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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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“So when did the idea you were trash come about?” Usami asked as Nagito sat there silently admiring his therapists despite the fact she was wasting her time trying to help him instead of someone more important but he couldn't shake her from her efforts.

He really didn’t want to answer she really didn't need to be here but as much as he doesn't want her to try he can’t lie to an Ultimate and even if he could he’s not smart enough, she could tell if he tried. “I concluded myself: what's the purpose of people who don’t make the world a better place? They might be the majority but no one really cares when they die. I'm just a part of that majority or at least above it by such a minuscule amount it doesn't matter.”

As he gave his reasons Miss Gekkogahara typed it down and asked more questions with the help of Usami but when it came down to it even her immense talents can’t change reality he can’t be fixed it was just a fact of life trash is trash. “Okay Komaeda I think that's good for today you can go now.”

Hearing that from her he got up and left. At least he was glad to leave with him gone, she could spread hope and not waste her time on him. Out of the entire situation that was the worst part, well that and the stairs. He could deal with the surveillance, The bugs, The constant searches, even the removal of all his bombs and bomb-making material but he hated the way his fellow students looked at him. Some looked at him like he was a threat as if he could hurt one of the hopes of the world or even worse like he needed help with pity and sympathy. Komaeda knew one thing: people who pitied him have never ended up well.

Leaving the therapy facility (Which was a repurposed part of the Neurology lab.) He noticed one of his classmates waiting for him. Nanami the class rep leaned against the wall of the Lab in deep concentration clearly completely dedicated to her game. While he would normally leave her to her game not wanting to interrupt her but she would get mad at that kind of thing so he instead decided to wait for her to finish.

After about twenty minutes she decided to check for him. (Probably realizing she had been there for a while.) “Oh, you're out?” She asked which Komeda responded with a simple nod. She accepted his answer and the two began to make their way back to the dorms together.

Since his attempted ‘Act of terrorism’ stopped thanks to the amazing talent of the Ultimate Spy Kamishiro Yuto which is what led to all of this Nanami seems to blame herself for his action. Despite his attempts to tell her it’s not her fault she believes as a class rep she should have seen it coming and thus she has taken up keeping an eye on him so she would occasionally wait for him after his therapy.

“So how was therapy?” She asked with a sterner voice than usual, more Kozumi than Nanami. He knows she just wants him to ‘Get help’. There was no helping someone like him which she can’t get. He loved the hope she exhibited, she is the hope of their class, but it annoyed him how misguided her hope could be.

“It was fine, I'm still a bit upset that she is wasting her time with me,” the Hopeless boy said with a shrug which was met by Nanami puffing out her cheeks. "You're not worthless, you deserve help.” She said calmly.

Nagito had a bit of talent when compared to a hope of the world like Nanami. It was nothing but when compared to your everyday person he was still talented and on top of that, he knew the abilities of the world's hopes. Knowing this information he came to a simple conclusion: Nanami had no intention of giving up any time soon and with the patience required to become the Ultimate Gamer she spends a ridiculous amount of time grinding in multiple games at once there's not much he could do but in the same vain he can’t ignore her so he decides to listen as he walks with her until she finishes her rant.

As they made their way through the truly massive campus of Hope’s Peak they descended into silence. Nagito just enjoyed being around such hopeful individuals, let alone someone with hope as strong as Nanami’s so he really didn’t need to speak. Nanami on the other hand enjoyed the silence or was at least neutral to it so the two walking in silence was somewhat normal. Nagito couldn’t help but notice a slight change in his ‘friends’ demeanor as they passed the central fountain; she seemed a bit sad. Quickly Nagito felt extreme discomfort across his entire body, his curiosity overwhelming him.

“Hey Nanami, is there something wrong? You seem a bit off.” He asked nervously who knows what kind of powerful despair could render the class hopes upset. She looked up at him with confusion before changing to a weak smile. “It’s nothing, just a friend who hasn’t been staying in contact.” She answered with sincerity. This did its job to feed his curiosity but failed to remove how uncomfortable he felt seeing her like this. He had to continue if this friend's lack of contact is causing things he needs to know who it is.

“Who is this mystery friend?” Nagito tried to mask his more serious intentions with a more plain curious tone though he is sure she can see past it. She has a history of taking pity on him and with his luck, it would pull through here. Nanami the ever kind gave him pity and revealed the mystery man. “He’s a reserved course named Hinata Hajime. We used to meet here but a few weeks ago he said some weird stuff and I haven’t seen him since.” She admitted to her Lucky Student.

Nagito went silent and stayed that way until he made it back to his room only speaking to wish his classmate a good night. For a reserve course to cause her any kind of despair was unforgivable; he could almost feel himself shaking from anger. Yet Nanami the classes hoped to see him. It was an undeniable fact he couldn’t understand why but she is smarter than him so it’s probably beyond his comprehension.

Then a thought crossed Nagito's mind that if Nanami’s friend would return the hope would be overwhelming. With that kind of hope, she wouldn't notice for a while which might be enough time. Having such kind people who are willing to pretend they care about trash like him is a kind of luck that demands balancing. He knows that, he also knows who the only person left to face his luck is, then they won’t get in the way of his luck by accident. At that moment it was decided “Hinata Hajime I will find you and make you pay for causing Nanami's despair then you will help me cause her less!”


Miaya sat back at her desk looking at the notes she had taken that session. When Headmaster Kirigiri contacted her for this job she didn’t know what she was getting into not to say she wasn’t up for it she wants to help Komaeda but he doesn't make it easy believing himself undeserving of her help on top of that he seems to have developed a philosophy to back up those opinions.

From the rather small amount of information she was able to get from their interactions, he seems to have attempted the attack based on a want to help his classmates. An extremely misguided attempt to help them which clearly proves he needs help. Starting to organize the notes into the greater Komaeda Nagito file she has had to make just to try to help the kid. It seems that someone like him should have shown evidence of his problems way earlier which could suggest some form of neglect. His file suggests these things: having no family and enough money to support himself indefinitely has allowed him to get away with his problems.

Despite his supposed loyalty to his classmates he doesn't seem to be friends with any of them. The closest he seems to be with any of them is the class representative Nanami Chiaki who he says pities him enough to keep him around. Miaya is not a fool; she can tell that her patient has a massive inferiority complex and is biased against himself. Unfortunately, there is not much she can do.

As it currently stands her best bet is to try to get him to recognize his problems and fix them on his own. It was normal procedure on a resistant client. Finishing her organizing she couldn't help but sigh. With someone so difficult is that really all she can do. Silently thinking it over an idea came to her. Perhaps she could use the insight of the ultimate neurologist Matsuda Yasuke. He could potentially give insight into his classmate.

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Nagito needed to put more thought into this as he was under the school's watch. He knows they bugged his room. He found one while he was cleaning and it was assumed there were more, the fact of the matter is the school didn’t trust him. If they knew he wanted to track down Hinata no matter the motivation they would try to stop him.

With that concluded, he needed to be more strategic; he needed to find him without the school knowing and investigation would require stealth. Nagito was not without advantage while he was talentless he still had his luck and with its power the advantage was his. It had taken much from this world and now he can use it to help spread hope.

His fortune was honestly immense more than he could ever need so his mission at least had the funding. The next thing he needs to do is some basic cyberstalking. Most people have some kind of presence on the internet so he should be able to find some information on him. With his veteran's skill of finding hopes and learning about them.

With that decided he got to work grabbing his wallet and leaving for a nearby store to buy a new laptop then a restaurant to begin research. As he walked down the halls of the dorm the thought came to mind to ask Nanami about him but he’s not sure she supports this undertaking and he couldn’t risk her becoming curious. These thoughts were interrupted by a recently familiarized voice.

“You're going somewhere Komaeda?” the Ultimate spy Kamishiro asked, having been behind Nagito without him noticing.

Nagito shrugged. “I'm going out to eat.” Not a lie just isn’t the full truth either way easier to get away with than just lying.

“Really but isn’t Hanamura a classmate of yours that basically guarantees good food and high priority in line?” He said as if it was a question clearly suspicious of him but he should be he is the one who found me out.

“No one wants to see scum like me, especially after what I tried to pull.”

The spy in return just pulled a thing of sweet bread out from his endless bag and popped it into his mouth. “Wa oa en i ce vu ater.” He said chewing with his mouth open as he walked away.

Nagito was relieved if there was anyone who could stop him. It was the brilliant Ultimate Spy; he was just doing a less effective version of his talent. Either way, he needs to get out fast while he can play off an Ultimate who doesn't know him, his classmates know him too well to fall for it and their pity for him is too low.


A rather antisocial kid from the little I got, Nagito begrudgingly thought as he walked through the halls of the pharmacy lab making his way near his location. After his ‘Attack’ he got to stay but his bad luck did take itself out on an upperclassman. Kimura Seiko the Ultimate Pharmacist. While indirectly part of his plan the media had made her and her friends scapegoats of another controversy caused by his luck and their reputations were tarnished and even worse because of his luck her own friends blamed her for the whole thing ending their friendship.

All of this served to isolate Kimura and she has started to turn into a social recluse. The hopelessness of the situation hurt him but he knew a way of redemption. He has started to make a conscious effort to boost her motivation and attempt to get her to make new friends. “I feel bad for her having to deal with me as her main form of social interaction but at least I can be a stepping stone to turn her despair into hope.” He thought to himself as he arrived at her lab and slipped in.

She was hard at work as she always was spending most of the day dedicating herself to her talent and creating new hope. It was rather beautiful and when he first came here he would have just left her to her work but he knew better now Nanami's hope had become so powerful through her friendship with there other classmen friendship bred hope and friendship amongst Ultimates created an even greater hope. With this in mind, helping Kimura learn how to make friends will grow her hope so she can spread even more.

As the thought of spreading this kind of hope had him shutter with the warmth it brought him. Nagito was a cold person literally he felt cold all the time but when he saw hope spread it made him feel a beautiful comforting warmth. He can’t remember the warmth of loved ones but he can remember that it was his love. Nagito was not an idiot. He knows the others can’t understand that but there is no way for them to, the only thing he would get is pity which is a waste of time.

His hope stupor was distracted by the Ultimate Pharmacist herself who tapped him on the shoulder. “Are you okay?” She asked timidly, somewhat similar to his classmate Tsumiki but with less of a stutter. Nagito silently nodded. “I'm fine.” He said quickly before switching the conversation. “How’s the friendship-making pill?”

Kimura’s worry disappeared as she quickly became engrossed in explaining her research. “Oh well, it’s going well currently. I think a combination of Serotonin for the natural boost in confidence and happiness along with Oxytocin increases the ability to form social bonds. Though I have to be careful too much and It could make me fall in love.” She explained with a beautiful joy that only comes from an Ultimate explaining their talent.

“A drug that can force the brain to fall in love, your medicine is amazing and the fact that you have the power to do that is amazing,” Nagito said brightly. She flustered something that he had grown rather used to. Despite all of Kimura’s talent, she was so humble, it annoyed him that someone who can bring so much hope is stuck in such a position, to have him as the only other Ultimate who will be around her was rather disturbing.

From there the conversation turned into more casual talk Kimura talking about some of the medicines she had made which of course he loved to hear about. Nagito told her mostly of books he had read along with some more basic topics. It was no secret that Nagito was terrible at socializing but Kimura wasn’t too far behind so it went both ways.

While he enjoyed talking the small talk things had to pick up he had things he needed to do but he also needed to keep tabs. “Kimura, can I make a request?” He asked, trying to maintain his casualness.

She looked at him slightly flustered. “You know we're on thin ice. I'm not sure if I can make you anything, especially with the school's more intense monitoring of my resources.” She explained, seemingly somewhat disappointed. While Komaeda had no need for her talent he was still saddened at the reminder of the restrictions put on her and her ‘accomplices’ because of him.

“I don’t need medicine, it's just I'm going to be gone for the weekend at least and I would like to stay in contact,” Nagito said in his more negatory voice. “I just wanted to exchange phone numbers.”

“Oh ok.” She said trying to stay calm, flustered by the action for whatever reason. They exchanged numbers and Komaeda got ready to go. It was late and he needed to get ready. It was Friday tomorrow, the start of the weekend, a perfect chance to go home. Unmonitored, uncontrolled he can make actual plans and get the tools he needs to track down that Hopeless Reserve Course

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It was near the end of the day only a few minutes left Nagito sat in his assigned seat pretending to listen to Yukizome as she explained some complex equation. He knows Yukizome is someone he should listen to and try to learn from but he found there was little reason to. Luck, while not a talent, was powerful and he knew for a fact it would either give him top marks or force him to fail especially with his teacher's love of multiple-choice and even if he wanted to he struggled to ignore the stairs that did a good job to distract him.

He knows they're staring at him almost in shifts. He couldn’t blame them, heck he was used to it for slightly different reasons but still worked nonetheless. First, there was Nidai and Kuzuryu who sat in the back behind him and at a right angle behind him. Koizumi sit’s right next to him and sneaks him a glance then finally while he hasn’t caught her he can feel Pekoyama glaring at him.

He didn’t blame them, he is a threat even if he didn’t want to be and the Ultimates should have a sense of self-preservation. “And that will wrap it up for today's class. Have a great weekend.” She said with the same enthusiasm used to unite our class in the first place.

Silently Nagito began to pack up. Most of the time he would hang around the rest of the class letting them make plans for what they wanted to do, most of the time they would let him join but his actions had cost him that pity. Add on the fact that the fact of theft was clearly uncomfortable around him and he had decided to make it a habit to leave early despite Nanami’s protest.

He appreciated the Ultimate Gamer’s pity he really did and he can understand her want to keep the class together, of course with luck like his he would become an affront to her success. As he packed his last final book the aforementioned Ultimate approached him.

“Komaeda, we're going to an arcade tomorrow you coming along right?” She said with the authoritative voice that she used when she had a clear set answer it wasn’t threatening like Yukizome but had a natural charisma to it developed since she became the class rep.

He normally couldn’t have said no literally what right does he have to tell an ultimate no but with his recent quest and his return home he had no time. “I'm sorry Nanami I can’t this weekend.” He said before he quickly explained out of lacking a rebuttal or his fear of disappointing an Ultimate.

“After recent events, I have to return to my home for the weekend.” Nagito said this with the light smile he wore most of the time his ‘Natural look’. This seemed to have worked changing her demeanor to something more positive. Though it was such a small change from neutral it was a bit difficult to tell.

“Ok good luck with that,” she responded simply Nagito having finished packing Quickly made his way to the door before finishing the brief exchange. “I always do.” With that he slipped out the door leaving his classmates to plan without his interruption, quickly beginning to make his way towards Gekkogahara’s office for that day’s session.

He couldn't help but find himself confused. Despite all of his actions Nanami still wanted him around. It was confusing how could pity be so strong it should have run out by now like the others. Yukizome was responsible for him so he could understand there but with his classmate, it didn’t make sense it was almost as if there was more to pity her opinion on their relationship was different than he had interpreted like her actions were not out of pity but from something else.

Nagito quickly shook off those thoughts of how foolish he could be to think an Ultimate could even consider it, such a thought made the Lucky student feel disgusted by himself. “Nanami was acting that way because she of her Hope nothing more,” Nagito mumbles to himself. It was the only option after all if it wasn’t that and her pity must have run out that can only mean she considered him a friend.


The past month has been a chaotic time in Chiaki’s life. First, her friend Kuzuryu’s little sister gets murdered by some unknown pervert, then Koizumi, another one of her best friends from middle school also ends up dead. With that striking the class Hinata, a friend from the reserved course goes silent which is worrying her. Finally, midterms tests were coming up and our class was in mourning or trying to help someone in mourning. My most distant friend decided to help by getting the exams canceled via bomb scare. Once his threat wasn’t taken he tried to do it.

With that all having gone down in one week earlier that month everything was kind of difficult to keep up with. Kuzuryu and Koizumi have taken a step back which she can’t blame them for and Komaeda has started to see a therapist which she has tried to be supportive of despite his constant attempts to explain why he doesn't deserve help. (Which she can’t understand.) He has also taken a step back. She was glad to see he was going home. Maybe his family wants to have a talk about that.

“You think his parents are gonna make him drop out.” she heard soda say behind her though it wasn’t clear who he was asking she decided to answer.

“Probably not.” She said with the normal cold, nonchalant voice that was natural to her.

“Really why not,” he asked in a tone showing overwhelming disappointment. While she had to talk to him about wanting one of our friends to drop out later for now an explanation.

“Well even if they did Komaeda’s Luck would do something to ensure they don’t …. I think.” She explained which he seemed to have accepted with only a little pout.

“To be honest I think it’s best if he stays here.” They heard Pekoyama speak up. “He is a threat but at least we know he’s getting help.” She explained.

Kozumi gave her tosense next. “Maybe but if he doesn't need to be here for help he could potentially get it somewhere else and we could just check on him?” she asked which sounded more like a suggestion but once again she decided to ignore it.

Poekoyama shook her head. “He is too cunning. He planned his entire plot without any of us knowing, he doesn't seem to want help and if the school doesn't force him directly he wouldn’t go even if we kept tabs on him I think he could deceive us.”

“How did you know Komaeda didn’t want help?” Chiaki asked caught off guard that the ultimate swordswomen knew a fact that Komaeda seemed to have only confided in her, he essentially won’t talk about his therapy unless pressure instead of cracking after being asked. This was strange behavior for him.

“.....” The ultimate swordswoman was silent before Kuzuryu spoke up. “Look, the fact is we're probably all safer if that psychopath is within stopping range even if we want him gone.” He said annoyed by the conversation before storming out.

That quickly ended the conversation on Komaeda. Chiaki could tell that her class had grown colder to their Egoless friend which was a bit frustrating to her, Chiaki thinks supporting him and the fact that he is getting help would be best. That being said, she will respect their wishes for now. Deciding to change the subject naturally to forming plans with the class for Sunday.


Miaya braced herself as she got ready to enter. While Usami does help the Therapist with her social issues she still got nervous even around someone like Matsuda who she could relate to. Most seemed to see the Ultimate Neurologist as a cold dry man but he also wanted above all else to help a feeling she could relate to. It's the reason she wants his help with her current patient.

Entering the room she was met with the man in question reading a manga sporting his unprofessional attire. “So you wanna talk about Komaeda?” He said lowering his manga and turning his attention to her.

Quickly typing Usami answered. “Yes, I would like to talk about my current patient.” She answered moving a bit closer so she wanted to stand in the doorway to continue the conversation. Matsuada sighed, rubbing his eyes. “Okay, what do you need?”

Miaya sighed she knows this needs to be done but she doesn't like to pry swallowing how uncomfortable this made her feel. “Komaeda has some issues that worry me.” She began Matsuada despite his demeanor sitting there silently and listening to her observations.

“Aside from his mental problems that include a disturbing lack of empathy and a radical cult-like devotion to his own hope ideology he also has a rather sickly body, figure and noticeably unnatural hair color and noticeable lack of social cues that make me think that there is something more wrong with him.” As she explained this Matsuda silently listened, nodding his head along to her observations.

“So because you want to check his records you want me to break the law and give you illegal access to his medical records.” He asked with the classically annoyed tone she had grown through their few interactions to believe was normal to him.

Miaya knows it's illegal but she suspects that if there is something wrong Komaeda won’t get help seeing how their sessions usually go. “If I am correct he's essentially committing suicide I refuse to let him.” She typed with greater intensity than usual.

There were many reactions to her intense typing, one she was not expecting was for the Ultimate Neurologist to let out a dry chuckle. “You know you can’t make Usami sound serious no matter how intense you type right?” His question did slow her steam a bit but she was still resolute.

“Fine you win, I'll check.” He said quickly, pulling out his laptop. As he typed, he began to explain himself. “Physically I have made similar observations which combine that with abnormally weak stamina. I suspect that he either has some kind of weakened immune system maybe- .” As he explained he suddenly went silent.

Quickly the Former Ultimate Therapist typed. “What's wrong?” He quickly turned the laptop. “Nothing.” He responded as she looked at the screen, seeing Komaeda’s medical records completely blank.

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“Home sweet home.” Nagito shivered as he approached the poor excuse of a giant shack he called home. It’s not like the place isn’t nice after all his luck gave it to him but the Despair that rained off the place was unbearable to him. Entering the frigid house he quickly made his way to his computer room.

The contraption was specially made to withstand his luck, custom coolers to prevent overheating wires specially made to avoid malfunctions (Specifically fires.). Getting on it he turned it on along with the most expensive VPN he could find. It was made by a young prodigy. She did a good job, it might be worthy of the Ultimate title or at least she will make his prediction list for the next year. From there, his plan began.

The plan is simple if tough to pull off. If Hinata was inside the reserved course all he has to do is go and find him. Unfortunately, thanks to the incident he is kinda well known and wouldn’t be allowed into the course. Not just is he an Ultimate but he is under security for his mental instability. For these reasons, he needs to stop being the Ultimate Lucky Student Komaeda Nagito.

Buying a new identity is surprisingly easy and affordable then again he can only assume that the people who want to cease to be are often poor and untalented. That being said, buying one that can then pass Hope's peak background check is a bit more problematic but he had to have Hope that he could after all if there are two things he believes in it’s the good of Hope and the power of his luck.

With the new identity out of the way, he will need to become his new self with some quick purchases he could begin renting an apartment to be his fake home and some hair dye, glasses should cover up his face perhaps some contacts to change his eye color and one of those voice-changing bow ties detectives use. Once he is in, it will be as simple as tracking Hinata down and finding out why he isn’t talking to Nanami. Nagito’s current theory is that he has realized that he doesn't deserve to be her friend. While it is noble and definitely shows that he is smarter than the average talentless reserve course but if Nanami wanted to be a friend that was a given.

There were a few potential flaws while Nagito was sure he could fool the school and even reserved course even his classmates would struggle to notice after all he is nowhere near worth remembering enough to remember him. The key problem was Kamishiro as the ultimate spy noticing another spy is in his skill set, unlike other students who have nothing to do with disguises. Keeping this in mind he needs to stay in crowded areas to avoid him.

Nagito shuddered at the thought that there was one thing that made him uncomfortable: crowded places and loud noises, two things a crowd creates. “The things I do for Hope.” He said to himself as an identity caught his eyes. “Nozomi Fainda, perfect,” he mumbled as he purchased the identity.



It was blank, well not completely blank the normal stuff date of birth but anything suggesting her theories happened to be absent not medical conditions but details of mental health that should have been there wasn't like the fact he is seeing a therapist is absent. Turning to Matsuda she was admittedly confused, a record could be blank and the fact that he sees her is recent so perhaps it was entangled in administration though it sounded unlikely epically for a lucky student.

Matsuda quickly decided to put an end to that possibility. “Those records are from the school. They are very protective of the Ultimate students' health; there's no way they could make a mistake like this.” His tone was more serious focused. Hearing someone so laid back talking like this was a bit unsettling it put her on edge.

If the file was blank then the school is very thorough and it comes up blank then that leaves an obvious conclusion but that makes little sense. “Why would the school want to keep his file blank the only people who can see it are employees of the school itself and Ultimates with medical talents like you and-” At that moment it snapped the school didn’t want Tsumiki to see it and by extinction his class but it doesn't explain why.

Matsuda crossed his arms and started to slowly shake his head. “There is only one reason this school does anything so the question we need to ask is how does Komaeda’s talent relate to his medical record?”

To Miaya the question didn't make sense. Why would the school change his record? His talent was luck; it has nothing to do with medical practice. “What do you mean?” She was curious about the Neurologist's thought process.

He looked a bit annoyed at the prospect of having to restate and his tone reflected this but he did it anyway. “He is Ultimate luck, not Ultimate good luck, it's all about probability so he can have bad luck. So if he were to get some kind of super-rare condition that should render him incapable of attending classes and his good luck let him somehow do so, they could have wiped his record to make sure someone like me or Tsumiki couldn't find out and ruin the experiment.”

Miaya was silent, the suggestion of a coverup by the school should have been impossible but if Matsuda's theory was correct then it did make sense but if so it doesn't explain why the school would do this. “What you suggested is highly illegal. I don’t see the school going through with this.” As she heard the sweet voice of Monomi saying this she started to agree perhaps a more serious talking option would be a good idea.

Matsuda, whose patience seemed to be running thin, shrugged. “Hope's peak official goal is the development and research of talent. You can’t improve luck.” He said it was slightly colder than usual and more condescending. “The school has already done some shady shit why else would they need my Memory Modification techniques?” There was more noticeable venom in that statement.

That final comment specifically caught her attention. “Memory manipulation?” she typed wanting more context. The Ultimate Neurologist's eyes widened flashing with fear, mouth dropping open suggesting to her that he did not mean to say that.


“You never know how much you care about something until you lose it.” A quote no one really knows where it came from and is a bit cliche but to Seiko, it fits the situation of her current life. She lost the only two friends she ever had. She knows Ando was just using her but it didn’t change the fact that Seiko missed her former friend. Heck, she missed Izayoi’s super defensive behavior pulling weapons on anyone who would go as far as to surprise Ando.

The quote even held true to the guy who indirectly ended her first friendship. Komaeda Nagito had gone from a lower classman to her only friend in just a few weeks. To most of the school, he is the psycho who tried to blow up the gym for a time. That's what he was to her. In fact, it was even worse, his plan was to take her friends and humiliate her. Seiko would go as far again as to say she hated him but then one day he turned up to her lab and begged not for forgiveness but to be allowed to be a servant.

It was pitiable but if he made the offer to Ando she would accept and what she could accomplish with Komaeda as a servant would be genuinely terrifying so Kimura decided to talk to him and by the end of the conversation, he swore to help her make friends. That is the setup for the current action of creating a friendship drug to increase her own sociability. She isn't sure if she needs to make it after all Komaeda is her friend but he is insistent she makes other friends so she has decided to make the drug a just in case.

Either way with him gone for the weekend she kinda misses him. Normally he visited daily he would even bring them food on occasion apparently he is really bad at cooking but she isn't completely sure about that after all he really likes to downplay something she is really knowledgeable on and she wants him to stop. There is no way the guy who made the entire super complex bomb the gym plan just to help his classmates is an idiot despite his own insistence.

Pulling out her phone she questioned whether to call because she didn’t want to bother him but humans were naturally social creatures and Komaeda has been a major help to her in that category so she kinda wanted to thank him. After a few seconds, she put her phone away and sighed mumbling to herself “It’s just the weekend.” Before continuing with her work. A modified version of her steroid was proving to have a bit more of a beastial effect but it is seeming to be more of a benefit.


While the entire premises was Despair filled it did not resonate from his house at the center no the KOmaeda family graveyard was the source. His father started it after buying the house wanting the family to be buried together in a more western method instead of traditional cremation. Despite making it when Nagito was a few months old it had sense filled up with every other Komaeda.

Safe to say the Despair of his entire family was in this one place. It is where he was made, molded. He lived in the house but only the despair of this graveyard could be his home for that he hated the place. Despite hating this place it was rare for him to have built up the nerve to actually visit and with this potentially being his last chance he had to just to see them one last time.

As Nagito approached he felt his entire body start to shiver from the cold natural to the graveyard. Not willing to quit so easily he hugged himself to keep warm as he continued. There it was right next to each other.

Komaeda spoke in a raspy voice. “Hey Mom, Dad, it's been a while since I've been busy with school.” Be began trying to sound casual; he knows they would have wanted that. “I haven't made any friends. Thankfully one of the good things about the academy is that the Ultimates know they are too good for me so I don’t have to worry about them trying at least not as hard and when they do I'm so inferior they give up.”

Not wanting to give them that rant again he decided to change the conversation to his classmates. “First there is Kuzuryu, yeah the yakuza he is strong-willed but he has a good heart that is truly kind.”

“Then Soda the Ultimate mechanic who can build almost anything though my luck likes to hurt him which is unfortunate I kinda wanted him to help me improve my explosives but when I get close he gets paranoid and thanks to that my chances have dropped to zero now.”

He then continued. How Tsumiki’s shy kindness even to him, Mioda’s positively and passion for her music despite how loud it is, Tanaka’s power and pride and ensured world domination in the future, Sonia a literal princess who even pities him enough to call him friend, Nidai’s a man with a heart just as strong as Kuzuryu but he uses it to encourage, Owari someone who keeps everything exciting and just goes with the flow, Hanamura who has given him food so good even the best he has eaten before doesn't compare, Pekoyama who serves as a cold protector always on guard to defend any member of the class, Saionji who despite her worse traits can bring true beauty to the world through her art, Koizumi a person with compassion that helps bind the group together, Mitarai a quiet kid who really doesn't like to show his talent and tries to hide himself but he knows that deep down he is good.

“The class representative Ultimate gamer Nanami, Out of the entire class she has the greatest hope. It shines so brightly it is almost unbelievable. Despite everything, I think she actually wants to be my friend.” After saying this Nagito got caught on a thought before continuing. “Don’t worry I'm not going to make the same mistake again but it just shows the power of her Hope.” He quickly decided to use this as a segway to why he was here.

“Though her Hope is the reason I'm here I found a way to make her Hope glow even brighter.” Just the idea makes him shiver in delight having all his Despair all the Despair his luck has created finally gone. It was amazing even here her Hope was strong enough to make him want to bask in its warmth. “I Hope I can serve as the stepping stone needed to end the Despair I have brought and turn it all into Hope.” He mumbled to himself before turning around to leave.

“I miss you, see you soon. He said louder but barely above a whisper. Before leaving.

Chapter Text

Next semester, that's when he can enter. Assuming he is let in but Nagito was confident he could pass the test. He was going missing l, which could be a problem but he had come up with a solution. By spending more time with them he can make them tired of him so when he goes missing they’ll just be glad to be rid of Nagito so he won’t have to deal with them searching.

“Your turn.” He heard getting his attention he noticed that Nanami just managed to take a mass sleuth of his pieces prisoner. Quickly turning off his future plans to create his Hope he returned to the game at hand. Sonia has recently decided she wanted to learn Go so Nanami decided out of the three students besides her despite the fact Nidai and Mitarai are better than him she decided to play him quickly deciding to play it off to as making things easier for Sonia to learn as he began to put his full effort into his turn.

The match didn’t last much longer as despite her love of video games Nanami Chiaki was the Ultimate Gamer, not just video games. “Pass.” Nagito ended the match and after a quick point count, 58/303 Nanami won definitively. “A spectacular performance from the Ultimate Gamer I didn’t even stand a chance,” Nagito spoke in the sweet voice that Ultimate always gave him when they won.

Nanami gave him a look that was normally used when he sang her praises; her humbleness is truly great. “You know Komaeda if you used the set advantages the weaker position offers for fairer matches you would probably do better against me.” She said in a reminding way that seemed almost scripted. Nagito just nodded accepting her advice despite the fact he will never take an advantage over an Ultimate no matter how worse it makes it on him.

Sonia decided to speak up at this point. “So the game comes with its own costume balance for weaker players?” She asked with the intuitiveness Nagito had learned to be natural of the Ultimate Princess.

Nanami nodded. “In the game, you can have a set number pierced in your favor depending on how much better your opponent is.” She explained to the best of her abilities. Go is a complex game and while he has no doubt an Ultimate can learn, it is a fact it’s easier to learn if you start young. He can remember when he was seven coming across the stones for the first time noticing the resemblance of black and white, yin and yang, good and evil, and of course Hope and Despair. He almost shudders at the symbolism.

Fighting off the temptation he started to listen to the conversation as the Curious Princess flurry of questions came to an end with her final question though it was more of an observation. “The game seems to be more centered around territory and prisoners rather than capturing a monarch unlike in chess where that serves as the main focus.” She stated her observation.

As their conversation turned to the differences between the two games and the reasons for that a conversation that was more anthropology than gaming or princessing though he enjoyed it nonetheless though looking at the time he quickly realized he was about to be late to his therapy session. Quickly excusing himself he left.

He threw the game, While Komaeda won’t say it but he is around the same skill level as Nidai and Mitarai, he just refuses to take the advantages against her as they do. That being said, insistence on a fair fight seeing the alternative as cheating which he “refuses to do to an ultimate.” is understandable even if Chiaki finds his bias annoying but that isn’t the case.

Komaeda lost by a ridiculous amount more than he usually does. He could just be off his game today but his recent actions make her a bit worried. “What if he’s planning something he’s already on thin ice she doesn't want him to get in trouble and expelled.” Since Hinata stopped talking to her she had become noticeably more protective of her friendships even if it was just a few short weeks ago something about his disappearance worried her especially with his final words to her He’ll see me again to just seem like a goodbye.

Releasing she had entered a tangent she decided to leave it. “Even if for some reason he can’t see her he said he’ll see me again and I believe him” She ended it and decided to focus on more positive things for the first time since the chaotic last few weeks began. The entire class is going to meet up. They all agreed to go to the mall. While there was some concern about bringing Komaeda but her determination for an untied class gave her the Charisma boost she needed, it was coming up as soon as Komaeda left his therapy and she needed to get some more games for the trip. (And some money for games might be nice.)


The weekend had been good enough Miaya as she had learned of her associate Matsuda's new therapy plan which with a silver tongue she never suspected he had but as the idea of suppressing traumatic memories than using therapy to prepare the mind for it lessening the blow was an idea she had no qualms behind despite his rather negative opinions of the school.

Another thing she accomplished was a newly developed plan for her patient. As a therapist, her job is to help people cope with the past while she knows of her patient's lack of parents there was still a little amount of information. Komaeda was very unwilling to explain his past; she had little choice but to do some research on the aforementioned parents and through their death which she believes should be a good talking point of their sessions.

That being said she also has other intentions she would like to confront him on his supposedly blank medical record. With her session planned out, she patiently waited for her patent. It was strange he was late, which was unusual for him. Before she could start to question if he had ditched he turned up.

“I'm sorry I was late Miss Gekkogahara. I was helping Nanami teach a game to Sonia.” He spoke with a sincerity that she could believe at least combined with his track record of not lying. There might have been some hope as she had previously suggested he spend more time with his classmates making this the closest thing they have had to a breakthrough.

“It’s fine, Komaeda just take a seat, we have something very important to talk about,” Usami said as she began their conversation. Up to this point, the conversations have held a similar format. She asks him a question he either answers or parries with how useless it is to even try to help him and she could help other people more effectively.

Taking this in mind the next few sessions were the time she needed to put a crack into his shell and try to reach him despite his refusal of help. Quickly typing Usami began. “Okay, Komaeda firstly I would like to ask you something?” To the question, he kept a silent blank silent waiting to look waiting for the question. Even with Usami’s help she still feels nervous asking her questions especially when it’s personal. Sucking down her nerve she typed to start. “When I checked the medical record provided by the school it was blank, not even recording our sessions did you know about this.”

Komaeda flashed the not worth it smile and replied. “It’s probably just bad luck, my luck is terrible,” Komaeda answering with mention of his talent was interesting. It might have been a deflection but she would drop it, for now, there were bigger fish to fry. “Next Komaeda I wanted to talk to you about your parents and what you think of their deaths.”


The class has mostly split up Sonia and Tanaka and Soda had split up to get the parts for an animal gate soda intended to build for Tanaka. While he doesn't know it for a fact he is pretty sure Soda wants to use the opportunity to show his skill to Sonia who he has a clear crush on.

Mioda, Saionji, and Tsumiki have taken Koizumi to a Tech store most likely to look at cameras. Koizumi was still in mourning over her friend's death, a Despair she had yet to overcome. Nidai, Owari, and Mitarai all went with Hanamura to criticize the mall restaurants.

Kuzuryu went to get them all ‘Yakuza Discounts.’ which just proves the kind heart he had thought. Then there was Pekoyama. Unfortunately, Chiaki had lost track of the Ultimate Swordswoman but he wasn’t worried she could definitely take care of herself. Chiaki herself had been brought there by Komaeda. The store was a tech store that had all kinds of laptops and computer parts.

“I was here buying a new laptop the other day and I found something you might like.” He explained as he started to lead her through the store. She was curious to find what he had found. As they reached the back of the store she saw it. Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the box upon box of Arcade cabinets.

“Yeah, you always said you liked classic arcade games and while you could get a ROM I thought you would like them.” He spoke with the same kind of tone he normally stuck to. Not that the tone isn’t appropriate, just the aesthetic of her own arcade machines, maybe even making an arcade room recreating a retro arcade.

Quickly making their way over to the price tags she looked and saw the price. 55000 Yen. She suddenly sank; she only had about 33000 Yen. She wouldn't be able to afford it. This was a circumstance she is experienced with this gaming was expansive she would just have to deal with. As Chiaki moped over the loss, she barely noticed Komaeda approaching one of the games.

“Streetfighter 2 is a good one don’t you think?” He said not looking at her but focused on the game. “It is considered by most the derivative fighter and its arcade is considered by most it's best though I think the other ports aren’t as bad as people like to say.” Chiaki continued with his tangent as Komaeda movies looked at the price. He then interrupted the gamers' rant about her first experience with street fighter 2 on her old ZX spectrum and how she found it charming.

“A bit expensive do you want it?” Chiaki just silently nodded as she did, Komaeda proceeded to grab the box of street fighter 2 and started to lift it. Well more attempts than actually succeed. For a split second, she couldn’t comprehend it before it kicked in. “He wants to buy it for me, no, that's just hopeful thinking he probably doesn't know I can’t afford it.” With that in mind, she tried to inform him.

“Komaeda I can’t afford this.” She spoke slightly embarrassed about the misunderstanding, unfortunately, the comment only earned a look of confusion from Komaeda before he shot another question. “You want to split it?” Chiaki's eyes sparkled as her breathing deepened. “Really … you can afford that?” Chiaki knew Komaeda was the kind of person to willingly spend more than he can to help her and she didn’t want that.

Komaeda simply nodded “Don’t worry, my luck has left the financial situation rather comfortable.” The gamer didn’t know if it was Komaeda's special brand of charisma or just the fact that she wanted the game but she simply accepted. “If you want to split it we can but if we do then it’s half yours too.” She commented making her way over to the game to pick it up.

“There is no need Nanami. If it inspires your hope then I don’t need it, the money is already well spent.” Komaeda is difficult to work with especially when it comes to this but she had recently thought of something, time to see if her new tactic is as effective as she hopes. “Komaeda, wouldn't it inspire more hope if two ultimate's shared it?”

Komaeda was silent at her question thinking it over before responding. “Maybe but if that's the case you should split with another one maybe Sonia or perhaps Tsumiki.” As Komeda began to argue with himself over who she should split the game with, she interrupted him. “Komaeda if I'm spending money on it should be mine?” She phrased it as a question to which he nodded allowing her to continue. “Then seeing how you also spending money on it, it should also be yours. While I have no problem sharing, it is ours.”

To Chiaki's surprise, Komaedas' response was not a self-deprecating argument but instead, he began to mope mumbling “If you say so?” Normally she would attempt to lift him out of the surprisingly sad stupor but she decided to ignore it besides they had a box to try to pick up. Working together Chiaki and Komaeda began to try and lift the box.

Chapter Text

“Looks like I lost again,” Komaeda said with a simple chuckle and shrug as Chiaki claimed victory. Despite her gripes with her classmate, one of the things she has to give to him is that he is a good sport accepting loss with a smile. In fact, it almost goes as far as him being a bad winner apologizing when he pulls it off claiming it was just luck. While she will admit that some of his wins are luck like a random glitch or ARG he is good at video games he catches on quickly and can most of the time put up a good fight.

“Another match?” He asked, having already picked Blanka, the one he had quickly chosen to be his main. “Yeah, I can go again,” Chiaki responded with a simple nod, picking Ken and starting. As the match began Komeda began to make small talk. “Nanami, can I ask you a question?” He almost seemed nervous. “Yeah go ahead.” She said calmly and methodically concentrating more on the game than the conversation at least at the moment.

“I was wondering if you could give me advice on how to make friends?” He said in a voice a bit of Komaeda's strange self-deprecating confidence faltering. “I guess I could but why?” Chiaki didn’t really mind but she doesn't understand why he would ask her, especially when they have classmates like Koizumi or Sonia who would be better at that kind of thing.

Komaeda was silent for a few seconds. He had gotten better at the game; they were about equal in health with herself a bit ahead. He seemed kinda confused but he still spoke up. “You're the obvious person to have claimed friendships with our entire class. The reason we united was because of you.” He reasoned giving a shrug to the fact Chiaki just knocked him out and claimed round 1.

Chiaki had never considered that position; she just played games and tried to balance their interest after she became the Rep. She tried to do her job but never anything that could be considered a special technique. That being said Komaeda asking something like this would be hard he is rarely asks anything of any of them in fact it’s more common for him to offer his service she would go even as far as to say she doesn't recall him ever asking for help even when straight up asked he would actually flat out deny help saying he isn’t worthy. With such a rare circumstance he must be desperate for the advice for some reason. Deciding to give Komaeda the benefit of the doubt she decided to help him but then the question comes what to tell him. Briefly considering trying to tell him to play games but deciding against it nat wanting him to come to the conclusion that it’s a part of her talent something she could see him saying.

“Huh looks like I got lucky,” Komeda said as Ken hit the ground, winning him round 2 and sending them into their first-round three. Quickly entering her game mode for the final round. Komaeda smiled, noticing her increased effort learned in preparing to give the ‘ultimate gamer’ his all. She quickly charged him only to be met by a jump attack. Not wanting to be rude she continued with the best advice her unconcentrated mind could muster.

“I just tried to understand everyone, let them play the games I love, then I participate in their talents or hobbies. It's a compromise but it’s always funner with other people… I think.” Chiaki liked to think the advice she gave was exactly what she wanted to express but she isn’t sure. “But what if their talents can’t work together in a nonprofessional setting?” He asked wincing at the end from the combo he had started to incur.

Chiaki had to take his words, she was a bit distracted. Komaeda had massively improved even though she was struggling against pace. “It doesn't necessarily have to be their talent, just any kind of hobby.” She explained started to get annoyed. It was almost as if the controls only worked half the time. “Okay let's say I have no way to tell them about their hobbies and I need to break the ice.” He said rather quickly trying to avoid her attacks.

“Food.” She answered immediately. “Food? Komaeda repeatedly seemed caught off guard with her immediate answer, something that was understandable as he didn’t have the context. “Iwatani Toru, the creator of Pac-Man made the game to appeal to the most people possible. He did this by making it about eating, everyone has to eat so it's the best basic bet, it’s chance but with your luck, it should work.”

Komaeda started to laugh. “Using my talent in advice to increase my chances, what an ingenious idea from the Ultimate Gamer!” Normally she would attempt to counter his compliments; he really did take his classmates' advice too well but as their fight was so close and she was in the game mode she decided to ignore it. Charging him she prepared to finish it they were both one hit from death and she entered punching range she struck pressing the button.

Chiaki then watched in slow motion as Ken didn’t move then Komaeda in a moment of clarity struck. As Ken hit the ground she felt the pressure she had been defeated, her reign of terror was over. Honestly, Chiaki didn’t care, she just wanted to be dramatic in her own head.

“How lucky, I'm sorry, thanks for the advice though.” Komaeda apologized, earning a pout from her. “You won, you shouldn’t be apologizing.” She said annoyed by the action. Komaeda simply shook his head. “Not that, I wanted to apologize because your punch button broke.''Quickly checking the button she realized he was right. “Oh.” She mumbled not really caring after all soda loved to fix her broken consoles and this isn’t the first time Komaedas luck broke one.


Gekkogahara Miaya had experience helping people except loss. It is her talent and for that reason, she had seen many different forms of acceptance despite this she has never seen someone have the reaction Komaeda Nagito had.

Within her time at Hope’s Peak, she never put much stock in luck, granted she never really paid attention she was too nervous but after her latest session with the Ultimate Lucky Patient, her perspective had changed. Miaya had known that Komaeda had no idea but she had never looked at it with the context of his talent nor had she known Komaeda was there to witness his parent's death.

Despite witnessing such a terrible thing at such a young age which would be enough to see her but to add to the situation he has coped by deciding that the entire event was good luck because it gave him his parent's fortune. While she doesn't believe it led him to attempt to destroy the gymnasium it has put her on the right track. While it is currently a theory she believes that similar events that include his luck has led him down the path of creating who he is.

With those theories in mind, she needs evidence seeing how Komaeda needs to be confronted with evidence then pushed to reveal anything that is what brought her to the one person who has had similar thoughts, the man who inspired her own theory. The Ultimate Therapist had grown used to the Ultimate Neurologist as she joined his project but the visit she was currently arriving at had more to do with their first meeting than anything else.

Arriving at his lab she readies herself; she knows Matsauda will help or at least give his insight. Making her way through the building she went through the halls that had grown only more familiar with every visit. Entering his office he was busy reading his comedy sketch manga. It was almost as if he didn’t notice her and wasn't ignoring her to get a few extra seconds with it she knows better now.

“I'm here Matsuda.” she quickly typed to get his ‘attention’. He looked kind of annoyed. “Okay why?” he spoke with a dry annoyed voice she has learned to be natural to him.

“I'm here to discuss Komaeda.” She typed with a tinge of guilt even though Matsuda was a medical officer and a professional she always felt bad breaking her confidentiality. With her comment, Matsuda entered Ultimate Neurologist mode. “I already told you the guy has some problem being covered up by the school, not much to say.” He shrugged.

Miaya saw that his paranoia about the school was something she wanted to talk to him about but she had yet to get to it and it was not relevant there were more important things to focus on. “Can you prove your theories?” She challenged him. He gave her a questioning glare. “Why do I need to prove them?” He counter asked as she had anticipated.

“I have come across some evidence to what you said but I need solid evidence if I want to prove anything.” Maiya had to get access to Komaeda's medical records just to make sure and Matsauda is her best chance or at least his paranoia makes him seem like a viable option.

He was silent for a few seconds but he managed to make it feel like minutes before he got an answer. “I will see what I can do but you're gonna have to wait a bit.”

With that answer she simply typed. “Thank you.”

Seiko was as steady as she could manage as she always tried to be when dealing with deadly chemicals but no matter how hard she tried she could never standstill. Despite this, she had managed to get still enough to be considered safe but if she were to be startled she could lose concentration; it was a problem in the past but with the advent of a Do not disturb unless you really need to but if you do be quiet. Singh had been a success.

As she was about to mix the concoction she heard the door of the lab swing open and the familiar voice of her at this point only friend Komaeda Nagito. “Kimura I have some great news!” He said more excited than she had ever heard him. Instead of the reaction Komaeda was expecting, Seiko panicked and accidentally tossed the vial.

Said vial flew through the and straight into Komaeda's mouth still open from his declaration which it went straight down. The Ultimate Lucky student then began to choke on the vial making struggled attempts to breathe. Kimura immediately started to panic. She hasn’t only subjected her only friend to an experimental fast-acting steroid but he was choking on the bottle. She couldn't help but question how it is even supposed to happen to a Lucky student.

Kimura’s panicking was interrupted by a scream in the hall. “Komaeda your choking!” Almost immediately as she heard this the source of the voice ran in another one of her lowerclassmen, a girl with purple unevenly cut hair. The girl quickly grabbed Komaeda from behind and started performing the Heimlich maneuver.

Seiko admittedly felt a bit stupid for not thinking of it especially with it being such a basic and known method to help the problem that being said the bottle unhinged and flew out of Komeda's mouth. As soon as it was gone he took a deep breath then spoke. “Tsumiki, you saved me.” His eyes sparkled with gratefulness as he began to sing her praises.

Seiko felt a light pressure on her chest that was surprisingly potent at causing her pain, quickly reducing why it wasn't hard. It was clearly a feeling of dread after all Komaeda had just consumed an experimental steroid. She quickly fought up the courage to speak up. “ Uh Komaeda I don’t mean to interrupt but?” Seiko was scared into silence by the Komeada turning his attention to the awkwardness she felt interrupting beat her out.

Komaeda simply smiled. “Kimura it's okay you're never interrupting me.” A phrase he had said a few times but she was still not sure of that despite his insistence. The other girl, Tsumiki, had a nervous look on her face even though the praise still looked nervous. Strengthening her resolve she continued. “The bottle you swallowed had an experimental steroid and I don’t know the side effects.”

Finishing the sentence Komaeda gave her a look that had a fusion of confusion and panic. “I'm fine, my muscles are kinda sore.” As he finished his sentence his body began to spasm. This time it was Tsumiki's turn to panic. “Wh-wh- What's happening?” She questions being scared by his shaking. Seiko quickly started to go through her medicine trying to find something. “The steroid is causing his muscles to spasm and grow.” As she finished she grabbed a vial and poured it down the ultimate lucky student's mouth.

After a few seconds, Komaeda went limp and fell to the ground. Tsumiki quickly sprung into action checking his vitals and making sure he was breathing. “The medicine numbs all nonessential muscles which stop the spasm.” She explained to her friend's classmate. Tsumiki had entered her talent mode, which was definitely a medical talent from her previous actions checking his vitals knowing the Heimlich maneuver and bandages wrapped around most of her limbs.

“When will it wear off?” She asked her shyness being replaced with a strong concentration. “A few hours we should move him to his room.” She suggested. Seiko immediately regretted what he had suggested. After all, if anyone were to see them carrying around a weak Komaeda who was already on thin ice the rumors could cause chaos.

Lucky for her Tsumiki didn’t agree with her suggestion. “I should just take him to the school hospital and keep an eye on him. If that's okay I'm sorry I didn’t mean to suggest your idea is bad we can do that if you want, I just I'm sorry!” Her initial rotational suggestion was consumed by a rant about how she didn’t mean to offend Seiko even though she didn’t want her own idea Tsumiki was now trying to approve of it.

The two proceeded to debate for about ten minutes about whose idea was worse before Seiko finally managed to convince Tsumiki to take Komaeda to the medical wing even after she agreed she then proceeded to apologize for arguing for another few minutes. After leaving she finally began to clean her lab when a thought came to her mind: what was the great news Komaeda had for her.

Chapter Text

Nagito Komaeda was the Ultimate Lucky Student, not a glamorous position but more than he deserved that being said at this moment his luck made him feel such a beautiful warm Hope. Yes, he almost choked and his arms were sore from the steroid but the gain was far more. Of all people, Tsumiki was the best. Both she and Kimura were quiet, shy, and like to help people even having talents meant for healing.

It was a fact he couldn't believe. He never thought of Tsumiki, she was a perfect person to become Kimura's friend. All that was needed was to have the two interact when they saved him. He just needed a more casual setting and with Nanami’s advice Nagito knew what he had to do and in all honesty, he had already started. Tsumiki was very kind despite the invitation coming from him she still accepted. All he had to do was invite Kimura to them. He was just taking them out to dinner to thank them but in reality, he is setting up all they have to do to get along.

He was struggling not to laugh from the excitement. The Hope was going to be so beautiful and it was all thanks to his Luck. Despite his effort not to laugh he still released a few giggles. Lucky for him no one in the hall might look suspicious and once again lucky for him. He was relatively close to his room so slipping in was no problem. As soon as he made it in he couldn’t stop himself.

The laughter was nothing super special after all this hope was only beautiful because of Kimura’s condition and the fact that it was his Luck that allowed it. Then after only about ten seconds of laughter, he was on his phone texting Kimura convincing her it was no big problem. Unfortunately, his bad luck had taken effect on him. His sore muscles were starting to hurt combined with his already low stamina. Nagito knew there wasn’t much left for him to do today or even early tomorrow for that matter he might have to miss class.


The class had just let out, not that it mattered much at the moment. Life has not been the best for Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu in fact it would best be described as fucked. His little sister gets murdered over at least from what he can tell was crazy paranoia. Just thinking about Natsumi made his heartache so bad he could barely stand it. The only solace he got is that he got the bitch who did it back. Unfortunately, she was one of his classmates, Mahiru Koizumi, best friend. At first, he had no intention of killing the bitch he was going to have her put away (Which he wouldn’t normally do but he respects Koizumi enough to do that for her.) Granted he showed up armed, he didn't even know for a fact but he just wanted to ask her some questions but the psycho bitch went crazy and started ranting about saving Koizumi and charged him, and well what's done is done.

With all of that crazy shit things only ranked up after that psychopath Komaeda tried to bomb the gym because he thought we were too sad to show off our talents which in any week he did not have to deal with Psycho bitch would have been the stupidest thing he had heard said week. Then the school decides to let him get away with it as long as he gets ‘therapeutic help.’ Since then the entire class has felt very uncomfortable around him except Nanami who seems to either want to forgive him or blames herself he really can’t tell.

While he’s all for keeping Komaeda in stopping distance and he can understand being friends with psychotic people there's no problem there. The problem is that she seems to legitimately think the rest of this class are his friends which is plainly not true even before his bomb scare he was still weird as fuck the fact that he is insane hasn’t done him any favors but he knows if he tells Nanami this it would just make her more determined to make us his friends. Knowing this the only thing there is to do is wait until she eventually realizes there is no hope for him and when she does he and the rest of them will have to be there to watch he wishes there is another way but she is too hard-headed to stop there's nothing else he can do.

Okay if he wanted to get technical Peko could take him out but that's not really an option, in fact, Peko was frustrating him in her own right. She knew Natsumi heck she was just as much of an older sibling as he is yet she has shown no reaction well once again that wasn't exactly right she did have a reaction it just wasn’t mourning it was well following him around. He could see why his sister's death made her paranoid or at least he tried to see as best as he can but can’t she see that he needs a shoulder to cry on not a sword. Kuzuryu’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Koizumi scolding immediately followed by Tsumiki yelling “I'm sorry.”

Looking over to the scene Koizumi was beginning to lecture Tsumiki with that nagging look she had a tendency to get. “Why would you expect anything from him, he’s insane.” Tsumiki just collapsed further. “I'm sorry b-but he seemed so sincere I did help Kimura save his life.” Immediately that was the most backbone the nurse had ever shown of course it was to avoid another awkward situation.

“I mean if the place has good food and he’s inviting you for free why not accept.” Midoda threw in supporting the nurse. Though she was immediately targeted by Koizumi. “She was invited by a psychopath, he wanted to blow up the gym who knows what he is planning!” This immediately told Fuyuhiko what the subject of their conversation is about, but it also probably told the entire class about the said conversation. Looking around it seemed the only members of their class who were not either participating or listening in were Komaeda who wasn't here and Nanami which must have been a blessing seeing how she is in denial about the subject.

Koizumi getting the entire class's attention seemed to have slowed her down as she sat down, probably feeling awkward. An awkward silence proceeded which Soda broke before it could get too awkward. “Uh so um what's happening.” He said wanting the context.. Koizumi looked annoyed but proceeded to explain the situation while Tsumiki seemed to sink further.

Apparently one of the upperclassmen Kimura Seiko and Tsumiki saved Komaeda after he accidentally drank an experimental steroid and they saved him so he’s inviting them to a restaurant that even he had to admit was high-end something dad would take them out to. Honestly, it was one of the most slice-of-life anime-like things he had ever heard if the slice of life included a creepy psycho like Komaeda. “Why would you even accept anything from him?” He had to ask why she would accept any thanks from Komaeda. He would have half a mind to let the psycho choke.

“Well, I uh…” Before Tsumiki could continue, Owari interrupted. “Hey, the most important questions first Kuzuryu. So you sayin saving Komaeda’s life equals a free meal at a good restaurant?” Tsumiki silently nodded. Nidai spoke next. “So we need to make a team effort and find a way we can all save Komaeda’s life so we all get a free meal!” He said as if he had solved a difficult math equation.

Before either he or Koizumi could speak up to bring the conversation back on track, Hanamura threw his hat into the ring. “First no matter what restaurant he takes you to I guarantee you I can make it better and second can we focus on something actually important.” About fucking time Fuyuhiko thought before Hanamura continued. “Komaeda managed to successfully take two girls out at once, a feat few can achieve.” The class went silent and Fuyuhiko decided to take advantage of this.

“First shut the fuck up Hanamura I don’t want to think about that and secondly Tsumiki you didn’t answer my question?” This managed to get her attention as she went to answer. “I-I just, I'm just it’s I'm sorry I just didn’t want him to hate me,” she said with a normal amount of struggling. Fuyuhiko had assumed it would be something like that because Tsumiki was a bit of a nervous wreck, being pressured by Komaeda of all people. Unfortunately, before he could finish this little debate by just telling her Komaeda wouldn't hate her he was interrupted again.

“Really you're scared Komaeda is gonna be mad he’s probably the easiest person to get stuff past like he even let me fight him once granted I didn’t know he could control trucks,” Owari said somewhat supporting Fuyuhiko’s but then Tanaka spoke up. “Indeed The master of Luck's Truckmancy is one of his most deadly abilities. “Huh, we agree on something.” Soda added. At this point, the Ultimate Yakuza was getting ready to redirect the conversation someone else spoke up.


“Hey, we're in the middle of an important conversation here. We don't need to discuss Komaeda’s weird use of trucks. Kuzuryu you were about to say something” Koizumi spoke up, sending them all into. Fuyuhiko smirked, they might not get along but it’s good to see them work together. As he opened up his mouth to speak he was interrupted again this time by someone joining the conversation.

“Hey hey,” Nanami said casually this garnered the attention of the entire class was diverted to their Rep who was now joining the conversation. Unfortunately, before anyone could speak Tsumiki seemingly built up the courage to speak out. “Komaeda has invited me and one of the upperclassmen to have dinner because we helped him out and the place is really nice so I thought I should wear something nice but what if they don’t wear something nice it would make them look awkward if they don’t but if I wear something nice and they do it would make me look disrespectful and I just don’t want them to hate me!”

Other than the loud cry at the end there was no stutter which was honestly impressive he would almost be tempted to congratulate her if she hadn’t just basically told him that whether or not to go at all wasn’t even on her radar. In fact, he was feeling slightly frustrated he felt anger rush through him in fact it was so much he could feel it clouding his thoughts.

Once it was all set and done all Fuyuhiko could do was watch as Nanami responded, his own frustration had grown to the point he couldn't think of the words to say. “Oh, did you try asking him?” She asked Tsumiki, nervously shaking her head side to side. Nanami gave a sincere smile that served to only make him angrier as he still couldn’t move.

“Bu-Bu-Bu-Bu But what if he already expects me to know and he’s mad I don’t already know?” Tsumiki asked. It was not secret that Tsumiki has issues feeling comfortable around people but with Nanami’s similar lack of social interaction before this year, they held that in common making Nanami one of the few people who can get through to Tsumiki. Normally he sees this as a good thing but at the moment it was proving to be a nuisance as she was sending his friend right into Komaeda's arms and he couldn't speak.

“Even if Komaeda had expected you to already know he wouldn’t be mad, he's your friend,” Nanami answered, lied, though it seems to have convinced Tsumiki. As she looked at the clock she slightly panicked saying she had to go and rushed out. To be fair, Fuyuhiko got up himself. He was getting so angry he needed to go cool off. As he was leaving he heard Nanami talking to Soda.

“Hey, could you fix my Game Girl one of the buttons broke?”


Tsumki would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous but to be fair it would be a lie to say she ever wasn’t at least not when she wasn’t alone or utilizing her talent. It's not like she liked it but anytime she tried to speak up a voice in the back of her head always told her not to speak no one needs to hear. Then to add to that, as long as she didn’t bring attention to herself no one would be mad at her, sure they might not like her but it’s better than having people hate her, people could be so violent to people they hate.

Luckily she would be fine after all this was just a meeting between friends and Kimura. She shouldn't think that Komaeda and Kimura could be friends? He could have been going to visit her when it happened? What if he was going to ask her out but her interrupting made her a third wheel. What if he was mad and this is some kind of trap?

“Tsumki needed to calm herself, she was at the meeting point that Komaeda had told her to go to. She just needed to trust Nanami the Gamer was able to get the nurse out of all her classmates at least so far she was the only one who could understand her socializing issue so if she said Komaeda and her were friends she would trust her. After a few minutes, a limousine pulled up to her as the window rolled down and the driver asked. “Tsumiki Mikan?” After answering he revealed that Komaeda had rented limousines for them which seemed a bit expensive but as she knew nothing of the Ultimate Lucky student's wealth she decided not to question it.

The drive was probably thirty minutes it felt like thirty hours as she made her way towards the restaurant she kept feeling like she was forgetting something which was a feeling she was used to but she still found herself checking to try and find something she was wearing everything and the dress she picked was well it was her most expensive so even if it looks bad it was objectively though she hopes they don’t hate it. By the time she arrived, she was sure she had not forgotten anything; she even brought her own money just in case.

It was a rather quick succession as Tsumiki Mikan, Kimura Seiko, and, Komaeda Nagito had reserved seats in a private section which was a rather pleasant surprise. One of the things that made this situation so scary was the fact there would be other people but it seems Komaeda had already prepared for that. Taking her seat she waited, having been the first to arrive a few minutes later Kimura was guided to the table.

Sitting there the two of them in silence, well it was awkward which was kinda frustrating seeing how she already had 5000 different topics to talk about but she couldn’t think about any of them and while she could always read faces well Kimuras always wear a mask even in her current outfit. It was so frustrating she could feel herself start to tear up.

Kimura seemed to panic at this. “Are you okay, are you in pain, is it emotional or physical?” She asked quickly, starting to go through vials in a side handbag she had on her. She was truly kind. “I'm sorry I'm fine, I just get nervous.” Kimura looked down before speaking next. “I get that this is kinda awkward isn’t it?” Tsumiki nodded, not wanting to say something wrong. The two of them really didn't know each other so without Komaeda as a neutral friend she didn’t think she could muster the strength to hold a conversation.

“Sorry I'm late, I had some unlucky inconveniences,” Komaeda said as he arrived at the table. “Now let's eat,” Komaeda said as he beckoned the waiter over.

Chapter Text

Chiaki didn't really have a bad relationship with her parents, they were just always working so returning for New years wasn’t really needed. With that being said she was a bit curious about her classmates who were also staying for New years. Despite it being considered the most important holiday and normally spent with family.

Looking over to her classmates who were still there. Most had left sometime after their personal Christmas celebration which couldn’t be celebrated on the day because of something involving Novoselic tradition she wasn’t really sure about but it made sense. The only people left are herself, Mitarai, Komaeda, and Tsumiki. After a brief second, she decided against asking, deciding it was probably personal. Deciding on that thought she nodded and readied to return to her game when suddenly Komaeda spoke up.

“New year is tomorrow and about a quarter of our class is still here. Do you guys live nearby?” He questioned not noticing how personal that question was. This earned the attention of herself along with their two remaining classmates. Surprisingly Mitarai spoke up first. “As an animator, I have little time for most celebrations. Returning home is simply too much for my deadlines.” It was so quick and clear it was almost as if it was rehearsed which might have just been him getting asked is a common occurrence.

“Dedicating yourself to your talent fair,” Komaeda answered. ‘Well if he asks.’ Nanami decided to speak up. “My parents both work really long hours so I never really never spent much time with them even during holidays even if I did go home I would end up just gaming all day while they worked and by the time they got home they would be too tired to do anything and they would feel bad.” Also, it seems there are quite a few of her classmates with whom she can have a new year.

After about thirty seconds of silence, Tsumiki surprisingly spoke up as she doesn't speak up often. “My mom never really liked to celebrate holidays and when she did she would be with.... other people... so I just stayed in my room.” She seemed nervous to admit this but Chiaki was glad she did, maybe with it being so few of them and Komaeda and her recent hangout session she felt comfortable enough to speak either way it just reinforced her desire to celebrate the new year together.

“So sorry that would happen to you Tsumiki no Ultimate deserves to have any holidays spent alone,” Komaeda said, sounding more somber than usual. They all silently nodded, all seeming to solemnly agree. Chiaki decided to spring her idea. “Well, why don’t we just have new years together?” She asked seemingly earning a confused reaction from Mitarai and Tsumiki. Their look wasn’t positive or negative, it was just shocked.

The silence was interrupted by Komaeda clapping. “Ultimates spending new years together to overcome the Despair of loneliness, a genius idea only expected of our class representative.” He was clearly happy with the idea as he immediately started to fumble into his pocket, quickly pulling out a checkbook and writing in it then throwing it out onto the table. A literal blank check. “I don’t have the resources of some of our classmates but for this small celebration I'm sure I can get us anything we would want.” He said with his usual confidence.

Chiaki knows Komaeda has money she doesn't know exactly how much but with the christmas presents he got her and and there other classmates after all a Golden Copy of Nintendo World Championship doesn't come cheap in fact it’s probably the most expensive thing she owns now and that is just her he really went out of his way it kinda makes her feel bad she just made everyone a Christmas card it was hand-drawn and all of that she even added pictures but it just felt inadequate. (Especially with her handwriting) Even though everyone seemed to have liked it, Komaeda even called it the best present he ever got. Then again everyone else just got him giftcards which might actually make hers the best he got.

Train of thought was interrupted by Mitarai. “Komaeda” Mitarai spoke without nervousness; he almost seemed like someone else. “seeing how we told you our reasons for being here, shouldn't you tell us your reason for staying at Hope's Peak?” Komaeda's reason for being here Chiaki didn’t think of it in fact other than the one time he went back home a few weeks ago he never really brought up his home life or his past at all for that matter.

Komaeda threw up his arms almost defensively while he almost looked like he was gonna laugh. “Oh it’s really nothing worth bringing up, it's not worth your time to even hear.” Which was a very bad excuse of course his reason matters and hearing it is completely worth their time. “Komaeda, you know it’s not fair for us to tell you ours and not tell us yours,” Chiaki said, slightly puffing her cheeks annoyed at the self-deprecation which always annoys her.

“I'm sorry I didn't mean to take sensitive information but It’s no big deal you would just, it would be better if you didn’t know.” He sounded a bit more desperate which did slightly make her feel bad but, even more, she was concerned was he trying to hide something normally she would take that as a reason to back off but with Komaeda it was different he will never tried to hide anything the only time she can think of he went on to try and blow up the gym so it was kind of concerning. “Komaeda no offense but last time you tried to hide something it led to you trying to blow up the gym while there were reporters there. I know you don’t think much of yourself but we're all here for our own reasons so I'm sure you can tell us why you aren't spending New Years with your family.” She sounded a bit nangerier then she was intending his previous desperation spiking before sinking into somber cold silence.

Mitarai spoke up again to an extent it almost seems like a different side to him. “Komaeda, we gave you our reasons. It is only respectful for you to do so as well. I legitimately don’t think this is out of malicious intent, none of us do but seeing as you initiated this conversation so you should be ready to answer the same question.” He spoke almost as if he was an adult talking to a child . It seemed that they had defeated Komaeda.

Komaeda was silent, in fact, his posture changed. His hair had almost started to droop a bit. She couldn’t make out his eyes and he was silent at least for a few seconds before he finally spoke. “It’s really no big deal but if you really want to know well I can’t say no to Ultimates. I'm here because I have no family left to celebrate with.” He said with a shrug Chiaki was silent, he sounded different, more somber than was usual for him in fact that might have not been definitely the most negative she had ever heard her friend who was normally always smiling ever sound.

Komaeda stood up. “I have to go. I have some packages coming to my house after new year's. I need to go see if they are in.” He said positivity had returned as he silently and swiftly left the room. After that, they all were silent because of the revelation of their friends lacking a family. Despite the vagueness of the comment it was clearly something that troubles him. Chiaki returned to her game feeling a slight tinge of guilt for helping to pressure that kind of information out of a friend while she still wanted to have a party. She decided to talk about it later.


Secrets it’s something everyone has, like crushes or whether or not you are a serial killer then some families have secrets like a family treasure you can’t let anyone know you have or the fact that a member of your family is a serial killer. Generally, Sonia Nevermind found that the more successful a family is the more secrets they have; she considers it a consequence of success. Amongst the secrets that the Nevermind family had none was more of a secret than their spot on the Global Control Council.

The Council is one of the most powerful institutions the world had to offer purposely manipulating world events to the benefit of its members in fact the reason an absolute monarchy like her own Novoselic could last so long even through the strife that brought down most monarchies was because of this council it was the reasons the Princes and Princesses of her homeland were held to such a standard they had to be amongst the best in the world, they needed to keep her position.

With that said she was proud to hold this position not just had she achieved the standard that was set for her she had surpased it to such an extent that her father made the decision to have her attend the meeting of the council instead of him. So when she wasn’t a normal high school girl hanging out with her friends in Japan's top high school she was home helping run the world from behind the scenes in what equated to the Illuminati which might be why she desires to be normal while with her friends but at the moment she couldn’t be normal she as she stood before there meeting place in the Vatican this time she had to be the prodigy, the perfect princess her people deserved and so she would be and the next six months of world events will be planned with her help. WIth that princess, Sonia’s second meeting amongst the Global Control Council began.


Safe to say getting a group of the smartest and most influential people in the world in one room gets intense especially how most of them has their own goals and some contradict it can be overwhelming granted she could not afford that at least not during these meetings so she held her own and for that her people would be safe for another day.

Despite being exhausted she didn’t fail to notice the approach of another council member, not just any member, the only member of the council who was younger than her. Togami Byakuya the Heir to the Togami empire which deserved its name despite his age he was debatably the most powerful on the council so his approach was either in good faith or in bad if the ladder is the case then…. Sonia decided she would rather be hopeful not making enemies with other council members is one of her family's secrets to maintaining.

“Good evening Princess Nevermind.” He said coldly as he spoke in the meeting which wasn’t exactly a good sign but wasn’t bad either. He could just talk like that. “Good evening Mr. Togami,” She said, giving him a nod of acknowledgement which seemed to be the correct action as he continued. “You attend Hope's Peak Academy?” He said almost as if it was a demand a part of her felt compelled to answer, to be honest, she was always curious what that felt like.

“Yes, I am in attendance. It is a wonderful place. Why do you intend to get in?” She was curious about her question. There was no doubt that he could make it in if he wanted. The Togami heir crossed his arms and wore a smirk that rained confidence that even rivaled the Lord of Ice. “I might still haven't decided on that but I did not come here for your opinions. In actuality, I wish to ask you about one of your classmates?”

Since Sonia Nevermind was a little girl she was raised to be the perfect leader military, politics, charisma all things she needed to master multiple languages the ability to read people and to stop herself from being read in fact her master of the skill was something she was proud of but at that moment having her personal life her friends even mentioned by a member of the council it took all of her restraint to stop her mask from twitching.

“One of my classmates?” it was about all she could muster. Togami started to look more serious. “Yes I try to keep track of potential threats on all levels and as the richest teenager in Japan, I try to keep track of at least the top ten and it just so happens number two is in your class.” He said for a fact he was still in complete negation mode. Quickly Sonia deduced he was talking about Kuzuryu as other than her he was undeniably the most powerful in her class but he was her friend and she would never betray a friend even to a member of the council.

“I'm sorry Togami but I consider Kuzuryu a personal friend so I'm not one to be privy to this information.” she remained cold at least to the extent that was expected of her when she was talking to members of the council. Togami was silent for a second before his previous smirk overtook his face. “I have no care for a pathetic chipmunk like him. His family might hold some small influence but he is no threat. No one I desire to learn about has a chance of actually being a threat.” She didn’t show it but she was caught off guard to be honest while it is true Kuzuryu is a little threat to him she can’t think of. He looked at her at this point looking a bit annoyed.

“Do you even pay attention to your classmates? You don’t even know which one has the most money.” He gave her the briefest of seconds to speak but as she was without words he construed. “Fine, I will educate you though if you want to stay around in this world then I have to suggest you pay more attention. The richest member of your class is the serial killer Komaeda Nagito.”

Sonia was silent for a second before uttering a single word. “What?” The Lord of Luck her classes' oddball extremist of hope was a serial killer to be honest if you told most of her class they would buy it but if there's one thing the Princess of Novoselic was an expert on the art of serial killing she is sure she would have noticed. “You must be mistaken, Komaeda might be a lot of things but-.” Before she could finish, Togami interrupted.


“Komaeda Nagito has built a fortune of peoples will’s for example. May fourteenth, 2003 a plane crash over the Atlantic, Greater Atlantic flight 444 went down over the Atlantic. With it, the only adult members of the Espance and Komaeda families died leaving the vast wealth of that family to its only remaining descendant.” As he said this he slipped her a document confirming what he said.

‘It was impossible’ Komaea was that rich. Her family was richer but still, a Billion Euros is a lot of money especially to someone his age but even then. “Even if this is true you can’t say he is a Serial killer he was only six when-” Once again Togami interrupted. “Since he was born his entire family died off until he was the only one left to have the money. I don't put my stock in Luck to do that for him.” With that, he turned away.

“You can stay ignorant if you want but it will be your death.” As he left she just stared while she didn't believe Komaeda was a serial killer but unless the paper Togami gave her is forged which is unlikely as he has no reason to though she will check there was one question this situation raised. ‘Doesn’t Komaeda say he has good luck?’

Chapter Text

The massive High school towers over all the other buildings in the bustling urban area. It was almost as if the school stood at the center of the entire world. Hope's Peak Academy It brings in top students from every field imaginable a government-funded school of Hope. They say if you manage to graduate you’ll be set for life. With hundreds of years of tradition, it sends the cream of the crop into the workforce every year. It was built to raise Hope in the nation's future which makes Hope's peak the perfect name.

There are two things you need to attend this school: One you must be attending high school. Two you have to be the very best at what you do at least if you want to attend the main course but for him, he paid and tested his way into the reserved course. To attend the main course you can’t just enroll here. The only way in is if you’re scouted by the school itself and standing there at the gate if the Ultimate school filled with the Ultimate students was me.

Before entering Komaeda decided to rehearse with himself one last time for his new self. His name is Tochi Yakunitatanai. I am nothing but a Despairingly average high school student. Boring on the outside, boring on the inside. Nothing going for him when it comes to grades, special abilities, even personality. He has hobbies and things he likes to do but no Talent. If you were to ask him what his favorite song, movie, or TV show was he would just go for what is currently popular. Even amongst the boring he is painfully boring he can’t even call himself an ‘everyday hero’ type it’s just who he is. Though if he does have one good point it would be he knows when to stay silent.

Honestly standing here being a new student for the second time he still can’t believe he was able to survive this place. It was overwhelming like the school was trying to swallow him whole at first. But that only made sense he could only assume that was how anyone without a Talent felt regardless he had to continue on there was someone he needed to find another member of the reserve course who through their actions even if they did not intend it brought his classes Hope Despair and that could not be allowed to occur. With that Yakunitatanai made his way to his first day as a reserve course.


Komaeda was missing or at least he left Hope's Peak at the start of the year and has yet to return. Someone more paranoid might see this as him plotting something clearly has skill in it but she was more worried last time they met he finally opened up. It might have been to avoid talking about his parents but he revealed his previous kidnapping and the effects it had on him, a fear of tightly confined spaces and being bound but he might have tried to flee from his help his previous attempts to deny help suggest this could be a final attempt to get her to stop by leaving.


Despite that and his absence, there was still a chance to help Matsuada who had gotten Komaeda's uncensored medical records. If their theory is correct he might have some form of mental illness that they can try to treat or at least help him get around.

With their recent partnership, she has actually entered his office to help a lot so his office at this point becomes a daily visit especially with her current setup working within Hope's Peak. Entering the office she was surprised to see him not reading his book. He was just waiting for her which he has never done before. “I got the records.” He said he was cold but without irritation or sarcasm which was strange for him. Desl this she hesitantly took the records.

Taking the document was heavier than she was expecting. opening them up she was met with a large number of documents the first one was a list of doctors which seemed to be a record of his his previous doctor's page after page it would name a doctor and some tragedy that befell them whether it be death, injury or scandal they were all career ending then after flipping through some twelve or thirteen she arrived on a medical report. Frontotemporal Dementia is the earliest case she's ever seen. It might be ever at all but he was diagnosed months ago such a condition would obviously explain his condition but the question remains why would the school hide this.

As she went to close the document she was interrupted by Matsuada speaking in the same serious manner from before. “Not yet there's still one page left.” He was somber about what was on the final page. With slight hesitation, Miaya moved to the last page. There it was, Lymphoma only a few months to live. Miaya didn’t know what to think at first then it snapped. Of course, he doesn't think he needs help, he won't live long enough for it to matter and all of his previous doctors have been hurt; he's just trying to look out for her. Even his radical action makes sense. If he thinks he doesn't have much time left then why not bring 'hope' with what time you have left.

She looked up to Matsauda, which is why he’s somber. He is sad to hear this news. “I have to start helping him deal with his own death.” She typed using her newly made Sad Function to make Usami sound sad. Matsuda nodded, “You're gonna have to have him come in here for some sessions with me.” He said as if he was acknowledging his own comment as a fact. Which caused her a bit of confusion. “You want to help?” She typed slightly tilting her head as she was confused by him saying that.

He looked her in the eyes. He looked not just somber but sad with a sympathy she didn't know the teen had. “Not really I don’t like messing with the school but he’s sick and I'm a doctor and doctors are supposed to help people.” He said it was a life philosophy. It was never something she had seen from him. At that moment Miaya had made a decision despite the shady side of his research. Matsuda Yasuke was a good person who truly did want to help people.

Looking up at Matsuda she had many questions and thoughts in her mind but there was one she wanted answered now. “Those documents, they go beyond what you could just get as a doctor, how did you even get them?” She typed legitimately curious. He simply shrugged. “My best friend is a Fashionista.” He said almost as if that answer blatantly explained itself. “That doesn't make sense.” She said out loud. She froze up after saying that not meaning to have said that out loud. Matsuda once again shrugged, “That's what she tells me when I ask.”


When Komaeda first joined the reserve course he was curious what it would be like and to be honest it’s just a normal high school but worse. The classes were super-advanced, easily college level. which would be hard enough if the teachers cared a single bit but it just wasn't the case in fact the place was so sad and dreary he would bet even some of his classes' greatest Hopes might flinch in the face of its Despair it really made him appreciate Miss Yukizome she put so much effort to make sure her students understand the her lessons it almost makes him feel bad for passing on pure Luck. Despite his tangent, he already had multiple essays projects both group and not together with altogether about 90 pages of books to read; some textbooks and others are for literature classes which he has already read. How lucky.

The students of the course were not exactly the most Hopeful most of the class just sat around in Hopelessness all Despairing over the fact there not talented, to be honest, he hated it they all just sit there wanting to be talented slowly growing to resent their Main course superiors Komaeda has even considered this might be the reason for his targets missing his fellow reserve course forced them to abandon their friendship under some threat. He is glad he can say his real class would never do this trying to use social pressure to end friendships granted it could be said that was because any attempt would be stomped out by Nanami’s Hope.

While he would love to think of his classes Hope at the current moment he had to do his homework if any grades drop below a C you will be expelled on the spot on top of that the immediately after school you ate met with mandatory volunteer work which was his personal favorite part of the day and what he thinks will be his favorite overall outside of finding Hinata. At Hope's Peak, it is expected that the reserve course does manual and janitorial work. For example, today he cleaned up the damage caused by one of Tanaka's mighty beasts rampaging. It might be a new one; the damage seems a bit out of control. Nonetheless, the school has basically got Janitors who pay to work kinda making the reserve course a scam but if it's for Hope he doesn't care.

Either way, his knack for cleaning was massively useful as he was able to blow through the mess in no time before going to the academy he already had experience cleaning messes made by his luck but through learning Yukizome's Ultimate methods which she showed him and his classmates how to clean improving his skills it essentially made cleaning no problem so cleaning up the mess only took about thirty minutes which is apparently pretty fast. In fact, his clean team actually invited him out to eat and study with them which he assumes is a thank you which he has graciously accepted after all he is in a foreign environment he needs information, and who knows what information about his target could slip.

As he approached the reserve course gates he saw a sight that stole his gaze. Right there next to the gate was the Ultimate Gamer herself waiting outside the gate on her game. It didn't take much thought to determine what she was doing; it was actually blatantly obvious. He could read the Despair off her; it was slight but it was there. Komaeda knew she wanted her friend back but he never would have imagined it could bring any kind of Despair out of her at least any he could sense even the slight amount that was being released now. It sickened him in fact it took all of his willpower not to immediately approach her and try to cheer her up and it got worse the closer he got. As expected he walked past her without her noticing him in his disguise that being said by the time he passed his fist were clenched. He could only think of one thing: he would find Hinata Hajime and drag him back to Namai and create a Hope that will blind all to any Despair even if it kills him.


Hinata wasn’t there Chiaki didn't know what she would expect but after their last conversation, he sounded like he wouldn't be back for a while but why? Chiaki was feeling many things at the moment but mainly frustration. She's still learning to respond to people, she still struggles with emotions, specifically more subtle ones so she failed to see the conflict he was obviously feeling at the time even now she could only tell after going back and reexamining the final conversation what must have been a hundred times. She just wishes she could know what he was conflicted about. What could it have been? Could she have done something to help him? To add flame to that Hinata was her first and closest friend in fact she would go as far as to say that his initial friendship is what gave her the confidence and experience needed to befriend the rest of her class.

So it was safe to say Chiaki wanted to find him and with her game on full batteries she could waited outside the building all night, an all night gaming session was nothing to her heck she can recall going for a week straight once but that couldn't happen at the moment she had other things she needed to do. It was to start off a new semester and the class had decided to celebrate it with a tournament on their new Street Fighter 2 Komaeda and herself bought. Not to say they were all here the guy who helped her buy the game Komaeda was missing granted after getting a bit too much out of him they might be awkward at the moment she really can’t tell and if there is anyone else in their class who can’t either it’s him she thinks. He seemed fine at the new year's party but she could have not noticed something. After that he left and had yet to return even though he said he was just going to get a package he was starting to worry her, she didn’t need two missing friends.

That being said while she was waiting outside the reserve course she felt his presence like she did when he approached while she was playing which is something she can do for all of her friends it was how she was gonna spot Hinata but feeling Komaeda when he wasn't there was strange and could be interpreted as a bad omen though she decided not to think that way. Chiaki was one who would rather stay positive she quickly decided to just call him later he should be fine he has ultimate luck so he should be fine in fact when he returns she might take him with her to the reserve course with his luck finding Hinata should be easy in fact it might work out after all the only person she ever met who puts more stock in talent than Hinata is Komaeda so the two might hit it off. With that positive thought in her head Chiaki was invigorated and excited. After all, tonight would be a fun session with most of her friends and when Komaeda finally returns he can help her find her missing friends. In the name of Komaeda all seems to be Hopeful.

Chapter Text

Miaya had debated whether or not she should do this for a bit and Matsaud had told her it was a bad idea but well his source was pretty comprehensive so if it said he has no legal guardian then combine that with the school telling her to report to them instead of a guardian if anything comes up it likely means Komaeda has no family to contact or if there is she has no way to contact them. With that said Miaya needed to tell someone of his condition; it's something that needs to be looked after and observed. While Komaeda hasn’t told anyone and thus it would be normal procedure to follow their wishes because of his Frontotemporal Dementia any he is debatably considered not mentally fit for such a thing. ‘Though for his case, there probably isn’t a legal precedent.’ She has decided once again to make an exception which at this point is Komaeda’s proven good at receiving from her.

With that decided she patiently waited as the one adult Komaeda seems to have a positive relationship with arrived. “You called me?” Yukizome, Komaeda Nagito's teacher, entered the room. Miaya has had only a few interactions with the teacher; they only ever talked once setting her up to contact in case of emergency. (Which you could call this.) Judging by her face Yukizome had already looked concerned, which is to be expected after all what good reason would Miaya have to call a meeting especially with his current status having missed the last few days?

“Yes, Miss Yukizome, please take a seat. We need to talk.” She typed using a calm tone for Usami. Despite their few interactions, it was easy to guess the kind of person Yukizome was that she would not take this well. Yukizome took the seat and maintained a calm smile. “I can only assume you called me here about Komaeda?” She guessed correctly no matter how little it counted seeing as there was no other reason for her to be there. Miaya nodded, flexing her fingers ready to type when she was interpreted by the former.

“I'm sorry for his recent absence. I don't know where he is but rest assured I'll find him." She spoke with so much enthusiasm she looked almost as if she was gonna jump out of her seat. Luckily before she could Usami managed to get something out. “Wait!” This seemingly halted her advance at least long enough for Usami to continue. “While I do agree that finding Komaeda is important, there is some information that has come to light that I feel you need to know." Yukizome’s concern was visible as she stilled in her seat silently awaiting the news. Taking a deep breath to try and release the tension from her body before beginning.

“Yukizome as you know Komaeda has multiple issues; he has developed a radical obsession with hope and a complete disdain of himself.” She nodded along which was good Miaya always found when presenting hard news starting with what they already know is best. “Also you might have noticed his body's own physical weakness.” She said hoping to slightly skew to what she was saying through this just earned a slightly confused look from her patient's teacher. “Now that you mention it he does look kinda sickly huh I kinda just assumed he always looked like that.” She admitted her thoughts already putting some dots together meaning now was the moment.

“Well this is because Komaeda has a condition-” This earned a look at the teacher signaling her to continue. “It has only just come to light that Komaeda has been previously diagnosed with Stage three Lymphoma.” As expected (At least from what Komaeda said.) This completely got the attention of the teacher. She was silent, she seemed confused or she was still processing the information leaving a silence. They grew more awkward by the second until finally, she broke it. “Is that where he is, he’s just getting help?” there was pain in her voice. It was well covered up but as the former Ultimate Therapist, she could read it, and unfortunately, it didn't get better.

Miaya typed slowly knowing at this point she needed to get everything right. “I don’t know where Komaeda is currently but I can say there is little point to getting help for his medical report. It's already terminal; he only has a few months left.” Miaya was taking full advantage of Usami's sad news voice functions. After another long silence though shorter than the last. Yukizome spoke. “I’ve looked at the medical records the school has provided for my students. Why wasn’t it there?” Yukizome’s demeanor which normally came off warm and kind was now cold and stoic. It was honestly intimating.

“Komaeda’s school medical records held no recordings of any kind. I could only find out about his condition thanks to extra digging into hospital records.” She explained tentatively wanting to make sure there are no misunderstandings. Yukizome stayed silent, presumably contemplating what to say next. “Okay, can I ask when he was diagnosed?” She asked presumably stringing some thought trains together. “At about the beginning of the school year.” She typed, waiting to see what comes next.

“So please explain this.” She said with a newfound skepticism that was probably denial. “You said you had to dig for this but if he did while I could see Komaeda keeping it a secret what about his parents wouldn’t let that happen.” Miaya could take the skepticism it was to be expected really people didn’t like bad news and neither did she it was the hardest part of the job, how much she wished she could help Komaeda, get rid of his tendencies, and let him have a happy life but she wouldn't it was an unfortunate part of the job the worst part about jobs where you help people is when you can’t help them.

“When it comes to parents, Komaeda is his own legal guardian.” This froze the teacher allowing her to continue. “It was a loophole no one thought someone could explain but he pulled it off and because his own guardian at six legal buffs online talked about it online at the time but from what I can tell it was just luck.” This sent the teacher into a panic for a second before she shrunk back into a more somber form. “If that's the case how could you tell me you need his permission if not it breaks confidentiality?” She asked a legitimate question. It was a sad fact that Komaeda wasn’t in the right mind to make those decisions.

“Good question while normally that would be the case there's a difference now Komaeda on top of his Lymphoma has also developed Frontotemporal dementia,” Miaya explained earning a questioning. “Frontotemporal dementia?” She said more as a question meaning more explanation was needed. “It is the earliest case I have ever seen. It can cause things like Increasingly Inappropriate social behavior, Loss of judgment and ambition and a loss of empathy.” Miaya admitted it hurt to watch as she explained the symptoms Yukizome slowly started to compare them to Komaeda how well it lines up.

Yukizome after yet another long silence just stood up. “I'm sorry but I have to go, there's something I have to do.” Then without even giving a response she left which was understandable Miaya could tell from her tone this fact hurt her which was expected in fact despite how much it hurt to admit it but she wanted it to with the current situation she needs more eyes on Komaeda and this is simply the best way she will do what she can to help her patient and if this was apart of that so be it.

Chisa didn’t know what to think he mind was almost blank Gekkogahara has no reason to lie and she has no reason not to trust her in fact it makes sense Komaeda lacking empathy like his belief in Hope makes sense as sad as it was to admit and no matter how much she wishes she could deny it the fact of the matter was it was probably true. The entire situation had the Teacher overwhelmed. Out of all of her students, she found him the most troubled especially after the gym fiasco he put way too much stock in talent, and while she can find his willingness to do something like that to help his classmates admirably the fact of his condition made it feel more bitter as she could feel herself tear up.

The more she thought about it the more unfair it was for someone to die this young to be terminal, unsavable to for some reason she cannot comprehend to not tell anyone about it even though his class has the Ultimate Nurse, someone who might at least be able to prolong his life or heck, there's so many medical Ultimate who would most likely love to help or classmates who would go out of there a way to at least try to help him. With so many options to try to save himself and despite it his construed silence, it raised a question. Does he hate himself? Does he want to, to just die? To leave this world and all of them without even having known he was dying is it a part of his strange Hope philosophy? The entire situation was getting too overwhelming she needed to get this talk to someone as by this point her tearing had turned into a full-on crying. It was honestly lucky that this meeting was later as if it was later in the day and she had to see her students after just finding this out she doesn't even know what she would have done.


When it came to finding someone to talk to, the options were obvious to her; it was either Munakata or Sakakura, both had their advantages. Out of her two options, Sakakura was the easy choice, she would have to call Munakata, and while she definitely trusted him she also got cold feet opening up around him sometimes so Sakakura who was on campus and was just as open to listening to her was the obvious choice. Tracking him down wasn't hard, it wasn't even mandatory, just a quick text saying they needed to talk was all it took. Chisa quickly made her way to their meeting place even back when they were just students the three of them would meet there and it was just as hard to find now as it was back then in fact with the new building it was probably even harder.

From there all she had to do was wait she knew he was preparing for the night shift and getting ready to be off and it was kind of selfish to call him now when she could have waited but well these thoughts were coming now not ten minutes ago so they would both have to deal with it she knew Sakakura and if she sent a text saying it was fine and he should finish his shift he would just quicken his pace to see what’s wrong. The former Ultimate Boxer had his flaws, he was quick to anger and she thinks he might be insecure about something though she doesn't know what. Nonetheless deep down he’s a good guy who just wants to help people especially his friends.

Thoughts of her best friends and their time together whether professional or casual served to calm her a bit before Sakakura himself showed up and the fact of her current reality snapped back. “Hey, Yukizome, are you okay?” He said filled with a concern that is rare for him to show. Despite the situation, she couldn’t help but smile at him as she always tried to do but as she did she accidentally let out a sniffle reaffirmed her current mental state which she doubts needed it he could probably tell she’s been crying. “Not particularly,'' she answered honestly, earning an even more concerned look. “Wanna talk about it.” She smiled at the gesture Sakakura never was good at this kind of thing but she knew that his effort was enough just talking to someone about it was enough.

So she let it out everything Komaeda’s condition his tardiness in class his limited time left on this earth the fact that she didn’t know if he wasn’t asking for help out of self-hatred, nihilism in the face of death maybe just can’t think to get help because his condition or because he is his own guardian maybe he has grown a self-dependence pride thing and doesn't think he needs help. Yukizome felt herself fall deeper and deeper into the pit that had been forming in her stomach as she let out her frustrations to the head of security who quickly found himself sitting next to her patting her on the back trying to comfort her, eventually after letting everything else drained the final part that shot but was the weight that held these issues in the recesses of her mind she finally admitted. “I just- I don't know what to do?!”

To his credit, despite his hot-headedness, he just listened, took in every word she had to say, and processed it which just so happened to be something that he was pretty good at so she got a response rather quickly. “That well I feel sorry for the kid.” He was clearly lost in his own right. “Look we both know I'm not the best with this deep emotion thing, in fact, I would say out of the three of us you’re the expert but.” He went silent for a moment in quick contemplation. “You said he’s missing right?” She nodded curiously to where he was going. “Listen I have to go finish my shift can’t have them getting suspicious but I’ll put the security on standby. If he is spotted, I will let you know.” It was a kind gesture but not what she needed though she thanked him anyway.

After that, he got ready to leave their little secret area before turning around. “You should talk to Munakata. He would probably be better with this kind of thing.” He was right but she didn't want to interrupt his work. She was a bit more passive to interrupt Sakakura. After all he had little passion for his job, it was a means to their greater goal, Mukakata as headmaster. Munakata needed to work hard to help achieve that goal though so talking to him was probably not a good idea even if she knew he would probably talk to her it would just be wasting his time. Right after her thought ended he spoke again. “I know you don’t want to interrupt his work but I can say for a fact he would want you to talk to him besides if the situation was reversed you would be the first person he would go to.”

A few minutes after he left Chisa found herself staring down at her phone hesitantly flipping through her contacts as she arrived at his and even for a few minutes after that she finally hesitantly clicked the context and her phone began to ring. Munakata was always quick to his phone and he proved that again here. “Yukizome?” He answered curiously to this call but still casual as she normally called at dusk and even though it was a bit after that it probably wasn't out of the ordinary.

“Hey, Munakata.” She began despite her attempt to sound normal. She couldn’t help but release a choke because of course, she can’t control herself now. “Are you okay?” He asked, sounding more concerned now than before for obvious reasons. With a sigh, she lets it out, catching him up on the situation in a slightly calmer and less rambly than the previous time. Despite it being the third time she heard it and the send it was herself explaining it was still just as painful and confusing as it was the first time.

“You really do care about those kids don’t you?” He asked coldly. She did despite the fact this started off as just helping him but well she couldn't help it she felt like they needed help and this situation has done nothing but proves that. Even if it’s a risk to the mission she doesn't care she needs to do something.

“That's good.” Munakata interrupted her thoughts, sounding warmer this time and catching her off guard. “Did you think I didn’t expect you to grow attached, come on Yukizome? If I can’t tell how my friends are feeling, what makes you think I could become a student council president let alone the former ultimate?” Yukizome actually didn’t know what he was thinking there but emancipating her caring about her students seems realistic.

“I didn’t, well I thought you wanted, well the mission and no distractions.” It was the only thing she could think to say in her currently mentally exhausted state. “It’s in your nature to care. I wouldn't expect anything else from you. It's why the only advice I can give you is that which you already should have thought of. Even if Komaeda didn’t want you to know it doesn't matter, you know now and the only thing you can do is take advantage of that. If he only has a few months left the only thing you can do is make those final months worth it. hen we were in school you would say that those years would be the best of your life so help make these his.” He finished his speech with all the grace and beauty his speeches seemed to always hold.

“Your right Kyosuke all I can do is ensure that these months are the best of his life.” And if she can find a way to keep him around for as long as possible it didn’t matter she would do everything in her power to help Komaeda and that starts with finding him he’ll return to campus eventually but until then perhaps she should talk to the headmaster about those blank records and see what the school can do for help but even that is in the future, for now, to have Munakata in sensitive comfort mode was rare and she was gonna take all advantage of it after all of today’s emotional strain she needs a break.

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It was a beautiful sunny day in class 77B class had just let out and all fifteen of them were gathered in their warm classroom to discuss plans amongst them after all they were all friends. “So what should we do today?” Saionji asked enthusiastically about the possibilities. After her question, a few answers flew out. Kuzuryu suggested they go out to a shop to hang out, Nidai suggested they go to a gym and work out together, Hanamura suggested they should just hang out at school and let him cook. But it was Mioda’s suggestion to go to the beach that won out.

“One with an arcade?” Nanami asked to earn a chuckle from their entire class as that could be done, heck they could rent an entire arcade out heck the entire beach if needed. “Why not have me get some cooking material for us so I could buy some nice things,” Hanamura suggested. Tanaka spoke up next with his own suggestion. “With a boat, we could attract creatures of the deep to feast upon!” this was met by Soda who with a chuckle exclaimed. “Why settle with a boat? We could buy a yacht. I always wanted to modify one.” Soda earning agreement from the entire class. As they got ready to leave, Nanami asked one last question. “Can I bring Hinata? He would love to come.” Of course, her comment was met with collective agreement by the class as they loved the Hopeless Reserve Courses presence.

As they left there fourteen seats were left empty with joining the only empty seat in the room the cold boring despairing seat honestly none of them liked to be near it something seems off about it like the phantom of something that once was something wrong something Despairing it was best to ignore it thinking about it was a waste of time it just made them feel off perhaps it was guilt or pity, either way, the seat was best ignored just like the one who once sat in the seat the Useless, pathetic unwanted piece of trash that once sat there the one they had all forgotten about was gone now to all even the one who once sat there it was a good thing.


‘What a dream’ was all Nagito could think, eyes shot open. He could feel his body shaking from excitement at the beautiful events that had just transpired. The Hope of what could be what will be was just too much to miss that being said despite the warm beauty and his multiple heavy blankets he was cold. Taking this as a sign he got up to continue to work to the bright future he had envisioned. In all honesty, Nagito being cold was no surprise that he was cold. The Reserve course was a cold place. The walls were thin and there was no central heating or cooling. Simply put the place was very cheaply made and it being winter the cold only made sense.

Quickly getting out of his bed he made his way to the mirror he had set up to ensure his disguise was still together. He just needed hazel eye contacts and glasses and he would be ready. Once that was done he checked the time it was about 3:30am. “A decent time to set up another.” He thought as he went to a storage box and retrieved a camera. The reserved course had no security whether it be guards, cameras, or locks. With that Nagiot had found a simple way to find his target simply taking up time to set up a camera in the halls and watching recordings of the major parts of hallway traffic in the main school and the dorms each day with his luck Hinata would eventually be revealed. The plan was almost perfect or at least better than anyone else in the building could come up with. There was only one flaw.

Deciding to get some coffee, Nagito slipped the camera into a backpack he used to carry his books and made his way out of his room and down the hall. Quickly arriving at the study office at the location of the coffee machine he was greeted with about 40 of his ‘Fellow’ reserve course students. Some had stayed up all night and others were just woken up like him but they all had one thing in common. They were preparing for the next day of school honestly if their hard work wasn’t Hopeless he would respect it. He quickly made his way to the coffee machine. The large contraption wasn’t anything like a normal coffee machine, it was a masterpiece commissioned by the school for the Ultimate Mechanic. It stored an almost endless amount of the cupped lightning as the other reserve course called it.

After getting his coffee and a salt packet to add to it he made his way toward the table so as not to look suspicious. After a few seconds, he finds a spout the place was pretty open; each reserve course study office can hold a hundred students so the room was a bit under half capacity. Once he was down he slipped out another one of his tools, his notebook, while for all extensive purposes it was his study notebook he had taken to hiding maps of places of interest in it. Quickly looking through he found a few places he had yet to set cameras, unfortunately getting cameras up was hard with the building being so complicated as reserve courses were up at all times of night either cleaning, studying, or getting up to study. In fact, thanks to his ‘Talent’, hiding at all is hard; he can't even get soda from the machine without them falling out.

As he looked at the map noting the places that were in view and which ones needed to be put under his surveillance he heard someone sit across from him. “Good morning Tochi.” He greeted the false reserve course before getting to his studies. The student who sat across from him, Oki Meishu, was a rather bearly reserve course with shortish brown hair though quiet and more focused on his studies. He was a member of the high heads, a group of the thirty most intelligent reserve courses all of which hold perfect grades. After all, with the difficult test needed to get here perfect is something nice to have. While he wouldn't consider grading a good way to tell intelligence and there nothing compared to the Ultimates he did respect the High Heads as the reserve courses Hope after all if any reserve course is gonna get chosen as Talented it would be one of them.

“Good morning Oki.” He greeted back those who are members of the same cleaning regiment so his skill for cleaning has saved the High Head a good bit of time that is needed for his position. That being said he had to go, he had chosen his place and it’s not like there are many conversations to be had. Oki was studying and couldn’t be distracted so he simply got up making the excuse of the bathroom before leaving. After navigating the maze of ambitionless Despair he found what he was looking for in the west wing. From there he placed his camera and left. The process is surprisingly simple. The reserving course had no security so all he had to do was look out for wandering reserve courses.

With that camera set up, he made his way back to the study room and took his seat back. With his Power studying wasn't needed but he preferred to stay incognito so he didn’t want to look out of the ordinary because of his luck so he studied to explain the good grades his luck guaranteed him. There was also the fact that the coffee was really good and was basically needed to get through the days at the course, so kind of the school to give them the drugs they need to survive the harsh conditions they subject them to. Arriving in his seat and greeting Oki again he began to study, subjected to the beautiful salted goodness. Unit 731 is honestly a black spot on the history of his nation even with his trash mind and morals he knew human experimentation was wrong it brings nothing but Despair even the Hope it creates most of the time fails to shake the Despair that made it possible and thus ends up tainted it truly was a messed up thing he was glad the government went in another direction from that and now focused on Hope.


The moment Nagito entered the door he shut it quickly and locked it. He rushed over to his laptop quickly entering the files to access the video. While watching the full recording on the cameras throughout the day was something he couldn’t do himself even if he did it at higher speeds so instead, he just watched during times of major travel. From what he can tell Hinata despite being the friend of an Ultimate seems kinda boring nowhere near as boring as the character he plays but still boring enough to use the most common hallways so all he has to do is watch during points in which the area is most populated and with his Luck, he should be able to spot him out and once he finds a pattern he will track him down.

In all honesty, the situation was kinda frustrating for Nagito despite his best effort he couldn't find him. He adds a camera every single day but he can’t find him even with his Luck it was almost as if he wasn’t- Nagito immediately started shaking his head there was no way Hinata isn’t here the only way he couldn’t be his if he was expelled for bad grades and there is just no way someone picked to be a companion of an Ultimate could be dumb enough to loose here. There was the possibility he saw himself as unworthy and left the school though if that happened it would make his job harder as he would have to leave and track his home down which might require stealing school files.

Nagito might have to consider different strategies. It was a fact that at least needed to be considered. The current plan isn’t working and he has been here for two weeks now and nothing. He had to find Hinata quickly he was limited on time it was only a matter of time before Yukizome started to get suspicious especially with previous incidents he could easily be considered a threat to her students by accident and if she really tires he can’t really say he will be able to make it out unharmed. There was also the fact that a certain someone was waiting outside of the reserve course every day, her Despair slowly growing basically taunting him in his inability to stop it while he didn’t mind it too much, it was motivation it is also frustrating that he can’t help her.

Then there was that in a worst-case scenario he might only have a few months to succeed if the fact that Nagito was slowly dying wasn’t something he had forgotten, it was just irrelevant that is until he obtained the mission he needed to succeed in. He will have to try more radical action he might have to ask around which could blow his cover or going door to door asking both would expose him but if it meant success then he would have to go through with it. If that failed then he would have no other choice. Nagito found himself hesitating at the thought but this Hope he could make Needs to make was worth it. If he must, if all else fails he will just have to break into Hopes Peaks archive and see what the academy has on the missing reserve course.

Chapter Text

Chisa had thought about it and she almost didn't but she just can't ignore the chance. Komaeda’s luck could be ridiculous in both directions so if he really did get ridiculously unlucky then doing this, she may not be able to save him but it could help him and that alone made it worth it. There is the possibility they know and don’t care and if that is the reality going through with this is still something she would like to do mainly to know why? Hope’s Peak is a school that cultivates Talent so why would they let one of them die? It didn't make sense even if they were rotten, why ignore talent.

These thoughts and many more were rushing through Chisa’s head as she wandered in the campus in the twilight of the late day slowly approaching the office of Kirigiri Jin the HeadMaster of Hope’s Peak Academy and the man she was trying to usurp. So in all, she must have a high opinion of the man. Sarcasm aside, this meeting was business. She might have come here to help Munakata eventually lead this school. That doesn't change the fact that she had grown to care for her students, even her most troubled student just thinking that hurts under the new context. She needs to know whether the school knew she just needed to and this meeting will tell her after all he leads this school he should know everything.

Arriving at the elevator to his office only a few minutes before she enters the scheduled meeting. Entering she thought about how to begin her conversation. Should she be direct or just lead into it or should she be coy, make small talk or perhaps she should just explode and let her frustration out. She knew that idea was bad, but she needed to let the thought pass lest it builds up into something worse later. Upon reaching the top and entering the hallway straight to his office she had made her choice and with a mask of complete confidence. She held her papers tight upon knowing his condition, getting copies of his papers proved surprisingly easy with a few favors just another reason they should have been able to know. Once she reached the door she took a deep breath and went in.

The office was no new sight she had been here when she got her job and right before she met her class and again when she had to try and defend Komaeda’s actions which might not have been completely his fault if the school really left a rich orphan who has a brain disorder that causes a loss of empathy and a radical twisted ideology to his own devices might serve as a kind of neglect. Either way, to be back in this room was definitely a mix of emotions mainly negative with the context of the upcoming conversation in her head.

“Miss Yukizome, might I ask why you called for this meeting? I don't mind meeting with my teachers but I am a busy man.” The Headmaster spoke with a humorous tone but not enough to mistake that he was serious. Chisa hadn’t even noticed that she was in sight for as long as she was and quickly decided to speak. “Oh yes, well Headmaster I have a question I need to ask you?” His eyes flashed with curiosity that something she had learned was natural to him from her own time in the academy from what she had heard. It's a family thing but it served as a go-ahead to continue. She quickly placed the papers in front of him. “Did you know about this?” Chisa was good at hiding her emotions. It was actually a part of her Talent to be able to not show distaste when working for a boss you don’t like but she couldn't help but show some aggression in her words just to show how messed up the situation is if she couldn’t hide her anger.

Headmaster Kirigiri looked over the papers when shock flashed into his eyes he quickly looked up to her then back to the papers. After going through them he finally spoke. “So you found out about that?” It wasn’t much but for Chisa those five words spoke essays about crimes and neglect but most of all in an admission of guilt. She could feel anger bubbling up in her chest. How rotten could this school be, leaving one of its own students to die isn't even trying to help him? It was frustrating and terrible. “So you knew. You Knew And Did Nothing!” she raised her voice as she could feel the pit in her chest start to grow again. The school expected her to teach a dying student without even telling her he was dying what was wrong with this school.

The headmaster's eyes were serious now any kind of lightheartedness was gone now replaced with a serious analytical stare. “I can understand why you are angry but you must understand that I have done all I can for him but I can’t help him.” His excuses only served to anger her further. “What do you mean you've done all you can? One of my students is dying, he has been since I met him, you knew and didn’t tell me what you think I wasn’t gonna find out? What was gonna happen after he died? You don’t think one of my students just dropping dead suddenly wouldn’t cause any suspicion?” The entire situation was stupid why wouldn’t they help him this school has the best technology all over including medical and he has the Ultimate Nurse as a classmate. Heck, this seems like the perfect opportunity to have ultimates take a crack at curing cancer. While Komaeda has some blame he also has a brain disorder.

“It’s not in my power!” He said with a clear frustration just loud enough to overpower her and with an authority that made her go silent but not enough to be considered yelling. This caught her off guard. What does that even mean? The Headmaster doesn't have control of the situation. “Okay, you're listening, good.” His tone was still strict sounding but not as loud. “ Normally students' health and safety are in my hands but The Hope’s Peak Steering Committee has voted to take personal control of Komaeda’s health and safety. I have been barred from even talking about his health. In fact, going this far could lose me my job, and if that were to occur the Committee would just expel him and remove the Ultimate Lucky Student Position as a whole.” He spoke cold, clear, and precise almost like- no not close enough to think.

Chisa was silent, brooding in a combination of things it was hard to make her feel bitter at least she likes to think it was but it was also clear that threatening her students made her that way. “So the Steering Committee are the ones who can get him help?” Before he could answer she was leaving the room. The Headmaster was yelling something but at the moment she couldn’t tell or care that every part of her mind was on the Steering Committee how to get into their meeting, what to say, how to say it without losing her job. All are needed for what comes next after all the steering committee met every day around this time.


Seiko was in her lab she had multiple projects she was working on, her steroids the data she had gotten on the new stimulant that she created she was curious about that one, there was her olfaction brain divider it was just confirmed as a success so it was of use, The social drug was also almost ready then there was always her cellular accelerator while still in beta phases once again it will change medical science forever the drug can increase the rate of cell reproduction making the healing of wounds hyper-accelerated allowing even the worst wounds to scab in seconds. All were worthy uses of her time but none seemed to interest her at the moment there was something on her mind; it was a primal feeling something all of her kind must deal with. Kimura Seiko was feeling lonely.

Not to say the feeling was new; she had felt it before it was more than just the normal loneliness someone who had always heavily lacked in the friendship department was used to. It was a hole something was missing, granted she also knew what it was her only friend Komaeda Nagito used to visit her almost every day. Sometimes he would make small talk he loved to hear about her projects or to try to inspire her to come out of her shell. He was here all the time. That being said he left during winter break and had yet to return. He hadn't even answered his phone which had started to worry her. He had a tendency to plan and plot and with all this time she got the feeling he was planning something big.

No matter what he was doing it didn’t matter as it was already sinking into her mind and with each day it sunk deeper the possibilities and the chances if he was planning something what if he got himself expelled then he would never visit her again. The idea then scared her she was so happy to have gotten any kind of friend even if said friend's stupid plotting is what cost her their friendship. Just the thought of Ando made her mad at the moment how dare she blame her for that incident even if it was Komaeda's luck and really no one fault the fact that her own best friend passed the blame onto her was infuriating.

The thought of her former best friend had steeled her and she would find her Lucky friend. At least if her theory was correct, and he was on campus plotting something. Seiko quickly grabbed her olfaction brain divider and took the pill. In a second she could smell it like she had some kind of sixth sense even if it only was an enhanced smell, her brain dividing the sense, one memorizing it and the other tracking it. It was good she had tested it around him before he was already memorized and ready to be tracked and what she can tell he’s close, probably on campus.


Leaving her lab tracking him was as simple as following him really no problem for her she quickly leaves her lab going onto the main campus as his smell gets stronger signifying that he is closer to a disconcerting amount of ruble started to appear which was worrying as she knew her friend was quite the connoisseur of explosives she once got him into a rant about explosives and he went for an hour. Safe t say he likes his bombs and as the rubble-built up it looked more and more like an explosion. Seiko started to find herself shaking as the rubble-built up higher. ‘What could have caused it?’ As she made her way into the center of the rubble, the smell hit its most intense and focused on an individual. A reserve course student in the center carrying a cart with a massive almost comedic amount of rubble on it. The sight was so strange she almost failed to notice the familiar scent emanating off him. In fact, by the time she finally managed to get any word out of her mouth he had already lived with her and was staring looking slightly panicked. “Komaeda?”

Chapter Text

Komaeda Nagito was a fool stupid insignificant fool who can’t do anything right or at least that's how he felt. Despite changing his appearance he didn’t change his scent he wanted to hide from the Ultimates and he failed at that for whatever reason his class decided to track him down he would have been easily found by Tanaka or Owari could definitely pull it off and even if they weren’t there to worry about Miss Yikisome probably has some way to use it. The only reason he doesn't panic further is the fact that this was his Luck helping him.

The person who found him was Kimura someone who has very few friends and one of the students he has a positive relationship with so he might be able to talk her into not telling he had promised to tell her everything at a planned meeting for later which he was currently getting ready for it will be his first time being himself in a few weeks so it was strange but he had something else to consider. Was being found Good Luck because he can fix a flaw or was it Bad Luck because he was found he really needs to know this for his previous actions.

This really determined what actions he needed to take next. If it was Good he could be in trouble as there was no Bad before so it could be an effect of his attempts to suppress his Luck though he has tried before he has never succeeded like this there could be side effects he dosn;t know of. Then on the other end, it was Hopefully Bad Luck and convincing her will be good luck to maintain things that would be for the best. No matter what he knew one thing good Luck or bad after this meeting he was going to buy as much perfume as possible and bathe in it smell will never be used against him again.

He exited the room into the hall of the apartment his alternate self lived in served as a good base. Kimura had picked the restaurant, apparently, it was her old friend's favorite hang out. With that in mind, he was almost excited to see where the Ultimate Pharmacist, Blacksmith, and Confectinist would hang out. With that in mind, he left the building and began to make his way to their meeting place slightly more excited than and Hopeful with his mission at so much risk.


When Nagito arrived she was already there. This restaurant was one of the few that she could eat at that she liked so it was an obvious place to meet up. In fact, when it comes to getting here friends this was actually priceless information. Taking a seat across from her. She had a look of skepticism on her face or at least her eyes looked that way she was still wearing her mask. “So why were you a Reserve Course?” It was a fair question but how she spoke inspired a gut fear in him just like any Ultimate she can inspire terror in those they see as a threat to their Hope. In such a position he couldn’t lie he was too dumb to lie to an Ultimate so he had to Hope she was inspired by the Hope he wanted to create to stay silent.

“I'm trying to track down a specific reserve course.” He admitted earning an even more skeptical look, probably questioning his intentions which were fair. He was a disgrace worth suspecting especially after the trouble his work for Hope has caused her in the past. “Okay, why?” Kimura was slightly more open which was good. It created Hope he could succeed and that Hope empowered Nagito he could feel his confidence grow emboldened in his words. “He’s a friend of one of my classmates. He's gone missing and she’s sad he’s gone.” He said with the casualty helping a classmate find a missing friend deserved.

Kimura is silent as a waitress brings them their drinks; she begins to stir the straw deep in thought having removed her mask. She was most likely examining his truth and making sure it’s not a lie. Eventually, she spoke. “But I thought you hated Reserve Course. Why look for one?” It was a good question, one that he had asked himself before but there was an answer. “I trust her enough if she wants him as a friend. What right does garbage like me have to tell her no? The only thing I can do is help her not Despair so I will find him so she can be happy.” She silently took in what he said not to say he wasn't done, he still had a greater motive. “I also have another reason, I believe that if the two are back together then it will create a Great Hope that can block out any Despair.”

The final part sent her deeper into her silence in fact at this point she started to look uncountable. Of course, he would say something to make her uncomfortable only trash like him could manage to ruin it at the last minute. After a long awkward silence that lasted way too long for comfort, she spoke. “I get it.” She said quietly, still sounding in deep thought. “You really want to find him don’t you?” She asked, leaving her deep thoughts. His question was a syringe one to ask but held a simple answer, the only answer. “More than anything.” He said with complete… sincerity.

“Okay if that's the case then mind telling me what you have been up to?” With Luck, at that moment their food arrived and Nagito jumped right in with stories of searching, cleaning, and studying that had been the past few weeks of his life. About the reserved course who had become friends with his persona. Despite it being far below her Kimura seemed legitimately invested in his quest which made him feel weightless for some reason from reading he could tell it was a form of joy but not one like the warmth of Hope he couldn't quite tell and at the moment it didn’t matter all that really did matter was that an Ultimate was happy with his quest after all if it made Kimura have that engaged spark in her eye then how would his classmates feel when he completes it.


Seiko had a lot to take in. She had to admit that she was never very experienced in friendship that wasn’t following orders so this was kinda new. Komaeda was looking for a missing Reserve Course to make a friend happy even if he doesn't like Reserve Course. Why would he do this? She could think of a reason why he could and the thought of it made her blood boil. To put this much effort into something he doesn't want to do but doing it anyway because a friend asked sounds a lot like being used and as someone who knew something about the subject she could say not her friend. Granted her anger was halted by a thick wall of the reason her Talent has provided her with. Seiko needed to ask first just to be sure.

Komaeda's face held a blank smile as she asked before responding. “No, she doesn't even know I'm doing it, it’s going to be a surprise.” He said, extending his index finger. This served to calm her down. He’s doing this just to make her happy, nothing else is what friendship is about. If that's the case her friendship with Ando was doomed from the start after all she can’t do the one thing to make her happy and instead tried to make up for it. She willingly became a tool that was her mistake there has to be limitations. Seiko had already known this but seeing it in action was great. Not to mention the effort he’s putting in to help her was impressive. He really thought this out. In fact, there was only one thing she could think to do. “Hey, Komaeda if you ever need help… in finding him and you need something I can do I would be glad to help.” Especially if it would make Komaeda happy.

Komaeda opened his mouth to respond; he was interrupted by a familiar voice. “Hey traitor, whatcha doing here?” Seiko couldn’t help but freeze up and in a quick panic threw her mask back on as she turned to meet her approaching classmates who had already gotten Komaeda's attention. Ruruka Ando and her boyfriend Izayoi Sonosuke. Deciding she had to respond she tried to force out an answer. “This is one of the only places I can safely eat that isn’t too expensive.” Despite hoping to have said it more matter of factly it came off as more of a choke. Ando responded with confidence “Oh yeah and taking The Ultimate Failed Terrorist out on a date? Let me guess if he wants chemical weapons next time?” Seiko didn’t respond. She was frozen, years of bending to her will made standing up rather difficult.

“You know you shouldn’t be so hard on Kimura,” Komaeda spoke as calmly as ever, in fact he actually looked even more calm than usual. This earned the attention of her former friends. Noticing the gained attention and it seeming to be what he desires from his statement he continues. “She is no traitor you were all pawns in my scheme to cancel the exams granted, not by design you just caught up in my Luck.” He explained calmly. Ando got a look in her eye, something The Ultimate pharmacist had seen before. If there was one thing that Ando was good at it was probably making sweets but if there was a second it was making you feel like crap.

“Oh yeah, like I'm gonna believe a useless talent like luck was behind this. I get you wanna defend you guys on a date and you wanna try and look good but with the perfect boyfriend around there's not much you can do.” Seiko tried to correct her and explain that Komaeda and her were just friends, but at this point, the awkward level had long passed too much to speak. Lucky for her Komaeda seemed ready to speak. “You're mistaken trash like me nowhere near worthy to date a Hope like her.” He said putting his arms up defensively. Seiko felt bad on this one. He was just sitting there degrading himself in front of her and she isn’t doing anything about it. What kind of friend is she? While frustration boiled in Seikos's chest Ando gave a blank stare of disinterest. “Don’t be so down on yourself Traitor and Trash I think you belong together.” She said with a sweet smile and a tone that came off as encouraging for what she was saying.

Komaeda’s smile stayed normal and bright but the look in his eyes darkened. It was actually kind of intimidating. “Oh please don’t even put Hope like her in the same category as someone like me. Kimura’s Hope shines brighter than even you.” He said Kimura couldn't help but notice Izayoi flinching a little, normally a precursor to an attack. Ando went silent before she reached into her bag. “I’ll show you a bright hope.” She mumbled before pulling out a candy. “Here, try this.” Finally, she could feel that she could speak and just in time. “Wait Ando carries passion candy on her!” Unfortunately, as she said this Komaeda had already put it into his mouth and began to chew.

Time slowed down as she could hear a crash behind her like glass shattering the glass bottle and proceeded to hit Komaeda in the back of the head. Seiko could only watch mortified as the half-chewed-up candy flew out of his mouth onto Ando’s face. As it made contact she was still for a second before she started to spasm. While she could deduce that the poison was potent enough to activate by touch but had somehow not made contact with Komaeda but that was not the end as Izayoi reacted next. Throwing a kunai towards him. At this point, Seiko had pulled out her experimental steroid and was fiddling with the lid. Lucky for them Komaeda’s chair broke right before the kunai hit, allowing him to dodge it. Then the end of the onslaught of lucky events ended with a chandelier landing on Izayoi. Seiko could only stare at the scene before her, that is until Komaeda himself. “Kimura, I think we should leave.” With a silent nod, they left the building.


Chisa arrived at the building quickly and she knew it was already. The Hopes Peak Steering Committee met rather commonly; it was their job to help run the Talent development of the school and for that reason held much influence in fact other than the Headmaster they were the most powerful force in the school. That being said Chisa never thought they could take responsibility from the Headmaster if this is the precedent it suggests that the Committee has more power than they had previously thought and at the current moment they were the ones who left one of her students for dead so they were firmly on her bad side.

Much to her surprise getting into the meeting was easy and turns out the Committee was surprisingly lax on if you are requesting a conference. Entering the room she was met with a beautiful marble room with pillars that rose high to the ceiling. It looked like a place gods would sit. Making her way to the center of the room she was met with the four who were sitting in seats in the towers over her. It honestly comes off as very egotistical not that she would ever admit it to their faces of course. The Steering Committee consisted of four members Toshi Senso, Sugoi Gyakusatsu, Kusatta Shido, and Menba Kako. Despite them being different men the complete staff meeting told her they had a tendency to speak as one voice most of the time through Toshi as he was the oldest of the group and thus was generally considered the leader.

As expected after some whispering the leader of the Committee spoke. “Instructor, why exactly have you requested we meet with you today?” His voice was monotone and cold but held inpatients to it that was confusing seeing how they exempted her from meeting with them today she didn’t even have to force her way in. (Which she was going to do if they didn’t let her in.) Not forgetting why she was here she spoke. “I have been informed that the Steering Committee is in charge of Komaeda Nagito's health. Is this correct?” Even if Chisa is angry she kept control of her voice in political negation mode you need to stay calm and get all of the facts you can or at least that's what Kyoske says. If she played her cards right she might be able to convince them to get him the help he needs to the extent he needs it.

After whispering amongst themselves Toshi spoke. “That is indeed correct.” Conformed was all she could think before she construed. “Then you know of his conditions?” This seems to have caught them off guard seeing as they twitched under the question. “We are aware of his condition as well as the specifics of his situation is why the steering committee decided to take direct control of his health.”

“Then you can help him?” They silenced her question before without whispering Toshi spoke. “There is little to no need to help him.” Chisa felt small but if anger rose but she quickly put it down there was no need to get mad. Though it did raise a question that needed to be answered. “What do you mean by there is little need?” This seemed to put the Committee back into their whispering council discussion. This one was longer than usual which normally only lasted about thirty seconds. This conversation lasted over a minute before he finally spoke.

“The Steering Committee fully believes in the Ultimate Lucky Students' ability to overcome his condition.” He said with the other three members nodding in agreement. Chisa was silent; she actually didn’t know what to say to them after fighting her anger from rising a second time. “Are you saying you want him to survive his terminal illness through luck?” Admittedly It sounded even stupider when she asked out loud but that spoke more about them than her.

Her tone seemed to have come off as harsher than she was wanting to show as for the first time she had ever seen the heads of Talent development one of them spoke independently of the committee. Menba Kako was the second youngest of the Committee and was the tallest; his voice was gruff, deep, and dark. “If he can’t survive this then he doesn't deserve his trash Talent.” He was very clearly irritated by her questioning, not that she intended to stop. In fact, this just pushed her harder. They are literally sitting around while it gets worse. What's the point of that? If anything, him going to an academy that has the world up and coming medical practice and connections to past ones was good luck.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Toshi. “I can understand your worry but we have complete confidence in your students Talent to overcome this. If his past says anything he still has many years to live.” There could have been more after that but sounded done and she was too busy storming out. It was clear that there was no getting help there which she kinda expected but it was still sad to see it as the result. At the moment it stopped mattering she will just have to find Komaeda on her own lucky for her the school has his information and her best friends are a boxer and have a law degree restrictively.

Chapter Text

Juzo grumbled as he stared out at the towering mansion that stood before him. It was a massive grand house that seemed worthy of a king, something that you would suspect to belong to the Ultimate Princess or Ultimate Yakuza but said the house belonged to neither it was the house of an Ultimate lucky student. Said lucky student has seemingly become his best friend's obsession over the last couple of weeks.

Granted said the student had apparently become a guinea pig of the school to find out how long his luck will keep him alive from a terminal illness. With that context, he actually could serve as an asset to their investigation while technically letting him die and watching wasn’t illegal the neglect involved in his actions was. That is how he got roped into the current situation because Komaeda was missing from the school campus. Yukizome had decided to take things a step further and visit his home.

“I never knew he grew up in such a nice place, I mean with his hair I always assumed that he had a poor upbringing.” She was quiet. It was actually unnerving to see someone who was basically the heart of the group so stoic and sad even if it’s been this way for a bit, to be honest even with the potential strategic advantage he still would have gone just on the off chance this could help her.

Yukizome pressed a button on the front gate, one of the ones you would see in a movie, though after holding her ear to it to listen in, eventually speaking through. “Komaeda, this is your teacher, you haven't shown up in class in way too long to be allowed to come out if your friends miss you.”

Juzo almost shivered at her voice he knew she was upset but when she spoke like that it seemed like nothing was wrong like she was her normal cheery self he never realized how good at acting she was, it was honestly scary her students probably don’t know anything wrong if she puts anything near the efforts she’s putting here. Unfortunately, it seems to be in vain as there is no response.

Yukizome just shrugged. “Yeah I kinda expected this to be a struggle, he's like that. That's why I wore pants.” She said offhandedly as she grabbed the gate as she started to climb the side. You would assume this would make the Head of Security panic but in all honesty, he had somewhat seen this coming. It was just kinda a Yukizome thing to do and the fact that she broke into the world boxing championships to watch him when she couldn’t get tickets.

“You sure he won’t call the police?” Juzo didn’t mind breaking the law to do what's right and to help a friend but he also didn’t want to be punished for said justifiable actions. Yukizome stopped for a second before continuing to climb while slowly disclosing her reasoning behind breaking into a mansion so deliberately.

“He has no nearby neighbors, the house is too big and Komaeda should know it’s me so I don’t see him calling the police, it's just not something he would” She denoted with this solemn charisma he didn’t want to argue with so begrudgingly he joined her in climbing the gate.

Upon getting over they looked upon the giant house before the two made their way toward it. It was hard to believe the place was so massive it was the biggest house he had ever seen, at least in person. After arriving at the door they both stood there silently before Yukizome Knocked.

“Komaeda this is your final chance you need help and I'm here to give it, even if I have to drag you there by your hair besides your friends are worried.” For the second time, she used that perfect fake voice and for the second time, they stood there in silence without getting a response.

Yukizome turned the knob of the door only to find that said door was unlocked. Which was a relief Juzo was not looking forward to breaking the door down. Ultimate Boxers don't equal no pain and doors are hard. Upon entering the house it was nicer than he was expecting. He thought a teenager having a mansion to himself for years would lead to the place becoming decrepit but the place was almost spotless. There was no Yukizome cleaning but surprisingly cleanly.

“Always said he was good at cleaning.” He could barely make out Yukizome mumbles as she entered past him seemingly returning to her quarter tone. He silently followed. The house was basically the world's nicest looking maze winding halls that lead to endless guest bedrooms that seem like they’ve never been used.

They must have been in there for an hour before they reached what seemed to be the kitchen. “I'm beginning to think he might not be here the kid’s cunning when we searched his room he had most of his bomb parts hidden we needed dogs to find them.” The head of security suggested.

This seemed to have irked his best friend at least that's what her face and tone told him. “You might have a point but I could see him being stubborn and hiding somewhere or even just not being here but if so he might have left evidence…” Before she could finish she opened his fridge and went silent.

“You found something?” Juzo questioned as she reached into the fridge and pulled out a black bottle with a skull. Quickly making his way over there the fridge was full of what looked to be poison. What was more concerning is that some of their bottles seemed like they were not full. Silently Yukizome shut it and the two left and continued their search for the Insane Main Course.

Lucky for them at this point they had been through most of the house before they arrived at a large library it was from what he could tell the largest in the room which made sense the kids room at Hope’s Peak was basically a Library he can only imagine what all this time he has built quite the collection heck it was almost as large as the Hope’s Peak library. After some searching, they found in the far corner of the room what seemed to be an office. It had a rather bulky-looking computer; the thing almost seemed armored.

“You think this thing has anything?” Juzo asked with frustration over the past hour and a half clearly showing.

Yukizome moved over to the desk and took a seat in front of the bulky computer. “It might.” As she said this she turned on the computer and was met with a password screen.

“Hmm, a password?” She mumbled as she began to type into the box. H. O. P. E.

“Need to find better passwords,” Yukizome mumbled as to Juzo’s surprise she got access. A few minutes later she had begun searching his history which seemed to mainly consist of rather normal searches. New games, Maziono Sayaka and her group, and some popular anime and manga at the moment all seemed normal until she checked his email.

After moving to important only she saw an Email that seemed to get a reaction out of her. Upon clicking it she went silent. “What is it?” He questioned as she leaned in closer to see and that's when he was met with the words. Congratulations Tochi Yakunitatanai for making it into Hope’s Peaks Reserve Course.


It had only been a few weeks since Chiaki had started to teach Sonia GO and already she had improved massively already she had been able to defeat all but her with no handicap. While she didn’t really care for the title of best in the class she also wasn’t going to give up easily. While Sonia had managed to win with a handicap this was their first match without one.

As the match began they were silent concentrating for a few turns neither wanting to make a mistake. Eventually, Sonia broke the silence. “You would make an excellent general.” She spoke with her normal singing kind voice.

That wasn’t exactly wrong. She was rather experienced with commanding in games. She is a fan of that kind of game between Europa Universalis, Civilization 5, and Hearts of Iron 4. She was at least good at leading a virtual army and oftentimes companies attempt some form of realism. “Yeah, I’ve played some games.” She said half-heartedly, still focused on the war at hand.

It was another few turns of silence before she spoke again. Within that time Chiaki had managed to overcome the early advantage Sonia was starting to build. “You know they say that Chess and Go both represent the difference of Western and Eastern warfare?” Sonia asked, slightly peeking her attention as she communicated in a wordless grunt telling her to go on.

“In the West, mainly Europe we had kings, which is what the game was centered around. If you catch the king in chess you win automatically. Alternatively in Go, the Objective is not about capturing a specific piece but instead land and enemy territory reflecting more Asian inspired warfare.” Her foreign friend seems almost entranced in her explanation.

“In most games, I've played, capturing the capital is what gives victory points and other important control points even in Asia,” Chiaki explained, starting to engage in the conversation a bit more than previously. The princess nodded at her response then immediately continued.

“While that might be true for games history suggests something different like in the Second Sino-Japanese war capturing territory was Japan's main goal, a quick lightning victory. In one of your games, you would only need to take Nanjing, Beijing would have claimed victory but in reality, the Chinese would have just fled into mountains making victory impossible.”

With that Silence once again overtook them as Chiaki found herself focusing harder on the game Sonia had taken the advantage for a few turns but with a clever fake-out, she managed to even the odds taking 20% of the board. Sonia was better than she had thought no one had ever put up this much of a fight in Go even Komaeda on his best days failed to put up this much of a fight.

“Out of curiosity do any of your games have a more realistic war system like the one I mentioned earlier?” This time she asked more disinterestedly, seemingly more concentrated on the game. As she mentally checked her game library to find a game that went by her prayers she couldn't help but notice Sonia was starting to take the lead over her again then it hit the gamer girl.

“Are you using conversation to try to distract me from the game?” The opponent might have had an answer Chiaki will never know because by the time she answered The Ultimate Gamer had entered her Hardcore Gamer Girl mode and wasn’t listening and with it, the battle was over within seconds, or perhaps it was more like an hour it’s hard to tell for Chiaki when she gets into it.

“Huh, so that is the power of the Empress of the Game, the game world,” Tanaka said, having apparently entered the room sometime in the game. Apparently, he wasn't the only one as both Nidai, Pekoyama, and Kuzuryu had entered. All three were seemingly engrossed in the match.

As Sonia started to congratulate her and the victory they were interrupted by the door swinging open as Mitarai entered the room. The look on his face was stern and serious. Something she had only seen on his face once before.

Chapter Text

Nagito had spent a decent amount of time within the reserve course as Tochi Yakunitatanai yet he had failed to find anything that could help it was as if Hinata Hajime had slipped off the face of the earth having simply ceased to exist a few months ago. It was Hopelessly disheartening. Granted he still had plans but they were getting more desperate and any further and he might have to acquire Ultimate help heck Kimura already knew it was only a matter of time. Of course, he couldn’t do something as simple as finding a reserve course by himself that just served to show how useless he was.

He struggles not to laugh at his own patheticness but at the moment that would be awkward, he was currently with his assigned cleaning crew after another hard day cleaning up what looked to be the aftermath of Nidai and Owari sparing too close to the student council resulting in Madarai Isshiki the student council bodyguard to get involved. Safe to say in a battle of two Hopes the damage was quite a bit too clean but when it was done Hebi offered to take them out to eat and somehow he got caught up in going along.

Nagito was trying his best to listen to their conversation about why they signed up for the Academy. This was well asinine and sad. They truly believed that untalented people could use Hope’s Peaks gift. The idea was pathetic but that wasn’t the worst part what was worse was the Hope they addressed it with. There was no chance of them succeeding and their defeat would go to help further Hope in the end but he still always found it sad when Hope has snuffed out even the small ones that only existed to help the big ones.

“Hey, Tochi!?” Nikku asked, breaking ‘Yakunitatanai’ out of his thoughts. He looked over to see their entire group staring at him. Giving his attention Nikku, a slightly shorter, the boring-looking student continued. “Weren’t listening eh, happens to the best of us just wanted to know why you decided to come here? Hope’s Peak isn't exactly an easy school to get into.”

“Oh, that's simple.” He answered plainly, having already had a good answer.

“I came here for the sake of experiencing the Ultimates.” This seemed to confuse his peers so he continued.

“I mean I know I haven't been here for that long and of course the graduation benefits are great but for me, I just enjoy seeing Ultimates in action, even if I'm just cleaning their mess knowing I helped at all is just the best to me.” Quickly stopping himself before he got into it he looked at his ‘classmates’ to see their looks of confusion and disappointment as an awkward silence ensued.


“Huh, you really admire the Ultimates don’t ya?” Oki asked, breaking the silence to everyone's delight.

“They're the best at what they do that has to be respectable.” He tried to sound more casual while he didn’t care what the pointless reserve course thought about him but it was also a bad idea to get the attention of dislike attached to him best to keep as many eyes off him for as long as possible.

To his surprise, the quiet Akuma spoke next which was rather surprising. She was one to come off as more liking to listen to the conversation rather than speaking. Either way, the brunette who challenged Nagito’s height spoke. “Admiration for the Ultimates is fine but you should keep an eye on such things.”

Noticing the silence she continued, seemingly ready to explain her comment. “You weren’t here last semester so you might not know the whole story but did you hear of the murder of Kuzuryu Natsumi?”

“Yeah wasn’t she the sister of an Ultimate who entered the reserve course only to be murdered by a pervert?” Nagito knew the truth behind that situation and of course he would go out of his way to find the source of his classes Despair. The case was rather easy to solve but troubling in exposing it was Despair either way so he was honestly glad Kuzuryu took action Nagito really didn’t know what to do but leave it to the Ultimates to bring justice. Even if it did hurt Koizumi in the short term, in the long run, it will grow her Hope because Hope always wins.

“Yeah that's how the story goes but in all honesty, it was a cover-up.” She was frigid as she spoke showing no emotion but the rest of the reserve course that surrounded them gave the somberness of the situation away.

“She and another student, Sato, would always fight. Natsumi and her would always fight. Natsumi wanted to transcend the reserve course into the main course and Sato in what I can only see as paranoid delusion saw the Yakuza girl as a threat to her friend.”

This was interrupted by Nikku. “Natsumi was a bitch to everyone and Sato was a counter bitch.” This was met with a brief moment of group scorn before Akuma continued which Nagito was admittedly glad to see as this conversation had gotten interesting.

“Either way Natsumi ends up dead and a few days later Sato dies with the story that he dies from the grief of a dead friend and the school expects us to believe that?” Nagito knew the rest but he wanted to hear it so ‘Yakunitatanai’ spoke.

“So why did Sato die?”

After a brief moment of glaring she continued. “Natsumi was a daughter of the Kuzuryu Oyabun, of course, she died. The school probably covered it up because her brother is an Ultimate. Either way, both Natsumi and Sato were obsessed with the main course and it cost them their lives.”
She was right about most of it and there were a few parts she was wrong on, well reserve courses aren’t meant to be versed in Hope Theory. That being said, using their story as a warning to people who wanted to respect Ultimate seemed like cherry-picking. Something he expressed to them.

“Well really they were basically the most obsessed with Sato, putting Natsumi in her place was nice and all but she insulted all of us to do so. Also, she was obsessed with the Ultimate photographer like it was creepy no one even wanted to be her friend, heck even Natsumi had a friend.” Senso not so discreetly put. Though it did leave one last question.

“Natsumi had a friend, who” Nagito’s reason for asking this question was simple: he was curious.

After a few moments of silence, Oki was the one to answer the question born out of curiosity and coded in the most powerful Luck the Ultimate Lucky Student could muster. “I think his name was Hinata Hajime.”

Time stopped as he answered all this time of course and the reserve course secrets are of course known to the Reserve Course itself with that Nagito straightened his voice and said what needed to be said as casually as he could.

“What happened to him?” All he could do was Hope they had the answer and that they didn’t get suspicious as his voice was shaky.

They all proceeded to collectively look at each other and shrug one after the other before Nikku finally gave him the release of Hope with his words. “I think he dropped out or got expelled.”

Nagito pulled out his phone and set an alarm to go off in a minute. From there he thanked them for the knowledge and he would be careful until his alarm went off. “Oh.” He said as he pulled out his phone and shut off the alarm as its sound was made to match his ringtone he simply put his phone to his ear.

“Hello… oh okay,” Quickly put his phone down and told his ‘classmates’ he had to be excused and left. At this point, it was hard to hold it in but he had to hold it the dash back to his dorm normally would have exhausted him but today with this Hope it was nothing. Finally arriving at his room he finally let it out.

The laugh he released was deep for weeks he looked. Over a month he planned but now it was a reality it didn’t matter why he was expelled, dropped out either way he would be found. Nagito would make sure of that. As he laughed he could feel his bowtie slip as it did the voice of Yakunitatanai and Nagito started to switch.

Hope was near he would kill the Despair that has infected his class it will be gone for good it will all be purged, incinerated by the inferno of Hope he intended to create. All he had to do was find out where Hinata lived, something the school shurly had in their archive even if he was no longer attending Nagito found it hard to believe they would get rid of any information that just didn’t match the school's Modus Operandi they definitely keep all the information they get. Even if he has to steal it doesn't matter he will get them. First, though he can finally return to his class he can feel the warmth of their Hope again for what time remains. With his tie falling off it was done he was Komaeda Nagito once more.


Ryota was trapped. He didn't know what to do initially. He was going to go to his class and warn them of what he had seen but he found himself questioning the action.

Despite being Ryota at the moment he wasn’t the Ultimate animator he was just an Imposter in fact it was his Talent. So with this ability, once he saw a reserve course running off in a rush it wasn’t hard for him to tell that it was, in fact, his missing classmate Komaeda Nagito with dyed hair, contacts glasses, and a voice changing tie.

He doesn't know what he is doing in the reserve course with someone as mentally unstable as Komaeda. It could be anything especially with him being unmonitored and without the help he needs. If he told his classmates he might have to out himself and by extension, the real Mitarai which would get Yukizome on him and chances are she would traumatize him.

Then there's the threat of Komaeda himself if he tells his class Nanami would rally them to get him and who knows what he could do if there are more bombs this could lead to a lot of damage put simply his class is too hot-blooded to be involved.

So he decided he should do nothing and wait for an opportunity to arise and confront him alone. Hopefully, if he is left alone he can talk the unstable lucky student down. At least it was safer than rallying the entire class into starting what almost definitely would spiral into a massive violent altercation that could get out of control.

“Mitarai is something wrong?” Nanami asked, having slipped out of their classmates' conversation, and approached without him noticing. Normally he’s pretty aware of these things to make sure he keeps his act up at all times. Just goes to show the difficulty of the situation.

“Oh was I looking off?” He asked, deciding it was best to keep this secret.

“You looked off, I was just wondering if there was something wrong.” She said sounding fiddly, clearly her social power was draining, most likely already exhausted after her game of GO.

“I just had a close deadline and I narrowly finished.” A perfect Ryota answer: he was always working for deadlines and of course, he has used it before giving it a common precedent.

“Oh okay.” She accepted before asking him to join them apparently Sonia is taking them out to dinner he casually declined he had already eaten. Once everyone else had left he finally took his leave.

Once he entered the hall he heard a voice. “Oh u are e imostr?” Quickly looking behind him he was met with a new face, a young boy wearing a brown suit and carrying a bag of sweet bread which he was currently chewing. Said boy had the most normal-looking face he had ever seen.

“Sorry, what did you say?” He was rather confused about what a middle schooler was doing in here.

He held out his index finger as he finished chewing his bread and swallowed. “I was asking if you are the Ultimate Imposter?”

Immediately he tensed at the words of course it was hidden behind his mask though there were questions to be asked like how and who is he but for now he needed to keep his cover.

“N-no I'm not the Ultimate Imposter in just the Ultimate Animator.” He retorted it’s not like he had never been accused, though it had been a while he still had some experience.

“Staying in character, I get it. Staying in character after being found is one of the few ways to level up your talent anymore. I'll just get on with it.” He sounded completely into this situation like it was his talent that added more to the confusion. He had looked into all the Ultimates here yet he didn’t know who this was.

“Oh, maybe I should introduce myself the names Kamishiro Yuto Kamishiro. I'm the Ultimate Spy of class 77A.” He answered, seeming to have noticed the confusion that was striking him. This did serve to answer many of the questions he had but who knows what the Ultimate spy could be capable of.

After throwing a piece of sweet bread into his mouth he wanted to finish it before continuing. “So recently I have noticed that one of your classmates, Komaeda Nagito, has gone missing.” Those words immediately spoke volumes of what was to come.
“So he is dangerous so I started to look for him. He has been hiding for a while but I have an idea.” As he said this he pulled out a camera it looked expensive, perhaps a tool of the detective library.

“The reserve course has no set security. At least last time I checked it, but when I checked yesterday I found this.” With those final words what the Spy wanted with him was made clear who best to find an impostering reserve course.

Chapter Text

Hiding in the Reserve Course that's where he has been this whole time. Chisa liked to think she knew her students well even the ones that acted tough like Kuzuryu were good kids underneath. That fact is less sturdy for Komaeda as she struggled to understand him. She thought to herself as she stared out the train window back to Hope’s Peak back to him and his weird ideology

He believed only certain people could be actually Hopeful which was his definition and the rest were useless fodder on top of that he considered himself a part of the useless masses or maybe he sees himself as a bit better it was hard to tell sometimes.

She could never tell what he was thinking which made sense with his condition but even with his mind degrading he had one of the highest grades in the class. Honestly, she should've known there was something wrong before this. How can someone so smart believe something so nonsensical?

Perhaps it was wrong to think that but she was frustrated. Komaeda’s house shared a lot of information about him. As a housekeeper, she found that you can find out a lot more about someone from their house and even her most troubled kid applied to this.

The house was clean even by her standards completely within his ability to do so from what she had seen of him but it would take time. While she is still a significantly faster cleaner than him a house of that size would take a while even for her. Combine that with his own self-loathing which she already knew about and his past and the fact that he seems to have little to no social experience his problems are probably more advanced. His dementia would have only compounded that.

They tried to get him help but Gekkoghara seemed to have made little progress but it was still something then he just ran off to hide in the reserve course. She couldn’t even understand why? He loved his classmates. He would beam anytime they showed him any kind of human decency to the point of making things awkward so why would he leave? It made no sense. Was it out of guilt that he got it in his head that his class didn’t want to be around him?

Chisa was no idiot; she knew despite her words after the incident she could tell that the class had grown less enthusiastic about their Lucky student but not awkward like they normally are they became more paranoid about him. Except for Nanami in fact she started to go out of the way to spend more time with him. It was nice to see Nanami come into her own since she became class representative. Before then she might not have done so but she had truly started to come out of her shell.

Chisa shook her head as she was getting off topic. There were two reasons why he was leaving: he noticed the changed dynamic of the class and fled to the reserve course to stay near them as some sort of silent guardian. Or he is planning something and needs the increased security off his back while both have flaws the latter was worse as a plotting Komaeda has proven to be dangerous she has to be cautious but one thing was proven true he can’t be allowed to be alone in the reserve course for a second longer he needs to be stopped and helped and she intended to do both.




With all good came some bad it was a simple fact of his life, a doctrine of existence he had always followed though most of the time the bad came first and was followed by a greater good. Reflecting the duality of Despair and Hope just as he is faced with a misfortune that brings him much Despair. He is later met with greater Luck as the Despair is eaten by Hope.

On this occasion, Nagito had no idea when the bad with his good came but he knew it was there. With his time in the Reserve Course coming quickly to its end he had started to gather his Cameras as it was the weekend the halls were pretty clear so getting them wasn't hard the issue lies in one that had vanished.

The Idea of one of his cameras missing was unsettling simply because there was no way of telling where it might have gone. But with his recent good Luck, Nagito felt safe to say it was going to bring Despair most likely to him.

Thanks to these recent events Nagito was left with little choice he needed to cover his bases. He worked fast to get rid of anything that could be incriminating the factory, resetting all of his computer equipment and throwing all the cameras in his shower so that nothing could be recovered.

With that, he had fixed the text issues; he also used the sink and toilet to dispose of the remains of his map with the camera locations after he had torn it up. That was almost everything, the only things left were the remainder of his disguises and to make sure a certain someone doesn't out themselves by mistake.

It took about six calls before she answered a record since she found him out; they talked somewhat regularly. It was admittedly nice to be talking to someone out of character and she was his only contact until he gave it to her there was really no one worth giving it to. If any of his class asked he would have but by time it came up they would never want to.

“Hello?” She asked, sounding in a particularly good mood which was honestly the opposite of preferable at the moment. While he would have preferred to avoid challenging her chipper mood he had no choice. All bases must be covered if even one was left open his Luck could screw him and he couldn’t afford that.

“I need to make this quick. I might have been found out. If anyone goes to question you about me I need you to slander me.” He said quickly, earning her confusion.

“Wait what happened someone found out? Who was it?” She started to panic, which wasn't good. She was an Ultimate; he knows she can take the pressure.

“Calm down just don’t intervene, just do nothing and if you get questioned, lie and tell them you know nothing you got a prototype of the social medicine if you need to.” After that, he hung up. She was smart enough to do the right thing.
With that, there was only one thing left to do he thought as he extended his arm and with a flick of the fingers, he let go. With some Luck, the phone should shatter when it hits the ground and of course, he was right as it came to pieces. Quickly locate it with the SIM card and throw it in the garbage disposal.

From there he sat on the couch as he took his seat and slipped out his book. The Will to Die is an interesting mystery novel at least it’s enough to keep him entertained chances were someone was coming he needed to let his destruction of evidence finish and then flee the school in the night. Just because they know the cameras don’t necessarily mean they have enough to incriminate him even if he is figured out if he can flee and return as Nagito tomorrow and all should be fine.

Unfortunately, that was not to be as all those Hopes were shattered when he heard a knock at his door.


Yukizome was just staring out the window. He could somewhat understand she went out today to find her student and he was right under her nose the entire time. With how hot-headed she can get chances where this was ending tonight but that just opened its own can of worms.

This situation was already bad. Komaeda was unstable Juzo knew that the security had to take quite a few bomb parts out of his room when it was searched which were some pretty high-grade stuff. In fact, there was even a separate investigation to find out if he stole the parts from the academy but no they couldn’t find out how he got them. Though at the moment black market dealings seem like the answer.

Now he was left in the reserve course alone without any monitoring for a month. Who knows what he has been up to, he could have been planting explosives around the school. Or he could be messing with the reserve course trying to convert them to this Hope ideology making some kind of cult. With how desperate some of those kids are who knows. The point is he’s trouble which makes what's about to go down worse.

Chances are Komaeda’s going to get caught and if that's the case then they are left with a few options. One they go get him and return things to the status quo. This leaves him to act out later or option two they send him to the school which will have one of two scenarios in itself. One the better scenario he is expelled as this is his second offense and he has been missing his therapy violating the previous deal. Or option two Yukizome tries to take the hit as she was ready to do last time. If that were to occur Munakata’s entire operation could be brought down or at least be put under pressure.

Chances are Yukizome has put this together. She is better at these things than him always has been so she will go with option one. This fixes nothing except prolonging the inevitable in option two which could hurt their plan. Either way, the only way for them to come out of this unscathed is to let the kid take the fall.

Yeah, it would hurt Yukizome and he feels bad for the kid but it’s his beliefs and decisions that brought him here and even if he gets kicked out they can just force him to go right nothing stopping them. Granted tracking the fanatic was hard enough when he was pinned to the school let alone when he had nothing pinning him. So he could disappear. Even then he only had a few months left right? So maybe it would be better if they let him go explore his final months to the fullest. This was the best and last time of his life so make the best of it as Yukizome says.

Everyone around him on the train (Except Yukizome) turned their attention to the former boxing champ as he punched the wall of the train leaving a noticeable dent that he would probably have to pay for but he really didn’t care. Juzo was frustrated; he knew the whole ‘this was better for him and what Yukizlme would really want’ is bullshit. She wants to help him rally together whatever forces she can to try and save him or make the end the best it can be for him.

It wasn’t wrong to do so but that much exposure especially with the school clearly wanting to hide this could spark an investigation and threaten the plan. He never thought that he would have to choose between his best friend and the plan they had all dedicated themselves to so of course he would be frustrated. In the end, it didn’t matter. If this kid loved hope and stepping stones and stuff then he shouldn't have much of a problem being a stepping stone to purging the rot that has infected the hope he loves. Even if he has to put his friendship with Chisa on the line to help Kyosuke…?


In the catacombs beneath Hope’s peak, he wandered well, not really more like made his way toward it slowly. With so much work these times between locations was really the only piece he got.

The past six months have been eventful, to say the least, but it was all worth it for soon all he had worked for, what all of Hope's Peak has worked towards since Kamukura Izuru first founded this academy. Yeah, there were Talent Academies before him but he united them under the guise of Talent research. That was the reason they decided to use his name for this he will share the name with the perfection they were making. The Ultimate that will utilize Talent itself as a Talent.

‘Only a few halls left.’ The thought popped into his head as he wandered the winding corridors. Mastering Talent wasn’t easy; they had to go through every detail to master it to the point where they could transfer it. That was the original purpose. A world where everyone could have a purpose, something they were good at but then he had the idea why not give every Talent, and thus the Hope Cultivation Project began.

It had taken decades but now they were ready it took multiple Ultimates of each Talent to master it eight Ultimate Detectives, Twenty four Ultimate Doctors and even five Ultimate Gamers with only the latest one giving the final result they needed but the most difficult things to get was Mastery of Luck and someone to put it in.

Luck was a fickle Talent many of them didn’t want to use it at all; they didn’t know how to even give a concept. While that is true it’s more of a defective power honestly a waste of a spot at their academy. That being said it was real and potentially a threat to their perfection if not given so it had to stay. Eventually, they found that all you need to transfer Luck is the DNA of a Lucky student but then arrived at another problem.

For Izuru to be a Master of Luck they had to wait for someone to arrive with perfect Luck and Lucky for them he arrived. Komaeda Nagito was a pain. He had the right idea and knew his place but he was very radical in the truth he accepted and was willing to do anything for his Masters. Even threatened the academy but with his DNA, problem one was solved leaving problem two a vessel.

When it came to putting the Talent somewhere initially the idea was a raise a child with all the Talent but to create the Talent development process they needed material to test thus the Reserve Course was created and with the advent of Matsuda Yasuke’s Mind Suppression, they can skip the entire child development process and obtain there Tabula Rasa from said Reserve Course. Getting a child who respected Talent enough and had parents willing to sign over their rights was pathetically easy.

With these thoughts, he arrived at the door of the chamber where said perfection was located. Stealing himself he entered. There he was developing soon he would be finished. Granted using the Reserve Course did come with a few other complications, for example, to make sure their perfection was not biased they lobotomized his frontal lobe, and if the process had failed it is a deeply traumatic process and would have rendered him insane but it was worth it to achieve this.

Before him stood the Hope of the Future, an Ultimate Hope that would show all the most glorious Hope it will Shine on this world and show the UnTalented Masses just how Useless they were before this God. Izuru Kamukura.