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imagine dong kyung dragging saram along to a double date with jina and joo ik.

saram is miffed at the company but he keeps his tongue because this is what makes his girlfriend happy. also because the other male has a similar contrite expression on his face as he watches his girlfriend walk ahead with his employee.

dong kyung turns back once in a while to flash a smile at him and it's hard to stay annoyed when she smiles so gorgeously so he lets it be.

"I'm gonna get some snacks", he tells dong kyung after interrupting her conversation.

"oh! joo ik will help." the other female says and the man in question raises an eyebrow before agreeing.

saram can't manage to hide the tiny smirk that plays across his lips when dong kyung sneakily mouths at him to be nice.

he's always nice.

so he doesn't walk ahead and leisurely strolls beside the other male. the conversation is zero, nada but this is nice.

of course the peace doesn't last.

there's loud arguing coming from the ferris wheel ticket booth and while joo ik looks mildly curious, he doesn't move forward.

but saram does. it's drama - free and not involving him.

joo ik heaves a sigh behind him but still follows but they both still when they spot a familiar figure in the midst of the ruckus.

"sun kyung?" joo ik murmurs in confusion.

"-can't let you people inside! who know what disgusting thing you will get into?" a woman shouts as a teenager tries to calm her down.

there's an unknown male standing next to his brother-in-law and both have indignation and discomfort written across their faces.

that just won't do.

"excuse me", he murmers as he ploughs his way through his crowd, his companion just behind him.

"excuse me, what's the problem here?" the mass of people that gathered turns to look at him.


the shouting lady turns to face him at the honorific and stills. he makes sure to put on his most polite smile.

"you.. you are his brother?"

beckoning sun kyung towards him, he replies in the affirmative. "what's going on?"

sun kyung opens his mouth, presumably to explain the situation but gets cut off by the lady pushing forward in a loud turant.

"your brother was holding hands. with the man here", she gestures angrily at the contrite man behind her, "it's disgusting. it's not acceptable. who knows what kind of things they will do when they're alone?!"

for a second, he stares wordlessly at the sheer revulsion rolling off the woman. sun kyung looks cowed with each biting word.

behind him, joo ik sighs. "ma'am, this is a public place. lower your voice please."

she looks at him in outrage, "who are you to tell me about my manners?"

joo ik breathes out in frustration, "lower your voice, please."

"the nerve of you?! you look like a respectable young man, are you saying that you don't mind these two doing that kind of stuff!?"

sunkyung's date winces at the double meaning and his brother in law looks rather uneasy at the vulgarity. "we would neve-"

"faggots, the both of you!"

alright. that's it.

"whoa, does no one ever clean the trash up around here?" his voice is loud, mocking clear in his words.


he gestures at the younger unknown male behind the ranting woman who steps forward and beside sun kyung, looking rather uncomfortable at the attention. joo ik steps in front of them, murmuring something quietly.

the woman is still going strong, affronted by his words before she notices the two of them standing in front of the younger males.

"what-? why are you- wait- are you both also-?!"

it takes a second for the sentence to complete itself in his mind and then he grins.

joo ik looks startled when he moves closer and touches his arm, "took a long time, didn't you?"

behind him, sun kyung splutters in disbelief as his partner makes a small sigh of realisation.

joo ik is still for a second before his lips curve into a lazy smile. he takes his hand and entangles their fingers, "can't blame her, honey. we are pretty past the honeymoon stage."

the woman looks absolutely livid, as her eyes back up between their hand contact and back to their challenging eyes. behind her, her daughter tugs at her arm, looking very embarassed about the attention. "c'mon mom, you are making a scene."

"yes ma'am, please. we'll be forced to call the security if you continue."

faced with the park workers and the threat of actual consequences, the woman glares balefully at the four of them before storming off, her daughter bowing in quick apology before hurrying after her mother. 

"hyung! I can't believe that you did tha-!"

"oh my god, where were you bo-? sun kyung? sang geun?" dong kyung exclaims, ji na looking equally surprised.

"noona! you guys were on a double date and didn't tell me?"

"we- wait, why are you both holding hands? what did you guys do?"

dropping the other male's hand, saram smiles charmingly. dong kyung squints in suspicion, "I told you to be nice."

"I was nice!" 

"noona! you won't believe what hyung nim and joo ik hyung nim did!"

joo ik hums as dong kyung steps forward to hold hands, him taking her place by his own girlfriend.

"I know that look, what trouble did you cook up?" dong kyung murmurs in exasperated affection as he slips his fingers into hers.

behind them, sang geun makes a choked sound at the sight.

later, after hearing the whole story and clearing all misconceptions sang geun had, as he drops her off home, she leans forward to kiss him softly, "did you enjoy the double date?"

he hums thoughtfully, "I liked the part where you and I were together."

"liar. you also liked trolling that lady."

"that too." he tells her, smirking.

dong kyung laughs at the mischievous tone, and he leans down to steal a quick kiss, "not as much as I like doing this though."