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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Juzo grumbled as he stared out at the towering mansion that stood before him. It was a massive grand house that seemed worthy of a king, something that you would suspect to belong to the Ultimate Princess or Ultimate Yakuza but said the house belonged to neither it was the house of an Ultimate lucky student. Said lucky student has seemingly become his best friend's obsession over the last couple of weeks.

Granted said the student had apparently become a guinea pig of the school to find out how long his luck will keep him alive from a terminal illness. With that context, he actually could serve as an asset to their investigation while technically letting him die and watching wasn’t illegal the neglect involved in his actions was. That is how he got roped into the current situation because Komaeda was missing from the school campus. Yukizome had decided to take things a step further and visit his home.

“I never knew he grew up in such a nice place, I mean with his hair I always assumed that he had a poor upbringing.” She was quiet. It was actually unnerving to see someone who was basically the heart of the group so stoic and sad even if it’s been this way for a bit, to be honest even with the potential strategic advantage he still would have gone just on the off chance this could help her.

Yukizome pressed a button on the front gate, one of the ones you would see in a movie, though after holding her ear to it to listen in, eventually speaking through. “Komaeda, this is your teacher, you haven't shown up in class in way too long to be allowed to come out if your friends miss you.”

Juzo almost shivered at her voice he knew she was upset but when she spoke like that it seemed like nothing was wrong like she was her normal cheery self he never realized how good at acting she was, it was honestly scary her students probably don’t know anything wrong if she puts anything near the efforts she’s putting here. Unfortunately, it seems to be in vain as there is no response.

Yukizome just shrugged. “Yeah I kinda expected this to be a struggle, he's like that. That's why I wore pants.” She said offhandedly as she grabbed the gate as she started to climb the side. You would assume this would make the Head of Security panic but in all honesty, he had somewhat seen this coming. It was just kinda a Yukizome thing to do and the fact that she broke into the world boxing championships to watch him when she couldn’t get tickets.

“You sure he won’t call the police?” Juzo didn’t mind breaking the law to do what's right and to help a friend but he also didn’t want to be punished for said justifiable actions. Yukizome stopped for a second before continuing to climb while slowly disclosing her reasoning behind breaking into a mansion so deliberately.

“He has no nearby neighbors, the house is too big and Komaeda should know it’s me so I don’t see him calling the police, it's just not something he would” She denoted with this solemn charisma he didn’t want to argue with so begrudgingly he joined her in climbing the gate.

Upon getting over they looked upon the giant house before the two made their way toward it. It was hard to believe the place was so massive it was the biggest house he had ever seen, at least in person. After arriving at the door they both stood there silently before Yukizome Knocked.

“Komaeda this is your final chance you need help and I'm here to give it, even if I have to drag you there by your hair besides your friends are worried.” For the second time, she used that perfect fake voice and for the second time, they stood there in silence without getting a response.

Yukizome turned the knob of the door only to find that said door was unlocked. Which was a relief Juzo was not looking forward to breaking the door down. Ultimate Boxers don't equal no pain and doors are hard. Upon entering the house it was nicer than he was expecting. He thought a teenager having a mansion to himself for years would lead to the place becoming decrepit but the place was almost spotless. There was no Yukizome cleaning but surprisingly cleanly.

“Always said he was good at cleaning.” He could barely make out Yukizome mumbles as she entered past him seemingly returning to her quarter tone. He silently followed. The house was basically the world's nicest looking maze winding halls that lead to endless guest bedrooms that seem like they’ve never been used.

They must have been in there for an hour before they reached what seemed to be the kitchen. “I'm beginning to think he might not be here the kid’s cunning when we searched his room he had most of his bomb parts hidden we needed dogs to find them.” The head of security suggested.

This seemed to have irked his best friend at least that's what her face and tone told him. “You might have a point but I could see him being stubborn and hiding somewhere or even just not being here but if so he might have left evidence…” Before she could finish she opened his fridge and went silent.

“You found something?” Juzo questioned as she reached into the fridge and pulled out a black bottle with a skull. Quickly making his way over there the fridge was full of what looked to be poison. What was more concerning is that some of their bottles seemed like they were not full. Silently Yukizome shut it and the two left and continued their search for the Insane Main Course.

Lucky for them at this point they had been through most of the house before they arrived at a large library it was from what he could tell the largest in the room which made sense the kids room at Hope’s Peak was basically a Library he can only imagine what all this time he has built quite the collection heck it was almost as large as the Hope’s Peak library. After some searching, they found in the far corner of the room what seemed to be an office. It had a rather bulky-looking computer; the thing almost seemed armored.

“You think this thing has anything?” Juzo asked with frustration over the past hour and a half clearly showing.

Yukizome moved over to the desk and took a seat in front of the bulky computer. “It might.” As she said this she turned on the computer and was met with a password screen.

“Hmm, a password?” She mumbled as she began to type into the box. H. O. P. E.

“Need to find better passwords,” Yukizome mumbled as to Juzo’s surprise she got access. A few minutes later she had begun searching his history which seemed to mainly consist of rather normal searches. New games, Maziono Sayaka and her group, and some popular anime and manga at the moment all seemed normal until she checked his email.

After moving to important only she saw an Email that seemed to get a reaction out of her. Upon clicking it she went silent. “What is it?” He questioned as she leaned in closer to see and that's when he was met with the words. Congratulations Tochi Yakunitatanai for making it into Hope’s Peaks Reserve Course.


It had only been a few weeks since Chiaki had started to teach Sonia GO and already she had improved massively already she had been able to defeat all but her with no handicap. While she didn’t really care for the title of best in the class she also wasn’t going to give up easily. While Sonia had managed to win with a handicap this was their first match without one.

As the match began they were silent concentrating for a few turns neither wanting to make a mistake. Eventually, Sonia broke the silence. “You would make an excellent general.” She spoke with her normal singing kind voice.

That wasn’t exactly wrong. She was rather experienced with commanding in games. She is a fan of that kind of game between Europa Universalis, Civilization 5, and Hearts of Iron 4. She was at least good at leading a virtual army and oftentimes companies attempt some form of realism. “Yeah, I’ve played some games.” She said half-heartedly, still focused on the war at hand.

It was another few turns of silence before she spoke again. Within that time Chiaki had managed to overcome the early advantage Sonia was starting to build. “You know they say that Chess and Go both represent the difference of Western and Eastern warfare?” Sonia asked, slightly peeking her attention as she communicated in a wordless grunt telling her to go on.

“In the West, mainly Europe we had kings, which is what the game was centered around. If you catch the king in chess you win automatically. Alternatively in Go, the Objective is not about capturing a specific piece but instead land and enemy territory reflecting more Asian inspired warfare.” Her foreign friend seems almost entranced in her explanation.

“In most games, I've played, capturing the capital is what gives victory points and other important control points even in Asia,” Chiaki explained, starting to engage in the conversation a bit more than previously. The princess nodded at her response then immediately continued.

“While that might be true for games history suggests something different like in the Second Sino-Japanese war capturing territory was Japan's main goal, a quick lightning victory. In one of your games, you would only need to take Nanjing, Beijing would have claimed victory but in reality, the Chinese would have just fled into mountains making victory impossible.”

With that Silence once again overtook them as Chiaki found herself focusing harder on the game Sonia had taken the advantage for a few turns but with a clever fake-out, she managed to even the odds taking 20% of the board. Sonia was better than she had thought no one had ever put up this much of a fight in Go even Komaeda on his best days failed to put up this much of a fight.

“Out of curiosity do any of your games have a more realistic war system like the one I mentioned earlier?” This time she asked more disinterestedly, seemingly more concentrated on the game. As she mentally checked her game library to find a game that went by her prayers she couldn't help but notice Sonia was starting to take the lead over her again then it hit the gamer girl.

“Are you using conversation to try to distract me from the game?” The opponent might have had an answer Chiaki will never know because by the time she answered The Ultimate Gamer had entered her Hardcore Gamer Girl mode and wasn’t listening and with it, the battle was over within seconds, or perhaps it was more like an hour it’s hard to tell for Chiaki when she gets into it.

“Huh, so that is the power of the Empress of the Game, the game world,” Tanaka said, having apparently entered the room sometime in the game. Apparently, he wasn't the only one as both Nidai, Pekoyama, and Kuzuryu had entered. All three were seemingly engrossed in the match.

As Sonia started to congratulate her and the victory they were interrupted by the door swinging open as Mitarai entered the room. The look on his face was stern and serious. Something she had only seen on his face once before.