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Is that a tear?

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The team had just finished up a case in Michigan, and when they landed back in Virginia everyone said their goodbye’s and headed home, all except Hotch. Hotch had gotten an urgent call from Strauss calling an immediate meeting. He drove back to the BAU, reluctantly since he really just wanted to go home to his son.


Strauss slammed a case file on the conference table and bent over the table at Hotch. “Country music stars keep coming up missing outside of Nashville, TN. Their is this club called Legends; where up and coming artists vanish and their bodies are found within miles of the club. Someone maybe trying to thin out the competition. I need your best agent to go undercover on this one. Someone to pose as an artist and they need to be damn good at singing, at least well enough to be considered for a record deal.”


“With all do respect, I am not sure we have an agent that is that good at singing.” Hotch said while looked at her.


“Well, you better get your team together and figure it out even if they have to fake singing this needs to be a top priority.” Strauss looked frustrated.


“How much time do I have?” Hotch asked plainly.


“24 hours. That’s all I can give you.” Strauss looked annoyed.


“I will call the team now.” Hotch jumped up and walked out of the room.


Hotch called Penelope first thinking she may have insight on who could sing the best out of the group since she was the one that was a constant member of group outings.




Garcia’s phone was heard through her brightly colored and decorated apartment.


“Hello?” Garcia answered sleepily.


“Garcia I need your insight on the team right now. Are you fully awake to answer some questions?” Hotch’s tone sounded serious.


“Sir, it’s 3 in the morning..” Garcia rubbed her eyes.


“GARCIA! This is important.” Hotch raised his voice not trying to sound too harsh but knowing it was important.


Garcia sat up quickly “Okay, What do you need to know, sir?”


“You’ve been out on many outings and probably know the whole team very well outside of a professional setting, I need to know who can sing the best? It’s for a case and this is very important.” Hotch got to the Point.


“Sir, they are all pretty talented at many things but when it comes to singing I’d have to say Emily or JJ but to be honest I think JJ may have way too much stage fright to sing in front of others if that’s what you are looking for. I only know she can sing because I heard her in the locker room once when she thought she was alone. Prentiss has done karaoke with me before and I just feel like she’s be more confident and she has a pretty voice” Garcia rambled a little.


“Thank you, Garcia. I’ll talked to you tomorrow get some sleep because I need the whole team her at 7AM.”


“Goodnight Sir.”




Hotch sent out a mass text asking that the team arrive at 7AM and then he calls Prentiss to come down immediately.


Prentiss arrives 30 minutes later with her hair in a messy bun and half awake.


“Sir, what is so important that you couldn’t tell me on the phone.” Emily grumbled.


“I need to hear you sing.” Hotch stated


“Whaaaat?” Emily looked confused.


“I may need you to go undercover for awhile and I need to know if you can sing.” Hotch had a serious tone.


Emily sang a little tune and Hotch said “Great, okay. So someone is kidnapping and murdering up and coming country artists outside of Nashville, I need you to pose as a artist and at least try to impress the music agents there. If you need help we could always have you lip sync but I need to know if you can handle being in front of a crowd and come off as confident like you know what you are doing. Can you do that?” Hotch asked looking at the raven hair agent with his eyebrow slightly raised.


Emily thought about it for a second. “This is completely crazy but I can do this and don’t think I’ll need to lip sync. I can do this.” She said a second time more trying to convince herself than her unit chief.


“Okay. I have set you up with a makeup artist and a voice coach to really sell you being a country artist but I need to know that you can speak in a southern accent like the locals do. Do I need to set you up with a dialect coach?” The older agent asked straight faced.


“Yes. It would be wise to brush up on that. The only experience I have with southern accents is hearing Will speak.” Emily laughed a small laugh.


“That’s a great Idea. I think I can get him to help you really sell it.” Hotch reached for his phone to call JJ to offer Will the opportunity to consult on the case.


Emily’s face fell. It was a joke, she didn’t want to work with Will not after everything happened. Emily remembered back to the painful memory of JJ and Will’s wedding and of her running away to Interpol. She had just gotten reacquainted with the team but for the greater good of catching a murder she would just have to grin and bear it.


The Next Morning


The whole team met at the round table while Emily was off preparing to go undercover. Hotch caught the whole team up on the case and how Emily was going to pretend to be a country artist.


“Agent Prentiss is off preparing herself but I also need you guys to prepare yourself. JJ I need you to go undercover as a bartender in the club maybe eavesdrop on the Locals see if anyone says anything relevant to the case or maybe determine if anyone comes off as sketchy.”


“Find the dirt, got it.” JJ nodded.


“Derek I need you to go undercover as a Bouncer for the club. Also listen into conversations and see if anyone stands out to you.” Hotch handed him a paper on signs to look for in the locals and Morgan nodded at him then looked at the paper to study it.


“Reid, you, me and Garcia are going to do surveillance.” Reid shook his head.


“Rossi.” Hotch pointed to the last member of the team. “I need you to be a talent scout and a judge for the competition they will be having this weekend. You need to make sure Prentiss gets into the finals so she can be seen as a threat to draw the serial killer out.” Rossi nodded.


“We have the rest of the week to prepare for our roles and the event is two days long. Be prepared for a rough week.” Hotch dismissed everyone so that the team could start preparing.


The week went by rather fast, and when the weekend arrived everyone was visibly nervous. They prepared hard for each of their positions but Emily was extremely nervous. It is a good thing she’s good at compartmentalizing. She went to a place in her brain where she wasn’t Emily Prentiss anymore. She was now Emily Brooks, an inspiring country music artist from Louisiana. God, she hated this accent so bad but she had studied hard all week and became rather proficient in it even if being around Will was insufferable.


JJ had worn cut off denim shorts and a crop top with cowboy boots to really sell the role of a small town bartender. She started making drinks and thanked god that she had such an amazing teacher all week; well that and that she had an active party life back in college. She really got into the role even was slinging some bottles to look for skilled.


Derek was at the door checking I.D’s and looking rather official with a nice suit on he probably got the easiest job all week because most of his training was lifting weights to look big and intimidating as the bouncer.


Rossi wore denim jeans, a cowboy hat, and a dress shirt to look the part. He sat with the other talent scouts making small talk and just trying to fit in.


Reid, Garcia, and Hotch were in the surveillance room; Garcia was setting up her ‘babies’ and the other two agent’s were watching the cameras.


Emily had just gotten done with makeup, hair, and finding a nice outfit to wear for the night’s competition. She needed to make it to round 2 and she was super nervous at least she had Rossi on her side. It wasn’t the only thing she was nervous about. She had decided to write her own song for the night to really sell it, when she had sat down to write it poured out of her with every emotion inside her. JJ was in the inspiration. She hoped it didn’t ruin her friendship with the younger blonde.


Emily look at herself in the mirror. She had on a black pants suit, the jacket only covering her stomach and her breasts so her chest was visible. She wore red bottom high heels, her hair was curly and she had smoky eye makeup and red lips that the makeup artist applied minutes prior. If she was being honest with herself she looked hot.


Emily Brooks will be on next, she heard the announcer say. “Emily, you better be ready. You got this.” she heard Hotch say through her ear piece. “Thank you sir.” She said back.


Right before Emily went on stage, she heard the announcer again.


Emily brooks comes to us from New Orleans, Louisiana, Please give her a nice Nashville welcome.


Emily hears the crowd’s applause as she steps on the stage. “Hey y'all. Bare with me I’m a little nervous to play on a stage this size.” Emily spoke in her best Louisiana accent knowing the crowd would buy her as a new artist this way plus she actually was nervous.


JJ looks up to see her best friend and her jaw dropped. “How the hell is she allowed to be that sexy?” She asked to herself while her eyes traced the skin she could see through Emily’s suit.


“JJ pick your jaw up of the ground and get back into character,” Garcia teased the blonde through her ear piece.



“This is an original song, I hope y’all like it.” She spoke into the mic as her band started playing the intro. She strummed on her guitar (thankful for once that her mother forced her to learn an instrument when she was a teenage).


The last thing I expected was to get her call tonight
'Cause the last thing that I'd heard from her
she'd found Mr. Right
But when I came home this evening
There it was on my machine
I'm just wondering what the hell it means

said she's sorry that she missed me
and she's been doing fine
I've run it back and heard her say
Those words a hundred times
But something makes me wonder
Is she happy with her choice
or is that a tear I hear in her voice

The first time that I listened
I thought Boy she's got some nerve
But the second time I heard it
I heard more than just her words
Am I just wishful thinkin
or did her voice really crack
I'll never know if I don't call her back
(Repeat Chorus)
Oh is that a tear
Lord is that a tear I hear in her voice


JJ couldn’t stop staring at her best friend while she sang, her voice was so beautiful. JJ remembered back to her wedding night, how she had called Emily and left a voicemail after a night of heavy drinking. JJ had missed her and she was slightly regretting not pursuing her best friend. She felt like she married the wrong person but she had a son with the man and she didn’t want to ruin her relationship with her best friend. A small tear streamed down her face as she heard the roar of the crowd as they went crazy for Emily giving her a standing ovation which blocked Emily’s view of JJ.


Emily wanted to see the blonde’s reaction but couldn’t because of the lights and the crowd.


~Later That Night~


The announcer finished counting the votes and talking to the judges. He walked up on stage with an envelope. “You voted and we listened, Your top 3 finalists are…” He paused while opening the envelope.


“The Outlaw

Samantha Owens

and….. He paused for added effect.

Emily Brooks!”


The whole room went insane. “We will see you tomorrow for the finals and to crown one up and coming artist.” The announcer finished.


The team wrapped up knowing that it was way more likely for the killer to show their face during the finals but just in case they all stayed next door to each other in hotel rooms to keep Emily safe.


JJ arrived to her room first trying to calm her emotions from earlier. “Did she write that about me?” JJ rambled to herself. “It was way to specific to not be, right?” JJ paced back and forth.


Emily took longer to get back to her room but she wasn’t inside for a mere few minutes before she heard a knock at her door. She grabbed her gun in fear of it being the serial killer that may want to remove her from the competition. She looked through the peephole and realized it was JJ. She placed her gun down but was super nervous because of the song. “Was she here because of that, was she mad at her?” Emily’s thoughts raced as she opened the door.


“Hey, JJ about earlier.” Emily started but JJ didn’t want to hear it. She grabbed Emily by her suit jacket and pushed her against the door closing it shut. JJ slammed her lips into Emily’s and the kiss go passionate, needy and a little rough. Nothing was said between the two but neither of them wanted to stop.


JJ pushed the brunette’s jacket off and Emily pulled away from JJ making JJ let out a whine. Emily pulled JJ’s crop top over her head. Then she crashed her lips with JJ’s again. They continued to strip each other while on their way to the hotel bed.


“God you are beautiful,” Emily whispered into JJ’s ear in between leaving kisses down her best friend’s neck. JJ let out a whimper.


“Mine.” Emily growled while sucking on JJ’s neck not caring if she left marks. All she knew was that she needed to claim her best friend, right then and now.


JJ stripped from her shorts and Emily wasted no time. She ripped JJ’s lace panties to the side and thrust two fingers into her. JJ let out a gasp as she could feel herself getting wetter. She had never been this wet in her life. Emily took JJ’s pretty pink nipple into her mouth while continuing to thrust. “Fuck baby, you feel so good inside of me.” JJ moaned. JJ knew this was the best sex she’s ever had in her life. She came so hard screaming Emily’s name and not caring about the consequences. Emily held JJ as she cried and told her how much she loved her. JJ wanted more than anything to be with Emily but she was married and had a son.


They took turns making love all night knowing this might be the last time it ever happens. They wanted to hold on to this moment forever.


The case went on the next day and they caught their killer. JJ and Emily vowed to never talk about that night again but, they knew that would be very difficult and didn’t know if they could especially JJ.