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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Nagito had spent a decent amount of time within the reserve course as Tochi Yakunitatanai yet he had failed to find anything that could help it was as if Hinata Hajime had slipped off the face of the earth having simply ceased to exist a few months ago. It was Hopelessly disheartening. Granted he still had plans but they were getting more desperate and any further and he might have to acquire Ultimate help heck Kimura already knew it was only a matter of time. Of course, he couldn’t do something as simple as finding a reserve course by himself that just served to show how useless he was.

He struggles not to laugh at his own patheticness but at the moment that would be awkward, he was currently with his assigned cleaning crew after another hard day cleaning up what looked to be the aftermath of Nidai and Owari sparing too close to the student council resulting in Madarai Isshiki the student council bodyguard to get involved. Safe to say in a battle of two Hopes the damage was quite a bit too clean but when it was done Hebi offered to take them out to eat and somehow he got caught up in going along.

Nagito was trying his best to listen to their conversation about why they signed up for the Academy. This was well asinine and sad. They truly believed that untalented people could use Hope’s Peaks gift. The idea was pathetic but that wasn’t the worst part what was worse was the Hope they addressed it with. There was no chance of them succeeding and their defeat would go to help further Hope in the end but he still always found it sad when Hope has snuffed out even the small ones that only existed to help the big ones.

“Hey, Tochi!?” Nikku asked, breaking ‘Yakunitatanai’ out of his thoughts. He looked over to see their entire group staring at him. Giving his attention Nikku, a slightly shorter, the boring-looking student continued. “Weren’t listening eh, happens to the best of us just wanted to know why you decided to come here? Hope’s Peak isn't exactly an easy school to get into.”

“Oh, that's simple.” He answered plainly, having already had a good answer.

“I came here for the sake of experiencing the Ultimates.” This seemed to confuse his peers so he continued.

“I mean I know I haven't been here for that long and of course the graduation benefits are great but for me, I just enjoy seeing Ultimates in action, even if I'm just cleaning their mess knowing I helped at all is just the best to me.” Quickly stopping himself before he got into it he looked at his ‘classmates’ to see their looks of confusion and disappointment as an awkward silence ensued.


“Huh, you really admire the Ultimates don’t ya?” Oki asked, breaking the silence to everyone's delight.

“They're the best at what they do that has to be respectable.” He tried to sound more casual while he didn’t care what the pointless reserve course thought about him but it was also a bad idea to get the attention of dislike attached to him best to keep as many eyes off him for as long as possible.

To his surprise, the quiet Akuma spoke next which was rather surprising. She was one to come off as more liking to listen to the conversation rather than speaking. Either way, the brunette who challenged Nagito’s height spoke. “Admiration for the Ultimates is fine but you should keep an eye on such things.”

Noticing the silence she continued, seemingly ready to explain her comment. “You weren’t here last semester so you might not know the whole story but did you hear of the murder of Kuzuryu Natsumi?”

“Yeah wasn’t she the sister of an Ultimate who entered the reserve course only to be murdered by a pervert?” Nagito knew the truth behind that situation and of course he would go out of his way to find the source of his classes Despair. The case was rather easy to solve but troubling in exposing it was Despair either way so he was honestly glad Kuzuryu took action Nagito really didn’t know what to do but leave it to the Ultimates to bring justice. Even if it did hurt Koizumi in the short term, in the long run, it will grow her Hope because Hope always wins.

“Yeah that's how the story goes but in all honesty, it was a cover-up.” She was frigid as she spoke showing no emotion but the rest of the reserve course that surrounded them gave the somberness of the situation away.

“She and another student, Sato, would always fight. Natsumi and her would always fight. Natsumi wanted to transcend the reserve course into the main course and Sato in what I can only see as paranoid delusion saw the Yakuza girl as a threat to her friend.”

This was interrupted by Nikku. “Natsumi was a bitch to everyone and Sato was a counter bitch.” This was met with a brief moment of group scorn before Akuma continued which Nagito was admittedly glad to see as this conversation had gotten interesting.

“Either way Natsumi ends up dead and a few days later Sato dies with the story that he dies from the grief of a dead friend and the school expects us to believe that?” Nagito knew the rest but he wanted to hear it so ‘Yakunitatanai’ spoke.

“So why did Sato die?”

After a brief moment of glaring she continued. “Natsumi was a daughter of the Kuzuryu Oyabun, of course, she died. The school probably covered it up because her brother is an Ultimate. Either way, both Natsumi and Sato were obsessed with the main course and it cost them their lives.”
She was right about most of it and there were a few parts she was wrong on, well reserve courses aren’t meant to be versed in Hope Theory. That being said, using their story as a warning to people who wanted to respect Ultimate seemed like cherry-picking. Something he expressed to them.

“Well really they were basically the most obsessed with Sato, putting Natsumi in her place was nice and all but she insulted all of us to do so. Also, she was obsessed with the Ultimate photographer like it was creepy no one even wanted to be her friend, heck even Natsumi had a friend.” Senso not so discreetly put. Though it did leave one last question.

“Natsumi had a friend, who” Nagito’s reason for asking this question was simple: he was curious.

After a few moments of silence, Oki was the one to answer the question born out of curiosity and coded in the most powerful Luck the Ultimate Lucky Student could muster. “I think his name was Hinata Hajime.”

Time stopped as he answered all this time of course and the reserve course secrets are of course known to the Reserve Course itself with that Nagito straightened his voice and said what needed to be said as casually as he could.

“What happened to him?” All he could do was Hope they had the answer and that they didn’t get suspicious as his voice was shaky.

They all proceeded to collectively look at each other and shrug one after the other before Nikku finally gave him the release of Hope with his words. “I think he dropped out or got expelled.”

Nagito pulled out his phone and set an alarm to go off in a minute. From there he thanked them for the knowledge and he would be careful until his alarm went off. “Oh.” He said as he pulled out his phone and shut off the alarm as its sound was made to match his ringtone he simply put his phone to his ear.

“Hello… oh okay,” Quickly put his phone down and told his ‘classmates’ he had to be excused and left. At this point, it was hard to hold it in but he had to hold it the dash back to his dorm normally would have exhausted him but today with this Hope it was nothing. Finally arriving at his room he finally let it out.

The laugh he released was deep for weeks he looked. Over a month he planned but now it was a reality it didn’t matter why he was expelled, dropped out either way he would be found. Nagito would make sure of that. As he laughed he could feel his bowtie slip as it did the voice of Yakunitatanai and Nagito started to switch.

Hope was near he would kill the Despair that has infected his class it will be gone for good it will all be purged, incinerated by the inferno of Hope he intended to create. All he had to do was find out where Hinata lived, something the school shurly had in their archive even if he was no longer attending Nagito found it hard to believe they would get rid of any information that just didn’t match the school's Modus Operandi they definitely keep all the information they get. Even if he has to steal it doesn't matter he will get them. First, though he can finally return to his class he can feel the warmth of their Hope again for what time remains. With his tie falling off it was done he was Komaeda Nagito once more.


Ryota was trapped. He didn't know what to do initially. He was going to go to his class and warn them of what he had seen but he found himself questioning the action.

Despite being Ryota at the moment he wasn’t the Ultimate animator he was just an Imposter in fact it was his Talent. So with this ability, once he saw a reserve course running off in a rush it wasn’t hard for him to tell that it was, in fact, his missing classmate Komaeda Nagito with dyed hair, contacts glasses, and a voice changing tie.

He doesn't know what he is doing in the reserve course with someone as mentally unstable as Komaeda. It could be anything especially with him being unmonitored and without the help he needs. If he told his classmates he might have to out himself and by extension, the real Mitarai which would get Yukizome on him and chances are she would traumatize him.

Then there's the threat of Komaeda himself if he tells his class Nanami would rally them to get him and who knows what he could do if there are more bombs this could lead to a lot of damage put simply his class is too hot-blooded to be involved.

So he decided he should do nothing and wait for an opportunity to arise and confront him alone. Hopefully, if he is left alone he can talk the unstable lucky student down. At least it was safer than rallying the entire class into starting what almost definitely would spiral into a massive violent altercation that could get out of control.

“Mitarai is something wrong?” Nanami asked, having slipped out of their classmates' conversation, and approached without him noticing. Normally he’s pretty aware of these things to make sure he keeps his act up at all times. Just goes to show the difficulty of the situation.

“Oh was I looking off?” He asked, deciding it was best to keep this secret.

“You looked off, I was just wondering if there was something wrong.” She said sounding fiddly, clearly her social power was draining, most likely already exhausted after her game of GO.

“I just had a close deadline and I narrowly finished.” A perfect Ryota answer: he was always working for deadlines and of course, he has used it before giving it a common precedent.

“Oh okay.” She accepted before asking him to join them apparently Sonia is taking them out to dinner he casually declined he had already eaten. Once everyone else had left he finally took his leave.

Once he entered the hall he heard a voice. “Oh u are e imostr?” Quickly looking behind him he was met with a new face, a young boy wearing a brown suit and carrying a bag of sweet bread which he was currently chewing. Said boy had the most normal-looking face he had ever seen.

“Sorry, what did you say?” He was rather confused about what a middle schooler was doing in here.

He held out his index finger as he finished chewing his bread and swallowed. “I was asking if you are the Ultimate Imposter?”

Immediately he tensed at the words of course it was hidden behind his mask though there were questions to be asked like how and who is he but for now he needed to keep his cover.

“N-no I'm not the Ultimate Imposter in just the Ultimate Animator.” He retorted it’s not like he had never been accused, though it had been a while he still had some experience.

“Staying in character, I get it. Staying in character after being found is one of the few ways to level up your talent anymore. I'll just get on with it.” He sounded completely into this situation like it was his talent that added more to the confusion. He had looked into all the Ultimates here yet he didn’t know who this was.

“Oh, maybe I should introduce myself the names Kamishiro Yuto Kamishiro. I'm the Ultimate Spy of class 77A.” He answered, seeming to have noticed the confusion that was striking him. This did serve to answer many of the questions he had but who knows what the Ultimate spy could be capable of.

After throwing a piece of sweet bread into his mouth he wanted to finish it before continuing. “So recently I have noticed that one of your classmates, Komaeda Nagito, has gone missing.” Those words immediately spoke volumes of what was to come.
“So he is dangerous so I started to look for him. He has been hiding for a while but I have an idea.” As he said this he pulled out a camera it looked expensive, perhaps a tool of the detective library.

“The reserve course has no set security. At least last time I checked it, but when I checked yesterday I found this.” With those final words what the Spy wanted with him was made clear who best to find an impostering reserve course.