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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Hiding in the Reserve Course that's where he has been this whole time. Chisa liked to think she knew her students well even the ones that acted tough like Kuzuryu were good kids underneath. That fact is less sturdy for Komaeda as she struggled to understand him. She thought to herself as she stared out the train window back to Hope’s Peak back to him and his weird ideology

He believed only certain people could be actually Hopeful which was his definition and the rest were useless fodder on top of that he considered himself a part of the useless masses or maybe he sees himself as a bit better it was hard to tell sometimes.

She could never tell what he was thinking which made sense with his condition but even with his mind degrading he had one of the highest grades in the class. Honestly, she should've known there was something wrong before this. How can someone so smart believe something so nonsensical?

Perhaps it was wrong to think that but she was frustrated. Komaeda’s house shared a lot of information about him. As a housekeeper, she found that you can find out a lot more about someone from their house and even her most troubled kid applied to this.

The house was clean even by her standards completely within his ability to do so from what she had seen of him but it would take time. While she is still a significantly faster cleaner than him a house of that size would take a while even for her. Combine that with his own self-loathing which she already knew about and his past and the fact that he seems to have little to no social experience his problems are probably more advanced. His dementia would have only compounded that.

They tried to get him help but Gekkoghara seemed to have made little progress but it was still something then he just ran off to hide in the reserve course. She couldn’t even understand why? He loved his classmates. He would beam anytime they showed him any kind of human decency to the point of making things awkward so why would he leave? It made no sense. Was it out of guilt that he got it in his head that his class didn’t want to be around him?

Chisa was no idiot; she knew despite her words after the incident she could tell that the class had grown less enthusiastic about their Lucky student but not awkward like they normally are they became more paranoid about him. Except for Nanami in fact she started to go out of the way to spend more time with him. It was nice to see Nanami come into her own since she became class representative. Before then she might not have done so but she had truly started to come out of her shell.

Chisa shook her head as she was getting off topic. There were two reasons why he was leaving: he noticed the changed dynamic of the class and fled to the reserve course to stay near them as some sort of silent guardian. Or he is planning something and needs the increased security off his back while both have flaws the latter was worse as a plotting Komaeda has proven to be dangerous she has to be cautious but one thing was proven true he can’t be allowed to be alone in the reserve course for a second longer he needs to be stopped and helped and she intended to do both.




With all good came some bad it was a simple fact of his life, a doctrine of existence he had always followed though most of the time the bad came first and was followed by a greater good. Reflecting the duality of Despair and Hope just as he is faced with a misfortune that brings him much Despair. He is later met with greater Luck as the Despair is eaten by Hope.

On this occasion, Nagito had no idea when the bad with his good came but he knew it was there. With his time in the Reserve Course coming quickly to its end he had started to gather his Cameras as it was the weekend the halls were pretty clear so getting them wasn't hard the issue lies in one that had vanished.

The Idea of one of his cameras missing was unsettling simply because there was no way of telling where it might have gone. But with his recent good Luck, Nagito felt safe to say it was going to bring Despair most likely to him.

Thanks to these recent events Nagito was left with little choice he needed to cover his bases. He worked fast to get rid of anything that could be incriminating the factory, resetting all of his computer equipment and throwing all the cameras in his shower so that nothing could be recovered.

With that, he had fixed the text issues; he also used the sink and toilet to dispose of the remains of his map with the camera locations after he had torn it up. That was almost everything, the only things left were the remainder of his disguises and to make sure a certain someone doesn't out themselves by mistake.

It took about six calls before she answered a record since she found him out; they talked somewhat regularly. It was admittedly nice to be talking to someone out of character and she was his only contact until he gave it to her there was really no one worth giving it to. If any of his class asked he would have but by time it came up they would never want to.

“Hello?” She asked, sounding in a particularly good mood which was honestly the opposite of preferable at the moment. While he would have preferred to avoid challenging her chipper mood he had no choice. All bases must be covered if even one was left open his Luck could screw him and he couldn’t afford that.

“I need to make this quick. I might have been found out. If anyone goes to question you about me I need you to slander me.” He said quickly, earning her confusion.

“Wait what happened someone found out? Who was it?” She started to panic, which wasn't good. She was an Ultimate; he knows she can take the pressure.

“Calm down just don’t intervene, just do nothing and if you get questioned, lie and tell them you know nothing you got a prototype of the social medicine if you need to.” After that, he hung up. She was smart enough to do the right thing.
With that, there was only one thing left to do he thought as he extended his arm and with a flick of the fingers, he let go. With some Luck, the phone should shatter when it hits the ground and of course, he was right as it came to pieces. Quickly locate it with the SIM card and throw it in the garbage disposal.

From there he sat on the couch as he took his seat and slipped out his book. The Will to Die is an interesting mystery novel at least it’s enough to keep him entertained chances were someone was coming he needed to let his destruction of evidence finish and then flee the school in the night. Just because they know the cameras don’t necessarily mean they have enough to incriminate him even if he is figured out if he can flee and return as Nagito tomorrow and all should be fine.

Unfortunately, that was not to be as all those Hopes were shattered when he heard a knock at his door.


Yukizome was just staring out the window. He could somewhat understand she went out today to find her student and he was right under her nose the entire time. With how hot-headed she can get chances where this was ending tonight but that just opened its own can of worms.

This situation was already bad. Komaeda was unstable Juzo knew that the security had to take quite a few bomb parts out of his room when it was searched which were some pretty high-grade stuff. In fact, there was even a separate investigation to find out if he stole the parts from the academy but no they couldn’t find out how he got them. Though at the moment black market dealings seem like the answer.

Now he was left in the reserve course alone without any monitoring for a month. Who knows what he has been up to, he could have been planting explosives around the school. Or he could be messing with the reserve course trying to convert them to this Hope ideology making some kind of cult. With how desperate some of those kids are who knows. The point is he’s trouble which makes what's about to go down worse.

Chances are Komaeda’s going to get caught and if that's the case then they are left with a few options. One they go get him and return things to the status quo. This leaves him to act out later or option two they send him to the school which will have one of two scenarios in itself. One the better scenario he is expelled as this is his second offense and he has been missing his therapy violating the previous deal. Or option two Yukizome tries to take the hit as she was ready to do last time. If that were to occur Munakata’s entire operation could be brought down or at least be put under pressure.

Chances are Yukizome has put this together. She is better at these things than him always has been so she will go with option one. This fixes nothing except prolonging the inevitable in option two which could hurt their plan. Either way, the only way for them to come out of this unscathed is to let the kid take the fall.

Yeah, it would hurt Yukizome and he feels bad for the kid but it’s his beliefs and decisions that brought him here and even if he gets kicked out they can just force him to go right nothing stopping them. Granted tracking the fanatic was hard enough when he was pinned to the school let alone when he had nothing pinning him. So he could disappear. Even then he only had a few months left right? So maybe it would be better if they let him go explore his final months to the fullest. This was the best and last time of his life so make the best of it as Yukizome says.

Everyone around him on the train (Except Yukizome) turned their attention to the former boxing champ as he punched the wall of the train leaving a noticeable dent that he would probably have to pay for but he really didn’t care. Juzo was frustrated; he knew the whole ‘this was better for him and what Yukizlme would really want’ is bullshit. She wants to help him rally together whatever forces she can to try and save him or make the end the best it can be for him.

It wasn’t wrong to do so but that much exposure especially with the school clearly wanting to hide this could spark an investigation and threaten the plan. He never thought that he would have to choose between his best friend and the plan they had all dedicated themselves to so of course he would be frustrated. In the end, it didn’t matter. If this kid loved hope and stepping stones and stuff then he shouldn't have much of a problem being a stepping stone to purging the rot that has infected the hope he loves. Even if he has to put his friendship with Chisa on the line to help Kyosuke…?


In the catacombs beneath Hope’s peak, he wandered well, not really more like made his way toward it slowly. With so much work these times between locations was really the only piece he got.

The past six months have been eventful, to say the least, but it was all worth it for soon all he had worked for, what all of Hope's Peak has worked towards since Kamukura Izuru first founded this academy. Yeah, there were Talent Academies before him but he united them under the guise of Talent research. That was the reason they decided to use his name for this he will share the name with the perfection they were making. The Ultimate that will utilize Talent itself as a Talent.

‘Only a few halls left.’ The thought popped into his head as he wandered the winding corridors. Mastering Talent wasn’t easy; they had to go through every detail to master it to the point where they could transfer it. That was the original purpose. A world where everyone could have a purpose, something they were good at but then he had the idea why not give every Talent, and thus the Hope Cultivation Project began.

It had taken decades but now they were ready it took multiple Ultimates of each Talent to master it eight Ultimate Detectives, Twenty four Ultimate Doctors and even five Ultimate Gamers with only the latest one giving the final result they needed but the most difficult things to get was Mastery of Luck and someone to put it in.

Luck was a fickle Talent many of them didn’t want to use it at all; they didn’t know how to even give a concept. While that is true it’s more of a defective power honestly a waste of a spot at their academy. That being said it was real and potentially a threat to their perfection if not given so it had to stay. Eventually, they found that all you need to transfer Luck is the DNA of a Lucky student but then arrived at another problem.

For Izuru to be a Master of Luck they had to wait for someone to arrive with perfect Luck and Lucky for them he arrived. Komaeda Nagito was a pain. He had the right idea and knew his place but he was very radical in the truth he accepted and was willing to do anything for his Masters. Even threatened the academy but with his DNA, problem one was solved leaving problem two a vessel.

When it came to putting the Talent somewhere initially the idea was a raise a child with all the Talent but to create the Talent development process they needed material to test thus the Reserve Course was created and with the advent of Matsuda Yasuke’s Mind Suppression, they can skip the entire child development process and obtain there Tabula Rasa from said Reserve Course. Getting a child who respected Talent enough and had parents willing to sign over their rights was pathetically easy.

With these thoughts, he arrived at the door of the chamber where said perfection was located. Stealing himself he entered. There he was developing soon he would be finished. Granted using the Reserve Course did come with a few other complications, for example, to make sure their perfection was not biased they lobotomized his frontal lobe, and if the process had failed it is a deeply traumatic process and would have rendered him insane but it was worth it to achieve this.

Before him stood the Hope of the Future, an Ultimate Hope that would show all the most glorious Hope it will Shine on this world and show the UnTalented Masses just how Useless they were before this God. Izuru Kamukura.