutes to realize that the women are truly gone. His knees buckle under him, and Xiao collapses against the tree, shaking. His savior steps back to give Xiao space and peers around the trunk of their tree. 

“The Maenads are gone.” He reports, turning back to Xiao’s trembling form. 

The young man is dressed in a simple white tunic. Two dark braids frame his innocent face and emerald eyes, the tips of his hair fading to deep-blue green. Gods, he’s beautiful. Ethereal. A lopsided ivy wreath sits on his head like a crown, just like the ones that the women were wearing, and Xiao eyes it warily. The man follows his gaze and touches the circlet on his head sheepishly. “Don’t worry, I honor Bacchanalia differently. You can call me Venti, by the way.”

“I’m Xiao.” He manages to croak. Gods, his throat is dry.

The young man eyes him curiously, then pulls a chalice from the folds of his tunic. He offers it to Xiao, a bright smile on his face. “Well, Xiao, it looks like you need a drink, and you can’t celebrate Bacchanalia without wine.”

Xiao accepts the chalice gratefully and drinks. He is so exhausted that he doesn’t register that Venti just pulled a full cup of wine from thin air. He does register that the wine fills his stomach, and makes the dull ache of hunger fades away.

“I guess running into the Maenads is definitely one way to celebrate.” Venti sighs. 

Xiao finds enough strength to push himself back on his feet. His mind swims with questions. “Mae..nads?”

“A cult of followers that worship Barbatos. We all celebrate the god during the Festival of Bacchanalia, but most people of Mondstadt stick to drinking and dancing.” Venti hums thoughtfully. “The Maenads drink enough to go into a frenzy, since they believe it’ll let them spiritually connect with Barbatos. They’re mad enough to sacrifice every living thing they find to their god. No sane person would go into the forest during Bacchanalia.”

“I didn’t know.” Xiao stares down at the cup of wine in his hands. The red liquid suddenly looks like blood. He lifts the chalice and takes another shaky sip.

Venti studies him, his arms on his hips. “You’re not from Mondstadt, are you?”

“No, I’m a hunter from Liyue. I must have misjudged just how far north I traveled.”

“You’re a follower of that blockhead Archon?” Venti scoffs. He thinks for a moment, then a saccharine smile slips across his face. Is it Xiao’s imagination or do Venti’s eyes seem to darken? “Why not follow Barbatos instead? The god of Wind, Wine, and Freedom can offer you more than the god of Earth and Contracts. You’re in Mondstadt now, after all.” 

Xiao stiffens. He’s a devout follower of Morax, and hearing Venti discuss Xiao’s god in such a way feels dirty and blasphemous. He holds his tongue though -- it doesn’t do well to speak ill of the man who saved his life. 

Suddenly, the world blurs as dizziness washes over Xiao. He sways, wine sloshing over the rim of the cup in his hand as he wobbles. Xiao struggles to think. Is the adrenaline crash finally catching up to him? Regardless, he should get away from this forest before he runs into the Maenads again, or something even worse. “I-I think it must be time I get going.” 

Venti clicks his tongue. He strides forward and places a hand against Xiao’s chest, pinning him against the tree. It doesn’t take much force -- Xiao is so weak that he would fall over if Venti wasn’t holding him in place. The young man leans towards Xiao, his eyes shifting into something dark, hungry, wild .

“I don’t think so,” Warm breath ghosts against Xiao’s ear, and the hunter can’t help but shiver. 

“Venti, w-what’s going on, I-”

“Perhaps the Maenads were right about wine though,” Venti’s teeth brush against Xiao’s earlobe. He gently plucks the chalice of wine from Xiao’s trembling fingers. “The madness it creates is absolutely delicious.”

“I don’t, I-”

“Did you think you could come into my forest on the day of my festivities,” Venti murmurs. “And interrupt my followers from making a sacrifice to me without there being a price?”

Xiao’s vision is hazy, and he struggles to clear the fog from his mind. Still, one thing is terrifyingly clear. A chill sets into Xiao’s bones. It seems he found the greatest predator in this forest after all. “You’re Lord Barbatos.”

Xiao feels more than sees the god’s smile. He pulls away, and without his support, Xiao falls to his knees. The god smirks. “So you’re not completely under yet. Good.”

“Please, I have to return my family, I-”

Venti raises an eyebrow. “The last man to run into the Maenads was a king, and he still had his head ripped off. And here you are, a mere hunter of Liyue. Do you see now? The only reason that you’re still alive is because of me. You owe me your life.”

Desperate, Xiao fumbles for his fallen spear. He can’t strike a god, even at his full strength. Still, Xiao can’t die here. He closes his fingers around the shaft and takes a deep breath. He has one chance. He can’t miss. 

Even as he stumbles to his feet, swinging the polearm clumsily, Xiao knows his efforts are futile. Even with one hand, Venti easily disarms him, plucking the polearm from his fingers and pushing Xiao back onto his knees. The last-ditch escape effort had taken all of Xiao’s energy, and he slumps limply. The god looks down on him in amusement.

“It was a good try, I’ll give you that.” Venti flexes his grip on Xiao’s spear. At his command, ivy vines sprout from his fingertips, curling upwards around the spear’s shaft until they reach the spearhead, where a giant pinecone grows and envelops the tip. Venti twirls his newly made staff, admiring his handiwork. Then, he pushes the tip of the pine cone under Xiao’s chin and forces the hunter to look him in the eyes. Xiao glares at him. He was raised to revere and worship the gods, but Xiao can’t find an ounce of respect within him for the god who’s about to kill him.

“Still so much fight left in you, even after drinking all that wine.” Venti uses the staff to turn Xiao’s face from side to side. His eyes are cold as he studies Xiao. “Oh Xiao, I’m going to have so much fun with you.” 

This makes Xiao jerk his head. He stares at Venti, confused. “You’re not going to kill me?”

Venti thinks for a moment. “I saved your life. That makes you mine.” He finally decides. “So no, I won’t kill you. But,” Venti adds as an afterthought. “You’ll probably wish I had.”

“Whatever you do, I won’t give in.” Xiao pants for breath as a flush creeps across his cheeks. He feels like he’s on fire. Every inch of his skin tingles with sensitivity. He does his best to ignore the heat that pools in his belly and shoots Venti a dirty look. “Do your worst.”

Venti grins and leans closer to Xiao. He drops the staff in favor of curling a hand in Xiao’s hair and tilting his head up. His eyes glint hungrily. It seems Xiao’s physical reactions had not gone unnoticed. “Oh, my dove, I absolutely plan to.”

Xiao barely has time to brace himself before Venti pulls him into a bruising kiss. Venti’s lips are soft and his mouth is warm, but the way he licks into Xiao’s mouth leaves no doubt that Venti is a being accustomed to taking everything he desires. Venti sucks hungrily on Xiao’s bottom lip, rolling it between his teeth. He tastes like wine, and Xiao wonders if it’s possible to get drunk on the lips of a god.

As if Xiao isn’t drunk enough already. For several minutes, the effects of the wine have been slowly intensifying, but now, liquid heat races through Xiao’s veins, his skin prickling everywhere that Venti touches. With all of his senses heightened, Xiao is hyper aware of the sting in his scalp as Venti tightens his grip in Xiao’s hair and pulls him into their kiss. 

The god pushes Xiao down to the forest floor and straddles his hips. Venti runs his tongue over Xiao’s teeth, then flicks it against Xiao’s tongue, exploring Xiao’s mouth. Xiao whimpers as his cock twitches in his pants.

Venti bites down on Xiao’s lip, hard enough to draw blood. Xiao groans deeply at the sharp flare of pain, but it helps clear his mind, even for just a moment. Shame washes over him, and he weakly pushes against the god in his lap. He feels Venti’s lips quirk into a smile, then the god pulls away. Xiao struggles to catch his breath. A thin string of saliva trails between their lips, and Xiao watches as it rolls down Venti’s chin. 

“You belong to me now.” Venti says softly. With a feather-light touch, Venti thumbs over the bite marks in Xiao’s lips.

“Lord Barbatos,” Xiao croaks. “Venti... w-what did you do to me?”

Venti waves his hand and the chalice reappears. The scent of grapes and cloying wine wafts through the air. 

“They say that wine is truly a drink for the gods. With mortals like you, it takes away your inhibitions, unlocks your desire. And this,” Venti trails a hand down and cups Xiao, sending another wave of heat through Xiao. “This is your desire.” He smiles coyly. “Don’t you want me, Xiao?”

“No,” Xiao grits his teeth. “I want to go home.”

“This is your home,” Venti purrs. “You worship me now.”

Venti lifts the cup to his lips and takes a sip of the wine, never breaking eye contact with Xiao. Then, he grabs Xiao’s chin and holds the cup of wine to Xiao’s own swollen mouth. The hunter struggles to break free, but Venti’s grip is too strong. Xiao closes his eyes as the sweet wine is forced down his throat. The warm, heady dizziness returns, and suddenly, Xiao can’t think of anything except for how much he aches for Venti’s touch. 

Venti digs his fingers into Xiao’s face until he opens his eyes again. The god wipes a drop of wine from the corner of Xiao’s lips and licks it from his finger. He sets the cup of wine to the side, then pushes Xiao down again until the hunter is lying down under the tree with Venti still on his lap. Xiao bucks his hips, trying to throw Venti off. 

“Just relax, my dove.” Venti coos. “Let me show you what it means to worship.”

He pulls Xiao’s wrists above his head. Once again, vines sprout at his command, wrapping around Xiao’s wrists and arms until they’re tied securely to the base of the tree. Venti leans down and captures Xiao’s lips in a sloppy, wet kiss, swallowing each sound of pleasure that escapes from Xiao. He breaks away and moves lower, pressing chaste kisses to Xiao’s jaw and brushing his lips over the smooth expanse of Xiao’s neck. The god licks a stripe down Xiao’s throat, then sinks his teeth into Xiao’s skin. 

Xiao moans as Venti alternates between sucking hungrily at the bite mark and lapping soothingly over his aching skin. Venti trails his mouth over every inch of Xiao’s neck and collarbones, thoroughly claiming and marking Xiao as his. His fingers drift down Xiao’s chest, then deftly tear Xiao’s shirt away. 

Xiao trembles as Venti runs his hands over Xiao’s scarred and rippling chest, his muscles thick and hardened from years of hunting. Venti hums in appreciation, tracing each of Xiao’s scars with soft kisses. Then, he takes one of Xiao’s pink nipples into his mouth. Xiao jerks as Venti sucks on his nipple, circling the hardened bud with his tongue and biting down on it gently. Each of Venti’s movements sends electrifying pleasure racing through Xiao’s body. Xiao strains against the vines holding him in place, desperately wishing he could touch himself. Instead, he’s left searching for friction for his hardening dick. 

“Venti, i-it’s too much,” Xiao gasps. Venti pulls off with a wet pop and grins widely. 

“I didn’t know you were so sensitive here, my dove.” Venti harshly pinches Xiao’s other nipple and Xiao whines with pleasure. Smirking, Venti grabs the cup of wine and pours it over Xiao’s chest. Xiao shivers. The wine is cold on his skin, which otherwise feels like it’s burning with his arousal. 

Immediately, Venti’s mouth is back on his chest, lapping up the wine from Xiao’s body. He takes Xiao’s nipple back into his mouth, lavishing it with his tongue and rolling it between his teeth. Venti reaches over to play with Xiao’s other nipple, pinching and pulling at it, until Xiao is a quivering, shaking mess under Venti. He moans loudly, arching his back into Venti’s mouth. 

“You should be quiet. Don’t let the Maenads hear you.” With his free hand, Venti dips his fingers in the cup, soaking them with wine before prodding at Xiao’s mouth. Obediently, Xiao takes Venti’s fingers into his mouth, sucking and licking away the droplets of wine. Venti watches him through half-lidded eyes, moving to massage the wine onto Xiao’s tongue. Xiao groans again, muffled around Venti’s hand in his mouth. Venti lets Xiao continue playing with his fingers as he returns his attention to Xiao’s nipples. 

The dizziness clouds Xiao’s senses, filling his mind with hazy desire. He wants Venti’s mouth on every part of his body, he wants to tangle his fingers in the Archon’s braids and beg to be filled up, he wants Venti to-

“Touch me. Please, Venti, touch me.” Xiao mumbles, trying to get the words out around Venti’s fingers fucking his throat. He groans as Venti slips his fingers from Xiao’s mouth, coated in saliva, and grinds down on Xiao’s dick. He’s hard, gods he’s so hard . Between his uncomfortable growing tightness in his pants and Venti’s warm, wet mouth on his sensitive nipples, Xiao is completely overwhelmed. He pushes his hips into Venti, searching for friction, attention, anything . A tear slips from his eye, but Xiao doesn’t even care. All that matters is the way that Venti smiles sweetly at him and reaches behind him to palm Xiao’s dick. 

“Begging for me already?” Venti slides off Xiao’s lap. He takes his time unbuckling Xiao’s pants and inching them off. Xiao thrashes his legs, almost sobbing with relief as his pants come off. Venti places a tender kiss on the tip of Xiao’s dick, which tents his underwear. Xiao almost jerks his hips up, but Venti places a firm hand on his waist and holds him in place. “Doesn’t it feel good to give in, Xiao?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Xiao babbles as Venti hooks a finger in Xiao’s underwear and tugs it off. Xiao’s dick springs free, and the god’s eyes widen. Xiao knows he’s pretty large, but he’s never been with anyone who eyes his body as hungrily as Venti does. The god looks like he wants to devour Xiao -- and with the way he worked his mouth over Xiao’s body earlier, Xiao wants him to too.

Unlike the excruciatingly slow way he had stripped Xiao, Venti tears his own clothes off quickly and efficiently. Under his tunic, the Archon’s body is all pale, unblemished skin -- lean and soft and tantalizing. Xiao pulls at his bindings again, growling when they hold firm. He wants to run his hands over Venti’s body, feel his silky skin under Xiao’s own rough hands. His gaze trails downward, until it lands on Venti’s erect dick. Noticing Xiao’s stare, Venti smiles and pinches him on the inside of his thigh. 

“We’ll have time for that later, my dove.” Venti pulls the ivy crown from his hair, where it shrinks until it fits in the palm of his hand. Xiao watches, confused, until Venti slips the circlet over Xiao’s half-hard dick and wraps it snugly around his base. Xiao whines at the pressure, and more tears fall as he realizes he won’t be able to come without Venti’s permission. Venti ignores Xiao, gazing down at his dick with lust-filled eyes. 

“You’re so pretty like this,” Venti peppers Xiao’s dick with kisses. “Tied up just for me, with your cock wrapped up like a present. Just for me.

Xiao gasps as Venti takes him into his mouth. He feels so warm and wet around Xiao. The god wraps his hand around the base of his cock, languidly stroking the parts he can’t fit into his mouth. Venti swirls his tongue around Xiao’s head, then runs his tongue around Xiao’s shaft. Xiao moans as Venti pulls off to catch his breath. He licks away every bead of pre-cum, then runs his tongue over Xiao’s slit. Xiao throws his head back, panting.

“I want- hngh- ” Xiao breaks off into a moan as Venti pumps his cock, firm and slow.  Venti flutters his eyelashes at Xiao, rubbing his thumb over the veins of Xiao’s dick. 

“You were saying?” Venti presses a soft kiss to Xiao’s knee, to his thighs, everywhere except his painfully hard dick.

“I-I want to t-touch you too.” Xiao struggles to string his thoughts together, his mind hazy with arousal. “Please let me - ahh , Venti- !”

Venti hums thoughtfully as he thinks Xiao’s request over. Then, he flips around, repositioning himself so that he lays on top of Xiao, with his ass in Xiao’s face. The god wiggles his ass, and Xiao is entranced by the way his asscheeks bounce. “Would you like to help prepare me, my dove?”

Xiao tugs at the vines holding his hands above him. Still no give. “H-How?”

Venti scoots backward until his asshole is right under Xiao’s face -- pretty and pink. “Use your tongue. Don’t I look delicious?” 

That’s all the instruction Xiao gets before Venti swallows him up again. Hesitantly, Xiao runs his tongue over Venti’s rim, feeling it flutter under his ministrations. Pulling his head back, Xiao spits onto Venti’s hole then surges forward to lick at it, repeating his actions until Venti is wet and dripping. 

On top of him, Venti groans lowly, hollowing his cheeks and sucking Xiao’s dick with renewed vigor. Xiao trembles as Venti moans in the back of his throat, sending vibrations around Xiao’s cock. Not to be outdone, Xiao pushes his tongue into Venti’s hole. The god jolts, his muscles clenching around Xiao’s tongue. He slides his tongue around Venti’s inner walls, searching for the bundle of nerves that he knows will make Venti scream. When he realizes that he can’t reach it, Xiao whines and pulls his tongue out. 

Immediately, Venti grinds his ass against Xiao’s face. It’s only then that Xiao realizes that Venti is panting and shaking, a hand pressed to his mouth to muffle his cries. Vaguely, Xiao registers Venti’s hard dick poking against his chest. 

“D-don’t stop.” Venti breathes out. He continues to pump Xiao’s shaft, almost purple from how hard it is, in a stuttering, shaky rhythm. 

Who is Xiao to disobey a god? Xiao dives back, fucking into Venti with his tongue while the god sucks Xiao’s cock. Their movements are jerky, frantic, desperate. Xiao can feel drool dripping down his face as he rams his tongue into Venti and licks at his walls. He moves away to bite hard on the soft flesh, and Venti whimpers. Xiao’s cock throbs as he thinks of how pretty Venti would look, moaning his name and bouncing on his cock with tears streaking down his face, and gods he wants to come, he wants to come right now. 

“Venti,” Xiao gasps. “P-please, it hurts, I want to come, take it off, take the ring off-”

“Shhh, my dove,” Venti pulls away from Xiao, running his hands soothingly along Xiao’s waist as he turns himself around so he can face Xiao and sit on his lap. He reaches behind him and prods at his hole, before giving Xiao a pleased smile. “You did such a good job, getting me so wet.”

Carefully, Venti lines himself up and slowly slides onto Xiao’s cock. The hunter watches, enraptured, as his cock disappears into the god’s ass. When Venti reaches about halfway, he pauses, hissing at the stretch. Impatient, Xiao thrusts his hips upward, burying himself to the hilt. 

Venti grunts in pain, falling forward onto Xiao’s chest. Xiao sighs, dizzy with the feeling of Venti clenching around him, so tight and warm around Xiao. Venti swats at Xiao’s chest, then reaches over and twists Xiao’s nipples harshly. 

“I didn’t say you could do that.” Venti grumbles, but there’s no bite behind his words. He’s beautiful, with his dilated pupils, swollen lips, and a red flush spreading over his face and neck. Xiao can even see the slight bulge of his cock in Venti’s stomach. The god looks so utterly fucked out. Xiao doesn’t think he looks much better himself, except he’s also covered with dried tear tracks and drool. 

Venti stays there a moment, taking deep breaths and playing with Xiao’s nipples as he adjusts to the stretch of having Xiao inside him. Then without warning, he moves his hands to Xiao’s hips, raises himself up and slams himself down on Xiao’s cock. Venti moans, throwing his head back. Xiao can only watch as Venti repeats the action, lifting himself with trembling arms before sinking back down and impaling himself. Slowly, Venti increases his pace, fucking himself on Xiao’s cock.

“Fuck, you’re so hard.” Venti groans. Xiao rolls his hips, as much as he can with Venti holding him down. Venti shifts on Xiao’s lap, then suddenly cries out as Xiao’s dick hits his prostate. Venti quivers, clenching around Xiao, the rim of muscles squeezing even tighter around Xiao. “You feel so good in me, Xiao, filling me up like this.”  

Xiao growls and thrashes his arms. His previous attempts of pulling free must have loosened his bonds, because now the vines sway with each of his movements. Xiao concentrates. With all of his strength, he rips his hands apart, breaking through his bonds.

The god only has time to blink in shock before Xiao grabs his hips, picks him up, and slams him down on his cock. Venti chokes as Xiao lifts him up and pushes him down again and again, fucking Venti on his cock.

Then, Xiao flips them over and pulls Venti’s legs into a mating press. He thrusts roughly into Venti’s pretty little hole with wild abandon. The god nearly screams as Xiao slams into his prostate. Xiao fucks into Venti, hitting his prostate faster and faster, until the forest is filled with the lewd sounds of slapping skin, Xiao’s grunts, and the Archon’s mewls of pleasure. 

“X-Xiao, I’m g-gonna come,” Venti pants. 

“Can we come together?” Xiao begs. Venti nods and waves his hand. The ivy cock ring dissipates into the air. Xiao reaches for Venti’s dick and pumps it, rough and firm. Venti’s cock throbs in his hand, just as Xiao’s dick twitches in Venti, then white-hot pleasure explodes behind Xiao’s eyes. Thick ropes of hot cum spurt from his cock, filling Venti up and leaking out of his puffy, red hole. Xiao’s entire body feels like it’s on fire, and Xiao’s vision blurs as the most powerful orgasm he’s ever had rocks through his body. 

Beneath him, Venti’s body jerks as he orgasms. When Xiao can open his eyes again, he sees the god laying on the forest floor, covered in both his and Xiao’s cum. Xiao collapses on top of Venti, uncaring of the cum smeared between their chests or the feeling of his dick bulging in Venti’s stomach. He stays there, boneless, exhausted, and barely conscious, as Venti cards a hand through his sweaty hair. The god picks up Xiao’s hand, kissing his knuckles and licking away his own seed smeared across Xiao’s hand. 

Xiao doesn’t know how much time passes. He just lays on Venti’s chest, listening to the god’s racing heartbeat as the god pets his hair and murmurs praises into his ear. 

“You were so good for me, dove.” Venti whispers. Xiao is struck with the memory of the hungry way the god had whispered threats into his ear. When did that happen? Today? Xiao can’t remember a time before Venti, can’t recall who he is without the god. All he knows is that Venti feels warm and safe, and Xiao would rather snuggle into his arms than be anywhere else in the world.

A thought strikes him. What about his family in Li….Liyue....

What is he thinking? There is nowhere to be except in Venti’s arms, no one that matters except for the Anemo Archon. 

There’s a rustle of leaves behind him, then the sound of footsteps growing closer. Xiao tenses, but Venti strokes his head and coos at him. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Xiao closes his eyes. Somewhere behind him, he hears female voices then Venti’s stern response. He lets his mind drift away as he sinks into Venti’s comforting presence. Then there’s a gentle hand stroking his cheek, and Xiao blinks his bleary eyes open. Venti smiles at him warmly, then guides his face so Xiao can see the row of Maenads kneeling before him and Venti. Xiao vaguely recognizes them, vaguely registers the alarm bells ringing in his head. He...he doesn’t remember why. 

“My apologies, Lord Barbatos.” The blonde woman is saying. She doesn’t seem to mind that her god is stark naked before her, covered in cum and lying beneath another man. “We did not mean to disturb you.”

“You are forgiven.” Venti answers. His voice carries power and authority, and Xiao can’t help but nuzzle into the hand against his cheek. He does not go unnoticed. 

“My lord, who is this?” The Maenad glances at him, suspicious. “A sacrifice?”

Venti chuckles. He squeezes Xiao’s jaw. “Tell them who you are, dove.”

Xiao smiles at the Maenads. He feels dizzy, he feels warm, he feels like he’s going just a little mad. “I belong to Lord Barbatos.”

They say that wine is truly a drink for the gods. With mortals, it takes away inhibitions, unlocks desire. The God of Wine, Wind, and Freedom -- he who taught Xiao to worship, he who devours Xiao like he cannot get enough of his taste, he who holds Xiao like he is the only being that matters -- this is his desire. He is Xiao’s desire. 

And Xiao knows this is true.