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Rosé's Girl

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“Are you mad at Rosé?” Mik asked Symone out of seemingly nowhere as he sat beside him on the bus. With the season thirteen tour kicking into high gear, the queens were together in a capacity they hadn’t been able to be in quite some time. And for the most part, it was a welcome, joyful reunion. But Symone had become a bit withdrawn, perhaps even standoffish.

As much as Symone didn’t want to admit it, he knew that his ability to hide that brewing resentment towards his fellow queen was dissipating beyond his control. “No, no, listen. Rosé is my friend, my good friend. My sister.” As he spoke, it became obvious to both of them that he was trying to convince himself, not Mik.

On top of that, it wasn’t exactly difficult to figure out what could be causing the sudden friction, and Mik wasn’t about to play dumb. “Oh, gorge, this is about Denali, isn’t it? You still got it bad for the bitch, huh?”

Symone tossed his head back and groaned. It was one thing when they were all off doing their own things – out of sight, out of mind and whatnot.

But damn, when he’d gotten some alone time with Denali, he swore he’d felt sparks go off between them. Though if anything had happened, they had been far too drunk to remember any of the good parts, and now it seemed like there would be next to no chance of a repeat performance, drunk or sober.

The status of Denali’s relationship with Rosé had been a big question mark for a while, and everyone had respectfully left it alone. Sure, the fans might have been a bit more invasive at times, but that had been easy enough to tune out.

But once the tour began, once Rosé and Denali knew they were going to have unrestricted access to each other for the next few weeks, any sort of coy ambiguity went right out the window. It wasn’t public news – they knew better than to air their business out on social media – but all of the queens and anyone that worked with them were made well aware that nothing was going to come between the two of them, almost literally, as they had quickly become attached at the hip.

“I’m not tryna stay hung up on that,” Symone insisted, shaking his head. “Look, she’s Rosé’s girl now, and I gotta accept that and move on with my life. We’ll be all over the place, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to pick up some distraction trade,” he assured.

Mik clasped his hand on his shoulder and nodded in approval. “That’s the spirit, you go get yourself some dickstraction.”

And he tried, no one could claim Symone didn’t try, but the problem became clear after only a couple of nights – he was looking for someone like Denali and that just didn’t exist. As much as he needed to come to terms with it, it pissed him the hell off.

“Maybe you should talk to them,” Mik suggested, realizing they needed a new course of action.

“Why? There ain’t no reason to change,” he looked over to where Rosé and Denali were sitting. Rosé had his arm around Denali, who was snuggled up to his side. They were whispering, giggling, stealing the occasional kiss. It made Symone’s stomach churn. “I kinda feel guilty.”

He furrowed his brows and tilted his head. “What for?”

Symone sighed and took a sip of his coffee. “‘Cause all they’re doing is being cute, that shit shouldn’t get me so heated, and there sure as hell is no point in telling Denali how I feel. Look at the way he looks at him.”

“Hm, yeah. And you just know they’re having crazy sex.”


“Right, right, not helping,” he murmured apologetically. “But hey, you’re like the smartest one of us. I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do.”

Symone groaned. “That’s not as reassuring as you think. Ain’t no one care which one of Snow White’s dwarves was the tallest.”

Mik furrowed his brows. “I feel like I should be offended by that.” After a moment of mulling it over, he decided it wasn’t worth fixating on. “Either way, I still feel like talking to at least one of them is the best thing for you to do, gorge.”

“I’ll consider it.”

Over the next few days, Symone did consider it. But every time he started to work up the nerve to say something, Rosé and Denali were all over each other and it made the knot in his stomach tighten right back up. And it didn’t help that he felt terribly guilty about it too. At some point, he ended up just trying to avoid them as much as possible. Rosé and Denali were so caught up in each other, he figured they wouldn’t notice his absence.

That was until one night at a random club after everyone had one too many cocktails. After Symone nearly lost his footing mid-dance, he decided to sit down in one of the booths for a moment and catch his breath. But he hardly had a moment to gather himself before realizing Denali had sidled up to him. “You get lost or something?”

“So cold, Symone,” Denali clicked his tongue in disappointment and rested his head on his shoulder, nudging against him as he further prodded, “c’mon, why’ve you been all moody lately?”

Symone had to resist the urge to roll his eyes, to question how Denali could possibly notice his mood with the horse blinders that went up whenever Rosé was in his presence, or what made him think he could cozy up to him like nothing was wrong? “I’m just minding my own business. Where’s your girlfriend at?”

Denali arched his brow. “Hold up, is this about Rosé? Are you… jealous?”

He scoffed. “The hell I have to be jealous of?”

“Normally I’d say you have a point if you hadn’t told me you had a crush on me in that live, not to mention-”

“Yeah,” he bristled, “so let’s not mention it.”

He smirked. “So you are jealous!”

Symone stiffened and sat upright. “I don’t see what difference it makes. Whatever you see in Rosé, you don’t see in me, so I’m just gonna let y’all do your thing. I just don’t need to be subjected to it all day, every day,” he shrugged.

“Hey, don’t be like that,” Denali cupped his face to get their eyes to meet. “There’s enough of me to go around,” he smiled, closing the space between them with a kiss.

At first, Symone reacted on physical instinct, kissing back with his hands going around Denali’s waist, only to pull back shortly after. “I’m not trying to cause issues between you two, you know,” he mumbled.

“Rosie’s not the boss of me, don’t worry about it,” he cooed, kissing along his jaw. “Besides, he was literally making out with some random at the last club we were in, we have an understanding,” he assured.

“Oh,” Symone let out a breathy laugh. “Then I guess he won’t miss you too much if I take you back to my hotel tonight,” he concluded before kissing him again.