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The outpour of the rain doesn't seem to stop anytime soon. Jaeyun doesn't mind though, afterall, he is on his way to his home where he can warm himself to his heart's content. And there's his lover, too; just the sheer thought of him is enough to make Jaeyun feel as if he is being embraced in the warmth of a duvet despite plunging into one hell of an outpour. 


Jaeyun smiled at the thought of being back to his arms. Suddenly he feels elated again, like someone decided to put a filter on the scenery in front of him so that he'll see nothing but the glow of the pavement and the raindrops by his vehicle's window seal. 


Petrichor is such a nice smell, he thinks. 



Moments seem to pass by so quickly, and in no time, Jaeyun reaches his house, eager to cave in to the warmth of his home. 


The elevator ride went smoothly, Jaeyun feeling more sappy after every floor passes as the Carpenter's song play in the background. 13th floor, it says, and Jaeyun steps out of the lift while he reaches for his pocket to retrieve his house key. 


He hears the familiar beep as the door opens itself. He is instantly welcomed by the smell of newly bought carpet, a Jo Malone perfume, candles, and steak. 


Ah, yes, he's home. 


"Jakey?" a voice calls out in a distance, "my Yunie, is that you?" 


Jaeyun pans his head at the direction of the voice, the corner of his lips curling. 


"Hoonie? Yes, it's me, how's your practice?" 


"Well, tough as usual, I still had fun though, there's this new kid who joined the team but uh ... he kept sticking around me, turns out he just wants my autograph," Sunghoon sighs as he makes his way down stairs to greet his lover. 


On the other hand, Jaeyun merely chuckles, even he sometimes forgets that his Sunghoon is a celebrity, afterall, he doesn't act like one whenever he's with the other, removing his "star facade" and all in the name of love. 


"Hoon, you've literally been experiencing that for about 17 years now, how come you're still not used to it, hmm?" Jaeyun teases the other. 


"Yunie, you do realize that 17 years of experience wouldn't cure my introversion?" 


"Of course I know, we have the same personality type afterall." 


"Mhmm..." Sunghoon embraces Jaeyun from behind while he burries his nose in the other's shoulder, finally succumbing to his warmth. 


This, this is home. Jaeyun can leave everything behind for this. He insists that this is all that he needs, his Sunghoon's embrace, and everything is just a mere background and cameos of their beautiful love story. 


Jaeyun starts walking while Sunghoon keeps his arms on the other, letting himself be dragged towards their living area. 


"Baby, you gotta let go, I need to get changed," Jaeyun says breaking the comforting silence. 


Sunghoon only hums in response, not letting go. 




No response. 


"Hoon? Park Sunghoon?" 


"Oh come on, just one more minute." holding his Jaeyun even tighter. 


Jaeyun feels butterflies swarming over his stomach, he feels so loved and secured. In return, he thought maybe a few more minutes of spooning wouldn't hurt. 


After a short debate and few kisses, Sunghoon finally lets go of the other. Jaeyun went to change to his stripes pajamas, the one that he's had even before he and Sunghoon even became a thing. Perhaps, it is one those things that Jaeyun owns that witnessed the progress of the lovers. Jaeyun, so sickly in love, merely heaved a contented sigh. 


He grasps the doorknobs of their shared room when a tune suddenly went to play from their living area. 


The sun is setting

And you're right here by my side

And the movie is playing

But we won't be watching tonight 


Suddenly, all the memories he had with Sunghoon from the moment they met to the moment they proclaimed each others' everlasting vows came playing in his mind which seems to transition with the slow beat of the song. 


As he drags himself down their staircase, he sees Sunghoon on his feet, slowly swaying to the rhythm, eyes closed allowing the music to permeate his body. Rotten to the core, the corner of Jaeyun's lips curls even more, almost reaching the sides of his ears. 


Every look, every touch

Makes me wanna give you my heart

I be crushin' on you, baby

Stay the way you are 


Sunghoon turns to his back when he heard the chuckle of his other half. 


"Do you remember this song?" he prompts hips still swaying while slowly reaching out his hands to Jaeyun. 


"How could I forget," Jaeyun accepts Sunghoon's hands bringing himself closer to the other. 


Cause I never knew, I never knew

You could hold moonlight in your hands 


"Mhmm.." Sunghoon hums circling his arms on Jaeyun's waist while the other clings his on Sunghoon's neck, burying his face into the other's shoulder. 


'Til the night I held you

You are my moonlight



"I love you my Yunie," an equally lovesick Sunghoon declares. 


"I love you more, my Hoonie, more than you ever know. I am not letting you go, you are stuck with me forever, I hope you're aware of that." 


"More than aware, my love, more than aware." 


Jaeyun, unconscious of the tears that started pooling on his eyes, only sways to the rhythm, silently praying this moment to never end. 


A phone rings from the distance. The pair sways together, closer than ever. 


[Hello, this is Jake, have I not answered your call, please speak your message after the beep- beep


The glow of the moon seems different tonight, must've been because he's basking underneath it with the love of his life, Jaeyun believes. 


[Jake, it's been weeks, please answer our calls] 


He brings his head to Sunghoon's chest. He needs a tattoo or a Harry Potter kind of magic so that he can engrave this very moment to his mind. He does not want to forget this. 


[Everyone's worried, Jake, we know it's been hard for you, but you have to- you got to live] 


Hmmmm, he really loves Sunghoon's scent. 


[Sunghoon he- he would not like this, he would not like to see you like this, please, get back to us, Jakey, please-] 


Jaeyun's ears started ringing. He pans his head to meet Sunghoon's only to be greeted by a smile that seems to fade to darkness. 


"Sunghoon?" he calls out, "Are you okay?" 




"Sunghoon, my love? What's happening?" 


The tune playing in the background has long stopped. 


"Sunghoon! Tell me, what's happening?!" Jaeyun screeches out of frustration as the other has now been completely engulfed by the darkness. 


"W-what? Where are you?!" he screams as confusion builds up. This must've been some sort of prank, right? His Sunghoon's kind of known for his jests, afterall. 


"Hoon, no time for jokes, where the fuck are you?!" He grabs the empty air, looking for his other half. 




He keeps on chanting his name with hopes of the other replying, but to no avail. 


Jaeyun falls to his knees, while his tears blur his view, voice turned scratchy as he calls out for someone's name. 


He embraces himself. 


"Park Sunghoon, you're so cruel... why would you leave me ... you promised me ... you promised me ...." 


"Sunghoon, my love, please, please, come back to me now, please, it's so painful .... I don't want to be alone anymore ..." 


"Please God let this be a dream," Jaeyun repeatedly taps his head on the floor while chanting the same phrases. 


It's been weeks, 3 weeks to be exact, since his other half passed away, and yet, Jaeyun falls into the same despair every night as if a routine. He can never let go, hence he would let himself be driven by his delusions each night wherein his love is very much alive and his pain is just non-existent.